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TODAY'S bUY INQUIRIES!                 Dec  31, 2000
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                         Today's Offers                                           November Inquiries

e 336 Seychelles: We are an architectural firm and we would like to recommend natural stone floorings for some of our projects in Seychelles. We have selected the following from your Stone Album for consideration.  Kingston Orange - Sandstone, Egypt Granites -Gray Shulman,  White, India - Kotah blue and Green, India - Sandstone - Mint, North India Slate - Himachal Grey, Himachal Green, badnor Grey, Panther, Sri Lanka Granites, Indian Granites - Lilac, Lavender blue, Green Rose, Kuppam Green, Madhugiri White, Raw Silk, Indian Juperana, White Galaxy. We are very serious. 29 Dec.
e 335 USA: Keystone or Coquina.  It is mined in Miami or other beach areas. 28 Dec. 
e 334 Greece: We create and sell marble, marble tiles, granite and granite tiles. We are interested in Labrador Antique-Norway and Nero Africa. 28 Dec.
e 333 Canada: Stonecarver in Toronto, seeking six blocks of white marble, preferably Carrara, but Vermont would suffice. Each block 12"*12"*12", sawn six sides. Some light to medium veining would be ok. Dec 27.
e 332 China: We are a stone trading company in Xiamen. We are looking for Kuru-grey or named baltic Grey from Finland. Dec 27.
e 331 USA: I am seeking onyx handicrafts to sell in Sarasota, Fl. Dec 27.
e 330 UK: We require one container of Mirror Polished 305x305 cm tiles 10mm thickness
colours : jet black; galaxy black; kashmir white; ruby red; paradiso. Indian Granites. Dec 26.
e 329 bangladesh: We want marble and granite blocks for making tiles. Quantity: 10,000 cu.m. Dec 26.
e 327 USA: Looking for a used bridge saw and tilting tableAt least a 10' cut length, more even better.  As long as it cuts "STRAIGHT"!  Would like to find a Park Ind. Cougar, but am interested in all available (Calif., Ariz. area). Dec 24.
e 324 USA: I am looking for Software to aid in the designing of monuments, markers, (headstones, tombstones). Wisconsin. Dec 22.
e 323 Singapore: Raw Silk granite tiles (600 x 600 mm) and skirting. Dec 21.
e 322 USA: I am interested in container quantities of crosscut travertines, in several finishes (filled, honed, unfilled, sawcut ). We have not been able to find a suitable source to keep us competitive with our competition. Dec 16.
e 321 Moldova: We want green marble tiles 20x300x600 mm. Payment by L/C, and in case of good reputation of the supllier 100% in advance. Delivery: CIF Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, (part of previous Soviet Union). Use: for self using for the begin and a little quantity for trading. Application: wall, column. Choice of source: any country. About us: We are a repairing and building company. Now we are looking for unique colours of marble and granite, low prices, more variety, in reason to trade on our market. Dec 20.
e 320 USA: I am an architect seeking a honed black granite for countertops for a residential project in Washingotn state. Dec 15.

e 317 USA: I am looking for a supplier with 1600 sq ft of Juparana Gold or St. Cecilia by 18 Dec. Chicago.
e316 Australia: We are interested in purchasing full containers of unfilled Travertine marble from Turkey or other counteries. Size 40x40 cm  x 15 to 20 mm thick. Dec. 11.
e 315 China: I want to import rough blocks of "lanhelin" from France. Dec 11.
e 314 UK: I am looking for granite boulders for my next sculpture. I work in the south of England. Ideally they would be quite large i.e. 7 tonnes +. Dec 10.
e 313 Germany: We are interested in stone products. Would you please send us your latest catalogue, pricelist and product information. Dec 10.
e 312 UK: We want Yorkstone Paving Flags 100 mm in depth, random size, approx area 200 to 300 sq.m. Dec 10.
e 311 USA: I am interested in starting up a full service monument company. I have been selling monuments for the past 2 years and I have built a solid base for the future. If any company can offer me  1) sandblasting equipment & possible room 2)Granite Supplies 3) Lifts,Hoists etc 4) general monument supplies. Dec 8.
e 310 Dubai: We want Azul bahia blue granite from brazil and Saudi stone from Saudi Arabia. Dec 8.
Same as b 244: Azul bahia blue block in the size of 100x100x250 cm.
e 309 USA: I need 250 to 300 tons of stone to face a building. I  would like size of thick:3 to 6 in.  length; 12 to 30 in.  high; 8 to 18 in. with split face and  cut bed joint and briken head joint. Color not as improtant as price to west va.  Need it now! Dec 6.
e 308 USA: Any soapstone slab supplier in western U.S. Dec 3.
e 307 UAE: We want multi-disk block cutter - new and old. Dec 3.
e 306 USA: We are a stone supplier in Sterling, Virginia (USA). We would like names of brazilian Stone Exporters to buy from. Dec 2.
e 305 UK: We are supplier/users of building materials in mainland u.k. We are currently keen to introduce new range of natural stones from india specially kotah and dholpur red & white. Lancashire. Dec 2.
e 304 USA: . I was going through your 'Stone Library' where I find various edge cuttings. We call it as moulding or bullnosing. Quote me the cost for just edge cuttings for 28 different edge mouldings ASAP. Dec 2.
e 303 USA: I am importing 2 containers of black Granite per month from India. Can you suggest me some good suppliers. Dec 2.
e 302 USA: I want Marble Tiles: 12"x12"x3/8" (polished) light beige and botticina or similar colors. Illinois. Dec 2
e 301 USA: I am an Architect in boise Idaho and am looking for a source for soapstone. Dec 2.
e 300 USA: We are distributors and importers of Slates from China, India, South Africa and brazil. We have a requirement for the following varieties of Slates (12"x12" and 16"x"16).  Please Quote us your prices - FOb Indian Ports. ALL GAUGED - THICKNESS 10 MM. Indian Autumn, California Gold, Multi Select Pink, Raja Red, Peacock Multi Color, Himachal White, Copper, Silver Gray, Ocean Green. Please quote along with delivery schedule. New Jersey. Dec 1.
e 299 USA: . I am distributor in Texas. Please send me prices for Green Marble (Dark, light and other), also other colors in marble. Dec 1.
e 298 Singapore: We are interested in representing various suppliers for granite, marbles for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We have been in this line for the last 4 years and we are very keen in representing reliable suppliers from Spain, Italy, and other leading granite exporting countries. We have buyers and we also cater to our buyers project needs. We provide sincere business co-operation in developing business in this region. Dec 1.
b 257 Austria: We are a stonemason company and wholesaler in Austria and we have our clients all over Europe. We are looking for a Chinese supplier of granite slabs and blocks.
b 256 HongKong: Architectural Sandstone Cladding.

b 253 Greece: We are always looking for new materials. If you have something, we are interested. 
b 242 China: We want sandstone color:beige-1300M2; red-300M2 size:550x900x30 (cut to size) finish:polished.
b241 USA: In "unknown" granites the color "Lapiz Lazuli" is the perfect mix of blues and beige. Must find this - does anyone stock or have sample available?
b240 Singapore: We wish to act as agents for reliable granite and marble suppliers We have been in this line for thelast 5 years and have developed a list of contacts.
b239 Pakistan: Portoro Maachia Fine (black & Gold), Portoro Maachia Large (King Gold) polished slabs 2cm/3cm thick, Width & length to be specified, standard back netting. 
b238 USA:: We are looking for soapstone to use for counter tops, window stools and fireplace/masonry heater.
b237 USA: I am interested in buying blue bahia granite for a small kitchen island.  

For any clarification, send an email to info@findstone.com                                          www.findstone.com