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October 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for Greek Stone 

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Year 2006

e 20266 USA : Requirement is 2,400 square feet, 2cm Skyros - Golden or similar from Greece . Slabs for lobby walls and floor. Ready to buy now - as soon as we see the actual slabs. Will travel. Please e-mail digital photos. Need references so we know we can rely on the supplier. Need to see and initial the slabs being bought. Hope to place order as soon as we are satisfied with the above requirements. We can provide shop drawing for fabricating in Europe .  We are looking for an importer, not a fabricator. Telephone: 617-23.....April 6 Contact

e 19968 USA : retail: Need 245 square feet of Greece Santa Helena marble. Need to beat $13.43 (I have picture proof from a local store). 
Ready to order immediately. Looking for a better price then local retail. Tel: 914-96.....March 7 Contact 

e 19566 Italy : I would like to begin a partnership with you to import the best quality Sivec and Tassos Marble from Greece to Italy . My project consists on importing marble in order to provide cemeteries. I am looking for the best offer to buy this product. If your offer will be interesting we are going to visit you. Characteristics: Length: 240 cm x Height: 180 cm x Thickness: 2 cm. Colour: absolute white (no darkness). I would like to know the prices in /mq without delivery. I am going to pay you for cash when I will sign the contract in your office. Jan 25 Contact

e 19424 Austria : I am very interested to import Egyptian marble. We are importing stones especially from Italy , Bulgaria and Greece . I am very interested to import Egyptian marble, please if you can send me a Marble price lists maybe we can make business with you this year, before the season in Kosovo begin.  I am very interested to visit your Company. Our plan are to import approximately, 15 Containers 20' in Thesalonikki Harbour . Tel: (+) 43 699 117.....Jan 10 Contact 

Year 2005

e 18976 USA: Do you sell or can I get the name of a company in Greece that sells "stone" that kind that are used to build old Byzantine churches with the red slate roofs???? We are thinking of building a Greek Orthodox church in the U.S. using "old stone" from Greece . My phone number is 301-69.....Nov 24 Contact

18793 Pakistan : Please quote for marble tiles from Greece . See pricelist 471. Nov 3 Contact 

e 18197 Brazil : Please quote for White Pighes from Greece 11000 sqm in .457 x .457 x 1.2 & White Pighes 14000 sqm 270.000 x 150.000 x 2. Please mention FOB values. Tel. no. is 55-21-998...... July 25 Contact

e 17863 Egypt : Please quote for marble blocks:
Greece : Santa Helena, Travertine Light, Travertine wall nut, Sky Ros sun rise, Golden Spider, Peatelican, Ego Rosa.
Italy : Ambrato, Botticino Classico, Nuvolato, Serpentino Mermifera
Iran : Scabas Rosa, Persian Red, Golden
Spain : Emperador
Photo and including ton price, cubic meter price from stone pit and free on board (F.O.B). Tel: 57 .....June 14 Contact

e 16530 USA : I am looking to make contact with your Houston supplier or any other supplier closer to San Antonio TX . for 1 slab of marble, polished one side, approx size 5ft x 10ft x 3cm (please specify if different). My price range or budget: $10-$15 square foot. I build custom furniture and do my own stone work - San Antonio suppliers want to do the finish product. I am interested in Dracevica from Croatia , Bresciasinai - Egypt , Gauingen - Germany , Ioannina Beige - Greece , Beige D2 - Indonesia , Sicilian Cream - Italy or Ivory - Malaysia . My phone number: (830) 75.....Jan 20, Contact

Year 2004

e 15368 USA : Retail: Looking for a slab of Thassos Snow White ( Greece ), as little veining as possible (high grade), at least 96" wide x 46" tall x " thick. Needed ASAP. Tel. no. is 619-44.....Oct 28, Contact

e 15131 USA : Retail: I would like to know the pricing on Fanari Red Brown Greece marble.  Oct 11, Contact 

e 12860 Germany : Please quote for CRESTA BLACK marble from Greece or BLACK GOLD from Pakistan or 
something similar. We need rough blocks with dimensions 50cm x 55cm x 25cm and ready polished blocks of height 55cm x 50cm. offer price with shipping to Munich . Our tel. is ++49 179 53..... May 29, Contact USD 50 


TR/EG/GR: e 11877 Spain : We are a marble factory. We need 20000 sqm of any white or beige marble polished either from Turkey : Greece , Egypt in 60x30x2 cm. The material must be uniform in the tonality. My phone no. is 00349659.....Quantity 20000 sqm. We pay 9 euro sqm polished. Mar 25, Contact

GR: e 11381 USA : Please quote for marble slabs and tiles from Greece . Feb 25, Contact

e 10780 USA : Retail: How can I purchase 136 tiles and at what price of Negro Oriental from China or Golden Spider from Greece ? Jan 26, Contact USD 20

e 10770 France: Please quote with carving characteristics of Belgian Black, Noir de Golzine and Nero Belgio from Belgium, Blue Aquamarina from Brazil, Gull River Marble from Canada, Rhine-Blue marble from China, Gallala Classic Marble from Egypt, Blue Savoy light Marble, Fontenille Royal from France, 
Sand Gruen and Anrochte Sandstone from Germany, Luster Green and Lime 1 (Kota) Limestones from India, Thassos Snow white, Thassos White and Ariston Marble from Greece. Jan 25, Contact USD

e 10665:  Please quote with your contact details for Thassos white marble from Greece . Jan 20, Contact USD 40 (open)

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