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Onyx Blocks Inquiries September 2006
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e 13209: Our representative company is interested in contacting Onyx Quarry owners to import the raw blocks in commercial quantities. June 20, Contact

e 12365 Hong Kong: Looking for onyx block as in attached picture (image 1, image 2). My tel. no. is (852) 269.....Apr 25, Contact

IR: e 9902 Pakistan: Please quote for Azarshahr Green, Sirdjan Green and Naghadeh Green Onyx blocks/slabs. My tel. no. is 0092-21-45.....Dec 1, Contact

IR: e 9626 UK: Please quote for Yellow Onyx. We are looking for 2 quarry blocks of the following size: Height: 500mm x Width: 600mm x Depth: 400mm. Nov 13, Contact

PK: e 7750 China: We are a leading marble mosaic factory in China. We want Green Onyx Blocks. Please quote for sizes of Blocks or scrap tiles of 10mm thick, quantity 1 x 20' container. June 30, Contact


e 7150 Russia: We would like to contact a supplier of Turkish onyx. We interesting in big quantities (Green onyx, Crystal onyx etc) We 'd like to get images as well as a prices for product with delivery CIF Saint Peterburg. We need some photos for green and white onyx as well as we need some more info about delivery condition. We are interesting in Green Onyx in slabs, blocks, etc. We need that because we already working with Iran, Vietnam and other countries, they supply onyx to our company. We need better price if You can give it. Do you delivery to Odessa port or delivery by tracks? May 14, Contact

e 6448 Italy: We want Seben light and Seben Yellow Onyx blocks from Turkey. Our fax no. is +39 0573 5....See pricelist # 936 as reference. March 19, Contact

PK: e 6425 China: Blocks: We want Pakistani Onyx blocks. March 17, Contact,

TR/IR/PK: e 5835 USA: Blocks: We want onyx blocks in the brown, gold, and tan color ranges, large being 10 tons or more. We would ship to Syria, where we fabricate. We are based in Texas. Feb 3, Contact  

PK: e 5593 China: We mainly import marbles and deal in decorations. We need GREEN ONYX. Please send digital photos with specifications. If the price and quality is right we will place an order in two months. 
We want slabs or blocks optional. Slabs to be 1.5 M in length and 2 M in height at least. Little scratch  acceptable, certainly no scratch preferable. The quality be of first grade. Slabs be 2cm in thickness, 1mm tolerance in thickness acceptable. Flatness tolerance is max 1mm. Quantity will be two 20ft containers, around 720sqm. We will not pay courier charges for samples. Our contact no. is + 86-760-73.....Jan 19, Contact

ALL: e 5582 Israel: Blocks: We want rough natural stone blocks and Onyx products. We are currently procuring material from South Africa, Brazil and Turkey. We are looking for is direct source, so that we can fulfill demand for resale. Jan 18, Contact 

IR/PK/TR: e 5557 Italy: We want Onyx blocks. Please quote. Jan 16, Contact

PK/IR: e 5540 China: Blocks: We want to import Green Onyx blocks. Minimum qty. is 1 container as trial and may increase to 10 containers a month if satisfied. Minimum sizes 1.5m X 1.2m X 0.3m and prefer as big as possible. Delivery to Hong Kong. We need the material for trading and self use. Purchase date anytime because we need the materials urgently. Please quote CNF price Hong Kong. We want the material to have no veins or very few vein, no cracks possibly. Our price range is USD 300 to 650 depending on quality. Payment by L/C at sight. Inspection will be done by us. No sample needed and we will not pay for it. Remember pictures of existing green onyx stock is required.  Jan 15, Contact

e 5397 USA: Blocks: I need 3 blocks of Black Onyx size 4' x 4' x 1' thick. Jan 5, Contact

TR: e 4848 India: We are a company engaged in mining of Granite and Marble in India. We are one of the biggest producers of Galaxy Black and Absolute Black. We want blocks of Red Fire, Black Marquina, Pistello & Onyx. Please quote F.O.B. per ton and send photographs of the products. I am planning a visit to your country in the first week of December. Nov 17, Contac

PK: e 4295 China: Blocks: We want marble and onyx blocks from Pakistan. Sept 28, Contact

PK: e 3950 China: Blocks: We are looking for supplier/quarry owners of Green Onyx blocks. We are processors. Qty. reqd. is 100 tons/month. Price between USD 150 to 350 per ton, CNF Huangpu. Our contact no: 86-20-87........We would like to import directly from Pakistan. Image is available in your stone album
We are planning to go to Pakistan in Nov this year.If you have blocks in stock that time,please let us know. Aug 26, Contact

PK: e 3806 China: Blocks: I want LIGHT GREEN ONYX, ROYAL ONYX, YELLOW ONYX, SIENNA, BLACK AND GOLD. I am looking to buy from quarries, please quote FOB PAKISTAN PORT for rough blocks. I wall be visiting Pakistan next month. Aug 14, Contact See Offers

IR: e 3432 Italy: Blocks: I want Orange Onyx blocks FOB Bandar Abbas, Iran. We do not trade in slabs and tiles. July 13, Contact  

IN/AR/IT: e 3351 India: We have two offices in USA, two offices in Europe and six offices in China. We are importers and distributors. We have an enquiry of Pink Onyx from Beijing office. I will not be able to tell you what quantity, and what size at this point of time. We prefer to buy it locally if you have local distributors otherwise import the same. Kindly let us have your Prices which would help us to further proceed on the requirement.
I am also interested in Exstra from Argentina, Breccia Aurora from Italy, Forest brown/green/yellow marbles, Teak and Rainbow sand stones from India. Meanwhile can we have your prices unpolished 2 cm slabs and rough blocks for the above materials? July 7, Contact See Offers  

IN/ZA/IR/PK: e 2960 Hong Kong: We want: Imperial Red blocks from India, South Africa Red blocks &  Onyx. Size: 1.85m x 0.65m. Quantity: 40~50 CBM (monthly). Port of Destination: Hong Kong. Please mention location of origin, delivery period and payment terms. May 11. Contact, See Offers 

PK/IR: e 2886 Pakistan: I need green onyx in m3/tons blocks (fob) Pakistan. May 2. Contact, See Offers  

PK / TR / IR: e 2861 USA: We are a stone dealer with interest in onyx random slabs and tiles. April 29. Contact

PK: e 2366 Turkey: Please quote for dark green onyx - polished slabs - 30 x 30 x 2 cm, qty. 300m2 and 40 x 150 x 3 cm slabs, qty  100 pieces and 15 x 150 x 2 cm, qty 100 pieces . Jan 23. Contact 

PK: e 2346 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Green Onyx from Pakistan. Jan 21. Contact 

PK: e 2344 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Brown Onyx from Pakistan. Jan 21. Contact