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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from New Zealand. 

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Year 2006

e 20780 New Zealand : We are a company in New Zealand and we would like to import container load of 3cm granite slabs from Norway and Brazil . Please send us your most competitive product and pricelist per square meter. Also include slab dimensions. We are interested in importing a 20Ton container load of 3cm thick Brazillian and Norwegian granite slabs. The granite from Norway that we are interested are Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl and more. The brazillian colours that we are interested in are Biancco Paris, Bianco Romano, Bianco Sardo, Californian Brown, green marinache, giallo santa Helena and other popular colors. Phone: (649) 52.....June 8 Contact

Year 2005

e 18468 New Zealand : I am interested to find out prices, etc. for Black galaxy and absolute black granite. Sept 21 Contact

e 18427 New Zealand : EARTHMOVING MACHINERY: Please send detailed report on 627B Motor Scraper including Engines and Transmission condition, Tyres, Component Hours and any further relevant information. Phone 03 30.....Sept 13 Contact  

e 18237 New Zealand : We are looking for a simple straight cut machine which can cut up to 40mm thick slab and also this machine should be able to do mitre cut 45 degree angle. Our slab size maximum are 2m x 3m. Mob: 021 6.....Aug 1 Contact

e 17659 New Zealand : I was looking at slab rates in 30mm in Rustenburg Grey and Stargate. Can you please forward your extensive price list for all 30mm granite and marble, we purchase by the container load. Tel. no. is 03 35.....May 11 Contact   

e 17132 New Zealand : We require Basalt tiles of following sizes.
1) 1000mm x 500mm x 40mm - 500 Sq.Mtr
2) 600mm x 300mm x 10mm - 500 Sq.Mtr
3) 950mm x 450mm x 20mm - 250 Sq.Mtr
The above are the immediate requirements and later we also require the following:
1) 300mm x 300mm x 20mm
2) 300mm x 300mm x 50mm
Also Basalt Cubes of sizes ,
1)100mm x 100mm x 100mm
2)200mm x 200mm x 100mm
3)100mm x 100mm x 50mm
4)250mm x 180mm x 100mm
5)230mm x 130mm x 130mm. Phone no. is Ph:+64-9-47.....Mar 16 Contact

Year 2004

e 14939 New Zealand : I am a wholesaler from New Zealand , importing the Granite Random Slabs from India . I would like to have info and latest prices on Granite slabs and tiles from Brazil , Italy , South Africa and Norway . My tel. no. is 0064927.....Sept 27, Contact

e 14633 New Zealand : I import stone and tile into NZ. I am looking for a supplier in China (preferably southern) who can supply Black Porphyry Granite Paving Cubes 100x100x75. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14605 New Zealand : Please provide price and other details for travertine beige filled. Sept 5, Contac

e 14448 New Zealand : We are interested in importing Jurra Limestone, this limestone must be very hard and durable. If you have any samples or a price list, it would be appreciated. Aug 26, Contact

e 14220 New Zealand : We are a stonemasons company in New Zealand , and we are interesting in importing Jurra Limestone. This Jurra Limestone must be durable and hardwearing. We are interested in prices, and colours, and availability. Aug 14, Contact

e 14043 New Zealand : I am interested in importing some of your Indian Sandstone to Auckland . Can you give me an idea of price per square metre for a full container? Aug 6, Contact  

e 13364 New Zealand : I need Ceasar stone for a project. Looking for a supplier in New Zealand or an alternative product? My tel. no. is 06 84..... June 30, Contact  

e 12716 New Zealand : We are very interested in importing Jura Limestone into New Zealand . Our tel. no. is  00640953....May 19, Contact USD 50  

e 11887 New Zealand : We are wondering about importing granite kerbstone, wall granite and cobble stones to New Zealand . Please quote. My phone number is 02103.....Mar 25, Contact 

e 11543 New Zealand : Landscape: We are seeking 150mmx150mmx50mm cobble stone (granite). Could you please inform us about availability and the price. We also would like to know your best export prices for the standard size cobble Stone (FOB Mersin ). Mar 4, Contact

e 11297 New Zealand : Quarry Machinery: Please quote with images for stone breaker, 2 unit Furukawa stone hyd. Breaker 1996. Feb 22, Contact  

IR: e 11182 New Zealand : We are interested to purchase the following products from Iran . Please quote us your best FOB as well as C+F Auckland price and delivery time ASAP. 
1- Light beige Travertine Hajiabad Tiles Size 45.7 X 45.7 X 1.2 Cm, 250 Sqm, Honed/ Filled/ Bevelled edge/ Cross Cut.
2- Arashkoh white Travertine Tiles size 60 x 60 x 1.8 cm, 200 Sqm, Tiles should be, Honed/ Unfilled/ Bevelled edge/ Cross Cut. 
3- White Onyx, WXQ Tiles size 60x60x2 Cm, Tiles Should be polished, Qty 120 sqm 
4- Marble Leopard Tiles size 60X60X2, Tiles should be polished, Qty 120Sqm. Our tel. no. is +64 9 27.....
Feb 17, Contact  

e 9385 New Zealand: We are a granite benchtop company in New Zealand. I want to add new colours to our range and have chosen Tropic Brown as one of the new colours. I do not want to order a full container of this one colour and would like to know if it is possible to order a quantity as follows and have it shipped to us as a bulk shipment. 
Please quote on the following Top Surface Polish on all; 
15 pieces of 650x1300x15mm - Front Edge polish (1300mm)
5 pieces of 650x1300x15mm - Front Edge polish (1300mm) + Right Hand Side polish
5 pieces of 650x1300x15mm - Front Edge Polish + Left Hand Polish
5 pieces of 700x1300x15mm - Front Edge Polish 
15 pieces of 900x1300x15mm - Three sides polish - 2 x 1300 + 1 x 900
2 pieces of 1200x1300x15mm - Front Edge Polish 
17 pieces of 650x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish (2500mm)
4 pieces of 650x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish + Right Hand Polish
4 pieces of 650x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish + Left Hand Polish
5 pieces of 700x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish
15 pieces of 900x2500x20mm - Three Sides Polish - 2 x 2500 + 1 x 900
3 pieces of 1200x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish 
Shipment would be sent to Auckland New Zealand Port. Oct 28, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8797 USA: I am searching for rough slate slabs, (Charcoal color). Dimension from 18" x 32" to 24" x 48" with a 5/8" to 1" thickness. I would like to locate at least 3 identical slabs, but would consider larger quantities if prices are competitive. May also consider other material of similar color Marble, granite, etc. (Unpolished). I would appreciate a price listing and product description. I represent a construction firm. 
Sept 6, Contact, USD 20 (open)

ALL: e 8279 New Zealand: Want to find information about black galaxy granite for 1 ton any other figures that may be of interest 15mm thick and sizes 2400mm x 630mm or 900mm wide. We are also looking for granite monuments and tiles sizes and colours any info will be much appreciated. Aug 2, Contact USD 20 (Open)

e 7734 New Zealand: Please quote with slabs sizes for CAPRI YELLOW, SANTA CECELIA & UBATUBA
I am interested in a container full. I would also like to view some photos of the granite. Could you include a mid-range Black granite to view. June 29, Contact USD 100

NZ: e 7622 New Zealand: I want limestone from New Zealand. Please send more info. June 21, Contact 
USD 20

DE: e 7573 New Zealand: I would like a price for Jura Beige & Jura Grey limestone tiles. June 18, Contact USD 50

e 6746 New Zealand: We are a stone trading company. We want Beige Fantasy Limestone, Blue fantasy and fossil stone. We also require a good supplier for x-cut travertine tiles. Stones are used for interior and exterior flooring applications, and especially exterior pool surrounds and copings. We intend on stocking these products within half a year to a year, and in brief we are predominantly and importer of Natural stone into New Zealand, with an emphasis on Sandstone and Honed products. Please price FOB, and we will arrange freight to New Zealand. Stones are listed on www.findstone.com/matph.htm, as Spanish Limestone. Contact no. 0064 21 6......April 16, Contact USD 50 (open)

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