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Inlay/ Medallion Inquiries September  2006
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This page lists Inlays Inquiries. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm.
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e 15813 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying an inlay table as displayed in the online stores of Findstone.com. Could you please give more details about it, like size, delivery time, where is it shipped from, transit time / mode on payment? Nov 28, Contact

e 15765: I am interested in your water-jet medallions. Could you please send over pre-designed medallions and pricing? Nov 24, Contact

e 15703 USA: retail: Could you quote me price for this product a mosaic medallion (0051-0002). Nov 19, Contact

e 15699 USA: I am an agent for stone tile & slab products and I would be interested in representing your firm for decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. I am in Texas. My tel. no. is 817-27.....Nov 19, Contact

e 15688 UK: Please forward details of your products like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. My tel. no. is 01530 2..... Nov 18, Contact

e 15683 Singapore: Our are suppliers of construction materials to bldg projects. We are very keen to know about Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. products. Kindly send us some information. My tel. no. is 629.....Nov 18, Contact

e 15682 Singapore: We are keen to know more on the range of products like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. Besides, the travertino range we would like to know more on the Iran, Uruguay, Guatemala and etc. stones that you manufacturing. We are importer and our main suppliers came from Europe and China. We supply stone work for local projects and nearby neighboring country. Please send us your catalogue in order to have a better knowledge of your products. Nov 18, Contact

e 15680 Australia: We would be interested in viewing your product like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. Please forward a catalogueMy tel. no. is 04144....Nov 18, Contact

e 15679 USA: I am designing a luxury residence in Orlando Florida. I would like to import the stone products for this project. The project calls for 900 square meters of flooring. Approximately 450 square meters polished and 450 square meters unpolished. I also require granites for external entrances and corinthian style columns. I will require at least 4 decorative mosaics and or medallions. Please send more information about your company and products. Please also send a price list. I will be visiting Europe during December. Nov 18, Contact

e 15676 USA: We specialize in etched rock, granite plaques, tile, and personal and pet memorials. We are looking primarily for a supplier of granite and marble headstones and markers, but we are very interested in seeing catalog and pricing for Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. Our tel. no. is 1-866-50.....Nov 17, Contact

e 15674 UK: Please send brochure for Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. We are a stone trading company. Nov 17, Contact

e 15673 UK: I want to buy Medallions of 100 cm Diameter 40" and Travertine Tumbled tiles. Please get back to me with price of both asap. Nov 17, Contact

e 15659 Spain: We are very interested material such as tumbled travertine  tiles, medallions, borders, etc. We are a commercial office in Spain and we are representing different factories from Spain around the world. We believe that your product could be suitable for our costumers from Ireland and England. Please send us some catalogues and full list of prices. Nov 17, Contact

e 15658 Ukraine: We are interesting in your stone products such as tumbled tiles, medallions, borders, etc. Our company is engaged in selling natural stones in Ukraine. Can you send us your price list and catalogues? Nov 17, Contact

e 15397 USA: Inlay: We are interested in purchasing stone medallions for our properties. Please send us a catalog with the products that you manufacture. Oct 30, Contact 

e 15312 UAE: I expect to visit Agra, India shortly and would like to visit your showroom to view some objects of marble with inlay work (for personal use). Oct 23, Contact

e 15212 USA: I am interested in purchasing Code 021 - 0001 MARBLE ONYX-IMPERIAL-ROUGE DE ROI inlay. I have some questions. Is this cut stone or a mosaic? Can this inlay be used as a floor medallion inlay? If so, I would like this quoted as a 1.22 Meters diameter. Please quote me price and shipping to Arlington Heights, Illinois. Oct 15, Contact 

e 14234 USA: Please send me pricing on your marble inlay table 0021 - 0002 & 0021 - 0003, with shipping to California. Aug 15, Contact 

e 13737 USA: I am interested in the floor medallion, code # 021-0027, Diameter 90cm water-jet cutting...Do you have any other pictures to confirm as well as pricing. I am willing to buy this from India, Brazil, or Italy for an amount of $300 US. As long as the supplier has this style exactly from code # 021-0027, I'll buy right away. How long would it take to ship to Pennsylvania, U.S. My tel. no. is (570) 42.....July 21, Contact

e 13532 USA: Looking for any US distributors of Indian pietra dura table tops. I have a friend
interested in a piece around 4' x 10' with intricate inlay. Specifics available if worth pursuing. I am in PA. My phone no. is (610) 55.....July 12, Contact  

e 13376 India: Please quote for a white Marble jewelry Box with inlay work of semi precious stones, size 9" X 6" X 3". Is it readily available? If not, how much time would it take to deliver?  July 1, Contact

e 13365: Looking for supplier of mosaic medallions. June 30, Contact 

e 13245: Can a marble inlay table top be used as a floor tile? In particular from supplier #21 code 21-0027. I would like to use this as a floor medallion but am concerned of its height when installed with porcelain floor tiles. June 23, Contact

e 12907 USA: I liked the inlay table top as displayed in FindStone's online stores. Could it be delivered in two days? My phone no is 770-85......June 2, Contact

e 12792 USA:  I am interested in inlay piece offered as displayed in by supplier 36 in FindStone's online stores.  Can the inlay item IT0015 also be used on the floor or just as a table top? Can I get information about thickness and hardness? I am in New York. My phone number is 917-85......May 24, Contact

e 12723 Japan:  Please quote CIF Kobe for an inlay table as displayed in www.findstone.com/inlay/it0014.htm and a Sand Stone Carved Window as displayed in http://www.findstone.com/artistic/0007.htm. My tel. no. is 81-78-23....  May 19, Contact

e 12040 Germany:  We would be interested special for inlay tables (table tops). Apr 4, Contact

e 11610 USA:  Please quote for marble inlay table tops and floors. I am in Illinois 62236. Mar 8, Contact  

e 11475 Germany:  We are Interested in Marble balls. Can you send us a pricelist? We are looking at black and white marble. We are also interested in marble inlays. Please quote. We are in Berlin. Our fax no. is 0049-030-695.....Mar 1, Contact

e 10491 Brazil:  I am interesting in buying inlays tabletops. Jan 11, Contact

e 9925:  Please send images of border and medallions to choice between it. Dec 3, Contact

e 9535 USA:  I am very interested in purchasing this artifact Code 021-0027 - Medallion. Please tell me: thickness, stone types used, what diameter's does it come in. I'm interested in 150 - 160 cm. How many pieces does it ship in and total price and delivery time if shipped to Michigan USA, 48363. I am also very interested in: 008-0007, 008-0023, 008-0026. Please tell me their sizes and delivered price. If the price is favorable I can order right away! Nov 9, Contact

e 9464 :  Please quote for flower pot A 0032 and Inlay tables IT0001 TO IT00015 from
. Nov 3, Contact

e 9442 UK:  I want to buy onyx vases, marble fireplaces, etc. Firstly how much on top of a quoted price would you expect to pay for shipping, post, etc, (I am in England), perhaps an example would be nice. Also do I need an import license? and what form would delivery be, how long on a typical delivery from say Pakistan? Oct 31, Contact

e 9285 USA:  Please quote for an marble inlay table top. I would like to know if this item comes in other colors? I like the colors in the inside pattern, and was wondering if the gray outside circle border can come in the fawn color (the exact same color in the small center circle of the table). What are the air freight charges to San Francisco or Oakland, California, USA. How long before you ship. I would like a 3 feet diameter table, 30mm thickness. My contact no. is 510-41..... Oct 20, Contact

e 9184 USA:  I am interested in inlay table tops (image) 90 cm in dia. as shown in FindStone.com. Can you give me the thickness dimension? Also, does this come in pieces or is it mounted for shipping as shown? Also interested in fireplace 011-0004. Give more about this fireplace--material, dimensions, price, etc. Please confirm total price with shipping to zip code 93924 in Central California. I would like to know how it will be packed for shipping, where it will be shipped from. Also, please provide instructions on how best to place the order through PayPal and the internet. Oct 10, Contact

 e 9099 USA:  I want medallion table tops. Are they suitable for use as floor medallions? Are they cut with a laser jet or by hand? Are they grouted or do the pieces fit together in butt joints? What materials do you work with? Are you capable of providing custom pieces? What is the shipping cost if five medallions are shipped together to the west coast of Florida? My phone number is 256 60.....Oct 6, Contact

e 9052 USA:  Please quote for marble medallions. We are dealers in all types of carpet floorings. We are in IL and our phone no. is 618-28..... Sept 29, Contact

e 8686 USA:  We would like to incorporate some of the inlay designs as displayed in FindStone's Online Stores for a renovation project. However, we have a couple of concerns. Since the suppliers are in India and we are in the US, we wonder how reliable the shipping is? Is there a common problem with breakage? If so, is the item insured? Also, with regards to the inlay tops, can they be used on floors? (How thick is the top?). We are in NC. We would like to buy the 48" X 48" inlay top. How much is the shipping please? Aug 29, Contact 

e 8666 USA:  I want a 48" or larger travertine medallion. Specs are 48" to 60" diameter round floor medallion. Carved limestone or travertine. NO MOSAICS please. My purchase timeframe is immediate. Must have some brown tones to match existing travertine floor. Geo areas no preference. Will buy today the right product. Need photos or clear images showing detail before purchase. Will place order right after I see detailed photos or sample color is sent. I am in Michigan. I do not want a mosaic medallion. Solid carved travertine or limestone only. My phone no. is 248.56..... Please contact me with photos of those you have available. Aug 27, Contact 

e 8606 Canada:  Please send price list for inlay table tops.  Aug 22, Contact 

e 8157 Philippines:  We a have a retail store in Manila of antiques and furniture. We would like to get price quotes from your company of the best prices for different sizes of marble-inlay table tops and precious stone table tops. We are interested in your different designs and shapes. July 26, Contact

e 7961 USA: Artifact: Please quote for item 005-0005 mosaic work / inlay work in marble. Also send me the dimensions of the above referenced item with thickness, cost and delivery period. July 14, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7933 USA:  Interested in the inlay tables from supplier 21, table 009 and supplier 0036-0032. Would need a table 48” x 48” and 1” in thickness. Also interested on door pediment (architectural detail above doorway) for indoor use; semi circle with a 28”radius and 1” thickness, preferably from sandstone. Any other suppliers for planters and vases? I am in Orlando, FL. Closest port is Jacksonville 140miles; Miami 220 miles. July 14, Contact

e 7803 USA:  We want a inlay table as listed in 021-0027 and would like to know the thickness of the item and what other sizes and their prices. July 4, Contact

e 7797 USA: Retail:  I am interested in a 021 - 0027 product listed on your website. I have a few questions: 
1- what is the thickness of the tabletop inlay?
2- Is the delivery included ? If not, what is the estimated delivery cost to San Jose, California, USA?
3- Any information on whether this will be subject to US customs duty? Or, should I research that myself directly with the customs? July 3, Contact

e 6944 USA:  Please quote for inlay table top as displayed in 0021 - 0027. My contact no. is 214.75......I am in Texas. April 28, Contact

e 6683 USA: Just saw an inlayed table and am interested in it. We are interested in selling it at a retail location of ours. The destination to be Missouri. April 10, Contact

e 6562 Greece: Please quote for inlay tops IT 0007, IT 0006 and borders 006-0019, 006-0009, 006-0023 from India as shown in findstone's online stores section. We need term's of delivery and prices for this production. March 30, Contact 

ALL: e 5850 Australia:  I would like to market inlay marble worked on products in Australia. Will you send me samples of what you have in the water jet marble inlays? Once I have the samples I can place orders, will you pay for all the shipping costs to Perth, Australia? My tel. no. is +961 8 9.......Feb 4, Contact

e 5760 USA:  I am a Stone mason on the East Coast. I do a limited amount of tile work but specialize in fireplace fronts. I am interested in stocking stone inlay products but mostly I am wondering if you would be in a position to do some manufacturing for me [fireplace fronts, carvings] from some of the rough Jade I have here or I could ship to you directly from Siberia. Jan 30, Contact

e 5750 USA:  I want a circular inlay for a marble foyer. Please email me some images. Jan 29, Contact

e 5745 Australia:  I am a small but reliable supplier to various tile outlets in central and northern Australia. We have our own retail production products. I would like stock inlay marble products as displayed in www.findstone.com/artistic.htm . Jan 29, Contact

e 5694 USA:  I am an architect interested in inlay/water-jet designs. What are the standard sizes and do you do custom work? I am in NJ 07945. Jan 26, Contact