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October 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Russia. 

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Year 2006

e 21483 Russia ; Our company is interested in purchase of marble NERO BELGIO, NERO MARQUINA, IRAN M225:
1. 60*60*2 cm polished tiles 1500 m2
2. H=3 cm polished slabs 1500 m2
Inform please an opportunity of delivery, term of manufacturing and the price for a tiles and slabs. tel. +7 495 22......Oct 2 Contact

e 21414 Russia : One of our clients have grate interest in delivery of 5000 m2 of granite Imperial Gold dark. Tile size 400x600x20 mm, polished. Please, give me the prices and terms of delivery. Tel: + 7 4922 3......Sept 19 Contact

e 21267 Russia : Our company is involved into general construction and finishing works with natural stones on the market of Saint-Petersburg and entire North-West region of Russia .
We are interested in SERPEGGIANTE: dull and polished slabs *2/ *3 and tiles: 305*305*10 / *20 & 300*600*20 / *30.
It would be so kind, if you could send me your full quotation on your products, terms or delivery, and minimum order. tel/fax: +7 (812) 33.....Aug 25 Contact  

e 21266 Russia : We are interested in AZUL CASCAIS, dull and polished slabs *2/ *3 and tiles: 305*305*10 / *20, 300*600*20 / *30. It would be so kind, if you could send me your
full quotation on your products, terms or delivery, and minimum order. tel/fax: +7 (812) 33.....Aug 25 Contact

e 21111 Russia : We are looking for stone-cutting equipment, with specific dimensions:
Diameter of Disc: 650mm
Revolutions per minute: 1400 rpm
Power: 4 kW; 400Wolt
Cutting depth: 250 mm (10 inch)
Dimensions: 19550х 800х 870 mm (770 x 315 x 343 inch)
Weight: 190 kg (418lb). Phone/fax: +7-812-71.....July 24 Contact

e 21090 Russia : Please give us the price for LANVINGE STONE and VILLEBOIS STONE. We have a project (Resident House) near Moscow-Russia. Tel. +7 495 96.....July 20 Contact

e 20874 Russia : We are interested in French Limestone that looks more yellow-beige respect of Beaumaniere on your web site ready stock 484. Could you advise me if you have just "Limestone French" slabs of Italian origin? June 20 Contact

e 20167 Russia : We are interested in the following granites:
Kerala White, Madhuhugri White, Lillet, Sivakasi Gold, Madura Gold, Vyara, Ivory Chiffon. The sizes 400*400*20. We will be very grateful to you if you reply very soon as the order is extremely urgent. Telephone: +7 8312 3..... March 28 Contact

e 20036 Russia : We would like to make an order of your marble and granite boards for our building projects. We would be grateful, if your  representative, skilled in English or Russian, will contact with us by phone: +7 4232 2.....Could you please, send a catalogue of you production?  March 14 Contact

e 19911 Russia : I are a group of Russian investors who are investigating an opportunity to open a new natural stone trading business in Moscow , Russian Federation . Our investors have an experience in wholesale and retail business in Russia for more then 10 years and now are looking for the new markets. We are looking at the natural stone market for a reason that it is dynamic and growing quite fast. 
First of all, we would like to learn about your prices and logistic terms. The list of items, we are interested in is attached
Let me also inform you about our expected buying patterns. We are interested in annual sale of 100000 square meters of slabs and tiles as minimum. We expect that split between slabs and tiles would be 40% / 60%. We also expect that we will buy granite tile in May-June, while the rest of the product line uniformly over a year. We prefer cargo to be delivered to Moscow by tracks. 
If you think that we could be a proper partner for you in this business would you, please, provide us with an information on your prices on goods at stock, cost and terms of delivery to Moscow , and possible terms of payment. March 1 Contact

e 19790 Russia : We want to buy marble tiles "Crema Marfil" 30.5x30.5x1cm, polished 500m2. Tel: +7-495-72.....Feb 19 Contact 

e 19704 Russia : Our company is interesting to buy the jerusalem stone. We are interesting on FOB prices on different kinds of jerusalem stone which we can use outside with winter temperatures till - 27 degrees. Feb 10 Contact

e 19697 Russia : We asks you to consider an opportunity of manufacturing and delivery to Moscow :
1. Granite "Imperial White", the size 800х800х20 mm. In quantity of 9000 m.
2. Granite "Absolute Black", the size 1000х600х30 mm. In quantity of 1000 m.
Specify, please, the prices and term of delivery up to Moscow . Tel: +7(495) 10..... Feb 9 Contact

e 19653 Russia : We are interested to by different machines to processing of granite. Please, send us yours catalogs and price lists for your production. Tel: 7 351 77.....Feb 5 Contact 

Year 2005

e 19043 Russia : We are interested in quartzite. What kind of quartzite do you have? We need brazilian, if it is possible please send to photos and what size you can cut? Dec 1 Contact

e 18960 Russia: We are interested to buy used excavator HITACHI EX200 or equivalent, crawler-mounted, 1995-1999 years, bucket 1m3-1.025m3 in very good condition after work over. Price on ex-warehouse, DAF Russian boarder, С&F Novorossiysk port (the Black Sea) or better CPT Kazan city ( Russia ) terms. Tell./fax: +7 8553 2.....Nov 22 Contact 

e 18916 Russia : I am looking for Indian "Black Jet" Granite Tiles (600x300x20mm). I need to buy CIF port Novorossiysk Russia . I want to work with Indian firm, who has office in Dubai or Sharjah - U.A.E.  Nov 18 Contact

e 18819 Russian: Looking for a Korean company to deal with marble & granite business. Nov 7 Con

e 18817 Russia : Our company looking for the reliable supplier of light colored pumice stone to use as a lightweight aggregate for decorative concrete. Our requirements: annual interest – approx. 20000 cubic meters, calibers 2-5 mm, shipment destination – Russian Federation , Moscow region. In case of your interest in future cooperation, please let us know: basic technical characteristics, chemical composition, packaging 
shipment conditions, your best prices. Tel/Fax: 7-095-13......Nov 7 Contact 

e 18778 Russia : I need 550M2 Black Granite (600x300x15mm). I think you can load 550 m2 tile in 20 feet heavy duty container. The Net   weight - 26050 kgs and Gross Weight will be 27800-000 kgs. this is acceptable weight. Send me price CIF Novorossiysk port with Insurance Policy cover for 110% value of invoice value from your factory to my port address. Send me please your invoice and standard contract. I hope on long-term work with you. Later we will speak about Slabs and Monuments.  
This is a list of documents necessary for Russia`s custom in Novorossiysk: 
1.Contract (specification statement=Tiles,Monuments,Slabs. Condition-CIF and payment terms)
2.Invoice (specification statement, condition(CIF), payment terms, reference on contract.
3.List of packing(quantity of place, weight nett, weight gross, description of packing)
4.Export Declaration( original or copy but will be assure)
5.Price list (EXW = in your factory)
6.Certificate origin form A. Tel. +7(8772)5......Nov 1 Contact 

e 18007 Russia : Earthmoving machinery: Our company is interesting in buying of used dozer (KOMATSU D375A). Our tel. no. is +7(4232)6.....July 6 Contact

e 17868 Russia : We are stone processing company in Russia . We need the prices from the possible suppliers from China for the diamond segments for the solid granite cutting. Tel. (34-22) 2......June 14 Contact

e 17812 Russia : Earthmoving Machine: We'd like to ask you to inform us about the technical condition and undercarriage wear of the bulldozers Komatsu D375A. Please send us the information about engine makes, the number of times it was repaired, photos of the units and undercarriage itself. Phone/Fax: (+7 8312)7.....June 6 Contact

e 17776 Russia : We are greatly interested in Pebbles (crushed pebble, marble chips) with sharp adages. Different colors: Grey, red, white, light brown, green, yellow, and sizes: 1.0-1.5mm; 1.5-3.0mm. And we are looking for a long business relationship. Tel. 11 (3912) 4.....June 1 Contact

e 17090 Russia : Please quote for granite / marble tiles. Mar 14 Contact   

e 17088 Russia : We produce granite and marble monuments in Russia . Looking for granite and marble sellers from Bulgaria , Poland , Germany , Italy , Sweden , Holland . Mar 14 Contact   

e 17067 Russia : We produce goods from natural marble and granite. Merging several factories that were successful on the market for 5 to 15 years formed the company. We have modern production facilities with spacious storage areas, and numerous and steady clientele in the private as well as the state businesses. 
We offer to take part in one of the company's projects - permanent exhibition of natural stone. We hope you'd be interested, as this would allow you to promote your products on the Russian market, and make your trademark known in Russia . We want the following:
To buy one container of Chinese granites with various types of stones (several plates of the same type of stone)
To get the same assortment and quantity for stone for sale 
If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to contact us and discuss the conditions. Mar 10 Contact  

e 16632 Russia : I represent the Russian design studio. We make exclusive design projects of private cottages, apartments, restaurants, etc. At present we are looking for factories in China which are mining different types of natural marble and granite. We would like to know the price range for these stones. Our tel. no. is +7 (095) 74.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16536 Russia : We are constructing a shopping mall. On the façade of this building we have 1500 sqm granite stone façade cladding. 
Our phone number is +7 911 3.....Reqd. stone is Blue Pearl GT. Needed in 75 days to be on site in St. Petersburg Russia . We want to import the stone from Norway . Surface polished. Shade variation minimum. Thickness of the stone 20 mm. Please send an urgent price offer including all of your import, packing conditions etc. Jan 20, Contact

Year 2004  

e 15824 Russia : We are interested in Granite. We need about 16000 m2, size 60 x 60, thickness 20 mm polish. All the variants of grey color.
And if it possible to take order from you by train? Please quote. My tel. no. is +7 095 98.....Nov 30, Contact

e 15583 Russia : Please send your price and the catalogue of production in the field of deliveries of a natural stone. Nov 12, Contact

e 15362 Russia : We need for our construction 700 sq m. granite - New Imperial Red 300 х 600 х 15. Please e-mail us your price for it and for other productions. Our tel. no. is (3512) 7..... Oct 27, Contact

e 15314 Russia : We would like to buy three 2-4 years old (2000 - 2002) used CAT 330. Please inform if you have such excavators and advise us your Stock's price or CFR Vladivostok. We are planning to visit Japan in the begin of November. Tel/fax: 7 4236 6.....Oct 23, Contact

e 15267 Russia : We are a building/trading company from Russia . We want to buy granite tiles. The size should be 170*50*2 cm. We need about 1000 pieces. It should be step tiles, if possible (like on picture 6041_054ct.jpg) but it is not necesary. The supplier should be from South East China. My tel. no. is (+7 3832) 3......Oct 19, Contact 

e 15188 Russia : Looking for supplier of ceramic granite panels 600x600x10mm. Oct 14, Contact

e 15153 Russia : Please send price list on perlite. We also would like to know if you supply crude perlite. Oct 12, Contact 

e 14636 Russia : We are interested to buy pumice stones 3-5 cm for stone washing 20'-40' FCL monthly. Please quote prices FOB Istambul, Destination Moscow via Novorossisk port, Payment L\C, C\D. Our tel. no. is +7 095 24.....Sept 7, Contact 

e 14534 Russia : Please let me know if you have these components for DEMAG excavator model H241 A:
90-6907-1/01 (I have also this code: 957645) (this part should be a radiator)
178-1925-1/01 and this one should be an hydraulic plastic tube. I hope that codes and description are right.
My tel. no. is 007/095/72.....Aug 31, Contact

e 14169 Russia : We would like to order marble from Turkey . Aug 12, Contact

e 14129 Russia : Our company is occupied on natural stone, tiles, mosaic etc. We are interested in stone with title " LIMOGES ". Aug 11, Contact

e 13451 Russia : Quarrying machines: We are interested in natural stones (Granite, marble, travertine) and blocks cutting machines. We need block cutting machines in quarries, that can be used in places where water supply is problem (it can cut dry) by the way machines can be new and used. If you have above mentioned machines we are ready to buy or barter for our stones. July 6, Contact  

e 13014 Russia : We are interested in travertine blocks in the volume indicated in the attached tentative specification. Could you quote your price FOB Iran . If you offer us some other scheme of delivery (payment-speed concerned) we would gladly consider. Is cash terms of payment preferable with you? We can visit you immediately after we receive your quotes. Are the materials indicated in the specification available or there would be needed some preliminary preparatory work (such as collection)? Our tel. no. is + 7(095)74.....June 10, Contact  

e 12941 Russia : We are building a retire home for old people. At the moment we are looking for the supplier of marble (or some other kind of natural stone). The purpose is that the floor at Lobby of our house is planed to be in marble or another natural stone. The area is about 200 square meters. Please send price listOur tel. no. is (+7 095) 74.....June 3, Contact

e 12539 Russia : We find the information on your web-site for silicone carbide. We want Black & Green silicone carbide according pricelist 1225. May 7, Contact USD 50 

e 11218 Russia : Looking for a supplier of Bianco Carrara C. About 500 sqm. Feb 18, Contact

TR: e 11015 Russia : We are located in , Sain-Petersburg, at the moment we need about 5 tones of ROSSO LEVANTO marble in blocks and about 50 sqm of ROSSO LEVANTO marble in slabs 2000 x 1500 x 30 mm., manufactured from the same part of quarry. Please quote with photos. Our phone number +781227.....Feb 8, Contact  

e 10969 Russia : We are a Russian group of companies that deals with roofing materials. At the present moment we are very much interested in roofing Slate material. Please, let us know what kinds of slate material and price CIF (port of destination Saint Petersburg ) you can suggest for our company. If there is a possibility to send us free samples it'd be fine. What' s the colour available? Period of delivery? CIF price port of destination is Haminna ( Finland )? Our tel. no. is +007(095) 96..... Feb 5, Contact  

e 10877 Russia : Diamond Tools: We need segments for core bits. Preferable price in St-Petersburg ( Russia ) is USD 1.5 - 2 / piece. Jan 31, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 10670 Russia : We need ceramics floor tiles. The size 30 x 30, 40 x 40 are necessary for us. Volume of 20000 sqm a month. Please quote with terms and conditions. Our phone no. is 7 3952 2.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN: e 10577 Russia : We are the company in Saint-Petersbourg. Our director is going in business-trip to visit India in February to have a clear idea of Indian stones, quarries and companies and to make an order of marble and granite from companies situated in Delhi State , Rajasthan State , Chennai City and Mumbai City
He mostly interesting in marble, onyx and granite slabs (1200x2400x20 & 30mm) with beautiful and rare colours (not green colour), beautiful mosaic and art products from bronze. 
If you can send to us your contact information and catalogue to have a clear idea of your company we would be very grateful. tel. (812) 32.....Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)

Year 2003


CA/RU/IR: e 8705 Korea: We are looking for reliable suppliers of Nephrite Jade and Onyx from the whole over the world. To help you and the supplier understand our requirements exactly, we would like to provide you with the following information.
Slab Size Specification : 720 x 870 x 20mm
Application : Home Furniture
One side should be polished but bevelling not needed.
Also wanted Onyx in Orange or Yellow and Green color. 
Marble: (1) India: Emerald Green, Fancy Forest, Golden Green (2) Taiwan : Light Green (3) Ethiopia : Sabian Multicolor (4) Guatemala : Verde Mare, Verde Saltan, Verde Quetzal (5) China : Moss Green (6) Turkey : Teknonix
Granite: (1) Australia : Sydney Green, Forest Green (2) Canada : Abyss Green, Peribonka, Prairie Green (3) China: Evergreen 1 & 2, Jade green (4) Colombia : Sahara (5) India : Verde Fiorito, Hassan green, Yak (6) Iran: Pi Granite, G531 (7) Taiwan : Green Butterfly
4 pieces of the stones will be used as one set and therefore at least the colors of 4 pieces should be same and consistent. But the colors of remaining stones should be same or very similar. Any hairline crack or other ugly colors will not be accepted. If the prices are acceptable to us, we will need actual samples to check up the quality. And the quality is ok, we will visit the supplier to place an order. The inspection will be done by us before shipment. Basically we do need the jades of Canada and/or Russia and the Onyx of Iran. But those of other countries could be fine provided the quality and quantity could meet our requirements. Price, FOB any port of the supplier country. In case of the nephrite jade, please quote as per grades A, B, C or in other way to show the differences ,and we would appreciate it if the supplier could e-mail us the photo of each grade of the stone to see the quality. This is very important. 
Quantity depends on the quality and price. But if the quality and prices are good, the quantity will be one 20 foot container load per each stone at regular base. If the foregoing sizes are not available, please let us know the possible sizes. In the meantime, if they could produce the bigger sizes, it will be welcomed. Aug 30, Contact USA 100 (open)

e 8511 Russia: Let us know the price for the granite block around 6 m3. (2.5-3 x 1.5 x 1.5 m) at the terms FOB Norway and CIF Kaliningrad. We also would like to know if you have the warehouse system (if you keep products in stock) and how does the prices differ depending of the volume of the orders. 
Our tel/fax +7 0112 4.....Aug 14, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8377 Russia: I want to buy 70 sqm ROSA ELNASSER. What will be the weight of this quantity? Aug 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

RU: e 7019 USA: I want a stone from the St. Petersburg area called scagliola, Serpentinite. Please let me know the availability, size of the slab and cost. May 3, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6765 USA: I want 2500 sqm of green granite for a construction project. Size reqd. is 32mm polished typically 1500 x 800mm to match Verde Fontein from Russian Federation quarry. We are bidding a construction product and are looking for a Russian granite matching Verde Fontein. Happy to talk to any serious supplier but it must meet the criteria ie Russian source granite close color match to Verde Fontein 32mm thick approx 2500 panels. April 17, Contact USD 400

e 6494 Russia: We are in the construction industry for the last 10 years. We need marble & granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Please quote. Our contact no. is 7-4236-6......For us preferred seller located in north China.  March 23, Contact USD 40 (open)

PK/IR: e 6445 Russia: Please send me your general price lists for all types of stones from Pakistan, Iran or a nearby country which can deliver till Moscow with affordable prices. We want your price list with delivery till moscow we are already working with some companies but we are not satisfied with their accuracy in cutting stones and timely delivery, etc. March 19, Contact USD 20 (open)

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