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e 430 Turkey: We are a construction company with construction in European Countries and we need a special marble type called ROSA AURORA. We couldn't find any firms or suppliers about this model. Feb 29.
e 428 USA: I want to represent foreign companies. Feb 29.
e 427 USA: I have both a contractors and decorators license and am looking to purchase French limestone.  Either Fontenay Clair or beaumoniere. Qty: 1000 sq. ft. Size: Either 18" or 24" squares. Terms: Cash. Feb 29.
e 426 Ukraine: Our company has business of building materials. I want to buy a lot of marbles and granites from Turkey and Greece. Feb 28.
e 422 USA: I want granite "Tropical Gurrani".  Feb 26.
e 421 Northern Ireland: I want to import slate. Feb 25.
e 420 India: I want to represent suppliers/buyers of marble, minerals, precious, semi-precious stone all over the globe. Feb 25.
e 419 India: We want to source hand-dressed granite products for export. bangalore. Feb 25.
e 418 Singapore: I want Verde Pastello Green. Is this Swiss? Feb 24.
e 417 Malaysia: We want Indian Shivakashi Yellow granite. 5000 sq.m. in block, slab or cut to size 1200x1200x30 mm. Feb 24.
e 416 Chennai India: We are ready to place order  for
a) Marbles: Sizes: 490 x 900 x 25 mm, 720 x 900 x 25 mm, 900 x 900 x 25 mm. Alternative thickness 20/30 mm. Requirement is of White, Rainbow, Green, Dark Green, , Gray White. Rates to be worked on CIF Antwerp. Total requirement : 10 containers. Payment : Irrevocable L.C. at sight.
b) Also red sandstone  - 3 container order consisting of sizes (305 x 305 x 20) ( 610 x 610 x 20)  (400 x 400 x 20) & (CIF Antwerp). Feb 24.
e 415 USA: We are a stone dealer. We need Granite Cobblestones, All Sandstone products. Currently in need of rainbow sandstone large blocks, slabs. Sizes needed are:  5' x 10' x 2'  =   5 Pieces;  25' x 15' x 1.5' =  1 Piece.   Please send list of other sizes needed for large order.  Nashville, TN. Feb 24.
e 414 UK: We want prices for all polished black granite monuments standard sizes as used in U.K market. Feb 24.
e 413 USA: Looking for sandstone flooring for interior of home to be built with architect in Durango, CO.  Also looking for complementary stone for exterior of house/interior fireplace and chimney as well as flagstone for patio area.  Want some color consistency between interior floor and exterior flagstone with exterior flagstone thicker.  Wife prefers "buff" color for floor, but some color variation OK.  Wants to aavoid orange hues and maximize blue/grey, buff, dark reds, etc.
Colorado, Arizona or New Mexico sources preferred due to shipping considerations.  Will require large quantity for 3400 sq.ft. home. Feb 24.
e 412 UAE: We want 2 containers green marble slabs monthly. Also blocks. All sizes. Feb 23.
e 411 USA: We want absolute black granite. Feb 23.
e 409 Egypt: We want to buy all types of marbles. Feb 22.
e 408 USA: Who can supply us the following granites: United States - Royal Auburn;
brazil - Dallas Pink, Giallo California, Panama, Amarello, Cobra Pink
. San Francisco. Feb 22.
e 407 USA: I want to purchase granite monument blanks. Feb 22.
e 405 USA: We are the architecture/design firm leading the renovation project of The Ferry building, a renovation of a historic building. We will need [Marian Keeler] Greyish green sandstone called Colusa Sandstone for exterior cladding. San Francisco. Feb 18.
e 404 USA: I am a professional chef and kitchen design consultant. I like the pearl gray fluery and the solar gray marble.  I want to buy kitchen counters and pastry station (self use) 93 sq.ft. Delivery by April 2000. I am also interested in distributing marble and granite in this area. Market is wide open and building is at all time high. Paragould, AK. Feb 18.
e 400 USA: I install tile, marble and granite and I'd like to try to install brazilian slates. Any distributor near Pompano beach, FL? Feb 17.
e 399 USA: I want stone engraving equipment.  Feb 17.
e 398 Portugal: Opening a shop in Colares, Portugal, next April on home decoration, and
willing to import antique and colonial furniture, etc. Feb 15. 
e 397 USA: We want to import polished Colombo Juparana granite tiles - chamfered, calibrated - 14400 sq. ft. (two containers) shipment:   Immediate (to reach USA on east cost baltimore on or before april end). LC: discuss terms. We are hoteliers having high-end hotels in Virginia, Washington and Florida. Feb 15.
e 396 Italy: I am interested in a French Sandstone called Forteney. Feb 14.
e 395 South Africa: I am interested in sandstones and limestones. Feb 14.
e 392 USA: I want to buy granite & marble & such because I am going to start engraving onto head stones. Feb 12.

e 390 USA: I am an interior designer and I would like some antique stone fountains or related art pieces for my client. Those art pieces should have european style & which must be an antique (wear & tear). Those fountains need not be traditional ones - they could be anything which makes a sound of running water. They will sit next to the main gate area & just in front of the longitudinal swimming pool. Feb 11.

e 388 USA:  I want stone cutting tools. Feb 11.
e 387 USA: I want granite benches and vases and marble vases. Feb 11.
e 386 India: I want collaborators and the technology for cutting tools. Feb 9.
e 385 USA: I want to get into the granite business in Orlando, Fl. My preference is to import from brazil. Feb 8.
e 384 China:  I am very interested in Green Moby Dick and Red Moby Dick blocks and unpolished slabs. Feb 7.
e 383 China: I would like to buy blocks and unpolished slabs of French marble e.g. Cevenol, Campans, Estours Green, Francia Rosso. If they can keep their quality, I can order every year. Feb 7.
e 382 China: I often buy Turkish Marble e.g. Cremo Sugar, Hazar Pink, Supreme Leopard, Supren, Rosso Levanto, Aegean brown2, Levanto Rosso, Lepanto Rosso. Now I want to find new suppliers. Feb 7.
e 381 USA: We want a granite or flagstone fabricated sink into our remodeled kitchen.  Central Pennsylvania. Feb 7.
e 380 China: I want to represent foreign stone manufacturers in my city. Shanghai. Feb 5.
e 379 USA: I am looking for a grinding/beveling machine to smooth and shape the edges of rock slab up to 3/4" thick for mosaic work. Am also looking for a diamond band saw to cut shapes out of slab. Have been considering the Diamond Laser 5000 and wondering if it is the best for this use, or if there is something better. Feb 5.
e 378 Spain: I am looking for 4500 sqm of cleft sandstone or slate type Indian Modak or Panther. Feb 4.

e 376 USA: I'm looking for a good granite fabricator in the San Jose, CA area. Feb 4.
e 375 India: We have orders for Granite / Tiles / Slabs for Malaysia / Singapore / USA / Canada / Europe.The payments will be through Irrevocable Letter of credit from prime banks to respective Indian banks.  The products include Kasmiri White, Red Multi, Grey, black Absoluto, Raw Silk. The orders consist of Rough / Finished items. The German buyer is at present stationed in Chennai.
    KUWAIT - Jhansi Red
    GERMANY (Tiles  / Slabs / Rough) - Kasmiri White, Tiles, Slabs 13 containers
    U.S.A. - slabs / tiles
    MALAYSIA - cobblestones
    SINGAPORE - Tiles / Slabs - Yellow Fantasy, Rustic, black, Sira Grey, Red Multi, Kasimiri White
Feb 3.
e 374 USA: I want slabs and tiles of Cotton rose, Ivory white, Golden sand, Almond Mauve, Rose green, Impala, Emerald blue, Absolut black, Multicolor peach, Mistick green, Atlantic rose, Empress gold, Dynasty gold. Feb 1.

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