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November 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for Irish stone  

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Year 2006

e 21464 Ireland: We are interested in Marble, Travertine, etc. Sept 29 Contact

e 21278 Ireland: We are looking for a white porcelain floor tile for our hall, a subtle vein through it would also be an option. Can you offer a sample of same and a price. The size of the hall would be 40ft by 7ft. Aug 27 Contact

e 21251 Ireland: I am looking for a quote for white granite cobbles they must be rough hewn and 250mm thick the other dimensions are not so important but need to be about 200mmx200mm or 200x300mm or similar. I am looking for 900m2 in total shipped to Ireland. Kashmir white blocks would be fine or similar. The blocks will be used to pave a roundabout. Phone 00353214......Aug 22 Contact

e 21007 Ireland: Please quote for Crema marfil tiles. July 10 Contact

e 20943 Ireland: I need a supply of granite to cover a shop front, but delivery has to be before the end of July.  
To request a quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of stone, inform:
phone number:  00353 21 42.....
approximate quantity: 20 linear meters of plinths & 20 sq. meters of cladding panels 
Import from britain or mainland europe in order to meet schedule
Shop front plinths and cladding, shop drawing will be issued
Plinths 60mm thick with chamfer, cladding panels 30mm thick with bevelled edge. June 29 Contact

e 20935 Ireland: Please send me a brochure and price list of marble inlays. I am particularly interested in the gold lanterns - are they solar? June 27 Contact

e 20895 Ireland: We have had a request for Graniti Fiandre Quarzite 400 x 400 x 9.5 mm thick 748 sqm. June 23 Contact

e 20893 Ireland: I would like to receive a catalog Marble inlay work. June 22 Contact

e 20837 Ireland: Retail: I am trying to source Sahara White Granite in 3cm for a Counter Top. Do you know of any suppliers in Ireland. Telephone: 056-77.....June 15 Contact

e 20262 Ireland: Please quote for cutting machinery for granite and marble slabs. Tel. +353-87-21..... April 5 Contact

e 20099 Ireland: Please forward your best prices per metre for 
200x300 ceramic wall tiles, various colours ;
200x400 ceramic wall tiles 150x150 ceramic wall tiles:
300x300 ceramic floor tiles;
450x450 ceramic floor tiles: 
450x450 polished porcelain floor tiles:
600x300 polished porcelain floor tiles :
600x600 polished porcelain floor tiles:
various borders to suit wall and floor tiles.
Please specify terms and conditions and availability. 
We require 20000meters sq per consignment 
This would consist of 14000 meters of wall tiles and 6000 meters of floor tiles.
Our requirement in colours varies. Neutral colours for the wall tiles and rustic colours for the floor tiles. We also require a wide variety of wall borders in various sizes, 5000 linier meters. We would require pallet sizes and box sizes and if the product is available ex-stock. Phone 00353454.....March 21 Contact

e 19893 Ireland:  I need the quotation / sqm for Gray granite ( rustic ) for windows and paving, 60x60x4cm, Quantity: 500 sqm. contact: 003538631.....Feb 26 Contact 

e 19831 Ireland: I am a builder/developer. Can you email me with details of stone in the UK or Ireland. My tel. no. is 077142.....Feb 22 Contact 

e 19716 Ireland: Please quote for ANTIQUE STONE MOULDING AS DISPLAYED IN PRICELIST 1134. Feb 10 Contact

e 19679 Ireland: Please quote for a waterjet machine as displayed in readystock 373. Phone: 0506 .....Feb 8 Contact

e 19402 Ireland: We are currently sourcing 10,000sqm of 24" x 24" White Marble Tiles, Finish to be Polished. Jan 6 Contact  

Year 2005

e 19258 Ireland: I would like to make enquiries about a used waterjet machines.  Tel: 00353 506..... Dec 19 Contact

e 19242 Ireland: We are seeking suppliers of marble & limestone tiles for export to Ireland. Tel: +23480558.....Dec 17 Contact   

e19187 Ireland: Can you please supply us with a price list for your Bianco Carrara Pebbles & Chips. What transport methods do you use for transporting goods to another EU Country. Also do you supply Giallo Siena Chips? Tel.: 09064.....Dec 13 Contact

e19152 Ireland: I have a query regarding granite tiles. Particularly I am interested in two physical features i.e.. Breaking strength and bending resistance. I want to apply granite tiles 20 mm depth in heavy traffic public area. Tel: 01 70...... Dec 10 Contact 

e 18804 Ireland: Can you send me some information on waterjet cutting machines. Phone: 0506.....Nov 4 Contact 

e 18794 Ireland: I am looking for suppliers of 'Vratsa Limestone'. Tel: 00 353 59 91.....Nov 3 Contact

e 18769 Ireland: I am searching for a used stone crusher machine. My telephone number is + 353-8512.....Oct 31 Contact 

e 18678 Ireland: Can you please put me in contact with a supplier of Sandstone, artifacts, window sills, cobbles, pave stones. Tel/Fax: (042) 96......Oct 21 Contact 

e 18649 Ireland: We are in the process of building five houses and wish to purchase a container of 8000 Spanish marble tiles 24" x 11". Is this a product that you sell and do you have any details as to the colour and depth of the tiles you offer with an indication of the possible cost to ship them over to the Republic of Ireland. Tel. no. is 0035365 68.....Oct 20 Contact 

e 18513 Ireland: I am interested in purchasing memorials in either dark rustenburg, or impala and black granite. I am looking for a Company from either China or India to sell to me. This company preferably already exports to N. Ireland so this would make ordering much easier. Sept 29 Contact 

e 18337 Ireland: Monument: Please send your brochure and price list to me for the supply of headstones to the Irish Market. Please also include your terms and conditions. Telephone: 00 353 46 90.....Aug 25 Contact 

e 18098 Ireland: Send details on the water jet bench. Tel. no. is +353 87 24.....July 14 Contact

e 18095 Ireland: Can you send me some photos on your used waterjet cutting machine as displayed in stock 373? Tel. no. is 0506.....July 14 Contact


e 17951 Ireland: We are trying to source Blue Topaz to be used as a centrepiece in a project. Our tel. no. is +353 45.....June 30 Contact 

e 17946 Ireland: I am trying to source Turquoise Onyx tiles for a project. Size 12"x12" and 18"x18" Thickness 10 and 12mm full container load.
Tel +353 45 8.....June 30 Contact 

e 17939 Ireland: Need 50000 pieces of BLACK SLATE ROOF TILES 250x500cm. Tel. no. is +353 71 91.....June 28 Contact

e 17767 Ireland: diamond tools and segments: Please quote for diamond tools and segments. May 30 Contact

e 17669 Ireland: Please quote for the following: 
Ex works - Packed and ready for collection by my Spanish agent or any European country. 
1) Nero Marquina 40x40 POLISHED 15.5 sq yards 
2) Greca Geometrica Nera 30x15 6 units 
3) Greca Geometrica Nera 20x40 10 units 
4) Greca Nera Listello 20x40 34 units 
5) Greca Nera Angolo 20x20 6 units 
6) Greca Nera 30x15 18 units 
7) Greca Nera Angolo 15x15 4 units. Tel: +353 1 87.....May 12 Contact

e 17552 Ireland: Can you post us a sample of the carrara marble chips? Apr 29 Contact

e 17474 Ireland: Can you supply Granite piers and capping stones plus granite paving stones. Apr 22 Contact 

e 17113 Ireland: Please quote for Salisbury Pink granite and T ravertine CL Chantier. Mar 16 Contact

e 16677 Ireland: Please send prices on black granite and marble slabs and freight charges from source to Ireland. Jan 29, Contact

e 16434 Ireland: Looking for a Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine and a bridge saw to cut marble and granite. 

Year 2004

e 15851 Ireland: Looking for a machine that can handle material with vacuum. The carrying capacity should be around 125 kgs. Dec 1, Contact

e 15839 Ireland: I am interested in buying large quantities of gray granite window cills. My telephone number is 0502 .....Do you supply same? Nov 30, Contact

e 15626 Ireland: Retail: looking for small quantities of marble for a single purchase. I would require a price for 20 sqm of marble - Spain - emprador polished and honed and / or 10 sqm of marble - Spain - Crema Malaga. Nov 16, Contact

e 15604 Ireland: I wish to source approx 300 sqm of a cream coloured limestone or marble to be cut into slabs o 1m x 1m square for domestic use in a family home with children. The slabs are for the floor. I would like the slabs to be honed finish and to be ground on site to achieve a flawless finish and finally to be sealed to a matt finish. Nov 14, Contact

e 15514 Ireland: Can you please give me a price for Jura Beige per m2? Nov 8, Contact

e 15394 Ireland: We are architects. We are looking for suppliers of natural stone in Ireland. Oct 29, Contact 

e 15139 Ireland: Retail: I came across a limestone from Java that I was very interested in. It was a very light colour with a hint of brown through it. Could you please let me know where I would be able to source some of this stone? My tel. no. is 00353 1 81.....Oct 11, Contact

e 15052 Ireland: Retail: Please quote for 55 sqm of Beaumaniere French Limestone and a 168 x 120 counter top to Northern Ireland. My tel. no. is 02890 3.....Oct 5, Contact 

e 15002 Ireland: I want to start a business in Natural Stone Tiles & Slabs + Building Stone, quoins, sills, etc. I would like to import material from Asia. Want to place order by December 2004. My tel. no. is +353 8686.....Oct 1, Contact

e 14852 Ireland: I am looking for alabaster stone for new building facade in Dublin. Sept 21, Contact

e 14784 Ireland: We have started recently importing marble tiles and granite worktops into Ireland. We wish to import the following items: 
1. white marble floor tiles: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm. Bigger tiles are also desirable. 1st choice quality. Polished finish. Calibrated and bevelled. If not available, please quote for 400mm x 400mm. The quality should be similar to Carrara C. Slightly veins are acceptable. Heavy veins, spots or patches, are not.
2. white marble tiles for skirting board to match the floor tiles (this is the strip that runs along the bottom of the wall) 1,000mm long x 200mm wide x 20mm thick, or similar. Polished finish. Can be longer than 1,000mm.
3. White marble wall tiles. Size as available. Same quality as for floor tiles.
4. Crema Marfil, or similar, marble floor tiles: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm or thicker. 1st choice quality. Polished finish. Calibrated and bevelled. 
5. Black granite counter top, 600mm wide x 38mm thick. hole machined for cooker top or sink. The quality should be equivalent to Absolute Black or China Black. 
If you can not quote for this exactly, please quote for the closest available products. Please quote the price (US$) per m2 for the white marble and the black granite. Also advise delivery time. We intend to order in the next month, and wish to import at least one or two containers of stone (+500m2). Please send photos of your product, and samples. Our tel. no. is +353 1 85.....Sept 16, Contact

e 14167 Ireland: We are building a house and we'd like to buy some marble from Spain. We are travelling over there in September. Aug 12, Contact 

e 14016 Ireland: I am looking for information on where I can buy Italian Marble and Granite. I am planning a trip to Italy in September to look into this. I was wondering if it would be possible to send me some brochures on the above and also details of where I can go to buy this. Aug 5, Contact

e 14016 Ireland: I am looking for information on where I can buy Italian Marble and Granite. I am planning a trip to Italy in September to look into this. I was wondering if it would be possible to send me some brochures on the above and also details of where I can go to buy this. Aug 5, Contact

e 13983 Ireland: We are interested in importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. My contact info. is 00-353-61-4.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13683 Ireland: We are presently constructing 2 houses in Dublin, Ireland and we would like to import all our tiles directly from Italy. Please advise if you can supply floor tiles, wall tiles for kitchen, bathroom, etc. Please send catalogs and prices. July 19, Contact 

e 13565 Ireland: I am looking for suppliers of stone/marble in the Algarve region, to import to the Irish Market.
I am Portuguese, living in Ireland and I work in the construction Industry here. I have been approached by Dublin business men to find stone suppliers in the Algarve. The business men want me to bring them to visit the suppliers in late July 2004. They would hope to import from the Algarve, and use the stone in the Irish Construction Industry. I am looking for any suppliers of stone/marble in the Algarve region. Can companies please contact me with their details? July 13, Contact 

e 13429 Ireland: Please forward a catalogue of your products including prices, quantities, shipping charges, import/export duties. July 3, Contact 

e 13244 Ireland: I am interested in buying some granite for the driveway of my private house. I require approximately 500 no. kerbs approximately 100mm x 200mm x 500mm long. Could you confirm a price for these? Also can transport be arranged to Northern Ireland? If so what price? June 23, Contact

e 13219 Ireland: Looking for vanity tops in Calcatta gold marble 1600mm x 600mm x 37mm th. oval cut out for sink. to incl splash back, profiled sides supporting sink. Qty. reqd. 105. Phone no. is 353 1 21.....June 21, Contact

e 13088 Ireland: We are a whole sale company in the Republic of Ireland. We supply many different products to the stone industry. Because of more competition we are trying to source different types of sandblasting tapes. 
The 1st one we are looking for is the ANCHOR range rubber tapes. 116,117,155,153,125E,112,128,226/25". tapes. 
The 2nd one is from the TESSA range. 4432 (150mm white),4432 (300mm white), 4443 (300mm pink), 4434 (450mm yellow). Please quote. June 14, Contact 

e 12144 Ireland: We want a quote for 40 sm of black granite 30 mm thick and were wondering can it be shipped to Ireland? Apr 10, Contact USD 50

e 11719 Ireland: We are interested in Importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. Our contact no. 00-353-61-4.....Mar 13, Contact

e 11679 Ireland: Please send us a catalogue, we are interested in purchasing a number of your fireplaces.  Mar 10, Contact

e 11616 Ireland: I am interested in buying a container of a Cream Marble floor tile from Spain, e.g Crema Marfil, Crema Valencia, etc. Please can you forward a quotation for same and also indicate if it is possible to obtain some samples first. My phone no. is 065 63.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11615 Ireland: We are an Irish based fireplace retailer. We supply large number of stone and marble fireplaces on the Irish market. We are looking for a supplier who can provide us with the finished product - stone/marble fireplaces. We are not interested in purchasing the stone in its natural state, it must be manufactured as finished fireplaces. Mar 8, Contact

e 11547 Ireland: My immediate requirement is for 150 sq mtr of granite/marble floor tiles, but if the price is suits I may bring a full container i.e 400 sq mtr.
The majority of the Granite should be of a black variety e.g Nero Aswan, Nora, Galaxy Black (price permitting) and this would be approximately 150 sq mtrs in total. 
For the remainder of the order assuming that this is a full container this should be in Marble. The order could possibly be made up using some or all of the following types obviously if the the price is favourable.
Tile size to be 30 x 30 x 1 cm 
1. Marron Imperial (Standard) 50 sq mtr
2. Rojo Alicante - 50 sq mtr
3. Bianco Carrara 'c' 1st / Bianco Venatino 1st - 50 sq mtr
4. Crema Marfil - 50 sq mtr
5. Verde Guatemala/Chiesa/Issorie - 50 sq mtr
Please note that any of these marble and granite can be changed if a suitable alternative arises. I assume that it would be easier to bring all goods from one country even though I have mixed countries of origin therefore if the type and price is suitable I would be flexible. Phone No. 06568.... Mar 4, Contact

e 11420 Ireland: I am a fireplace manufacturer and distributor in Ireland and I wish to import slabs of absolute black granite from India. The sizes I require are 1525mm in length and 457mm in width and 20mm in thickness. 3 sides of this material would have to be polished with a 3mm chamfer and the top would have to be surface polished. Please quote for per container load. Feb 27, Contact

e 11406 Ireland: Please can you tell me the availability of Giallo Sienna marble in crushed stone. Feb 26, Contact

e 11168 Ireland: We need a quote for 700sqm of french vanilla..polished 400x400 with separate delivery cost by truck to Ireland. Feb 16, Contact

e 10774 Ireland: Please quote for stairs made from crema marfil extra and polished.The sizes are as follows: Sixteen steps 27cm x 120 cm, Sixteen risers 18.5 cm x 120 cm, string 23 cm x 3 cm totaling 12 metres long, string capping 5 cm x 2 cm and totaling 12 metres long. Jan 25, Contact

e 10694 Ireland: Please send me a price list of granite slabs. Jan 21, Contact

e 10674 Ireland: Please advise on supply and availability of Giallo Siena Marble 10mm Crushed Aggregate. Jan 20, Contact

e 10433 Ireland: I am looking for a suppliers of a hard limestone material from France. There are 2 types which this supplier produces, Hautecombe Flame & Boisbelle Jaune.  
We have secured a contract to supply limestone paving slabs & kerbing for an urban renewal project in Ireland. Hautecombe Flame - 60mm tk slabs, varying in width from 200mm to 600mm, & to random lengths - 1,023m2 and Boisbelle Jaune - as per above sizes - 3,297 m2. 
The contract is expected to start late February with requirement for slabs say mid-March. What we require for now is prices for the type of stone specified or for a suitable alternative. If a suitable alternative is available, we will need samples asap as they would need to be approved by the Architect before an order can be placed. Prices should include for delivery to destination. Jan 8, Contact

2003 Inquiries:

e 9759 Ireland: We are a stone company in Ireland. We are very interested in importing a material known as Blue Eyes. Nov 21, Contact  

e 9519 Ireland: We are a stone company based in Ireland and are looking for companies that could supply us polished granite. We have an immediate need for prices of Hydro Delgado granite. Our contact no. is +353 (0) 9096 .....Nov 7, Contact  

e 9514 Ireland: Please quote for Marble Flooring slabs.  Nov 6, Contact  

e 9350 Ireland: We wish to import granite headstones, surrounds also granite hearths for fireplaces. Oct 24, Contact

e 9242 Ireland: Retail: I am interested in a pale cream or white travertine, honed and filled 60 cm x 30 cm x 12mm, approx 30m2 delivered to Dublin. Oct 15, Contact

e 9129 Ireland: We are a small granite-countertop business in Ireland. I have had a lot of inquires about ONYX counter-tops. Looking for a supplier close by. Also need some info on how to work with Onyx, that is  is it similar to granite cutting, polishing, drilling, etc.? Oct 7, Contact  

IT: e 8653 Ireland: I would like quotes on: 
1. breccia oniciata: 20 ml thickness tiles for flooring; dimensions: 60 cm X 100 cm; quantity 160 meter squared
2. carrara bianco venatino: 20 mil thickness floor tiles; dimensions: 40 X 60 cm; quantity 25 meter squared
3. Bianco perlino: 20 ml thickness floor tiles; dimensions: 40 x 60 cm; quantity 25 meter squared
I am ready to place an order. Shipping needs to be arranged. Need delivery to Dublin, early / mid October. Phone no. is +353 97 90..... Aug 27, Contact 

e 8464 Ireland: My company are interested in buying some stone products. Please quote. Aug 11, Contact

e 8398 Ireland: We are looking for suppliers in Algarve region of Creme Garve (Limestone) Stone Tiles. Our tel. no. is +353-1-66.....Aug 8, Contact

e 8176 Ireland: Landscape: We are interested in Granite Cobblestones. How many sqm per container? How many sqm per ton? Please quote. See ready stock 305. July 27, Contact  

ES: e 7514 Ireland: I have a tile shop, a customer of mine is looking for limestone about 115 sqm of blanco paloma or something similar white in color, size 60x40x15 honed finish, bevel edge. June 14, Contact  

ALL: e 7503 Algeria: We are an import company interested in doing business on a long term basis. We are interested in granite tiles and slabs in sizes 400x400x10, 500x500x15, 600x300x15, 2200x700x20. Please quote your best offer with catalogs. Out contact no. is 00 213 212.....June 13, Contact  

IN/AU/IT/TW/PT: e 7471 Ireland: Can you supply Green Marble tiles like shown in the picture. Is it possible to be supplied in 60x40cm format? Honed finish? something similar to Tauerngruen Marble from Austria. Imperial Green from India, Portuguese Viana Green, Donai Verde Green & Cipollino Apuano, Italian Verde Vecchiachiesa, Bianco Ordinario Mondielle, Patrizia Verde, Bianco Statuario Venato, Ordinario Orto Di Donna, Verde Aver & Statuario Venatino, Taiwanese Hualien Medium & Empress Green. I would be interested in DISTRIBUTING these marble. I have an initial order for 95m2. My contact no. is +353 71 9......June 10, Contact 

e 7198 Ireland: We are company based in the West of Ireland, and require 200 sqm of polished 60cm x 40cm limestone tiles of good quality and durability. Please quote with shipment details. We would also be interested in black granite worktop, could you price for this as well. May 19, Contact

ES: e 7093 Ireland: I have a tile shop in Ireland. We buy marble from Italy about 200 sqm a month. I am interested in limestone Caliza Marbella or Caliza Blanca (white as possible) 30x60x15 bevel edge, honed finish, quantity 130 sqm from Spain. Needed for next month. Will pay for postage & samples. We are wholesalers. May 9, Contact

ZA: e 6959 Ireland: Please quote for Impala polish 600 x 300 x 20mm thick, qty. appox 150m2. This is for a tiling co in Belfast. April 29, Contact

e 6877 Ireland: We seek samples of counter tops and marble tiles for delivery to Ireland. We manufacture 500 kitchens with granite counter tops per year and we seek to expand our business. Currently we have problems receiving the right quality and price from European suppliers in Spain and Italy. 
What we require initially are samples of black counter tops measuring:
Island Tops: 8x 3x with 20mm bull nose & 4 x 4x3/4 with 20mm bull nose. 
Counter Tops: 15 x x 20mm Bull nose. 
Marble Tiles we seek are black marble and white marble measuring 600mm x 600mm. We currently buy from Spain and Italy and we are looking for better value. Would prefer Chinese or Indian material, can consider other countries if prices are better. First shipment needed for July. Inspection at port of delivery. Willing to pay for samples or alternatively willing to fill container with other building materials. We can order within two days of receiving the samples. We are seeking to place an order we are looking to place an order immediately. Please contact to discuss. Our contact no.  is 00353 87 41..... See pricelist 572. April 24, Contact

e 6802 USA: I am building an authentic Irish Pub and I am looking for a pewter tumble stone tiles which are like a French limestone and the quarry is in Indiana. It is an old world style stone tile floor with a pattern. Looking for a supplier in USA. April 21 Contact  

e 6793 Ireland: I am looking for sufficient limestone - Perryfield Whitbed from UK variety - to make an entrance architrave over a Front Door for a dwelling house. I may also be looking for sufficient limestone (same variety) to make window surrounds and window sills, around windows in dwelling house. Exact dimensions not yet available. Please give me an idea of price. My contact no. is +353 86 36....April 21, Contact  

e 6651 Ireland: I am a wholesale buyer looking for casablanca limestone. April 7, Contact  

e 6601 Ireland: I want to use Rocheret Jaune for a project. I would like to see a physical sample of this
stone to decide if I wish to use this floor finish. April 3, Contact  

IT: e 6527 Ireland: We are a custom-build furniture manufacturer in Dublin. We require the Bianco Carrara C/D marble tops. Please quotes should include crating and delivery to Limerick. Our tel. no. is 
Telephone: + 353 (0) 1 46..... March 25, Contact

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm