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November 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Lithuania.

You can contact the buyers below by: 
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B) Buying individual contacts at USD 25 each via www.findstone.com/payment.htm
    If a buyer does not reply, your $ 25 will be kept in credit for another inquiry of your choice.

For previous inquiries, see www.findstone.com/ti
links.htm . They are still valid.
www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998.

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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 

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We urgently need:
Crema Marfil (400x400x20) - about 110m2
Crema Marfil (20) - about 75m2
Rosso Verona (400x400x20) - about 50m2
Rossi Verona (20) - about 23m2
Nero Margvinia (20) - about 5m2
Sylvia Gold (20) - about 9m2
Sylvia Gild (600x600x20) - about 22m2
Verde Guatemala (20) - about 8m2
Verde Guatemala (600x600x20) - about 21m2
Tel.:+370 68.....April 3 Contact 

e 20183 Lithuania: We are interested in buying stone from you. We are looking for Ukranian granite and would like to buy about 10 cubes. We are also interested to see the range of stones you have. We are looking for brown, grey, red and green sizes 2,40x120x120 about 3 to 4 cubes. If you have the goods that we need could you please advise us what's the price and how we would need to make a payment. Call us on +370 676.....March 29 Contact 

e 20127 Lithuania: Our company works with natural stone already for 10 years. We constantly buy different kinds of granite, marble, travertine, sandstone and etc. We are looking for new partners from foreign countries to buy natural stone and conglomerates. Telephone: +370 682.....March 23 Contact

CN: e 7996 Lithuania: We were searching for potential partners to offer Chinese Black granite slabs. Our company is involved in several business areas we organize different cargos transportation, work with some foreign companies representing their products in Lithuanian market.
Currently we are interested in purchase of CHINESE BLACK granite slabs, specifications: 
1) one side polished, 
2) cut-to size: width - 1500 mm, length - 2000 mm, thickness - 80 mm; 
3) also interested in your standard cut slabs.
4) quantity - 1st lot about 75 square meters. 
5) there is an interest of several sorts of Black granite, please inform what sort you are able to offer.
We would like to get known if your company has possibility to supply us above granite slabs, and your offered prices for 1 sqm. 
What are possibilities to supply cut-to-size slabs, as we requested in our first letter, or what are possibilities to offer your standard cut slabs. What are the prices for above mentioned cut slabs for 1 square meter? 
Tel.: +370 688 .....July 16, contact 

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm