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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                          Nov. 30, 1999                
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 Todays Offers                                Previous Inquiries

e 294 India: We need ten thousand sq. ft. of best quality of marble : CREMA MARFIL - EXTRA, in slab form. With fibre backing and resin filled. Bombay, Nov 29.
e 293 Hongkong: We need URBAN GREY, APG GREY, BELLARY GREY, INDIA BLOCKS (YKD), INDIA RED * (Item 1,2,3 need deep  blue and without red spots on it).Also, please advise your earliest delivery date, terms of payment, and discounts for regular purchases. Normally we would like ship the products to Hong Kong and China (Amoy). Nov 28.
e 292: Please advise minimum order quantity and payment terms for Hibiscus Red Marble and Verde Aroche. Nov 25.


e 288 USA: I was very pleasantly surprised to see your fine quality of  stones.  As an owner of a an architectural/design firm and suppliers of architectural elements to regional commercial and residential builders, the prospect of re-selling your products in the SW region of the US look very favorable.

I am currently working on two projects. If we can work something out regarding shipping, I would like to experiment on a small scale first with these two projects.

I have earlier imported Sandstone from Rajasthan. Now, I am looking for three Sandstones - Red Sandstone,
Dholpur Beige, Dholpur Pink
. Nov 26.
e 277 Taiwan: We want one American granite - BETHEL WHITE.  What we would need are raw blocks around
250M3 to be shipped to our  China factory for a project. Nov 26.
e 276 UAE: We want rosa portugallo first choice material tiles, slabs 2 cm, 3cm. Nov 26.
e 275 UAE: We are a major marble and granite factory in UAE. We can import any granite slabs 2 cm & 3 cm gangsaw cutting - first choice material. Nov 26
e 274 UAE : I want to buy Sri Lankan granite. Nov 26.
e 273 USA: We are residential home builders, and we also are looking for a source from whom we can buy granite for resale. Please advise us of your selections and prices, especially for slabs to be used for countertops, islands, etc. Nov 25.
e 271 Gujarat: I want Indian Autumn slates, one container tiles 12 X 12 X 10mm on immediate payment terms. Nov 25.

e 266 USA: We buy all types of stone; cut limestone slabs, wall rock, veneers, creek rock, boulders, moss rock, river stones, granite slabs or about any other stone. 23 Nov.
e 255 Kenya : We operate in Nairobi and are in the market for granite and marbles. We are engaged in
selling and take up projects in Kenya. To add to our laurels we have done many prestigious buildings in Nairobi and Kenya. We therefore look for varieties, unique colors and ofcourse good price.Nov 20.
e 254 Bombay, India: We want 60 x 30 x 2 cm in black and cherry red granite on CNF Dubai basis. Nov 20 / 26.
e253 USA: I want to begin manufacturing billard tables and want slate. Southwest Florida. Nov 18.
e252 Pakistan: I want marble cutting segments. I also want cheap marble cutting equipment. All preferably Indian. Nov 18.
e250 USA: I want beige stones coming from china and far east. Nov 17.
e249 Japan: We are raw granite and tombstone importer. We are interested in Indian granite, especially Yak Black. Nov 17.
e247 USA: I want carrara white marble floor 12" x 12". Nov 16.
e246 USA: I am looking for the finest supplier of high quality crema valencia in the world.  I prefer 3 cm or 2 cm slabs. Nov 16.
e245 USA: I have a client that has asked for a product which is a mixture of Scallop Shells, alpine red #2 marble chips, Cactus Green #2 marble chips and Cimarosa #1 marble chims mixed and hand broadcast over a cement surface to be used as walkways.  I can't find a source for this. Nov 16.
e244 India: I want Kashmir White and Imperial White Granite, Quantity - 6000 M2, Size - 1350 mm x 750 mm x 20 mm, Finish - Polished face, calibrated and bevelled. Nov 15.
e243 USA: I want black granite (2 x 20ft containers) various sizes. Nov 15.
e241 USA: I am interested in purchasing laser etching equipment. Nov 13.
e239 Russia: I want sandstones :
  Indian: White Mist; Teakwood; Dholpur Beige;Dholpur White Sand; Mint Sand.
  Portugal: Alpanina; Abancado Lioz; Brecha Perola.
1. natural split surface + cut edges:
   thickness 40 mm, 300*600 mm 540 pcs.
   thickness 40 mm, 300*500 mm 103 pcs.
   thickness 40 mm, 300*410 mm 57  pcs.
   thickness 40 mm, 300*265 mm 84  pcs.
   Total: 127 sq.m.  
2. diamond cut surface:
   thickness 30 mm, 600* (100-510) mm. Total 250 sq.m.
   thickness 80 mm, 600* 260    mm. Total  6.6 sq.m.
   thickness 200 mm, 300* 200   mm. Total  1.0 sq.m.                Nov 12
e 238 Malaysia: I want Sardinia White granite. Nov 11.
e237 USA: I'm looking for a stencil cutter and computer. Nov 11.
e236 USA: I want a hand cut stencil for sand blasting on stone. Nov 9.
e235 West Malaysia: I need the following sizes of Africa Red Granite:
    Size:                                              Qty:    Unit:
    600x600x20 mm                          300   M2
    600x300x20 mm (Flamed)              100  M2
    600x300x12 mm                         4000  M2
    100x600x12 mm                          300   M2
    153x600x12 mm                            50  M2
    Random Slab 20 mm                     400  M2
    (Polished & Unpolished)
    Marble Strip 700x1900x12 mm  5000  M2                    Nov 12.
e234 Kenya: We want Granite Monuments - simple designs in small and medium sizes Headstone, Flats, Scrolls and other Monument accessories (about 50 pieces per month). Nov 11.

e233 Kenya: We want Granite tiles 300 x 600 and 300 x 300 (about 500 sq. m. per month). Nov 11.

e232 Kenya: We want Granite slabs, ready bull-nosed for kitchen tops (about 50 sq. m. per month). Nov 11.
e231 Egypt: We want to import some types of marble such as Carrara , Bottcino Classico, and urgently we need one container of Crema Marfil. Nov 11.
e228 / B232 China: We want ROSA PORRINO (350 M2), ROSA MONFORTE (390 M2) (Spain),
CAVACO (210M2) (Portugal), PARGA 421M2 (Spain), ALPENDURADA (120 M2)  (Portugal). Nov 10.
e227 USA: I have project for multiplex constructions. Our architect has selected Indian limestone Kota Green & Kota Honey. We require approx 20 containers. Size of both stone is 900 x 500 x 35-45 mm thickness. Quote for sawn edges by (a) machine cut (b) hand cut. New Jersey. Nov 10.
e226 USA: We need spheres for "floating fountains"--not too big, just 1 1/2-3" max. diameter. Also, low-priced slate. Seconds, remnants, broken pieces, etc. as we make slate fountains out of slate fragments (3-7" about across, don't have to be even, etc., just extra junk). We're located on the central coast of california (santa maria). Nov 10.
e225 Taiwan: We are Hoist/Cutting Machines (Bridge Cutter) maker searching for agents. Nov 9.
e224 China: We want to buy tantalite for next 3 months. Quantity can be very large (as seller's option). We are very interested in cargo in stock and with Ta2O5 content about 5-50%. Nov 9.
e223 Ghana: We wish to contact Indian manufacturers of Gangsaw  Blades and Diamond segments / blades for cutting granite We operate two gangsaws and a 40 (1000mm dia.) blade blockcutter, and a variety of bridge saws and multi- blade cross cut saw. Your most urgent attention will be much appreciated. Nov 9.
e222 India: I want to purchase Italian marble for re-selling in Eastern zone of Calcutta. Nov 8.
e221 Bermuda, Bahamas:I want Italian Rose Marble. We have a large project and have been looking for this stone for a while. Nov 7.
e220 USA: I am trying to find a wholesaler or manufacturer of limestone tile. I am looking for 12"X12" St. Hubert tile for an entryway. I need 300 sq.ft. Lexington, Ky. Nov 7.
e219: I am looking for a technology provider for CaCo3 (CALCIUM CARBONATE), we have a crusher but we need a chemical plant provider. Nov 7.
e216 China: We would like to buy the following blocks:

1. Arabescato Corchia                    200 M3
    The vein looks like the shape of mountain and flowing
    water. The blocks to be for cutting to size 1100 x 800 mm.

2. Rainbow                                      55 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 900 x 900 mm.

3. Baltic Brown                                20 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 300 x 2400 mm.

4. Lamelia White                              30 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 300 x 2400 mm.

5. Tropical Red (Tropical Guyana)   220 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 1100 x 800 mm.
Nov 6.
e215 USA: I am looking for wholesalers who sell sandstone discs to be used as coasters in the "thirstystone" tradition. Do you know where I could find a company who cuts 4" circles for this specific purpose? Nov 6.
e214 India: We are a leading exporter of Granite Slabs & Tiles of different colours particularly south indian colours. We are in the lookout of sound parties to supply us Garnite slabs of 2.7  X 1.70 m size (gangsaw size ) in Black, Galaxy, Shivakasi Yellow, Ubaduba, Silk brown, Kashmir white, Paradiso, Himalyan Blue, Seaweed green etc. The material is needed about 4-5 containers per month high gloss and 20 mm polished on Italian machinery. Nov 5.
Sydney, Australia: I'm an interior designer, and have an inquiry about marble soap holders in the shower area. I can be contacted for details and sketches.  In Advice Board. Nov 5.
Istanbul, Turkey. I am interested in any construction products to sell in local market on distribution basis. In Advice Board. Nov 2.
e212 USA: I want a source in Georgia for natural stones for landscaping my yard. Nov 3.
e211 India: We are a leading buying agent representing a number of foreing buyers. One of our renowned buyers wants mirror finished marble tiles urgently. Size: 300X300X18 mm and 400X400X18 mm. Colours: Green, White. Quantity: in bulk. Quote FOB Bombay port. Nov 2.

B235 Gujarat, India: All south colours required for regular export commitments. Details are in the web site.
B234 USA: We are interested to represent in USA a serious manuafacturer from or exporter India in USA.