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October 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Zimbabwe. 

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Year 2006

e19082 Zimbabwe : We need crushed stones from 3mm up 30mm stone aggregate size. Please send us more data including quotations. Dec 5 Contact

Year 2005  

e 16537 Zimbabwe : Looking for a company that manufacturers machinery for inter-locking bricks. My tel. no. is +263 4 7.....Jan 20, Contact

Year 2004

e 15758 Zimbabwe : Could you provide me with the ceramic wall tile price per square meter. Keen to come and buy. My tel. no. is 701..... Nov 23, Contact  

e 15067 Zimbabwe : We are looking for slabs of black granite material for tombstones and monuments. We need slabs of thicknesses from 30mm to 200mm. We are looking at materials like New Belfast , Chinese Shanxi Black, Nero Absoluto and Rhino Black. We need to know the price per sqm of cut and polished slabs of the above range 30mm to 200mm. We would like to do our own finishing. Oct 6, Contact

e 13913 Zimbabwe : Quarrying Machine: Please provide us with some information on industrial (blocks) granite cutting machines. We have a customer who is setting up a granite processing plant. We would appreciate some information on the following questions: 
1. type of machine
2. daily production capacities
3. price of machinery
4. range of machines you produce
5. delivery period
6. back-up facilities
7. warranties 
Our tel. no. is 263 11 2..... July 30, Contact 

e 10974 Zimbabwe : Stone Processing Machinery:  We would like to purchase stone cutting and polishing machines. We do not have any specifications as yet but we are requesting a catalogue or brochure indicating specifications and prices so that we arte able to select one that will suit our requirements. We are interested in a cutting machine which fit a 1M disk and a polishing machine. We intend to make stone tiles.
If you send us a brochure it will help us select the actual machine. Our fax no. is 263-403.....Feb 5, Contact  

e 10617 Zimbabwe : Stone Processing Machinery: We are involved in mining and would like to carry out a project of cutting stone to make tiles and slates. We are looking for a machine to do the job. We reckon the biggest size will be 50cm/ 50cm. We preferably want to buy from South Africa . Our phone no. is 263-4-3....Jan 17, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8850 : I want Nero Africa and Rosa Beta slabs. THICKNESS 2cm, Surface polished first quality granite. Process quality should be with no deflection, no cracks. No shade variation, no veins, no different in color, no dark spots. Quantity estimate 3-4 FCL/month for Nero Africa & 3 FCL / month for Rosa Beta. Price for Nero Africa slab 2cm thick (25$/Sqm) & for Rosa Beta Slab 2cm thick (13.5 $/sqm). Payment terms T/T or L/C depend on the agreement between me and the co. Also for marmara marble polished and unpolished slabs both 2, 3 cm thickness. I can order 3-4 fcl/month. WE CAN ORDER IMMEDIATELY IF WE HAVE A GOOD OFFER. Sept 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

IN / CN/ ZW: e 8576 Russia: I am a representative of a Russian firm. We were interested in black granite (absolute black). We need it for monuments production, therefore we are interested in polished slabs 120 & up x 240 & up and it is very important for the slabs to be min 7cm thick. Please send us information including: unit cost; discount for wholesale purchase; delivery and payment terms. If you can guarantee prompt delivery we would be prepared to place a order. Aug 20, Contact  USD 40 (open)

e 8247
Canada: Please quote for black granite. Would like to see samples /  pictures. I am in Toronto. Aug 1, Contact USD 20 (open)

ZW: e 7258 Bahrain: We have a project with a requirement of Zimbabwe black granite/quartzite. Please quote with  samples or brochures if any, for immediate inspection irrespective of color and finish. My contact no. is +973 8..... May 26, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

ZA/ZW: e 7217 China: We want impala black and brown. Please quote USD price, C&F Xiamen with images. May 20, Closed USD 100

US/NO/ZW/FI/IT/BR: e 7016 UAE: We have been awarded the contract to supply & install stones for landscaping works. We need the following quantities:
17890 sqm Salisbury Pink Granite - USA
7385 sqm Capao Bonito Granite - Brazil
14035 sqm Carmen Red Granite - Zimbabwe / Finland
6765 sqm Cotton White Granite - Brazil
16630 sqm Grey Sardo Granite (Grigio Sardo) - Italy
155 sqm Blue Pearl Granite - Norway
62860 sqm Other granites. Kindly quote CIF Abu Dhabi prices for the materials as per attachment. Advise the delivery schedule. Provide us with samples of your Products. May 3, Contact USD 100 (open)

ZA: e 6959 Ireland: Please quote for Impala polish 600 x 300 x 20mm thick, qty. appox 150m2. This is for a tiling co in Belfast. April 29, Contact USD 50

ZW: e 6911 USA: Please quote for NERO ASSOLUTO Slabs from Zimbabwe. Price USD, CIF Montreal & Boston Ports. Our budgeted price is for 20mm thick slabs is USD 30 - 35 per sqm. Qty reqd. is ten containers. April 27, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT/ZW/ZA: e 6591 Israel: I want Nero Africa and Rosa Beta slabs and tiles. Size range slabs 1.45 m up X 2.45 m up X 2cm & 3cm , Tiles 30 cm X 60cm X 2cm & other sizes. Surface polished first quality granite. Process quality should be with no deflection, no cracks, +1 or -1 mm thick tolerance. 
No shade variation, no vain no different in the color no dark or light spots. Quantity estimate 5 Fcl or more every month from Nero Africa & 5 Fcl or more every month from Rosa Beta. Price range for Nero Africa slab 2cm thick (24 $/Sqm to 28 $/Sqm) & for Rosa Beta Slab 2cm thick (12 $/sqm to 15 $/sqm). 
Payment terms T/T or L/C depend on the agreement between me and the co.
I will Import from out of my country and buy locally. I will not pay for the sample as I will buy. I will definitely order at 26 $/sqm for Nero Africa , 13 $/sqm for Rosa Beta and can order immediately. Please quote. My contact no. is 00972 8 28.....April 2, Contact USD 500

ZW: e 6444 USA: I am looking for new sources of Shona Art from Zimbabwe. March 19, Contact USD 50

IT/NO/ZW: e 6345 a UK: Please quote for polished with beveled edges and polished sides. Colours required ; Blue Pearl, Botticino Classico, Carrara, Jade, Zimbabwe Black. 200x100x20mm, 200x200x20mm, 200x300x20mm. Qty reqd. 25 of each colour. March 8,
Contact USD 20 (open)

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

January 2003

ZA, ZW: e 2334 Korea: Please quote for African Red - 200m3 & Zimbabwe Black - 50m3. Jan 18. Contact

June 2002

e 1625 China: We do like the Black Zimbabwe Granite blocks in size import to Taienjin or Xiamen port, China. Would you please give your FOB OR CIF price, minimum order, payment terms & delivery time? June 18 contact

e 1610 UAE: What is the price F.O.R Dubai for black granite blocks. June 11 contact

e 1581 USA: Need Absolute Black granite about 100ft2 in 18" squares, delivered in New York.
May 22 contact

e 1580 Turkey: Need Absolute Black Zimbabwe granite BLOCKS on 40 to 50 m3 per month in Istanbul. May 21 contact

e 1542 Lithuania: I would like to buy black granite. Apr 27

e 1526 Singapore: Looking for a Black granite table top. Apr 21.

e 1460 USA: I want Zimbabwe black slabs 20-30mm and I need to buy some headstones in Zimbabwe Black. Mar 20.

e 1457 YUGOSLAVIA: I want black granite. Mar 19

e 1429 USA: I am looking for a black granite slab with these dimensions: 10' 4" x 3' 6" x 6". Mar 3

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