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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                             April 30, 2000
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 Today's Offers                                         March Inquiries 

e 575 Italy: Please let us know your best price for rough blocks of black absolute I choice :
    sizes:  more than cms 260x130
               less  than cms 260x130. Apr 28.

e 573 India: We are interested in purchasing Marble-- Brown Onyx from Pakistan. Apr 27.
e 571 Germany: We are looking for tiles. We are a wholesaler in Benelux and Germany. Apr 26.
e 570 South Africa: We need all Travertine tiles and slabs various sizes F.O.B. We are looking at + /- ten containers per month. Apr 26.
e 569 Australia: We are interested in importing granite from Brazil. We have been wholesaling and retailing granite for over 15 years. Apr 25.
e 568 USA: I am looking to start a stone, repair, restoration & maintenance business. I need to find out about suppliers who would be able to offer training, products,support & special terms/funding to help get this project to become a reality. Landenberg PA. Apr 24.
e 567 New Zealand: I need Azul Macaubas in 100 mm sheet and someone who can work the stone to required shapes for memorials. Apr 24.

e 563 China: We imported 330 containers(20" ) of stones from abroad last 1999. Apr 21

e 562 Belgium: I want JASBERG stone. Apr 21.

e 558 USA: My company distributes and publishes limited edition sculptures.  I am looking for a new source for black marble for the artist's bronze tabletop sculptures. Apr 20.

e 557 USA: We are a distributor of landscaping materials. Need more. Portsmouth, VA. Apr 19.
e 556 USA: Are there distributors in the U.S. for the Sri Lanka stones - Colonial Dream, Colonial Dream 1, and Colonial Dream Classic in your stone album? Also for Italian Alicante Rosso? We are building a 5800' home with stone floors and I would be very interested in talking with a dealer who could supply larger tiles of this material. Apr 17.
e 554 USA: We manufacture display cases for the food service industry all over the United States. On some of our cases, we offer a top shelf which is comprised of a granite with an aluminum backing for strength. The granite is Dakota Mahogany which is 1/8" thick.The granite is attached an aluminum backing approximately 1/4" thick. In cross section, the aluminum has the appearance of cardboard with 2 flat pieces sandwiching a rippled piece. We currently buy this from our sister company in Germany. We have found out that they purchase this material from the USA in sheets. It is then shipped to Germany to be cut to size. Then it is shipped to us. We are looking to find this in the USA to purchase it directly. Apr 17.

e 552 USA: We are looking for a source of 1' x1' x 3/4" flame surfaced, granite which would be installed on a concrete wall with epoxy. We currently have 3 jobs in Gloucester, Mass. [30 miles north of Boston] that
require this granite. Apr 15.
e 550 USA: I am trying to find a manufacturer of diamond bonded band saw blades for cutting limestone/ marble. the length I require is 93- 1/2 ". the width is 1/4-3/8". Apr 14.
e 549 India: We have firm requirement of Natural Granite Slabs of Sizes 1'X 2' X 5 to 16 mm of thickness and Granite finish ceramic floor/wall tiles in Raspberry and Sierra grey colours only. Please indicate your prices FOB indian port. Apr 14.
e 547 USA: I am glad to hear that you have both black and white Makrana marble.  I am looking for tiles as well as slabs.  The tiles would be one (1) foot square, 12inches x 12 inches, and 3/8" thick.  This is 30.48cm x 30.48cm x 1cm thick.  I am looking for about 450 black tiles and 400 white tiles.  I would also like to find white in slabs of Makrana marble.  The slabs would be six (6) feet by six (6) feet square by 3/4" thick.  This would be about 182.88cm x 182.88cm x 2cm thick. I also may know someone who may want to distribute in the USA.  I would like to know approximate costs, how long it would take to get and if it could be sent through Chicago, Illinois, USA. We are considering using this marble for our counter tops in our retail stores across the USA so we may need more in the future. Wisconsin. Apr 14.
e 545 USA: I want cedar light limestone 3/4". Interested in resourcing some for big job. Apr 13.
e 542 : We are a construction company.  We represent most local granite/marble companies.  We are interested in variety and unique colours at a good price ( floor, wall and slabs).  Price CFA Lagos based on 20 feet container. Apr 13.
e 541 USA: We want a granite called Santa Cecilla. Apr 13.
e 540 USA: I want stones about the size of my fist and very smooth of both marble and basalt stones (river type stones) for massage therapy. Apr 12.
e 538 Australia: I want 8 mm marble tiles. Apr 12.
e 536 Malaysia: Kindly quote for:
1. Block Sizes - 2.5 x 1.4 x 1.4
                            0.7 x 1.3 x 1.9
2. Unpolished Random Slab - 1.3 x 2.4 x 20mm +-
                                                    0.6 x 2.0 x 20mm +-
Approximately 20,000 cubic meter per year , or you can let us know what is the quantity you can supply .
Prices quoted to be based on F.O.B & C & F ( port klang ) malaysia .Rate in US Dollar . Apr 11.
e 535 USA: I need two or four small blocks of mostly black granite or diorite to make an easy but sharp looking stand for a 46" t.v.  Apr 11.
e 534 USA: I am interested in surplus or scrap granite pieces for a kitchen remodel. Apr 11.

e 532 USA: Hello!  Your website is a wealth of information. I am an artisan working in  a number of mediums to make lamps.  Currenly, I am looking for sandstone to mount a piece on.  Can you also suggest resources for working the material - cutting, shaping, etc.? Apr 10.
e 529 Bahrain: I want 'Salisbury' granites. Apr 9.
e 528 USA: I want green flagstone. Ohio. Apr 9.
e 526 USA: I want Madagascar slate. Apr 9.
e 525 USA: I want Canadian green caledonia. Apr 9.
e 524 USA: I am looking for marble chips called "arctic rainbow"a medium size stone and when wet are white and shades of purples and pinks. We used to get them at the local Home Quarters Hardware Store. Store has since gone out of business, and I don't know where to get them.  Have checked all other major hardware/garden shops (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes etc.).  Have not been able to find.  Can you help?  Have started a project and need rocks to finish.  Need at least 10 bags, about 40/50 lbs. each. They came in 40/50 lb. bags and were priced approximately $3.79/bag. Apr 8.
e 523 USA: Any wholesale supplier of Texas Pink slab granite countertops who will deliver to my area (Colorado). Apr 8.
e 522 USA: Any quarry who can supply me Saudi Arabian granite. Fairfield, CT. Apr 8.
e 521 USA: I want BIANCO CARARA LUCIDO. Apr 8.
e 520 USA: I want granite and marble. Apr 7.
e 519 Germany: We are an independent consulting company located in Germany with major clients from the German industry. We need stones for an upcoming project. Apr 7.
e 518 Canada: I want 3 cms thick, 10ft x 5ft granite, cashine white / cashmere white of 20ft container White floor tiles (2x2). Apr 6.
e 516 USA: I want Serizzo Dubino. Apr 5.
e 515 USA: I want Limestone Primavera. Apr 5.
e 513 Sharjah. First I like to thank you for your great Web Site. Really I got wonderful informations from your pages. It is a gift for the people dealing in the stone business. First l like to introduce my self. Recently I have started my own Business here in U.A.E.( Licenced For Building Materials- but like to deal only in Stones. I am the single owner. My total experience here in Middle East is approx..17 years in various fields. After a market study here and advice from India, I have started my own Stone Business. Now I like to supply stones to the retailers of stones. What I need: At present I am having lot of enquiries from various sections of the Market.So I need Polished Slab Suppliers details. Both for Granites.& Marbles from Direct Manufacturing Exporters. Apr 5.
e 512 Poland: We are into Green Marbles from Rajastan. Just now we are thinking about importing Black Granite in blocks from India - approx. 15-20CBM per month. Apr 4.
e 511 Kuwait: We own our bulk carrier vessel capacity 27000 m.tons,and we are interesting to import crushed aggregate made from granite or basalt on f.o.b. and c&f kuwait basis for shipment up to 70000 m.tons. We can take several shipments per annum. So please quote f.o.b. prices for bulk crushed granite stone aggregate to be loaded on board our ship for shipment of 27000 m.tons and for annual quantity of 500000 m.tons and specify port name and address and time to commence loading. We specialize in buildings, roads and infrastructure contracts and sales of cement, aggregate, ready-mix concrete and building material. Apr 4.
e 510 USA: I am looking for a granite named "Bagicha"...do you know where i can find it in the New England area. Apr 4.
e 509 Egypt: We are a landscape company in Egypt and are interested in searching the international market for producers and exporters of natural stone for paving and cladding. Our local market is still fresh on this new material in the landscaping field and we would like to make the best of it while we can and before too many competitors start entering the market. We would like to emphasise the point of competitive prices and quality workmanship and service. We are looking for natural stone paving in both natural random cuts and in
straight cuts. We would like to find the dimensions that the producer can provide us with. Apr 3.
e 508 Malaysia: I'm a manufactureer from Malaysia.  I would like to import a beige colour marble blocks like botticino, cream marfil or other similer colour marble from EGYPT. Apr 3.
e 507 Hawaii: I want green Brazilian granite (with black, rust and a little cream) called "verde shane". Apr 3.

e 506 USA: I'm looking for a granite fabricator in the Sacramento/Auburn/Colfax area of California.  I have chosen the granite for my countertops but need someone to prepare it for me. Apr 3.
e 505 UK: I want lots of sandstone for building houses. Apr 2.
e 504 USA: Looking for dark violetta slabs with blacks, greys, pinks and reds -- not orange and peach colors. Maryland. Apr 2.
e 503 USA: I want Panther slate from North India. Apr 2.

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                    www.findstone.com