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Jade Inquiries September 2006
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Year 2006 Inquiries

e 21231: I am seeking a supplier of rough nephrite jade for lapidary purposes. Aug 18 Contact 

e 21223 China: We are interested in White Jade origin in Iran. Please quote us the best CIF Shanghai Port price. Tel: +86-28-851.....Aug 16 Contact 

e 21025 USA: Are you familiar with a marble called Tienshan Jade? We are a granite and marble wholesale business in New Orleans and I have a customer inquiring about this particular stone. July 12 Contact 

e 20816 USA: Can you get white & pink marble tiles, sometimes called "Cherry Blossom," "Cream Jade," "Grey Cloud," "Bordo Grizo" or "Arabescato" This tile marble has a very white background, not grey, not cream-colored. It's from the earlier quarrying of the site, and is maybe 10 years old. Please let me know where, how much, etc., preferably in Northern California, U.S.A. I can actually see (before purchasing) this marble tile.  June 12 Contact 

e 20659 China: We a Chinese stone co are looking the onyx produced in Mexico like the dragon jade, we would like to buy blocks 500 tons per month. Please check the attachment for the photo for your ref.  We need to buy 500 tons of blocks per month. But for sure this onyx is produced in Mexico not in India. My mobile 008613825......May 24 Contact  

e 20402: Please quote for Jade and white quartz. April 24 Contact 

e 20112 USA: retail: I am looking for approximately four slabs of dark green granite. I believe it's an Italian granite called Jade. We need at least 4 slabs of dark green granite. Do you have a source for it? It's relatively uniform with some quartz in it for a little sparkle. My contact information is 602-58.....March 22 Contact  

e 19953 USA: I am inquiring about obtaining a Red Jade Marble tile. I can be reached via email or at the following numbers: 
Business Line: (202) 54......
Cell: (202) 39.....
I am looking to acquire 7 cases. Please respond back with the tile dimensions as well as a picture of the tile. March 5 Contact 

e 19847 USA: Email me relevant information on nephrite jade. Feb 22 Contact

e 19551 USA: I am looking to purchase green nephrite jade tiles 200mm x 200mm x 7mm thick unpolished from Russia /Canada/ or Alaska for craft purposes so quality is important. I will pay using paypal for stone and shipping subject to conditions. Jan 22 Contact 

July 2005

e 18186 USA: I am interesting nephrite jade business I need some sample and picture images of stone. Phone: 206-22.....July 22 Contact

June 2005

e 17839 USA: Our fabrication & installation company is located in Austin, Texas (Central, Texas), U.S.A., but we are in the process of opening a wholesale distribution center in Texas (South Texas). It should take us about one (1) month to finish up the final touches on the warehouse. Therefore, we need to speed up the process in purchasing granite slabs by the bundles, imported and/or domestic. Most of the granites we use are from India, others from countries such as: China, Brazil & even the U.S. Depending on who carries the colors we are most interested in, we are actually willing to buy from anyone who has them. The budget we are working with at this time is Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000 USD). We are hoping to buy a mixed variety of polished (9 x 5 ft) slabs. Some of the colors are listed below: 
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Antico; 2 bundles/3cm Giallo Antico
2 bundles/2cm Green Uba Tuba; 2 bundles/3cm Green Uba Tuba
2 bundles/2cm Green Uba Tuba Gold; 2 bundles/3cm Green Uba Tuba Gold
2 bundles/cm Green Butterfly; 2 bundles/3cm Green Butterfly
2 bundles/2cm Black San Gabriel; 2 bundles/3cm Black San Gabriel
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Fioritto; 2 bundles/3cm Giallo Fioritto
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Oranamentale; 2 bundles/ 3cm Giallo Ornamentale
2 bundles/2cm New Caledonia; 2 bundles/3cm New Caledonia
2 bundles/2cm Green Jade; 2 bundles/3cm Green Jade
2 bundles/2cm New Venecian gold; 2 bundles/3cm New Venecian Gold
2 bundles/2cm Peacock Green; 2 bundles/3cm Peacock Green
2 bundles/2cm Tan Brown; 2 bundles/3cm Tan Brown
2 bundles/2cm Red Multi; 2 bundles/3cm Red Multi
2 bundles/2cm Sapphire Brown; 2 bundles/3cm Sapphire Brown
Our telephone number is 1-512-26...... June 10 Contact

May 2005

e 17681 Saudi Arabia: I want Jadeite (Commercial) from Russia. My no. (+966)50541..... May 14 Contact

e 17575 USA: I have immediate need for a construction project for green jade slabs, matched and numbered for "mirror-matching". Please send maximum widths and lengths available, as well as photos of slabs with "organic" flow. Will consider A grade and/or B grade. Container quantities needed. May 3 Contact

Jan 2005

e 16452 Canada: I am interested in purchasing some Green Siberian Nephrite. I am only looking for roughly one to two pounds of the lower grade carving material.  Jan 15, Contact

e 16325 USA: I am looking to buy loose stones in turq, coral, jade @ about 5.00 pound. Jan 8, Contact

e 15575 USA: I have a client that would like a chunk of Siberian jade that is 1.25" square by 4+ inches. It should be of high quality apple green to chrome green in color. My phone no. is 541-68..... Nov 12, Contact 

e 14942 Australia: Please provide details and prices on jade block. Sept 27, Contact

e 13188 USA: Retail: We are looking for a tile made out of jade. The dimensions are about 18"x18"x3/8". We are an interior design firm in New York City. How much would a tile that size be? June 19, Contact 

e 12959 USA: What is minimum quantity you sell in rough stone boulders? I am interested in Lapis lazuli grade A or BB only in rough boulders or 12x12 tile approx 15-20 sq. ft. or 10 to 15 boulders size 8-20 inch per piece. Same on Red Jasper, Amazonite, Yellow jade , Green Aventurine. These are small sizes due to nature of work. We do inlay work with 2-3mm sliced stone. To note, we have no interest in verneered tiles, hence all available tile size need to be at 3/8 standard thickness. What is the price for either one of the mentioned stones. I am in GA. My tel. no. 404-37.....June 5, Contact

e 12946 USA: I need prices of Jadeite Commercial, Jadeite Utility, Serpentinite, Aquamarina Azzurro with photos. My cell phone no. is 646-61.....I need 1 container. June 4, Contact

e 14360 USA: We need Iranian/Afghan Jade/boulders for making decorative products. We need 400 tons now, 200 tons per month right after the first shipment, sizes are 2.2-3 x 1.2-1.5 x 1.50x1.75. Delivery to China. Our tel. no. is +1-310-39......We are willing to buy from Iran. Aug 21, Contact

e 14122: I would like to buy a marble from Russia called 'Jadeite Commercial' and want to know everything about it and prices. Aug 11, Contact

e 11981 USA: Need jade tiles available for an interior design project. My phone no. is 214 69.....Mar 31, Contact 

e 11936 USA: I am interested in the purchase of Jade stones or slabs please give me a list of prices to include shipping to Idaho. Mar 29, Contact 

e 11818 Australia: We buy rough semiprecious stone for our cutting worldwide. We are looking for A grade jade. We are looking for a quality that is consistent good obvious bright green, not dark so it looks black ... no or VERY minimal cracks. Please give the technical name of your jade - eg. nephrite, jadeite, etc. - photos of the rough WET and best FOB price per kg, shipping port for an order of about 1,200kg to 2,400kg ... 4 to 8 200lt drums. We have NO interest in new jade/serpentine, only nephrite or jadeite. Willing to buy worldwide. My phone number is 61 3 948.....I am in Melbourne. Mar 20, Contact 

e 11072 USA: We are currently looking for a large selection of granite colors: Verde Aquamarina, Rosa Tigrado, As de Goias, Ocean Green, Jade Gree, kh, Turquiosh Greenbulish, Ishafan Green, Whitenut Granite, Pietra Vavica Lucidata, Azul De Evora, Cinzentos T Eulalia, Branco Do Vimiero,Kirakiz Siyh. We are an architect firm in CA. Our office no. is 805.96.....Feb 10, Contact 

e 10766: Please quote for jade. See ready stock 513. Jan 24, Contact 

e 10591 Australia: Please quote in Australian Dollars for Polar Jade BC, Lotus Green from China, Campans, Tinos Green, Emerald Green, Plain Verde and Fancy Forest from India, Persian Green from Iran, Multi Green Grade from Pakistan, Jadeite Commercial and Jadeite Imperial from Russia. Please quote per kilo basis. My phone no. is (08) 820.....Jan 16, Contact

e 10436 Canada: I am looking for a manufacturer who can carve small to medium sized objects. These would be used for jewelry and decoration in homes and offices. I am also interested in sourcing a supplier for various types of stone amehtyst, jade, quartz- in all hues, lapis lazuli, and mica. I need a Canadian supplier if possible.  Our tel. no. ( 403) 24.....Jan 9, Contact

e 10226 USA: I need blocks of Jadeite Commercial, Siberian Jade. Size is about 2.2 x 0.65 x 0.25 cbm. Dec 25, Contact

e 10181 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Jade and Nephrite. Dec 21, Contact

e 10121 USA: Want 600 sq. ft 12x12 Alba Chiara Marble. Also looking for jade green colored pebbles, either loose or matted on fiberglass. Dec 17, Contact

e 10036 Korea: We want jadeite commercial. Please quote CNF BUSAN KOREA for slabs of 1700mm x 700mm x 20mm (T). Qty. is 499.8 m2. Payment is by L/C or T/T. Dec 11, Contact

e 9480 Korea: Please quote for jade as following: 
1.Commodity: The slabs photographed are 0.5 cm thick. or 1 cubic meter weighs 2.9 tons. 
2. Qty: minimum 5tons (sample order) 
3.Delivey: ? 
4. Payment L/C or T/T 
5.Destination: Busan korea (Seoul) 
6. Quote Price? CNF OR FOB (Busan Korea Sea port). Nov 3, Contact