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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Japan. 

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Year 2006

e 21098 Japan : We are a building company in Japan . We want to buy the blocks of Rustenburg from South Africa . Please quote price per ton. The color must be constant. I cut the size in 500x1000 so I think it is good in case of the size based on it. TEL 81 6 655.....July 21 Contact

e 19898 Japan : We are established in Brazil , and Tokyo-Japan, My direct phone number is (81) 080-366..... we are a trading company developing business between Brazil and Japan , we are looking for suppliers of stone to be partners for deal in commission base to develop your business here in Japan . We do all research of Japanese market , contact and negotiation with the clients. Feb 27 Contact 

Year 2005

e 19271 Japan : I am interested in Uruguayan granites. Please inform me the following: 
1.If you can supply the following size of blocks. 1) 200cm X 150cm X free size and 2) 300cm X free size X free size, (free size means length of 15cm or more). 2. Please explain to me the situation of the production of Uruguayan granites? Can you continuously supply the granites to us? 3. Time span: How quickly can you ship to us? Which port do you use? 4. How the granites have been used? (e.g. for the wall of building, gravestones, etc.) Which country(s) have you shipped to? 5. Please send me some pictures of granites by mail (if you have some). Dec 21 Contact

e 18625 Japan : Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for with photos of D6h. Tel: (61)70547.....Oct 18 Contact

e 18538 Japan : Do you have white onyx coasters 10cmx10cmx1cm? If so please send me a estimate, including freight to Japan , for an initial order of 18. Phone: 092-92.....Oct 1 Contact

e 18280 Japan : We are interested in a wide range of the natural stone related industry, peripheral processing equipment, covering the import for domestic sales and export phase. Aug 11 Contact  

e 18172 Japan : I need your price list especially Chinese Granite tiles. Please quote me variable colors you deal. full container FOB in China . Size: 400 x 400, 600 x 600, 305 x 305, thickness 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30. Tel +81 90337.....July 21 Contact

e 17980 Japan : Retail: I would like to buy Silver Beije, Toropical Pink, Blue Crystal, Dream Time and Carribean Blue. I need 2sqm each. Tel. +81-49-27.....  July 4 Contact 

e 16475 Japan : Earthmoving Machinery:  I am interested in heavy equipments such as tractors, excavators, wheel loaders and dozers, especially those offered in ready stock 566. I want to export the equipments to Indonesia . I am seeking to build a prospective and ongoing business relationships in the future with you. My tel. no. is +81-42-52.....Jan 17, Contact

Year 2004

e 15812 Japan : We are looking for Granite and Marble processing Machine. Could you send us more details about your used GANGSAW Machine? Nov 28, Contact

e 15737 Japan : We deal natural stones, clay bricks and various types of tile in Kobe , Japan . Our sales volume is about US$4,000,000/year. Now we have been looking for the stable supplier of Limestone Tiles in Peru . The payment will be done by the irrevocable L/C at sight in any currencies which you require. Size: 300X300mm 300X600mm, Quantity: Full 20 Feet Container, Use: For paving. Our tel. no. is +81-596-2.....Nov 21, Contact 

e 15694 Japan : Please send us the cost of ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE, Model : KATO KR25H3L (25t). Also send details such as photographs. My tel. no. is +81-3-391.....Nov 18, Contact

e 15562 Japan : We are looking for Pakistan onyx green 40m2.  Nov 11, Contact

e 14974 Japan : I want to get the complete detail of Hitachi ex 100wd & wheel excavator Japan price with picture. Sept 29, Contact

e 14570 Japan : We are interested in importing natural stones. Please quote.  Our tel. no. is +008172 24.....Sept 3, Contact

e 14282 Japan : We have home and garden centers, and we are looking for Black 3/4"-1" lava cinders. Please let me know the price of cinders in 1 ton bag and FOB point (port). We would like to double stack and put them in 20' ocean container. Should you have any question, please give us a call at 951-27..... Aug 17, Contact   

e 13583 Japan : We are a company that imports all kind of stone in bulk quantities. Please send us your catalog with price list. July 14, Contact

e 13543 Japan : We want to buy huge quantity monthly of rock salt for food processing use. You can reach me at the Mobile No. 139016.....July 12, Contact 

e 13381 Japan : Our Company is considering to import Himalayan Pink Salt for food purpose. Please advice for us it's usage and difference between normal salt. We have interest import Himalayan Rock Salt from Tibet
1. Please Advice price for 1Kg
2. Please Advice price for 250Kg Delivery to Shanghai
3. Please Advice price for 250Kg if you send to Tokyo (CIF Tokyo)
We are considering to import big amount in future. Our tel. no. 043-29.....July 1, Contact

e 12947 Japan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in heavy machines like Hitachi excavators Ex100, Ex200, Ex70-60 and also Komatsu pw100, pw200 in chain or tyre type, bulldozers, trucks (5-15 tons) and (15-50 tons). Our tel. no. is 0252-5.....June 4, Contact

e 12898 Japan : Landscape: We deal clay bricks and natural stones in Kobe . We are looking for the stable supplier of PORPHYRY-RED cobbles in size 100 x 100 x 40-60mm. Crazy Paving thickness 20-50mm, see image attached. Please quote FOB price. The payment will be done by the Letter of Credit at sight in Euro. We will buy continuously if your offer meet our budget.  Our tel. no. is +81-78-99.....June 1, Contact

e 12738 Japan : I am looking for Terrazzo tiles which is based on epoxy or resin. Attached is the color that I want. Size is 1400 x 2100 and qty. is 100 m2. My tel. no +81-6-674.....May 20, Contact USD 20

e 12723 Japan : Artifacts: Please quote CIF Kobe for an inlay table as displayed in www.findstone.com/inlay/it0014.htm and a Sand Stone Carved Window as displayed in http://www.findstone.com/artistic/0007.htm. My tel. no. is 81-78-23....  May 19, Contact USD 50

e 12620 Japan : We are leading stone company in Japan . Our main business is fabrication. We want Nero Marquina. Our tel. no. is 0584-4.....May 12, Contact USD 20

e 12583 Japan : Earthmoving machinery: please quote for a EX100WD-1-0650. My mobile no. is +81-90-554.....May 10, Contact USD 50

e 11829 Japan : Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in a rough terrain crane KATO KR25H3L. Please send me photos. Could you quote me Ex-Go Yokohama port price in JPY? Our tel. no. is 81-92-26.....Mar 22, Contact

IT: e 11805 Japan : We are importing constructing materials, and working designing and constructing for Japanese market. Please send quotation of the following: 
PERLATO SICLIA POLISHED finish, 400x400xT15 =400mm, Two sorts of grade, high class and middle class. We like to receive each sample, if possible. Our tel. no. is +81-6-65........Mar 19, Contact

e 11726 Japan : Send me a price list of granite tiles/slabs. Mar 13, Contact

e 11665 Japan : We are looking for suppliers of Quartz or Quartzite in Philippine. Our tel. no. is 03-350..... Mar 10, Contact 

IN: e 11384 Japan : Please quote CIF Osaka for granite. Sizes are 300x300 (10mm) & 150x300( 10mm). The colors are Absolute Black, Mozart Ruby, Camellia Red, G682, Blushing Rose, Paradisso, Black Galaxy, Ruby red, Rozi, Pinkis Red. For sizes 300x300 (15mm) we want quote for White Marble with moss green & Pink Marble. Our tel. no. is +81-728-9..... Feb 25, Contact

TR: e 10669 Japan: I am looking for beige marble supplier from Turkey, Indonesia and Spain- all specifications e.g. quantity, size range, application if buying stone beige marble tile, block
polished marble tile: 300x300x10mm - 200sqm; 400x400x15mm - 800 sqm; 300 size tile + 400 size tile = 1000SQM (2 containers).
2) rough-polished block, Size: 300x400x30mm; 300x400x40mm; 300x400x50mm, Quantity: 500 SQM
3) split face block:
L 300~400 x H50 x W30~50mm 50SQM 
L 300~400 x H100 x W30~50mm 50SQM
L 300~400 x H200 x W30~50mm 50SQM
Would like to buy from Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran, Egypt etc. My tel. no. is 813 343.... 
Jan 20, Closed


Year 2003

e 9779 Japan : I want Yugo Basic. I don't know if its Granite or Marble or what kind of stone is. Nov 23, Contact

IN: e 9437 Japan : We specialize in exporting and importing many products, especially ornamental stones for gardening. We are interested in black granites such as ‘Black Galaxy’. Please let us know whether you have the following size, design and price of Black Galaxy: 
1. The size is 600x300x60.
2. Only one-side surface is burning-processed (flamed-processed).
3. Please tell us an estimate for ten containers of ‘Black Galaxy’ with transport charges to Yokohama Port by shipping. Our contact no. is (03)334..... Oct 31, Contact  

EG: e 8824 Japan: Please quote for galala, sunny, etc. per sqm fob price to Osaka. Sept 9, Contact, USD 40 (open)

e 6585 Japan: Please quote for standard Japanese quality Barre Green / Grey in 300x300x10 and 300x300x20 CIF OSAKA - Japan. We enclose photo as a sample. Quantity about 2000 m2 to 10000 m2 depends on the supply capacity. Please state the country of origin. April 1, Contact USD 200

e 6543 Japan: Landscape: We want pebbles as displayed in FindStone's online stores. Please quote with details. Our tel. no. is +81-284-7.....March 27, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6500 Japan: We want cheap marble and granites slabs and tiles from China for construction of building. Please quote with details. My contact details are (hp) +65 9151..... March 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

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