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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Singapore. 

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Year 2006

e 21214 Singapore : We may require some stones and pebbles for a project in Singapore and would appreciate if you can provide some photos of available material perhaps from Malaysia and also their indicative prices for our consideration. The following are brief details of the material required:
a) Mix:
70% 35mm - 50mm rounded river pebbles.
30% 50mm - 75mm rounded river pebbles.
b) 200mm x 200mm x 150mm angular natural rock boulders.
c) 300mm – 400mm rounded river boulders.
d) 500mm x 500mm x 300mm angular natural rock boulders.
The stones and pebbles are required for the landscaping of a water channel within a gully system and several ponds. Tel: 648......Aug 14 Contact

e 20128 Singapore : We are a natural stones supplier in Singapore . We are presently in need of pebble stones from Indonesia . Size are 70 to 120mm in diameter. We can buy in full container load 20'. Please quote your best quote in C&F Singapore Port. Mobile +65-938.....Shipment if confirmed is 1 x 20' Container C&F Singapore Port. March 23 Contact

e 19562 Singapore : Please quote us your best price CIF to for Travertine Noche for an approx. 600 to 800m2. Tel : 65-636.....Jan 24 Contact

e 19532 Singapore : Is there still supply of Santoni Limestone in either acid wash or flamed finish? If there is may I have the name of these suppliers for a condominium we are doing in. Tel: +65.622.....Jan 20 Contact 

Year 2005

e19099 Singapore : Looking for Komatsu forklift 3 to 4 tons, low hours, model above 98 year, need 2 units urgently and D7G pipe (spare part). Tel: 0065-963.....Dec 6 Contact

e 18724 Singapore : We would be pleased if you could quote us the price of the sand & gravel for sand filters. The size and the quantities required are as follows: 
0.4 - 0. 8 mm - 8300 kg
2 - 3.15 mm - 1000 kg
3.15 - 5.6 mm - 1000 kg
Kindly give us your quotation together with technical data sheet of the sand & gravel on 26.10.2005 or 27.10.2005 as early as possible. The quotation must include transportation charges for delivery to Singapore . TEL: +65 673..... Oct 26 Contact

e 18720 Singapore : Earthmoving Machine: Please help me to find 2 units of MST2600 machine urgently. Tel. 0065-963.....Oct 25 Contact  

e 18571 Singapore : Could you let us know how many colour and how many size of pumice sand you have? The coverage per meter square and price?   Oct 9 Contact 

e 18558 Singapore : We would like to use your absolute black granite for Singapore hotel project. Oct 7 Contact

e 18406 Singapore : Please quote for earthmoving machinery as displayed in ready stock 566. Tel: 675.....Sept 8 Contact

e 18261 Singapore : We are in the business of selling natural stones for projects and for distribution. We are looking at importing Solnhofen in random shape on a regular basis. Kindly quote to us the price for one container of the Solnhofen and advise the delivery lead time. Tel : +65-689.....Aug 4 Contact

e 18228 Singapore : Please send more info for stone for walls. Tel : 65-636.....July 30 Contact

e 18013 Singapore : Earthmoving machinery: Please quote CIF Singapore for 2 unit CAT 980C. Tel: 65-675.....July 6 Contact

e 17975 Singapore : Please quote us supply of 8 nos. 500mm diameter granite balls for a potential project in Singapore . July 3 Contact 

e 17934 Singapore : We are sourcing for natural stones products from Indonesia . Items include marble slabs, tiles and carved items like sandstones, etc. Hardscape natural stones are also in the list of items we want to buy. Please give more info of the suppliers details and websites. June 28 Contact

e 17856 Singapore : Ceramic: I am looking for big speckles homogeneous tile manufacture in Indonesia . The material is also known as Granito in Portugal . Please reply if you have any information about the material mention above. Tel : ( 65 ) 6 29.....June 13 Contact

e 17854 Singapore : Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for:
5 x used 1996 Sakai HV60
4 x used 1996 Taikyoku TMR65YD
4 x used 1993 Taikyoku TWR750RD. Tel no. is Tel: 65-686.....June 13 Contact

e 17848 Singapore: We need the quote for the following in FCL's: 
TILES IN 600 X 600 X 20MM
TILES IN 600 X 300 X 20MM
Our tel. no. is +65-976.....

e 17825 Singapore : I am looking for a lime stone material. It is known as Moca Cream Marble. Please quote me if you have the material in CIF Singapore. 
Moca Cream Marble (Polished) Size:600X300X20mm Qty:2850m2
Moca Cream Marble (Honed / Bush hammered) Size:1000X1000X25mm, Qty: 111 sets. June 8 Contact 

e 17634 Singapore : Earthmoving Machine: I am interested in Komatsu D375-2. Can you offer best price CIF Singapore? Advise location for inspection. I am also looking for Komatsu PC400-6-5 units and 3 units of 375-2. H/P 973..... May 9 Contact 

e 17609 Singapore : Please quote for Marine Blue Pearl Polished Granite 2cm thick slabs. Qty: 2 containers. My tel. no. is 65-638.....May 5 Contact 

e 17466 Singapore : Looking for Cat 973 (model 1997 up). Send us photos with CIF Singapore. Phone no. is 0065-963..... Apr 21 Contact 

e 17412 Singapore : We are tendering a project using Tunisian Limestone Beige colour. Country Origin Thala , Tunisia . Size 1300 x 400 mm, thickness 40mm, Qty 7000 sqm. This is for external facade and must high-density Limestone with following requirement: -
Density - 2550 kg/m3
Max. Water Absorption - 3.86%
Porosity - NA
Abrasion Resistance - 11.0
Compressive Strength - 248 Mpa
Pls quote best price. We have to submit price by 18th Apr 2005. Our tel. no. is Tel: 65-638.....Apr 15 Contact

e 17363 Singapore : We are looking for pebbles between 3 mm to 5 mm from the Philippines . Please contact with range. Apr 10 Contact

e 17260 SINGAPORE : We are interested in suppliers of washed and graded pebbles and stones for decorative flooring and landscaping from Taiwan , Philippines and Indonesia . Our tel. no. is 678.....Mar 25 Contact 

e 17205 Singapore : Looking for a company that deals in Egyptian marble. Mar 22 Contact

e 17041 Singapore : We need 600x600x20mm BLUE EYE polished granite. Country origin CANADA , qty needed is 130 pcs. Our tel. no. is 65 636.....Mar 6. Contact

e 17027 Singapore : We have a factory in Malaysia manufacturing artificial stone products and needs about 75 tons of pumice stone (3 x 40' HC containers) per month. Please contact us with your best price and product specification. Should your price be competitive, we will like to visit your plant and have a better understanding of your production and products. Our tel. no. is +65 636.....Mar 4. Contact 

e 16664 Singapore : I want to know more about Burma Teak sandstone from Pakistan . The quantities are not known yet as we are presently working with the architects on 2 projects. Tel. no. 65-626.....Jan 28, Contact

e 16518 Singapore : Please quote for ZH - M107 grey marble 600x600x13 mm polished - 1000 m2. Our tel. no. is 65-684.....Payment : By LC at sight. Jan 19, Contact 


Year 2004

e 16192 Singapore: We would like to have the latest quotation for the followings:- 
1) Desert Rose 60x30x2cm polished tiles 4,000m2
2) Royal Beige 40x40x2cm polished tiles 2,000m2
3) Lubna Light Beige 2cm polished slabs 2,000m2
Our tel. no. is +65-625.....Dec 28, Contact

e 16084 Singapore : We are sourcing for 1 x 20' Container of 30mm diameter Dark Grey Pebbles. Please revert with price and samples. Our tel. no. is 645.....Dec 17, Contact  

e 16043 Singapore : Please quote best C&F, Singapore for Black Lava Stone, size 900 x 450 x 20mm qty - 250 sqm. My tel. no. is (65) 981.....Dec 15, Contact

e 16034 Singapore: We want 30 to 40 tons used dump trucks (100 units) 1995 years up and used 45 tons mobile cranes (kato brand) (1 unit) 1995 years up. Please quote C&F Singapore. Tel: (65) 622.....Dec 14, Contact 

e 15930 Singapore : We are interested to know more about Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote. Tel: (65) 629....Dec 7, Contact

e 15789 Singapore : I am an interior designer, currently working on a retail project. I would like to request for the quotation of marble and mosaic flooring together with the installation price. Could you kindly provide me with the quotations? My mobile no is 964.....I would like to go for dark brown like walnut or even black color. Nov 26, Contact

e 15784 Singapore : I want to purchase for a project: 
1) Breccia Tavira (Cafe Rosita) Marble - polished Size: 300 x 600 x 20mm. Qty: 1500 m2 
2) Volaska Marble - Polished Size: 300 x 600 x 20mm. Qty: 1500 m2. Nov 26, Contact

e 15749 Singapore : We are a marble and granite supplier. We supply materials to real estate developments in Singapore , Malaysia , India and China . Currently we are in need to import a marble named Annaba Ivory. We were informed that this Annaba Ivory is from Turkey . We would be grateful if you could kindly advice whether you could supply us this Annaba Ivory marble tiles in 600 X 600 X 20mm polished in the quantity of 3000 to 5000 Sqm. If yes, kindly advice the price (CIF Singapore) and the lead time. Nov 22, Contact

e 15683 Singapore : Our are suppliers of construction materials to bldg projects. We are very keen to know about Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. products. Kindly send us some information. My tel. no. is 629.....Nov 18, Contact

e 15682 Singapore : We are keen to know more on the range of products like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. Besides, the travertino range we would like to know more on the Iran , Uruguay , Guatemala and etc. stones that you manufacturing. We are importer and our main suppliers came from Europe and China . We supply stone work for local projects and nearby neighboring country. Please send us your catalogue in order to have a better knowledge of your products. Nov 18, Contact

e 15399 Singapore : Earthmoving Machine: Please quote with photos for D60A-8, D60A-11, D5C and D41P-6. My phone no. is 0065-963.....Oct 30, Contact 

e 15384 Singapore : I need 32000 m2 of granite flooring for an International Airport . Please quote with images. My phone no. is + 65 632..... Oct 29, Contact 

e 15161 Singapore : Looking for 200,000 m3 of basalt / granite stones 75 mm / 125 mm / 250 mm. Delivery - Bombay Harbour by April & May 2005. . Our tel. no. is Phone + 65 632.....Oct 12, Contact

e 15122 Singapore : Diamond Tools: We have an order for used diamond segments for cutting stones and granite from India . Can you please offer us your price/Kg. We need about 2000Kgs per month. Our tel. no. is +65-923.....Oct 10, Contact 

e 15099 Singapore : We are interested in your Serishabad White Onyx, Iranshahr White Onyx & Persian Orange Onyx. We require these three type of Onyx tiles (Polished) for our project which will be starting in Singapore soon. 
We would appreciate if you could kindly email or fax us your quotation in 300X300X20mm, 300X600X20mm, 600X600X20mm ( based on CIF Singapore ) and send us sample of these three material by the size of 300X300X20mm at your own cost, so as to enable us to confirm order soonest possible. My tel. no. is (65) 629.....Oct 8, Contact 

e 15093 Singapore : My company have a project going on in Singapore and my client have request for a Sandy Pinkish Red color marble. I have since proposed Rosa Gerona to their architect and they have agreed on this material. The size they required is to be 600x600mm and the thickness can be about 15-18mm. The total quantity for this first lot is 800sqm+ 
Do let me know if you are able to supply this material within the next 70 days. If you do, I will need you to send us a small piece sample to us. At the same time, please do provide me your best pricing for this material. We deal with the import and export of building materials in Singapore for the last 10 years. We do import our stones from Vietnam , India and China and Greece . We support them to Singapore local projects or export them to other countries. My tel. no. is 636.....Oct 8, Contact

e 15051 Singapore : Please quote for Kato crane. Please send details. Our tel. no. is 65-677.......Oct 5, Contact 

e 15014 Singapore : Landscape: I want some good sources in India preferably Mumbai to import pebbles into Singapore and Malaysia . My tel. no. is 65-981.....Oct 2, Contact 

e 14867 Singapore : Please send your products list and prices. My tel. no. is (65) 638.....Sept 22, Contact

e 14843 Singapore : Artifacts:  I need a marble factory to do a floral inlay design on 108 marble “slabs”. Each slab is exactly 40mm wide 240mm high and 6mm thick (if 6mm is too thin I will consider 8mm). The slabs must be highly polished on the top and all four sides; the back should NOT be polished as this will be glued to the wood. The edges should be slightly rounded to avoid chipping and be smooth to the touch. 
All 108 slabs will be glued around the perimeter of a wooden burial casket. What I want to use are marble slabs instead of wood and I want to do a vine and floral pattern that runs around all four sides. Because there is a gap in the slabs the design should look something like the one attached
  You can see in the picture above the inlay scene continue from slab to slab and the vines and flowers flow from one slab into the next even though there is a gap. I am looking for black and / or white marble slabs. As for the overall design I want to keep it very simple (the example I show above is TOO busy…I want to keep it very simple). I am looking for very thin vines and leaves only and perhaps a few flowers along the front of the casket. I do not have an exact drawing of the vine shape therefore I will probably rely on the factory to come up with a design.
  In regards to the factory I have very specific requirements that will be verified by my representative in India .
1. I do not want to deal with a middleman.
2. The factory should be able to slice marble close to 6 mm thick
3. We will inspect their packing techniques.
4. They should have a good design team.
5. The factory should have five references outside of India . I will need names and numbers.
6. The factory must have shipping experience.
7. The factory should be in possession of a digital camera and high speed internet access with e-mail.
8. The factory should be well automated. We will look for CNC machinery that can turn out the slabs fairly quickly and accurately.
9. They must have a good command of English. Sept 21, Contact

e 14677 Singapore : Please email me more information and price for Moss Rock. If possible with photos attached. Our tel. no. is (65) 629.....Sept 9, Contact

e 14609 Singapore : We are looking for Indian Mahogany or Simbad brown granite. Please quote us in random slabs in CIF Singapore terms. Sept 6, Contact 

e 14343 Singapore : Our Company would like to purchase Desert Beige. Aug 20, Contact

e 14224 Singapore : Please quote for your full range with pictures for Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact

e 14222 Singapore : Send to us your product catalog of Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14183 Singapore : Earthmoving MAchinery: I am sourcing for Liebherr & Potain, such as;
Liebherr: 80HC, 120HC, 154HC, 200HC, 91EC-H8, 154EC-H & 280EC-H12
Potain: E10/14C, F2/23B, F3/29B, G3/28B, H3/36B, H4/36B, H30/30C, H40/40C,
K3/59C, K4/56B
Extra Masts: L44, L46, L66, L68, 120HC Masts.
Also, Alimak hoists type; 12/30, 20/30, 28/32C, 32/40C. My mobile no. is Mobile - 983.....Aug 13, Contact

e 13738 Singapore : Attached herein are the photos of Fossil Green marble (light beige type), Silver Grey granite and Marmara White marble. Please quote C&F Singapore per sqm (20' FCL). Our ordered quantity is several 20' FCL (exact figure is unavailable at the moment). The sizes are as follows: 
a. 300x300x10mm thickness with one surface polished (Qty: 630 sqm)
b. Vanity Top (Qty is 80 sets but dimension is not available)
a. 300x300x20mm thickness (polished & flamed finish) Qty: N.A.
a. 300x600x20mm thickness & 300x300x20mm thickness (one surface polished and all sides non-beveled) Qty approx.: 2,500 sqm
b. Cut to size (Bath Tub Ledges with one surface polished) Qty: 80 sets
i. 1250x175x20mm thickness (45 degree chamfered edge along 1x1250mm) = 2 pcs
ii. 1250x175x20mm thickness (all sides non beveled) = 2 pcs
iii. 720x175x20mm thickness (all sides non beveled) = 2 pcs
iv. 720x175x20mm thickness (45 degree chamfered edge along 1x720mm) = 2 pcs
v. 1250x120x20mm thickness (all sides non beveled) = 1 pc
vi. 680x120x20mm thickness (45 degree chamfered edge along 1x680mm) - 1 pc
vii. 850x100x20mm thickness (flat polished along 1x850mm) = 2 pcs.
Please send us the e-photos to ascertain. After assurance then send us two pieces of each stone for immediate evaluation. After acceptance, we will use your samples for P.O. purposes when ordering. Our tel. no. is +65-918.....The said Silver Grey granite appeared to have medium veins (dark green) with silver sparkling and Fossil Green marble is light beige colour type with tiny green dots. July 21, Contact  

e 13024 Singapore : Kindly quote for 2-3cm pumice stone per bag CIF to China , Yangtian port. The quantity to import to China is about 300 containers per month. My phone number is 65-963.....June 10, Contact

e 12896 Singapore : We wish to invite your company to quote for the supply of the stone items for one of the project in Japan . We enclosed herewith a copy of the draft copy of the Bill of Quantity for your reference. Kindly advise whether you are able to quote for these items. We will issue more detail drawings and information to you later. Our tel. no. is (65) 623.....June 1, Contact

e 12875 Singapore : Please quote for a 1995 LIEBHERR HS882HD. My tel. no. is (65) 627.....May 31, Contact USD 50

e 12694 SINGAPORE : We are urgently looking for qty 1 number of; TOWER CRANE, second hand used but serviceable ready to use condition. The details of Tower Crane are: 
1. 2.5 Ton capaicity Radius 45 Mtrs radius
2. 2.5 Ton Capacity Reach 60 Mtrs radius
3. 1.5 Ton capacity Reach 45 Mtrs radius. Our tel. no. is 65 636..... May 18, Contact USD 50

e 12557 Singapore : We are looking for a marble Cream Arena 20mm thk Slab. Qty 600m2. Our tel. no. is 65-638.....May 8, Contact USD 50

e 12445 Singapore : Please quote for White Halaieb. Please quote for slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 0065-629.....May 1, Contact USD 50

e 11759 Singapore : We seek long term supply of natural Black Granite custom cut and Polished to specific sizes for use in high rise building construction. Please quote for finished products per square meter, cost and freight, Ports of Los Angeles and Charleston South Carolina , USA . Suppliers can use Min Quantities of 5,000 sq meters as target quantities for initial pricing calculation per port. Detailed information as to provider, quarry location, maximum lengths and widths available along with packing methods and material required. Our tel. no. is 65 - 656..... Mar 16, Contact

e 11668 Singapore : Looking for a natural stone that glows in the dark. I first heard of it in Taiwan . Mar 10, Contact 

e 11641 Singapore : We are interested in Shanxi Black. Please provide us quote of 600 x 600 x 20mm polished, including the stone contain result (test report). Mar 9, Contact

e 11583 Singapore : I am interested in Fossil Sandstone with imprints on all tiles purchased. Do you sample of the tiles in 60 x 60? Mar 6, Contact  

e 11511 Singapore : We are a Landscape company. We have a buyer from UK who is keen to buy bulk pebbles from us and we would like to explore the possibility to recommend your company's products. Their estimated quantity is 10 - 20 containers. Our phone no. is +65 679.....Mar 3, Contact

AU: e 11446 Singapore : We want Australian beige sandstone. Quantity is 2000m2. Please let me know if you can supply beige in different finishes eg. bush hammer, flame, sandblast, chisel, hone and groove. Feb 29, Contact

e 11393 Singapore : Need to contact supplier for limestone 50mm-70mm with chemical composition as follow:
CAO: 55.24 %; MgO:0.31%; sio2:0.21%; lg-loss: rest. Qty is 5,000 MT / month. Used for paper manufacturing. Supplier must be knowledgeable with the usage, not for any other applications. My contact info is 65-686.....Feb 26, Contact  

e 11278 Singapore : Quarry Machinery: I am interested in EX120WD & Kobelco SK04 excavators. Please quote with images. Feb 21, Contact

e 10997 Singapore : I would like Orange Onyx from Iran . Is this available in Singapore ? Feb 6, Contact

e 10599 Singapore : I need yellow and white onyx. I can pay for samples at least 10 pcs of tiles. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10449 Singapore : Landscape: We are looking for a source for ivory beige mixed coloured pebbles (see attached) of size 5 - 8mm. Our tel. no. is 645.....Jan 9, Closed 

e 10389 Singapore : Landscape: I am looking for a boulder for my garden. Stone preference: natural, smooth, cool to touch, round or oval shape, not bigger than one meter. Jan 7, Contact USD 40 (open)

Year 2003

IN: e 9812 Singapore : Please quote for Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Raw Silk, Paradiso, Multicolor, White Galaxy, Juparana. Sizes I am interested in are 600 x 600 x 20mm, 300 x 600 x 20mm, 305 x 305 x 10mm, strips and slabs in both polished and flamed surface. Material should be extra A quality i.e. perfect right angles, no warpage, no chipping, colour / shade wise segregation to be done in your factory as per shade A1, A2 A3 and to be specified, strong & tight Packing. My contact no. is 65- 658.....Nov 26, Closed

e 9679 Singapore : Attached is a picture consisting of 2 strips of Tasso and 2 strip of grey marble. The surface of the grey marble is highly polished. Please quote for a similar gray marble as attached. Our tel. no. is 65-628.....Nov 17, Contact  

e 9653 Singapore : I am tendering a project which involve huge qty. in stone finishes. The most important is the wall cladding and they insist to use limestone. I thought of New Capri or Moca cream. Or can you offer something which is budget and rare in market? Nov 15, Contact  

OM: e 9649 Singapore : We are a building material company in Singapore and are interested in Omani marble. We are looking for Desert Beige Polished in 300x600x20mm. Please send us your best quotation and samples of the different types. Our tel. no. is + 65 629......Nov 15, Contact  

VN: e 9394 Singapore: We are a company dealing in Italian Marble. We sell our products mainly blocks and slabs to India, Malaysia and Indonesia. We understand that you have very nice White Marble which is similar to the Thassos White from Italy. We would like to have exclusivity for this material for our customers. If you are agreeable to giving us exclusive, then we can come down immediately to Vietnam to discuss on the exclusivity. If you have a photo of your White Marble, could you please send it to us. Oct 28, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9305 Singapore: Please quote for Beige Orient (Lubna) size 600x300x20mm. Qty: 2000 sqm. Also need Desert Rose (normal), size: 600 x 300 x 20mm thk. Qty: 1800m2. Oct 21, Contact, USD 100 (open)

OM: e 9224 Singapore: Please quote us your best price for Beige Orient (Lubna). Size: 600 x 300 x 20mm thk. Qty : 1800 m2. Oct 14, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9057 Singapore: Please quote for Red & Beige colour sandstone. Size: 600 x 900 x 30mm, Sawn Cut Finished, Qty is approx 3200 m2. Sept 30, Contact USD 40 (open)

IN: e 8281 Singapore: We want Indian granite tiles, slabs and blocks for trading. In particular paradiso, black galaxy, cashmir white, imperial white, raw silk, cashmir gold, chilly red, etc. Blocks like tan brown, bahama blue, tji red, paradiso bash, paradiso classic, sivkasi yellow, etc. only quality suppliers need. Aug 2, Contact USD 20 (Open)

e 8142 Singapore: Landscape: Please quote to us your best price for GRAVEL STONE stone rounded by action of water.
1/ 8" - 1 to 2 mm wash gravel
3 / 16 " -3 to 5 mm wash gravel
1 /10" - 5 to 8 mm wash gravel
1/ 2 " - 8 to 10 mm wash gravel
5 / 8 " - 20 mm wash gravel
6 - 3 / 4 " - wash gravel
7 - 40 mm wash gravel
8 60 mm wash gravel. Our tel. no. is (65) 654.....Please quote. July 25, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7748 Singapore: Please quote CIF Singapore price for 30 x 30cm (12-15mm thick) of your full range slate and limestone products and appreciate if you arrange to send us by courier one sample of each in 10x10cm size and catalogue. June 30 Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7469 Singapore: Landscape: Please quote CIF for 2 to 3 mm of white, red pebbles and whatever colors you have for 1 FCL. My contact no. is 65-636.....Please state down lead time and payment terms. Can you obtained this size? If you can obtain this size I will sent you an order immediately. Also please send pictures of the pebbles that I am buying. Can you courier me 250gms for evaluation? See pricelist 782. June 10, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7450 India: Service: I want to get the Moh's hardness test done for my company's product - Synthetic Emery. The laboratory should be in Singapore or Malaysia. My contact no. is +91-228-27.......June 8, Contact USD 20 

NO: e 7270 Singapore: Please quote for Ujinni Brown from Norway. May 27, Contact USD 50

TR: e 7221 Singapore: Please quote Antalya - Kemer, Mugla - Karacasu, Mersin - Mut in slabs 20mm thk honed Unfilled cut along veins. May 21, Contact USD 20 (open)

IL: e 7177 Singapore: I want JERUSALEM GOLD in Polished, Honed and Bush hammered finished. Please quote with samples sizes:100x100x20mm 1piece each. Also let me know the Country of origin. We are a stone trading firm. May 16, Contact USD 200 

e 7088 Singapore: PLEASE QUOTE FOR KOSSEINE ROYAL BLUE SLABS 20 & 25MM THK. May 9, Contact USD 20 (open)

IN: e 6922 Singapore: Please quote for EXPORT GRADE MATERIAL - We want to expand in the slabs and tiles market. We want to buy from reliable contacts. We are interested in first quality Raw Silk, G-20, Gem Red (A Grade), Jhansi Red and Black Galaxy. Quote for unpolished slabs, polished slabs and 30 x 60 x 2 tiles. All materials will be inspected by us before shipment. Indicate price fob + C+F Singapore. Delivery form of payment required. April 28, Contact Rs 5000

e 6879 Singapore: We want Italian marble for a project in China. Size : 60 x 60 x 3cm. Color milk white qty. 75000 sqm and  pink qty. 50000 sqm. Delivery destination: Shanghai, China. Delivery by Sept / Oct 2003.  April 25, Contact USD 500

e 6804 Singapore: Please quote for MICRO COMPAC LINE (MMC-01=Bianco Micro) and COMPAC STONE LINE (MCS-08=Luna) and Agglomerate Marble (see photo attached) Kindly let us know your time of delivery as we require this material soon. We will place an order within two weeks if everything is acceptable. The material is required for a high rise apartment (Living/dining floor). The price should be in between USD 20 to USD 24 per sqm based on CIF Singapore. Payment by irrevocable L/C. We will be glad if the price is below USD 20/sqm. Our contact no.is Tel: +65-981.....Kindly send us your sample as soon as possible because we intend to place an order by these two weeks if everything is correct and the terms of payment will be L/C April 21 Contact USD 100 (open)

e 6477 Singapore: I want 10 slabs of beautiful book-match Juparana granite. The 10 slabs must be from a single block a beautiful book match pattern, tones, veins and shades all very uniform. All of them must be cut form a single block. Please note that I do not wish to deal with bogus, conman, but real reputable
suppliers. Please quote. March 21,
Contact USD 50

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