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Soapstone Inquiries September 2006
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Year 2006 Inquiries

21247 USA: Retail: I am redoing my kitchen, and I am considering countertops. I have recently come across references to Irish limestone. Specifically there is Irish blue limestone and Irish grey limestone or grey granite. They both have a very similar look to soapstone. I am searching for more information about the durability of the stone with regards to this type of application. Aug 21 Contact 

e 21140 USA: Is it possible to purchase soapstone from you as a homeowner? I am very interested in using soapstone for my kitchen countertops. Can you give me some information on the cost?  July 29 Contact 

e 20607 USA: We are looking for a source for soapstone firebrick. We operate a masonry supply business. Tel: 208-7.....May 18 Contact   

e 20497 UK: I am trying to find a supplier of soapstone for sculpture in the UK. May 8 Contact 

e 20469 Portugal: We are a Portuguese company looking for the soapstone to produce fireplaces and countertops. We would like to know if you sell soapstone and if yes which are you prices. 
1. Quantity of soapstone- grey colour: At this moment we need 1 full container 40´dv. 
Half of 933 x 224 x 60 mm and half of 550 x 224 x 90 mm 
2. Soapstone needs to be cut and calibrated: Dimensions are 933 x 224 x 60 mm and 550 x 224 x 90 mm 
3. Port of Delivery: Lisboa
4. When container(s) is/are needed: As soon as possible
We need mainly to produce fireplaces and/or kitchen countertops. 
If it is possible I would like you to send us one sample of your soapstone that we could check in our laboratory. We would like to see a quality of the real soapstone. Mobil: +3519166....May 4 Contact

Year 2005 Inquiries

e 19283: Please quote for soapstone as displayed in supplier profile 908-us. Dec 22 Contact 

e 19274 Hungary: We are interested in following: 
Soapstone Slabs 30 mm thickness for use in decorative parts of fireplaces (tiles as a wall or floor surfacing etc.). Annual demand: qty. 3000-5000 sqm (more in the future). We are an Hungarian company for engineering and trade supplying the fireplaces manufacturers in the region with heat resistant and technologies for their application. Tel. +36 94 5......Dec 21 Contact

e19143 USA: I am interested in soapstone slabs for countertops. Please contact. Dec 8 Contact 

e 19024 USA: I am located in Florida. I am looking for a ton of green or motled green, brown soapstone. I am willing to pick it up. If so how much for a ton? I would like to carve it, so anything from five pounds on up will do. Phone no. 727-85.....Nov 29 Contact

e 18923 USA: I am looking for a product that has an appearance of a soapstone - it is green in color (through out) and I was told it was a "German Green Stone". I am looking for 3' x 30' and if possible a 4' x 8' of not then a it will be 3' x 38'. Tel: 425.39..... Nov 18 Contact

e 18531 USA: I am looking for soapstone cookware at wholesale pricing. We are a fabrication company of soapstone. Our phone is (518) 67.....Oct 1 Contact

e 18334 USA: Looking for santa rita soapstone -- and/or darkest black with minimal veining as possible in california. Aug 24 Contact 

e 18133 Netherlands: We would like to import soapstone to Europe. Please let us know what our possibilities are. July 18 Contact

e 17655 USA: I am looking for a stone called “Pietro Griegio” it is from Italy and has a look like soapstone. I am in Ohio, but could pick it up anywhere in the Midwest. I would appreciate any info on locating this stone. My Tel. no: 614-20......Qty: 20 to 25 linear feet 2 to 3ft in Depth. 
May 11 Contact 

e 17266 USA: I wish to buy soapstone for carving. Mar 26 Contact 

e 17120 Australia: I am trying to find soapstone that is available in Australia. Preferable in Victoria. Mar 16 Contact

e 16852 United States :  I need a soft stone, either limestone or soapstone, that will eventually erode of the years, for a tombstone-sized sculpture; approx. 28" x 18" x 4-5". Feb Contact  

e 16739 Poland: I am searching for a supplier of soapstone tiles 15 x 24 x 2cm and 30 x 40 x 2cm - grey colour. Qty trail container and then 1 container per month. Feb 3, Contact  

e 16532 USA: I have a product idea that requires the type of soapstone that is used to produce fireplace heaters. Something that will hold heat well. I am curious if there are quarries anywhere in Bangladesh that could machine small parts from soapstone. The finished product will be approximately 18 " X 8" X 5" (inches) and will be machined. 
Color: Blue/green Blue/gray White/gray + some Brown
Quantity : Prototype samples 50 units Test order 500 units Initial inventory 4-5000 units. I have indigenous contacts in Bangladesh so would like to purchase the stone and have it machined there, or in India if necessary. Jan 20, Contact 

e 16263 Czech Republic: We have demand for soapstone size 1500x500 (750) thickness 30-60 mm. Jan 4, Contact

Year 2005 Inquiries

e 15472 USA: Email me relevant information on finding alabaster and soapstone to buy for my work. Nov 4, Contact

e 15156 Germany: We are interested to import soapstone slabs and tiles. Oct 12, Contact 

e 15097 Germany: We are a German company interested in soapstone plates, for building fireplaces. Oct 8, Contact

e 14446 Switzerland: I am looking for small quantities of carving stone for my own use. I have preference for marble and soap stones. Size about 30x30x30 cm. not too irregular, no large defects. Will look at any color. Aug 26, Contact 

e 14239 USA: I am looking for slabs of alabaster and/or soapstone to sculpt. I am in Maui. Aug 15, Contact

e 14233 Australia: I am planning on importing 5 metric tons of carving grade soapstone with the possibility of another 20 ton later. It is to be delivered to Melbourne. Aug 14, Contact 

e 13606 USA: We are trying to decide on a durable and maintenance-free (or low maintenance) countertop for our new home (we cook a lot). The stone on the floor is a Summer Wheat slate and the cabinetry is a light cherry. I know that granite is very durable, but we really hate the speckled and glossy look. We want something modern and uniform, that does not have much movement (veining, spots, variation, etc.) in it. The options that we are considering are the following:
Soapstone (our first choice) 
Absolute black honed granite (although after reading your response, I think we'll pass on this one) 
Black Zimbabwe (honed) 
Pietra Serena (honed) 
Pietra Bedonia (honed) 
Pietra Griglia (honed)
We are also open to using a honed slate. looking for ideas and quotes. July 15, Contact 

e 13563 Canada: I am currently looking to purchase BC Chlorite, Alabaster and some brazilian soapstones. Please send me a price list. July 13, Contact 

e 13544 USA: I want Soapstone. I am an individual looking for a personal piece cut to a 50" circle, 1 1/4" thick. July 12, Contact 

e 13335 USA: I am considering one of six marbles for my floors, including the kitchen and a sunroom. The marble will be honed and, unbelievably un-American as this is, I really like the battered marble look that I saw in shabby youth hostels in 100+-year-old buildings across Europe. 
A bit of dirt worked in gives character, as do some scratches. To make sure I can live with it, I'm going to buy a few pieces locally and toss 'em on the kitchen floor and leave them there for six months. (My countertops  I want to do in soapstone, so I'm not crazy--that stuff was amazing in the chem lab! I will also be using tile in the shower.) I doubt I'll have a problem, though, even with two dogs since I'm not expecting 
What I want is grey (or blue-grey, NOT brown or yellow-grey) veining on white marble--not too "directional" but a bit swirly. I want low iron because I absolutely don't want it to yellow. And it needs to be very, very much on the cheaper end of the scale! I'm open to more suggestions, but the ones I'm considering now are:
I know these are all metamorphic and not sedimentary (limestones), but what are their hardness and ferric contents? Do you know of better marbles that don't cost a bunch? Actually, I'm open to any stone that 
has a classic "marble" look. June 28, Contact

e 13112 USA: We live in a historic farmhouse in upstate New York (near the New England border). It is simple, yet elegant. We do a lot of cooking and we're very messy and don't always clean up spills and coffee drips and cooking messes right away. Right now we have a Formica countertop. It's old (20 years) and in bad shape. We need to replace it and would like to use granite or another stone rather than using any man-made products in our historic house. 
For historic reasons, I would like to use something quarried relatively locally (New England granite - preferably - or New York state granite or, at the very least, something quarried in the U.S.). I am looking for something with ease of maintenance, a more "formal" look than soapstone (especially since my husband doesn't like the look with our slate-blue cabinetry), and a stone that's not porous. 
I really like the local salt-and-pepper type granites, but I'm afraid the white background will show stains. June 15, Contact

e 13103 : Please quote for marble from Iran and artifacts in soapstone (see pricelist 1263). June 15, Contact

e 13095 USA: Interested in locating soapstone and flagstone of different colors. Pictures would help. I am in Long Beach, California. June 14, Contact

e 13090 USA: I am in the process of choosing kitchen countertops and love the look of limestone but know it isn't a good choice because it's so porous. Would you recommend soapstone instead? I don't like the look of corian or granite....what other stones will give me the appearance of limestone and are functional?My tel.no. is 800-66.....June 14, Contact 

e 12116 Czech Republic: We are looking for cooperation with Brazilian companies that sells soapstone. We need buy blocks or rough-work kesks, with width (approximately) 50-60 mm. Please send us yours prices for one to five containers. Our phone no. is +420 516 4.....Apr 8, Contact USD 50

e 11050 USA: I am looking for the source supplier of the green chlorite carving stone sold by so many retailers in Canada and the U.S. This stone is akin to soapstone or steatite and is sold in chunks, slabs and blocks, comes in greenish black and black, grey in raw form. Feb 10, Contact USD 20 

e 10688 USA: I have an immediate need for limestone, soapstone and sandstone slabs that can be used for table tops or vanity countertops. I am in Michigan 48114-4906. Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10579 Spain: We very urgently require little blocks of blue soapstone approx. 1300 x 1000 x 1000 mm. or/and slabs in 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 cm thick. Our tel. no. is +349501.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

BR: e 10576 Spain: I have interest in Soapstone from Brazil. I also have interest in a list of prices for Slabs, tiles and blocks. The delivery location is Valencia or Alicante in Spain. Always full containers in different sizes. The order will be immediate, the terms off payments is Letter of credit. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)  

e 10391 Canada: Landscape: I am looking to buy at least half a quarry block of a good outdoor quality stone, that is tolerable to some abuse, I have heard good things about Indiana Soapstone. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10371 Germany: Please quote for soapstone blocks, slabs and tiles. Our phone no. is 0049-2065-9.....
Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)


e 10143 USA: Looking for a supplier of soapstone slab or large piece for commercial sculpturing. Dec 19, Contact

e 9851 UK: I represent a small group of sculptors who have carved alabaster and soapstone. We are looking for a place to buy lava stone in the SW of England. Nov 28, Contact

e 9185 USA: Please quote with shipping to shipping to San Angelo, Texas. for marble, soapstone, and limestone. Oct 11, Contact  


e 8988 USA: We are looking for a Brazilian manufacturer of soapstone cookware, specifically a pizza stone with the edges clad in copper. We need a high quality product from a trusted and reliable source with very competitive pricing. Large volume. This would be for export to USA. Sept 22, Contact  


e 7870 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Marble, Limestone, Soapstone, Alabaster both sheets and blocks. I will purchase with in the next couple weeks. Our contact details are 248-61.....We are in MI. July 10, Contact  

e 6903 USA: We are a kitchen and bath store in MI. We are looking for a fabricator for soapstone. Our contact no. is 269-63....April 26, Contact  

e 6779 USA: I want to import soapstone from Brazil or Finland for kitchen and bathrooms. I have plans to build several hundred houses. I am in Dallas. April 18, Contact  

e 6742 Australia: I am looking for a source of alabaster or soapstone in Australia, all in reasonably large blocks e.g. 500mm cu. and larger. Or just large lumps. April 16, Contact

e 6060 UK: Blocks: I am a sculptor in south of England. I want soapstone or alabaster. Feb 18, Contact

e 5954 USA: I am a sculptor looking for limestone, soapstone, particularly featherstone. Please quote with sizes the stones are available in. Feb 10, Contact