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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Portugal.

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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 

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e 21708 Portugal: We need a quotation for white Thassos Marble. Qty. reqd. 1000 m2, dimensions 60x30x2. Phone number +351 22 71.....Nov 7 Contact


e 21703 Portugal: Please quote for 30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm – 40 x 40 x 1cm – 60 x 40 x 2cm and a polishing plate about 200x120x2cm – 3cm placed in Lisbon, container of 20 feet. I think that the qualities that in them seem to serve will be the references Absolute Black Granite (best qulaity). This granite will have that to be black pure exempt of white or golden dots. It will be applied in our recorded works with laser and later painted hand, or they could be in its natural one. Nov 6 Contact


e 21458 Portugal: I am interested in finding out what type of travertine quarries you own. We are regular buyers from Turkey. Could you give us an idea of prices for standard sizes (all materials have to be first choice) honed & filled tiles? Could you also tell me if you do transparent resin filled & polished tiles and if so an idea of price? Sept 29 Contact


e 21449 Portugal: Several companies ask me for a stone named KANCHAN RED but I don't know what stone is nether what type. Phone Number- +351 244......Sept 27 Contact


e 21331 Portugal: We are looking at buying 1100m2 of light travertine 40.6x40.6x1.2cm filled & honed tiles, 1st choice at the lowest possible price.We are regular buyers from Turkey and know the market well. The honing process has to be extremely well done. Price is a very important issue, if we are able to get the best quality at the right price we will buy from you for years to come.  Contact: 00351 9195.....Sept 5 Contact


e 21103 Portugal: Could you please email me the photos for the used marble gangsaw machinery. Telefone - + 351 252 4.....July 22 Contact


e 20870 Portugal: I am interested in being directly contacted by Sivec suppliers (quarry owners and transformation factories that regular work with this marble and that are from Macedonia or from a nearby country – no “italian agents”) OR to be able to contact them directly. My interest in Sivec is for a regular supply of blocks and slabs in 2cm and 3cm polished for stock at our warehouse. I am at the beginning of the buying process. Making contacts, receiving prices and contacting several enterprises to see how can I be better served in both price and permanent attention and reply. Before I make my first order I will have to know the company, receive brochures and eventually sample variation and to receive various information on the marble. Eventually I will visit the supplier. I do not know when I will put my first order, I just know I will put it because we do not have this material in stock and we must have it and start having it as a regular stock material. Tlf. +351 26..... June 20 Contact


e 20814 Portugal: Please quote for Waterjet machine. Tel: (351) 2143.....  June 12 Contact


e 20469 Portugal: We are a Portuguese company looking for the soapstone to produce fireplaces and countertops. We would like to know if you sell soapstone and if yes which are you prices. 
1. Quantity of soapstone- grey colour: At this moment we need 1 full container 40´dv. 
Half of 933 x 224 x 60 mm and half of 550 x 224 x 90 mm 
2. Soapstone needs to be cut and calibrated: Dimensions are 933 x 224 x 60 mm and 550 x 224 x 90 mm 
3. Port of Delivery: Lisboa
4. When container(s) is/are needed: As soon as possible
We need mainly to produce fireplaces and/or kitchen countertops. 
If it is possible I would like you to send us one sample of your soapstone that we could check in our laboratory. We would like to see a quality of the real soapstone. Mobil: +3519166....May 4 Contact


e 20448 Portugal: We are a Portuguese stone company and we are importing granite from India, an average of 18 containers per year.
Could you please let us know the Absolute Black granite and yellow granite qualities you can offer us? Sizes: 270up x 130up and 270up x 70 up 2cm and 3cm. I have planed a new visit to India (Bangalore and Ongole for the end of May). Tel. 00 351 23.....April 28 Contact


e 20045 Portugal: I am interested in buying slabs 2 cm honed, tiles and cut to size tiles of Moca Cream Limestone. March 14 Contact


e 20009 Portugal: Can you inform us your best FOB price for 3000 m2 of absolute black granite slabs with 65cm x 180 - 250cm x 3cm, polished the surface. Send also information concerning the delivery time (we only need 600 m2 per month), terms and conditions. My phone number: +3519381.....March 11 Contact


e 19962 Portugal: Email me relevant information on Marble Cutting and Finishing Plants complete like: Gang Saw, Monalama, Vertical Cutter, Polishing Plant, Curing Plant. My Cell # 00351 9149...... March 6 Contact 


e 19759 Portugal: Looking for a supplier of Crema Luna, bulk stone about 30 mm to 120 mm for grinding. May need about 150-200 tons monthly. Feb 14 Contact


e 19748 PORTUGAL: Need supplier for white thassos granulates about 1mm -2mm. Quantities may be about 100 tons monthly. Feb 13 Contact 


e 19443 Portugal: We are to request list of prices unitary for rock Caliza Capri with 3 cm of thickness. Tel: +351 218 4......Jan 12 Contact




e 19014 Portugal: Please quote for Turkish Natural Stones. I am looking for about 2000 m2 of clear coloured classic travertine (classic travertine’s normal colour). About 50% of the stone should be cut in 1,2 X 1,2 m parts (or any other pattern with equivalent size as to minimize leftover stone) to be placed on the ground with the holes filled with colourless resin. The remaining travertine should be cut in 0,90 X 0,40 m parts with exterior treatment in natural colour (not polished) and with the holes without resin. This amount will have to be removed from the same vein / reef in order for it to be as homogeneous as possible and with the lesser variation of colour and tonality. The FOB prices in Instanbul’s port have to be very competitive. Contact: Office +3512148..... Nov 28 Contact


e 18283 Portugal: Please quote for a water jet cutting machine as displayed in ready stock 373. Aug 11 Contact


e 18271 Portugal: I am looking for this granite VERDE UBA TUBA. Looking for suppliers in AVEIRO City or other city in Portugal. Aug 7 Contact


e 18081 Portugal: We are a Portuguese company and we are interested to import Travertinos and other stones from turkey for good price/quality. All the material should be finished in rustic finish and polish finish. The sizes we are interested are mainly 30x60x1 cm ; 40x40x2 cm ; 30x30x2 cm ; 30x30x1 cm ; 20x20x1 cm ; 10x10x1 cm. Before we select some company we are interested in know your prices and payment conditions and time between one container order and materials ready for loading. We are prepare to order one container 20DC every two months, would be good if they send us their prices list of stones and marble with sizes and prizes. We will visit turkey as soon as we have selected a small number of producers to visit. Phone 003519654......July 13 Contact


e 17795 Portugal: We are looking for a limestone beige flower. Pls. send us a photo of your product in order to see if your product is what we are looking for. Our tel. no. is +351 256 2.....June 3 Contact


e 17662 Portugal: We are interested in Chinese granite to Europe and Africa in 20' containers. The sizes are 60x60x2 cm or 40x40x1 cm.
Please inform if you can supply 20`containers of granite; if yes tell the capacity of the containers, the quality/type and other specifications. Tel: 351-234 6.....May 11 Contact 


e 17649 Portugal: Send me price list for Indian white marbles and yellow marbles (in slabs 2 and 3 cm of thickness and tiles  30 x 30, 40 x 40, 30 x 60, 40 x 60, 50 x 50, 60 x 60 with all thickness that you use). Fax: +351 253 2.....May 10 Contact 


e 17296 Portugal: Do you have in stock and the commercial price for White Turkish Marble Polished and Bush Hammered for these quantities: 2000 m2 - 2cm Thickness & 200 m2 -3cm Thickness? My tel. no. is +351 252 ......Mar 31 Contact


e 16292 Portugal: We are looking to buy 2 containers per month of Turkish travertine tiles (standard sizes) filled and honed, either 1st choice or commercial quality. Our price is 9 to 12 USD/ SQ.METER. Please quote. Tel: + 351 91 95.....Jan 6, Contact




e 16096 Portugal: Please quote for with pictures of granites: G 383;G 367; G 361; G 355; G 368 and other Chinese colors. I am interested in all kinds of tiles and slabs, polished and calibrated. Dec 17, Contact




e 15256 Portugal: I need to buy some slabs or blocks of Blue crystal, Opal pearl and Carribean blue quarried in Australia. Oct 19, Contact 


e 15255 Portugal: How much for the blocks of Rosso Carpazi from Albania.  Oct 19, Contact


e 14965 Portugal: Please forward us details of suppliers of Zimbabwe granite. We are interested in acquiring black granite blocks. Our tel. no. is +351-259 3.....Sept 28, Contact




e 14886 Portugal: Please send your offer for Zimbabwean granite blocks with images. Sept 23, Contact


e 14855 Portugal: Need White travertine 2cm slab. Priced at 15 USD per sqm. I would like to know sizes of slab, filling and finish. Sept 21, Contact 


e 14853 Portugal: Please quote with sample for green onyx. Sept 21, Contact


e 14748 Portugal: Please quote for yellow travertine blocks either per ton or cbm. I would also like to know what substance these tiles are filled with? If the color is right I could be interested in buying the 15000 sq.ft. Sept 13, Contact 


e 14033 Portugal: Please quote me exact prices for the travertine tiles (available standard sizes) and slabs, as well as colour. Is the Cream Supreme Limestone the travertine or not? Aug 5, Contact


e 13567 Portugal: Venho por este meio solicitar-lhe um pedido de orçamento para o seguinte material.

Nº de Chapas








Favaco" Corrente"






Favaco "Corrente"






Pedras Salgadas






Pedras Salgadas *






Rosa St.ª Eulália






Rosa Monção *






Negro Impala *






Alpenina Atlântida *






Lioz Abancado *






Creme Marfil *






Azul Valverde






Estremoz Branco






As chapas a 3 cm de espessura destinam-se ao fabrico de balcões/tampos com medidas comerciais não superiores a 1,25/1,30 m de largura. Conjuntamente com os valores solicitados para quadro acima, agradecíamos a seguinte informação:
· Preço discriminado
· Prazo de Entrega
· Condições de Pagamento
· Preços a saída da fabrica..
My tel. no. is 291 2..... July 13, Contact

e 12592 Portugal: Please send price and catalog of granites. May 11, Contact USD 50

e12525 Portugal: We are an international trading company and we would like to have a quote for pumice stone. We are interested to import to Portugal and we also would like to know if there are any taxes to pay. May 6, Contact USD 50


e 11988 Portugal: Diamond Tools: Please inform us your best quotation for segments blades diameter (2700 mm, 2000 mm, 1800 mm, 1600 mm, 1500 mm, 1400 mm, 1300 mm, 1200 mm,1100 mm, 1000 mm, 900 mm, 800 mm). We need urgently. Our tel. no. is 00351224.....Mar 31, Contact


e 11894 Portugal: I am interested in the following travertine stones:
Beige classic, Cream, White, Dark beige, Beje, Takab-cream-white (code 432T12), Noce (code 432TN), Hadji Abad Beige Cream (code 432T5), Atashkooh white (code 432T3), Atashkuh, Lemon and Travertine-wave cut. Can you please quote me the price for each specific stone (filled with resin and polished or honed) mentioned above in 30.5x30.5x1 or 2cm, 40x40x2cm, 60x30x2cm, 60x40x2cm, 60x60x2cm and 80x40x2cm. As I will probably also be needing slabs I would like to know fob prices for slabs (filled and honed) 2cm and 3cm thick. By the way, what is the most commonly sold size of slab for vanity tops, smaller or bigger sizes? I am interested in working with a company to import 1 to 2 containers per month on a regular basis. I am looking at paying 8 to 14 euros per sqm. Cell: +351 9195.....Mar 25, Contact


PT/IN: e 10028 China: We are a company in Fujian and import various blocks from different countries. We would like to find more cheaper Indian blocks such as SMP, BVR, VKD, MD-5 etc, or similar. We also would like to find cheaper Portuguese SPR.  Dec 10, Contact

e 10002 USA: I am a builder requiring Portugal pink light marble. New construction need about ten slabs and tiles if possible. I am in CA 94123. My phone no. is (415) 27..... Dec 9, Contact

e 9403 Portugal: Please quote for Silvia marble (dark & medium) and Sunny marble 60 x 30 x 2 cm, slabs with 2 cm and blocks. Oct 29, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9328 USA: I need 24” X 24” Bateig Azul for Costa Mesa, CA urgently. I represent a construction company. Our tel. no. is 305-57.....Oct 22, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9314 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. We need container loads. See ready stock 304 and  467. Oct 22, Closed

ES: e 9302 Portugal: We want Creme Marfil. Please quote with payment terms. How long is it necessary to produce a container, costs, etc? The stone Creme Marfil that is in question are: Creme Marfil Commercial and Creme Marfil Classic. We also need a sample of this two stones at NO COST, in order for us to show it to the client. See pricelist 747. If you cannot supply samples (prefer samples of 300 x 300 x 20MM) I would like images. The payment terms are 60 to 90 days. Oct 21, Contact, USD 50 (open)

PT: e 9252 Germany: Please quote for Calizia Luna limestone slabs of thickness 3 cm, 4 cm.... 20, 30cm sawed. Our fax no. is 0043 (0) 2164.....Oct 17, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9095 USA: Please quote  for Italian poleon Suro and Rosalia dvk. I am not sure of the exact amounts of each but I will need a total of around 3000 sq ft. I am in Perryville, MO. My contact no. is (573) 54..... Oct 5, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9027 Germany: I want Negro Fino granite from Portugal. Please quote for slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 069 4......Sept 25, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8983 Norway: Please quote for 650 sqm of "Azul Valverde" 40cm x random length, 2cm thick. We are a stone company who buys stone from Europe, Asia and Africa. So far we have not bought from Portugal. Sept 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 8867 Portugal: Please quote (export price) for 500 sqm of Brecha Tavira tiles in the following sizes:
30x30x1 cm, 60x30x2 cm, 40x40x2cm. This stone will exported from Portugal to the Far East. Sept 12, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8794 Brazil: Please quote for 60cm x 60cm x 2cm thick Cinza Granite. My tel. no. is 55-28-352.....Sept 5, Contact, USD 40 (open)

e 8763 UK: Please quote for Portuguese stones. See pricelist 955. Sept 3, Contact, USD 50 (open)

PT: e 8713 China: Looking for a quarry owner of Moca Creme. We want blocks. We need all information about this material, quoting in C&F Xiamen Port, China in US Dollars/M3. Our contact no. is +86 1307 48.....Aug 30, Contact USA 100 (open)

e 8690 China: We want to import Relvinha, Semi Rijo, Semi Rijo Do Arrimal limestone from Portugal. 
Aug 29, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8684 Estonia: Please send to me a price and delivery time for: 
1. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) honed tiles 300 x fl x 10, qty. 900m2. 
2. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 230m2.
3. Rojo Aliciante (terra red org. Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 1000m2 
4. Crema Marfil (light creamy org.Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 600m2 
5. Crema Marfil (light creamy org. Spain) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 100m2 
6. Badrigio Novulato (light grey org. Italy) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 2200m2 
7. Burlington Slate (broughton moor, greenish grey org. England) sanded tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 200m2.
My phone no. is Tel + 372 56 3.....Aug 29, Contact USD 50 (open) 

e 8633 USA: Landscape: My company is looking for a source of boulders 500 – 2500 lbs. by the truck load delivered to northern Virginia. We need truck loads for various landscaping projects during the year. Tel. 703 24.....Aug 25,
Contact USD 50 (open)

PT: e 8143 UK: We are an interior design company based in the north west of England. We are looking to form direct links with stone suppliers / quarries from abroad to supply us direct with limestone and marble for various projects.
All the projects are at early stages presently so we have not made any concrete specifications on the products that we will end up using but for a couple of them we are looking at using white limestones. 
From the pictures of the various stones I have been looking at we would like to obtain small sample pieces of the following if at all possible. Some of them are: 
Italian limestone - tivoli
Turkish limestone - antalya-kemer, mugla-karacasu
UK limestone - fancy basebed, perryfield whitbed, broadbase, coombefield whitbed.
Portugal: White limestone like branco do mar. Send us quotes and samples. July 25, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8094 Portugal: I REQUEST A PRICE LIST FOR VERDE ACCEGLIO, AKSEHIR BLACK GOLD, LASA FANTASTIC & VERDE ISSOGNE. Looking for suppliers in Portugal. July 22, Contact USD 40 (open)

PT: e 8039 USA: We are looking to purchase 12" x 12" x 1/2" Moleanos Blue limestone tiles and basalt stone slabs. Please include the lead-time with your quote. Is it possible to get a sample sent to us? We are in  New York and our tel. no. is 212.79......July 19, Closed

ALL: e 8024 Portugal: Please send a consolidated price list of tiles and slabs of granite and marble. We are interested in acquiring a large quantity of granite and marble. July 18, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT: e 8021 Portugal: Please quote for TRAVERTINE ROMANO, the measures that are possible to cut, the minimum quantity that we have to order, etc. We need all the information that is necessary for us to import TRAVERTINE ROMANO in tiles of several measures. If you don't mind we prefer the measures in CM instead of INCH.
The most important measure is 600X400X20 MM, and 600X200X20 MM. We have a big order for this stone, around 7000 m2, and we need the prices with urgency. We also need a few samples of this stone to show to our client. July 18, Contact USD 200 (open) 

PT: e 7895 Malaysia: We have project in hand to use the Mocca Creme for about 1,000 M2. We hope that you can quote us the prices for the following size block & slab, CNF Port Klang, Malaysia:
a) Strip size: 650mm x 1800mm x 20mm , 25mm+-
b) Random : 1200mm x 2400mm x20mm, 25mm+-
Besides, Please please let us know Time to delivery, production per day, your company full address & contact number including fax number. We are also interested to visit the quarry, can you please arrange it? Our tel. no. is 00603-87.....July 11, Contact USD 100  (open)

e 7821 Portugal: I want 1500 sqm of Mocca Rocco. I would like to inform you that it is Mocca Crème but different part of quarry, attached you will find the picture. I need unpolished slabs 2 cm thick. I would like to buy from Portugal. I would like to inform you that I do not need Cream Relvihna. I need Cream Rocco, attached you will find pictures of material I need. I need it urgently. My fax no. + 34 965 2......July 7, Contact  USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

PT: e 7765 USA: We are interested in locating a quarry that produces good quality white marble (Esperanza). July 1, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7753 Portugal: Please quote for Absolute Black Granite like Ratnasila Black. Our fax no. is 00351 21 96.....June 30, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7693 Portugal: After having contacted you by telephone, I send request of budget for the following materials:
Cladding fossil yellow honed with the thickness- 30, 40 and 50. The quantities are:










Fossil Yellow

Honed and Sawn



1 (Option)



Fossil Yellow

Honed and Sawn






Fossil Yellow

Honed and Sawn


Please send price for this cladding of Long Edge and:

Bill duck: 

Please quote FOB & CIF Lisbon. We also need samples of 15x15x3 cm. Our contact no. is +351 262 9.....
June 26, Contact USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

PT: e 7640 Israel: I want Mocha Gross, Cascais Azul. June 22, Contact USD 20 (open)

PT: e 7620 USA: We want a large quantity of Azul Valverde material from Portugal. Would you please contact us as soon as possible, to verify prices and availability. June 20, Contact USD 50 (open) 

PT: e 7603 Romania: We want MOCA CREME / MOCA BEIGE limestone from Portugal exclusively. We need slabs 20 mm approx 3000 sqm and slabs 30 mm approx 300 sqm. I need 2.800 sqm of 45x65x3 cm and 300 sqm of 45x65x4 cm, but I prefer to buy slabs and cut in my factory. My contact details are 00 40 21 41...... 
June 19, Contact USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7541 Portugal: We are interested in pebbles and white marble products. We wish visit you shortly. Please let us know the nearest airport in order to book a trip there. June 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

PT/IN: e 7484 Slovakia: We are looking for distributors or quarry of Favaco granite and Silver White (slabs, polished, 2 cm). Our contact no. is 00421 2 43......June 12, Contact

e 7362 Portugal: I need granite to lay on the floor of one house. The qty. is approximately 80 sqm, but it could be the double depending on the price. I need first quality material. Size range 40 x 40 (do you have a bigger size?). I am interested in following stones from Portugal Monforte Pink, Blanc Perle, Rosa Coral, Rosa De Arronches, Cristal Rosa, Rosa Monforte, Rosa Santa Eulália. My phone number is 
+351 91 84.....June 3, Contact USD 50

e 7228 Austria: We have to quote for 9000 m2 of tiles of 30 x 30 x 1 (or 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm) cm polished and of straight scales (120 x 30) x 3 cm and raised from 2 cm polish. Requirement is a Portuguese Marble called Estremoz2 color cream. We also need an  offer for Granite tiles 30 x 30 x 1 cm (or 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm) with Flamed finish like anti-slip. Type of Material to your choice (must Cost little). Quantity 700 m2. Please quote urgently with images. Looking for local suppliers too. Our contact no. is 0043 - 2672 - .....May 22, Contact USD 200 (open) 

PT: e 7048 India: Please quote for Azul Cascais. May 6, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6886 Hong Kong: Blocks:  I am looking for suppliers from Portugal for Rosa Portugal, Trigaxes Escuro, Azul Guerra Marble Blocks, gangsaw size. April 25, Contact USD 100


PT: e 6808 UAE: We want cut to size Rosa Monforte from Portugal. April 22 Contact USD 50 (open)  

e 6798 Spain: We are looking for the good quality marble, granite & travertine tiles and slabs from Italy, Iran, Portugal and Turkey. Please send price list and catalogs. April 21 Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6788: I want Limestone-St. Talino. April 19, Closed 

e 6773 Portugal: Please quote CIF MACAU for St Talino limestone. The limestone that I want to find has the grey colour similar the kota blue. In Portugal is the Azulino de Cascais. The dimensions are:
- 500x1200x30mm..........3750 sqm 
- Finish: Brush hammered (one face)
- Honed random slab........300 sqm. April 18, Contact USD 100

VN: e 6424 Portugal: I want Pure white Marble from Vietnam. I may go to Vietnam to see the quarries where the blocks come from. I have seen images of white marble from Vietnam, it seems effectively white, but how hard is it? How does it shine after polishing? Is it too absorbing? What are the guarantees of it's homogeneity? I am interested in suppliers with good extraction capacity. If the relation ppice/quality is good I will buy. March 17, Contact, USD 40 (open)

PT: e 6405 India: We want slabs of 30 mm of various limestones from Portugal for our projects. Our contact no. is +91-79-68......Quote FOB Portugal. March 14, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6365 Canada: Blocks: We have a project here in Vancouver and are looking for Limestone to produce sills, lintels arches and columns. The owner doesn't want a Texas or Indiana or anything that "looks like concrete". Can you recommend some stones that are easily workable, similar to Indiana, that has movement and color in it. We predominantly work in French, American and Portuguese Limestones so something in the same hardness or softness would be appropriate. The quantity we are needing is approximately 1000 cu ft. March 11, Sold

PT: e 6334 Spain: I need for immediately shipment 1 full cont of Mocca Creme, Grao Fino unpolished slabs. I would like to know the Delivery time, would need pictures, sizes, packing details, prices FOB & price by truck to Novelda – Spain. Our fax no. is + 34 965 2.....March 6, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 6309 USA: Please quote for 1 1/4" slabs of Azul Imperial, the supplier/quarry, size, picture, and price. March 4, Closed

e 6287 USA: We 2500 sq. ft. of a mixture of rosso asiago polished and brushed. We are in WI. March 1, Closed

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

e 2689 USA: I am interested in Limestone tiles 16" or 18" in Biancome Light from Italy and the Porto Beige from Portugal or a limestone tile that is similar in color and texture. I anticipate needing about 850 sq. ft. I am in Huntington, Beach Calif, and will take possession on the first of May and want to install the tile prior to moving in June. I want to finalize the purchase of the tile in the next two weeks. I have found several Newport Beach and Costa Mesa distributors who have quoted between $6 and $10 per square foot for 16 or 18 inch tiles. Some will deliver others want me to pick up or pay for freight. I would prefer to deal with a local supplier, but could work with an out of the area supplier if they can get samples to me and insure on time delivery. I am looking for the best price that I can get. I will be installing the material myself and should have the final measurements and determination of the quantity required by April 6th. April 2. ClosedSee Offers

e 2687 USA: I'm trying to buy Gascoigne Blue (Casgoine Blue indigenous name is Moleanos Azul) from Portugal 2cm slabs honed and 12 x 12 honed. April 2. Contact, See Offers

e 2657 USA: Retail: We are looking for the following materials for a project. 
From Spain: Bianco Caceres, Gris Campanario, Gris Morrarzo.
From Portugal: Castilo Bianco White, Bianco Rei.
From Brazil: Bianco Polar, Ocean Fantasy, White Andromeda.
From Italy: Bianco Sardos. Please send us samples also. March 27. Contact  

e 2578 USA: Want to contact the quarry owner of Amarelo Negrais in Portugal. March 8. Contact

e 2556 Turkey: We require the following materials:
ROSA FRANCIA 40X80X2 CM 1600 M2 
CARARRA 40X80X2 CM 2400 M2 
CALACATTA 40X80X2 CM 3200 M2 
ALECANTA 40X80X2 CM 1600 M2 
DARK GREEN 40X80X2 CM 1600 M2 
ROSSO LAGUNA 2X80X40 CM 10000 M2 
ROUGE FRANCE 2X80X40 CM 10000 M2 
PANFRA GOLA 2X80X40 CM 2000 M2 
ROYAL MAHOGANY 2X80X40 CM 2000 M2. This is a serious, urgent and genuine inquiry. March 6, Closed

PT: e 2423 USA: Please quote: Castelo Branco White, Monforte Pink, Branco Rei. Feb 4. Contact 

PT: e 2205 Germany: We need 885 sqm of "Azul Cascais" from Portugal. We want to import it from Portugal, Italy or Spain. Size: 29/29/2 cm and 30/30/2 cm. Surface: honed (German-R9). Dec 17. Contact

PT: e 1964 Russia: I need for about 200 m2 of tiles 305x305x10 of such as marbles: Rosso Portagalo, Volokas.
Please send me prices and the way I can transport the stone to Moscow. Oct 31. Contact

PT: e 1643 UAE: I want slabs of Yellow Nigris marble from Portugal. June 28 contact
PT: e 1520 Australia: Want Portugese stone " Island Cream" Apr 17
PT: e 1517 Germany: Seeking suppliers in Portugal who will be able to provide the following:
250 - 300 qm marble estremoz tiles size about 30 x 30 x 1,5 cm, polished
surface. 15 qm dark grey granite tiles 6 x 6 x 1,5 cm surface polished. Apr 14

PT: e 1488 USA: I am seeking light coloured unpolished Travertine/Limestone from Italy France Turkey ie Europe for internal flooring so reasonably thin/light. This is for 2 residential houses only need about 400 sq metres.

PT: I liked in Limestone (1)from Portugal: Porto Beige

PT: e 1450 India: We want to import marble blocks and slabs from Portugal. March 16                                 

e 1342 USA: Kindly forward to me quickly your best prices in USD for the following tiles.
1. Blue Pearl 30x60x1-2cm polished
2. Black Galaxy " "
3. Indian Red " "
4. Baltic Brown " "
5. Tan brown " "
6. Tiger Skin " "
7. Red Balmoral " "
8. Pink of Portugal " " Jan 24.

e 1300 China: We want to import blocks of Gris Perla, Saint Louis (from Portugal), Marron Cafe(from Brazil), and Verde Fontaine. Jan 9

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm