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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                     March 31, 2000
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 Today's Offers                                      February Inquiries 

e 502 USA: I am a marble sculptor and gallery owner in Tucson, Arizona. I am interested in buying marble in Mexico, or ordering a shipment. Where can I find blocks 100 to 500 kgs of negro, or duchess white, or rosa salmon light. Mar 31.
e 500 Russia I represent the biggest manufacturer of marble and granite slabs and tiles in Moscow - and I want granite in rough blocks of different colour and size (gang-saw, block-cutter and monument size). Mainly black and red colours.  Approximate quantity per year - 7000 cub.m of different materials. Please, quote the price per cu.m. FOB. Mar 29.
e 499 USA: I want to contact artists of 'tangible gift art and items' for my gift boutique in beautiful California. Mar 29.
e 498 USA: I'm looking for a source for used / broken roof tile slate in central Florida [preferably on the west coast of central Florida] and hoped you could point me to either a supplier or roofing contractor who might have broken slate tiles.  I'm an artist and like to paint pictures on slate.  Mar 28.
e 497 Thailand: We would like to contact the block suppliers in Australia for "Balmoral Green". Mar 28.
e 496 : We are interested in buying industrial quantity of PURE WHITE QUARTZ (Milky Quartz) and Colorless Quartz (Rock Crystal) stones in sizes less than 12 cm or in grains sizes of different mesh. We are willing to buy worldwide and looking for long term association. Mar 27.
e 495 USA: I would like to obtain blanco polar granite. Austin, TX. Mar 27.
e 494 USA: We are looking to build a custom-designed house. The house is very large and we have selected victorian as the style. We are contemplating thecost to build a 7000 sq. house that will have riverbed rocks as the exterior and interior walls and a cobble stone finished floor. The local suppliers of these type stons want to charge a rdiculous price that more than quadruples the cost of brick. So we have decided to take our search to a national level. Mar 26.
e 493 USA: I want to have importers to supply to my company for wholesale distribution. Mar 26.

e 491 UK: I want to act as a granite broker to the retail market by offering to identify and locate the best supplier/fabricator with best price for a particular project. Mar 25.

e 487 USA: Cultured Marble suppliers in the UK. Mar 22.
e 486 China: we are in the the market for Santiago red big blocks, would you please quote us the best price basis on CNF XIAMEN. Mar 22.
e 484 China: Granite and Marble blocks are our traditional distributing items. Fujian,Guangdong is the processing center of stone slabs. There are nearly 300 processing factories in a county which is only 90KMS from Xiamen.

We are now importing and distributing blocks from India, Spain and U.S.A. sometimes from Hongkong. Our blocks cover: Ruby Red , Black Galaxy, Multi-Color Red,White Galaxy, Green Marble etc. And our monthly sales quantity is about 350 CBM granite and 400 MTS marble. Since we have our own blocks yard, the storing cost is very low (only USD12/half year).

We have learnt something about your products through your web pages and feel there are good chance to cooperate with each other. For Ruby Red , Black Galaxy, Multi-Color Red,White Galaxy, we begun to sale this blocks from last year but it is imported from the other channel (Hongkong or Taiwan ) but not directly from your nation. Mar 22.
e 483 USA: I'm trying to locate a stone that is supposedly from Brazil called Madagascar Blue. I have a large job going and the architect has chosen this material. Mar 22.
e 482 USA: gascogne beige limestone quarry producers. Mar 22.
e 481 Canada:
Product details: SOAPSTONE SLAB APPROX. 30" BY 54" AND 1" TO 1"
Delivery by AUGUST 2000
I"m Looking for a provider of soapstone slabs for use as a kitchen
The soapstone slab size needed is
30" by 54" and 1" to 1" thick.
Price and shipping costs are needed.
Shipping to Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Mar 21.

e 479 Madras / Chennai, India.  Wanted from India for Export.
     Dark Green Marble for Portugal , Lisbon wanted 10 container on L.C. Basis / CIF LISBON.
     Blue Metal Jelly  - 10,000 M.Ton @  32US $ per M.Ton port Kuala lumpur, Singapore / CIF.      Quartz   Sio 2 - 98% @ 50 US $ ,    Sio2 /99% @ 53 US $    Sio2 99.2 @ 57 US $     General/ Semi White/ White  rates respectively.
     Export grade - Sio2/99.8%   @ 76 US $ per M.Ton CIF, Singapore rates  quote best rates for CIF Germany, Hamburg.
The rates are target price of buyer total 20,000 M.Ton for Germany / Singapore.
     Granite Cobble / Cubes/ Kerbs  100 x 100 x 100 and 100 x 100 x 50 mm Sira grey / Rustic/ Ash Grey and Silver Grey.
     Sand Stone / Slates needed immediately for Germany.
     Sand Stone for wall/ pavements, slates for revestments. 
Mar 21.
e 478 USA: am looking for granite slabs for a high end residential project.  I need Azul Macaubas, Azul Bahia, Blue Star (Quartz Crystal), and Black or Brown Fossilize Granite.  I am very peculiar in the stabs color and characteristics.  Please email specific pictures of slabs at your Italy location.  I will visit your Italy location to personally pick the slabs. Our project is 3 to 4 months away. Richmond, VA. Mar 21.
e 477 Canada: I am looking for a supplier of slate who can make custom laser engraved slate plaques for corporate presentation.  Toronto, Canada. Mar 21.
e 476 USA: I want the best price for Blue Pearl granite squares (12' x 12").  I live in Waukesha, WI.  Can you tell me what it would cost to have about 56 squares shipped to me?  Or tell me where I can purchase these and what the price will be.  It's for a kitchen countertop. Mar 20.
e 475 Spain: One of our Hong Kong customers requires Silver Cloud and Virginia Black granites (American granites).  If you can supply these, please let us have your best C&F Hong Kong prices for:
1,820 m2 Virginia Black

Slabs 20 mm polished
Slabs 20 mm honed
Slabs 30 mm polished
Slabs 30 mm honed
Cut-to-size 20 mm polished
Cut-to-size 20 mm honed
Cut-to-size 30 mm polished
Cut-to-size 30 mm honed

1,820 m2 Silver Cloud

Slabs 20 mm polished
Slabs 20 mm thermal
Slabs 30 mm polished
Slabs 30 mm thermal
Cut-to-size 20 mm polished
Cut-to-size 20 mm thermal
Cut-to-size 30 mm polished
Cut-to-size 30 mm thermal

Mar 20.
e 474 USA: The Amarello is on one of your Brazilian web pages.  It looks like an Onyx.  We need 180 sm of 2 and 3 cm thick cut to size.  I am an importer to the US. Mar 20.
e 473 USA: We are looking to import 3 mm granite in 4 popular colors - two browns, a white, and a green.  We would like a mix of counter top blanks with a  full bullnose (shape modified so as to increase the appearance of stone thickness) alternating two sides polished - 25 1/2 inch, table tops - 4 sides polished with the same edge - slab size, and some 2 cm slab material for splashes.  Between 2-4 containers. Colorado. Mar 20.
e 471 USA: I am looking for stone for walkways. I would like light colored large pieces. I am located in Texas. Mar 19.
e 470 USA FREE: I want catalogs of marble and stone designs? Mar 19.
e 469 UK: We are interested in all Yugoslavian Limestones, unknown / prized Limestones, German Limestones, French limestones, bulgarian stones. London. Mar 18.
e 468 India: I want ruby red, red multicolour for exports. Mar 18.
e 467 USA: to find granite countertops in the chicago area. Mar 18.
e 466 USA: I want Amarello. Mar 18.
e 465 USA: We are searching for a company who can help us import slabs of material for hotel work.  We have more than 3000 vanities to fabricate within the next 6 months! Sunrise , FL. Mar 18.

e 462 China: I have a client from China which is running a tombstone factory.  To add more product variety, they would like to try Lanhelin (dark blue) granite from France. The frist trial order will be 10CBM.  Shipment to Fuzhou port, Fujian. Mar 16.
e 459 USA: I want to top a dining room table with black and dark brown veined granite in 12" square tiles. Possible to do this with agate or rainbow? Table 36 by 72. Price, including shipping to Florida? Mar 15.
e 458 USA: I am trying to locate a lot of 12x12 tumbled Thassos Select. Mar 15.

e 456 USA: Where can I find Grigio Perla granite (from Italy) near Scarsdale, NY? Mar 13.
e 455 USA: We would like to make contact with suppliers of the South African sandstone in your directory. We have several large jobs that these stones may be appropriate for. Interested in blocks or cut-to-size. Mar 12.
e 454: We may have a substantial job in America and are investigating the possibility of using American fitters. Mar 10.
e 453 USA: looking for flagstone, outcropping, wallstone. Multiple semi-loads wanted in Misourri-Iowa-Michigan. Mar 10.
e 452 Mauritius: Having viewed the findstone page - It was really something that I was looking for!  I want to start a small wholesale business dealing with granite. I don't know how you can help me but I would like to get into this business. Mar 9.
e 451 USA: I am looking for a good source for Mexican pebbles used in fountains etc. Mar 9.
e 450: Where can I find some coraline stone [sandstone] in Europe? Mar 9.

e 448 USA: We want CNC carved mirror polished basin bowls out of single blocks of jet black granite in following sizes according to the accompanying sketches.
  1. Sink 1: 180 X350 X600 mm 1nos. / 20 nos.  bowl of 380X270 mm, depth 135 mm
  2. Sink 2: 180 X 450 X2055 mm 1nos. / 2 bowls of 660X370 mm, depth 135 mm
  3. FLAMED FINISH slabs  of JET BLACK granite
    • 20 mm THICK 
      • 1200 X 600mm                Quantity -1856 sq.ft.
    • 20 mm THICK- with half round nosing on one long edge
          300 X1100mm                            14 nos.
          550 X 1300mm                             1 nos.
          155 X1100mm                            16 nos.
          155X 1500mm                              1 nos.
          155X 1300mm                              1 nos.
          1250 X 1100 mm                          1nos.
    • 30 mm THICK -
          650 X 1250 mm                           1 nos.
    • 100 mm THICK - with nosing on one long edge
          400 X 2000 mm                          6 nos.
Mar 8.
e 445 Germany: I want tombstones or slabs of Egyptian granites, "Rosa Sinai" or " Rosa Tupin" or "Red Gharda" for trading. I am a reseller, importer, I haven`t bought Egyptian granites. I have a very serious firm. Mar 7.
e 444 India: We are in urgent need of Granite slabs 22 mm thick (+/- 1mm) and size 6 ft x 2 ft (+/- permissible). Approx. requirement is 4000 sq. ft. We are contractors working in railways in kota, rajasthan. Mar 7.
e 443 AL AIN, UAE: We want marble from Italy,  Brazil,  Spain.- White with green and grey dots - BIANCO type. various size slabs 2 cm and 3 cm thick. quantity: 1000 sq.m. to 1,500 sq.m. per 90 days. Indicative price: US$ 75 TO 150 for trading. We are traders adn fixers and want this for floor and wall applications in new constructions throughout UAE. We normally buy mostly from the local market and we would like to import preferably from those who carry slabs ex-stock. Mar 7.
e 442 Thailand: We are a marble & granite manufacturer, importer and exporter. We, at this moment, are very interested in importing large quantity of rough granite blocks in Cherry Red from India. In case the name is not universal, it is a not-so bright red with orange undertone granite. Moreover, we are expanding our business here in Thailand and are very interested in importing large amount of various kinds of granite. Therefore, we would appreciate if you can provide us with information on rough blocks of all kind of granite you have to offer. Mar 6.

e 440 USA: I want to start a granite cemetery headstone business. My husband owns a stone company dabbling in various stones - a major portion is granite countertops.  We want the latest technology in laser machinery and computer software and other materials besides the granite of course needed to start this up. 
Mar 5.
e 438 Dubai: We want tiles for bathrooms and kitchens from any country. We are importers and traders. Mar 4.
e 437 USA: We want one container of multi color slate tiles 12" X 12". Mar 4.
e 435 USA: I am looking for absolute black granite. We are a construction company in Bronx, NY. Mar 3.
e 433 Canada: Need various sizes for signage, memorials, garden art, etc. Please put me in touch with importers of granite for Vancouver Island British Columbia. Stone can be from china or india. Mar 2.
e 432 USA: I need to find someone selling landscpe boulders and stones in the Washington, DC area. Mar 2.


For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                      www.findstone.com