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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Malaysia. 

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Year 2006

e 21381 Malaysia : Looking for Green Onyx. I think is from some parts of China or Pakistan . Please quote landed in Hong Kong . Quantity: 500 pcs 200 X 240 X 20mm polished top and four sides. 500 pcs. 300 X 300 X 20mm polished top and four sides. Tel: +60-88-4.....Sept 13 Contact

e 21369 Malaysia : We are seeking Pumice Stone suppliers. Tel: +6012 32.....Sept 11 Contact

e 21110 Malaysia : Please furnish us your current price list for Palimanan Yellow/White, Green Sukabumi materials. Tel: +60 3 214.....July 24 Contact

e 20810 Malaysia : We are interested to purchase fine quartz powder of white colour. The size we are looking for is 15 microns,30 microns and 45 microns. Can you quote me ex works or CIF Pasir Gudang in Malaysia . Kindly let me know your full detailed specifications as well. If it meets our specifications. We would like to have about 200 gms sample each for full analysis. Office Tel: 65-686.....June 12 Contact

e 20156 Malaysia: Please quote for French Limestone raw blocks that can cut into 1400mmx 575mmx 30mm thick , please quote best C& F Port Klang price in USD/m3. Quantity : 15,000m2. Requirement : 3 to 6 months. Tel: +603 625.....March 27 Contact

e 20091 Malaysia : We are looking for EX60-1, EX120-1. Kindly let us know about its availability with you. Since our person is in Japan now. We can tell them to come and meet you. Tel/Fax: 006-03-512.....March 20 Contact

e 19941 Malaysia : We are a Hong Kong based trading firm in industrial minerals. Please let us have your offer of Unexpanded Perlite Ore 0.15-0.60 mm @ C&F KE LANG Port, Malaysia at the expected quantity of 10X20'FCL per month. March 3 Contact 

e 19682 Malaysia : I would like to have Jura Beige stone from Germany in the following specification: 
400x400x15mm - 1,800m2
600x600x20mm - 1,000m2 
20mm thich CTS - 950m2
All are the Honed finishes. Please let us know the Price (FOB of CIF Japan), Delivery time etc. Feb 8 Contact

e 19535 Malaysia : Looking for a supplier of Giallo Veneciano slabs. Jan 20 Contact 

e 19447 Malaysia : Kindly quote us verde fountaine & blue pearl gangsaw size blocks. Qty app 500 cbm.  Jan 12 Contact

e 19433 Malaysia : Currently we are sourcing for the above materials in gangsaw size blocks. Appr quantities verde fountein - 500 cubic, blue pearl 80 cubic. Please quote best prices.  Tel +603 214..... Jan 11 Contact

e 19358 Malaysia: Please send a quote base on the following stones (C & F Port Klang): 
A) Natural Marble:
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -White Thasos - Quantity: 120m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Travertine Nove - Quantity: 100m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Travertine Vanilla - Quantity: 800m2 
600mm x600mm x 25mm polished -Travertine Vanilla - Quantity: 500m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Light Emperado - Quantity: 300m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Dark emperado - Quantity: 100m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Travertine Nuvalato Gold - Quantity: 5,000 m2
B) Compressed Marble :- Manaufacturer is Antiquarex 
600mm x600mm x 12mm polished -Rosa Tabiya - Quantity: 100m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Atlantid Gold - Quantity: 300 m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Stick Aqumarina - Quantity: 100 m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished - Giada Cream - Quantity: 100 m2
C) Compressed Marble :- Manaufacturer is Trends 
600mm x600mm x 10mm polished -Becagli Light - Quantity: 300m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Becagli Medium - Quantity: 300 m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Cloudy Tuscan- Quantity: 300 m2
Please quote best C & F Port Klang price, Malaysia. Tel: +603 625.....Jan 2 Contact

Year 2005  

e 19057 Malaysia : I am looking for 700 m2 Palimanan stone from Indonesia , for wall cladding size 300x150x20mm rough surface. Destination port - Port Klang , Malaysia . Price CNF Port Klang. Mobile : 00-6012-26.....Dec 2 Contact  

e 18654 Malaysia : Please quote with images of marble and other stones from Philippines . Oct 20 Contact   

e 18578 Malaysia : I am interested in a CNC machine. Tel: 603-625..... Oct 11 Contact  

e 18488 Malaysia : Please quote for a CNC machine J160. Sept 22 Contact  

e 18452 Malaysia : We are a based company in Malaysia , would like to import some Beige colour marbles. The quantity we need about 5000 sqm.  We are looking for the following marbles :-
1) Royal Beige
2) Dragon Beige
3) Turkish Beige
Dimension : 600 X 600 X 18
If you have any other beige marbles , please propose to us too. Kindly give us the direct quotation and the most compatible prices. We are currently working closely with some of the developer in Malaysia , do hope we can build up the long term business relationship if the rates are very compatible and the quality of the marbles are good. Sept 19 Contact   

e 18386 Malaysia : We are interested to import monument stone. See enclosed picture. Size: is around 600mm 600 mm x 600mm high. Our budget is USD 50 per no., without assembling. Our quantity is 1,000 nos. Please quote best CIF Port Klang , Malaysia Tel: 603 625.....Sept 5 Contact 

e 18287 Malaysia : Looking for pebble stone, gravels anywhere of the world, fob Malaysia . Aug 13 Contact

e 18260 Malaysia : Stone Processing Machine: We are looking for marble & granite processing equipments for our new processing plant. We have selected few processing equipment from your website, following are the reference number:
1. GRANITE GANG SAWBRA' - TG 1000 (2 Units)
Kindly furnish us with the following information for the above mentioned equipment. 
a) Detail description about the equipment, operation system, size of the equipment and how much space required to feed the equipments.
b) Photo of the equipments and some other relevant detail drawing of the equipments.
c) Price of the equipment inclusive of shipment, delivery & fixing.
d) About the warranty period & other details inclusive under warranty.
e) What kind maintenance, training & technical support will be provided.
f) Kindly advise or recomend to us some other equipments which is equivalent to what we have selected. Aug 4 Contact

e 18241 Malaysia : I am looking to purchase SPANISH GOLD IN 600MM X 600 MMX 20MM. Quantity would be minimum one 20FCL. I would appreciate if you can give me your rates CNF PORT KLANG MALAYSIA AND FOB SPANISH PORT. AND ALSO ADVISE ME YOUR CURRENT STOCK POSITION. TEL: 603 627..... Aug 1 Contact

e 18216 Malaysia : I am interested in onyx blocks. If yes, please specify size and price. Do you supply green onyx from Afghanistan . July 28 Contact  

e 17679 Malaysia : We import stone blocks for our factory in China to process and sell in Chinese and Malaysian markets. We are looking at beige / cream marble ,for granite will be yellow or black. Please quote with colors of stones available. May 14 Contact   

e 17570 Malaysia : We are in the mid of expanding our granite business. We want to be a stone importer especially in Indian stones instead of just being a local trader. We need your kind support to quote us the followings. Please give the pricing in USD for following stones.
Material Size 
1. Absolute Black 2500 x 1500 x 30mm ( slab) 
2. Black Galaxy 2500 x 1500 x 30mm ( slab )
3. New Imperial Red 600 x 600 x 20mm
4. Indian Green 600 x 600 x 20mm
For the slab size please give me what is the quantity for 1 container load. Quote me based on FOB port Klang. Mobile phone: 6012 - 30.......May 2 Contact  

e 17455 Malaysia : I am interesting in artificial marble for kitchen. Please send me the quotation of your company product and photo. Apr 19 Contact 

e 17256 Malaysia : We wish to register our interest in diamond segments and abrasives. Please forward us your catalogue for our reference. Our tel. no. is +60 3 214.....Mar 25 Contact   

e 17229 Malaysia : Retail: I would like the price for corian worktop for my kitchen. Mar 23 Contact  

e 17204 Malaysia : Earthmoving machines: We are looking forward for used Caterpillar Bulldozer, model D6H, year preferable between 1989 to 1991. Please provide us your best offers. Mar 21 Contact   

e 17104 Malaysia: St. Luis Granite Sawn Unpolished Slabs or Raw Granite blocks, qty is 3000 sqm slabs or 150m3 blocks, expecting delivery within 4 weeks from Europe. Mar 15 Contact 

e 17020 Malaysia : I have a friend looking for marble tile from Malaysia to be marketed at Dubai (UAE). I have no idea on what type, quality and cost. I am in Kuala Lumpur . I need some guideline in your pricing, so just consider its a bulk purchasing. I need some brochures and pamphlets to be sent to me. Mar 4. Contact   

e 16614 Malaysia : Looking for extreme fine grain white marble powder and extreme fine grain white lime powder. Kindly quote us your price fob or cnf KK. my H/P No. 019-85.....color pure white, qty. depending very much on whether your sample is suitable for our kind of production. Remember we need very fine white marble powder and very fine white lime powder. Jan 25, Contact   

e 16297 Malaysia : We are a reputable distributor of building materials company. We are currently looking for 100 (one hundred) containers of yellow pebbles (size: 5mm) for a huge project. Kindly quote us the best price asap. Our tel. no. is 607-35.....Jan 7, Contact

e 16289 Malaysia : We are an Importer of Granite tiles based in Malaysia . We need 5000 sq. ft. polished Black Galaxy granite, size: 600 x 600 x 20 mm tile. Please quote CNF Port Klang Malaysia . Payment: Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight. Quality/ Loading inspection done at loading site by our agents. Our tel. no. is 603 920...... Jan 6, Contact  

Year 2004

e 16225 Malaysia : Kindly quote us the supply of French & Spanish Limestone as below:
1) 1400mm x 575mm x 30mm (T) French Limestone C&F Port Klang Malaysia for 11,500m2
2) 1400mm x 575mm x 30mm(T) Spanish Limestone C&F Port Klang Malaysia for 650m2
We require the above for a project in Kuala Lumpur early March 2005. Dec 30, Contact

e 16193 Malaysia : Machinery: We are one of the leading producer of Ground Calcium Carbonate and Lime in Malaysia . We are planning to install a Limestone grinding plant (Expansion) with a capacity of 5000 MT / day. The fineness range required is from 700 Micron to 1000 Microns. We are looking for a supplier to Design, Manufacture and supply the plant in totality. My mobile no. is 0060-12-46.....Dec 28, Contact

e 15977 Malaysia: We are wholesale for building materials and are interested to import Palimanan rock face yellow and green colour and Pebble AMP 0.5, 0.8 and 10mm. Kindly forward your pricelist for our consideration. Dec 9, Contact   

e 15712 Malaysia : We are interested to import granite (to be used in building construction) for our local & oversea market. Please provide us more information about your products. Nov 20, Contact 

e 15328 Malaysia : Please quote best price Ex- Kuala Lumpur for 01. 33.2 M3 - Pebbles , Mesh Size ; 2.4 MM - 4.8 MM. Fax no. 609-85.....
Oct 25, Contact

e 15241 Malaysia : Currently we looking for Saigon Yellow Granite. If you have stock for 454m2  

e 15166 Malaysia : Stone Processing Machine: I wish to upgrade and expand my existing factory. The machineries I am looking for are:
2 bridge cutters
1 edge profiling machine
1 hand manual polishing machine
Please quote best CIF Port Klang and to provide machine technical specifications. My tel: 00-603-625.....Oct 13, Contact  

e 15081 Malaysia : Would appreciate if you could provide us the price range of marble. We would like to use it for our homes. Oct 7, Contact   

e 15005 Malaysia : Please quote us your best prices for "Ruweidiah Pink" Granite on CNF Port Klang. Also advise the time of delivery and forward the actual photograph. Oct 1, Contact   

e 14971 Malaysia : We are looking for 25mm thick Desert Pink, Size: 600mm x 600mm. Quantity Approx: 500m2. Could you please reply us as soon as possible and attached the photograph. Sept 29, Contact  

e 14865 Malaysia : Looking for a local seller of marble and granite from Philippines . Sept 22, Contact 

e 14501 Malaysia : I am interested to buy some diamond powders from this manufacturer. Aug 30, Contact 


e 14135 Malaysia : Looking for engraving - etching machine. Please send the machine specification and catalogue to our company. Aug 11, Contact   

e 14066 Malaysia : We are interested to order Natural Shape Salt Lamp. Please give prices of each KG of 
Natural Shape Salt Lamp. Aug 7, Contact  

e 13768 Malaysia : Looking for exporters or quarries owners of Omani ROYAL BEIGE colour and any other beige marble. We are very interested to import this for our projects. Sizes needed are 300 x 300mm & 600 x 600mm. Oor fax. no. is 00 603 404.....July 23, Contact

e 13600 Malaysia : Landscape: Please quote for pebbles. July 15, Contact

e 13508 Malaysia : We are a housing developer in Kuala Lumpur and are very keen to find out more about Lubna Grey Beige Marble for our condominium flooring. We would be pleased if you could give us a complete quotation to supply to Malaysia (include all transportation and custom duty) for 300mm x 600mm x 20mm thick marble slabs (Honed) for a total estimated area of 12000 sqm. 
Please advise us based on 1st grade quality and pre-selected slabs to ensure uniform tonality and characteristics. If possible, we may want to visit the quarry of which our marble would be obtained from. 
Tel : 03-216.....July 9, Contact 

e 13352 Malaysia : We want Unexpanded Perlite Ore (Slag Coagulant in foundry use) monthly two 20 feet
Containers per month. Packing: 50 kg. small bags well stitched. 
2. Si:70-72%, Ca:1-1.5%, Al:1-1.5%, Ba:1.5-2%. Size:1-3mm and 3-6mm.
3. Si:70-72%, Ca:1-1.5%, Al:1-1.5%, Ba:2.5-3%. Size:1-3mm and 3-6mm.
4. Si:44-47%, Ca:1.5-3%, Re:1-2%, Mg:6-7%, Al:1% maximum. Size:5-15mm. June 29, Contact

e 13258 Malaysia : We are one of the leading marble and granite contractor (installer) and seller in Malaysia . We also export and import granite & marble. Currently we have a project which uses 4000 sqm white granite. Product Specification: Polishes, unpolished, 1.2m x 2.4m x 30mm thick and 1.8m x 0.6m x 30mm thick. Telephone no. is 603 49.....June 23, Contact  

e 13086 Malaysia : Landscape: WE NEED COBBLE STONE PRICING AND PACKING DETAILS. SIZE: 100 X 100 X 50MM. ITEM NO: 654 = 60,000 PCS & 603= 60,000 PCS. PLEASE QUOTE WITH DETAILS. OUR PHONE NO. IS 006-012-31.....June 14, Contact  

e 12717 Malaysia : We are a prestigious importer of building materials in Malaysia . We are currently sourcing for rumble stones/ tumble stones/ java stones. Kindly quote. Our tel. no. is 607-35.....May 19, Contact USD 20

e 11800 Malaysia : We are interested in Royal Botticino (polished) with the following size 600mm x 600mm x 20mm. Area required is about 1000sqft. Pls give us your best price quote soonest possible.
We also need to know the following information:-
1. Delivery timing (lead time)
2. Inspection - it would be easier if you have a rep office in Singapore .
3. Terms of payment
4. Sample required immediately. Contact No: 60122......Mar 18, Contact  

e 11688 Malaysia : We are landscape company. We have a project which needs sandstone flower pots. Please send your company catalog and price list. Our tel. no. is 607-75.....Mar 11, Contact

e 11546 Malaysia : We are the leading importer of marble. We have an enquiry for ivory cream marble, 3-5 tons per block (baby blocks). This is a long term business where we will purchase regularly. Kindly quote us your best price CNF Port Klang, Malaysia . In addition, kindly advise stock availability, photo and latest delivery schedule. Out tel. no. is 603-216.....Mar 4, Contact

e 11478 Malaysia : Please email prices of Vietnam yellow granite slabs of thickness 20mm and 25mm or gangsaw blocks CNF Port Klang or FOB Vietnam . Mar 1, Contact  

e 11345 Malaysia : We need laterite cut stone. Please quote with availability. Feb 24, Contact

e 11266 Malaysia : Landscape: We are a construction company. We have tender a job that required cobble stone (Palo Stone) walkway. Looking for a supplier in Malaysia . Our contact no. is + 603 - 620.....Feb 20, Contact  

e 11205 Malaysia : Please quote for Vietnam Yellow Granite or Marmosa yellow random slab size available. Kindly quote FOB or CNF Port Klang thickness of granite polish and 20mm thick. Feb 18, Contact

e 11202 Malaysia : Please quote for granite and ceramic tiles. Feb 18, Contact  

e 11070 Malaysia : Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in the 966C. Can you quote CIF Port Kelang ( Malaysia )? My phone no. is +6012-52.....Feb 10, Contact

e 10885 Malaysia : Artifacts: I would like information on Salt Lamps. Jan 31, Closed  

IT: e 10672 Malaysia : We are looking for Italian marble Botticino (imperial/nuova) (polished). Size: 36" x 24" x20mm. Qty. 1500 sq ft. Would prefer direct manufacturer from Italy with rep office in Singapore . We
will arrange for inspection in Singapore . Pls quote ex-Singapore warehouse. Contact No: +601261.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100

CN: e 10594 Malaysia : Interested in Chinese granite Emerald Blue. Please quote with images. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

Year 2003

e 9890 Malaysia : Please quote for Amanjimo and Cream stone. Nov 30, Contact

ES: e 9735 Malaysia : Please quote for Crema Marfil gansaw block & block cutter block. Our tel. no. is 605-35.....Nov 20, Contact

e 9634 Malaysia : We are project management consultant firm. Please quote in sqm for PG Red Granite. MARBLE: Imperial Botticino (Indonesia), Imperial Cream (Iran), Botticino Fiorito (Italy), Rosso Alicante (Spain), Dark Emperador (Spain), Carrara (Italy), Arabescato (Italy), Indian Green (India), Italy Marble Equivalent to Indian Green and SANDSTONE: Palimanan (split surface), Size : 300 X 300 X 12 to 18mm thick. Nov 14, Contact  

IT: e 9476 Malaysia : We want 1500 sq ft of Italian marble tile imperial botticino or nuova botticino. Please quote FOB basis. Nov 3, Contact 

VN: e 9394 Singapore : We are a company dealing in Italian Marble. We sell our products mainly blocks and slabs to India , Malaysia and Indonesia . We understand that you have very nice White Marble which is similar to the Thassos White from Italy . We would like to have exclusivity for this material for our customers. If you are agreeable to giving us exclusive, then we can come down immediately to Vietnam to discuss on the exclusivity. If you have a photo of your White Marble, could you please send it to us. Oct 28, Contact  

IT: e 9301 Malaysia: We require Perlato Sicilia (300mm x 300 mm x 10 mm) - 200 sqm and Perlato sicilia (random slab x 20mm) - 250 sqm. Delivery CNF to Port Klang. We need this material urgently. Our tel. no. is (60) 3 - 798.....Oct 21, Contact, USD 50 (open)

e 9288 Malaysia: We are interested in buying small qty of red ruby granite tiles (2' x 3' x 20mm: abt 1600 pcs). Please quote FOB / CIF port Klang. Oct 20, Contact, USD 40 (open)

MY: e 8954 : I want Blue Impala granite. Please quote for slabs and tiles. Sept 20, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 8897 Malaysia: I want Dakota Mahagony granite 25mm thick polished random slabs for a project in Malaysia. Please quote me either FOB or CIF Port Klang price. Quantity is 2,000 m2. My tel. no. is 603 588.....Sept 15, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8863 Malaysia: We want rough marble blocks of Oman origin. Our contact no. is +60 3 214.....
Sept 12, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8658 Australia: I want Crystal White @ $40 m2 AUD. Initially I want is 50m2. This quality is 1st Grade with very little colour variation. I am interested in these tiles to buy in Australia. See Pricelist 1069. Please contact me on the numbers 0408 3......Aug 27, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8060 Malaysia: Please quote for Volakas Marble Block with gray veins. We are in the midst of tendering for a project. Quantity reqd. is 300~500 M3. 
Kindly provide us with your: -
(a) Most competitive price based on CNF China, Shanghai Port.
(b) Lead time for delivery of the stone upon confirmation of order.
(c) Please send to us of E-photo as we need to present them to the client. 
Our tel. no. is +603-61.....July 21, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8026 Nigeria: We are construction company and we need supply of marble and granites from Malaysia, Turkey and Spain. Duration of our project is October 2004. Supply expected to start from 15th August. We are in Lagos. July 18, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7651 Malaysia: We seek to purchase: 
63 Sq. M of 600x600x20mm (175pcs) Botticino Classico Polished Tiles
14.4 Sq. M 600x300x20mm (80pcs) Botticiono Classico Polished Tiles
14.4 Sq. M 600x300x20mm (80 pcs) Dark Emprador Polished Tiles
92pcs 600x100x20mm Botticino Classico Skirting 1/2 Round Edge
Please quote CIF to Pasir Gudang Port, Malaysia. Tel. no.: 60 7 33.....June 23, Contact USD 50 

e 7646 Malaysia: I am interested in granites and stones. Looking for a supplier in Selangor, Malaysia who can offer a good bargain. My contact no. is 01262.....June 23, Contact USD 20

e 7613 Malaysia: I want Yellow Juparana - QTY 6,000 sqm, Indian Dakota - QTY 10,000 sqm and Royal Mahogany - QTY 10,000 sqm. I need sample and price for the above list ASAP. I am concerned about quality and price. I need a very good price and sample (200mmx200mmx20mm). My contact no. is 016-3.....June 20, Contact USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7542 Malaysia: Please quote with details for ceramic and homogeneous tiles. The sizes are for Floor Tiles  20x20cm, 30x30 cm and 45x45cm and Wall Tiles 20x25cm, 20x30cm and 25x33cm. Our contact no. is
60-06-33.....June 16, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7450 India: Service: I want to get the Moh's hardness test done for my company's product - Synthetic Emery. The laboratory should be in Singapore or Malaysia. My contact no. is +91-228-27.......June 8, Contact USD 20 

e 7358 Malaysia: Landscape: Need quotation for slates, polished stone, polished pebbles and garden accessories. June 3, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6998 Malaysia: Landscape: We are the importer & exporter for decorative furnishing product. We are sourcing for 300 tons of black chipps of 10mm size. Kindly quote. We are buying from Philippines at USD 45 per metric ton. May 2, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 6838 Malaysia: We want a constant supply of LIMESTONE, exporting from Malaysia to Bangladesh. Our contact no. is (03)-402 .....April 22, Contact USD 50 (open)

IR: e 6709 Malaysia: I want 1st quality Godarsiyah green (click here to see image) from Iran. Size range at least 24" x 24". Please quote with availability. Thickness tolerance 15 to 20 mm. Quantity estimate 130 sq ft. Payments Term: TT or LC. Inspection will be handled by SGS. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Would appreciate a photo of the larger slab of the stone. Hand Phone: 6019 66... April 13, Contact USD 50

TR: e 6316 Malaysia: We want Andesite slabs. Please quote with more info. and samples. See stock list 322. March 5, Contact USD 20 (open)

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