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Pumice  Inquiries September  2006
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This page lists Pumice Stone Inquiries. 

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 e 21373 USA: Please email me specific information regarding black pumice or other stone with an interesting surface texture, like lava. I need slabs of any size, preferably at least 4 feet sq. with thickness of at least 1.5-2 inches. Not interested in small pieces or rock like shapes. I need slabs than can be cut cleanly and used in constructing sculpture or bases for sculpture. I currently work in metal and wood and know little about stone so I will appreciate very precise information about what type of stone will suit my requested needs. Sept 11 Contact

e 21369 Malaysia: We are seeking Pumice Stone suppliers. Tel: +6012 32.....Sept 11 Contact

e 21120 Bangladesh: A huge quantity of Pumice Stone needs for Garment wash in Bangladesh Garment industry. Please send company profile & Unit price rate. Telephone: +88-01523.....July 25 Contact

e 21038 Bangladesh: A huge quantity of Pumice Stone needs for Garment wash in Bangladesh Garment industry. Please send company profile & Unit price rate. Telephone: +88-01523.....July 13 Contact  

e 21029 USA: I am looking for 1 piece of pumice stone to be shaped with the proper  dimensions etc. color does not matter. I am looking to market a new product incorporating pumice stone. I can be reached at 609-87.....July 13 Contact

e 21000 Jordan: Please quote for pumice stone, size : 3-5cm. July 10 Contact

e 20963 USA: I want a quotation for a 45" container of 2 -3 pumice stone, for our laundry in Honduras. Tel (504) 55.....July 4 Contact

June 2006  

e 20942 Jordan: I would ask about the PUMICE STONE. Chemical analysis:
SiO2 = 72%
Al2O3 = 12.75%
k2O = 4.3%
CaO = 0.7%
and the size = 3-5 cm 
Bag = 25Kg
Real Density =2.35 gr/cm3
please send to me price offer about this kind. June 28 Contact 

e 20940 Bangladesh: We introduce ourselves as a biggest importer of pumice stone in Bangladesh. Presently we are interested to import 3 FCL of pumice stone, size 3-5 cm. Tel No: 880-31-7......June 28 Contact 

e 20937 USA: Please send the finest grades of pumice you produce. We currently use a .05 grade. Also include pricing in bulk, 45lb bags, shipping 50 bags per pallet, minimum 2 pallets. Tel: 314-77...... June 27 Contact 

e 20858 Jordan: Please quote for PUMICE STONES. What about the price of this stone. I am ask the price about two sizes 2-3 cm & 3-5 cm. The bag equal 25Kg and send to me the chemical analysis about this stone, the real density = 2.35 gr/cm3. June 19 Contact 

e 20803 Bangladesh: We are readymade garments washing plant in Bangladesh. we do all kind of garments wash (enzyme, bleach, sweater dyeing & stone, batik etc) wash. We need pumice stone 2-3, 3-5 . we are interest business with you. Please send us sample as soon as  possible. Phone :880189.......June 11 Contact 

e 20767 Vietnam: We are looking for Pumice Stone from suppliers experienced exporting to the Asia market. We have a big order on that item that look like a good feature for developing and controlling this market. High quality standards and reliable delivery schedules are both very important to our company. We ask that you provide us with a formal quotation (CIF HOCHIMINH City) along with your latest product catalog. Prefer to receive the following information:
- CIF prices (for minimum order quantity)
- Delivery time
- Minimum order quantity. June 7 Contact 

e 20746 Bangladesh: We are trading for our customer we are looking for pumice stone used in garments for washing denim material. Size :3-5
Qty: Each month 1x40 FCL, Payment : L/C at sight. Supplier credit report might required. Please reply with the best CNF Chittagong price. June 5 Contact 

May 2006  

e 20554 Switzerland: We are looking for a supplier of black pumice stone of Iran, for cosmetic use. Tel +41 76 39.....May 13 Contact

e 20539 USA: I am a sculptor looking for a sources of pumice in the state of Maine. May 11 Contact  


April 2006 

e 20261 USA: We are a denim washing facility in need of some Turkish pumice stone. Our required specs are 2-4 cm and prefer Turkish stones.  April 5 Contact  

e 20238 Poland: Please quote for pumice stones from Turkey. My tel. no : +48 602 6.....April 3 Contact 

March 2006

e 20035: I am interested in purchasing pumice stones by the the weight. March 14 Contact 

e 19949 China: Please quote for Turkish pumice. Tel: (86)(020)827......March 4 Contact 

February 2006 

e 19785 Bangladesh: I want to Buy pumice stone, Five 40 ft container in a month. Now I am consuming 5000-6000 bags. Please send price including CIF Chittagong port. Telephone: 8801543.....Feb 17 Contact 


January 2006

e 19558 Egypt: We are a company which work in trading of pumice stone here in Egypt. We want your best offer about the pumice stone 3-5 cm for the container 40 feet, please send us your FOB & CIF prices. Telephone: 002-010-24.....Jan 23 Contact

e 19545 USA: Interested in sources of pumice by truck loads to south Oregon. Jan 21 Contact 

e 19483 Israel: We are interested in new suppliers of Pumice stones in bulk. The Quantity we need is about 7000TON/Month minimum. Please send us your best FOB Quotation. Mobile: 00-972-50-79.....Jan 15 Contact

e 19442 We are urgently looking for long term supplier of natural Pumice in various sizes. Kindly confirm price and production time based on the qty below :  
1. Egg Shaped Lava Rock Pumice with Cord - 7.6cmLx 4.3cm W x 3cm H (in centre) +/- 4mm tolerance
Qty : 10k,25K,50K,100K 
2. Oval shaped pumice with cotton twill tape (we will supply you the twill tape) 10 cm L x 5 cm W x 2cm thickness
Qty : 10k,20K,30K
Tel : (852) 291.....Jan 12 Contact 

December 2005

e19141 Vietnam: Please quote for Pumice Stones. Our tel. no. is 84-8-84.....Dec 8 Contact 

e19078 USA: Interested in finding a wholesaler who sells natural, raw pumice stones in CA. Dec 5 Contact

e19062 USA: I would like to buy pumice stones the size of oranges. My tel. no. is 701.77.....Dec 2 Contact 

November 2005

e 19010 UAE: Please note that we are looking for Pumice (4mm of density 750Kg/M3) supply for a brick manufacturing plant in UAE. Please send us your quotation for the supply of 4000 Tons/Month CIF Dubai with all packing possibilities. TEL: +971-4-29...... Nov 28 Contact 

e 18977 Bangladesh: Please quote for Indonesian Pumice stone. Tel +880-31-6......Nov 24 Contact

e 18817 Russia: Our company looking for the reliable supplier of light colored pumice stone to use as a lightweight aggregate for decorative concrete. Our requirements: annual interest – approx. 20000 cubic meters, calibers 2-5 mm, shipment destination – Russian Federation, Moscow region. In case of your interest in future cooperation, please let us know: basic technical characteristics, chemical composition, packaging shipment conditions, your best prices. Tel/Fax: 7-095-13......Nov 7 Contact 
October 2005 

e 18734 USA: I am interested in pumice stones anywhere from the size of a quarter to a 50 cent piece. I live in CA. I am looking for a couple of pounds to start with. Oct 27 Contact 

e 18709 India: We are looking to import good quality pumice stones for denim washing of sizes 3-5 cms and 5-7 cms. Please send us your best offer CFR Nhava Sheva, India, together with payment terms. Also indicate the earliest date of shipping. We will be looking at one container load to begin with. Further please indicate the moisture content. Oct 24 Contact 

e 18592 Australia: I am trying to track down a supplier of crushed pumice, aggregate size 12mm minus. I am located in Castlemaine Victoria, so a Melbourne supplier would be very handy. Oct 13 Contact 

e 18571 Singapore: Could you let us know how many colour and how many size of pumice sand you have? The coverage per meter square and price?   Oct 9 Contact 

September 2005 

e 18381 India: We are looking for a reliable supplier who can fulfill our requirement of PUMICE STONE on grey colour on 60% mesh powder. The use of this powder is on cosmetics. This is our bulk requirement on regular basis. Please send your sample and very competitive price for FOB basis. PH : 011-239.....Sept 4 Contact

e 18380 Nigeria: Please quote for pumice stone from Guatemala. TEL: +234-1-81.....Sept 3 Contact

e 18378 Brazil: Please quote for pumice stone. Also mention sizes, package, etc. freight to Santos - SP - Brasil. TEL 015-32......Sept 3 Contact 

Aug 2005

e 18299 : Please quote for Pumice stone from Turkey. Aug 17 Contact

e 18018: We are manufacturers of Demin Clothes, and are looking for a reliable pumice supplier for our stonewash process we require 5-7 cm. pumice stone about 30 tons. We would like to have a quote in order to make our decision. feel free to send any other information you consider of importance.  July 7 Contact  

e 17990 Australia: I am a landscaper putting in a garden in Los Angeles and need to find a) Bluestone or greystone (b) pumice stone (c) cast stone in grey. Any of the above in a grey/blue colour preferably rectangular 12" x 8" x 1" - to be used as a paving stone for a Japanese themed garden installation. I am not familiar with standard US sizing but this would be the minimum needed. Approx 200 sq.m in one area but we have been requested to fix up another larger area - difficult to assess until we know the size of the product. Mainly, I need to know what your standard dimensions are and what you have in the grey/blue colours and whether you can deliver within 7 - 10 days. We would require quick delivery as we have a deadline within which to execute the work. We will also be installing water features and would need granite/edging/coping etc. Can you help? Sizes? Prices? Delivery situation etc. My tel. no. is 02 933.....July 5 Contact

e 17967: Please give me price of pumice stone for garment washing. July 2 Contact   

e 17809 Bangladesh: We need some pumice stone sizes are 2-3 cm. What's your C&F price up to Chittagong? Please offer your rock bottom price.  June 6 Contact


April 2005

e 17461 USA: Would like to contact a supplier of naturally rounded pumice stone. Apr 20 Contact 

e 17345: Looking for a supplier of pumice stone. Apr 7 Contact

e 17314 Vietnam: Our company is the leading importer and distributor of Lombok pumice stone, Turkish stone. We are buying approx. 10 - 20 FCL of stone monthly. If you are in the position of being able to offer the export of pumice stone, pls send quotation for 2 x 3cm stone, 3 x 5 cm, CNF HCMC, delivery time, packing and payment term. Our tel. no. is 848 86.....Apr 4 Contact 

March 2004

e 17230 Vietnam: We are interested in pumice stone with size 2-3 and 3-5. So please send me the price for 1 Container (26MT) first.  Mar 23 Contact

e 17191 India: We have an urgent requirement to supply 206 MT of pumice stone each month, size: 2.5 -3.5cm of white Turkey and Indonesian black. Would you please qoute your best CFR price up to Chittagong port? Our tel. no. is Tel: +91-33-252.....Mar 19 Contact 

e 17027 Singapore: We have a factory in Malaysia manufacturing artificial stone products and needs about 75 tons of pumice stone (3 x 40' HC containers) per month. Please contact us with your best price and product specification. Should your price be competitive, we will like to visit your plant and have a better understanding of your production and products. Our tel. no. is +65 636.....Mar 4. Contact 

e 17019 China: We are interested in purchasing PUMICE STONE. Please send your quotation. If price reasonable, we will order large quantity monthly. Our fax no. is 0086-595-222.....Mar 4. Contact 

e 16998 India: We need Black pumice stone from Indonesia qty. is 100 mt, size 3-5 cm. Pumice from Turkey size 3-5, 106 mt for export purpose to Bangladesh. Mar 1. Contact 

February 2004

e 16976 Bangladesh: One of our buyers wants to book 100MT Pumice Stone (Indonesia black) of size 3-5 cm. Please send us an offer C&FC3% Chittagong price. Our tel. no. is 880-2-91......Feb 28. Contact  

e 16959 Egypt: I want to know the companies that produce pumice material for lightweight construction in Egypt. My tel. no. is 0097 - 02 - 22.....Feb 28.  Contact  

e 16878 Egypt :  I want to know companies that produce pumice material for light weight construction in Egypt.  Contact

e 16840 Vietnam :  we are a leading company trading in all kinds of Pumice Stone in Vietnam market. At the moment, we have strong demand for our customers with the item as follows: - Size : 2 x 3 cm, - Siize: 3 x 5 cm - Quantity: 02 1x40’FCL - Package: 25kg/ bag Would you please try best to send me your best price offer (USD) at CFR HoChiMinh Port and advise me how many bags and MT for 1x40’FCL so that we can consider and try best to have the first order with you soon.  Contact  

e 16828 Bangladesh :  We have been searching a good and reliable supplier of Pumice Stone for textile wash and fortunately I found your details through website, I do understand that you would able to supply the same. We would like to take opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Leading Trading House engaged in import, export and indenting with a wide reputation in our country. We are interested to develop business relationship with your esteemed Organization and hope you will kindly cooperation with us. At this moment, we have an inquiry from one of our valued customers, who is interested to import immediately 100 MT Pumice Stone for textile wash, size 3cm – 5cm, Color and shape to be white particle-rounded. We are therefore requesting you to please quote your very best price on CFR Chittagong basis including US$ 10 per ton commission for us.Kindly also indicate delivery schedule, packing mode and validity of price.  Contact  

e 16826 India :  We want Pumice Stone - size 1-2 cm and 2-3 cm. Application - Garments washing. We are willing to buy from indonesia - lombok. We will buy immediately. We expect to finalize and place an order immediately. Please offer your most competitive price at mumbai port all inclusive by sea for FCL quantity of pumice stone as soon as possible.  Contact  

e 16824 Bangladesh :  Would you pls advise us the import details of "Pumice Stone" size:3-5cm, color Gray/White. Please advise us the CFR & FOB price from Turkey to Chittagong/Bangladesh.  Contact  

e 16811 Bangladesh :  Would you pls advise us your CFR price Chittagong for 100/MT of B grade 3-5 cm Pumice stone doubled washed, 3 times tumbled. Stone color is "Gray" or "White". Our volume will be 30-40 container/month. Our tel. no. is 88-02-91.....  Contact

e 16781 Pakistan: We are a leading woven garment manufacturer. We have a washing laundry for jeans with the capacity of 20,000 trousers every day. We are in need of rounded pumice stone 3-5 cm, with a monthly requirement of 50,000 Kgs. We would like to keep at least 3 months of stones in stock and then work on rotation basis with container coming in every month. Please urgently provide me your quotation with delivery time. I would like to receive samples of your production as per my requirement. Our tel. no is (92-21) 50.....Feb 8, Contact

e 16769 Bangladesh: Please quote for "Pumice Stone" from Indonesia to Chittagong. Size is 3-5 cm. Volume is 40' & 40' HC. The price for C&F and FOB both of above mentioned details. Tel: 88-02-91.....Feb 7, Contact

January 2005

e 16624 USA: Looking to purchase pumice stones in large volume wholesale. Need to see your selection and pricing. Tel 718-96.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16549 Bangladesh: Please offer your best price CFR C-5% Chittagong by sea 106 MT ( 4 FCL) PUMICE STONE 3-5 CM mentioning origin, packing, specification, shipment time and all others details. Payment : LC at sight. (All bank charge out side Bangladesh are one buyer's account). We need 8-10 FCL per month for two customers. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16520 Bangladesh: We are looking for a good supplier of Pumice Stone from Indonesia preferably Lombok island origin for garments washing  under 'DEER' or "HKS" brand. We are interested to buy this of large quantities on a regular basis. We would like a supplier either directly from Indonesia or from Singapore. My tel. no. is 880-2-83.....Jan 19, Contact 

e 16515 Vietnam: We are a leading company trading in all kinds of Pumice Stone in Vietnam market. We have strong demand for our customers with the item as follows: Size : 2 x 3 cm, 3 x 5 cm, Quantity: 02 1x40 FCL, Package: 25kg/ bag. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16472 Pakistan: We are interested in buying a 20' container load of Turkish 3-5cm Pumice Stone and would appreciate if you could let us have the final C&F (cost and freight) prices for Karachi sea port. Also please advise how much weight will come in a 20' container. We would establish an LC at sight, please advise whether it'll be acceptable or not.  Jan 17, Contact

e 16461 Bangladesh: We need 3-5 cm size of pumice stone for garments washing. Please send us your rock button prize with your sample.
1) Price should be fob and C&F basis.
2) Packaging Details.
3) Shipment time.
4) Mood of payment L/C/ sales agreement or TT. Jan 16, Contact

e 16410 USA: I am thinking to include a pumice rock in a bid we are preparing for our products. Can you show us either samples or good photographs of you rocks? Jan 13, Contact

December 2004

e 16199 India: We are garments / denim washing specialists and consume 120MT / annum Pumice stones. Need Turkey white stones quarterly @ 1 container of 40'. Best prises are expected. Container to be Booked to ICD-Bangalore and CFR-CHENNAI. Our tel. no. is 080 285.....Dec 28, Contact

e 16108 China: We are a big denim washing factory in South Eastern China. We are considering to be a dealer in China to sell pumice stone. We need below pumice stones and could you please quote us your best FOB Mersin price and CNF Shanghai price.
Product: Pumice Stone
Origin: Turkey
Size: 2-3/3-5cm
Packing: Woven bag 60cmx100cm
Weight: +/- 25kgs/bag
Container: 40' load 1060 bags at least
Our tel. no. is +86-573-59......Dec 18, Contact

e 15685 Vietnam: At present we are in need of PUMICE STONE for our customer. Could you please send us the sample as well as the best quotation ( CIF Hochiminh port) for our reference. Our tel. no. is 84-8-51.....Nov 18, Contact

e 15652: Tunisia: Please quote for Pumice Stone from Turkey. We also need Unexpanded Perlite Ore with following specs: Size: 0.60-2.50 mm,0.80-2.50 mm,1.20-2.50 mm and 0.15-0.60 mm. Humidity: < % 1. Packing: Within 1000 Kg Big bags (20.000 Kg per 20' container) or 1080 Kg. Big bags (21.600 Kg per 20' container). Our tel. no. is +216 71 8....Nov 17, Contact

e 15594 USA: We are looking for pumice slabs. My tel. no. is (210) 41.....Nov 12, Contact

e 15546 Bangladesh: We would like to import large volume (2 x 40'ft containers per month) of Pumice Stone (3-5 cm) for our factory. Please advise your C&F Chittagong price. payment will be by L/C. Nov 10, Contact

e 15501 Bangladesh: We are regular importer of Indonesian origin Lombok Pumice Stone for stone washing denim. Our monthly consumption is 18 containers which we are currently sourcing from another supplier. We have also received quotes form another supplier as we are looking to develop a reliable and alternative source of supply for this item. Please send us your best price (C&F Port of Chittagong) and specification detail for stone size 3-5 cm. Our tel. no. is 880-31-7.....Nov 8, Contact

e 15330 Germany: We look for lava granulates and pumice granulates, as light-grey as possible in dry condition and for possibility in the size to 30mm. We want this granulates (alternative lava or pumice) as replacement for Rindenmulch on patches to yield. Oct 25, Contact

e 15320 Bangladesh: We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading indenting house deals in industrial raw materials, chemicals and machinery in our country since a long. One of our industrial buyers wants to book 100MT Pumice Stone (Indonesia) and 100MT Pumice Stone (White Turkey) of size 2-3 cm. for industrial washing. So please favor us by offering your best C&FC3% Chittagong price for the same by return email. Phone no.880-2-91.....Oct 23, Contact

e 15203 Vietnam: We are interested in importing pumice stone from Turkey. Please quote with samples for Pumice Stone, Turkish Origin. 
- Size : 1-2cm ; 2-3cm ; 3-5cm. Quantity : 1x40ft per month. Packing : 25kgs/bag. Oct 15, Contact 

e 15144 USA: I am building a brick oven for a customer in Altanta, GA and need an aggregate material that will take about 600 degrees (oven core under insulation about 1100 degrees F). Sand is OK, but better materials are either crushed fired terra cotta (grog) or crushed volcanic rock (pumice). Can you point me in the right direction to make such a purchase here in Atlanta? Oct 11, Contact 

e 15049 Bangladesh: Please quote the best CNF Chittagong. Price for 40'container of your PUMICE STONE sizes 2.5" to 3.5" and also inform me that How much bag can load into a 40'container, and how much quantity can load into a bag. Please advice. We insist for sample. Phone no. is 880-31-7.....Oct 5, Contact 

e 14765: I am interested in natural pumice stones, select grade. Sept 14, Contact

e 14684 USA: We are looking for a supplier of pumice stone. We are in MN. Our tel. no. is 952-97.....Sept 9, Contact 


e 14636 Russia: We are interested to buy pumice stones 3-5 cm for stone washing 20'-40' FCL monthly. Please quote prices FOB Istambul, Destination Moscow via Novorossisk port, Payment L\C, C\D. Our tel. no. is +7 095 24.....Sept 7, Contact 

e 14500 China: I am looking for pumice rock and obsidian rock and looking for the vendor in China. I am working in a trading company in Hong Kong and these goods will be exported to USA. Product size: 1.5" 
Quantity is around 100000 pcs per each item. My direct tel (852) 237.....Aug 29, Contact 

e 14497 Bangladesh: We like to import PUMICE STONE (size 3-5 cm) from Indonesia for our washing factory in Bangladesh. Please advise your best & competitive price (C&F Chittagong) per return. Aug 29, Contact 

e 14345 Egypt: I need a full container pumice stone size from 3-6 cm and packing type 30 kg pp bags size container 40 foot for garments wash (jeans). Payment will be cash against document. I may take an agency in Egypt. Aug 20, Contact 

e 14173 USA: I am trying to locate pumice slabs that are about 8"x15" and about 3-4" thick. Where I can find these? Aug 12, Contact


e 14133 Vietnam: We want Turkey Origin Pumice stone size : 3cm x 5cm. Please quote CIF Ho Chi Minh City Port at Viet Nam, also mention payment terms. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14119 India: Looking for suppliers of PUMICE STONES from TURKEY. We would like to import around 40/50 tonnes PUMICE STONES initially in INDIA. Our tel. no. is 9122 562.....Aug 10, Contact 

e 14081 Bangladesh: I want to import Pumice Stone With "DEER" Brand 100 M/ton. Packing 20 ~ 22 Kg per bag. Please quote your best price C&F Chittagong, Bangladesh by sea. My tel. no. is 880-171-3.....Aug 8, Contact 

e 14057 China: I am in Shenzhen. I want pumice stone. My tel. no. is 86-755-268.....Aug 7, Contact 

e 13975 China: Please quote CIF GUANGDONG for pumice stone. The description of goods Pumice stone (dry), Size: 2-3cm, Weight: 25kg/bag, Quantity: 15 containers (40 ft) per month. Please contact us on tel. no. 86-750-61.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13961 Colombia: I am interested in buying 240 tons per month of pumice stone. Please quote price per ton. Aug 2, Contact

e 13946 USA: I am very much interested in ordering pumice stones. Aug 1, Contact 

e 13943 Bangladesh: We are interested to import PUMICE STONE (size 3-5 cm) for our washing Factory in Bangladesh. Pls advise price (CNF Chittagong). Aug 1, Contact 

e 13927 Bangladesh: Please quote for pumice stone for garment (denim) washing 3 - 5 mm round shape. My mobile # 01750.....July 30, Contact  

e 13832 Bangladesh: Please quote C&FC 3% Chittagong on FCL basis with details, specifications, packing and shipment for pumice stones 2-3CM -3-5CM. Our tel. no. is 880-31-6......July 26, Contact 

e 13798 China: We are looking for Natural Pumice Stone as material to produce our own cleaning product. 
Specification: Natural pumice stone in block shaped. 
size : 3"L x 2"W x 1"H each pc.
Quantity : 20,000 pcs and 50,000 pcs 
Delivery : Dongguan - China
packing : bulk packed
Please note , all the pumice stone must come in same sizes which above mentioned. Please quote and email the stone photos for reference and study. Our tel. no. is 852-278.....July 24, Contact 

e 13781 Bangladesh: We want to import Pumice Stone of Lombok Origin (Size: 3-5 CM) on regular basis for making a good market locally in Bangladesh. So please quote your C&F price.  Our tel. no. is # 88-31-8.....July 23, Contact 

e 13770 China: We are interested in Pumice Stone with DEER Brand HS Ctgry 25 for washing jeans. The size is  2 - 3 cm for 40'ft HQ load containing 1050 bags. Please give us a price of C&F JiangMen China with other details. July 23, Contact

e 13769 China: We need Pumice stone for a product we are developing. The size we need is about 3"L x 2"W x 3/4"H. Delivery will be to Mainland China. Order quantity is 10,000 pcs to 25,000 pcs. We are Hong Kong based and our tel. no. is 852 316.....July 23, Contact

e 13690: Looking for suppliers of black pumice stone for skin exfoliation. Preferably Iran - Pumice stone. July 19, Contact 

e 13668 Bangladesh: We want to import Pumice stone of Lombok Origin (Size: 3 - 5 cm) on regular basis.  Please quote. Our tel. no. is #88-31-8.....July 19, Contact 

e 13615 Bangaldesh: We want to import 80 m.tons Pumice Stone (Size: 3-5) here in Bangladesh. We 
want to import it regularly in Bangladesh. Please quote C&F Chittagong port. My tel. no. is 880-31-8......July 16, Contact

e 13570 Bangladesh: Please quote for Pumice stones. July 13, Contact 

e 13478 Bangladesh: We want Pumice Stone of Lombok Origin (Size: 3-5 CM) = 100 MT. Please quote. My contact no. is 88-31-8......July 7, Contact 

e 13371 Bangladesh: Please quote CRF Chittagong for PUMICE STONE. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....June 30, Contact

e 13102 India: We are interested in sourcing PUMICE STONE for denim washing application of grade 2-4 CM for the Southern African region. The volumes can be roughly about 200-400 tonnes per month. Our tel. no. is (079)80.....June 15, Contact

e 13066 China: Please quote for pumice stone from Indonesia. My tel. no. is 86-755-268.....June 13, Contact 

e 13024 Singapore: Kindly quote for 2-3cm pumice stone per bag CIF to China, Yangtian port. The quantity to import to China is about 300 containers per month. My phone number is 65-963.....June 10, Contact

e 12994 Bangladesh: We are one of the biggest garments supplier having office is Hongkong, China and Bangladesh and interested in marketing pumice stone. 
Currently we are buying from Indonesia at US$100 per metric ton and looking for better price. We are confident that we can sell at least 2 (40') container per month as minimum. 
On the other hand pls let us know the followings:- 
a. How may days do you need for shipment (after confirming the order and open the l/c)
b. What size are you doing (we found size 3-5 cm are most popular here)
c. What is the packing size (most of people are buying at 25 kgs pack)
d. Are you doing any business in Bangladesh now? 
Our tel. no. is 0088 02 88.....June 8, Contact

e 12992 Bangladesh: We are looking pumice stone supplier for denim pants & shirts wash, and basically
for acid wash. Currently the stone we use is decaying and the result cost is very high. Our requirements is 3-4 mm size. Please quote price c&f Chittagong. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....June 8, Contact

e 12796 Bahrain: Please quote for pumice stone of size 3-5 cm. Currently we are using Indonesian material, now we want pumice stone from Turkey. We are looking for a rate lower than FOB Mersin USD 67.00 / Ton. Also quote for 1x20' and 1x40' container to the destination port Bahrain. Our tel. no. is 00973172......May 24, Contact USD 50

e 12701 Vietnam: We want to purchase Pumice stone from Indonesia. Please quote. May 18, Contact USD 40

e 12676 Brazil: We are interested to import 100 tons for a test and ask you kindly to inform us the C&F Santos - SP - Brasil for pumice stone size 2-3 cm. Send us all details as transit time, terms of payment...etc. Our tel. no. 015-2221800. May 15, Contact USD 20

e12525 Portugal: We are an international trading company and we would like to have a quote for pumice stone. We are interested to import to Portugal and we also would like to know if there are any taxes to pay. May 6, Contact USD 50

e 12385 Bangladesh: Please quote CNF Chittagong basis prices for pumice stone. Playment will be by L/C for 2 FCL. My tel. no. is 0088 31 7......Apr 27, Contact USD 50 

e 12305 Pakistan: We need Pumice Stone used in washing of Denim Garments. Please send us the quotation to import big quantity. So we request you please give C&F Karachi Port and stone size required 5/6. Our tel. no. is (0092-432) 2......Apr 21, Contact USD 50

e 12298 Thailand: We are a Export & Trading Company based in Bangkok. We need to import 1 x 20 Container Qty Approx 8,000 Kgs Pumice Stones, size 3-5 cm per month. We may increase our requirement when our clients production capacity increases. Our tel. no. is 66-2-29.....Apr 20, Contact USD 50

e 12266 Bangladesh: Please quote C & F Chittagong port for pumice stone. We need 3 to 4 container per month. Our phone no. is 880-2-96.....Apr 18, Contact USD 100

e 12235 Bangladesh: We are very much interested to import PUMICE STONE on a regular basis. Pls. confirm us your availability of stock to carry our our immediate order and let us know your price of PUMICE STONE CRF Chittagong, Bangladesh. Our initial order is two containers per month and it will increase on the good performance of shipment. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....Apr 15, Contact USD 100

e 12232 Singapore: Kindly quote us supply of pumice stone to China. The size is 1-2cm and 2-3cm. The quantity is 20 container per day. My mobile number 65-963.....Apr 15, Contact USD 100

e 12229 Vietnam: Please quote for pumice stone for washing denim. Our capacity is about 5000 MT/year. Our tel. no. is 844 94.....Apr 15, Contact USD 100

e 12103 Lithuania: We are from and looking for pumice stones, suitable for processing in washing machines.
Our tel. no. is +370 45 5.....Apr 7, Contact USD 50

e 11989 India: We are interested to import Lombok pumice stone size 5x7 in 25 kg poly bag, 40 ft container. Kindly quote your C&F price port, Nhava Sheva. Mar 31, Contact USD 100

e 11909 Indonesia: We are looking for pumice stone supplier for our export market. Please quote (FOB) Surabaya and min. order required. My mobile no. is 0817 1.....Mar 26, Contact USD 20

e 11832 Sri Lanka: Our company is involved in marketing of industrial raw materials to the many industries in Sri Lanka. We are very keen to market Pumice Stones. We need about 60 Mts per month . Please quote CIF Colombo for 2cm-3cm. Our tel. no. is 00-94-11- 23.....Mar 22, Contact USD 50

e 11795 China: We are the Denim washing factory looking for the Pumice Stone. Please provide us with information and quote. Mar 18, Contact USD 50

e 11757 Thailand: We are sourcing for Pumice stone from Indonesia for washing denim factory. Our tel. no. is 662 45.....Mar 16, Contact USD 100 

e 11732 China: Please quote for pumice stone. Size 1-2cm / 2-3cm. I am willing to buy from Shanghai, China. Our phone No. is 0086-512-63...... Mar 13, Contact USD 50 

e 11693 China: We are looking for the df pumice stone for washing denim. Mar 11, Contact USD 20

e 11671 Vietnam: Quote CIF Ho Chi Minh City for PUMICE STONE. Our tel. no. is 84-879.....Mar 10, Contact USD 100

e 11568 Kuwait: We are manufacturers of concrete blocks would like to use PUMICE STONE to produce light weight concrete blocks. Please quote per / ton KUWAIT Delivery For 3/8 inch or any suitable size for block manufacturing. Mar 5, Contact USD 100

e 11537 China: We would like to import pumice stone from you. Could you please give us your detail price based on CNF XIAMEN?  Mar 4, Contact USD 50

e 11296 China: We are interested in pumice stone for our own use and supply to other factories in China. Our washing factory located in Guangdong, China. The requirements of pumice stone as:
1. The size : 2-3 cm.
2. Packing: Each bag around 25 KGS.
3. Loading : 40'HC about 1,000 bags to 1,50 bags.
4. Ordered qty : Each month 30 x 40'HC at start and qty will be increased to 200 containers that depends service and co-operation.
5. Payment: By Irr. L/C at sight in your favor. 
Pls quote us your very best FOB Surabaya price and the first shipment can be effected. Our phone no. is (852) 27......Feb 22, Contact USD 100 

e 11144 India: Please quote for Indonesian Pumice stone. We can buy a container load per month. Feb 14, Contact USD 100 

e 11026 Bangladesh: Please let me know prices of 2-3 sizes of pumice stone 20 ft container c&f. My cell no. is 880193.....Feb 9, Contact USD 40   

e 10730 Sri Lanka: We immediately need two FCLS (20 Ft each) Pumice stones for garment washing of sizes 
2 -3 cm and 3 - 5 cm. Please send us your best CIF Colombo price. Our phone no. is +94 11 55.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10667 USA: I would like to buy about 100 to 200 pieces near this 2x3 size pf pumice stone. These small pieces of pumice stones are used to clean diamond burs or bits when they become full of wood, or other material they have been carving. I am in WA 98023. Please quote. Jan 20, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10650 Bangladesh: We want Pumice Stone. I want per month 200 mt. The size is 1-2 and 2-3. Please provide us C & F (Chittagong) with details. Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 10334 Mexico: I am interested in pumice bricks. please quote with info such as method of transportation, the chemical composition of the brick and the graduation. My tel. no. is 0181834.....Jan 4, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10227 Bangladesh: We are an indenting house and commission agent in Chittagong, Bangladesh. One of our customer wants to import 1 FCL pumice stone for jeans washing. The stone size is 2-3cm. Kindly quote your best C&F prices by sea Chittagong indicating packing size, quantity of FCL lot etc.. Our contact no. is  880-31-6.....Dec 25, Contact USD 50 (open)

ID: e 10207 Bangladesh: I want Indonesian pumice stone 3 to 5 cm delivered to C&F Chittagong (ctg). 
Dec 23, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 10160 USA: Please tell me how to order a sample of each of the two grades of pumice stones you offer. I have a home-based soap and spa type business. Am looking for pumice stones approx. 3/4" up to 2" in size. Would prefer a more consistent grayish color. The economy grade may work for my purposes, but would want samples of each grade. I am in LA. My contact no. is 318-67......Dec 19, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9944 : Please quote for Pumice Stones. Dec 4, Contact USD 100 (open)  

e 9881 : I want Turkish pumice stones in blocks. Please quote. Nov 29, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 9747 Malaysia: Please quote for a 20' FCL 3-4 inches Pumice Stone CIF Pasir Gudang with specification, shipment prompt, payment L/C at sight. Our phone no. is 65-626.....Nov 21, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9705 Bangladesh: Please send price list of pumice stone use for jeans washing. Destination: Chittagoan - Bangladesh, Quantity : 40 feet container with 21-23 Kg bags in 3-5 inches sizes. Order Pattern: One Container amount will be ordered in every 20 days. Nov 19, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9392 India: We want Pumice Stones (White) from Turkey in 2 - 3 cm in size, order qty of one 40 ft container. Quote FOB TURKEY or CIF. Send us your details about qlty of stones & company profile. Oct 28, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9656: We are engaged in export of garment and also partner in a washing plant. We are interested to import
pumice stone for washing plant. Looking for Indonesian suppliers of Pumice stones. Nov 15, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9602 Egypt: We are a leading clothing company in Egypt. We are interested in buying a 20 - ft container of pumice stone. Nov 12, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9544 USA: Pumice Stones: I want to buy a large quantity of pumice for washing of jeans. I am in California. Looking for a distributor here. Nov 10, Contact Rs 1000 (open)

e 9538 India: Please quote for Indonesian Pumice Stones As per following details: Size: 5 x 7 qty. 1050 bags, full container load. Packing 25 kg bags Lombok printed in front. Quotes should be CIF Nhava Sheva Port. Payment against documents at sight. We require approx. 10 to 12 containers per year. Our contact no. is +91-22-309.....Nov 9, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9533 Pakistan: We are a trading co dealing with textile and garments industries. We are looking for good quality pumice stone size 2-4 cm. If you can supply good quality and huge quantity, please arrange to provide sample and quote price C & F Karachi. Our contact no. is 92-42-68.....Nov 9, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 9511 UK: I want average size of of pumice stone 2 - 5 cm and preferably dry. My contact no. is +44 1782 3.....Nov 6, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8973 Hong Kong: Please quote CNF Huangpu, China for Pumice Stone of size 2-3 cm in 20' HQ container and 40' container. Would you please also send your sample for our testing purpose. The stone is mainly for denim washing use. See pricelist 654.  Our phone no. is (852) 240.....Sept 22, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8947 China: Please quote for pumice stones. Our contact no. is 09532.....Sept 19, Contact USD 100

e 8913 China: We are interested in pumice stone for manicure purpose. Sept 17, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8878: Please quote for pumice stone from Turkey of size 2-3 or 3-4 cm. Sept 13, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8855 China: I want ten containers Turkey pumice stone with size of 3-5. Sept 12, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8828 USA: I would like to order pumice. I am a Horticulture Instructor. My contact no. is 530 22.....Sept 9, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8802 Thailand: We are in import and export company in Bangkok, Thailand. One of our customers has a dyeing factory for jeans and garment. We are looking for manufacturers of Pumice Stone for scouring and dyeing of jeans and cloths (washing denim). Could you please e-mail us pictures of your products, packaging and FOB prices soonest? Our tel. no. is 662 86.....Sept 6, Contact, USD 100 (open)

TR: e 8703 Syria: We are interested in importing Pumice stone from Turkey. We need the stone for stone wash of denim (jeans). Size: 5-7 cm. Packing: PP bags of 40kgs. Price: in US$ C&F Aleppo by train. Quantity: about 60MT. Payment as per suppliers terms. See ready stock 416. Our contact no. is 00963 21 22.....Aug 30, Contact USA 100 (open)

ID: e 8657 Vietnam: We want Pumice stone from Indonesia. See Pricelist 1021. Our contact no. is 84-9138.....Aug 27, Contact USD 100

e 8656 Bangladesh: We want to import some pumice stone. Size is 3-5Cm. Destination Port: Chittagong Port, Bangladesh. Our phone no. is 0088-031-8.....Aug 27, Contact USD 100

TR: e 8600 Singapore: We want Turkish pumice stone of size 3 - 5 cm, qty 2 - 3 container loads. Please quote with discounts. Can you give a sample of 1 bag? Aug 22, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8342 USA: Pumice Stone: I am looking for white / natural color pumice stone for USA market. I have a sample here with me. Pls let me know if you are interested, I can e-mail you the picture of the sample. Aug 5, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8181 Australia: Pumice Stone: We are setting up our operation in producing a panel for building purposes which is light and strong at the same time. We want info regarding information pumice stone that could help us with our setting up. July 28, Contact USD 50

e 8158 USA: I am interested in importing pumice stone to the United States. I would like to develop a manufacturer-distributor relationship. July 26, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8031 Syria: Pumice Stone: We are looking for to have regularly monthly transaction of pumice stone. Size is 4 - 5 cm which is used for Demin Washing. Qty will be 100/MT CIF Aleppo by train. Including our C. USD10/per M/T. Our tel. no. is  00963-21-23..... July 18, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8015 Bulgaria: Pumice Stone: We are a company dealing with cosmetics. We need pumice powder to include in our medicine soaps. We should appreciate details of your FOB price for this type of pumice stone, packing, minimum quantity per order, quantity in one Euro pallet (kg and m3) and safety data sheet. July 17, Contact USD 50 (open) 

e 7980 Bangladesh: Pumice Stone: We required 2-3 cm Turkish Pumice Stone. Quantity reqd. one 40 feet container for each and every month & 4-5 cm  40 feet Two container for each and every month. After considering the FOB prices at Chittagong, LC will be opened on monthly basis. Our tel. no. is 880-2-98....July 15, Contact USD 200. (open)

e 7819 Bangladesh: We want Pumice Stone - size 1-2 cm and 2-3 cm. Application - Garments washing. 
We are willing to buy from Turkey. We will buy immediately. We expect to finalize and place an order immediately. Please offer your most competitive price C&FC3% Chittagong by sea for FCL quantity of Pumice Stone as soon as possible. Our contact no. 880-2-98.....July 6, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7661 China: Pumice Stone: We want pumice stone about 60 -70 40’ containers every month from Indonesia to Shanghai port. Please give us CIF price. Also need samples or pictures for reference. If they are good we will open credit then give you shipping order for about 2-3 40’ in the first shipment. We now only need 10 to 15 40' every month in the beginning. In the cooperation between Indonesia and us, we are offered very suitable price, but some of our clients want pumice stone from Turkey. So we want you offer the price of: CIF SHANGHAI per ton accord with:
Product: Pumice stone
Origin: Turkey
Size: 2--3cm/3--5cm
Packing: Woven bag 60cmx100cm
Weight: +/- 25kgs/bag
Container: 40' load 1070 bags
According to our demand upwards, pls post samples to us, we will pay for the postage. As soon as the samples are approbated, we will book pumice stone about 2 to 3 40' containers and open the L/C. June 24, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7623 Singapore: Pumice Stone: We want pumice stone in 30x15x 2.5cm slabs. Monthly 3-4 x 20'containers are required. Please give us CNF Singapore price. June 21, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7570 USA: Pumice: Please email relevant information on pumice I represent a to be used a stone wash plant in California. June 18, Contact USD 100

e 7377 Vietnam: Pumice Stones: We want to import pumice stone from Turkey. Please offer at CIF Haiphong Port, Vietnam; Quantity: 01x 40" , Size: 1-2; 2-3; 3-5 cm. Please send us sample, we will make a decision after receive the sample and check quality. Our contact no. is 084-57.....June 4, Contact USD 100 

e 6983 Taiwan: Pumice stone: We are an importer of pumice stone and interested in 1-2cm Turkish pumice stone which is for snow wash or stone wash of fabrics with 25kgs bag palletized. Could you please quote us your best price on C&F Keelung. May 1, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 6748 Vietnam: I am a trader in Pumice stone. I would like 1 container size 3-5cm, color: white. Origin: Turkey. I want a price lower than USD 67/Ton FOB Mersin. Please quote with information on delivery schedule. We would also like to know time take to ship from Mersin port to Hochiminh Port, Vietnam. Which shipping company can delivery to Vietnam and how about their freight? April 16, Contact USD 100


ID: e 6524 Australia: Pumice: I want Pumice from Indonesia. Sizes I prefer are 300 x 300 x 8 or 10 mm, 450 x 450 x 10 or 12 mm. Full container per month at least. FOB price in USD. Payment terms. LC at sight. If you can crush to dust and 2 mm grade this is also required. See pricelist 1021. My contact no. is 
+ 61 8 944.....March 25, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6400 China: Pumice Stones: I want to know the details of pumice stone of your company.
1.size of pumice stone;
2.size of package : (1) size of package;
(2) net weight of dry pumice stone of each bag;
3.C&F Shanghai price (price of each bag or / Ton)
4.annual output of pumice stone of your company .
5.shipping schedule to Shanghai.
Please contact us at : TEL: 86-21-506......March 14, Contact USD 40 (open)

TR/ID: e 6346 a Pakistan: Pumice Stones: We are exporters of denim apparels in Pakistan. We require pumice stone. Please quote with freight charges of shipment (by air or by sea). Our requirements are round shaped pumice stone (white only) size should be min. 2 - 3 CM or max. 4 - 5 CM. Interested suppliers please send 10 kgs sample for trial. Tel +92 - 42 - 53......March 8, Contact See Offers USD 200

e 5838 Iran: Pumice Stone: Please email catalogue of your products. We want pumice stone for stone washing. Our contact no. is +98 218 3......Feb 3, Contact USD 200

e 5755 UK: I want pumice stone slab or block of 100cm x 100cm x approx 40cm. Looking for suppliers in Europe or UK. Jan 29, Contact

e 5701 Israel: Please quote FOB or CIF price for 2 - 3 cm size pumice stones. We will buy one FCL as a trial order. My budgeted price is USD 67/Ton. Quantity can reach a few FCLs / month. Payment can be cad, cash against documents. Order is urgent. See pricelist 654 for reference. My tel. no. is : +972-3-5......Jan 26, Contact USD 200

e 5586: Please quote FOB price for Pumice Stones of 0-15 & 0-20mm to be used in construction industry. Qty. 100000 tons / annum in shipments of 30000 tons. Could you also provide us with an indicative price for the shipping to Northern Europe. Also send us specification sheet including density, etc. Jan 18, Contact  
US$ 200

e 5185 USA: Pumice: I want pumice for garment abrasion finish. Please send price list and your minimum purchase order. Dec 12, Closed

TR: e 5117 Vietnam: We want pumice stone of size 2-3 cm, 3-5 cm and 5-7cm. We are using product of Indonesia. Now we want pumice stone from Turkey. Please quote an appropriate rate as we find FOB Mersin USD 67.00 / Ton too high and let us know price of shipment for 1x20" and 1x40" container to the destination port (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). Dec 7, Contact USD 100

e 5001 Vietnam: I am a trader in Pumice stone. Currently, I have an inquiry for Pumice stone from Turkey. Size: 1-2cm/ 3-5cm. I want a price lower than USD 67/Ton FOB Mersin. Please quote with information on delivery schedule. We would also like to know time take to ship from Mersin port to Hochiminh Port, Vietnam? - Which shipping company can delivery to Vietnam and how about their freight? - I would like to payment by D/P, is it O.K by you? Nov 28, Contact USD 100

e 4803 India: We are leading garment exporter in India and we cater to major labels in USA as well EUROPE. We consume 250 tons of Pumice stones a year. Please quote. Nov 14, Contact, See Offers
USD 100

e 4769 Pakistan: We are an indenting company. We want Pumice Stones 3-5 cm from Turkey. We need it for denim washing. We need one FCL 40' on C+FC10% Jordan. This will be our regular requirement. Our contact no. is 00-92-21-241.....Nov 12, Contact USD 100

e 4741 India: We are importers looking to the large sector of Textile Industries requiring PUMICE STONE. Please quote with delivery schedule. Nov 11, Contact USD 100

e 4438 USA: I want pumice stones. I don't need a lot but would like to have them made in certain sizes and shapes. Like a 6" x 2" x 3" blocks. Oct 15, Contact USD 20

e 4173 USA: I want pumice stone in a small pieces of 6" x 3". What is the cost per stone? I need it for cleaning pool tile at wholesale pricing. Delivery will be in Palm Springs, California. I do not know what quantity as of yet, I just need to find a supplier in the US to buy bulk. Sept 17, Contact US $ 50

e 4024 India: I want 5-7 cm pumice stones for garment processing industry. Preferred country will be Indonesia. Destination will be Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai/ India. Purchase date will be immediate for one container. Sept 2, Contact, See Offer, US $ 100 / Rs. 5000 

e 3998 USA: Please quote pumice or lava foam. I'm having a hard time finding it here in San Diego, CA. I want it for growing palms. Aug 30, Contact Free 

e 3855 USA: landscape: I need several large pieces of different kinds of volcanic rock / pumice / igneous / obsidian etc from different regions of the world. Aug 17, Contact US $ 20

e 3257 Israel: Landscape: I want Pumice for agricultural purposes - about 3-5 mm (3/8 inch) in diameter. About 80 liters quantity to be shipped to Rehovot, Israel. June 25. Contact US $ 10.