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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                            August 31, 2000
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Today's Offers                                                    July Inquiries 

e 953 USA: I am interested in starting a small business of trading granite tiles and marble. I do not have any experience in this line but wish to learn about it. I would like to get tied up with a company back home (India) and sell their products.I'm am living in Dallas,texas. I was hoping you can tell me how i can get started. Aug 29.

e 939 USA: I' m looking for Mexican Travertines. Am also looking to buy large quantities of
exotic overseas granites in slabs and tile form plus need a source in Mexico that handcarves fountains and fireplace mantels, etc. Aug 24.
e 937 USA: Please send a catalog of wholesale marble/granite & marble/granite cutting
products. Other Special Interests include: Profile Machines, Spector Machines, Twister Machines, Master 300 Machines. California. Aug 24.
e 936 USA: Please forward me a price list on all your products. Miami, Fl. Aug 23.
e 935 USA: I am interested in buying containers of Beaumaniere.  We are looking for a factory in France to supply our company in Southwest Florida.  We are interested in all sizes and prices.  We do not want to buy from a rep in the United States. Aug 23.
e 934 Hungary: We are looking for suppliers of Kanfanar marble from Croatia in slabs, 2 and 3 cm thickness, polished and unpolished. Quarries or sellers contact us. Budapest. Aug 23.
e 933 Korea: We are a leading import company in Korea. We would like to import rough blocks of Indian sandstone sizes 600x900x30. Aug 23.

e 928 USA: I'm an aspiring mosaicist and am looking for scrap marble in a variety of
colors and textures. So far I haven't been able to find any supplier who is willing to deal in small quantitites or to let me pick through their cast off scraps. Willimantic, CT. Aug 21.
e 927 USA: Have you ever heard of a granite called English Tea?  Possibly a marble?  Have customer that needs something in this material and I cannot even find the country that quarries it. Aug 20.
e 925 USA: How can I find out who in the US sells the following types of marble.
1. Volga Blue from Russia  2. Green Moby Dick from Russia  3. Eaoped Bordeaux from Turkey   4. Suprem Salome from Turkey  5. Exstra from Argentina? Aug 19
e 924 USA: Right now I am trading industrial materials, mostly scrap metal, used and new metal for construction and renovation.  I would like to act as a distributor and offer various stone samples in an interior and exterior showroom for use in construction, renovation, art etc. because this seems to be a compatible line. Would there be anyone out there willing to colaborate with me ? Aug 19.
e 921 Australia: I am acting on behalf of a number of developers/builders mainly based in Melbourne, Australia. What we are looking for is:
b) Indian black or (ZIMBABWE BLACK) whichever is more economical.
There will be 160 sets.
The set will comprise of 20mm thick polished.
    1 @ 3000mm x 750mm All edges flat polish.  2mm aris on face and back.
    1 @ 900mm x 750mm
    1 @ 1800mm x 650mm Flat polish and aris only one length @ 1800.
We would like price to include packing onto container (FOB). Aug 18.
e 920 USA: i'm interested in the "Bethel white" granite. Aug 18.
e 919 USA: I need to buy 1 ton of the 1 to 2 inch size "Rocky Mountain Granite" quarried from Colorado ONLY. I also need 14 tons of the 3 to 4 inch size. My suppliers in Truckee, Cal and Carson City, Nv. have run out. I can't finish a house without it. Will a west coast supplier, please reply. Aug 18.
e 918 USA: I want to know the address of granite dealers in in Anaheim, California. Aug 18.
e 916 Australia: We have been importing from India for the last 2 years and we are looking for a better competitive companies in the Indian market. Our director is leaving to India mid September to visit few companies & inspect the materials we have previously ordered. If you have anything to offer, please contact us. Aug 17.
e 915 USA: I am looking for suppliers of portuguese stone for curbing, tables, benches, columns, and paving details.  Our company is designing a park/playground in a Portuguese section of Newark, NJ and the residents would like to see some Portuguese materials used. Aug 17.
e 913 USA: I am interested in importing this natural stones to North America.  Because I have little knowledge of this business I would like to limit my risk initially by acting as an agent or similar capacity where I could gain experience. Aug 17.
e 912 China: We are a Projects Consultant Company in China. We are commissioned to order some kinds of sandstone for our clients. Please quote for rough block and slab. Aug 16.
e 911 Saudi Arabia: We want rough blocks of egyptian granite. Aug 16.
e 902 Philippines: We are a trading company with branch offices in Hongkong, Philippines, India, amongst others, We are currently in the process of looking into imports of polished slabs and floor tiles of following Indian Granite for the domestic market in Philippines :
  - Juprano Clasico/ Bianca
  - Black Galaxy
  -  Imperial Red
Pleased quote your lowest best price on CIF INDIAN PORT terms in U.S. DOLLARS for :
  - Polished slabs
  - Polished floor tiles (1.00 meter x 1.00 meter x 20mm)
  - Polished floor tiles (.600 meter x .600 meter x 20mm)
  - Price differential if requirements are for flamed granite.
Apart from above, we are also looking for following :
- White granite (clearer than Kashmir white)
Requirement for Slate would follow once we have your offer on above granite inquiries. Aug 13.
e 901 USA: We are looking for a distributor in TRi State area that carry portland limestone or similar white limestone for inside/outside use. Aug 14.
e 900 USA: I am looking for a supply of smooth flat stones of a light colour, void of cracks or pits approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter on which to pad print designs.Am also looking for a supplier of smooth pale green stones sometimes refered to as Indonesian river stones. Aug 14.
e 897 USA: I want slate for the purpose of building a water feature. Aug 12.
e 896 USA: I am a solid surface fabricator and laminate top shop dealing with cabinet dealers, builders and retail markets. I am interested in handing granite counter tops to my customers. We are located in the Nashville, TN. area. Aug 12.
e 893 Indonesia: We are importers of marble, granite, travertine and sandstone. We are in need of a good and reliable supplier for Serpegiante Marble (Italian) in Random Unpolished Slabs. Please forward any offer. Aug 11.
e 892 USA: We are looking for blocks of Tiger Skin granite. Aug 11.
e 891 China: We want small blocks of africa red and rojo africa. What are the price per cbm c&f china port? Size: 120cm - 170 cm x 60 cm -75 x 60 cm up. Aug 11.
e 887 USA: It is with great pleasure to introduce to you our company - one of the largest brokers of ceramic tile and natural stone in the Caribbean and Central America. For years we have been suppliers of tile, marble and equipment for numerous hotel projects, hospitals and commercial centers in the region. Among our hotel clientele are chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Hyatt, Club Med, Inter-Continental, Occidental, Barcelo, and Grand Bay Hotels. Our company is proud to have been involved in the supply of ceramic tile and marble for renown projects such as the Marriott, Radisson, Melia and Rosewood hotels in Panama, the Grand Melia in Caracas, the Melia Turquesa, Melia Cancun and Paradisus Cozumel in Cancun, Mexico, over 15 hotels in Dominican Republic,and many other hotels around the area.

We are very interested in establishing a relationship with new firms in order to serve our clients with a professional and cost effective focus. Please provide us with a list price of the Granites and other natural stone that you carry. Keep in mind that even though we are based in Miami, our clients are in Latin America, with a much lower quality acceptance, and therefore very susceptible to price.

Additionally, please quote:
* 1x20' of Deep Medium Base Green Marble 12"x12"
* 1x20' of Deep Medium Base Green Marble 2cm slabs
* 1x20' of Imperial Red 2 cm slabs
* 1x20' of Indian Black 2 cm slabs
Aug 11.
e 885 USA: Yes, can you help me locate these different marbles in stores in the U.S.A. as shown in your Stone Album?
    Turkey = Imzir Green and Supren
    Greece = Tinos Green, Green of Imathia and Larissa Green
    Taiwan = Empress Green, Hualien Medium and Medium Green
    India = Emerald Green and Crocodile Green and
    Unknown Marbles= Forest Green and Taihang Green.
Aug 10.
e 884 USA: Here is a listing of the marble I like from Italy as per your stone album: Cipollino Apuano,Verde Issorie, Verde Issogne, Issorie Verde, Patrizia Verde, Acceglio Verde, Malachite Verde and Lava Grigia. Could you please to me where I may purchase them? Aug 10.
e 880 Netherland: Wij zoeken naar rosa tupim vloertegels  30xbrd.x1,5 dik  leveranciers of exporteurs in italie. Aug 10.
e 879 USA: We install fireboxes for fireplaces and are looking for a supplier to provide us with affordable slate, marble and granite surrounds that we can offer to our customers. North Carolina. Aug 9.
e 878 USA: Please quote on lowest prices for Marble FOB NY.  Colors are Black, Dark green and Cream.  Aug 9.
e 877 USA: I want to purchase aprox. 30 tons of Appalachian Mountain stone from Delaware or Maryland region wholesale quarries. Aug 9.
e 876 USA: I am a massage therapist looking to buy smooth round basalt stones. Can you direct me to a quarry or seller? Aug 9.
e 875 USA: I am looking for Atlantic Green in 2 or 3 cm slabs. I have a big project in Chicago. Aug 8.
e 874 USA: Need granite rock delivered at Kingsland GA for concrete manufacturing. How much per ton & delivery times? Aug 8.
e 867 USA: I need a source to find sandstone and information on how to work with it. I would like to create some artistic gifts with it. I live in Hawaii. I need the closest source. Aug 7.
e 863 USA: I would like to purchase marble powder and have been unable to find a supplier. Aug 5.
e 862 USA: We regularly want granite slabs (2 cm) FOB and CIF Long Beach port, California. No material manufacturing defects. Aug 5.
e 857 USA: We want bulk loads of spanish tile stone, or bags. wholesale for resale, for pickup near chicago. Aug 2.

e 854 China: We are a Chinese company engaged in granite and marble business. We have our own factory and also many customers for stone blocks. We purchase blocks regularly from various countries. Now we urgenly need some kinds of blocks (not slabes) as follows: (1) BLUE PEARL, Norway, (2) AKSARAY PINK & ROSSO LEVANTO, Turkey, (3) BALTIC BROWN & CARMEN RED, Finland, (4) PINK SALISBURY, USA. We are most grateful if you could introduce some manufacturers ( quarries are better ) to us. Aug 3.
e Turkey: We are the manufacturer and contracter of Granite and Marble products for constructions such as granite or marble staircases with solid granite balustrades,and handrails. We install bar-counters and kitchen work-tables for homes and restaurants. We have over the last years become more and more involved and experienced in major contracts such as cladding of exterior as well as interior walls, floorings, columns, column bases, personalised items and statues, tripod and table-tops, sanitary ware (baths, basins) and novelty items that are manufactured upon request.We would like to receive offers of manufacturing companies and suppliers who are in the position to provide granites and marbles. Aug 4.

For any clarifications, send an email to
info@findstone.com                                                         www.findstone.com