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October 2006




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from UK. 

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 Year 2006

e 21487 UK : I am looking for a uk supplier of 30mm Cardigan White / Bianco Cardighan? I'd be grateful if you could let me know if there is one in the UK . Oct 2 Contact

e 21484 UK : We will want to order the following within the very near future and see sample before we buy.
A GRADE POLISHED PEBBLES (RED) 12 TONNES (price per tonne 135 USD)
X 2 container loads. Packaged in 1 tonne bulk bags.
These are our benchmark prices. Please can you confirm these prices before we place an order. Tel: 01405 8.....Oct 2 Contact  

e 21463 UK : Please send details of Iranian marble and travertine. Tele 0044 1463 2......Sept 29 Contact  

e 21402 UK : We are looking for about 150 square meters of flamed white granite 600 x 400x 10. How much would that cost and ship to the UK ? Sept 17 Contact  

e 21360 UK : Please quote for Basalt cobbles. Sept 9 Contact  

e 21356 UK : We are currently looking for a grey Sudanese granite. We have been informed by local resources, that this Is a very typical stone in this area, but could not find any manufacturer or supplier over there. Please get back to me by email or contact me on my mobile at 0044 7930 3......Sept 8 Contact

e 21324 UK : retail:  We require 17 sq.m of Pietra Serena tile, 60x30x1cm fine honed finish, calibrated, machine cut edges for a project in England . Please can you quote for the sq.m unit price, delivery time and delivery cost to London . We would like to order and receive delivery as soon as possible and require a high quality product! Tel: +44(0)7986 9.....Sept 4 Contact

e 21289 UK : We are a flooring company looking for a supplier of marble stone chippings. I would like companies to send me information and prices on marble stone chipping various sizes from 1-3mm up to 5-8mm and of various colors. We use the marble to mix with epoxy resin and lay a terrazzo floor. The marble is decorative so need to be very good quality. Would like the supplier to come from UK but anywhere in Europe will be ok. Aug 29 Contact  

e 21253 UK : I am looking for a supply of polished tumbled stones about 2 to 3 cm in size in retail packs. tel: 0208 45.....Aug 23 Contact  

e 21177 UK : I want diamond circular saw blades. Kindly get back to me if you have in stock. Aug 8 Contact

e 21126 UK: Please send prices fob Chinese port 5000 off granite blocks each about 15" x 15" x 12". July 26 Contact

e 21097 UK :  Trying to source Alabaster. July 21 Contact  

e 21050 UK : We are based in UK . I am interested in buying sandstones. July 15 Contact 

e 21023 UK : We are looking for Onyx handicraft supplier. July 11 Contact

e 21010 UK : I need around 10 containers a month the colors are raj green and autumn brown, size are: 550 * 275, 550 * 412.5, 550 * 550, 550 * 687.5, 550 * 825, 550 * 1100.  my phone no is 0044-77387.....July 10 Contact

e 21004 UK : Please quote for Cobbles, cubes, pebbles, chips, tumbled pebbles, boulders and tumbled blocks as displayed in pricelist 720. Tel: 01205 3......COBBLE STONES 8-9" X 4" X 4" FOR DRIVES AND COURT YARDS. FULL CONTAINERS 2 CONTAINERS FOR FIRST ORDER, 1 CONTAINER PER WEEK SALES VOLUME, IF QUALITY IS GOOD UPTO 4++ CONTAINERS A WEEK. July 10 Contact  

e 20966 UK : Could you please send us some samples of your wall and floor tiles? Mobile : 079717......July 5 Contact  

e 20898 UK : Could you please send me a specification for a Kato NK 250E 25 ton telescopic crane? June 23 Contact  


e 20862 UK : We are looking for suppliers of ceramic wall and floor tiles. For your information, please find attached the pictures of the tiles are looking for: Specifications: 
Colourful Mosaic like bathroom wall tiles 
Length: 200mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 10mm
1) Long bathroom wall tiles 
Length: 590mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 10mm
2) Long wall tiles
Length: 665mm
Width: 330
Thickness: 10mm
3) Square wall/floor tiles
Length: 332mm
Width: 332mm
Thickness: 10mm
4) Square wall/floor tiles
Length: 315mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 10mm
Mobile: 079717.....June 19 Contact  

e 20824 UK: We need:   
Specification 1: Crema Marfil tiles 305x305, 400x400, 600x400, 600x600 & 900x600 
Specification 2: Crema Moca tiles 900x600x20mm 
Specification 3: Crema Moca Slabs 20mm thick, 30mm thick, 40mm thick and 50mm thick 
Geographical purchasing area: any where in Europe but preferably country of origin. 
Buying process stage we are looking for a supplier for the above specifications when we find a supplier to work with we want to move very quickly as we have a customer who wants to order 1 container a month of each of the crema moca items. 
Before we can finalise a supplier we need to agree on pricing and receive samples. We hope to place an order by the 7th July. Tel: 0870 33.....June 14 Contact

e 20750 UK : We are UK based company (details below) looking to source Granite worktops from China or India in the dimensions and materials listed below: we are looking for a full 20ft container price. can you please quote us FOB prices to felixstowe. 
Materials: Black Granite, Star galaxy, Emerald Pearl, Kashmir White and Kashmir Gold
3000mm x 750mm Slabs 30mm Thick, one face polished, 3 edges with flat polish 
2000mm x 1400mm Slabs 30mm Thick, one face polished, all four edges with flat polish
Tel: 0113 26.....June 5 Contact   

e 20680 UK : I'm looking for suitable stone for a 'natural' look pond and also some stone for a slow moving stream - ideally the stone could be quarried within 100 miles of Evesham , UK . May 27 Contact    

e 20675 UK : I am trying to find some black granite or limestone in either cream , light brown or green. 70cm by 15 cm depth and it will need a central drill hole. it would be great if it was from zurich as that is where it needs to go. May 26 Contact   

e 20653 UK : I am interested of units stock 560 cat 980C excavators. please advice. Tel: 004477102.....May 24 Contact   

e 20632 UK : We are a property developer currently under taking schemes across Europe where significant quantities of natural stone will be required over a five year period. Tel: 0044 207 51.....May 21 Contact  

e 20621 UK : Please provide competitive quotations on your products. My contact number is 00353 87 9...... and I would like quotations for offers you may have we build apartments and one off houses in south dublin . May 20 Contact    

e 20603 UK : Please quote for 90 Sqm Carrara 600x400x15mm ASAP to be delivered to Surrey . Tel: 0044 7956 2.....May 18 Contact    

-STOCK 269 EXCAVATOR, BULLDOZER. MOB:+4477102..... May 18 Contact

e 20571 UK : Retail: I am interested in 95 sqm of Carrara dark Tiles 600x400x15 (or 18mm max). Based in London . May 15 Contact  

e 20497 UK : I am trying to find a supplier of soapstone for sculpture in the UK . May 8 Contact

e 20480 UK : We are planning to buy 20-30 no. container load Chinese granite slabs in 6 months. Thickness: 20mm and 30mm, Surface: High polished, Size:1400x2700-3200mm. Please send your best FOB price. Tel:+44(0)2070 9......May 6 Contact  

e 20477 UK : Do you have an office in London that holds stock of around 200m2 lime stone, travertine. for an urgent delivery to a London project??? I need to view on Monday to place order. Tel: 07766 5..... May 6 Contact  

e 20438 UK : We are in the process of establishing a business in London UK specialising in the selling of natural stone tiles - limestone and travertine. Would your company be in a position to supply us with container loads of such natural stone. Please kindly send us further details and FOB and CIF prices. April 27 Contact  

e 20437 UK : Need Prices on travertine and limestone natural stone tiles to import into London . Telephone: +4479323.....April 27 Contact

e 20428 UK : We are architects, could you send a sample of the Pau Brazil marble? April 26 Contact    

e 20367 UK : I am a new natural stone retailer in Manchester , England . I am interested in importing stone from China . April 18 Contact  

e 20363 UK : We require approx 100m2 of botticino tiles in the UK as soon as possible. Could you please advise a cost and expected delivery date? Tel: 079588..... April 16 Contact  

e 20320 UK : retail: I am looking to buy 21m of travertine step, 50mm thick, bullnose on one edge, 450mm wide. Colour, mushroom, beige. Delivery ASAP. Please can you supply, when and at what price. Tel: 01179 2.....April 11 Contact

e 20315 UK : Please quote for a Waterjet machine as displayed in ready stock 373. Direct Tel. 01745 5.....  April 11 Contact  

e 20293 UK : Please quote for 320B cat, 320C. Fax no; 004420847..... April 8 Contact  

e 20230 UK : I am an interior designer. Please email me relevant information on Blue Moliarnos stone from Portugal . April 2 Contact  

e 20204 UK : I am trying to track down Rosa Aurora Pink (picture enclosed). I will need around 10 - 15 tiles. Mobile : 077673.....March 31 Contact  


e 20153 UK : We are interested in purchasing white marble slabs and tiles as displayed in ready stock 502 and black marble slabs and tiles as displayed in ready stock 550.  March 27 Contact  

e 20146 UK : Retail: I am trying to track down Rosa Aurora Pink. I need around 10 tiles for a bathroom which is in this colour and cannot find the marble in the UK anywhere. March 26 Contact

e 20094 UK : Where I can purchase white copping stones in the North London Area? Call me on 07753 39.....March 20 Contact

e 20072 UK: I only require 1 slab of each of Kashmir White, Kashmir Gold, Rosa Beta, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, St Johns Red, Baltic Brown, Bon Accord, Star Galaxy, Black Galaxy, Nero Impala, Nero Galaxy, Blue Eyes, African Black, Verdi Fontein, Verdi Tropica, Verdi Bahier.  Size needs to be 2 Metres by Metres. Tel: +44 7800 8......March 17 Contact 

e 20052 UK : Please send me information on a marble cutting machine. Phone 01323 7.....March 15 Contact  

e 20046 UK : I am shopping around for 42m sq for a client: they want black granite so maybe Star Galaxy, Absolute Black or Black Pearl ...? It's for outdoor terracing so a flamed/non-slip finish is needed. What are your best trade prices please plus delivery? any other offers or recommendations for outdoor use? March 14 Contact  

e 20037 UK : Retail: Where can we find Pietra Cardoza stone for a kitchen worktop and splash back (about 3m long?) Tel. 0207 72.....March 14 Contact  

e 20019 UK : Do you sell massage basalt stone sets? Tel: 01698 3..... March 12 Contact  

e 20016 UK : Please quote for Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks. March 11 Contact

e 19935 UK : I am interested in prices for creama marfil tiles. Please can you contact me urgently either by email or on my mobile number 0044(0)79096..... March 2 Contact   

e 19891 UK : We would like to buy black basalt tiles, approximately 400mm square and 50mm deep. The stone is to be used as a cooking surface. We are willing to buy from any area dependent on price. We are currently researching appropriate materials and supplier options.
To finalise a supplier we need to get a sample and arrange a final quantity price. We expect to make our order by May 2006. As we are planning to buy tiles, we would be willing to opt for close standard sizes, however we need to have at least 50mm of depth. Tel: (+44) 77067.....Feb 26 Contact   

e 19866 UK : Please send the quotation for the following colours: 
1. Black Galaxy Cut-to-sizes (300 x 70 x 3cm)
2. Jet Black cut-to-size (300 x 70 x 3 cm)
3. for both of the above slabs availability and quantity. Tel: 004420890..... Feb 23 Contact 

e 19828 UK : Please send further information and pricing for granite tile imports. Tel: 0044 1530 2......Feb 22 Contact   

e 19805 UK : I am looking for block saws and hydraulic splitters. My quarries are located in UK . Telephone 079744.....Feb 20 Contact   

e 19789 UK : Retail: Need 3.5m2 of 1cm random brick effect verona carrara white wall tiles. Phone number 01324 8.....Feb 18 Contact 

e 19766 UK : Please quote for Galeski 3000 machine. Tel: +44 2392 6.....Feb 15 Contact    

e 19761 UK : Please provide your best price and delivery for Kashimir white Tiles 400x400 , verde butterfly and any other exotic colours you have. Quantity is 1000 sqm monthly consignment for a long term supply. If you are interested then send priced quotation with some photographs. Mobile :+4478627.....Feb 15 Contact    

e 19753 UK : I am trying to source French stone roofing tiles. I am looking for approx 40 tonne which should be 40 pallets, and the colour is cream / orange. Feb 14 Contact  

e 19728 UK : We are investigating the import of granite slabs to further enhance an expanding side of the business in kitchen counter tops. We are now collating all quotations and terms from prospective suppliers for a specific request of quantity and colour of granite. We feel that the colours listed below would best suit our immediate requirements and would therefore request a quotation for the following size and quantities:
'Absolute Black' 30 pieces of 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 5 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Black Galaxy' 30 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 5 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Black Pearl' 12 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 2 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Blue Pearl' 12 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 2 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Kashmir White' 21 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 4 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
" 1 " 2.5 x 800 x 30mm * special customer requirement*
Total order 124 pieces
** All pieces to have one surface polished and all edges sawn**
Please quote price for above to include CIF PORT UK 
Requested UK PORT to be either SOUTHAMPTON or BRISTOL in that order.
Please quote price in Sq.meters and 'per piece'
Please list your 'Terms and Conditions,' quality guarantee and payment requirements
Tel: 0044 7970 5......Feb 12 Contact  

e 19710 UK : Please could you forward me information and availability with regard to your Chain Saw Cutting Machine. Telephone: 01969 6..... Feb 10 Contact   

e 19703 UK : We are a Luxury Holiday Home manufacturer based in the UK and are looking for a company to act in supplying us large quantities of Granite for Kitchen Worktops and for Kitchen and Bathroom floor tiles. Our contact number is 0044 7875 0..... Feb 10 Contact  

e 19696 UK : Please can you contact me regarding  CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE as displayed in readystock 392. We are interested in purchasing it. Tel + 44 1969 6.....Feb 9 Contact  

e 19673 UK : Could you please quote me for the cost to purchase and ship 'Light Grey' granite slabs to fit an area of 12 feet x 10 feet. Feb 7 Contact  

e 19635 UK : Looking for a chain saw as displayed in ready stock 392.  Feb 3 Contact  

e 19577 UK : We are a stone importer based in Surrey England looking for producers of the following products: 
Italian Limestone: Rosa di Assisi, Rosso Verona, Grigio Carnico, 
French Limestone: St. Marcru Banne, Pompignan, Paloma
German Limestone: Burenbruch

At this stage we need a contact with a supplier in each relevant country, prices and lead times. This is for a prestigious commercial development in Central London and will be container quantities. Tel: +441883 7......Jan 26 Contact

e 19557 UK : Looking for a slab of Rosso Damasco to finish a project in the UK . Tel number 01432 3......Jan 23 Contact

e 19521 UK : We are a UK based natural stone retailer and wholesaler, currently looking to expand our range, and we are therefore looking for new suppliers. Particularly interested in: netted mosaic tiles, travertine, marble and limestone tiles, and all stone basins. Looking for a mixed 20’ container every six weeks. Tel: 01273 8.....Jan 19 Contact   

e 19499 UK : Retail: Do you stock Pallansandro classico Marble? If yes I need about 35 sq meters of 600x400 by 2cm thickness. 0044 1923 8.....Jan 17  Contact  

e 19464 UK : Please quote for stone handicrafts. Jan 13 Contact

e 19450 UK : Please would you look at the attachment and let us know if you can source this tile or tell us who can. We believe it is quartzite and is 10ml thick. The colour shown is close to the real thing. Tel: 44 1477 5.....Jan 12 Contact  

e 19437 UK : We are interested in some of your products which are listed below: diamond circular saw blade carbide 14 inches......50 QTY Get back to me with the total cost including the shipping and handling via Fedex or dhl worldwide service. Advice the type of card you accept, Master. Euro card, Visa card or Discover. Telephone 4470319.....Jan 12 Contact  

e 19390 UK : I am interested in buying stone floor tiles for a cottage I own in the Czech Republic (near the Austrian border). Could you please send me a catalogue and some information about delivery charges?  Phone: +44 20 742.....Jan 5 Contact    

e 19378 UK : I am looking to make contact in the UK with people who are selling waterjet cutting machines. Tel 0506 .....Jan 4 Contact 

Year 2005  

e 19340 UK : Looking for a Portuguese stone supplier. Dec 31 Contact

e 19339 UK : We are interested in importing your products into Scotland please forward information and prices. Telephone number 00441314...... 
Dec 31 Contact  


e 19275 UK : Could you send more details on the JOHN DEERE 548E? Tel 00 44 1794 3.....Dec 21 Contact

e 19222 UK : Retail: We want Shirakawa gravel from Kyoto , Japan . I am looking for a 40' container load, which will be about 40 tons. Color preference - white, 2-4 mm. diameter. Tel: 07796-2......Dec 15 Contact

e19186 UK :  Could you kindly email me the current price list for granite and marble tiles and slabs. Tel: 0044 07886...... Dec 13 Contact  

e19166 UK : I am very interested in buying a container of travertine tiles just wondering if you can send me a price list and some pictures. Dec 12 Contact

e19128 UK : I am an architect based in Cambridge (UK). I wish to specify your Alor Black pebbles (code 007-0002) size Medium on a project I am currently working on. Are you able to send me a sample of these pebbles? tel: 0777 37.....Dec 7 Contact 


e19086 UK : Please quote for Chinese granites. Please send catalogues. Tel: +44 (0) 17844......Dec 5 Contact  

e19083 UK : I am looking for these quantities below in a Rouge griotte type (red wine colour Honed finish). Can you please quote me your best price and lead time for the items listed below? 
2nr 950mm x 1400mm
2nr 950mm x 1622mm
1nr 900mm x 100mm
2nr 1326mm x 877mm
1nr 750mm x 1150mm 
Tel: 01923 7.....Dec 5 Contact  

e 19003 UK : Do you sell limestone baths? Tel: 0044 7785 3.....Nov 28 Contact   

e 18937 UK : Email me relevant information on 400mmx600mmx20mm black granite. Nov 19 Contact  

e 18936 UK : Please send me prices on granite setts in black approx 150m2 delivered to Essex in England . Nov 19 Contact

e 18909 UK : We are based in Scotland servicing the contract and retail markets throughout Scotland . Please send details of your Spanish marble and granite products, etc. Tele 07795 4......Nov 17 Contact  

e 18902 UK : Interested in Spanish marble and granite. Nov 17 Contact  

e 18855 UK : I am looking for a supplier of stone for sculptures. Typically 30 kg to 500 kg stones and a mixture of stone types (alabaster, soap stone, marble, British mined stone). Nov 11 Contact 

e 18852 UK : Looking for competitively prices travertine – classic light (cream/pale beige) 40 x 40 x 1.2 honed and filled. Quantity required approx: 68 sqm. Mobile 07866 7......Nov 10 Contact   

e 18849 UK : Please send me information on travertine tiles. Nov 10 Contact   

e 18823 UK : I would like to source the attached fireplace, which is in Porto Beige. Shelf length is 1220mm, height exc hearth is 967mm, hearth length is 1220mm and hearth height is 55mm. Nov 7 Contact  

e 18811 UK : We want bentonite. Please send full details with rates, laboratory certificate, image if possible. Nov 7 Contact   

e 18789 UK : Need to know about sellers of 1200 mm gangsaw for granite cutting in Glasgow , UK . Tel: 077239.....Nov 2 Contact   

e 18788 UK : Please price 40 mm moleanous limestone (white cream) honed finish 800 sq m approx exterior use in random slab & cut to size. tel no 00442843...... Nov 2 Contact   

e 18780 UK : We want to order approx quantity 100m2 Import or domestic ( Europe only) Floor tiles Honed Limestone 500mm x random length 
White Moleanos. We are a UK design & construction company. Nov 1 Contact  

e 18756 UK : Earthmoving Machine: I work for a mining company in the UK and we are interested in acquiring a motor grader. Please could you send me details of what you have available, especially CAT 14/16Gs. Tel. no. is 01726 8.....Oct 28 Contact

e 18712 UK : Please send me price list of a 20ft container load granite slabs and its specification. Tel. 44 7908 6..... Oct 24 Contact  

e 18701 UK : I am interested in purchasing a substantial quantity of sandstone ballustrades to complete my private residence. At this stage I have pictures of the type I have in mind available. I would require approximately 100 metres of ballustrading with the requisite plinths and piers and coping. I have been unable to source a competitive price/quantity in the UK and am interested in importing from India . I was specifically interested in supplier reference sp0368-in on findstone.com although a quote (per metre) from a range of suppliers would be ideal. I can be contacted by telephone or email at any time and would be willing to travel to lease with a potential supplier. Tel. 44 (0) 28663.....Oct 23 Contact

e 18697 UK : Wanted 2700 mtrs of acid washed nero marquina 400 x 400 and 50 mtrs of 100x 100mm wall tiles for immediate requirement. Contact 07866 6.....Oct 23 Contact   

e 18660 UK : We require 200sqm of a green/aqua marble for a floor in Coventry , UK . Delivery required by mid 2006. tel no: +44 (0)113 22.....Oct 20 Contact  

e 18619 UK : I need to urgently know the list of retailers and wholesalers in London which sell Indian marble tiles or slabs. Oct 17 Contact   

e 18565 UK : Please send details of Chinese black granite and black slate. Oct 8 Contact  

e 18552 UK : Retail: I am trying to price up and maybe order granite kitchen worktops. Oct 4 Contact  

e 18551 UK : Please could you give me a cost for 125 sq meters and 250 sq meters of slate tile flooring? Oct 4 Contact  

e 18527 UK : Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Sept 30 Contact  

e 18512 UK : I am looking for a supplier of indian sandstone for delivery to the UK . Initially I have a requirement for approx. 4 containers of Raj Green, Autumn Brown, Fossil and L. Yellow. Sept 28 Contact 


e 18491 UK : I am looking to import blue volga tiles 2 containers from the Ukraine . Please give me an idea of how much would 305 x 305 x 10mm tiles cost? Sept 23 Contact

e 18466 UK : I am looking to supply and install luxury fitted kitchens to clients purchasing property in Bulgaria and would welcome a portfolio of your products together with sample prices. I would also welcome any kitchen manufacturers that you know of who could provide a reliable high quality service. We currently manufacture and install approximately 700 kitchens per year in our local town Sheffield England . I have recently purchased a Bulgarian property and wish to explore the viability of two possible opportunities. 
1 To supply and install high quality fitted kitchens to purchasers of property in Bulgaria .
2 To have bespoke kitchens manufactured to our high specification and exported from Bulgaria to England . Telephone 044 7793 5......Sept 21 Contact 

e 18442 UK : We are a leading stone tiles Importer in the UK . Please send me details of Spanish marble slabs and tiles. My mobile no. is 07841-4.....Sept 16 Contact 

e 18441 UK : Please quote for Spanish marble slabs and tiles. Sept 16 Contact

e 18394 UK : Do you have a brochure or price list so I can see what materials you do? Sept 6 Contact  

e 18392 UK : We are trying to develop a "Refill Candle" with a container made of Alabaster minerals. Based in London , we are searching for a supplier in the UK that could provide us with this kind of product. Direct Tel: +44 (0)20 744.....Sept 6 Contact  

e 18346 UK : Please send us your good rates of granite tiles all colour 305 x 305 x 10 mm CIF London. Aug 26 Contact   

e 18335 UK : I am a crane dealer, working from london but running a business from Dubai , Japan and South Korea . I am looking for 50 ton cranes. Tel: 079144.....Aug 25 Contact   

e 18328 UK : I have just entered a new property venture in England and would be very interested in purchasing vast quantities of granite. In order to make my decision easier it would be of great help if you could send me some samples. Aug 23 Contact 

e 18259 UK : Please send images and other relevant details for my review of Dry stacked wall stones. Aug 4 Contact

e 18244 UK : Please forward details of dry stacked walls stones.  Aug 1 Contact

e 18213 UK : We are buyer of only stock of marble slabs, tiles any stock for building material. Any stock to clear please contact if you have with detail, size, colour, origin, photo etc. Tel. no. is 44-79513.....July 28 Contact

e 18179 UK : I want to purchase approximately 18 Sqm of the Italian marble Cipllino Apuano. I require tiles of dimensions 60cm x40cm x 1.6 cm. The tiles must be unchamphered and calibrated. July 21 Contact  

e 18153 UK : We are interested in slate and any other stones you may have (limestone, travertine, sandstone, etc). We own our quarries in Africa and are the only suppliers of African sandstone in the UK . If you can supply us with stones at a competitive rate, so we can penetrate the UK market with stone from Pakistan and other countries. July 19 Contact  

e 18077 UK : We specialise in supplying building products, including Natural Stone, Kitchens, Bathrooms. We are currently trying to find a company who can supply us with Travertine and Black & Black Galaxy Granite tiles, sizes are 60 x 40 x 1cm, 40 x 40 x 1cm, 30 x 30 x 1 cm. all in a range of finishes. I would also be happy to receive any information on products or services your company are able to offer. This enquiry is for the ongoing supply of products, and estimated usage per year will be between 10 - 12 containers. Tel: +44(0) 871 87..... July 13 Contact  

e 18076 UK : I am interested in rocks for cooking. Looking for approx 50 cooking stones ... 17cm x 17 cm x 3 cm. July 13 Contact

e 18074 UK : So you do a silver blue, diamond sawn slate in a roman pattern? If yes, please quote a net price for 16.5m2 delivered to Bideford, Devon . Please state delivery cost if separate. July 12 Contact

e 18054 UK : We are interested in a tumbling machine for marble. July 10 Contact

e 17996 UK: I am looking for a supplier of volcanic rock that can supply slabs of the rock for cooking purposes, I am initially looking to purchase about 1000 slabs dimensions roughly about 150mm x 150mm x 30mm thick and will probably need this quantity on a monthly basis. July 5 Contact  

e 17937 UK : Email me relevant information on used pavement tiles machinery/suppliers of machinery. My tel. no. is 00447708-0......June 28 Contact

e 17922 UK : Retail: Can you please find me the best price for 60 x 40cm unfilled classic travertine floor tiles? I will need about 33 sqm and I will need them delivered to me in St.Albans, Herts , England by the beginning of August 2005. My tel no is: 01727 8.....June 25 Contact

e 17897 UK : I am interested to contact a marble company from Spain that sells the following marble colours: Amarillo , Crema marfil, Verde macael, Bianco and Negro. Also interested in medium beige travertine. The phone number is +44 7802 2.....June 21 Contact 

e 17877 UK: I am seeking a supplier of basalt sand, with a specific gravity of 3.0Kg/L, Average grain diameter 260 microns. Can you please send us the price, supply time, payment terms etc. To begin with, we require less than 10L but in the future if all goes well, we will require several hundred litres. Tel: 0207 62.....June 15 Contact

e 17845 UK : Please quote for First grade Granite thickness: 30 mm. Terms: CIF Felixstone. Mode: 20" Open to top containers. Finish: Fully polished surface. Edges: Quarry finished edges. Sizes: Minimum length 2700 mm. Maximum length 1350 mm. Colours: 40% Black galaxy, 40% Jet black, 20% Blue pearl. Tel: 01257 2.....June 10 Contact  

e 17813 UK : Email me relevant information on blue impala granite i.e cost and availability. Where to buy it? June 7 Contact


e 17731 UK : I require large squared blocks of Verona Beige marble. May 22 Contact

e 17704 UK : Email me relevant information regarding Jura stone. We are importers and retailers, we also specify for commercial projects. May 17 Contact 

e 17663 UK : Please quote for travertine, marble and onyx tiles and slabs. If is possible send those products pictures also. The tile sizes are 305 x 305, 406 x 406, 457 x 457, 610 x 610, 406 x 610. Our phone number 004420843.......May 11 Contact 

e 17626 UK : I would like to import Granite sets / cobbles for paths etc. May 7 Contact 

e 17586 UK : Interested in purchasing AMARILLO FOSSIL STONE BLOCK. Please send details. May 3 Contact 

e 17566 UK : Please send us information on your products. We are starting to import materials for retail and wholesale. If you have any photographs of your products please send. Our tel. no. is 01626-3.....May 2 Contact

e 17506 UK : Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. Apr 25 Contact 

e 17487 UK : I am interested in purchasing marble, granite, travertine and other stone articles. Apr 23 Contact

e 17462 UK : I live in the United Kingdom and want to establish a tile business in Lagos , Nigeria . Apr 20 Contact 

e 17443 UK : We are interested in becoming distributors for Onyx and Italian Marbles.  Apr 18 Contact

e 17417 UK : Please forward quote for Scoria rock mixed size approx. 200-400 mm color red or black including shipping to UK . We are unsure of quantity. You can ring me on 4477890.....Apr 15 Contact

 e 17388 UK : I wish to buy rough rose quartz & other rough stones or rocks i.e. Red jasper, picture stone, amethyst, blue stone etc. Mixed 20 tonne containers. My needs are for aquarium decoration. Apr 13 Contact 

e 17381 UK : Looking for a retailer to buy travertine roman semi polished floor tiles for at the most competitive prices. We are a construction company and we need 8m" of 600 x 600 and 27m2 of 400 x 400 travertine romano tiles. We will also need adhesive. Apr 12 Contact

e 17380 UK : We are based in the UK and are looking for a supplier of granite and limestone. Apr 12 Contact

e 17354 UK: Want to buy red marble one piece 1.7x 0.6 meters thickness and surface finish immaterial with delivery to Glastonbury UK. Tel. 078902..... Apr 8 Contact

e 17331 UK : Looking for a supplier of Blonde Sandstone. I am working on a project in Sheffield , England where we are looking to use this product. My tel. no. is 020 706..... Apr 5 Contact

e 17328 UK : Please could you send information on the size and density of various sandstone blocks. I would like to use it for sculpturing so would not need blocks bigger than 1 foot square. Apr 5 Contact

e 17327 UK : Please quote for white granite blocks and slabs. Please quote price for quantities 500 sqm, 1000 sqm and 1500 sqm. Please provide all relevant costs. Apr 5 Contact

e 17321 UK : Looking for companies worldwide who can supply to the UK slabs of marble and Granite. Especially interested in Impala black 30mm. Apr 5 Contact

e 17239 UK: Looking to buy 150 sqm (each size mentioned) White Limestone 1st grade tiles of size 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm; 40 x 40 x 1.5 cm'; 40 x 60 x 1.5 cm; 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm sizes. Please quote. Mar 24 Contact 

e 17175 UK : We are a stone company in the UK . We wish to purchase Magny Dore in 40 x 40 / 40 x 60 tiles for continuous supply. We are looking for the best price possible for delivery to the UK . Mar 19 Contact

e 17121 UK : We need a price for 20 containers over next 12 months of Crema Beige (Crema Marfil Standard quality). Need prices, FOB/Izmir, for polished, honed and aged. Sizes 305 x 305, 40 x 40, 60 x 40, 60 x 60. We are in London . Mar 16 Contact

e 17109 UK : I am interested in 43 sqm of Salisbury Pink granite / Travertine CL Chantier, shipped to Dorchester UK . Can you quote me for this? Mar 15 Contact

e 17102 UK: Please quote for verde ubatuba, gialo veneziano, verde pavao, first quality polished slab 2cm and 3cm, actually we import about 2 containers a month, and we are looking for a better price...  Mar 15 Contact

e 17097 UK : We are looking for fireplace surround supplier in crema marfil or similar color marble. Please send us your catalog and best price for contract of 200 pcs a year.  Mar 15 Contact

e 17017 UK : I am interested in the travertine. Please contact me for shipping a crate to England . My tel. no. is 07771-9.....Mar 4. Contact

e 16994 UK : We are looking for a flint supplier in the South of Britain. Our project is in South Oxfordshire where strict conservation rules apply. Mar 1. Contact 

e 16626 UK : I am an architect. Email me relevant information on agglomerates 3m x 1.240m x 6.5mm. Looking for 8 colour types, 15 sheets at 4-5 week intervals..need to order regulary for various contracts. Jan 26, Contact

e 16618 UK : Landscape: cobbles: We are a Landscape centre in the UK , Midlands area, and we are interested in a direct load of Granite Setts (29Tonne) 100mm x 100mm and 100 x 200 - mixed load if possible. Colours - again mixed if possible. Please provide a quotation. Tel 01283 7.....Jan 25, Contact 

e 16591 UK : I am interested in purchasing 700 sqm of patio limestone and 1000 sqm of cobble/natural stone sets or a rumbled block paving for a courtyard and driveway. Can you provide competitive price? My mobile no. is 077477.....Jan 23, Contact

e 16580 UK : I would like price and delivery FOB PORT for 150 Pieces of Lavender blue size 100cm x50cm x4cm cut all sides not polished price in US dollars.  Tel. no. is +44 1628 7.....Jan 22, Contact

e 16497 UK : Earthmoving Machinery: I have an urgent requirement for CAT D250E 1994/1995. My tel. no. is +44(0)870 88.....Jan 18, Contact

e 16441 UK : Can I have more details and prices for marble? Different colours with photos for normal size (30/30, 40/30, 60/30.......). Jan 15, Contact 


e 16375 UK : Please contact us and let us know more about beach pebbles like pricing, availability and shipping to FL. My tel. no. is 954-52.....Jan 11, Contact 

e 16374 UK : Looking to buy stone products like fireplaces, tiles slabs, etc. I will buy container loads. Please quote. Jan 11, Contact 

e 16368 UK : We are a stone importer and distributor to the construction industry. We are looking for approx. 300m2 of Crema Beida Limestone in 750x350x10mm sizes, or near to this size. Delivery would be to Leeds, West Yorkshire . Please can you quote for earliest delivery and prices. Jan 11, Contact 

e 16365 UK : Please quote for full container loads of granite cobble stones. Jan 11, Contact 

e 16345 UK: Could you please provide details for the marble & Travertine detailed below:
DAINO REALE 1st quality - 30 x 30 x 2 - 30 x 15 x 2 cm / 40 x 40 x 2 - 60 x 30 x 2 cm /  60 x 60 x 2.
A mixed batch of the above sizes would be fine or a larger batch o 60 x 60x 2, which have to be completed. The area required is 85 M2 I would be happy with either filled or unfilled and unpolished. The quality is very important as the project is the third in a group of 10.
Travertine Cappuccino, Classico, Noce are also required in: 
cm. 30 x 30 x 2 - 30 x 15 x 2 cm / 40 x 40 x 2 - 60 x 30 x 2 cm /  60 x 60 x 2. An area of 80 M2 is required, again filled or unfilled will be fine. 
For external applications: Small 3-4 cm thick slabs in 20 x 20 in a verity of travertines, area coverage 100M2. All transportation will be arranged at this end. Sample pictures or tiles will be required before the order will; be confirmed.  Jan 9, Contact   

e 16339 UK : I am looking for terrazo manufacturing machine. Please call 4420864.....Jan 9, Contact   

e 16336 UK : I am looking to import slate paving slabs & floor tiles from China . Also I would like to import Ceramic floor tiles from China & the Far East . I have never imported these items before. I will only deal with the manufactures or quarries direct & do not wish to deal with any agents or middle men. I will be looking to buy containers full. 
I intend to wholesale the slate & the amount in need will be driven by demand, obviously when I decide who I am going to buy from I will try to build up a relationship of trust as that is how I work. To start with I will only buy 1 container of any colour I want to see how it goes. The colours I am thinking about are black & green. Obviously you probably know what the best sellers in the UK are better than I do as I have never brought any slate in before. I am also looking to bring in ceramic floor tiles. I do have outlets who want supplying & once I get started I think the amount of these will grow. The one thing that worries me in this matter is that I don't like buying things I have not seen. Jan 8, Contact

e 16330 UK : Please quote in US Dollars on a range of travertine tiles. Also price shipping based on full container to UK port. Jan 8, Contact

e 16290 UK : Please quote per sqm and availability of Arabescato Corchia or Arabescato Cervaiole or Arabescato Faniello polished marble tiles 305 x 305 x10. Jan 6, Contact

e 16261 UK : I am keen to get prices for Granite and Slate tiles per square metre as per products that I found in the pricelist 660 of findstone.com. I am hoping to import 1000 square metres of slate and granite tiles in the first month to the UK as an initial order and would hope to see this increase significantly over the proceeding months. Please can you give me a selection of your best selling slate and granite tiles, indicative prices per square metre and transport costs if you have them?  Jan 4, Contact

e 16259 UK : Retail: I am interested in buying polished Crema Marfil Marble tile size of 300 x 300 x 10mm. I require approx. 15 sqm, as a starter project, meaning my initial requirement is for a smaller area in my house. If you have different grades of Crema Marfil please let me know. I live in London . Jan 4, Contact 

e 16238 UK : I am looking for large stones for landscaping and water features. I am in Surrey .  Jan 1, Contact

Year 2004

e 16229 UK : I am interested in purchasing comparatively small amounts of: 
(a) Rosa Portugal, Rosa Portugal, Rosa Portugal, & Rosa Portugal Salmone. As the marble will be for hand made mosaics, I would need rods (eg 20cm by 1.5cm, and as thin as possible). Could you confirm that I can order small quantities of marble rods of this description through yourselves, and how much each type is; and the delivery charge for a package of 10kg. Dec 31, Contac 

e 16175 UK : Please forward me the current price list for your products. Our tel. no. is 0208 54.....Dec 27, Contact

e 16146 UK : Retail: I have recently had my old snooker table slate stolen and would like to buy new slate. I live in England and used to own an 8ft by 4ft by 1.5 ins slate which came in 3 pieces. If I gave you the exact dimensions would you be able to supply me with a slate and ship it to England . How much would this cost? Dec 22, Contact

e 16134 UK : Retail: Looking for a supplier of alabaster. I need a small amount like 10-20lbs. My tel. no. is 01989 5.....Dec 21, Contac 

e 16107 UK : Retail: I am wanting a black granite work top, 10m x 0.7m. I would supply the templates for milling and collect. Could you 
provide an estimate please. t. 01295 7.....Dec 18, Contact

e 16055 UK : We are interested in sourcing agate. Please quote. Dec 15, Contact

e 16013 UK : Would you please send me any information regarding sale Terrazzo tiles and also Terrazzo producing Machinery? My contact no. is 00447786 0.....Dec 12, Contact 

e 15923 UK : Please quote for Indian granite and marble slabs and tiles. Dec 6, Contact

e 15891 UK : I am interested in purchasing some jade. Please send me some images of your product & tell me if you have a minimum order & a rough estimate as to what the shipping costs would be for that minimum order? Dec 3, Contact

e 15792 UK : Please forward brochure and price on Exterior Terrazzo tiles and your range of granite tiles. My tel. no. is 004479895.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15791 UK : I am looking for pictures of the translucent stone curtain walls also for a manufacturer in Europe . Nov 26, Contact

e 15776 UK : Please could I have a quote including shipping to the UK for white marble (banswara) minimum 12" x 12". TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED IS 90M2. Nov 25, Contact

e 15766 UK : I am looking for basalt producers in South America as well is their such a stone produced from there? Nov 24, Contact

e 15739 UK : Earthmoving Machine: Can you send me the prices and pictures of Excavator. Nov 21, Contact

e 15696 UK : I live in London but we are restoring a house in the South West of France. We plan to install a hard flooring on the ground floor and a possible option is something called "Zeus Floor". I need 120 sqm shipped out to France . Looking for a supplier in an around France . Nov 18, Contact

e 15688 UK : Please forward details of your products like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. My tel. no. is 01530 2..... Nov 18, Contact


e 15674 UK : Please send brochure for Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. We are a stone trading company. Nov 17, Contact

e 15673 UK : I want to buy Medallions of 100 cm Diameter 40" and Travertine Tumbled tiles. Please get back to me with price of both asap. Nov 17, Contact

e 15672 UK : I am interested in 300 x 300mm light and medium filled and honed travertine tiles. In addition I am interested n 100x100mm 
tumbled marble/travertine tiles. Please give a quote of prices per sqm and advise of shipping costs to the UK . If you could also 
outline minimum purchase requirements and acceptable methods of payment that would be great. My tel. no. is 44 1355 2.....Nov 17, Contact


e 15667 UK : I have projects in the UK for apartment bathrooms over 2 years approx 45,000m2 travertine. Looking for someone who can supply as well as fit in UK . Nov 17, Contact

e 15627 UK : Artifacts: I am looking for an exporter or factory able to supply my company with granite knobs and handles for kitchens and doors. Please provide price and airfreight price as soon as possible. Nov 16, Contac

e 15590 UK : Please tell me if its possible to get samples of any jet black granite tiles and also dark red granite slabs. If I am happy with the tiles I will need 3 pallets of them to be sent to the UK . Nov 12, Contact

e 15566 UK : Landscape: retail: Please could you tell me the nearest supplier to Andalucia , Spain for flagstones. I need to tile an area of about 150 sq mtrs. What would the delivery cost be for that sort of quantity? My tel. no. is +44 (0)1293 4.....Nov 11, Contact 

e 15557 UK : Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in CATERPILLAR 980C. My tel. no. is 004477102.....Nov 11, Contact

e 15552 UK : Retail: I am looking for information on suppliers of sandstone, limestone, granite and slate. My interest is in landscaping use. I live in Scotland and am especially interested in companies in Scotland and the north of England . Nov 10, Contact 

e 15476 UK : Can you please quote price 12x12 polished tiles also 12x24. Please quote for different width and please include packing cost and were is your company based. Nov 5, Contact

e 15473 UK : I need some suppliers of marble, granite, limestone and travertine from Syria , UAE, and other parts of the Middle East . Nov 4, Contact 

e 15428 UK : I am looking for a stockist in the UK of Emperador Marble which originates from Spain . Could you advise if there are any stockist in the UK . Nov 2, Contact 

e 15380 UK : Would you please give me some information regarding import of Terrazzo tiles and granite tiles in UK . How much will cost Import Custom Duty for 1/one/container of each. Oct 28, Contact 

e 15359 UK : Retail: I am trying to source some black pebbles/cobbles between 40mm to 90mm. These need to be black rather than grey.
I am in England . My tel. no. is +44 1923 2.....The qty. reqd. is 1 tonne minimum, 40mm - 90mm, decorative. Oct 27, Contact

e 15339 UK : Please quote for Ghibli light beige (Beige Fantasy) 330sq; 1st quality only, (18" x 18" - ½" thick). One face polished, small chamfer top edge. Oct 25, Contact

e 15335 UK : Please can you provide us with details of 1.5 tonne vacu-lifts, prices, availability and delivery to our yard in United Kingdom . Oct 25, Contact

e 15331 UK : We are near Manchester UK . We want buy many containers on a regular basis of Stone Tiles in Travertine, Marble and  Limestone. Please advise prices and all details. My tel no. 0044 1606 3.....Oct 25, Contact

e 15317 UK : I am interested in sourcing some Polished Porcelain floor tiles. My tel. no. is +44 7932 7..... Oct 23, Contact

e 15299 UK : We are importers of marble and granite in London , United Kingdom . I am interested in all black indian granites. Could you please e-mail me your quotation for the above granites for 20mm, 30mm, 40mm thickness per Sq m. My requirements are at least 2 to 3 containers per month of 30mm Absolute black granites. My tel. no. is +44 207 48.....Oct 21, Contact

e 15298 UK : Looking for an Indian granite named Beige Fantasy. Oct 21, Contact

e 15287 UK : We are a Stone and Slate Company near Manchester UK . We are Stone Tile Importers and buy from many countries around the world. Iranian Travertine producers please offer us 6- 8 Containers each month of Beige and White/Cream Honed and Filled Travertine. 
Sizes are 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm Bevelled Edge , 40.6 x 40.6 x 1 cm and 40.6 x 61 x 1.2cm. In the first instance would suppliers please offer prices FOB Bandar Abbass. We wish to finalise our first order in the next 2 - 3 weeks. Our tel. no. is +44 (0)1606 3......Oct 20, Contact

e 15281 UK : We are builders merchants who stock & sell what we call Indian stone, we have not bought direct from India but now we are looking into the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Oct 20, Contact

e 15271 UK : We are a trading firm established in London , United Kingdom with a strong export oriented base. We specialize in sourcing a wide range of products from around the world at very competitive prices and have been in this sphere for over ten years now. We have associates office in Taiwan , China , Australia and Malaysia and also have agents all over the world conducting marketing and outsourcing work for our company. We have two urgent requests in connection with sanitary products and tiling: 
1st Enquiry
Fiber cement roofing tiles (with or without asbestos)
0.92 x 1.53 m, Thickness: 6 mm, Quantity: 5 x 20 ft FCL, 
Roofing Tiles (with or without asbestos) Standard dimensions, Quantity: 5 x 20 ft FCL

2nd Enquiry
Quantity: 1 X 20 ft FCL: Complete WC mechanism (sluicing stick with the WC) with push rod (11% of 1x20 ft FCL)
Complete WC mechanism (sluicing stick with the WC) to pull (6% of 1x20 ft FCL) 
Bath-tub steel + emptying 6%
Sink porce 2 water trough 8%
Sink porce 1 water trough 6%
Sink stainless 2 water trough 9%
Sink stainless 1 water trough 6%

Squares Earthenware: 
A/ Decoration (wall) 
20 X 25 7%
30 X 30 6% 
B/ Ground 
B1 sandstone ary
30 X 30 8%
25 X 25 4%
B2 sandstone mat
25 X 25 7%
25 X 30 7%
30 X 30 9%
If you are in a position so supply the above, we would like you to contact us as soon as possible. We have an urgent requirement for the above for our own distribution in West Africa . Since ultimately the product is intended for an African market, we request you to provide us with a competitive price quote for these products based on the following:
1. Price in USD
2. Please quote FOB / CIF Tema Ghana  
3. Delivery lead-time after confirmation of order
4. Port of loading and Origin of product
5. Transit time and shipping liner
6. Acceptable forms of payment
We would also appreciate photographs or a product catalogue, if any. If any clarification is required with regard to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. Tel: 00 44 20 890.....Oct 19, Contact

e 15232 UK : I am looking for supplier of agate burnishing stones...these stones are used for the polishing of gold leaf and usually come in several shapes. Oct 17, Contact 

e 15210 UK : I am trying to locate FLAMED ABSOLUTE BLACK GRANITE. The initial specification is required for sampling use for a show home that is being developed for a construction / development company. If approved there will be a minimum and immediate purchase of 550 square metres. The initial enquiry is for a piece measuring 5 square metres. Please provide me with stock availability, price to London via sea and delivery date. My phone no. is +44 7932 7......Oct 15, Contact 

e 15184 UK : I am enquiring after a particular sample of limestone, which is kirkstone green. Please quote with images and samples. I am in 
Glasgow . Oct 14, Contact

e 15175 UK : Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Cat 315B L - hammer lines and quick coupler. Kindly send us the price and availability.  Oct 13, Contact

e 15173 UK : I am looking for Star Galaxy for kitchen counters with various holes cut. We are based in Edinburgh . Oct 13, Contact

e 15126 UK : We are looking for 270 m2 of Marbella limestone honed 600x400x20. Delivered to Cardiff , South Wales . We would like to import it from any price competitive country and we are ready to purchase now. My contact number is 02920 4..... Oct 11, Contact 

e 15083 UK : I am looking to purchase travertine stone flooring for a domestic project 500mmx500mmx10-15mm. Please quote. Oct 7, Contact 

e 15045 UK : Please quote with shipping charges for 30 metres of black galaxy granite/bull nosed edge finish to England . Oct 5, Contact 

e 15025 UK: Price FOB Bombay for a 26 t container load of granite and marble tiles (in pallets) 10 mm thickness-polished and machine cut complying to British Standard. Oct 4, Contact   

e 15021 UK : Landscape: PLEASE COULD YOU POST BROCHURE ON  PAVING SLABS 450/450 TERRACOTTA. Oct 3, Contact  

e 15011 UK : We are a distributor/wholesaler for all types of marble tiles and supply to the UK . We are interested in obtaining 1 main supplier from Greece who can supply us with the best quality white marble and other marble tiles at the most competitive prices. We can order up to 30 containers a year. I will be coming to Greece and making my first order. Our tel. no. is 004479762.....Oct 1, Contact 

e 15008 UK : Please quote for limestone, 80 sqm.  Oct 1, Contact 

e 15007 UK : We are in search for a used water-jet machine. Oct 1, Contact

e 14958 UK : Please send me details of Spanish Stones as I am considering offering products such as yours for sale in the UK . Sept 28, Contact

e 14952 UK : I would like to speak to someone about the pricing of stones. Also the possibility of becoming a distribution centre. Our tel. no. is 01933 3.....Sept 28, Contact

e 14941 UK : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Hitachi EX100wd excavator. Please send photographs. Sept 27, Contact

e 14918 UK : Please forward Agate stone details together with prices. Sept 25, Contact

e 14914 UK : I need rough agate rocks of all types for aquarium decoration. Size approx 4"-6". Price per container please. Please forward details. Sept 24, Contact 


e 14860 UK : Retail: I am looking to buy 40 square metres of jersualem gold honed limestone. It's for a residential project - a kitchen floor - and we need it shipped to the UK as soon as possible. My phone number is +4478179.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14847 UK : I am looking for kitchen work tops all 30 mm thickness free lengths exceeding 2500mm in length x 650mm width polished pencil round to 1 long edge. Colours are nero zimbawe, baltic brown, blue pearl, emerald pearl, bianco sardo, kashmir yellow. Price for mixed container. Approx prices for delivery to England Sept 21, Contact

e 14845 UK : Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to purchase all cat machines, komatsu machines and hitachi machines. Please quote.  Sept 21, Contact

e 14828 UK : Retail: I have reading all about the problems that can occur from granite worktop. I am having my kitchen refitted in 5 weeks time. Can you please advise me on what sort of granite worktop I should have. Both me and my husband loves cooking, would granite worktop stand the battering or should we consider other worktop. I would like a surface that do not scratch or makes rings from hot pans. Sept 20, Contact e 14826 UK : Please may I have your pricelist and dimensions for Jerulasem gold limestone flooring tiles. Sept 20, Contact e 14793 UK : Please may I have your pricelist and dimensions for Jerulasem gold limestone flooring tiles. Sept 17, Contact

e 14768 UK : Please forward details and prices of fossil mint and other sandstones. Sept 14, Contact  

e 14687 UK : Retail: Seeking supplier of agglomerate Resin/quartz tile, trade name "Rosso Corsa", in a deep
polished red. 20mm slab or 12mm tile - either would be good, and happy to buy from anywhere, dependent on
transport costs. 17 sqm wanted, ready to buy now , but would need sample to confirm the material is correct. Sept 10, Contact 

e 14646 UK : I am enquiring to know more about stone crushing machines, the quotations, catalogue, terms of transaction. We own a huge landed property of granite mountains, we are looking for either new or old crashers. My contact no. is 44 79 511 ...... Sept 7, Contact 

e 14645 UK : I want to buy Granite Tiles of Different sizes and thickness. I will like to know if it is still available and I want you to give me you last offer and the pieces you have at hand, and I will like to make the payment in Cashier Check. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14637 UK : Retail: I am looking for you to give me a price for the following and a rough idea of delivery time. 
Perryfield Whitbread, Monks Park , Bath Monks Park . I need 300x300mm or 400x400mm. And I will need 14 sqm. Do you have samples? My tel. no. is 020 875..... Sept 7, Contact 

e 14623 UK: We are building a Day Spa (commercial use) in a hotel in Devon, UK and considering using Travertine flooring in the area surrounding the pool as well as in showers (wet rooms) 
We have been advised to use tumbled, unfilled travertine which would be first treated with an impregnator, then grouted to partially fill the natural holes in the surface, allowed to dry, cleaned and then sealed. The pool water will contain chemicals such as chlorine/bromine although its pH will be maintained at between 7.2 and 7.8. We must consider that customers may spill soft drinks, body lotions, essential oils etc. in the area. Anti slip properties are important and if travertine’s use is considered suitable, we could have a Ramp Test undertaken to determine its slip resistance. We prefer the look of straight cut honed travertine but suspect this may be too slippery. Flamed granite has also been suggested but we feel it is too rough. Our tel. no. is 01395 5.....Sept 6, Contact

e 14603 UK : I would like to by floor and wall tiles, of ceramic type. I would like to buy them in Botswana . Sept 5, Contact 

e 14552 UK : Retail: I like black polished pebbles approx. 4" x 2", where do I find them. To be used internally for a large pebble wall with water trickling down. The size of wall is 25sqm & to laid on edge.  Sept 1, Contact

e 14516 UK : We are a UK based company and are interested in using your supply of natural stone in our industry. Please send me a price list. Aug 30, Contact  

e 14513 UK : We are interested in buying some fireplace kits. Could you send me your contact details and website please? Aug 30, Contact

e 14499 UK : I am opening several retail outlets in the UK and need good supplies of travertine, slate, marble, etc. Aug 29, Contact

e 14467 UK : I am looking for machinery for ampules manufacturing from Italy . Aug 27, Contact

e 14442 UK : PLEASE FORWARD ALL RELEVANT INFO. for Nigerian granite / limestone. Aug 26, Contact

e 14413 UK : Landscape: We currently import sandstone paving, cobbles, etc from India and are looking for a source closer to home. Could you please send me details of your products. Our fax no. is 01274 8.....Aug 24, Contact

e 14410 UK : I am interested in a water jet cutting machine. Our requirement is is to cut mostly marble and perhaps a small amount of granite. I would also be interested in a used machine but obviously one in fairly
good condition. My U.K no. is 004419242.....Aug 24, Contact

e 14341 UK : Please quote for 305 x 305 x 10mm Marble tiles for export to UK . Price FOB packed in wooden crates of a manageable size. Minimum quantity will be 10,000 square feet of mixed batches. Aug 20, Contact

e 14315 UK : I am looking for the following granite slabs. Dimensions are: 
1). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 3000 mm length
2). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 2400 mm length
3). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 2000 mm length
4). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 1600 mm length
All the following granites in quantities of 10 each (so there will be 40 pieces of each granite – as 4 different lengths are required)
Angola Black, Nero Black, Baltic Brown, Verdi Tropical, Blue Pearl, Paradiso, Bon Accord, White Crystal, Emerald Pearl, St. John's Red, Giallo Veneziano, Ubatuba Green, Kashmir White, Ivory Brown, Multicolour Red, Zimbabwe Black, Rosa Porino, Columbo Juperana, Rosa Sardo, Blue Pearl Marina, Luna Pearl, Star Galaxy. 
I am an independent trader supplying to local British Markets ( United Kingdom ). I need the deliveries before Christmas 2004 and starting in October 2004. 
40% in October 2004, 30% in November 2004 and 30% in December 2004 (before 20 December). I need the quote delivered to United Kingdom port. In case you quote FOB, the an close estimate of shipping costs to United Kingdom port. Deliveries/shipment must be insured for travel until it reaches to its destination in UK
All UK taxes are my responsibility. My contact information is +44-1296-4......Aug 19, Contact


e 14281 UK : Please quote your best price and delivery time on the basis of CFR Mahe / Seychelles basis for 200 sq meter Rosa Cream 300 x 300 x 0.8 mm. Please give full details and photo effect of the tiles (for reference and re-confirmation) with our order. My tel. no. is 020 890.....Aug 17, Contact 

e 14276 UK : I am interested in prices of travertine tiles not slabs or blocks from Armenia . Aug 17, Contact

e 14274 UK : Could you please give your prices for the limestone and sand stone. I am currently buy from Turkey and China hope fully your prices are competitive. Aug 17, Contact

e 14271 UK : I want a caterpillar. Looking for a supplier from USA as I will be traveling to USA soon. Aug 17, Contact  

e 14262 UK : Please send stone catalogue and prices. Aug 17, Contact   

e 14256 UK : Please quote for Sinja Riada, Seritzo Montezori and Giallo Novalto. 8,000 m2 Module size 600 x 450 x 20. Surface finish: semi/polished/satin. Aug 16, Contact 

e 14254 UK : Please quote for Thassos AAA as we are working on project at the moment. Aug 16, Contact

e 14231 UK : Looking for suppliers of travertine and marble. We are a luxury flooring retailer, currently opening a showroom in the South Midlands . Aug 14, Contact 

e 14227 UK : Please send details of Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact

e 14192 UK : Please quote for waterjet machine. Aug 13, Contact 

e 14185 UK : I have a requirement for about 80 sqm travertine tiles 600x400 approx. We are a property company and are using for bathrooms. Can you give me best prices please landed in UK ? Aug 13, Contact

e 14166 UK : I am looking to source some Indian sandstone paving.  My tel. no. is 01752 3.....Aug 12, Contact 

e 14161 UK : I am looking for a Water jet machine 3-4 years old. 20HP pump. Complete with table and software. My contact details are 01924 2.....Aug 12, Contact 

e 14142 UK : Please send details of any etching or engraving machines which are suitable for Granite, Marble, Slate or Sand stone. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14136 UK : I am looking at buying some etching / engraving machines. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14120 UK : Please send send us a list of prices for the following stones; zangqin black, shan xi black, shandong black, zh-g016, g654 and g021 from China . Aug 10, Contact 

e 14116 UK: I am seeking approx 300 sq metres of honed limestone in as large a tile size as possible
90 x 60 or 60 x 40 for floor use say 2cm thick, Colour cream, but some marking/ shade variation is acceptable
Delivery November, Site Palma Mallorca. I am at the start of the buying process. I will wish to see samples at a later date. I will also want smaller quantities of travertine. To start with please gives sizes at prices. My fax. no is 0044 1457 8.....Aug 10, Contact

e 14109 UK : Looking to purchase Italian marble and granite. My tel. no. is 07800 8.....Aug 10, Contact

e 14106 UK : We are in the market for the purchase of Kato and Tadano used truck cranes. Please let us know if you have or shall have in the near future any of these Truck Cranes Especially 35 to 120 tons. 
We can finalize the deals almost instantly. Easy payment terms are arranged for the convenience of our 
suppliers. Our tel. no. is +44 (0) 20 756.....Aug 10, Contact

e 14089 UK : We are a small family run kitchen company in London . We are looking at importing granite direct from Spain . I will be in Alicante on the Friday 27th August and was hoping that I could make an appointment to discuss this matter further with you. My contact info. is 017083..... Aug 9, Contact

e 14064 UK : Would you please send me any information regarding sale Terrazzo tiles and also Terrazzo producing Machinery. My contact no. is 0044798954.....Aug 7, Contact

e 14037 UK : We are UK based company, looking for granite cutting (gangsaw, horizontal-vertical) and polishing plant. Please update us accordingly with the best  available in your stock. Aug 5, Contact

e 14036 UK: We are looking for the following machines, please reply with best FOB price, full spec's & photo's:
(Fiat) Hitachi and Komatsu (Wheeled Too) Excavators
EX 100 / EX 120 / EX 160 / EX 200 / FH 150
DX145 Bull Dozer - less than 2,000 hours - straight blade
PC 200 / PC 220 / PW 100 / PW 130 / PW 150 / PW 170 / PW 200
D400 & D350
330CL or PC340 with less than 3000 hours
966c / 966D / 966E / 980C.
L120D or E year 2000 or younger
L180 1993-1997
Also we are looking for any large earth moving machines for export, if you have any or similar machines for a trade price. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14017 UK: I would like to purchase a large amount of granite and marble. I want to be able to buy any quantity from a good reputable Stone company at competitive prices. What costs other than the cost of the rock will I incur? Aug 5, Contact

e 13989 UK: We are a large fireplace manufacturer in the UK and would like more information / samples if possible of the following limestone's. From Portugal, Moca Creme, Semi rivo codacal & Porto Brige.
From India, Lime 3. We produce very high quality fire surrounds in English limestone and would like to look at the possibility of using a foreign limestone. Aug 3, Contact

e 13979 UK: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles and slabs. See pricelist 575 & 924. Aug 3, Contact

e 13916 UK: We are looking for new suppliers of granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) for direct supply to England. Our requirement is for approx 350Meters square per month. We presently Import directly from other countries. 
July 30, Contact 

e 13839 UK: I currently have a number of self build projects on the go in the UK - Isle Of Wight. Would like to buy approx 100 sqm of the black slate in the largest sizes possible in a polished finish with a machined edge. Could you please give me some idea on pricing and if possible send a sample. July 26, Contact 

e 13710 UK: We are importers and distributors of kitchen & bathroom ceramic tiles. We have a substantial customer base and are supplying trade & retail customers. We have regular orders of 30mm Granite countertops in 2.4mtr & 2.8mtrs slabs in 6-7 different colours. These are used for Kitchen Worktops. We are looking for a good Granite supplier/exporter from India. We can buy container loads. 
We are planning to visit Bangalore for sourcing Granite and Quartzite on 8th August 2004. Please note we are not looking for any ceramic tiles suppliers. Our contact no. is 00 44 7980 8.....July 20, Contact

e 13628 UK: Looking for suppliers of micro marble. Our tel. no. is 020 867.....July 16, Contact

e 13575 UK: I am in the process of opening up a showroom in London, England which will provide the public a one-stop-shop-solution for purchasing fine contemporary furniture, fine solid wooden flooring, fine rugs, lamps, fine kitchen work surfaces, fine bathroom tiles, pictures, lighting and interior design services.
I would like to create a 3rd party business partnership with ‘Kitchen work surface manufacturers-ideally Granite’ and ‘Tumbled travertine & marble tile manufacturers’. 
Basically, I would like to display your samples in my showroom, gather orders and purchase the end product from your selves. I would like to become your UK channel partner / registered dealer. Please send me more info. My contact info. is 00 44 (0) 7956 2...... July 13, Contact

e 13553 UK: I am looking to buy a good piece of Persian Red travertine stone for a new sculpture. The size I require is 50cmx45cmx45cm. I would be prepared to have the stone air freighted to the south of England. July 12, Contact  

e 13531 UK: I work for a Marble & Granite Importer as a development manager. Our company is located in London. We are mainly selling marble and granite slabs and would like to make contact with a supplier of Nero Impala granite slabs from South Africa. We are currently buying about 1 container of Nero Impala every 
month 1/2 from Italy and would like a direct contact with a South African supplier. 
Our orders are usually made up of 2/3 30mm and 1/3 20mm and we buy a mixture of 1st and commercial quality. We are very keen to change our current supplier if we can find better quality and price. The slabs we 
currently get are usually around 3mx1.75m and they are mainly used for kitchen worktops (30mm) and bathroom vanity tops (20mm). Our phone number is 00 44 208 45.....July 11, Contact  

e 13462 UK: I require about 200m2 of marble and granite. Please send me a catalogue of your special offers. My phone no. is +49-6173-94.....July 7, Contact 

e 13386 UK: We are looking for a competitive price on granite tiles 30x30cm Blue Pearl, 1cm thick. Our tel: 0044 (0) 1656 6.....July 1, Contact


e 13368 UK: I supply Granite work surfaces to private customers, I am doing around 10 kitchen work surfaces a month, and am now looking to buy direct from India, mainly working in black granite, Star Galaxy, or Tiger Black, or Silver Peal, or Black Pearl. Please could you get in touch with me with some prices. My tel. no. is 0044 7800 5..... June 30, Contact

e 13332 UK: Require Crema Marfil Polished 400mm x 400mm x 15mm marble tiles, prices per sq/mtrs, availability, delivery time from order, cost of shipping, if there is a minimum order and what is it. Our tel. no. is 01278-4.....June 28, Contact

e 13327 UK: We are interested in buying Russian marble. Our tel. no. is 015656.....June 27, Contact

e 13289 UK: We need granite for export to Europe. Email me to detailed documentation of your services. June 25, Contact

e 13284 UK: We are a design house and  looking for a 100 sqm of Crema Marfil polished 400 x 400 x 15mm tiles. Please forward the price, availability, time from order and cost for shipping. June 25, Contact

e 13240 UK: We are trying to source and transport Nero Impala, Emerald Pearl and Baltic Brown 30mm granite slabs to Romania. June 23, Contact

e 13194 UK: Need 30 tiles Perryfield Whitbed 1 metre x 1 metre x 20 mm. Delivery to London. June 19, Contact 

e 13181 UK: We are interested various types of stones. Our tel. no. is 44 207 74.....June 18, Contact 

e 13161 UK: Please can you send a quotation for your range of granite and marble tiles exported to the UK in mixed containers. I am interested in all your range. June 18, Contact

e 13154 UK: Please quote for tiles of St. Hubert or Spademi Dure tiles 1 metre x 1 metre. Delivery to the UK. June 17, Contact

e 13127 UK: We are looking for new suppliers of limestone and travertine tiles both traditional looking and contemporary, all for interior use. We are also looking for them in tumbled wall tiles and mosaic. My tel. no. is 07866 6.....June 16, Contact 

e 13101 UK: Please quote for Indian Black Galaxy, Absolute black and Kashmir White all 1 container. Slabs 30mm thick. June 15, Contact

e 12850 UK: Please open the attachment to see the specification of the order that I want you to me quote prices and delivery time. I want example prices for the following types of materials quoted for the three specifications below.
Black Galaxy, Blue Pearl, White pearl, China Green, China Ubatuba A, Black Pearl, Panxi Blue, White Pearl Carls doc 9pg.jpg, G 6503 and Gold Dust. 
I would require 3 x 50 units of the 605 mm x 2500 mm. x 30 mm depth (150 total units, Example: 50 Blue Pearl, 50 China Ubatuba and 50 White Pearl) 
Additionally 50 units 1240 mm x 1240 mm x 30 mm (15 Blue Pearl, 20 China Ubatuba A and 15 White Pearl)
Also units 1540 mm x 940 mm x 30 mm (15 Blue Pearl, 20 China Ubatuba A and 15 White Pearl)
Should you require more information please email me or call me on 00 44 78677.....May 29, Contact  

e 12798 UK: We are very interested in tiles 600 x 300 x 20 or 300 x free length Turkish Mugla White, Europe Gold, or Milas Lemon or Afyon, or something like that 2nd choice, the cheapest. Qty. is 1000m2. May 24, Contact  

e 12779 USA: I like Burlington Stone from UK. Can you give me an idea of how this stone would work for a kitchen countertop? I am a designer and my phone no. is 651-43.....May 23, Contact  

e 12743 UK: We are looking for new supplier(s) of granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) for direct supply to England. Our requirement is for approx 350 sqm per month. We presently import directly from other countries. May 20, Contact  

e 12586 UK: Please quote for cobblestones and sets for the UK. My tel. no. is 017687 .....May 10, Contact  

e 12501 UK: Please send details and price list of Spanish tumbled marble tiles 10 x 10 x 1cm, 20 x 20 x 1cm, 30 x 30cm, in Spanish marble. May 5, Contact  

e 12428 UK: I want to order 300sqm G640 Chinese granite slabs. I want to know how long for it to get to Ghana. My no. is  020758.....Apr 30, Contact

e 12402 UK: I am looking for a fireplace surround in Italian dove marble. I would like an old fireplace made in the dove marble of around 200 years ago which has a deep blue colour unlike the grey colour of modern day dove marble. My tel. no. is + 44 1488 6.....Apr 28, Contact  

e 12366 UK: I am looking for Spanish marble, granite, etc. My tel. no. is 07714 1.....Apr 25, Contact  

e 12246 UK: I am a second year student at Universities Contemporary Crafts course and I am specialising in stone carving. Where I can buy pieces of marble, alabaster and other stone suitable for carving. At present I am using Lincolnshire limestone and oddments from a local reclamation yard, but would like to work larger and with a stone that can have a more polished surface. Apr 16, Contact

e 12239 UK: Can you please send me a sample of Ulster black basalt and Wicklow granite. We are architects in Scotland. My number is 01382 2..... and I only need a small sample. Apr 15, Contact

IR: e 12165 UK: Can you please email me the full price list of Iranian granite & marble tiles & slabs. Apr 12, Contact  

e 12124 UK: Retail: I am a designer working in England, and am currently looking for granite for clients. Could you please send me any pictures and a wholesale price list, of your granite products. 
The colors I am most interested in now are the browns and golds. The quantity probably isn't much as I am an interior designer and my need is for individual granite tops, primarily for the kitchen, for individual clients. In other words, it's usually a "one-off" for each client. Can you do this?? Phone no. is +44 1276 4......Apr 8, Contact  

e 11994 UK: I am looking for exterior terrazzo tile products. Mar 31, Contact

e 11943 UK: Please quote with catalogs for Iranian limestone, marble and travertine. We are in London and our contact details are +44 (0) 208 99.....Mar 29, Contact

e 11878 UK: We are looking for top quality granite setts, granite edging and patio stones for our several exterior building projects we have. We need beige and dark walnut colour patio stone. We are looking for delivery to London, payment terms to be payment on arrival and inspection of quality of goods. My mobile no. is +44 772 00.....Mar 25, Contact

e 11828 UK: We are interested in buying a special stone from Armenia  called Offisian….(we think). It is a transparent (see through just like glass) and Brownish in colour. Please quote per sqm and also mention the maximum length-size is for this stone. Mar 22, Contact USD 20

e 11786 UK: We are looking for companies worldwide to supply us with Granite slabs, Marble slabs, cut to size hearth and back panels and marble surround, cut to size worktop. We need shipping costs and delivery time. Our tel. no. is 01375 8.....Mar 17, Contact

e 11594 UK: I am looking to import granite worktops. Please send prices of what you offer. Mar 6, Contact  

e 11518 UK: Looking for Medium veined Moleanos Limestone (or similar) suppliers in north west uk or mail order suppliers in UK.  Mar 3, Contact  

e 11494 UK: Want high quality slabs of Andhi Marble. I have heard that there are some difficulties at the moment. I am in the UK and have positive responses from a number of customers. I am interested in details for any quantity of slabs, but of good quality and high polish. I am in the UK and I am interested in any quantity that might be available depending on the prices. I therefore have not specified a quantity as I would like to know what is available and at what cost. Mar 2, Contact

e 11432 UK: We have a small enquiry in pietra cardoza stone. This involves 60mm thick stone work tops and a solid carved sink. Could capable companies contact us for potential manufacture and supply order for a project in London. Feb 28, Contact  

e 11350 UK: Would like to contact suppliers in UK for VIZAG BLUE granite. I am in London. My tel. no. is 020 878.....Feb 24, Contact

e 11347 UK: I am interested in marble and granite furniture namely round dining tables with rotating central mini-top and other furniture. Please send me images of your products with cost including shipment and insurance. Also let me know how long it will take to procure the furniture and the time taken for the shipment to reach London. The order may not be big at the start but gradually you may expect an increase. Feb 24, Contact

e 11268 UK: I am Looking for a marble supplier to the UK. I am currently a new distributor in the UK. Please send prices. Feb 20, Contact  

e 11258 UK: I have a fire place surround business. Is it possible for you to supply fireplace surrounds to the UK? Would you be able to send samples of marble and granite to me? Do you / can you manufacture marble 
fire surrounds? I can let you know of the designs I need. Feb 20, Contact

e 11238 UK: I want to import marble and granite from Brazil. I am located in the Greater London, we are willing to distribute locally and the Middle East. I don't have the right figures now but we are talking bulk shipments. My phone no. is 0044 20856..... Feb 19, Contact  

e 11102 UK: We want a Norwegian Porsgrunn Marble for a project in Poland. Is this stone available? If so - the likely panel size and thickness for its use.  
- an indicative cost
- any practical issues with its use (in a cold climate)
- any notes on polishing or working the surface - any views on the process called 'flint-rolling' 
If not available: 
- alternative stone you may suggest close in appearance 
- we have had supplied the following stone 
Grigio Billemi Sicilian Marble. 
This is an interesting alternative and we would like to consider more available in this range - in order to determine a selection we would require fairly large sample pieces with a similar thickness to that we would actually use eg 35-45mm. 
The stone panel as a spandral panel of sizes up to 1575mmx1500mm. The total area of stone to be supplied is 1500m2. Our contact no. is +44 (0)207 2.....Feb 12, Contact  

e 11075 UK: Looking to purchase on container loads on a consistent basis star galaxy and hassan green black for kitchen work tops sizes 2400mm x620 x30mm. Looking for good prices for American grade quality. Feb 10, Contact

e 11069 UK: I am interested in purchasing a large quantity of pure black granite, could you tell me what is the largest size that you can cut it into? Also, what are your prices; and could you offer a discount for bulk purchasing? Feb 10, Contact

e 11068 UK: Please quote for 2000 sq.ft of white marble (per m2) for delivery to London. Feb 10, Contact  

e 10914 UK:  I am an interior designer in London, UK. We are interested in looking at some samples of granite slabs. We would be very grateful if you could send us samples of 'Negro Tijuca',  'Preto San Gabriel' and 'Nevada Black'. Feb 2, Contact  

e 10878 UK: Please quote for approx 20000 sqm of travertine. Jan 31, Contact  

e 10840 UK: We are in the process of setting up a fabrication facility to supply granite worktops to our customers. We are looking to buy semi finished granite worktops in 3m / 4m lengths, 600 620 and 640mm depth x 3cm. The worktops should have square contemporary edge (straight edge with small bevel (pencil edge) on at least three sides, initial purchase will be for 3 containers (about 60mt) shipped to C&F UK port. Mixture of colours, actual stone to be used can be agreed with supplier, but we are essentially looking for basic colours - black, red, green, brown, grey/blue. We will also be looking for smaller quantities of splash backs sizes lengths to be determined later (2cm). Surface finished - polished.
The worktops are semi finished, but to a high quality - essentially we want to buy pre-fabricated worktops that only need a small amount of processing (cutting to lengths / cut outs etc).
Our plan is to increase production to meet our customers demand of about 10 containers per month.
We are looking for only A1 first quality material, and a VERY reliable regular supplier. Price is also an important factor for us to be able to achieve our aims.
We plan to place the first order for 3 containers in the next 6 weeks, for delivery to the UK in approximately 6 weeks after placing order.  Our phone no. is 441666 8......
The source can be any country in the world, the only requirement is 1st quality only, reliability and price (not much to ask for!). Jan 28, Contact

e 10759 UK: Seeking a supply of 20,000 reclaimed rustic Mediterranean roof pantiles. We will collect from anywhere around the Mediterranean (Spain to Turkey) for fulfillment within two to three months. Please provide a per-tile or per-crate bulk price, ideally we are looking for a cost below 0.35 EUR per-tile with potential for further orders. Provision of sample pictures would be ideal, in any case before finalising with our supplier we will visit your premises to check the materials and also to oversee the loading onto our lorries. Our phone no. is +44 87 171.....Jan 24, Contact

e 10626 UK: We are looking for a Chinese supplier of artificial granite slabs polished in a thickness of 2 or 3cm. Purchase random colors of about 20 containers per year for the UK market. Jan 17, Contact

e 10624 UK: Please send me your best export prices per sqm specifying different thickness for Chinese and Indian granite and marble tiles, polished, honeyed and flamed. Jan 17, Contact

e 10615 UK: Please quote for slate, limestone & travertine tiles. Jan 17, Contact

e 10605 UK: We are a property development and construction company located in London. We require the following for a development under construction:
1. 500m2 polished floor/ wall tiles 305x305mm or 450x450mm, 
2. 120m 150mm skirting,
3. 5 lift surrounds 200 mm, 
4.12 x door surround 150mm , 2200mmx1400mm
5.45 x 800mmx 300mm bull nose stair treads with 6 special winder special sections. 
6. kitchen worktops 600mm bull nosed (9 kitchens) price per meter and cost per sink cut, tap hole cut and draining area groove cuts. 
7. bathroom vanity sink tops. (12 bathrooms) per meter, tap hole cut and soap tray recess and dain groove cut.
Please send marble and granite prices and colours, will make up order to give full container loads. Do you supply any sand stones or slate stones Also information on carved products. 
All shipped to UK east or south coast preferably Harwich. Will pay in dollars, part secure held payment for inspection at receiving port. Jan 17, Contact  

e 10503 UK: I am a builder / developer looking for information on Cotswold Natural stone roof tiles. Qty. is 10 tons. Our tel. no. is +44 (0) 1225 7.....Jan 12, Contact   

e 10443 UK: Could you please send me pricelists of the following limestones: Cumberfield Whitbed from UK; Crema Europa from Spain; Moca Creme, Grao Fino, Rosal, Vidraco Crem, Semirijo Codacd from Portugal; Giallo Dorato, Tivali from Italy and Antalya Kemer from Turkey. Jan 9, Contact

e 10406 UK: Please quote for marble slabs. I make marble furniture. Jan 8, Contact  

e 10348 UK: I am looking for a manufacturer of marble bases used on the bottom of trophies, I wish to buy direct from the manufacturer in Italy. My phone no. is 00 44 1924 4.....Jan 5, Contact  

e 10340 UK: I am interested in the marbles from Italy. We have 78 townhouses and apartments to be fitted out with at least two bathrooms per unit. Possible inclusion of marble worktops to the Kitchens. Would like to view samples. Jan 4, Contact  

e 10300 UK: I live in Plymouth southwest England. I have been carving primarily with a very beautiful pale-cream limestone. However the quarry I have been using has gone out of business! I am looking for a stone merchant in my neck-of-the-woods, that can supply me with limestone and any other stone, suitable for carving.  Jan 1, Contact  

UK: e 10169: We have a customer seeking 700 sqm of Portland Stone & I would like to know more about this product. Our phone no. is 00353 53 ......Dec 20, Contact

e 9390 UK: I run a pub and want to replace carpet with quartz tiles. My tel. no. is 01202 6.....Oct 28, Contact USD 50

e 9372 UK: We are traveling to Istanbul and Izmir within the next two weeks and are going to visit some companies who will hopefully supply our company with the Travertine we need to acquire. 
We want to import 5000 m2 of honed and filled light travertine for a contract that begins in January 2004, this is just one of many large contracts so I am looking to strike up a long lasting relationship where we can continually get the Travertine we need from you. The contract is for a building group that uses the same materials for all its luxury homes it builds all over the country so it will always be the same type travertine we want. Oct 27, Contact  

IR: e 9278 UK: We are interested in huge quantity of Iranian Granite. We are particularly interested in Yellow coloured – Kashmirian Coral- Granite. We are looking for all, blocks, slabs and tiles. The sizes and thickness can be stated later, once we establish that you can offer the right material. Please e-mail us the colour and grain photographs so that we can come back with additional information. We can discuss more about our requirements and possibly we can visit you in Iran or any where in Europe. Our tel: +44 20 890.....Oct 19, Contact

e 9228 UK: We are currently interested in Raj green natural paving stones. Sizes Thickness: 275mm x 275mm 25-40mm, 560mm x 275mm 25-40mm, 560mm x 420mm 25-40mm, 560mm x 560mm 25-40mm, 560mm x 845mm 25-40mm and 560mm x 1130mm 25-40mm. Other colors interests: Black, yorky, autumn gold, grey / blue and whitby. Our tel. no. is 01829 7......Oct 14, Contact  

e 9225 UK: I teach and make sculptures. Currently my students want Lava stone to carve. Looking for a supplier in UK. Oct 14, Contact  

e 9212 UK: I am a designer and am looking to buy the best quality Medium Green Onyx slabs. I am located in England and am working on a project in France. My phone number is +44 7786 4..... I want 8 large slabs 2 meters by 3 meters. Slightly smaller may also do. The color that I am searching for is a very vibrant bright green onyx of the best quality with no or light veins. I am naturally looking to buy these slabs from Afghanistan or Pakistan. I am looking to purchase them within the next few months. What I am looking for is Medium Green Onyx, NOT Dark Green Onyx. And the slab size this supplier is offering of 2m X 1m is ok. I want the best quality, "The color that I am searching for is a very vibrant bright green onyx of the best quality with no or light veins." If I find what I am looking for, I will buy immediately. Oct 13, Contact  

e 9194 UK: I want Norwegian granite blocks. Oct 11, Contact  

e 9179 UK: I need 40 slabs in polished white marble each 450 x 450 x 20 delivered to Cambridge UK. Please quote. Oct 10, Closed

ALL: e 9104 UK: I am looking for a buff colour stone for patios and pavings for a job in England. I am happy to consider random sizes or in 400x400, 500x500/600x600 with a thickness of 30-40mm. I need genuine suppliers who are willing to respond to my needs. I need to finalise the right product and the purchase of the product within 4-5 weeks. All deliveries to a UK port in Felixstow / Harwich. 
I need the potential suppliers to provide me with photos, prices inclusive of delivery/shipping and insurance, followed by samples prior to purchase when required. I hope to hear from all serious suppliers from India, China, Pakistan or any other country who can supply the goods that matches my specification. Buff colour is similar to Indian teakstone. Sort of creamy yellowish colour similar to limestone. Please forward any stones that comes anywhere close to my description. Oct 6, Contact  

e 9062 UK: Retail: Looking for someone in the UK who supplies your granite in particular Bengal Blue. My mobile no. is + 44(0)7717 2.....Sept 30, Contact  

e 8997
UK: Retail: We would like to buy some ROSALIA marble. Are you able to supply direct to the UK? We are looking for tiles 30 x 30cm, qty is 22 sqm. Delivery to London. My contact no. is +44 7973 7.....Sept 23, Contact  

e 8982 UK:
I am trying to find a UK supplier of a Granite which I believe is called 'Tropical Varnish'. Sept 22, Contact   

e 8977 UK:
We are looking to purchase large amounts of travertine. Sept 22, Contact  

e 8937 UK:
I am looking for a stone supplier to provide one set of stones in the short term then the possibility of a number of sets. I require 54 basalt stones smooth and rounded and in various sizes. I also require 18 Marble stones smoothed and in various sizes. I am ready to purchase but will require images of the stones, prices, shipping costs etc. Contact no. is + 44 2476 3.....Sept 19, Contact  

e 8899 UK:
We would be interested in buying some Spanish Ambar Limestone. See ready stock 456. We are a stone trading firm in England. Sept 16, Contact  

e 8891 UK:
I am writing from an interior design company, we are looking to use a slate or similar quality stone to clad an interior wall in a new commercial project based in Delhi. 
We have been inspired by the use of stone at Peter Zumthor's Thermal Bath in Vals, Switzerland, as the stone is naturally textured and each slab varies in shade. It is said to use a stone called Vals Gneiss sourced locally, however I have not been able to find any information on this stone but would be happy to use another slate/stone that has a similar quality. Provide any information about this stone or could you recommend another source from which we can create a similar effect? My telephone no. is 020 73.....Sept 15, Contact  

e 8857
UK: We wish to purchase sandstone paving, 12 containers per month. Please quote price and delivery FOB Indian main port. Sept 12, Contact  

e 8856
UK: Please quote for 80 sq metres of marble tiles. Sept 12, Contact  

e 8838 UK: Please send your brochure, price list and some samples of your Kota stone in light yellow color. We are a firm of architects based in Worcestershire. 
Our clients need to see the Kota stone samples before they decide to go ahead with purchasing, but our  hands our tied until we get these samples - can you help please? 
We would like to keep samples of your Kota stone in our Library for future use for clients to view. Our contact no. is 01584 7.....Currently looking for suppliers in UK. Sept 10, Contact Rs 2500 (open)

e 8817 UK: We want Travertine Floor tiles 60 x 30 x 1.5 or 2cm or 60x60x1.5, 400 M2 in beige color (resinated). We require best price to UK. Suppliers from Spain, Portugal, UK. Would require in 2-3 weeks. Purchase price around Euro 20-25 M2. Require sample prior purchase. Our tel. no. is +44 (0) 1646 6.....Sept 8, Contact

PT: e 8763 UK: Please quote for Portuguese stones. See pricelist 955. Sept 3, Contact

e 8735 UK: Would like a sample of sea silver blue. Sept 2, Contact  

TR: e 8731 UK: We are looking for a supplier in Turkey able to work with three-dimensional stone and sensible leading time to manufacture a range of stone basins from local materials such as Anatolia Cream or Lymra and travertine to a high specification. This is for ongoing contracts. Sept 1, Contact  

e 8694 UK: We are working on a large shopping centre contract and require samples and prices for a dark gray granite, like Nero Impala, but it can be something else but similar, cut to size 600x600x20 mm. This granite has to be of the best quality and very consistent, no veining and regular gramulometry. Prices for 3000 plus sqm samples in polished, honed and structured (say flamed) finishes. Physical performance tests are essential. Initial samples can be 100x100 and if acceptable we will be asking for 600x600. Aug 29, Contact USA 40 (open)

UK: e 8680 USA: I want Perryfield whitebed or a similar limestone block that is 18" long x 10" x high x 6" wide. I would need 22 blocks. If you have a standard size that is close to these measurements that will be fine. I am in the preliminary stage of a project for a client, he seems to have his mind set on a limestone desk. I will proceed with my order as soon as my client approves the project. I would probably not need the stone for 3 months. My contact no. is 415-22.....Aug 28, Contact 

e 8669 UK: Retail: We would like to purchase approx 22 sqm of ROSA TEA marble tiles of 30 x 30 cm. We would like to have a water worn or brushed finish i.e. require a matt finish suitable for bathroom. We are based in central London and would like quotes inclusive of delivery. Our phone no. is +44 7973 7.....We are ready to purchase now. We can finalize the order by 10th September. Aug 28, Contact 

e 8583 UK: We need Beige color travertine floor tiles suitable for use with under-floor heating. Need 170 sqm, 600x400 filled and honed. Delivery 6-7 weeks. I am a builder and my mobile no. is 077114.....Aug 20, Contact 

e 8547 UK: Artifacts: We are looking to import marble fireplaces from Iran. our tel. no. is 00447900......Aug 18, Contact USD 100

ALL: e 8490 UK: I am a developer looking to import granite slabs & tiles. Aug 13, Contact  

IN: e 8482 UK: Please quote in cubic meter for Indian Granite blocks of 2m * 3m * 2m. .Aug 12, Contact


e 8350 UK: Retail: Looking for details of dealers of mosaic tiles, etc. in Philippines. Aug 5, Contact

e 8345 UK: I am interested in botticino tiles as displayed in ready stock 354. I am in Middlesex. Aug 5, Contact

ALL: e 8334 UK: Please quote with samples for granite, marble, paving slabs, etc. Color specification is buff colour stone in 30mm/499 random sizes or 600x600/400x400. Import location is India/China. Ready to purchase now if samples can be seen and price can be negotiated. Method of payment is Letter of credit- FOB. Date of completion is prior to end of August if possible!! Our tel. no. 01476 8.....
Aug 5, Contact  

e 8252 UK: Landscape: I want river stones, could you please advise me of minimum order and prices to deliver in England. Aug 1, Contact USD 50

e 8241 UK: Landscape: I want 8 - 10 water worn/smooth granite boulders, 6-8 @ 1.5+ cubic meters per boulder - 2 @ 3+- cubic meters in volume. The larger boulders would ideally be elongated as opposed to a more spherical shape in the smaller boulders, dark gray, continuity of color. I will import. I must be able to see and chose examples and will pay postage for photographs or time involved in sending images electronically. I can order within three months. My tel: 044 1722 5.....Aug 1, Contact  

PT: e 8143 UK: We are an interior design company based in the north west of England. We are looking to form direct links with stone suppliers / quarries from abroad to supply us direct with limestone and marble for various projects.
All the projects are at early stages presently so we have not made any concrete specifications on the products that we will end up using but for a couple of them we are looking at using white limestones. 
From the pictures of the various stones I have been looking at we would like to obtain small sample pieces of the following if at all possible. Some of them are: 
Italian limestone - tivoli
Turkish limestone - antalya-kemer, mugla-karacasu
UK limestone - fancy basebed, perryfield whitbed, broadbase, coombefield whitbed.
Portugal: White limestone like branco do mar. Send us quotes and samples. July 25, Contact  

IT/ES/UK: e 8067 Estonia: Please send price and time of delivery for following items:
Burlington Slate honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 177 m²
Ruvina Dark, honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 850 m²
Rosso Alicante honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 930 m²
Crema Marfil honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 565 m²
Bardiglio Novulato honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 2195 m²
Ruvina Dark, polished : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 430 m²
Crema Marfil polished : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 320 m². 
Also require 12 m² polished tiles of Camelia White ( 305*305*10 or 300*300*10 mm ). My contact no. is +372 50......July 21, Contact

e 7740 UK: Landscape: We wish to import a 20ft container of Beige sandstone paving slabs
Sizes: Assorted square & rectangle x 25/35mm thick
Loading: Please advise total weight, dimensions, & no. of pallets
Price: Please advise best price for a full container
Delivery: Felixstowe, UK
Lead time: Please advise earliest
Payment terms: Please advise
Quality: Please advise guarantee of quality. June 30, Contact  

IR: e 7723 UK: I want to import Marble and Travertine from Iran to the UK. I have an Iranian partner in Tehran for business translation. I am coming to Iran in October. We are looking for the following stone products:
TRAVERTINE Tiles: sizes 100 x 100, 150 x 150, 200 x 200, 300 x 300, 450x450
Colors: beige, cream, gold, brown, russet, yellow
Finish: tumbled. 
We also want Mosaics, Borders, Rosettes, Squares. 
FINISHED PRODUCTS like shower trays. Order size: full container load, mixed colors and sizes. June 28, Contact  

e 7709 Australia: Landscape: I am interested in contacting the company in Ghana who can sell Cobble stones for a large project in UK. We are looking for dark Grey color in size 200 x 150 x 150 either machine finished or hand chiseled.  June 27, Contact

ALL: e 7685 Scotland: We are importers of Granite, Marble and Slates in Glasgow, Scotland. Please send us some small samples of polished marble and granite. Our contact no. is 0141 42.....June 26, Contact  

IN: e 7642 UK: We are currently in the looking to form a long and trusting relationship with an Indian Stone Exporting Company. For many years we have been dealing with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iran etc, but we have recently been made aware of the ever increasing opportunities to deal with Indian Companies. Furthermore, we are witnessing very high quality, good delivery times and most of all, very competitive prices.
Our intention is to work in tandem to a Company such as your own , and supply the UK market.
The products that we are interested in are Tiles, Counter-tops, Slabs, etc.
To give you a brief background, we are a 10 year old Company with an excellent name for quality. We are Importers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors of finished, semi-finished products. 
We are Importers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors of finished, semi-finished products.
We manufacture, wholesale, and retail Counter-tops, Fireplaces, Cladding, Tiles.
We also have a Tile Contracting Company , and carry out major tile contracts throughout the country. We are in the process of opening an additional showroom to retail these items, and with our contacts throughout the country we intend (when we find the right Company) to distribute the products mentioned all over the country. Therefore enabling the Company in India to have large volume, regular sales, whilst dealing through one agent, with whom they will have a mutual trust.
Our plans are in progress currently, and we have narrowed our search significantly, due to some companies not being able to assure us of their quality, or a large enough range of products, or delivery times, or prices not being acceptable. Furthermore we are only interested in companies who have the capabilities to uphold quality, deliveries, prices, and quantity. 
Regarding the range of products and their prices, we do not need to list them all here, as the reason we contacted you initially was by your details on these items posted on findstone.com. There were only a few which we selected and now we are trying to establish our best option for a long term relationship. 
With orders, we anticipate ordering 1 - 2 containers per month, at the beginning, obviously more later depending on sales.
The counter-tops would be approx: 108" x 26" x 30mm. The most popular colors would be Galaxy Black, Blue Pearl, Nero Assoluto, Emerald Pearl, Siva Green.
We had not come across Siva Green before and judging by the sample color ,it would sell very readily.
Counter-tops would require polished, with one long edge polished, one short edge polished. Straight polished edges only.
Slabs would be the same colours, with Tan Brown, Shivakashi, etc. However we do have some concerns regarding the transport of slabs, (bad experiences) due to them traveling in a container and the movement and subsequent marking / scratching of the surfaces.
Slabs would require the face polished.
Tiles would be welcome in as many colors as possible, especially the colors mentioned above. Also in Limestone (plenty colors), Sandstone (plenty colors), Slate (plenty colors). Tiles would range from 12" x 12", 24" x 24", and even larger. They need to be calibrated on one side and sawn, natural, polished, or honed on the other. 
We are looking for tiles , 12" x 12", 24" x 24", 12" x 24". Tiles must be calibrated, polished & riven. Obviously we would require some sort of brochure ,showing colors etc to begin with ,possibly followed by samples. The tiles would be Limestone , Sandstone, Slate, Quartzite, Granite and Marble.
We would be interested in the supply of counter-tops in granite. Again colors would be helpful, our best sellers are Galaxy Black, Nero Assoluto, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Shiva Green or Ubatuba. These items would require to be approx: 2.8 metres x 0.65 metres with one long polished edge and one short. These would be 30 cm thick.
We require these details as soon as is possible for you to do so, as we are urgently needing these items , especially the tiles. 
Obviously when we find the right company, we would be looking forward to visiting India to introduce ourselves and have a first-hand look at the way your company produces quality stone. 
Please forward us as much information as you possibly can as we are very close to finalising and need to think about orders, we look forward to your correspondence. June 23, Contact

e 7618 UK: We are in the process of setting up business to supply and fit in the natural stone industry, here in Scotland. 
My partner and I have been searching the Web for some time now trying to find some sources for supplying stone in the UK, without much success. We then started looking in India & China with no success also, until we found your web site which is excellent. 
At present we are trying to source different products i.e. marble, Granite, Limestone & travertine for display purposes in the shop. For example we are looking for 2 metres square of different products. We are looking for suppliers who would be looking to do business long term once the business is up and running with regular orders.
We have been installing stone for different companies over here in the UK, but we are now at the point of opening an outlet from which we are hoping to supply and fit natural stone in the UK. 
We are serious in doing business with your company, but obviously until the business is up and running we are not position to order large quantities of one product. Can you assist in the initial set up? 
My mobile phone no. is: 00447976...... Tel. no. is 00447962.....June 20, Contact

e 7609 UK: I am a builder / developer. Email me relevant information for granite sets. June 19, Contact  

e 7557 UK: Please quote with more info. preferably in French Language for Grey-Shulman stone. We urgently need some information about that material for an application for a project in North Africa. We are architects in London and our tel. no. is +44 20 748.....June 17, Contact

e 7495 South Africa: I am currently living in SA but relocating to the UK in July 2003, and am interested in distributing marble and granite products. June 13, Contact

ALL: e 7491 UK: I want to import marble and granite. I am relatively new to the industry and am interested in undertaking a short course which would teach me about the various method i.e. cutting polishing and the types of machinery used. June 13, Contact  

ALL: e 7490 UK: We wish to buy containers of Black granite worktops and floor tiles. Size is 2400 mm X 600 X 30 mm and floor tiles 450X450mmX14mm. Please email us pricelists with samples on container basis. We are a major importer of goods to Scotland. Material to be delivered to UK. June 12, Contact

e 7456 UK: Landscape: We want an inexpensive cream stone which will be suitable for commercial paving projects. We have many enquiries which we would like to introduce our own alternative stone. 
However the important things are of course the suitability, price and a material which will give us few problems in terms of quality and consistency of production for reasonable size projects. We recognize the fact that there has to be a range of colors and this can be demonstrated to the architect.
Please advise the best material you can offer that complies with this description. Please forward samples, test results and typical prices for the following size contracts so we can examine our options.
Typical paving stone 600mm x 600mm x 20mm thick honed finish.
Price 1 - Contract Size 50-200 M2.
Price 2 - Contract Size 200-500 M2.
Price 3 - Contract Size 500-1000 M2.
Price 4 - Contract Size 1000 + M2.. Our contact no. is 01626 3.....June  9, Contact

e 7360 USA: looking for UK stones suitable for sundials. June 3, Contact

e 7323 UK: Please quote for in  Pounds Sterling for 90 sqm of Jerusalem Gold limestone, 20 mm thick, delivered to  Berkshire. I am a contractor. May 31, Contact

e 7316 UK: Please quote for the supply and delivery of granite or similar kerbing to the sizes and quantities as detailed here 150 x 50 flat top edgings 2,243 m
300 x 150 granite stone kerbs 70 m
145 x 255 x 915 conservation kerb 1,295 m
145 x 145 x 915 conservation kerb 95 m
145 x 255 to 145 x 145 taper kerb 18 m
145 x 255 conservation kerb 580 m
305 x 255 conservation kerb, 90 deg corners 60 nr
305 x 255 conservation kerb, Internal corners 50 nr
100 x 215 x290 long, 786.77 m
100 x 140 x440 long, 298.32 m
125 x 255 half battered pcc kerb, 34 m. We need it for a park near Southampton. May 30, Contact  

e 7315 UK: Please quote per sqm for Black Galaxy F.O.B local port. May 30, Contact

NO: e 7314 UK: We are a Marble & Granite wholesaler in London. We are looking for a company in Norway who would like to enter UK market to supply us with marble & granite slabs on a sale or return basis. We have large customer data base and are looking to expand. May 30, Contact

ALL: e 7274 UK: We are an import company / distributor who are setting up a distribution facility in the north east of England. Please send offers for 2 & 3 cm Black Granites & all other materials that are currently selling well in the UK. 
I currently purchase Approx. 10 - 15 containers & 15 - 20 trucks of material per month. I buy containers of granite from China & micro material from Portugal. I buy trucks of slabs from Italy, Spain, Etc. I am looking for supplier who can give me a price that may make me change my current suppliers, as the material I currently purchase is stocked in hearths & backs in their feeders. Tel. no. 0044 19145...... 
I am flying to China on Friday this week to the Hebei province to meet my current supplier & attempt to gain a cost down on current prices, however I am looking for something better than USD18-55/sqm ex-factory China for black granite. May 27, Contact

ALL: e 7235 UK: We are manufacturers of kitchen furniture and wholesalers of kitchen appliances in UK. Having been established for over 15 years. Our specialty is marble flooring, we tend to buy on average 2000 sqm of Cream/Beige.  marble tiles every month. Size: 600mm x 600mm x 10mm. Finish: Polished. 
Our main customer base includes large multi-national corporations. Please send me a brochure of the products you offer together with prices, Please quote prices FOB and in US Dollars. If you also have conglomerate marble it is made up of small pieces of marble joined together with resin please quote prices on that too. Our contact no. is 07986 3..... May 22, Contact  

e 7160 UK: Landscape: I am a builder / developer/gardener. Looking for suppliers of 120 - 150mm beach cobbles, random colour, shape, within the London (UK) area. May 14, Contact  

ALL: e 7146 UK: We opt to market stones and related products. Please quote with terms and conditions. We also request you to send us your catalogues / printed brochures through postal means. We will appreciate samples through normal postal means. Payment will LC or Bank Transfers. Our contacts: (Tel) + 44 (0) 194......May 14, Contact  

RU: e 7145 UK: Please quote for 32 mm Verde Fontein Polished finish with polished or cut edges. Qty about 2600 sqm, delivered United Kingdom or ex Work? Do you have example of Russian Stone Khibinit (Green Colour) from Murmansk region? May 13, Contact  

e 7049 UK: I am planning to setup a Marble business in the UK providing marble to the European market and am looking for a reliable supplier from Asia. Provide me with a rough price list on the services you offer (Fireplaces, Kitchens, Floors..). I must emphasize I am looking carrying out research into suppliers over in Asia at the moment so I am expecting Asian prices and not European ones from you. May 6, Contact  

e 7018 UK: I am looking for suppliers for Marble fire surroundings from Pakistan. I want to supply to wholesalers directly. All the deliveries will be going direct to customers. I need bit better prices. I am looking for at least 95 pound sterling C&F price a unit. May 3, Contact 

IN: e 6992 UK: I want 1st quality granite tiles 457 x 457 x 12mm about 150 - 300 sq mtrs polished, calibrated and chamfered. Need following colours samples - Himalayan Blue, Ruby red, Midnight blue, Mayur, Saphire Brown, English brown, Indian black, Taj lilet, SJ Blue, Koppal brown and Pink salvia. My contact no. is +44 20 88 ......May 2, Contact  

e 6976 UK: We want hard limestone for pier plinth fascia. Color: Light Buff/V. Light Grey. Size : 940 x 700 (oversized) x 30. We have selected Marmont or Fontenille Royal from France, Jura Grey from Germany and Biancone Light from Italy. Which of the stones listed below are hard limestones (porosity <5%)? Which UK suppliers can i get samples of these stones from? We are in London and our contact no. is 020 74......
April 30, Contact  

e 6972 Switzerland: We are building a very large house in UK. Entrance is to have portico supported by 2 stone columns / pillars approx 2.75m high, 20cm diameter. Limestone is preferred (Lime 3).
Can you provide cost estimate? Delivery costs? And from time of order, how long to delivery in UK? Our contact no. is +41 55 41.....
The project involves large quantities of stone with limestone being the largest component. Floors, staircases, poolhouse non-slip floors, polished and antiqued finishes are all contemplated (approx 400sqm in total).
The project is underway, basement completed, ground floor walls almost complete, first floor concrete planking to go on in June, second floor in July/august. Roof to go on around October. Poolhouse roof and floors ready in about 6-8 weeks. Completion due April 2004. 
My enquiry was 'cos we will need columns as requested for the front door portico. Timing is in the hands of the Project Manager and the Contractor. April 30, Contact

e 6947 UK: Please quote for polished granite and limestone slabs of 20 & 30mm and tiles. April 29, Contact  

e 6936 UK: I want marble fireplaces. April 28, Contact  

e 6793 Ireland: I am looking for sufficient limestone - Perryfield Whitbed from UK variety - to make an entrance architrave over a Front Door for a dwelling house. I may also be looking for sufficient limestone (same variety) to make window surrounds and window sills, around windows in dwelling house. Exact dimensions not yet available. Please give me an idea of price. My contact no. is +353 86 36....April 21, Contact

e 6734 UK: We want Granite, Marble slabs and Limestone and Travetine tiles. Please quote we are in 
Gloucestershire. April 16, Contact  

e 6727 UK: Landscape: Please quote for 20 mm black polished stones (pebbles) for garden design (used for a water feature) for a job in London. please tell me what your minimum order is and how long the
delivery time is. What other stones and pebbles do you have? White is always popular here especially in London which is where I am based. Possible other colors in future. April 15, Contact  

e 6726 South Africa: I represent a property developer in Cape Town. We are presently doing a high end development and are sourcing floor tiles and tops for the kitchen and bathroom. 
Our present needs are for Marble flooring- in particular Marble – Crème Marfil or Crème de la Crème ( or similar) 300 x 300, 400 x 400 Slabs of marble, Travertine –Crema Primara- beige – Crosscut honed and filled, We would be looking for 500 sqm. Granite tops – Capricorn or similar, Sand stone – Tuscany 400 x 400 and 600 x 600. We would also be looking for Sandstone cladding, Mosaic work for floors and tables, Decorating objects, Sinks and Wash basins. I would like to receive a product and price list for the above products. I would be really keen to see a sample and would be happy to pay for the costs. My tel. no. is: 27 21 93..... April 15, Contact  

e 6672 UK: We are currently working on a hotel project in Birmingham U.K. And we are considering using alabaster-marble as a cladding to the interior walls in the main entrance lobby. We would like to install the alabaster panels such that some of them can be back lit to give the lobby a warm glow in the evenings. please send quote with product literature and  maximum sizes that the various stones can be provided to our London-office. Our telephone no. is + 20 727...... April 9, Contact

e 6658 UK: I am starting a business importing and distributing natural stone like tumbled and antique stones. I need full container loads in various sizes and products. I am in London. I want to fill it with quality products from around the world. I am having particular problems with the shipping any help in this department would be appreciated. Coming from a retail background I am confident in the distribution side of the business. April 8, Contact  

e 6590 UK: Landscape: We want Wallington flagstone quartzite, natural cleft surface 1 1/4" -1 3/4", random size slabs or a regular and large size, to pave 3,000 sq ft of terraces. Sizes I am interested are 18 X 18, 12 x 24, 18 x 24, 24 x 24, 24 X 30. 
I also want 3/4'' thick slabs of white marble, for bathroom walls and floors. The material sample I have describes it as Branco neve crystal white calcite dolomite. We are about to go into construction so the above items are required as of now. April 2, Contact

ALL: e 6547 UK: I am major purchaser of Conglomerate and Micro marble fire surround components into the UK market. I am looking for an additional supplier who can supply large quantities of finished backpanels, hearths and mantels. I also require assembly work of various components to make up complete fire surrounds. I currently source material from all over the world to supply into the UK market annual turnover is £30 million (sterling). March 28, Contact  

IN: e 6546 UK: I am a sculptor looking for Indian soft stones to make sculpture. March 28, Contact 

e 6470 UK: I want 50 sqm of Botticino tiles 10x10 and mosaic and Molianos White (Beige if not) random/distressed in the South Coast of France. As close to Frejus as possible. I am visiting France on 25 & 26 March and would like to be able to see some suppliers whilst I am there. March 20, Contact  

IL: e 6397 UK: I want stones like Massada Gold, Jerusalem Gold Light Shade, Ramon Yellow, Herbon (Hebron?) and Nicosia Gold from Jerusalem. Please quote can with delivery to UK Qty reqd. is 40 sq m. march 13, Contact  

e 6391 UK: Please quote for the following materials delivered to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
Marble Veselye Polished Brushed
Marble Traviertimo Classico Romano Polished Brushed
Marble Dark Verde Imperiale Polished
Marble Galala Beige Polished Brushed
Marble Crema Imperiale Polished Brushed
Marble Darkish Breccia Paradiso Polished Brushed
Marble Botticino Fiorito Polished
Marble Napoleon Red Polished Flamed 
Marble Rosso Campo Crème Caramel Polished/Jet washed
Limestone Light Limestone Honed
Limestone Jerusalem Honed N25
The prices should be based on 20mm thick/m2. March 13, Contact USD 50  (open)

IT/NO/ZW: e 6345 a UK: Please quote for polished with beveled edges and polished sides. Colours required ; Blue Pearl, Botticino Classico, Carrara, Jade, Zimbabwe Black. 200x100x20mm, 200x200x20mm, 200x300x20mm. Qty reqd. 25 of each colour. March 8, Contact  

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