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This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from SRI LANKA.

You can contact the buyers below by: 
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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 

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e 20759 Sri Lanka: We are interested on the Canada. June 6 Contact 


e 20703 Sri Lanka: Need granite gang saw & polishing machine from Italy. May 29 Contact


e 20696 Sri Lanka: Please send the prices of your product range. We are going to by 2 containers per month initially. Tel: +94(0)1144.....May 29 Contact


e 20388 Sri Lanka: I am interested in The Color is Desert rose Beige or Desert rose pink from Oman 60x60x2 cm or slabs material good quality 2000 M2. My contact number is 0094 777.....April 21 Contact (have spoken to the buyer)


e 20093 Sri Lanka: Please send me more information regarding gangsaw machine as displayed in ready stock 365. March 20 Contact


e 19742 Sri Lanka: We are one of the leading apartment builders in the capital of Sri Lanka decided to use the famous Italian tiles for our apartments. Please forward the available tiles details. Feb 13 Contact


e 19354 Sri Lanka: We are a company specialized in importing marble to the local market, from various parts of the world. We have an initial inquiry for 65m2 of Azul Ceilo Marble from Argentina. Tele: +941125.....Jan 2 Contact



e 19264 Sri Lanka: I want to buy a stone / soil crushing machine (Aggregate Crusher by which aggregate could be crushed to produce soil for building construction works). The gravel that is available in Sri Lanka contains 10mm to 100 mm stones 60 % to 75%. The balance is finer material of clay soil. Tel: 94 11 55.....Dec 20 Contact


e 18222 Sri Lanka: I am looking for 2000 sq. ft. yellow onyx immediately. I need the shipment from Singapore. Delivery to Colombo. My tele number 00947776..... July 30 Contact


e 17872 Sri Lanka: I have an urgent requirement for Pedras Salgadas around 10000 sqm of 60 x 60 x 20 cut to size. Also need San gabriel 60 x 45 x 20 around 4000 sqm. Geoprano Cienna type granite for counter tops. Need some information about lime stones has got a requirement for 3000 sqm. Please send for all above the pictures and the prices with the country of origin. Its one project full project. I need reply top urgent. Mobile - 00947776.....June 14 Contact


e 17198 Sri Lanka: I want to buy a stone crushing machine (Aggregate Crusher by which aggregate could be crushed to produce sand for building construction works). The gravel that is available in Sri Lanka contains 10mm to 100 mm stones 60 % to 75%. The balance is finer material of clay soil. Mar 21 Contact 



e 15921 Sri Lanka: We are new company entering the market of Granite as we have heavy import orders in hand. Please send us catalogue with CIF prices. Our tel. no. is 239.....Dec 6, Contact


e 15775 Sri Lanka: Send me prices for icon brown ; siva gold; kashmir gold. I need 2000 sq. ft each. Telephone 94 7773.....Nov 25, Contact


e 14258 SRI LANKA: Earthmoving Machinery: Can supply us the kobelco excavator? Aug 16, Contact


e 12971 Sri Lanka: We are interested to import immediately for our new housing project floor and wall tiles in a 20' FCL/FCl container load. Please quote your best price and few photos of the tiles enabling us to consider the same. The prices should be quoted as FOB Value, Freight and Insurance. Our tel. no. is 0094-11-53.....June 6, Contact


ALL: e 12685 Sri Lanka: Please let us know the prize range of your marbles available. We are a leading importer of granite and marble from various countries. Please quote fob and c/f Colombo port. My Mobile is 00947224.....May 17, Contact USD 20


e 11832 Sri Lanka: Our company is involved in marketing of industrial raw materials to the many industries in Sri Lanka. We are very keen to market Pumice Stones. We need about 60 Mts per month . Please quote CIF Colombo for 2cm-3cm. Our tel. no. is 00-94-11- 23.....Mar 22, Contact


e 10730 Sri Lanka: We immediately need two FCLS (20 Ft each) Pumice stones for garment washing of sizes 
2 -3 cm and 3 - 5 cm. Please send us your best CIF Colombo price. Our phone no. is +94 11 55.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)


e 10544 Sri Lanka: I am a granite importer. Please send price list of your material. Jan 14, Contact USD 20 (open)


e 10486 Sri Lanka: Stone Processing Machinery: We are a company producing rock stone (granite) monuments manually, we have now decided to use machines for this purpose. We shall be pleased to have all details of your rock stone cutting, polishing and engraving machine following sizes:
01. block stone, granite cutting machine. (block size 1200x1500x1500mm). We want a machine to cut on block stone, granite working high working length 1200mm working width 1500mm working thickness 20mm up to 1500mm (E.X 1100x1200x50mm slabs) 
02. polishing machine. This must be capable of polishing all cutting items under (01) 
03. edge shaping ,cutting and polishing machine. This machines also must be able to cut polish shape edges.
04. slab stone, granite engraving machine. This should be computer controlled. Let us also know whether engraving on other material could also done apart form slab stone, granite working length 01mm up to1270mm each working breath 01mm up to 650mm each working high 00mm up to 200mm (maximum). 
Our contact no. is 00941 777 2...... Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open)




e 9821 Sri Lanka: Looking for producers from India and China floor tiles. Nov 26, Contact


LK: e 9355 India: We would like import Ceylon Green rough blocks from Sri Lanka. please quote with details. Oct 24, Contact USD 40 (open)  

e 8059 USA: Retail: I am interested in information about the Colonial Dream granite from Sri Lanka. I am a homeowner and would like to use granite for my kitchen countertop. The particular slabs were mostly a cream color - almost marble like - and had a dressed down look. I am about 2 hours from Atlanta, Georgia and about 1 1/2 hours from Birmingham, Alabama. I would like to know about availability - price - shipping - usual color. etc. July 21, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7231 Sri Lanka: We want to represent your firm as agents. Please furnish us the details of products manufactured by your firm and the C.I.F. Colombo Prices of 2' x 1' x 20mm and 2' x 2' x 20mm Marbles including Pearl Blue and other Granite Tiles. Also, please arrange to send us a few samples to be shown to our Architects and canvass for orders. May 22, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7197 Sri Lanka: We are the one of largest granite importers in Sri Lanka I have a bulk order for Granite named PEACH STROW. Please quote for Peach Strow and every granite you have. Qty. is 3-4 Containers per month. Size range is 600mm x 300mm x thickness 18mm. Quality is first grade. Country of origin is India. Our contact no. is +94-1-8..... Currently we bought 17 container loads of granites from China. May 18, Contact USD 200 

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