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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                               July 31, 2000
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 Today's Offers                                                            June Inquiries 

e 849 USA: I am currently looking for very experienced granite fabricators in the Lancaster, PA area. Aug 1.
e 846 USA: Are you able to manufacture sandstone columns in smaller dimensions than code A 0006 in the Artistic Items? Specifically 6" diameter by 30" tall. Would need 8 columns on initial order. July 31.
e 845 New Zealand: I want black monumental slabs. July 29.
e 841 China: We have a customer who is very interested in unpolished slabs of Galalah. July 28.
e 837 China:  We are engaged in granite and marble business. We regularly purchase stone blocks from various countries. We have our own factory and also have many customers for stone blocks. Now we need the varieties as follows: (1) Aksaray Pink Granite & Rosso Levanto Marble (Turkey). (2) Pink Granite (Saudi Arabia). (3) Blue Pearl (Norway). We are most grateful for offers with price, grade, size. July 27.
e 836 USA: I want burgundy / rose / pink / silver / charcoal random quartzite. Any chance? July 27.

e 833 France:  I am french industrial, and I am in MADRAS and Bangalore of July 31 to August 7. I am in search of a company in India that can manufacture some funeral monument to export them in France. July 26.

e 831 India: We want to import marbles from Iran. Yellow, pink and golden yellow based colours. CIF Chennai port price may be quoted by the Iranian Exporters please. July 25.
e 830 Latvia: We are a civil engineering firm. One of the basic directions of our business - import of granite, marble and other natural stone for building objects. We very much are interested to contact firms,which extract stone, handle stone, firms which produce everyone from natural stone (granite and marble tiles, steps, ladders, sculptures, fireplaces, fountains, tables, columns, capitels, cobble-stone, road borders, monuments, and so on......).  
Now our interests are:
marble tiles        VERDE ALPI            - polished  -  400x400x12mm    - 130 pieces     
                             PERLATO ROYAL   - polished  -  400x400x12mm    -    90 pieces
We are also interested in VERDE ALPI, PERLATO ROYAL, BRECIA PERNICA. If you are interested to sell a granite, marble and other stone in Latvia, we very much interested in contacting you. July 25.
e 829 Indonesia: We are an importer and supplier with installing for our local market in our city. We are interested in slabs of: Marbella, Crema Europe, Mocca Cream (Limestone) and similar. July 25.
e 826 USA: I am looking for a source for a dark gray or black crushed stone called "Maylen Black". I am in the sand and gravel business and would like to pick up a 20 ton load. July 25.
e 825 USA: I work for a wholesale stone distributor in Missouri. I have a sample of a greenish-gray granite, and  I am trying to locate a supplier to supply us with this material. I can send a photo of the stone in question. July 24.
e 824 Singapore: Buyer from Singapore looking for stone from Russia. July 24.
e 822 Taiwan: This is a message from a marble & granite company in Taiwan. We have been looking for a granite name GALALA BEIGE quarry in Egypt as there will be a large quantity needed for a project. July 22.
e 821 China: Our company just received an monument contract. The monument is mainly made of Indian Red and gray granite which is about 24 ft wide with three dies and two curved wings. The height is from 5ft to 2 1/2 ft. There are also three pagodas of grey granite in the middle. We wish to order directly from India and export to USA. July 22.
e 820 Korea: We are looking for Sunset Red specified for a project in Korea and known as U.S. granite. July 21.
e 819 Switzerland: We want BLUE DIAMOND granite slabs from China as displayed in your Stone Album:
  polished 20 mm random slabs, size as big as possible (gangsawed).
  polished 30 mm random slabs, size as big as possible (gangsawed).
Please let me know what is the maximum size.
For the first order, I will need one 20 feet container filled with 80% of 30 mm thickness and 20% of 20 mm thickness. If everything goes fine, I will order more containers later. July 21.
e 817 USA: I am looking for a supplier of crushed rock for use in a mosaic project. I need approx. 1/8" size crushed rock in various colors. This used to be an item readily available in craft stores, probably for use in aquariums and terrariums, but I can't find it anymore. I  have not been able to find an aquarium supply source with small enough rock or in more than 5 colors. If the small crushed rock is available from someone but not dyed, perhaps you could provide me information on what products to color it with. July 20.
e 815 USA: I am looking for good quality soapstone of various colors. I would like to do medium size  sculptures  around 18" square. CA. July 20.
e 814 USA: I want Pacific Peach marble from China. July 20.
e 813 India: I want granite slabs from gangsaws in India. July 19.
e 810 China: We are a wholesaler of stone slabs in Beijing.  We have been importing stone from all over the world.  Recently, we have imported Rosa Egeo from Taiwan to China, and found that there is a potential in this market.  We want a lot more. July 19.
e 809 Russia: We offer you to open a representative in Russia for successful distribution of your products on the territory of Russia, as well as all countries of the former USSR. July 19.
e 804 China: We want Italian marble PERLATO SVEVO, and Spanish marble --- Crema Marfil and Imperial Marron. July 18.
e 803 USA: We are a granite supplier to the construction industry in the USA.  We supply and install granite flooring, counter tops, vanity tops, tub surrounds, etc. In some projects, we do the installation ourselves. We now need Ubatuba green granite in 18" x 18" tiles sealed and polishedfrom a manufacturer in Brazil for a project for floor internal building area. Houston, TX. July 18.
e 802 USA:   am looking for a natural river rock suitable for a veneering job on a cabin in the woods. It should be fairly even in thickness and sizes should vary from 5" to oh say 20". This is the same type of river rock you see so much in Log Home use. July 18.
e 799 USA: We are interested in finding a material hauling company to move slabs from Georgia to Ohio and Texas.July 17.
e 797 Malaysia: I am looking for Marron cafe material. July 17.
e 796 USA: We are looking for perfect black granite for us in monuments business. We need slabs  (tile kind ) sizes 30 cm x 60 cm. We need this to be ship to Poland or we can  pickup from the factory in any country. July 17.
e 793 Yugoslavia: We are interested to import into Yugoslavia. All colors for projects and trading from any country. We import goods worth $ 200000 yearly. July 16.
e 791 Korea: We are looking for a marble originating Greece urgently. Especially, we want a pure white marble as a first grade like "Thassos White". Quantity: 2 cm thick, 1,000 sq.m. July 16.
e 788 India: We have an enquiry from our buyer regarding the requirement of light green marble, approx.50,000 sq.ft. The sizes of the marble are 18mm thick and 60 x 30cm and 60 x 60cm. The supplier can export direct or can supply us the material. July 15.
e 787 USA: We have a small but profitable custom cabinetry shop in southwest Mississippi and are looking for wholesale distributors that would service our area.  We would like to obtain their granite tile samples  (12 x 12) and possibly interested in some slabs also.  We can now put them on with a oak or wood band and would consider tooling up for edges and finish work on the slabs.  We now have Paradiso tiles on our showroom kitchen and have much interest from several of our clients both with the tiles and slabs. 
We would be ordering on an individual customer order basis with each job.  Also interested in finding a slab or countertop of granite for an 8 foot long by 2 foot deep desk that will also be used in the showroom for display.
We currently sell other countertop materials and want to add the granite for more choice and to upscale our cabinetry business. July 15.
e 785 USA: I am looking for a Brazilian supplier of ubatuba granite. July 14.
e 784 USA: I am interested in starting my own landscaping - stone and garden business. July 14.
e 781 India: We are a Japanese Company interested in importing 1 FCL slate initially and also limestone, marble, granite. July 13.
e 779 Brazil: Our company is seeking JV capital to mechanize our quartzite quarry in the north-east of Brazil. July 13.
e 777 USA: What we are planning is to import the material from India according to the requirements or orders as in India there are abundant sources of granite - either finished product or raw material. July 12.
e 776 Japan: We want Caledonia Green-Granite and Deer Brown (Nara Brown in Your site- is this same as Deer Brown ?) in Slab Polished thickness of 30 mm FOB Kobe, Japan. July 12.
e 772 USA: I want the following from your Stone Album - Dallas Pink, Juparana Laranjeira Yellow, Amarelo Veneciano Yellow, Amendoa Capixaba Yellow, Amarelo Venecia Florido Yellow, Amarelo Fiorita. July 12.
e 771 USA: I want the following from your Stone Album - Prairie Mountain, Indian Sunset, Texas Red, Texas Pink, Loyal Valley, Salmon Pearl. July 12.
e 770 USA: I want the following from your Stone Album - Nara Brown, Maple Leaf Red 1 - Granite, Maple Leaf Red 2 - Granite, Pine Green, Rideau Light Red. July 12.
e 769 USA: I want the following from your Stone Album - Camelfur 1, Big Three Flower, China Pink, Pearl Red, Copper Brown. I want to know what a building would look like at 100 meters. July 12.

e 767 USA: We are looking for a granite known as yellow star.  I understand it is Chinese. AL. July 11.
e 764 Italy:  We specialize in internal decoration and wall finishes. With offices in London and New York, we are in this business from more than 20 years. We now want white caliza limestone (flat and uniform, without or few points). July 11.
e 763 USA: We are a fabricator and want 150 counter tops of Colombo Juparana from India for a hotel project. Georgia. July 11.
e 762 Indonesia: We are a trading company for local market, and we want some specific marble - Serpegiante Firginia, Serpegiante Trani, Serpegiante Classico, Crema Galala, Rosso Alicante, and Statuario. July 11.
e 760 USA: Our company specializes in large-volume granite kitchen countertop projects.  A typical order consists of approximately 6000 to 9000 sq ft per project.  Please provide your best pricing and delivery time for:

Cut-to-size countertops (25-26 inches wide)
Cut-to-size backsplashes (4 inches wide)
Polished full bullnose edges
Polished square edges
Sink cut-outs (approx. 21 x 32 inches with radius corners)
Cooktop cut-outs (approx. 21 x 36 inches)

Cut-to-size countertops (25-26 inches wide)
Cut-to-size backsplashes (4 inches wide)
Polished full bullnose edges (4cm) with lamination
Polished full bullnose edges (2cm) without lamination
Polished square edges
Sink cut-outs (approx. 21 x 32 inches with radius corners)
Cooktop cut-outs (approx. 21 x 36 inches)

Please send samples of all the granites you produce so that we can provide our clients with a choice of the products that they find to be the most desirable. July 10.

e 757 Ireland: We  have  customers in Ireland  who require polished granite for use on kitchen worktops and hotel  bar countertops etc. The thickness they require is 30mm, and polished on one side. If you can supply in bulk orders, we would like to hear from you. July 8. 

e 755 USA: I am starting a new business and I plan to import from Middle East. July 7.

e 754 USA: I am a Landscape Architect with California's Dept of Parks and Recreation. I am working on a project which includes a couple of entry monument signs - and was thinking about using a piece of stone as the base of the sign.  I would like to find a local stone- and local suppliers- (to Southern California). July 7.

e 753 USA: I am trying to locate a source for a Material called Venetian Gold.  I believe material is from Brazil. It is much more yellow in color than Giallo Veneziano. Our project requirement is for 12"x12" Tiles.  July 6.

e 751 Italy: We have seen this French limestone Rocheret Jaune in your site. We want to buy it from any company in Europe and America. We are an Italian trading company in Carrara. July 5.

e 749: We want to buy marble and granite in Turkey and in Norway. July 4.

e 748 Lithuania: We are a big enterprise of stone processing and want marble slabs, tiles and marble broken stone's terrazzo grains (chips), which fractions are 3:5 mm and 5:8 mm. July 4.

e 747 USA: We are looking for Rockport (MA) granite. July 4.

e 746 USA: Please advise fob prices for granite tiles black 12 x 12inches and if you can make work tops for kitchen about 8 ft x 2 ft colour or black. July 4.

e 744 Peru: We have a project for a Bank in Lima and we need FOSSIL SANDSTONE. Could you tell us the FOB price, presentation - tiles, rough., etc. July 2.

e 743 Iran: We want to import stone machines and tools - new or secondhand. July 1.

e 742 Malaysia: We want Sardenia white granite from Italy. July 1.       

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                    www.findstone.com