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This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for Argentinean stone  

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Year 2006

e 20695 USA : Looking for marble slabs Argentina & Jerusalem Limestone. May 29 Contact

e 20661 USA : retail: Looking to buy Cielo Azule slab from Argentina .  May 24 Contact  

e 19604 USA : I would like to get information about Argentine Dolomite Marble, Heliodoro and France De Bourgogne.  Please mention cost and availability. Tel: 415 81.....Jan 30 Contact

e 19354 Sri Lanka : We are a company specialized in importing marble to the local market, from various parts of the world. We have an initial inquiry for 65m2 of Azul Ceilo Marble from Argentina . Tele: +941125.....Jan 2 Contact

Year 2005  

e 18925 Croatia : Monuments: We are looking for stone manufacturers in China , Argentina and Brazil with up-to-date cutting and polishing machinery to order granite grave sets and tombstones manufactured on automatic machines only. Manual cutting and polishing is not accepted. We buy 2x20 containers monthly. Nov 18 Contact

e 18648 USA: I am looking for a good price on 12" x 12" x 1/8" Brazilian or Argentine marble tiles for new construction sites in the Gulf Coast area to be shipped via the Port of New Orleans. I require 5,000 sq. feet of anything similar to your Argentine Exstra and or Limay Mahulda, and Brazilian San Antonio. I am not interested in Italian or other very expensive marble, but I'll consider all types of marble tile for future shipments. Tel. no. is 985 89.....Oct 20 Contact 

e 18637 Israel: We are interested in Spanish marbles crema marfil, marron imperial, verona marble from Pakistan , verde guatemala, plain green from India, azul cielo from Argentina and verna light extra. We are looking for marble tiles of the size 60X60X2c'm , 40X40X2 cm , 30X30X 2c'm/1c'm polished and also slabs. We need price lists. The price list must be for sqm in US dollars OR Euro. Phone: +972-50-66.....Oct 19 Contact    

e 17574 USA : I am interested in specific quotes for specific slabs of Argentinean azul for a current project in Yucatan , Mexico . I have immediate needs, but I need to see photos of sets of matching slabs for "book matching" floors. May 3 Contact  

e 15577 China : Please quote for Rosso Francia Incarnat and Rosso Francia Languedoc from France , Rosso Rupasse from Yugoslavia , Verde Quetzal Guatemala from Guatemala , Azul Cielo from Argentina , Blue Mona from Africa, Rosso Laguna, Rosso Lepanto and Dove from Turkey . Tel: +852 246.....Nov 12, Contact

Year 2004

e 14003 USA : Retail: Were you able to find 12x12 Sierra Chica tiles made in Argentina ? We need 200 sq ft. Aug 4, Contact

e 12697 India : We are interested in the Rosso Carpazi from Albania , CEILO AZUL & DOLOMITE from Argentina , moss green, mystique coffee, rhine beige from China and Black Ice, Blue Crystal, Opal Pearl from Australia . Please quote FOB rates for blocks and would appreciate if we can receive the sample for the same to form an opinion. Our tel. no. 0091 22257......May 18, Contact USD 40

AR: e 11773 USA : Please quote for extra marble from Argentina . Mar 17, Contact

e 10711 USA : Need single sample of Argentinean Cielo Azul. Jan 22, Contact USD 10 (open) 

e 10639 USA : Retail: I am looking for granite called Verde Argento. I am building a home in Southern Calif. and need to use it for my kitchen countertops. I would need about 6 slabs, I am unsure of the exact amount but can find out from my contractor. 714-81...... Jan 19, Contact USD 50

e 10515 USA : Retail: I am interested in tiles that are in some way definably blue: on the Argentinean site, this would be the granite tile, "Balmoral" and the marble tile, "Cielo Azul." I am looking for tiles to use on a kitchen counter, and would like to know what sizes the above tiles come in and at what prices you sell and ship them. In terms of size, interested in tiles that come in 18" x 18" or 24" x 24." Finally, I would like to know whether or not the tiles come in "bullnose" configurations, and whether it is possible to buy any of the small, decorative pieces such as chair rail, end cap, or any of the tile pieces that are used to create an edge on a countertop made. Jan 13, Contact USD 100

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