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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Poland. 

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 Year 2006

e 21471 Poland : We are a company from central Poland and we are interested in importing granite blocks from India . According to it we would be very grateful if You could send us what type of granite You have for sale, what are the prices and the conditions of cooperation. Sept 30 Contact

e 21042 Poland : Do You have any free catalogue of granites and marbles? if so, could You please send me one? Tel: +48 604 5...... July 14 Contact

e 20238 Poland : Please quote for pumice stones from Turkey . My tel. no : +48 602 6.....April 3 Contact

e 20011 Poland : Please send to us an offer for granite tiles Kashmir Gold in sizes: 
1. 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 
2. 30 x 30 x 2 (all parametres in cm)
Quantity of purchase: 1200 sqr metres. Please name incoterms and realization time of order. March 11 Contact

Year 2005

e 19257 Poland : Earthmoving Machine: I am interesting about caterpillar 428C or better but no more than 5000 motor hours. Dec 19 Contact

e19131 Poland : I want to open a wholesale place for stones. I am looking for cheap supplier of stone like granite, marble etc for cemetery monuments. Dec 7 Contact 


e 18877 Poland : We are interested in purchasing ceramic tiles. Could you please send us the catalogues and price list of your company? Telephone: (081) 44.....Nov 14 Contact  

e 18733 Poland : My company is operating in the construction business. We specialised in providing raw and intermediary construction materials for mostly small and middle size companies from Poland . We also operate with construction materials centres. At the moment we focus on stone materials but to become more comprehensive as a company we are looking forward to provide other construction materials as well. For my new project I will need at least 2000 m2 of Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador marble tiles. The exact specification I will have in the middle of November when I will be ready to place my order. So far I would like you to give me your price for both colors for the following sizes: 
305*305*10 tiles / 600*600*20 tiles / 20mm thick slabs / 30mm thick slabs. 
The quantity will be at least one container of each kind of marble. In addition I would like to know if you can make a decorative articles according to a design sketch and how much time you need to finish production for 2000 m2? Is it possible to make tiles in other sizes according to my request? If possible please send to my office in Warsaw two small samples of Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador size 10cm x 10cm. If it would be too expensive I can pay for it. Tel (fax): 00482277.....Oct 27 Contact

e 18110 Poland : We are stone installing company and we are looking for Iranian onyx cappucino in Versus Cut. We need around 2500 m2 (during 2006 year) in 3 cm thick in elements or in slabs. tel +48 12 41.....July 15 Contact

e 18008 Poland : Please quote for: 
1. Golden Cream tiles, polished, sizes: 40x40x2 cm - 1376 m2 & 100x11x2 cm - 3049 current meter. 
2. Sunny Cream tiles, polished, sizes: 60x40x3cm - 319 m2 & 
3. Rosa Blanca - tiles flamed, sizes: 1. 50x50x6 cm - 107 m2, 100x50x6 cm - 144 m2, 100x100x6 cm - 16 m2, 80x40x6 cm - 4 m2. 
4. Emperador Light - tiles polished, sizes: 40x60x2 cm - 1065 m2. July 6 Contact

e 17742 Poland : I need quotation per sqm for granite, black, tiger rusty destination port - Gdynia , delivery cost. My tel. no. is +48 32 78.....May 24 Contact 

e 17386 Poland : Our company is looking for a reliable supplier of tombstones for regular import to Central Europe . Please give us an overview of your models, prices, delivery times and min. and max. quantities. Apr 13 Contact

e 16458 Poland : Would you please inform me in regards to Nero Marquina slabs/tiles. Jan 16, Contact

e 16296 Poland : Please quote for a waterjet machine. Jan 6, Contact

Year 2004  

e 16095 Poland : Please send me a pricelist of Impala granite blocks. Sizes are 180-200 cm x 80-120 cm. Dec 17, Contact  

e 15730 Poland : I am looking for granite called Juparana Limon. It is probably of Brasilian or Indian origin. I need 1000 sqm. Nov 21, Contact 

e 15582 Poland : We are stone installing company from Poland and in this time we looking for big contract white or yellow onyx. We need slabs in 4, 3 and 2 cm slabs, quantity around - 2000 m2. Please send us answer as soon as possible about prices and delivery time. Nov 12, Contact  

e 15578 Poland : Please quote for Impala granite blocks. Nov 12, Contact

e 15053 Poland : Please quote for G613 chinese granite and delivery terms. Needed urgently. Oct 5, Contact

e 14657 Poland : I am interested in supplying stone to various projects in Poland . Looking for finished products out of stone, such as vanity tops for bathrooms with cutout for basins etc. Sept 8, Contact 

e 14626 Poland : We are looking for used gantry crane to be used in one of the Shipyards in Poland ( Europe ). Capacity- 15 T or 25 T. Span: 40- 70 m. We will be very thankful for your quotation or any information on the availability of such equipment. Our tel: 00 48 58 55.....Sept 6, Contact

e 13885 Poland : I am interested in natural stones. Please send me price list for your products 30x30x2cm and 40x40x2cm. July 28, Contact

e 13797 Poland : I am interested in buying a black and red granites (also more colours). Please send me the prices. Could you also tell me, what size of blocks you can have? July 24, Contact 

e 13753 Poland: We are interested in Indian granites hassan green, bahama blue, orion blue, silk blue, coral blue, indiana black, viscount white and kashmir white. Please quote.  July 22, Contact 

e 13452 Poland : I am interested in granite and marble slabs and tiles. We are producers of pavement blocks. We want to use our position in the market to start selling granite and marble. I am interested in granite and marble in slabs and tiles. I'm looking for a material that is high-quality in low prices. I am looking for a big stone supplier.  July 6, Contact   

e 13299 Poland : I want juparana dourado in tiles 275x598x13mm and 598x598x13mm - 6000 sqm @ USD 25.  June 26, Contact

e 12987 Poland : I am looking for quotation of granite CASHMIRE GOLD DARK, 500 square meters in 2cm thick tiles 127cm x 30cm, polished and chamfered edges. Please give me price quote, terms of payment and cost of shipping. My tel. no. is +48-22-86.....June 8, Contact

e 11811 Poland : Waterjet: We are interested in purchasing engraving machine type CNC. Our general requirements as to machine as above are: working range (X x Y x Z) approx.: 300x200x200mm, spindle speed: 30.00 min-1, deep engraving in hard materials (tooling steel), circular engraving devices, high running true accuracy, working with CAD systems. Could you supply us with your technical offer with pricing, please? Mar 19, Contact  

e 11768 Poland : We are producers of billiard tables, football tables, hockey tables. Now we are interesting in billiard slate slabs purchase. The following are quantities: 
6ft dimension 1910 x 990 x 19MM- quantity 14 pcs.
7ft dimension 2108 x 1092 x 19MM- quantity 30 pcs.
8ft dimension 2324 x 1206 x 22MM- quantity 70 pcs.
9ft dimension 2642 x 1372 x 25MM-quantity 18 pcs. Our tel. no. is 0048 13 43.....Mar 16, Contact

CN: e 11516 Poland : please quote for LANHELIN blocks. Mar 3, Contact

e 11066 Poland : Landscape: I want to purchase stone pebbles. We are looking for a rocks and pebbles for aquarium and gardening. Please see the attachment (image 1 & image 2), there is a Holestone (size 10-40 cm) from Philippines . I am looking for exporter of this item (container quantity). Please quote. See pricelist 1099. Feb 10, Contact  

ZA/FR/CN: e 10745 Poland : We are corporation in Poland started in 1979. We have three machines to cut granite of blocks and three machines to polished slabs. We sell only granite. We sell monuments, we make fire place, window-sills, stairs and all product from granite. We also sell blocks of granite and slabs (polished and unpolished). 
We need granite blocks from South Africa , China & France and have a distributorship in Poland . Blocks should be of 1st quality. We can sell 300 m/3 granite blocks a month. Jan 24, Contact USD 200 (open)

EG: e 10459 Poland : We are a stone processing company. We are interested in purchasing Golden Cream Egyptian marble polished slabs. Quantity is 120 square metres - thickness 3 cm and 100 square metres - thickness 2 cm. We also need blocks. Minimum size: 200 x 100 x 50 cm (but not much bigger). Desired shape type: similar to cuboid. Unacceptable defects: spots, cracks, coloured lines. We would like to buy mentioned materials directly from Egyptian supplier eventually from a country which is situated close to Poland . Please let us know the terms you are prepared to supply i.e. forms of payment, approximate delivery date and delivery conditions. Please send a price-list and eventually pictures of slabs. It is essential that the goods are delivered as soon as possible as the matter is urgent. Our phone no. is (+48) 41-38.....Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)   


Year 2003

IR: e 9843 Poland : I am interested in Iranian stones. Please send pricelist and images. Nov 28, Contact

e 9790 Poland : We want Veselje marble, but we do not know what kind of Veselje it should be. Please offer us polished slabs -thickness 3cm - quantity 1100 m2 and polished slabs - thickness 2cm - quantity 120 m2. Nov 23, Contact  

e 9521 Poland : We are the wholesalers of granite blocks in Szczecin - Poland . We are interesting blocks: Rhino Black, Red Rose, New Black, Zambezi Brown and others. Please send us samples of these mentioned granite with your price list. Our tel. / fax. no. is +48 91 46.....Nov 7, Contact  

e 9294 Poland: We want Gold - Honey Onyx A class. We need slabs 2.5 m x 1.25 m cut to size forms. Is it possible to have the same onyx (HONEY ONYX) from one source in big quantities. And I need some samples 200mm x 200mm and some more photos. Please quote. Oct 20, Contact, USD 20 (open)

e 9262 Poland: Please to send me information about price and time delivery of Yellow Onyx (or this kind - Honey) in slabs 2cm (120cmx240cm) in quantity ~2500 sqm. Please to send me condition of payment. Our tel. no. is 0048 12 63.....Oct 17, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9119 Poland: We want black granite gang saw size blocks and polished slabs of 120 x 240 x 6 cm thickness. Please quote FOB value for a container load. Our phone no. is +486098.....Oct 7, Contact USD 50 (open)

FI: e 9016 Poland: We want granites from Finland. We are a stone marketing company from the North of Poland. We have been dealing with granite and marble blocks for 10 years, now. Our work capacity and experience helped us to conquer the market and create a sell in Poland. Our contact no. is 0048 58 68.....Sept 25, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 8968 Poland: Please quote for G 601 in 600 x 600 x 30, 600 x 600 x 20 = 2000 sqm CIF Gdansk Port. Sept 22, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8140 Poland: Quartz: I want transparent white quartz. See ready stock 405. July 25, Contact USD 40 (open)

ALL: e 8058 Poland. We are wholesalers of stone tiles. Please send me offer about travertine and marble tiles on container load basis. We focus on these two kinds of stones. We import and distribute in Poland the stone from Turkey, Italy and China. Main part of our sale represent slabs and tiles but we are looking for new kinds of products like sinks, mosaics. Send me the offer of standards sinks. Please add to offer technical dates (measures). Please send me samples of colours your materials. Send me quotations on tiles 305x305x10/20mm & slabs 300x125x2/3 cm. Write to me something about pick up port. We are import materials from Turkey, Italy and China. My mobile no. is + 48 603 1.....July 21, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7213 Poland: We want 450m2 of Galaxy Black 600*300*15mm. Please quote. Tel.(48)2283.....May 20, Sold

e 6872 Poland: I want granites Amarello and Blue Pegaso. Can I use this granite for monuments? Please quote with transport costs. Tel. no. (+48) (22) 87.....April 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

DE: e 6776 Poland: We want German or French stone named Muschelkalk (polished finish) in Germany (see attached picture). This is for a very big project in Poland, it is about 34000 sqm in various tiles. We are interested in slabs, free length or tiles. Slabs of 3, 4 and 5 cm free length height up to 90 cm or tiles about 120x90 or less. Our contact no. is +48 22 8.....April 18, Contact USD 500 

IN: e 6775 Poland: We want polished first quality New Imperial Red granite in tiles or slabs from India. Tiles size 150 x 22 x 2,5 or 3 cm or slabs 3 cm or a free length with 70 cm height. Qty. is 1100 sqm. Our price range up to 35 USD/ sqm. We would like to import from India and inspect it in the factory. Order within 1 month. First quality material, polished. Flatness +/- 1 mm, thickness +/- 1 mm, dimensions +/- 1/2 mm, diagonal +/- 1/2 mm. April 18, Contact Rs. 3000 (open)

CN: e 6764 Poland: We want granite slabs from China, polished. Please quote for all colors without gray. We are interested in long term cooperation. Our tel. no. is 0048 6024.......April 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

BR: e 6667 Poland: We want Brazilian granite named BAHIA YELLOW, please quote with digital photos. Our contact no. is +48 71 32..... April 9, Contact  USD 50

e 6589 Poland: We want white travertine & onyx. Please email me quote and more info regarding quality and sizes. See pricelist 242 and 412 as reference. 
I'd like to get slabs 2 and 3cm of onyx which you call ozonyx 1,2,3. Tiles are only for client order and I don't keep them on stock only slabs, Do you offer slabs ? what size and price? My mobile no. is +486004...... 
April 2, Contact USD 50 (open)

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

e 1420 Poland: Inform me about stone called: 1. Rosa Minos, 2. Viscont Rose. Feb 27

e 1410 Poland: We are a trading company from Szczecin, Poland and we are looking for suppliers of granite Luserna for one of our projects. Feb 21

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