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October 2006




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Year 2005

e 18111 USA : Landscape: I need to get information on suppliers of building stone and landscaping materials having delivered to the Northern Virginia Area. I'm looking for about 250 sq. ft. of greyish black slate for a patio. I'm not sure where you are located. That may be too small a load. I also need four tons of flagstone, perhaps grey to brown. These need to be fairly thin patio pieces. But I will need this one in the next day or two. My phone number is 540-63......July 15 Contact 

e 17481 USA : Landscape: I am trying to find Texas grit. I am using for a child's play area. I need to cover approximately a 5x5 foot area maybe 6 inches deep. My location is Columbus , NJ . Tel. 606-29.....Apr 22 Contact  

e 17479 USA : Landscape: I need 2-3 pallets of stone to do a landscaping project in my yard. Unsure of size range; would like to discuss that with the shipper. Stones interested in: 
Reg. wall stone (field) $80 per pallet
Thin wall stone (field) $85 per pallet
Fieldstone steppers $95 per pallet 
Areas willing to buy from: Virginia , Maryland and Pennsylvania . Stage of buying process: Ready to buy and pick-up/or have delivered (depending upon shipping costs). I am in VA. My tel no. is 703-58......Apr 22 Contact

e 17423 USA : Landscape: I need fieldstone in North Granby . What is the bulk pick up or delivered price for a contractor? Please call 603 76.....Apr 17 Contact

e 17361 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a wholesaler in NJ for red slate flaggers. I am looking for a pallet. My tel. no. is 609-97.....Apr 10 Contact

e 17131 USA : Landscape: I am inquiring about the price and availability of a light green quartzite, delivered to Seattle Washington , USA . Delivery must be made before August 2005. Need 2000 lbs flagstone and 2000 lbs ledgestone. Mar 16 Contact

e 17012 USA : Landscape: I am interested in importing cobbles directly. The most convenient port of entry for me is Houston , Texas as I have business there. Mar 3. Contact 

e 16329 USA : Landscape: I am looking for 1 ton pallets of flag, field and drystack. However Flagstone is what I am mainly looking for. The suppliers I use now, have 3-4 thousand pound pallets. The pallets are too big, if anyone offers 1 ton pallets please contact me. Please send prices including shipping. I am in FL. Jan 8, Contact

Year 2004

e 16215 USA : Landscape: I am a builder located in northeast Nebraska and I am looking for a wholesale supplier of flagstones irregular and otherwise for patio projects as well indoor floor applications. I would like to be able to visit the stone yard and pick out the products I need and I want to be able to transport the stone myself, so the source needs to be relatively close, maybe no more than 300 miles from Crofton , NE , northeast corner near NE - SD border. I am using more and more natural products in my building projects and am looking for a good reliable source of stone at a reasonable price. My tel. no. is 402-38.....I am not interested in calls from outside of the area I described.Dec 29, Contact 

15651 USA : Landscape: I am looking for the yellow rain flower pebbles. I am a landscape designer in Southern California . Where can I purchase these? Nov 17, Contact  

e 15586 USA : Landscape: I would be interested in purchasing a large quantity of boulders and larger rocks for a waterfall and landscaping. Please send s & h info along with a name and number. If you have a price list, and descriptions or pictures of what you have that would be helpful. Nov 12, Contact

15458 USA : Landscape: I need 250 square feet of pebbles to be seeded into a concrete patio. I believe that these stones come from China . Please see pricelist 383. Description: polished granite pebbles/river stone. Colors: red or pinks and mixed colors. Sizes 3-5cm, 5-8cm, Washed clear, polished and coated by wax. no crushed. We are in the construction phase of a project, and our previous supplier of these stones has run out. We need to find a similar product. Please contact me. We would like to finalize this asap. I am in Aspen , and tel. no. is  970-92.....Nov 4, Contact

e 15442 USA : Landscape: We are interested in many containers of pavers in all colors please quote us container price on each color and size available.  Nov 3, Contact 

e 15426 USA : Landscape: We are currently designing a plaza and walkways for a public conservatory project to be built in the spring of 2005. We are looking for granite pavers; color, pricing. availability and turn around time. The conservatory is a duplication of an historic structure and as such your reclaimed pavers are of interest. Please email any information as soon as possible or you can contact me at (313) 83.....
Nov 2, Contact

e 15279 USA : Landscape: I am in the landscaping business. I am looking for cut Thermal Blue Stone, 3/4-1 inch thick. I want to purchase 5000 square feet. I can pay cash. What are your prices? Our tel. no. is 631-65.....Oct 20, Contact  

e 15272 India : Landscape: Requirement of 18mm thick cobble stone for laying in pavement of 2000mm width. Length is 75000 meters. Phone +91 484 23...... Oct 19, Contact  

e 15259 USA : Landscape: I'm trying to find a flagstone dealer in the San Francisco area. My tel. no. is (650) 21..... Oct 19, Contact   

e 15254 USA : Landscape: I am looking for approximately 1900 square feet of Crab orchard stone for a Patio in Washington DC . Please quote me what the cost would be per square foot plus the delivery charge. Oct 19, Contact

e 15214 USA : Landscape: Please advise price for delivered barn stones for building a wall two stones high by 200 feet long. I assume the stones would roughly average 12"x12"x24" and weigh about 300 lbs each. Please confirm. My tel. no. is 724-36.....Oct 16, Contact 

e 15119 USA : Landscape: We are looking for cobblestones for our front walk and stoop. We are in Long Island . Please give us more info on the cobblestones you have available, prices, and how to reach you.  Oct 10, Contact  

e 15039 USA : Landscape: Please quote for cobble stones and flagstones. We are in NY. Our tel: (001) 718 31.....Oct 5, Contact   

e 15038 USA : Landscape: We are a material supply company in Santa Barbara , CA and would like your price list by email / excel format / or whatever you may have. I am particularly interested in a job we are quoting at present with 1150 sq. ft. of authentic cobblestones. We can pitch different color selections, but we are looking for reclaimed authentic cobblestones. Oct 5, Contact 

e 15037 USA : Landscape: We are looking for different black / dark grey / burgundy "RECYCLED" granite cobblestones. We are landscape architects in Miami , Florida . Would like a catalog. Oct 5, Contact

e 15027 USA : Landscape: I am interested in purchasing about 30,000 square feet of cobblestones or 
paving stones
for a commercial project I am involved with. Can you send me details of the cobblestones / paving stones you offer for sale, along with pricing and delivery time? Please also send me pictures of 
the cobblestones/paving stones available for purchase. I am in NY. My tel. no. is (718) 31.....Oct 4, Contact

e 15023 USA : Landscape: We are seeking large quantities of small polished pebbles (0-2 mm). We will need approximately 11 metric tons per month. Do you have this product and is there anyway we can get samples sent to us? Also, where are these stones coming from, how much will they cost (US dollars), and can you estimate shipping costs and time to deliver? We are in MI. Our tel. no. is 616-58.....Oct 3, Contact

e 14600 USA : Landscape: I am an independent landscape designer in Austin , TX and we are looking for
new resources for stone supply. I would like a quote from you for a current project. We are ready to purchase immediately and will need delivery anytime in the next 30 days, keeping costs low being the deciding factor. 
My phone number is 512.65.....I need 8 tons of straight up 1-2" thick rose colored Arizona flagstone. We also need a quote for buckskin color We are willing to buy preferably from central Texas region but will consider anywhere with cost consideration of shipping. Our tel. no. is 512.65..... Sept 5, Contact  

e 14583 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a dark green stone that is round shape like a cobblestone. I am in TX. My tel. no. is 325-64.....Sept 4, Contact 

e 14476 USA : Landscape: I am doing work at a cemetery and they want white granite crushed stone place over graves instead of plants. They will be placed inside a concrete frame that is 2.5 ' x 4.5' on top of sheet plastic, in order to keep weeds from growing. Where can I purchase a truck load to be dumped at the cemetery for use as needed. The location is a suburb on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio. Aug 27, Contact 


e 14413 UK : Landscape: We currently import sandstone paving, cobbles, etc from India and are looking for a source closer to home. Could you please send me details of your products. Our fax no. is 01274 8.....Aug 24, Contact

e 14038 USA : Landscape: Interested in truckload (20-30 T) lichen/moss boulders in the 1-3 ton range. I need flatter material as opposed to round or cube shaped. Can you email photos of representative material? Also how far are you from Pittsburgh , PA for shipping purposes? Aug 6, Contact 

e 13933 USA : Landscape: Retail: I wish to build a path 4' x 46' to a landing 5' x 10' of granite pavers--or something similar. Can you locate them and provide a price? I am in Columbus , MS. July 31, Contact 

e 13900 USA : Landscape: I need 3500 sq.ft. of pink and grey granite cobble stones. We are in Maine . Phone no. is 207-25.....July 29, Contact

e 13884 USA : Landscape: I am looking for light uniformed colored flat stones (like skipping stones) approximately 1inch X 1inch upto 11/2 inches. July 28, Contact  

e 13872 USA : Retail: Landscape: I am looking to purchase some pavers for my current landscaping project. I will need to  cover approx. 500 sq. ft. Granite cobbles are preferred at regular size. We are building a 75 ft. dry stacked retaining wall and are seeking something that will compliment the stone as well as salt/pepper granite treads we have chosen. We are located in Maine . Our tel. no. is (800)46.....July 27, Contact

e 13827 Australia : Landscape: Please quote for 3-6mm pebbles, 1000kg bulker bags. 20ft container lots. Please reply what you can offer us. We are in Melbourne . July 26, Contact 

e 13816 UK : Landscape: Please send me a brochure about paved driveway products that are suitable to be used for a car driveway and hard-standing for 4 - 5 cars. July 25, Contact  

e 13807 Israel : Landscape: Please send us offers for the products attached, including packaging and delivery to Ashdod or Haifa sea ports in Israel . We are one of the biggest and most stable producers and suppliers of landscape development and construction supplies in Israel . We are looking for an attractive and serious supplier for Granite and natural stones for business cooperation in China . July 25, Contact

e 13805 USA : Landscape: Looking for granite blocks and stones for use in landscaping a Japanese style
gardens in one of kind custom built homes and developments. July 25, Contact

e 13791 USA : Landscape: I would like to obtain price qoute from reputable suppliers of Travertine Pavers for Landscape / Driveway. Dimension: 30 X 15 X 3.5(cm) or Standard 30 X 15cm. Quantity: 297 square Meters (1 Container). Destination: Miami , U.S. Colors: Gold, Nocce, Beige, Light Walnut. Surface: Standard. Quality: Best and Commercial. Shade Variation: Standard. Needed by November 1, 2004. Reasonable U.S. supplier quotes welcomed. My tel. no. is (954) 91.....July 24, Contact 

e 13604 USA : Retail: Landscape: I am building a pond and waterfall in my backyard. The waterfall is approx 5.5 to 6 ft. high and will be built from sandstone flags (slabs) not weighing more that 90- 150 lbs each. I will build it up so that it has a ledge stone face appearance. The core will be hollow blocks as a framework (save money less weight). The area covered by the waterfall is approx 8ft by 5ft. The pool will be surrounded by a built up bank (6-9 inches high) of the same stone in ledge arrangement and surrounds the pool. Pool is approx area 15ft by 8ft. I will need some matching boulders for effect. There is no possibility to get lifting equipment in the yard so I am limited by what I and one helper can physically lift!

Arizona flags are really nice in tan to pale yellow/gold and are perhaps a best bet for shipping. I am open to suggestion if someone has a weathered stack stone already to hand that would be great. I have seen something similar in our local merchant's yard but he wants huge amounts of money! Please quote. July 15, Contact 

e 13600 Malaysia : Landscape: Please quote for pebbles. July 15, Contact 

e 13569 Australia : Landscape: Please quote for Australian sandstone and bluestone pavers for landscaping. July 13, Contact

e 13551 USA : Landscape: Retail: We are looking for 1"-2" smooth black pebbles/rock for roughly 25 sq/ft. We are located in Colorado . Please quote with shipping. July 12, Contact

e 13509 Germany : Landscape: Please inform me about pebbles like colors and prices. My phone no. is +174 81.....July 9, Contact  

e 13503 USA : Landscape: I am looking to purchase a large boulder for landscaping purposes. It needs to be at least 4 feet high and approximately the same size around, with a semi-flat top. I will also need it delivered to my home in Dallas , Georgia . July 9, Contact  

e 13486 USA : Landscape: I am trying to get more info on your cobblestones. I need to know what colors and sizes you have available. I am a builder and would like to use them on my next project. I will need a large order. July 8, Contact  

e 13449 USA : Landscape: We would like to contact suppliers to get estimates for several types of rock i.e. Boulders, River Rock, Gravel for ice control, and Flat Rock and the costs for have the rock delivered to us. We are ready to purchase as soon as possible. July 6, Contact 

e 13428 USA : Landscape: I am looking for something like fine aquarium gravel but I can only find it at aquarium shops where it's too expensive. I have not been able to find anything similar at any of the quarries or sand and gravel companies around this area. Looking for a source in or near Nebraska . July 3, Contact

e 13400 USA : Landscape: Please quote for some assorted rocks. My tel. no. is 727 53.....July 2, Contact

e 13399 USA : Landscape: I am looking for +/- 1,450 sq. ft. of grey granite cobble stones. Can you reply with dimensions, price and location? Cell is 415.29.....July 2, Contact

e 13396 USA : landscape: Please quote"on"> USA : Landscape: Please quote for some assorted rocks. My tel. no. is 727 53.....July 2, Contact

e 13399 USA : Landscape: I am looking for +/- 1,450 sq. ft. of grey granite cobble stones. Can you reply with dimensions, price and location? Cell is 415.29.....July 2, Contact

e 13396 USA : landscape: Please quote for Wall stone, gravels, mulches by trailor loads delivered to NJ. July 2, Contact

e 13393 USA : Landscape: I work for a landscaping supply company in NE. We are looking for a supplier for a few different types of rock ie. river rock, flat rock, boulders, and gravel for ice control. July 1, Contact  

e 13358 USA : Landscape: Looking for red granite cobble stones. Can I get information on the finish, price per ton and availability of the above mentioned item? My phone no. is (413) 58.....June 30, Contact 

e 13339 USA : Landscape: Retail: Want Beaumaniere 16 x16 x 1/2 pavers. June 28, Contact

e 13305 USA : Landscape: Would possibly be interested in the belgium jumbo cobbles. Need to know dimension, color and location along with price. My tel. no. is 800-81.....June 26, Contact

e 13271 USA : Landscape: I want Pennsylvania Bluestone. Please email price list with shipping to Mass. My tel. no. is 1-508-86.....June 24, Contact

e 13239 USA : Landscape: I would like to make an inquiry about the Tennessee Thick Flagstones CRAB ORCHARD FLAGSTONE 1 to 2 . What price per ton? My tel. no. is 301 92.....June 22, Contact

e 13185 USA : Landscape: Retail: I am looking for 1000 kg of 2-3-inch long smooth blue-green pebbles ASAP in Laguna Beach , CA . I saw these in Bali a few years ago. Will buy from anywhere if total cost (including shipping) is reasonable. Ready to obtain immediately. My tel. no. is (949) 63..... June 19, Contact   

e 13129 USA : Landscape: I am looking for 2000sq ft of irregular Pennsylvania blue stone 11/4" thick. I need this stone before Tuesday for next week. I am in NY. I want a regular cut. My Budget is $2 per square foot. My tel. no. is 845.46..... June 16, Contact 

e 13128 USA : Retail: Landscape: Please quote for granite cobbles stones. June 16, Contact 

e 13123 USA : Retail: Landscape: I want to build a small Japanese garden and need to obtain three (3) large gray stones to place as a focal point grouping. My problem is finding a supplier in my area of North Central Maryland. June 16, Contact 

e 13119 USA : Retail: landscape: I would like to do a Travertine Paver walkway. I need about 500 sq ft. I live in Michigan . June 15, Contact  

e 13096 USA : Landscape: Looking for 40,000 square feet of blue stone for driveway and patios. So. Cal. location. I want the price to be below $4.00 per square foot, and I would also like 40,000 square feet of 12x24x4 or 18x18 and 12x12x4, all in the greenish side of the color spectrum. My telephone number is 626-35.....June 14, Contact

e 13077 USA : Landscape: Email me relevant information on black mexican pebbles 2-3 inch. I need two yards for my current project. What is your bulk price? June 14, Contact 

e 13019 USA : Landscape: Retail: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA. My tel. no. is 714 24.....June 10, Contact  

e 13001 USA : Landscape: I am the General Manager of a landscape and masonry supply house in MA., looking for a supplier of PA. bluestone tread stock and thermal 1.5" pattern stock. My tel. no. is 781-44.....June 9, Contact  

e 12969 USA : Landscape: I have a development in Dallas which requires several fountains. Delivery would be for 4q 2004-1q 2005. Please contact with products, I have the following needs:
1. central turn about fountain: area to fill 42' dia. edge of fountain must be seating height
2. Restaurant court (seating for restaurants around fountain/s) 15' x 60'
3. Colonade wall fountains 4 to 5 pieces differing architectural elements ranging in size from 3' to 8' in base width
4. brass/marble sculptures intermixed within walking areas of center. 
I am in PA. My tel. no. is 1-800-83....June 6, Contact  

e 12949 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a quote on 1 truck load of COLONIAL GARDEN PATHS lilac and gray in 3/4" - 11/2". The budgeted cost would be $90.00 per/pallet. Is there some place I can look at a picture of the stone to make sure I am ordering what I need? What will the shipping cost be and will the truck have a tractor to off load or do I need to handle that? My tel. no. is 540-35.....I am in VA. June 4, Contact

e 12931 USA : Landscape: Looking for prices on Arkansas Flagstone. We are interested in buying at least 10 pallets...may want to buy more if the price is right (a whole truck load). My tel. no. is 870-77.....June 3, Contact  

e 12915 USA : Landscape: I am looking for some large pieces of flagstone to be used as accent pieces in my landscaping. The stones I'm looking for are basically chunks with natural jagged edges, not cut smooth. The ideal size would be; 4"-8" thick, 3' x 2', up to 4' x 4'. I will probably need ten of these stones. I live in Plainfield , Illinois and will need the stones delivered. Please quote with images. My phone no. is 630-30.....June 2, Contact

e 12894 USA : Landscape: I need a boulder for a commercial project. The requirements for the boulder are.a rounded 10 ft diameter 5 ft high specimen granite boulder for a project located in KS. The approximate date needed is July '04. I am willing to purchase this from anywhere as long as it meets budget. My tel. no. is (913) 88.....June 1, Contact

e 12880 USA : Landscape: I need about 28 tons of crystal spar white for my driveway replenishment. I live in NY. My tel. no. is (631) 72..... I have been told by local stone suppliers that crystal spar must be obtained from Pennsylvania and very few driveway contractors have it on hand. What is the price per ton? 
Also, if I switch to another white stone for my driveway, are there any other less expensive suggestions? (My circular driveway now has crystal spar and needs to be replenished.) What is the least expensive way to go if the driveway must remain with white stones? Are there white driveway pebbles? Are white marble chips a possibility? May 31, Contact USD 50  

e 12867 USA : Landscape: Need 2100 square feet of flagstone, buck skin or cream color, 1.5 inches thick for walkways and retaining walls. Need delivered price to Lubbock , TX . Ready to buy today. My tel. no. is 806-79.....May 29, Contact USD 25

e 12858 USA : Landscape: I am landscaping my property in Ft. Lauderdale . It is a very wooded acre, covered by palm trees and oaks. I would like to add stone walkways through the property and create various gardens and seating areas. I would also like to use stone and/or boulders to both accent the gardens and to use as bordering in some areas. I do not want a formal walkway, but rather a very natural looking stepping stone path. 
I am ready to move ahead with this project immediately and am simply seeking to find a place to purchase stone to use for these garden paths. Is there anyone in my area I could buy stones for this project? My tel. no. is 954-31.....May 29, Contact USD 50 

e 12847 USA : Landscape: I am interested in the quartzite flagstone from Nevada . I am looking to cover approx 2000 sq / ft. I will be laying this on a cement foundation so the thin will be fine. Rust and / or Green shades is what I am looking for. But am open to other colors as well. Would like a small sample if possible. My tel. no. is 505-24.....May 28, Contact USD 50  

e 12833 USA : Landscape: I am look for 500 sq. ft. Pennsylvania bluestone dealer near me Atlantic City area. My tel. no. is 21549.....May 27, Contact USD 20

e 12824 USA : Landscape: I am interested in getting a few pieces of PA sandstone possibly 6-10 larger pieces. I am located in Pittsburgh . Please advise as soon as possible. I will need it immediately for a project we have at the moment. My tel. no. is 412-61.....May 26, Contact USD 20

e 12818 USA : Landscape: What would be the cost to purchase, and have shipped, roughly 2000 bricks to Berkeley California ? We are looking at gray -- roughly 2000 stones, pending final plans. Our phone no. is 415-86..... May 26, Closed

e 12799 USA : Landscape: I am researching suitable lime stones for exterior paving in the Chicago , Ill. area. It is a significant amount 9,000s.f. plus and will take extensive foot traffic. I am looking for something that is not light in color rather a warm sandy, buff color. My contact no. is 802-45......May 24, Contact USD 50

e 12797 USA : Landscape: Need 3 tons of black Mexican beach pebbles, large size (2" - 4") - what will this cost including ship to Virginia 23322 zip code? May 24, Contact USD 20

e 12794 USA : Landscape: Please quote for Stone Pavers in blue colour. My tel. no. is 845-35.....The quantity required is approximately 12,000 sq-ft. May 24, Contact USD 20  


e 12755 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a bag of black smooth pebbles. My contact no. is 434 98.....May 21, Contact USD 20

e 12731 USA : Landscape: I have a drainage swale in my back yard and I'd like to make it look like a creek. I've seen beautiful pictures in magazines where people have used varying size stones, and it looks great. The only problem with the magazines are they don't tell you the stone that was used. I've asked area contractors about stone, and they just try to sell me pea gravel. I like round smooth stones with varying color. We live in upstate New York , so shipping does concern me. My phone number is 585-37...... I have a 50'L x 4'w x 2'D area that I'd like to cover. Also a 20'L x 20'W x 1'D as well that leads into our pond. May 19, Contact USD 20

e 12687 USA : landscape: Looking for pinkish, light brown, light grey, for 9,000 Sq Ft. of driveway stone. May 17, Contact USD 20

e 12669 USA : Landscape: I live in Charleston , SC. I have a garden of 10,000 sq ft and want to cover the majority of it with pea gravel. I don't even know what a ton will cover. My tel. no. is 843 22.....May 15, Contact USD 50

e 12653 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a medium gray natural stone to be used indoors and outdoors in Southern California . I need 8000 sq ft of 24 inch tiles. I prefer a pure gray not taupe, blue or green. May 14, Contact USD 20

e 12632 USA : Landscape: About 6 years ago, I used Arizona Sandstone for a pathway in my yard. Now, I am looking to extend it, but have been unable to find the right stone. The company I originally purchased it from has since closed. I am located in New Jersey , and am only interested in suppliers within NJ or the NY Metro area, as I do not wish to pay shipping expenses when I can pick the item up personally. I do not need a large amount, please let me know what your minimum purchase order is. I need this supply as soon as possible. I am looking for regular thickness -- when I purchased this originally, I was given a choice of thin, regular or thick, but I am not certain what the actual thickness is. I need it to be natural cut of various sizes and shapes. My phone number is 201.85.....May 12, Contact USD 40

e 12626 USA : Landscape: I want to purchase pebbles for my garden. I need to cover an area of approximately 450 sq. feet, by 1/2" thick. The pebbles would need to be delivered to zip code 11782. My tel. no. is 917 86.....May 12, Contact USD 20

e 12615 USA : Landscape: I need to initially purchase one or two containers (approximately 5,000 sq. ft.) of white/ cream limestone pavers. Size 24 x 24 x 2 inch or 18 x 18 x 2 inch or 3cm if in stock. Must have specs showing freeze tolerance of stone. Delivery to west coast USA port. Need prompt delivery. Contact no. is  (801) 57...... The pavers are to have a honed Tumbled Finish. I am looking for a supplier for a long term relationship. May 12, Contact USD 40 (Buyer will pay findstone commission)

e 12612 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a general flagstone (bluestone, limestone, irregular or not etc.) with-in a 200 mile radius of Chicago . My contact no. is 773.25.....May 12, Contact USD 20  

e 12608 USA : Landscape: I am looking for New England wallstone, grey, a mixture of round and flat stones of varying sizes. I can purchase the the ton, or pallet. I believe that I need approximately 8 pallets, or about 12 tons. 
I can buy from anywhere, but I need transportation to Killington , VT. If I get the prices and material that I'm looking for, I can place my order immediately. I am very flexible on delivery dates and times, and this is not a rush order. I would like to receive some digital photos of the stone I will be purchasing before I buy. My phone no. is (617) 29.....May 12, Contact USD 20

e 12575 USA : Landscape: Please quote for extra large bluestone pavers -- by extra large I mean approx. 3.5ft by approx. 6ft +/- Would prefer lilac bluestone but will consider other colors and finishes if you have these sizes available. I need approx 1250 square feet, but will consider less. Price/budget: depends on product particulars. Will accept new, used or salvaged stone in these sizes. Needed by June/July 2004, or immediately if available now. I am in Rhode Island and my phone no. is 401 63.....May 9, Contact USD 50

e 12571 USA : Landscape: I am interested in purchasing 1 pallet of PA wall stone and 2 pallets of broken pieces of PA wall stone for a residential project in San Jose , CA . Can you please advise on shipping costs/timing? May 9, Contact USD 20

e 12569 USA : Landscape: Please quote for flagstones, rubble & treads and risers. My phone no. is 704-81.....May 8, Contact USD 20  

e 12563 USA : Landscape: I am trying to find "euro cobbles" for a restoration project in Massachusetts . The product I have seen appears to be 2" x 2" variagated granite squares fabricated on a mesh square backing like mosaic floor tiles. It is used for driveway and landscape applications. My phone is 978-66..... Color is grey material is granite. Quantity is about 1800sf. May 8, Contact USD 50  

e 12553 USA : Landscape: I want Mexican pebbles or Colorado River rock. I will buy from South Alabama . Need the material ASAP. My fax no. is 425.79.....May 8, Contact USD 50  

e 12527 USA : Landscape: I want to information on Tennessee Quartzite (Crab Orchard Stone) to be used as veneer. Can you tell me what thickness I can expect to receive and the range of colors. We are looking for a Weathered and a Standard Finish. I am in Atlanta . Phone no. is 404.25.....May 6, Contact USD 20

e 12505 USA : Landscape: Please quote for Black Polished Pebble 0.5 - 1" in size. I need them for top-dressing plant bed areas around residential home. See Item: 0022-0013 & Item: 0031-0012. Amount needed is enough to cover approximately 800 square feet to a depth of 1-2 inches. Need them immediately. Phone Number: 949 - 83......May 5, Contact USD 40  

e 12477 USA : Landscape: I am a wholesaler looking to buy Tenn. field stone (flagging) at a reasonable price. I have a truck in Tenn. usually once a week. If we can get together on a price and depending on how far from where my truck is delivering maybe we can possibly do some business. I am in North Carolina . Telephone no. is 336-67..... May 3, Contact USD 50

e 12469 USA : Landscape: Please quote for cobble stone light. I need about 1500 sq. feet. My phone no. is  714-77......I am looking for someone close by in CA. May 3, Contact USD 20

e 11983 USA : Landscape: Please quote for granite pavers. I am in Milwaukee , Wisconsin . My phone number is  (414)35..... Mar 31, Contact

e 11979 USA: Landscape: We need the following ASAP: Eight 2-ton plus landscaping boulders plus about 5 tons of flagstone or some other naturally flat  landscaping rock. We would like them to be from someplace in the Texas hill country up to Oklahoma , and need pricing delivered to TX. We've searched local stone retailers, but have found pricing ridiculously expensive so would prefer to buy straight from the source. Our contact no. is 832-65.....Mar 30, Contact

e 11940 USA : Landscape: Please quote for Arizona flagstone. Mar 29, Contact

e 11926 USA : Landscape: I am looking for large Granite blocks for a retaining wall. I have 300 Ft. or so that I want to raise an average of 3 1/2 feet. The project is in Portsmouth , New Hampshire . My cell phone no. is 603-73.....Mar 29, Contact

e 11924 USA : Landscape: I am looking for 3-4 tones of flagstone 2-3 inches thick. I live in Chicago and this is a landscaping project. I want the best price since my budget is rather low. Please include delivery charges to zip code 60630. Mar 28, Contact   

e 11885 USA : Landscape: I am looking to find a supplier for round and flat fieldstone in the New England area (I am in Mass. ). I own a masonry business, and do big projects, so I would like to learn more about buying the stone myself, vs. going through a local stone yard. Mar 25, Contact

e 11855 USA : Landscape: We would be interested in somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 brick pavers but not until July. We would primarily be interested in purchasing by the ton. They would need to be clean and complete. We wouldn't want them cut, fractured or split and would reject anything that was less than 95% whole. We'd prefer to have a source in the St Louis area and would like quotes based on a bulk delivery to our site in urban St Louis . Mar 24, Contact

e 11839 USA : Landscape: I am looking for some granite cubes in 2" x 2" x 2" gray, brown, pink and yellow. I am in Rochester , NY . I am a Landscaper and I am looking for a supplier that may carries them. I need these stones as requested from my customers. As long as I can't find a supplier, it doesn't make sense to even offer this item to my customers. The quantity could range somewhere from a few stones to 10 or more tons per year. Depending on the price per ton, I just may think about stocking them myself. Mar 23, Contact  

e 11836 USA : Landscape: I am interested in several containers of large uncut boulders of USD 35.00 a ton. I can order in 3 weeks. Approx. qty. is 3 containers. I am open to domestic as well as import purchasing. I am in PA 17557. Mar 22, Contact  

e 11809 USA : Landscape: Please quote for landscaping stones as displayed in pricelist 1071. I am in the purchasing stage. I am able to take full tractor trailer load quantities. My cell no. is 240.36.....Mar 19, Contact

e 11804 USA : Landscape: Looking for a DIRECT supplier of Pennsylvania bluestone treads (2" thick), pattern and flat fieldstone plus Indiana limestone treads (2" thick) and pattern. Phone no. is 781-93.....Mar 19, Contact

e 11801 USA : Landscape: Looking for bulk palletized Tennesse crab orchard. Pieces must be large but thin approx.1.5 to 3" I will handle trucking and pay cash and carry. We estimate about 30 to 35 pallets a week, for six months. Start up is in mid April 2004. My phone is 973 58.....Mar 18, Contact

e 11775 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a general price for granite pavers (approx 3" thick) in three sizes - 6" x 6", 5.5" x 5.5" and 5" x 5". The pavers will be installed in a streetscape project in FL along sidewalks and in the street as an accent to concrete pavers. I prefer first quality, but will accept second with little variation in color and size from stone to stone. The surface will be rough cut or split face. There is an estimated quantity of more than 500 of these pavers on the project. A contactor will provide the installation. If we can buy from a GA or Florida supplier, it would be preferred, to keep shipping costs down. Please send me a price for an order of 500, including shipping to the Tampa area. Please also send any information you may have on granite paver, cobblestone, curb, etc. suppliers in GA and FL.  I am a landscape architect in Sarasota , FL. Phone: 941-95...... Mar 17, Contact

e 11753 USA : Landscape: Searching for a source & estimated pricing for 2-inch white, washed granite gravel. Approx. 1000 cubic-yards. Site location: Louisville , Kentucky . Need information ASAP. Our phone no. is 314-33..... Mar 16, Contact

e 11731 USA : Landscape: We are seeking pavers, flagstone, boulders for landscape and art use. Also want Beaumaniere blocks. We are in CA 93103. Mar 13, Contact  

e 11722 USA : Landscape: I am an architect looking for information for all building, retaining wall, and paver (walkways, driveways, plazas) stone applications--any brochure or catalog information that could be mailed is also encouraged. I am in KS 66213. Mar 13, Contact

e 11716 USA : Landscape: Would like to contact quarry owners and suppliers for landscaping products like flagstones, pavers, etc. distributorship in Maine . Our phone no. is 207-87.....Mar 12, Contact

e 11706 USA : Landscape: I am looking for nice field stone to do a 6" facing on a fireplace and chimney. I live in Asheville , N.C. and would like to find a close source. I've heard there are a couple suppliers in Marion , N.C. but I don't know the names. Mar 11, Contact

e 11677 USA : Landscape: I am interested in one to two loads of PA Sandstone for retaining walls. I am located in California . Mar 10, Contact

e 11653 USA : Landscape: I am looking for 10cm granite cubes in black. They would be shipped to Minnesota in the states. What is the availability and price. We would be looking for about four hundred. What is the finish on the blocks. My contact no. is 701-23.....Mar 10, Contact

e 11635 USA : Landscape: I need 800 cubic feet of river or beach pebbles in New Jersey 10013. Mar 9, Contact

e 11608 USA : Landscape: I want to go there to buy heavy crab orchard stone for my project. I live in Knoxville Tennessee . My phone no. is 865-65.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11580 USA : Landscape: Interested in truck loads of moss rock. Destination West Babylon , New York 11704 . Mar 6, Contact  

e 11553 USA : Landscape: I am looking for a price on a granite wall. Black with the arc top measures 5ft wide and 5ft tall. I would like to know a price and also if there is a possibility of inlaying an us flag in one corner and an equality symbol in the other. I can be reached at 717-50.....Mar 4, Contact

e 11540 USA : Landscape: Please quote for cobble stones. Please send some information...pictures, prices, history, etc?? Mar 4, Contact

e 11536 USA : Landscape: Request pricelist on flagstone sawed random pattern 1.5'' - 2.0". I am in 
PA  18944.  Mar 4, Contact

e 11522 USA : Landscape: We are interested in red granite cobblestones from China . We are looking for approximately 27,000 blocks. 50% tan and 50% red Stock lists of Landscaping materials. Project date April 2004 time frame. Quote delivered to Chicago Illinois area. Mar 3, Contact

e 11501 USA : Landscape: I need 1200 sq. ft of 24 x 24 rose granite pavers approx 1" thick. Will need this material ASAP. Project to be completed by May. My zip code NY 10509. Mar 2, Contact

e 11490 USA : Landscape: We are interested in diamond-sawn pavers & calibrated tiles of Arizona flagstone. We need to replace 98,000 sq ft of asphalt golf cart paths starting in June. In one area, we already have approx 1400 sq ft of 6" X 6" X 3" and 6" X 9" X 3" pavers. We are considering replacing another 12000 sq ft with 6" X 6" X 3"; 6" X 9" X 3" and 12" X 12" X 3" pavers. If your pavers are thick enough, we may be interested. Our phone no. is 520 6.....Mar 2, Contact

e 11423 USA : Landscape: I am a wholesaler selling colorado river rock palletized. I am looking for bulk direct from source. We are in TX 75182. Feb 27, Contact  

e 11379 USA : Landscape: I am looking for slate and sandstone to put in aquariums. So the size of the chunks is not critical. I live in Grant , NE. My phone during day is 800 5.....Feb 25, Contact  

e 11368 USA : Landscape: I want 1,200 Sq Ft of Flagstone or Slate CIF NAPA. I am in CA 94558. Need ASAP. Feb 25, Contact  

e 11360 USA : Landscape: Looking for large stones for ranch entrance. Size: width 2 ft, height 3, length 6 ft. I am located in San Antonio , TX . Feb 25, Contact  

e 11328 USA : Landscape: Please quote 3000 sq. ft. of grey granite cobbles, 4" x 4" x 4", rough textured, except sawn bottoms. For delivery to Ithaca , NY . Feb 23, Contact    

e 11301 USA : Landscape: LOOKING FOR 6 PALLETS OF 1 - 3" FIELD STONE DELIVERED TO MONTVALE NJ . Feb 22, Contact  

e 11272 USA : Landscape: My company is looking for a supplier of irregular thin, medium, and thick earth tone flagging. Phone no. is (305) 69.....Feb 20, Contact

e 11229 USA : Landscape: Looking for Catawba or Hooper's creek wall stone. Please quote with images. Feb 19, Contact

e 11225 USA : Landscape: Need 65 pieces of 2" bluestone flagging 24"x48". Deliver near Bloomfield , NJ . Phone no. 212-75.....Feb 19, Contact  

e 11225 USA : Landscape: Need 65 pieces of 2" bluestone flagging 24"x48". Deliver near Bloomfield , NJ . Phone no. 212-75.....Feb 19, Contact  

e 11162 USA: Landscape: Please quote for diamond wall (curved) terra cotta landscaping stone (engineered for building retaining walls) 18" wide. My contact no. is 940-36.....Feb 16, Contact  

e 11142 USA : Landscape: I require about 300 sq meters of Warm Walnut tumbled cobblestone from Turkey mixed in 4 different sizes (in centimeters) : 20 x 20 x 1.3, 20 x 40 x1.3, 40 x 40 x 1.3 and 40 x 60 x 1.3. I need it delivered to the port of BAR in the country of Serbia & Montenegro .
We may need anywhere from 2 to 10 containers per month for the future purchases. Please quote including time frames. Our tel. number is (305) 24.....Feb 14, Contact  

e 11088 USA : Landscape: I want cobble stones. What are the sizes available? How many square feet does one pallet cover? What color are the cobble stones? I need something that will do a 2400 sq ft of driveway. What ever I get, it needs to be able to with stand the ice and snow of Massachusetts . Being the driveway is long I need a good price on what ever I get. Right now I have asphalt which I don't want to repeat with again being its falling apart every where. Feb 11, Contact  

e 11057 USA : Landscape: Retail: I am looking for 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch natural decorative stone like tiny river type stone / pebbles. Feb 10, Contact    

e 10999 USA : Landscape: I am looking for quantities of crushed granite to use in exposed aggregate concrete. Colors I am interested in: dark reds and greens (ex; Sunset Red, Mountain green). My contact no. is 269-34..... Feb 7, Contact  

e 10981 USA : Landscape: I am interested in slate sidewalk slabs. Feb 6, Contact  

e 10952 USA : Landscape: Please quote for cobblestones G603 in lots of 10,000 to 100,000. Size all 4" thick + or - 1", 4"X4"; 9"X5"; 12"X6" 10"X5"; or anything close to these sizes. Shipping to Georgia 30635; Granite color Gray or other whatever is the cheapest. In bulk of 50 to 100 metric/tons. This is a government job I am bidding on delivery date is very important May 2004. Feb 4, Contact  

e 10870 USA : Landscape: I am interested in wholesale pricing for pebbles (See 0027 - 0003,  www.findstone.com/supplier27/pebbles.htm) . I also need to know carton sizes, minimum orders shipping etc. Are these mesh backed tiles? What size are they? Are they polished or not? I am in NY 13035. My phone no. is 315-65......Jan 30, Contact USD 40 (open)   

e 10826 USA : Landscape: I want gold leaf flagstone in Northern California . I was told that it comes from Canada . I need enough to cover an 800 sq.ft. patio. My phone no. is (916) 84.....Jan 28, Closed

e 10821 USA : Landscape: Please give me pricing on 4 x 4 granite cobblestone delivered to Doylestown PA. between 8000 and 30000 pieces. Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)  

e 10794 USA : Landscape: Need  approx quantity of 2500 sq ft of stone pavers-common name White Gold Quartzite or Yellow Wood Vein, PO-14. Size: 24x24 inch x 1 1/4 inch thickness. Cleft surface. Minimum shade variation-first quality-see attached picture. Ready to order within 2-4 weeks. Stone can be in U.S. or imported from China . Would like to work with supplier who can also make bullnosed stair treads, swimming pool copings and wall cap of the same material in 2 inch thick. U.S. references helpful. My contact no. is  (631) 24.....Jan 27, Contact USD 50 (open)  

e 10788 USA : Landscape: We just acquired a landscape business in Texas and are interested in purchasing lots of rock and stone. Please e-mail me a price list. Jan 26, Contact USD 50  

e 10729 USA : landscape: Email me relevant information on green or black pebbles for landscaping. Cost of product and shipping to US? Jan 23, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10721 USA : Landscape: Retail: I wish to find old foundation stone 1 to 1-1/2 feet in depth x 2- 3 feet long and up to 12 inches thick for a retaining wall to match existing. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10581 USA : Landscape: I am an interior designer looking for relevant information for resources and specifications on FIELDSTONE. My contact no. is 248-48.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10552 USA : Landscape: I am a Landscape Architect employed in Ohio . I was searching for salvaged foundation stone, either barn, house or bridge abutment. 
I am working on a dual park project here in Delaware Co. The properties are directly across the road from each other. One site is to be developed as a historic farm (circa 1920) and the other site is more of a typical park with shelter houses, trails and play areas. I would like to use some salvaged stone blocks to create a seat wall and also for kids to climb on jump off of etc.. My thought is that this salvaged block will help to tie in the rural/historic farm theme along with the use of other materials in the same vernacular. I'm not sure of how many ton this project would require but I'm looking to create about 70' of seat wall (stone that would not exceed 18"-20" in height) and also looking for some possibly larger stone to place in the play area. Eventually, we will need more stone as the development of the historic farm gets underway. Please send me information on stone type, sizes and prices and a phone number would be helpful as well. Jan 14, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10539 USA : Landscape: Retail: I am looking for Mexican pebbles stones (dark blue, round and smooth) of the size ~ 3 inches. I need 1 ton and delivery to my door at San Diego , CA 92130 . Kindly give cost details. Jan 14, Contact USD 20  

e 10536 USA : Retail: Landscape: Please quote for pebbles with shipping to Orlando , Florida ? Jan 14, Contact USD 20  

e 10447 USA : Landscape: I am an artist looking for smooth pebbles for use in architectural and garden mosaics. I design for residential and commercial. Jan 9, Closed   

e 10442 USA : Landscape: We are wholesale / retail landscape supplier with stores in Colorado and Arizona . I am looking for new flagstone and building stones for the company to carry. We would buy in Semi quantities. We are willing to buy from Canada , United States and Mexico . We do have our own trucking line if needed (sometimes preferred). In order to finalize a supplier I would like to hear from the supplier and discuss their products. Please quote. Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 10405 USA : Landscape: I have attached a photo taken in Lisbon of the cobbles we are looking for. They are the common ones used all over Portugal and are about 1 1/2 " (4cm) cubed. We need about 4 tons of white and also about a ton of black for a patio. Our local stone contractors mostly have sandstone cobbles and they are much larger. I believe this is a type of paver that has potential to be popular here and we want to make a demonstration patio at our home. What shipping information do you have. We live in Santa Barbara , 2 hours north of Los Angeles . Jan 8, Closed  

e 10401 USA : Landscape: I am looking for pricing and purchasing of granite pavers. We are located in Presque Isle , Maine . Looking for a source close to our location. My phone no. is (207) 76.....Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 10388 USA : Landscape: I am interested purchasing 1500 sq ft (15 tons) of Tennessee Blue Quartz Flagstone for the decking around a pool. I am residential home builder but every time I install an indoor pool, it seams like a brand new experience. I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-37.....Jan 7, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 10360 USA : Landscape: Our company is a retail and wholesale distributor of masonry and landscape products. We have multiple locations in the Greater Boston ( Massachusetts ) area.
We are looking for quariers and direct suppliers of the following Pennsylvania stone products:
Bluestone treads (2" thick x 12" - 24" wide)
Bluestone pattern (thermal and select)
Pennsylvania Flat Fieldstone
Other bluestone items for gardens and landscaping. Our tel. no. is 781-93.....Jan 6, Contact USD 100  (open)  

e 10358 USA : Landscape: Please quote for Maryland River stone. Want to purchase 25 tons per month. 
Will buy and pick up from anywhere in the New England Area and Maryland . We sell to building suppliers. Our tel. no. is 973-28...... Jan 6, Contact USD 100  (open)

e 10350 USA : Landscape: I want Kentucky stacking stone. I am developing a subdivision in central GA and need a fairly large quantity. I need to know the nearest location to Macon , Georgia , price etc. I have a tractor trailer so I can send for the stone. Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)  

e 10308: Landscape: We are interested in colored pebbles and stones. Could you please send me ALL the relevant details (price FOB and CIF LE Havre, quantity available per month, packaging, company profile, photos of different stones and pebbles etc.) I am interested in colored pebbles. One type I need are rainbow pebbles (this is the scientific name) or similar to them. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me your product list for these types of colored pebbles along with all relevant details such as scientific name, common name, photos, method of polishing, method of crushing, packing, prices (FOB and CIF Le Havre), quantities, sizes, granulometry. 
This is quite urgent, so if the details are specific to our requirements we may place immediate and regular orders. We probably will be needing samples before placing orders but I will let you know in due time. I am looking for are small stones of various colours, pebble shaped - and that almost look like little gems. If you have other products that fit to this description, please let me know. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9058 USA: Landscape: Retail: Need 160 pounds of a smooth stone pebble 1" to 3" that my local stone supplier says is Indonesian Sun Burst stones. I used this stone in creating a creek-bed in my garden, and now need to replenish and fill in expanded creek-bed. I live in Carrollton, Texas. Sept 30, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 9041 USA: Landscape: Retail: I need 6 tons of TN gray Crab Orchard stone. I work in eastern KY. Seen the stone up in Huntington WV. Don't know where to buy this stone in TN. Sept 28, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9008 USA: Landscape: Retail: I need approx. 1 ton of stone pavers/veneer to go around a pond. 
Sept 24, Contact USD 20  (Open)

e 8938 USA: Landscape: retail: I want Three River stone, I need 30 tons. I will go and pick up anywhere with in the US. I need it now, two weeks max. I am from North Hollywood, CA. Sept 19, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8917 USA: Landscape: Retail: I want approximately 1 Ton of the pebbles (13mm to 150/200mm) in various colors. Could you please send me more information and price list on the stones. Sept 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8712 USA: Landscape: Retail: Looking for a supplier of bluestone. Our contact no. is 215-98.....Aug 30, Contact USA 20 (open)

e 8439 USA: Retail: Landscape: I want to tile a small patio in Connecticut Blue flagstone tiles in varying size square and rectangle pieces. The size of the patio is approximately 10X12ft. I also want to do the back half of this side yard patio in the Conn. Blue irregular flag stone. This area is approximately 10X24. Could I get a quote on these two types of flagstone? Aug 10, Contact USD 20 

e 8423 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am looking for basalt [black] pebbles [river stone] in cubic yard lots in Phoenix, Arizona area. Aug 9, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8320 USA: Retail: Landscape: I want palateo maranechie (sp?) which is a red and black quartz river rock. I would need the 1 1/4" thickness for a kitchen just had installed in our new log home. Aug 4, Closed

e 8301 USA: Retail: Landscape: I am building a pool and need stone pavers or flagstone to cover several large patios and stairways. I prefer gray, blue, green with variation. I am in California. My contact no. is (925)-25.....Aug 2, Contact USD 100

e 8287 USA: We are interested in a black granite boulder for our church baptismal font - smooth cuts only on top. Aug 2, Contact USD 20

e 8250 USA: Landscape: Retail: I would like to purchase some cobble. I live in California. See Price list 376
Quantity: 1000 sq. ft. Stone: Granite cobble Thin Veneer sizes 8x8x4 - 5x9x4 - 8x12x4 other sizes also. 
Style: Natural edge or tumbled. Order time: Need it now. Price range depends on thickness - $250 - $450 per ton. My contact no. is 831-59.....Aug 1, Closed USD 100

e 7956 USA: Landscape: Retail: I'm looking for a source in California for a pebble aggregate called "Terry Beach." It was a popular stone for use with concrete walkways about twenty-five years ago. I need to match some new work with existing walkways.  July 14, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7917 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am interested in purchasing boulders for exterior landscape of a home under construction. Our project will involve approximately 150 tons of boulders (6 tandems or tris) for a retaining wall located in Hampton NJ. I would appreciate a delivered price to our jobsite and possibly a picture or a location where we can take a look at the boulders. Contact no. is 908.53.....July 11, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7890 USA: Retail: Landscape: I am looking for a slate type material or maybe it is flagstone. I have some and would like to purchase more. It is rusty in color and is blue on the inside when broken. Looking for various sizes. I am in WA 98304. My phone no. is 360-56....July 10, Contact USD 20  (open)

e 7879 USA: I am interested in buying pebbles in the US. Retailers please email your prices. July 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7863 Canada: Landscape: Retail: Please quote for 190 sq.ft of granite paver 12" x 24" x 5/8" black absolute (nero assoluto)-black honed finished. If you can transport to NYC please add that cost as an extra. We are a construction company and our contact no. is 514-38......July 9, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7852 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am a landscape architect, looking for a quote on cobblestone, delivered to a project site in Manchester, MA, US. I need enough gray granite cobbles to cover a 450 S.F. driveway, preferably with jumbo cobbles (10-11" X 6-8" X 4" thick). I would need this delivered the week of July 23rd, 2003. 
- Payment will be cash-on-delivery, or partial advance payment by check to a U.S. entity, remainder on delivery.
- I would prefer to have the seller/broker handle transportation, and can have the stone unloaded on-site by fork truck.  Stone color and quality should be consistent throughout the lot. July 9, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7850 USA: Retail: Landscape: I am an individual home owner in Los Angeles with a small side yard that I want to pave in flagstones. July 9, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7825 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am a home owner living in Los Angeles. I want to use flagstones to pave a small area to the side of my house. Are there any suppliers that will deliver to my house? If not, I could rent a truck and pick them up if you are not too far outside of L.A. July 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7794 USA: Landscape: Please quote for 280 sq ft of cobblestones in Classic Antique or Classic Light. I am in Maryland, 21228. Please quote including freight. July 3, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7757 USA: Landscape: Retail: I need Belgian Blocks for my driveway. Please quote for 300 blocks of standard size = not the jumbo ones. I am in New York. June 30, Contact USD 50

e 7746 USA: Landscape: Retail: Please quote for cobble stones for 990 sq ft for a drive way and walk way. 
June 30, Contact USD 100

e 7697 USA: Landscape: Retail: I want flagstones for a small garden and pond wall. See pricelist 225. June 26, Contact USD 20

e 7654 USA: Landscape: Retail: Looking for granite pavers for sidewalk. June 23, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7626 USA: Landscape: I want decomposed granite in or around Atlanta, GA. I am trying to build a garden path. June 21, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7624 USA: Landscape: I want 1500 sq. ft. Pennsylvania lilac flagstone, square cut, 1" nominal thickness, various sizes. I am located in LA. 70435 and would like shipping info also. June 21, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7588 USA: Landscape: We are looking to buy 6 tons of flagstone. We are in Augusta. Are you near? Do you sell to individuals? June 19, Contact USD 50

e 7584 USA: Landscape: Retail: Want cobble stone pavers for a driveway 10' x 40'. Job located in Baltimore, MD. How can I reference the color, size and texture of the Cobblestone? June 18, Contact USD 100 (updated inquiry)

e 7565 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am a homeowner looking for tumbled bluestone pavers to be used in a patio/walkway project. We are looking for about 360 sq. ft of coverage. We live in central New Hampshire.
June 17, Contact USD 20

e 7558 USA: Landscape: Retail: I live in NJ 07830 looking for need 700 Sq. Ft of cobble stones. Please quote including shipping and require tonnage? June 17, Closed USD 50

e 7552 USA: Landscape: Retail: Where can I buy a Straight Edged, Scallopped Lawn Edging - red or green - 6" high - or order - I live in New Jersey and need enough to cover 36'? My phone no. is (718) 80.....June 17, Contact USD 20

e 7533 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am interested in 1 ton of river pebbles (white). I would like to know the cost and shipping cost of these, delivery date is not important. I am located in Covington GA. June 16, Contact USD 20

e 7517 USA: Landscape: Retail: I want a stone trough for a water feature in my garden. my contact no. is 215 48.....June 14, Contact USD 20

e 6463 USA: Landscape: I want exterior flagstone (approx. 4000 sq ft), interior hearth stones & veneers, and gravel. March 20, Contact USD 20 (open)

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm