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January 2007




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Iran. 

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Year 2007


Year 2006

e 21537 Iran : We are a terrazzo and mosaic making factory at the moment we are looking to re-new our equipments with the following specifications:
Full automatic press with vibration at least 120 to 260 m2 daily. Tile in size 20x20 to 50x50 (changeable molds-different shapes) auto vibration, timer controlled auto-pressing, auto-ejection and removal for making terrazzo and mosaic tiles also we would like to make sand blasted mosaic and terrazzo which will be grinded after being blasted. If you have such equipment or can make them we will be happy to hear from you. phone 009821779......Oct 9 Contact

e 21279 Iran : Please find a list of our requirements. They all need to be second hand and not older than the year 2000.
1) Pipe layer, lifting capacity: 90MTs and above.
2) Pipe bending machine 48-60 inches.
3) Road header, Vest Falia brand.
4) Chain crane, lifting capacity: 160MTs and above, Linck-Belt, P&H or American brands.
5) Komatsu bulldozer D155, serial number 32000
6) Komatsu loader W470
7) Concrete pump, over 36 meters side boom,
Shving or Puts Maister brand.
Tel & Fax: (9821) 220.....Aug 27 Contact

e 20976 Iran : We are a stone company in Iran and we need green marble tiles and slabs-four sides sawn and polished from India . size :green marble from India 160x40x2 cm, 40x40x2cm, 60x60x2cm. The prices must be C&F Bandar Abbas and competitive and we have too much inquiry from India . The quality and price and honestly are most important also all of our payments are L/C at sight with inspection in destination. July 7 Contact

e 20962 Iran : We need green marble in tile with size 60x60x2 cm. TEL: +98 (21) 333.....July 3 Contact

Year 2005

e 19265 Iran : We are one of leading consulting engineering companies in the field of feasibility studies in Iran . In our projects we need to suggest our customers for different CNC and water jet machine. So, we are looking forward to receiving your kindness and send us your products catalogue along with their prices. Dec 20 Contact  

e19185 Iran : Earthmoving Machine: We would like buy komatso bulldozer C&F in Dubai or Bandare Abbas. Please send us your prices list & more information. Dec 13 Contact

e19072 Iran : Would you please send me price of 160~ 200 Ton Crane? Tel: +98 218 87.....Dec 4 Contact

e 19044 Iran : We are a well growing distributor of mining stone in Iran . We are looking for new kind of absolute black granite. Will you send us a 20 x 20 sample reception and your whole product catalogue. All our orders will be for preferably above 1/5M. height, 2 cm  thickness & 30 cm. width slabs. Well polished. Tell us about your terms & condition (fob bandar abbas). Tel: 009831138.....Dec 1 Contact

e 18983 Iran : I want to import cutting diamond segment from Italy to Iran . Tel: +9831126..... Nov 25 Contact

e 18959 Iran : I want to buy granite segments. Please send your price lists. Tel: 009891311.....  Nov 22 Contact 

e 18623 Iran: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for 3 units of Komatsu PC200-7, If you can please supply the following information: 
1- Serial No.
3- some photos
4-Price and payment, to start we have to pay L/C Usance or at sight)
6- condition of boom, track, engine and pumps 
We will buy one unit immediately. Tel : +98 21 444.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18569 Iran : We are a trading company based in Tehran/Iran and would like to start co-operation with you. Could you please send us the pricing information and other details of Black Galaxy, Star Galaxy, Tindivanam Black, Tiruvannamalai Yellow, Jhansi Red, Imperial Red
We would also appreciate if you could post us some samples of Star Galaxy and Imperial Red Granite, so that we can examine the quality. Tel: 9821 883......Oct 9 Contact

e 18500 Iran : Looking for supplier of water jet machine. Sept 25 Contact 

e 18317 Iran : We are an export & Import granite company. We want to know how much is the prices of a granite stone by size 1.8/60 cm
and the colour stone must be black colour. We need them in dubai port (a container 20 foot). Aug 21 Contact   

e 18296 Iran : Please quote for 1 to 5 containers of Indian green marble slabs of 40 x 40 centimeters and above C&F Bandar abbas, Iran . Aug 16 Contact

e 18132 Iran : We are looking for second hand machines and equipments (made by Breton) for producing artificial stone. If you have any offer please inform us and attach technical data, pictures and prices. Tel: +98 33222.....July 17 Contact

e 17976 Iran : We want to buy some 3000 sqm marble or granite tiles from China in 600 x 600mm. July 3 Contact   

e 17842 Iran : Looking for MCW crystal white marble slab from Vietnam in size 180x60x4 cm. My min first order is 400 Sqm (180x60x4 cm cut to size). Tel : 0098 912 14.....June 10 Contact  

e 17778 Iran: Please send to me price list of:  
- Absolute Black 2000 sqm
- Tropical green or Kerala green 1000 sqm
- Copper silk 500 sqm
- Vizag blue 500 sqm
- Imperial red 400 sqm
All sizes Tile (30*60*2 cm) / (40*80*2 cm) / (60*60*2 cm) and Top Surface Mirror Polished. Delivery: Bandar Abbas or Chabahar port. For the first stage we request you to send us your real samples (usually 20 X 20) and catalogues enclosed with your price list to our address allowing us to reassure of the quality. Tel : 0098051184.....June 1 Contact

e 17703 Iran : I need to one crane tadana or kato 25 tons 1990 +.. and please give me price list. May 17 Contact 

e 17431 Iran : Earthmoving machine: Please send price and other details for KOMATSU Wheel loader Model WA 470. Our tel: 0098 021 39.....Apr 17 Contact

e 17337 Iran : We are producing marble and granite. We are in need of some stone cutting and polishing  equipments like gangsaw for marble with minimum 50 blades. Tel. no. +98 21 85.....Apr 6 Contact  

e 17334 Iran : We are in the market for a modern stone cutting plant with high precision in making stone in thin slates as well as having the ability to combine the wasted stones to a large cope. We are in Tehran . Our tel. no. is (+98 21) 22 .....Apr 6 Contact  

e 16665 Iran : We are the largest importers of the wire saws in Iran and are looking for a company in Japan , Belgium , Italy , China and India for supplying us this product. Jan 28, Contact

e 16544 Iran: Please quote for Tower Cranes
- Height: 80 m
- length of the arm: 70 m
- load (end of the arm): 8 ton
You are kindly requested to prepare for us P/I which includes :
the description and details of every part 
your FOB price 
C&F Dubai and Tehran prices 
payment terms 
shipment terms 
exact delivery date 
overall weight and net weight 
packing , dimensions 
your installation and commissioning 
guaranty and warranty conditions
Adding to this P/I, we need to have your general and pertinent catalogues and brochures. Tel: ++98 - 21 - 67.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16360 Iran : Please quote for Jhansi red granite 180 x 60 x 3cm, 2000 sqm. Jan 10, Contact

Year 2004

e 16152 Iran : We are looking for new Wire Cutting Machine and new Waterjet. We interested in buying from Chinese supplier only. Our tel. no. is (+98 21) 87.....Dec 23, Contact

e 15966 Iran : We are interested in cranes, such as: NK200, NK200H-V, SS500, KR-45H-VS, TR500, TR250 and TR500. Dec 8, Contact

e 15844 Iran : We are looking to import White Thassos stone tiles with following specifications: Quality: Sorted, Super, (best quality, quite mono-color with no spots or veins). Dimensions: each tile (300 X 600 X 10). Dec 1, Contact

e 15777 Iran : We are One of company working in terms of building material. One of our customer need's 5000 sqm of white stone by this size:
Absolute White Marble (Thassos Snow White) Tile:
30 x 60 x 1.7 Qty:1000 m2 and 40 x 40 x 1.7 Qty: 1000m2
40 x Length x 1.7 Qty:1000m2
60 x 180 x 1.7 Qty:1000m2 
60 x 180 x 3.5 Qty:1000m2. Tel: +982183.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15738 Iran : Our company requires two machine. One of them is Waterjet and another one is Robot Wire which both use for cutting and shaping several types of stones such as marble, granite and etc. Our company is so eager to buy the above machines from Asian companies. Nov 21, Contact   

e 15724 Iran : I want to bay a crane kato. Please send us details with photos. Nov 20, Contact

e 15638 Iran : Please send some essential information and general catalogue about your production because we have more order in Iran and will ship them immediately we receive your information. + 98 - 91512.....Nov 16, Contact

e 15510 Iran : I am a Diamond segment importer in Iran , and at the moment I want to import some diamond segments from China , but unfortunately I do not know major manufacturers in China .  Nov 8, Contact

e 15238 Iran : We are a trading company interested in importing stone from China . We are looking for "shanxi_black" and "blue_diamond". 
Please send us prices, sizes, etc. Oct 18, Contact   

e 15135 Iran: Stone Processing Machine: We need one set Metal Grinding machine for Stone, double head type with 2-3 meter width, would you please confirm if that is in range of your production. Please be kind and send us the complete catalogue of this machine for our study. Our tel. no. is 0098 21 75.....Oct 11, Contact   

e 15117 Iran : I am looking for Indian Green Marble in size of: 35 x 120 cm and it's diameter be 4 cm. I need it 1800 meter of it. Please quote. Oct 9, Contact

e 15077 Iran : I want to buy a Kato used crane about 30 , 40 ,50. Please send information like price, model...Oct 7, Contact 


e 14587 Iran : We are interested in a waterjet machine. Please quote with full details of the machine. Sept 4, Contact 

e 14425 Iran : Earthmoving Machines: Please quote for a wheel loaders as displayed in ready stock 580. My tel. no. is +98-21-87.....Aug 25, Contact  

e 14310 Iran : We Introduce ourselves as importer and distributor of cutting tools and spare parts and accessories for machineries. Please send us your general catalogue (English Language) and price list. Our fax no. is 0098 21 67.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14117 Iran: We need to know your best possible price for the following items for our project: 
1- White Marble 30X30 10000 sqm
2- White Marble 30X60 7000 sqm
3- White Marble 40X40 3700 sqm
4- Green Forest Granite 40X40 2000 sqm
5- Absolute black Granite 40X40 3500 sqm
These quantities are for the first phase of our project and we will surely require more. Being a distributor, we are also planning to make a reliable stocks in our territory to meet the requirements of the customer based on quick delivery. Therefore this big project will be fulfilled only if we receive your support in terms of competitive and reasonable prices.
For the first stage we request you to send us your real samples ( usually 20X20 ) and catalogues enclosed with your price list to our street address by DHL allowing us to reassure of the quality. This will assist us to set up our business relationship faster and make our decisions more wisely. Aug 10, Contact

e 14107 Iran : Please quote C&F (B. Abbas) prices for:



Jhansi Red (Tiles)
Jhansi Red (2 Cm Cutter Slabs)

30 X 60 X 2 Cm
42 or 62 or 82 X FL (Min L1 1/2  & Max L 3-4)

Rosy Pink (Tiles)
Rosy Pink (2 Cm Cutter Slabs)

30 X 60 X 2 Cm
42 or 62 or 82 XFL (Min L1 1/2  & Max L 3-4)

Black Galaxy (2,3 Cm Cutter Slabs)

60 above Cutter Slab XFL

Black Absolute (2,3,4 Cm Cutter Slab

,,              ,,

Tan Brown (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Paradiso (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Colombo Juparana (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Indian Green (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Our rep. is available in Delhi , cell no. 0-98994.....Aug 10, Contact 

e 13986 Iran : We need komatsu D155 A1 and A2. Model 2000 year. Please send details and price c&f Bandar Abbas. My tel. no. is 0098411 33..... Aug 3, Contact

e 13985 Iran : We are looking for CNC Laser Cutting Machine. Our tel. no. is +98 21 87......Aug 3, Contact

e 13915 Iran : Earthmoving Machinery: We are interesting to have your 980 loader in our site in Iran . Please inform us the Min. price and freight cost to Iran-Bandar Abbas. Please also inform us the capacity of the bucket, for volume and weight. July 30, Contact 

e 13677 Iran: We are one of the leading companies in Iran dealing with importing and exporting Stones. We deal with different suppliers worldwide. If interested please send list of your products along with your price list allowing us to detail our enquires. Mobile no. is 0098 912 11...... July 19, Contact 

e 13596 Brazil: We are looking for new suppliers of marbles from Iran. I would like to have your price list and some pictures as well. July 15, Contact

e 13510 India: Our company is based in Kolkata. We are setting up a marble processing unit of capacity 20,000 Metric Ton per Annum. We intend to import white and beige marble blocks from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. Our price range for imports is between US$50 - US$300 per metric ton FOB prices. We will start our operations from August end. Please quote us for different varieties of marble blocks, matching our criteria. Our phone no. is + 91 98310.....July 9, Contact  

e 13297 Germany: Please quote per sqm for Birdjan Green Iranian granite. Size:40 x 40 cm x 1 cm. Delivery to Hamburg including tranport. My tel. no. is +49-7621-41.....June 25, Contact

e 12433 Iran: We need 2700 sqm of Chinese granite called full river red in size 60 x 60 x 2cm. Please send price and sample of this stone. Our tel. no. is +98 0411 55..... Apr 30, Contact

e 12292 Qatar: We are interested in Iranian ARYA CREAM MARFIL. We would greatly appreciate if you could advise us the prices for tiles in 60 x 60, 60 x 30 and 40 x 40 cm all in 2 cm thickness, also slabs in 2 and 3 CM thickness. My mobile no. is +974-55.....Apr 20, Contact

e 12197 USA: Please quote for Botticino and Onyx from Iran. I also need samples. I would like to get a quotation from whom ever out there to go to China. My need currently is for a 20' container approximately 18 tons and I need this stone in a slab shape polished however not fabricated. I am in Reston, Va. 20191. 
Apr 13, Contact

e 12165 UK: Can you please email me the full price list of Iranian granite & marble tiles & slabs. Apr 12, Contact

e 12147 Greece: I am interested in materials from Iran and Greece. Please email me prices. My phone no. is 818-43.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12064 Oman: Please quote for Iranian Sirdjan Green, Iran shahr white and Naghadeh Green. All reqd. in size 150x60x15. Our tel. no. is 00968 2.....Apr 5, Contact

e 11943 UK: Please quote with catalogs for Iranian limestone, marble and travertine. We are in London and our contact details are +44 (0) 208 99.....Mar 29, Contact 

e 11655 Israel: We need Gohara beige - from Iran, light Travertine, Crema, Kamel pasha. If you can supply these stones please contact. We are going to come to Turkey next week. My phone no. is 972-360.....Mar 10, Contact  

e 11639 Saudi Arabia: We are marble factory based in Dammam. I need supplier for Irani Stone and Marble. I would like limestone and Cream marfil marble. My phone no. is +966353......Mar 9, Contact  

e 11620 Iran: We want to be your exclusive agent, for your stones like granites, sand stones & other Chinese rocks in Iran. Therefore we want to have your samples. After your samples received, we will order you after a month. (We want this 1 monthly time to study your samples quality & prices). All of the members of our company are geologists & petrologists and qualified for stones trading and studying. 
We want to import building stones in this types: Granite & sand stones in tile forms & slabs. Size:40 x 40 x 2cm or 60 x 60 x 2cm For tiles. Surface: polished, Quality: First & commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. We attach pictures of stones that we want to import. Phone: +9841133.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11593: Please quote for stone for jewelery from Iran. Mar 6, Contact

e 11499 Saudi Arabia: We want to buy marble slabs or cut to floor plan from Iran. Will go to Iran to check. Tel. no. 00966558.....Mar 2, Contact

e 10863 Australia: I am looking for serious suppliers from Iran, turkey and other countries for new materials like travertine, marbles and onyx. I would also like some serious suppliers from India and other countries for landscaping, pavers and sandstones. Jan 30, Contact  

IR/TR: e 10282 USA: I am trying to locate 2000 sq ft of 24x24 Iranian or turkish select in a very light beige; honed and filled. Not commercial quality. Dec 30, Contact

IR/OM/ES/TR/IT: e 9904 India: We are one of the reputed construction company in Mumbai having around 12 running projects in Mumbai basically in to the construction of multi story towers for commercial and residential complexes. We have a requirement of 100000 Sq ft of beige marble for one of our project. 
We request you to suggest us from which angles each product is advisable among Italian, Iranian, Omani, Egyptian, Turkish and Spanish and how and the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Please send test reports. Dec 1, Contact

e 9303 Sweden: Please quote for onyx items along with images. Se price list 993. Oct 21, Contact

e 9278 UK: We are interested in huge quantity of Iranian Granite. We are particularly interested in Yellow coloured Kashmirian Coral- Granite. We are looking for all, blocks, slabs and tiles. The sizes and thickness can be stated later, once we establish that you can offer the right material. Please e-mail us the colour and grain photographs so that we can come back with additional information. We can discuss more about our requirements and possibly we can visit you in Iran or any where in Europe. Our tel: +44 20 890.....Oct 19, Contact, USD 100 (open)

IR: e 9262 Poland: Please to send me information about price and time delivery of Yellow Onyx (or this kind - Honey) in slabs 2cm (120cmx240cm) in quantity ~2500 sqm. Please to send me condition of payment. Our tel. no. is 0048 12 63.....Oct 17, Contact  

IR/IT/TR: e 9214 South Africa: We located stone via yourselves and are now importing regularly. We are interested in importing Travertine as we are at present having to buy from wholesalers. The color we like is Cream and Dark Beige. Need a full 20ft container. Price negotiable at present paying approx US$ 17 per sqm. Travertine tiles size 470x470 / 520 x 520 / 345 x 345 (sizes negotiable). We would like to get an idea of prices per 20ft / 6 metre container. How many sqm per container? We have a genuine interest in importing but need details so as to see the viability, etc. Other countries will do as well. We would need images etc. Our tel. no is +27 4438.....Oct 13, Contact

e 9199 Puerto Rico: Please quote for 6000 Sq.ft. of travertino rustico light, cross cut, honed, unfilled, irregular broken edge, 18X18 tiles CIF port of San Juan, Material required by May 2004. My contact no. is 
787-75.....Oct 11, Contact

e 9180 USA: I want a container of 12 x 12 travertine and a container of Travertine slabs. Oct 10, Contact  

e 9129 Ireland: We are a small granite-countertop business in Ireland. I have had a lot of inquires about ONYX counter-tops. Looking for a supplier close by. Also need some info on how to work with Onyx, that is  is it similar to granite cutting, polishing, drilling, etc.? Oct 7, Contact  

IR/TR: e 9123 USA: I AM LOOKING FOR WHITE ONYX 6,000 SF OF SLAB AND TILE. MY PHONE NO. IS 702-48..... Oct 7, Contact  

e 9121 Canada: I have a client that is looking for a particular white travertine (image). It was given to me by fellow at a stone show last year. He did not recall where it came from, but he thinks it may have been Iran or the region. Have you seen this travertine before? I may need plenty of it. The pattern looks like bird feathers. At first I thought it was a limestone because it was so dense, but most people say it is a travertine.
The travertine in this photo looks fantastic, I am looking for the specific " bird feather" pattern. It appears this pattern is very hard to locate. Perhaps this may show up on a crosscut section of your travertine. In any event, could you please send me 6" x 6" samples of this travertine in both vein cut and crosscut. I will present them to my client. Oct 7, Contact  

e 9115 USA: I want red peach travertine or Egyptian Sunny Gold tiles. Size: 18x18 or 24x24, total 1700 -2000 square ft. Needed within two months. Honed and filled or tumbled edge / filled, non-polished. Price: less than $4/sq ft. Shade variation: medium. Would definitely buy at $2.50 to 3/ sq ft including freight. First quality material. I can do inspection upon arrival and I can approve the order. Payment by credit card or upon delivery. I am in NC 28655. My phone no. is 828 43.....Oct 6, Contact  

e 9091 UAE: We want to import travertine. Please give details & price list of your products. Oct 5, Contact  


e 9074 Turkey: We need 1000 m2 Light and 1000 m2 Medium, Noche and Dark mixture Travertine. Sizes are 1.2 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm. (cross-cut) and 1.4 x 61 x 61 cm. (cross-cut). Please quote FCA Mersin. Oct 2, Contact  

e 9070 USA: We are looking for cross-cut travertine in the lighter colors in square tiles, 10x10, 30x30, and 45x45 with standard thickness. Colors are known as Cappucino, Antique Noche, and Desert Sand. Quantity: 5000 m2/year. Shipments: containers. Please quote. Our phone no. is 678-9.....Oct 2, Contact  

IR: e 9022 USA: I am interested in purchasing wholesale green and orange Onyx from Iran and importing into the United States. I have buyers that are ready to purchase large amounts of finished Onyx tile. We would like to see samples of all of your finished onyx tile product. Please send me some samples of your green and orange tiles to GA 30329. Sept 25, Contact  

IR/TR/PK: e 9009 Mexico: We are marble manufacturers and are interested on your products. We would like to have more info about onyx and also know if it is possible that you send us samples to check the quality and texture of your white, orange and green onyx. My phone no. is (52 33) 312.....Sept 24, Contact


IR: e 8866 Indonesia: We need red color Marble & Granite from IRAN. Sept 12, Contact  

e 8826 USA: Interested in seeing digital photos and getting samples of limestones from Iran.  My contact no. is (310) 60.....Sept 9, Contact  

e 8817 UK: We want Travertine Floor tiles 60 x 30 x 1.5 or 2cm or 60x60x1.5, 400 M2 in beige color (resinated). We require best price to UK. Suppliers from Spain, Portugal, UK. Would require in 2-3 weeks. Purchase price around Euro 20-25 M2. Require sample prior purchase. Our tel. no. is +44 (0) 1646 6.....Sept 8, Contact,

e 8715 Netherlands: Please quote for green onyx tiles of first quality. What is the delivery time? Delivery to Rotterdam (the Netherlands). What is your best price? Can you send me a picture? Aug 31, Contact 

e 8705 Korea: We are looking for reliable suppliers of Nephrite Jade and Onyx from the whole over the world. To help you and the supplier understand our requirements exactly, we would like to provide you with the following information.
Slab Size Specification : 720 x 870 x 20mm
Application : Home Furniture
One side should be polished but bevelling not needed.
Also wanted Onyx in Orange or Yellow and Green color. 
Marble: (1) India: Emerald Green, Fancy Forest, Golden Green (2) Taiwan : Light Green (3) Ethiopia : Sabian Multicolor (4) Guatemala : Verde Mare, Verde Saltan, Verde Quetzal (5) China : Moss Green (6) Turkey : Teknonix
Granite: (1) Australia : Sydney Green, Forest Green (2) Canada : Abyss Green, Peribonka, Prairie Green (3) China: Evergreen 1 & 2, Jade green (4) Colombia : Sahara (5) India : Verde Fiorito, Hassan green, Yak (6) Iran: Pi Granite, G531 (7) Taiwan : Green Butterfly
4 pieces of the stones will be used as one set and therefore at least the colors of 4 pieces should be same and consistent. But the colors of remaining stones should be same or very similar. Any hairline crack or other ugly colors will not be accepted. If the prices are acceptable to us, we will need actual samples to check up the quality. And the quality is ok, we will visit the supplier to place an order. The inspection will be done by us before shipment. Basically we do need the jades of Canada and/or Russia and the Onyx of Iran. But those of other countries could be fine provided the quality and quantity could meet our requirements. Price, FOB any port of the supplier country. In case of the nephrite jade, please quote as per grades A, B, C or in other way to show the differences ,and we would appreciate it if the supplier could e-mail us the photo of each grade of the stone to see the quality. This is very important. 
Quantity depends on the quality and price. But if the quality and prices are good, the quantity will be one 20 foot container load per each stone at regular base. If the foregoing sizes are not available, please let us know the possible sizes. In the meantime, if they could produce the bigger sizes, it will be welcomed. Aug 30, Contact  

e 8683 Spain: Our main activity we have it in the import of Marbles and Travertine and all natural stones; and also in the exploitation of quarries, we have been in business in the stone sector for several decades. We are interested in receiving quotation for the Iranian Block of Marbles and Travertines of all kinds. 
Please send us details of your quarry location, prices FOB-Euro/Dollar your port and stock. We intent to make a planed business trip. We are a company dedicated to the Natural Stone business situated in Almeria. Aug 28, Contact

ES/GR/IR: e 8529 Yemen: We have an urgent requirement of a huge lot of marble for one of our prestigious project which is nearing completion. The materials are: Crema Marfil- Iran, Off white marble, Red Alicante & Dark Emparador - Spain, Volkas white, Grey of Alivery, Brown - Red of Fanary & Black of Damasta - Greece. Please quote with terms and conditions and the earliest delivery time to Sanna. Aug 15, Contact  

e 8381 USA: I am interested in White Limestone's, Travertine Honed Unfilled, different shades and finishes in different sizes, Tumbled Marble in 10 x 10, 15 x 15. We currently buy 3/4 containers a month. We are a stone trading company. Aug 7, Contact

IR: e 8318 India: We introduce ourselves as the largest exporters of granite slabs and tiles from India for several years exporting to reputed companies all over USA. We process more than 35000 Sqm in over 50 Indian Premium colors and export over 75 containers every month. We have two plants manufacturing slabs and tiles apart from which counter tops and vanities too.
We are interested in Costa Esmaralda Raw Granite Blocks from you. If you have the material available, please let us know so that we can establish business with your company.
For the present our requirement is around 100 cbm. Kindly send us a 6X6 sample for our reference so that we can decide the material. Our contact no. is (+91-40) 278.....Aug 4, Contact

IR: e 8137 USA: Would like price for 12"x12" Orange Onyx. Would like a sample of it if possible. U.S. What quantity comes in each container. Our phone no. is 330-88..... July 25, Contact

EG/IT/ES/IR: e 7970 China: We are one of the Exporter & Importer of the marble in XIAMEN, CHINA. We want materials from Egypt, Spain, Italy and Iran. Click here to see the list of items reqd. 
1. finishing requirement----------Unpolished
2. all the prices offered on CIF XIAMEN basis 
3. Please send us photos or samples for our confirmation if you are not sure of the name of the products while you are offering. Sending us the samples accordingly will be highly appreciated. Our contact no. is +86-592-51.....July 15, Contact  

IR: e 7908 Latvia: We are company which works with stone and making all sorts of goods from stone. We are looking for Zanjan Golden granite. in slabs 20mm thick, 340sqm. We would like to know price sqm, terms of payment & delivery terms. Our tel. no. is (+37037)3.....July 11, Contact  

IR: e 7723 UK: I want to import Marble and Travertine from Iran to the UK. I have an Iranian partner in Tehran for business translation. I am coming to Iran in October. We are looking for the following stone products:
TRAVERTINE Tiles: sizes 100 x 100, 150 x 150, 200 x 200, 300 x 300, 450x450
Colors: beige, cream, gold, brown, russet, yellow
Finish: tumbled. 
We also want Mosaics, Borders, Rosettes, Squares. 
FINISHED PRODUCTS like shower trays. Order size: full container load, mixed colors and sizes. June 28, Contact  

e 7504 Ireland: I am searching for a suitable marble for a conservatory. During my search I have located a stone/marble called Dune from Iran. June 13, Contact  

CN/IN/TR: e 7119 Iran: We are a stone trading co. and are interested in importing granite slabs from China, India and Turkey. Please quote for granite as slab with following size & details: 
Width: more than 60 cm 
Thickness: 2, 3, 4 cm 
As cutting round (by slice/cube) & without cutting round 
Qty: 10 containers 
Color: special colors as green, red, black, white, blue & purple. By truck to Tehran or by ship as cnf Bandar Abbas. We are ready to pay for courier cost of samples. 

IR: e 7061 Korea: I want Cream limestone from Iran. Originally, I need yellowish limestone for outer wall. 
Please advise me this detail of the quality - Cream lime stone as soon as possible. Size 400 X 600 X 30 or 400 X 900 X 30mm. Quantity is about 1200~ 1500m2. Tel : 82-2-22...... May 7, Contact  

e 6807 Iran: We are are quarry owners and manufacturers of granite tiles. We want to import red granite slab with thickness of 2 and 3 cm. Please send price list C & A BANDAR ABBAS. Granites wanted are Sumol Red, Xianjiang Red, Ruby Red, Kaddur Red, Seemankati Red, Tumkur Red, New Imperial Red, Baltic Pink, TJI Red. Our contact no. is +98 443-23.....See the images http://www.findstone.com/INDgran5.htm, April 22 Contact  

e 6798 Spain: We are looking for the good quality marble, granite & travertine tiles and slabs from Italy, Iran, Portugal and Turkey. Please send price list and catalogs. April 21 Contact  

IR: e 6709 Malaysia: I want 1st quality Godarsiyah green (click here to see image) from Iran. Size range at least 24" x 24". Please quote with availability. Thickness tolerance 15 to 20 mm. Quantity estimate 130 sq ft. Payments Term: TT or LC. Inspection will be handled by SGS. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Would appreciate a photo of the larger slab of the stone. Hand Phone: 6019 66... April 13, Contact  

IR: e 6522 Canada: Please quote for Blocks, Tile & Slab of Marble & Travertine from Iran. March 25, Contact 

e 6520 USA: I am an interior designer looking for Iranian Spring Rose, Greek Pink of Arta and 2 Croatian tiles Selina and Groznjan. Please quote with images. I am looking for 100 sq. feet of uxmal limestone tile. I would prefer the 16x16 inch tile. I believe it is available in 3 colors. I think the color of choice is "red", however the sample I saw was a terracotta color with pink and gold highlights. The stone has been filled with a cream compound. I have been working with my local company in Atlanta, however I have not been satisfied with the product as there is no marbling in this shipment. This product comes from Mexico and I am in immediate need as this project is nearing it's end. I have looked on line at other products that might work. These include, Spring Rose limestone from Iran, as well as Pink of Arta from Greece, Guiting Cotswold from the UK and Selina and Groznjan from Croatia. March 25, Contact

PK/IR: e 6445 Russia: Please send me your general price lists for all types of stones from Pakistan, Iran or a nearby country which can deliver till Moscow with affordable prices. We want your price list with delivery till moscow we are already working with some companies but we are not satisfied with their accuracy in cutting stones and timely delivery, etc. March 19, Contact

IN: e 6278 Iran: We are one of the biggest importers of excellent black granite. Please quote USD/M2 C&F BANDAR ABBAS in sizes (highly polished) 1300 x 400 x 20 mm and 1300 up x 400 x 20 mm. I need it with Italian polish the same as beegee (premium black) or something like that. I want prices under 27$/sqm in the formal c&f Bandar Abbas. March 1, Contact See Offers

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

IR: e 2365 Iran: Please quote FOB Bandar Abbas port for Iranian marbles and granites. The maximum quantity for each would be 300 sqm. Jan 23 Contact, See Offers  

IR: e 2314 Italy: Please quote for Azar Shahr Red Travertine. We are not interested in block, only random slabs or cut to size slabs and tiles. Jan 15. Contact, See Offers

IR: e 2300 USA: Please quote for Daneshvar Birjand  (M 19) marble from Iran. Also email us a picture. Jan 11. Contact, See Offers

IR: e 2300 USA: Please quote for Daneshvar Birjand  (M 19) marble from Iran. Also email us a picture. Jan 11. Contact, See Offers  

IR, PK: e 2110 Philippines: Looking for a supplier of white onyx slabs from Iran or Pakistan. One container to be exported to the Philippines. Nov 28. Contact

IR, PK: B 606 Philippines: We want White Onyx from Iran or Pakistan in the dimension of 30 x 60 x 2cm, the quantity will be 150m2, price should be quoted in USD, CNF Manila, Philippines. Please ensure that white onyx allows light to pass though and is not pinkish or greenish. we need it to be milky white with minimum veining. the light must be clearly visible through the stone as the material is for use in an architectural wall which will be a main feature in the space. Ensure this before couriering the samples. Payment will be done by TT. Delivery period 3 weeks. Material will be self inspected. Nov 16. Contact

IR: e 1639 China: We are very interested in Iran travertine and marble 2 cm  polished and unpolished slabs. Give  f.o.b price and the size of the slabs. June 26 contact

IR: e 1556 UK: I am developing 2 properties in Tobago. I am looking to price (for delivery in March 2002) 400sq metres of light coloured (beige or cream) Limestone or Trevetine (unpolished) for internal use including stairs. Given one floor will be on 1st floor level we are looking at 10-15mm thickness and tiles of 300x300 or 400x400. May 8 contact


e 1326 USA: I want Rose(or brown tones) Limestone and/or Travertine at a reasonable price. Would like an unpolished or tumbled or distressed look. Looking for as much as 4000 SF. Jan 19.

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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