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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                         Jan 31, 2000
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e 371 HongKong: We need 'Samata Blue' for a project : Qty. : Blocks - approx. 80 Cu.M.,Unpolished slabs 2cm 4-5 Cntr., Polished slabs 2cm 2-3 Cntr. Jan 26.

e 369 USA: I'm a sales manager for a fairly new granite manufacturing / wholesale business in upper N.Y. state. As well as monuments, we are producing counter and vanity tops, and a number of products used in the building business such as sandstone stairs etc. We're interested in products that we can wholesale across N.Y. state and Ont. if that is possible. 23 Jan.

e 368 USA: I would like to find international companies who produce marble and granite slabs and simple design fireplaces ready for installation. 22 Jan.

e 367 USA: We are a stone importer in Northwestern U.S. and currently import from Italy, Spain, India and China. We are looking for unusual and interesting slate tiles in the  30 x 30cm, 30.5 x 30.5cm, 40 x 40cm, and 50 x 50cm sizes. We want quality tiles that are calibrated (gauged), square and flat. Jan 22.

e 365 USA: Your website is unbelievable!!! 
I run 7 tile and marble stores in California.  I am looking for a granite from China.  It's called:  Golden Garnite and I cannot find it anywhere... Jan 19.
e 364 USA: I want to open a marble & granite show room, where I display 12x12 size tile of each and every single pattern you have on this site. I would have a custom stone cutting shop in the back and also an artistic items dept. from all over the world. But I don't know where to start from, I don't even know what is the difference between marble, granite and onyx? i am in Dallas, Texas. Jan 19.

e 362 USA: I am looking for wholesale ball and basement sets to(3"-6") to build rolling sphere fountains. Jan 19.
e 361 USA: I am sourcing for unique, authentic or reproduction furniture, home accessories and handicrafts from Southeast Asia.  I am opening a retail store in Coral Springs, South Florida offering these products later this year.  Jan 18.
e 360 USA: I want to find a source for granite and other stone products for my counter top business. Jan 17.

e 357 USA: I am interested in stones Imported from Bulgaria. Sacramento CA. Jan 15.
e 356 Australia: I want to find out about granite that is available in Russia and former Soviet Union. Jan 14.
e 352 Cyprus: We want BARROCAL granite, GRIS MONDARIZ granite of Spain, BIANCO CRYSTAL granite of Portugal and BIANCO PRIMAVERA, size 60x60x2 cm, quantity 2500 sq.m. Jan 12.
e 351 Netherlands: We want Azul Noche urban pavings. Jan 12.
e 350 USA: I want a White Marble block, 7'x4'x4', solid piece, best quality for personal use to make a statue. I will pay cash. I am an independent artist greatly interested in the sculpture work of Michelangalo.  Los Gatos CA 95030. Jan 12.
e 349 Republic of Moldova (part of previous Soviet Union): From your stone album, I want Grade1: Indian GRANITE "Kuppam Green" 60 sq m; "Tropical Green" 150 sq m; "Tindivanam Black" 200 sq m.  Grade2: Indian MARBLE  and TURKEY "Crocodile Green" 20 sq m;  "Yaykin Walnut" 60 sq m. Jan 10.
e 347 Mexico City: I need a limestone like "Desert sand" 12"x12",  16"x16",  and  4"x4".  One container. Payment by l/c. For trading. For use on facades, floors. Jan 9.
e 343 Austria: I am interested in Lapis lazuli slabs, 2 cm thick, polished. Jan 7.

e 339 USA: I need 500 lucky stones about the diameter size of a silver dollar, thickness 1/4" to 3/8", with a hole in them about 3/8'" to 1/2" in diameter. They should be smooth like a river rock and they could be of different colors and irregular shapes. Needed for business promotion. WI. Jan 4.
B 264 India: As we are one of the leading suppliers of Marbles, Granite and all other types of stones like Cuddapa, Dholpur, Kota, etc. in Calcutta we are always in requirement of the above mentioned quality product. We assure our businees partners of our best supports. In very future we intend to export & import of the said products. Also we are interested in Dealership or Distributorship of the above mentioned products and related products like Glazed tiles & Marble Tiles, and other form of Stones.

258 USA: I want all types of slabs and tiles. I am a manufacturer/fabricator of stone tops and accent pieces. I have both water jet cutting machinery, and CNC machinery for production fabrication and custom applications.

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                       www.findstone.com