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October 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for  Zimbabwe Stones  

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Year 2006

e 10468 Vietnam : We are a construction company. We are looking for a company who can supply us composite marble stone for buildings. We are in Hanoi . Our tel. no. is +84.912.1.....Jan 10, Contact USD 50 (open)  

e 20702 CROATIA : I NEED SLABS OF BLACK GRANITE 310 X180 X 10 & 310 X 180 X 8 NERO ASOLUTO, ZIMBABVE, ETC. Telephone: 0038512...... May 29 Contact

e 19925 Italy : We are interesting of nero zimbabwe and red africa stock slabs 2cm, Blocks big sizes. mobile 00393395......March 1 Contact

e 19430 USA : I am a project manager for a large General Contractor in the United States . We have been contracted to building a large restaurant and I am looking for Zimbabwe Black Granite Stone, for flooring. Do you have any information on how I go about purchasing this, what the delivery time is and a cost per square foot?  Phone: 617-62.....Jan 11 Contact 

e 19379 Argentina : Send me information and price block Black Zimbabwe by m3. Tel / fax 0054-351-47......Jan 4 Contact 

Year 2005

e 18166 Argentina : Please quote for Blocks of Nero Zimbabwe. Tel / fax 0054-351-470-343..... July 20 Contact

e 18131 China : Please quote us your material Zimbabwe black block. Our telephone no. is 86.755.274.....July 17 Contact

e 18068 Turkey : Please send me all granite price for CIF for port of ISTANBUL . Our firm marble production and Granit storage in Turkey . We need 2 thicknesses Granit slabs about 20 000sqm per year. Granite List: Rosa Porino, Rosa Beta, Bianco Sardo, Rosa Minho, Coral Mist, African Red Dark, Rosa Balmoral, Capao Bonito, Carmen Red, Nero Zimbabwe, Rosawell, Silver White, Tan brown, Hassan Green, Giallo Series, And other Granite Slabs. Tel: +90 212 29.....July 11 Contact 

e 17593 Australia : Please be advised that I am enquiring about availability and price of 1 full container each of Rustenburg & Zimbabwe Black 20mm Polished slabs. My telephone number is 61 3955.....May 4 Contact 

e 17039 USA : Retail: We very much love the look of honed granite but are absolutely terrified of getting them installed in our new kitchen. The absolute black we are looking at comes from Zimbawbe and is supposedly more durable. We have tried to pick out another granite (unhoned) but shiny granite on white countertops looks like a hotel! Please suggest with quotes. Mar 5. Contact

e 16579 New Zealand : I am looking at importing Zimbabwean granite to the New Zealand market. Please may you supply me with the following information like: Quantity, sizes and types of material. Please may you put me trhough Zimbabwean or South African supplier.Jan 22, Contact

  Year 2004

e 16014 Switzerland: Please quote for African red from Zimbabwe large slabs H 2.50m x B 1,40 thickens 3 cm, 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm 12cm 14cm and as can I order. I have different products in China ordered however always. My tel. no. is 0041 76 58.....  Dec 12, Contact

e 15556 Australia: I require 2 containers of Zimbabwe slabs, 2cm and 3cm. Slab sizes 270cm x 130cm or greater. I am only interested in premium quality. Nov 11, Contact 

e 15371 Czech Republic : Please send offer for black granite as NERO ZIMBABWE AFRICA . We need it for tombstones. Dimension: 300 x 150 x 6 cm and 300 x 150 x 3 cm. CIF THESSALONIKI or KAVALA - Seaports in GREECE . Send me your quotation for one container (one truck, 21 MT) for the beginning. If you have this granite and good offer we can start business immediately. My tel / fax:+4205452.....Oct 28, Contact   

e 15201 China : Looking for some granite blocks producers in Norway , Zimbabwe , South Africa , Turkey , India , etc. Oct 15, Contact 

e 15111 Israel : We want 170up x 250up x2cm Chinese granite slabs of Misty Dusk, G603, G623, ZH-G012b, ZH-G011, ZH-G002, 
ZH-G024, AFG40, G640. South African granite slabs: Rustenburg Dark, Rustenburg light, Stargate, Berseba, Black Satin, Zimbabwe Black, Nero Africa, Marlin Black, Belfast , Nero Assoluto Belfast, Impala Black, Born Acord, African Black. Our tel. no. is 0097-28-28.....Oct 9, Contact

e 14965 Portugal : Please forward us details of suppliers of Zimbabwe granite. We are interested in acquiring black granite blocks. Our tel. no. is +351-259 3.....Sept 28, Contact

e 14907 Yugoslavia : Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14906 Australia : Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14904 Saudi Arabia : Kindly send me pictures of Zimbabwe granite and the colors. Also forward sizes of the blocks. Please quote cif Dammam or Jeddah port. Sept 24, Contact

e 14901: Please provide details of granite blocks from Zimbabwe , size and quality. Sept 24, Contact  

e 14887 Spain : Please quote for Black Zimbabwe blocks. Kindly let me have your best price CFR Vigo and a block list. Our tel. no. is +34 986 2.....Sept 23, Contact

e 14886 Portugal : Please send your offer for Zimbabwean granite blocks with images. Sept 23, Contact

e 14885 USA : Please quote for Zimbabwean granite with images. Sept 23, Contact

14847 UK : I am looking for kitchen work tops all 30 mm thickness free lengths exceeding 2500mm in length x 650mm width polished pencil round to 1 long edge. Colours are nero zimbawe, baltic brown, blue pearl, emerald pearl, bianco sardo, kashmir yellow. Price for mixed container. Approx prices for delivery to England Sept 21, Contact


e 14612 Bahrain : Looking for a supplier of Nero Zimbabwe granite in the gulf. Our tel. no. is +973 178..... Sept 6, Contact 

e 14315 UK : I am looking for the following granite slabs. Dimensions are: 
1). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 3000 mm length
2). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 2400 mm length
3). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 2000 mm length
4). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 1600 mm length
All the following granites in quantities of 10 each (so there will be 40 pieces of each granite as 4 different lengths are required)
Angola Black, Nero Black, Baltic Brown, Verdi Tropical, Blue Pearl, Paradiso, Bon Accord, White Crystal, Emerald Pearl, St. John's Red, Giallo Veneziano, Ubatuba Green, Kashmir White, Ivory Brown, Multicolour Red, Zimbabwe Black, Rosa Porino, Columbo Juperana, Rosa Sardo, Blue Pearl Marina, Luna Pearl, Star Galaxy. 
I am an independent trader supplying to local British Markets ( United Kingdom ). I need the deliveries before Christmas 2004 and starting in October 2004. 
40% in October 2004, 30% in November 2004 and 30% in December 2004 (before 20 December). I need the quote delivered to United Kingdom port. In case you quote FOB, the an close estimate of shipping costs to United Kingdom port. Deliveries/shipment must be insured for travel until it reaches to its destination in UK
All UK taxes are my responsibility. My contact information is +44-1296-4......Aug 19, Contact

e 14313 USA : I am looking for some information on the Granite Juparana Ivory Gold, Madura Gold and Absolute Black (from Zimbabwe ). I am in CA. My tel. no. is 213-62.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14052: Looking for black zimbabwe . Please quote with sample. l am looking to buy 20 tons if the price is right. Aug 6, Contact

e 13983 Ireland : We are interested in importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. My contact info. is 00-353-61-4.....Aug 3, Contact  

e 13671 USA : Retail: Could you please give me some information on absolute black with a wire brush finish (Zimbabwe Black). I need to know if it will hold up well for a kitchen countertop and if it should be sealed, impregnated or what. I am in Texas . July 19, Contact   

e 13618 Oman : Please quote for all Saudi granites slabs, polished and unpolished and their sizes. We are importers of different types and sizes of granites and marbles from different countries. We buy slabs and we cut them as per demands of our customers. We also need Angola and Zimbabwe black granite slabs of different sizes like 240 x 120 with different thickness, polished and unpolished and the cost including the shipment. July 16, Contact

e 11908 Egypt : We want pricing of Zimbabwe black granite, Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe , Absolute black Indian and black Galaxy. I want a distinct pricing for each with the following requirements: 
We want it cut into Tiles of size(40*80*3 cm) and (40*80*2 cm)
We want 7000 meter square of (C 600 polished) tiles+ 1000 meter square of (C 800 polished) tiles
We want to ask about the pricing of charging the enquiry to both Cairo/Egypt and to Athens/Greece
We are in Cairo and our tel. no. is 2023......Mar 26, Contact

ZW: e 11896 Egypt : Please quote 500 cubic meter of double black marble from Zimbabwe . Quote FOB. My phone no. is 002-010-15.....Mar 25, Contact  

e 11719 Ireland : We are interested in Importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. Our contact no. 00-353-61-4.....Mar 13, Contact   

e 11189 USA : Want 4 cm black absolute slabs from Zimbabwe . Feb 17, Contact  

ZW: e 10738 Germany : I am trying to source sand stone blocks in Zimbabwe for the building of a house in South Africa . My contact no. is +49 0622 77.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)  

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