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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from UKRAINE.

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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 

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e 21398 Ukraine: We are regularly importing marble from Udaipur to Ukraine, now also interested to start Granites also, please send price list for all colors which you can offer TILES 20*300*600mm, Slabs 20mm and 30mm. Tel: 003804423.....Sept 16 Contact 

e 21100 Ukraine: Kindly ask you to give the commercial offer on the following specification: 1) Milas White polished 600 * 300 * 20 mm - 229 sqm. Telephone: +3806767......  July 21 Contact 

e 20042 Ukraine: We are interested in onyx of different colours, so please give us all the variety of colours of your onyx and quote your best prices. We need tiles of 305x305x10 mm and 300x600x20 mm and slabs of 2150x1400x20 and 30 mm, 2400x1500x20 and 30 mm. And especially at the moment we are interested in the polished tiles of Honey (Gold) onyx with 1 mm thickness. If it is available, then please let us know the price for m2, and the quantity and the size you have. Tel: +380642 5.....March 14 Contact 

e 19800 Ukraine: We work in the field of import natural stones (marble and granite) in Ukraine, Georgia and in Russia. We have business contacts with many foreign companies like from India, Greece, Turkey, Belgium. But the main our suppliers are companies from Italy and China. And now we need in expansion of market of suppliers. We need in tiles black color (another name it’s Labradors ) like – Absolute Black, Shanxi Black and African Black. I know these kinds of granite are quiet expensive, please offer us something like them but not so expensive. Please inform me about prices for the tiles in following sizes with all sides polished. All tiles should be with right angles and sides, but in different size. Besides it we routinely buy tiles and Slabs. 
So, please inform us about Prices for following granites more: 
G 603 (color light grey) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol;
Tiger Skin (color bright yellow only!!!) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol;
Chinese Green (color green) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol;
Pearl white (color white) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol; 
Feb 20 Contact  

19626 Ukraine: I would like to know further information about your products. Our company is interested in buying marble / granite slabs and tiles with thickness 2-3 cm. Please could you send us photos and conditions of delivery to Ukraine. Our tel./fax: (06232).....Feb 2 Contact  

e 19393 Ukraine: We are importers of Indian Marble and Granite. Our current requirements are as follows: 
Imperial Red Indian Granite. 
Slab: one side mirror polished 30mm and 20mm 
Tiles: One side mirror polished, size as follows: 305x305x10mm / 300x600x20mm / 300x600x40mm / 600x600x20mm / 300x1000-1500x20mm  polished / 300x1000-1500x40mm polished. Quantity: Monthly requirement one 20’ container. 
Delivery period: 
Price FOB Mumbai or Pipava Port. 
Jhansi Red Indian Granite. 
Slab: one side mirror polished 30mm and 20mm 
Tiles: One side mirror polished, size as follows: 305x305x10mm / 300x600x20mm / 300x600x40mm / 600x600x20mm / 300x1000-1500x20mm polished / 300x1000-1500x40mm polished 
Quantity: Monthly requirement one 20’ container. 
Delivery period: 
Price FOB Mumbai or Pipava Port. 
Black Galaxy or Absolute Black or other black granite 
All six side must be mirror polished, size as below 
Quantity: 20’ container, if good price requirement about 4-5 container per month. 
Delivery period: Price FOB Chennai port. 
We are expecting your competitive offer in INR or USD for long term business relation. Tel/Fax: 8(04495)......Jan 6 Contact   

e 19345 Ukraine: Our company is located in Ukraine. We've been working with a sandstone, marble, granite for quite a while too. We've been co-working with Egypt, China, Italy but we are interested in your products as well. Our telephone number is: 380 4324..... Jan 1 Contact 


e19060 Ukraine: Please quote for 20x30x1 beije marble from Turkey 800 m2 30x60x2 brown 400 m2 offers cif odessa or kherson Ukraine. Office:+38 055.....Dec 2 Contact 

e19058 Ukraine: We need new or used machines for cutting blocs into slab to tiles and polishing line. Office:+38 0552 2..... Dec 2 Contact 

e 17977 Ukraine: Our company is urgently interested in Red Indian marble and granite such as : Rosso Perla, Multicolour light, English teak, Adoni Chocolate, Chili red, Gulbarga red, Baltik Pink, TJI red, New Imperial Red, Tumkur red, Seemankati red, Kaddur red, Rubi red and any other available in red hues.  July 3 Contact  

e 17906 Ukraine: We are looking for the company - manufacturer, which could supply us MARBLE road -metal decorative white color fraction 40-60 mm at quantity of 180 MT monthly. Could you kindly inform us about possibility to supply us this product, the certificates of quality and price with your conditions of delivery? tel. 38 0562 3.....June 22 Contact

e 17153 Ukraine: We are very interested in supplies into Ukraine of different goods in particular onyx slabs. Please submit the relevant  information on products of your company, in particular onyx slabs size 300 x 300, 300 x 600, terms and conditions of supplies. Mar 17 Contact

e 16428 Ukraine: We are interested in buying 1 container of INDIAN granites in slabs 30mm thickness according to the following list of colors:
most important issues: Any intense Blue, Ruby Red (or anything of intense, deep red color), Seaweed Green and Kashmir White. And we are also interested in Vyara Original, Golden Japarano, Tropical Green, Silver Galaxy. We willing to buy from which geographical area from India. Our tel. no. is +3806423..... Jan 13, Contact 

e 16314 Ukraine: We have been in the stone processing business for a long time. Now we got very interested in stone products from Turkey. In particular we are interested in buying slabs of marble and granite. Jan 7, Contact 

e 16279 Ukraine: I am interested in granite from South Africa. Gabbro (Belfast) in blocks. I need two blocks (scale 150x100x70cm). Please quote. Jan 5, Contact


e 15945 Ukraine: We are interested in suppliers of Onyx and marble slabs of big dimensions from Pakistan. Our quantity will be about 1 container of slabs. Dec 7, Contact 

e 15658 Ukraine: We are interesting in your stone products such as tumbled tiles, medallions, borders, etc. Our company is engaged in selling natural stones in Ukraine. Can you send us your price list and catalogues? Nov 17, Contact 

e 15496 Ukraine: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15326 Ukraine: I would like to order 28 polished columns of the next dimensions: height-1.5 metre, diametre-0,32 metre. Preferably of white marble. The other case: 42 polished columns, height-1 metre, diametre-0,32 metre. Please inform us with an estimate of a project. Oct 24, Contact  

e 14477 Ukraine: Our Company is trading of ceramic tiles and accessories for bathrooms. We are very interested in your products and would like to have your latest catalogues and price-lists. Our fax no. is +38-066-76.....Aug 27, Contact  

e 14422 Ukraine: Being the glass and stone processing company we are interested in onyx slabs with thickness 20 mm and 30 mm. Please, we would like to ask you the catalog, price list for this kind of stone. Aug 25, Contact 

e 13895 Ukraine: Please quote with sizes for slabs and blocks of all natural stones of Italian origin. July 29, Contact 

e 13450 Ukraine: We are import natural stone; the products made of them and ceramic tiles. We have regular customers, which are respected companies of our country. 
We are looking for new partners in granite producers area. Please send us your best price for m2 on Brazilian "Giallo Topazio" 60x60x2cm and 60x30x2cm based on FOB terms. Please indicate the Port of loading. Reference photos are required. Should Your price and quality characteristics turn out to be the best ones, we can guarantee immediate trial order. Our tel. no. is + 38 0562 3.....July 6, Contact  

e 13252 Ukraine: We are interested in an old Waterjet machine with a 2 metre X 3 metre bed. Please send photos. June 23, Contact 

13050 Ukraine: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CAR-CRANE KATO - 50TONS AND UP 1992-1995. PLEASE PROPOSE US SOMETHING. SEND DETAILS AND PHOTOS. Our tel. no. is +38-067-48.....June 12, Contact 

e 12943 Ukraine: We import natural stone and the products made of it on a large scale. Our company is one of one of the major importers and has many customers with serious orders. We have an urgent requirement of Blue Pearl granite tiles and slabs. Please quote. Our tel. no. is +38 0562 3.....June 3, Contact 

e 12765 Ukraine: We required Premium quality White marble of Indian origin ex-factory rates of following sizes:
1. Premium White Marble (Ambaji white or may be another) sizes 1000 x 800 x 60mm(1m x 0.8m x 0.06m thickness). Quantity required: 320 sqm to 480 sqm
2. Sizes of 600 x 600 x 20mm and slabs of 30mm & 20mm of same marble quality.
Our buyer will use this marble for outdoor, so we need the good hardness. Please suggest during winter season under -20C, how will it act. My mobile no. is +380-67-40.....May 22, Contact

TR: e 11910 Ukraine: Our company is interested in purchase of Mugla White and Hazar Pink polished marbles. 
Mugla White polished tiles - 40x40x2 cm.
Hazar (Orient) Pink polished tiles - 60x30x2 cm. 
Pls. advise me availability of a.m. materials on stock and quote FOB price. Reference photos are requested. My phone no. is + 38 0562 3.....Mar 26, Contact 

e 11284 Ukraine: Stone Processing Machinery: We want to buy a gangsaw. We are interested in Chinese equipment. The product should  be of good standard. Feb 21, Contact 

e 11179 Ukraine: We need Rhapsody Red (Granite) or marble block for a sculpture. What kind of the best marble for a sculpture do you have (Thassos, Carrara or another)? Please quote. The size of that block is 1,8 m x 1,3 m x 1,1 m. Please, send photos of the marble. How can we carry that block to Ukraine? What way is the best? Can you cut the block from 6 sides? Feb 17, Contact   

e 11140 Ukraine: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a granite gangsaw. Feb 14, Contact

April 2003

TR: e 6753 Ukraine: I would like to contact the supplier of Rosso Bordeaux Marble. My tel. no. is +380532.....April 16, Contact USD 100

e 6752 Ukraine: Please quote with samples for 15 x 15 x 1cm and slabs of 2 & 3 cm thick of Verde Pearl Granite. Our tel. no. is +380532.....April 16, Contact USD 100

CN: e 6750 Ukraine: Please quote with samples for 15 x 15 x 1cm and slabs of 2 & 3 cm thick Ever Green 1, Ever Green 2, Tiger skin Yellow, Full River Red, Hawthorn Red, Concubine Red, Zh-G013 granites. Our tel. no. is +380532..... April 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6450 Ukraine: Interested in a Charnockites stile stones (blocks) like Seaweed green, Orissa blue, Verde (labrador, bahia). Please quote with info. March 19, Contact USD 20 (open)

UA: e 2128 USA: Want to buy 3 cm slabs of Volga Blue from Ukraine.  Nov 29. Contact

UA: e 2090 UK: I want black granite from Ukraine. I want it in tiles, slabs for work/kitchen tops and gravestones. Nov 24. Contact

UA: e 2010 USA: Looking for black polished granite from Ukraine. Nov 10. Contact

UA: e 1894 Australia: Hello. We are a stone importing company based in Australia. We are interested in importing stones from Ukraine. Sept 24, Contact

UA: e 1545 USA: I would like to buy Volga blue or gabbro granite. Apr 30

e 1518 USA: I want Volga Blue marble. Apr 15

e 1370 USA: I am looking for a 3cm Volga Blue granite. Thank you, Feb 2

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