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  September  2006
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This page lists Sandblasting Inquiries. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

Year 2006

e 20349 USA: My business is completely based on grass markers. Two ft, by one ft. by four inches. I would like to get a pricelist for Georgia gray, barre grey, north American pink, jet black, academy black, Dakota mahogany, Salisbury pink, blue pearl, and green pearl flush markers. I would also like to know what the quantities in which they are shipped are going to be. I also want to know what the prices would be on a pneumatic sandblaster, and compressor, a rubber plotter and computer programs, and shot for blasting. April 14 Contact

Year 2005

e 18639 USA: Looking into sandblasting machine for final inscriptions. Should be mobile, portable unit low in price. Phone number: 972-96.....Oct 19 Contact    

e 17694 Nigeria: Can you give me the price of Air Compressor pumps for sand blasting. Tel +234 1 2......May 16 Contact 

e 17359 Canada: Request information on sandblasting equipment for cutting stone for local Funeral Chapels. Would require portable equipment as some work is in remote areas. Prefer Canadian supplier. Tel: 306-86.....Apr 9 Contact

e 17342: Require information on sandblasting stone with die cut lettering supplied by others. Require size and availability of portable equipment. Apr 7 Contact


e 16563 Philippines: Please furnish us quote and samples for Garnet Sand Mesh, grade B, grit # 20 - # 40 for use in sandblasting. Please mention lead time for a twenty footer container order. Our tel. no. is 6332-34.....Jan 21, Contact

Year 2004

e 15877: Please quote for a sandblasting machines and air compressors. Dec 2, Contact

e 15867 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in starting a business in monuments and other stone engraving work. I am looking for information of manufacturers of equipment such as lasers, sandblasting precision equipment, layout equipment and related required equipment for engraving soft and hard stone. Dec 2, Contact

e 14810 USA: Monuments: I would like to have information, price lists and catalogs sent to me regarding blank funerary stone products. I am looking for suppliers for my small scale engraving business. I will be requiring between 20 and 50 pieces a month, I would prefer to have suppliers from within the USA or Mexico. Also please quote for used sand blasting and sublimation equipment. Sept 18, Contact

e 12888 USA: Please provide info on sandblasting machines and air compressors of all sizes available for sale. We are in Florida. May 31, Contact

e 11151 USA: Please quote for sandblasting machines. Feb 15, Contact

e 10385 USA: I would like to start monument business. I am searching for all the information and cost on machinery such as lasers, sandblasters, granite slabs and etc. I am also looking for someone to teach me how to use the sandblaster. Jan 7, Contact

e 9741 USA: I am a monumental letter cutter. Please quote for sandblasting machine. I need one that is portable so that I can take to the job for example the cemeteries. Prefer one with trailer. Nov 21, Contact

e 9468 USA: Factory Machinery: I am interested in a cheap and a small portable unit that could be used for sandblasting small to medium sized old Pot Belly Stoves and such. Nov 3, Contact

e 8721 India: Machinery: We require a shot / sandblasting machines and air compressors of 30 h.p. Also need Marble Gangsaws  of 80 blades, Stone line polishing machines, block and slab cutter. Sept 1, Contact