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January 2007




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Oman. 

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Year 2007

e 21981 UAE: We are looking for regular suppliers of LIME STONE, preferably from MUSCAT or MID EAST COUNTRIES. Jan 2 Contact

Year 2006

e 21558 Oman : I am looking for a waterjet machine, send some pictures as well. Tel: (968) 247.....Oct 12 Contact

e 21529 Oman : Please send us samples or pictures of the marble and granite blocks from Benin . We can only quantify and qualify on that basis we have 24 gang saws and if successful and commercially viable we could incorporate it into our programme. Oct 7 Contact  

e 21317 Oman : We are a leading Construction Company based at Muscat , Oman . We are looking for 100 sq. mts. of 20 mm thick "Blue Macumba" Marble or Azul (Greyish Marble Slabs - Country of origin " Brazil " for our ongoing project at Muscat . Material is required by us in three to four weeks time. We are looking for suppliers who have this material in stock and we also attach the photographs indicating Marble shades that we are looking for to enbale the supplier to narrow down on the product shade needs. Supplier should also e-mail photographs of the material available with them for our preliminary check. Tel: 00 968 245......Sept 3 Contact

e 21056 Oman . I am building a villa (2.5 floors) about 8.5 meters tall and total outside surface area about 800 sq. meters. I want to use Sandstone Cladding on the outside, preferably 60cm X 30cm but the thin ones (about 15mm thick) and rough cut (perhaps what some call the natural cleft type both surfaces).
My questions to you are:
1) Can I get that installed with just mortar of cement, sand & glue etc. and avoid the expenses of nails, dowelling or mechanical anchoring?
2) If not, will just a nail under every few of the tiles/slabs suffice or not adequate?
3) If mortar only is used, what is the life span before they start to dropping off, if ever?
4) Would using a smaller size slabs be better and safer?
5) If so, what size tiles/slabs would you advise to avoid mechanical fixing? (skilled labour is relaatively costly here in Oman )
6) Can you supply me that quantity in Muscat and how fast can it be delivered?
7) What would be the cost for 600sq m. or 800 sq m. delivered in Muscat , Oman ?
Tel: +968-992.....July 16 Contact

e 16244 Oman : We have a regular requirement of V 170 Synthetic Abrasives for polishing of Quartz Based Agglommorted Tiles and Slabs. Please send us more details about your products and pricing. Phone:00968......Jan 2, Contact

OM: e 10223 India: We are developers from Bangalore and we are looking for 25000 sqm of Omani Marble, Royal Cream, random slab, for flooring. Our phone no are (Office) +918029...... We have collected quotes from India and will be finalizing the rates by month end. We want to know the credibility of supplier whether he can supply the required material as per my delivery schedule, the mines from which he is getting the stone and quality of his material. Dec 25, Contact

e 10107 China: We are a stone manufacture and trading company. We want to buy Omani Marble Blocks. Provide us with images, price of different varieties available. We are going to buy large amount of MARBLE blocks but the categories are still pending, our staff will go to Oman to inspect quality. We would like photos and detailed information (such as category, colour, price) of ALL Omani marble blocks. Our tel. no. is +86-592-51.....Dec 16, Contact

e 10086 Saudi Arabia: Please quote C&F Jeddah for Omani marble Royal Beige and Opal Pink Light. These should be clean, pure and of uniform colour, size 60x60x2 cm. Qty. is 300 sqm required by us for private household purposes. The marble should be spot-proof of the kind that does not absorb liquids or get affected by coloured liquids. Our tel no. is (00966-2)64.....Dec 15, Contact

e 10061 Saudi Arabia: I am in need for cremo light omani marble, 30 x 60 x 2 cm. I need 500 sqm. Dec 13, Contact

e 10010 Singapore: Please quote for desert rose polished marble size 600 x 300 x 15 or 20mm. Qty: 5880 sqm. Please advise delivery. Dec 9, Contact

e 10004 USA: Please quote for 2 cm crema marfil commerial grade, one surface polished. Sizes are 72" X 20" three edges polished, 60" X 12" One long edge polished, 44" X 6.5" One long edge polished, 36" X 8" One long edge polished. Please give me the container price by pieces and block price from Spain. Dec 9, Contact

e 9438 India: We have a large requirement for marble and marble from Oman is one of our strong considerations. We have seen the colors on offer at www.findstone.com and would like to get a quote for 50000 sq ft CNF New Delhi and  FOB Oman (Nearest port). 
The colors that we are interested in are - Royal Beige and Opal Pink Light. Also quote for granite colours from Brazil - Rosa Tigrado, Diadema White, Juprana Sunset2, Blue Pegaso, Juprana Sunset, Blue Star Trek, Cravo da India, Yellow sun. Please send me a quotation for 50000 sq ft for the above mentioned colours CNF New Delhi and FOB Brazil. Please also send me information about the specification that you have to offer. Also do you export this material in the form of slabs or blocks or both. Our phone no. is +91 11 264..... Oct 31, Contact USD 100 (open)

OM: e 9305 Singapore: Please quote for Beige Orient (Lubna) size 600x300x20mm. Qty: 2000 sqm. Also need Desert Rose (normal), size: 600 x 300 x 20mm thk. Qty: 1800m2. Oct 21, Contact, USD 100 (open)

OM: e 9279 India: I want Omani marble for flooring. Looking for suppliers in Delhi. Also mention pros and cons of this material. Oct 19, Contact, USD 20 (open)

OM: e 9224 Singapore: Please quote us your best price for Beige Orient (Lubna). Size: 600 x 300 x 20mm thk. Qty : 1800 m2. Oct 14, Contact USD 20 (open) 


IT/ES/OM: e 9178 India: We need Italian Statuario 5000 sq. ft, Crema Royal 8000 sq. ft, Emperado Brown 15000 sq. ft and Perlato Royal 6000 sq. ft. Omani stones of this variants will do in some places. We are also interested in directly importing Italian marbles. We are one of the leading construction house in Bangalore. We require 1lakhs sqft of Italian Marble per annum. Oct 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

OM: e 9103 India: We want white Omani marble in random slab sizes, we have monthly requirements, at present we can buy 1500 to 2000 M2. My phone no. 91-11-310.....Oct 6, Contact USD 100 (open)

OM: e 8952 India: We require 500000 sq ft of Omani marbles on a regular supply basis in Bangalore. This requirement will go up to another 500000 sq ft during the following year. Supply required from March 2004 to October 2004. Please let us know your most competitive rates/samples as well as landed cost of imported marble FOR Bangalore. Our tel. no. is 91-80-55.....Sept 20, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8863 Malaysia: We want rough marble blocks of Oman origin. Our contact no. is +60 3 214.....
Sept 12, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8706 Singapore: I want Desert Rose polished marble 1 container of 300x600mm (Dry laying selection) type. My mobile no. is 65 945.....I am going to Oman on the 18 Sept for inspection. See pricelist 1167. Aug 30, Contact USA 100 (open)

e 8494 Singapore: I am a local distributor for tiles based in Singapore. I would like to purchase some Oman marbles. Aug 13, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 8172 Qatar: Please quote with images for Beige Royal marble. Further give us the Certificate of Chemical & Physical Property of the marble for us to study. July 27, Contact USD 100

OM: e 8006 Qatar: Kindly provide us your best price of 60x60x2cm thk. Royal Beige marble C&F and delivery time to Doha. Quantity is approx. 1500m2. July 16, Contact USD 200 (open)

OM: e 7873 India: I am representative of a five star hotel. We are coming up with a project in Gujarat, India. Our requirement for 100000 square feet of which we require:
40000 sq feet of Crema flour (16" x 16")
20000 sq feet of Omani Pink
40000 sq feet of Omani white
This above will be imported under EPCG. I will require costing on CIF till Bombay Port. This require is for our Ahmedabad Project. My tele no. 022-228.....July 10, Contact USD 100 (open)

OM: e 7860 Singapore: We are interested in Desert Rose marble. We would appreciate an image and sample. Our tel. no. is +65 - 6291.....July 9, Contact USD 50 (open)

OM: e 7218 Nepal: We import slabs from different countries especially India and Italy for the past 20 years. We import different blocks of marble from India as well as Italy and then cut it into slabs which are then traded in Nepal. We have even undertaken many projects in Nepal. 
Now to offer more competitive price to our customers we are looking forward to import marble blocks as well as marble slabs from Oman. We require beige colored blocks such as MONTE CARLO and other such blocks. Please send us the price for different kind of blocks as well as their samples with their dimension and weight mention. May 21, Contact USD 200

OM: e 6938 India: I want Omani Marble. The quantity required is 60000 Sq Ft. This is required for our 5 Star Hotel in New Delhi. Please quote CIF Delhi with samples. Our contact no. is +91 11 233.....April 28, Contact USD 200

OM: e 6545 USA: I need good quality Omani marble slabs and tiles of all sizes. My expected purchase price is US$ 2 range for a container load, 12x12x3/8. I will purchase one sample container to check quality. My contact no. is (408) 45.......March 27, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 6544 Oman: I want pricing and info on tiles & Full Vitrified tiles. I would like to act as an agent. 
March 27, Contact USD 50

e 6509: Please give FOB Oman prices for 8500 SQM of Omani marble called Majan, the size is 60x60x2 and the delivery starts within 75 days. March 25, Contact USD 40 (open)

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

OM: e 2345 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Royal Beige & Opal Pink Light from Oman. Jan 21. Contact 

OM: e 2329 USA: Please quote for Royal Beige from Oman. I want 10,000 sq.ft. Jan 17. Contact. See offers

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