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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                  June 30, 2000           
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e 741 Hawaii: I am currently working at a resort in Hawaii and having a hard time getting tiles. Jun 30
e 740 USA: Need to procure proper equipment for polishing unfinished edges of new granite counter tops. I am a do-it-yourselfer with 30 years construction experience. June 30.
e 739 UK: My company is looking to import marble into the UK. June 29.
e 738 USA: . We are a dealer /distributor of landscaping materials. I am looking to buy in bulk/truck load of the red volcanic rock, 1-3" in size. We would like a close distributor in our area if possible, because of freight costs. Virginia. June 29.
e 737 USA: I own a monument company and I am interested in growing my business. I have a lot of problems getting the stone I need on time. June 29.
e 735 USA: I would like to find companies that allow you to purchase creek bottom stones so that I can use them in my landscape. I live in Frisco, Texas. June 28.
e 732 USA: We are looking for a source for Blue Bahia granite. June 26.
e 731 USA: I am searching for suppliers of unusual materials for a mosaic-supply company. June 26.
e 730 USA: I am interested in the Lucia stone from croatia. June 25.
e 729 Germany: I want red, creme and yellow Rajasthan sandstone slabs, bricks and raw blocks
quantity: 2 containers per week. Jun 25
e 727 USA: We would like to start fabricating granite countertops.  We would like state of the art equipment. Jun 25.
e 726: I am interested to get price quotes and weight/size measurements for Cobblestones (Belgium Block) on an FOB basis PMT.  UK pounds or USD QUOTES. Jun 24.
e 720 Morocco: I want diamond cutting machine to cut large marble blocks at a quarry. Jun 22.
e 719 UAE: Iam working in natural stone field (import, trading & fixing). Jun 22.
e 718 USA: I am looking to expand my business, to start my own slab supplying company in Santa Cruz. Currently everyone has to drive over the hill to San Jose.  I want wholesale suppliers to buy stone for resale. we are in northern California. Jun 21.
e 717 USA: I am trying to locate someone who might have a marble known as "Portoro Royale".  It will be used to create to counter tops each aboe 40" X 24". Jun 21.
e 716 USA: We want Sandstones - Italian : Pietra Di Matraia and Pietra Serena; and German : Ebenheid Grau. We are architects in California. Jun 22.
e 715 USA: I would like a pricing guide for the jasper rose marble from Mexico.  I am in Memphis, TN. Jun 21.
e 714 Korea: We are a trading company importing marble and granite. We are looking for a company of marble and granite in Algeria. Jun 21.
e 713 USA: Would like to find a direct supplier. My business is located in Colorado. Currently working with Sandstone and Limestone. Jun 20.
e 712 Switzerland: Your website is a fantastic site with many interesting information. I want to import "Blue Diamond" granite slabs. Your stone album says that the stone is from China. Can you help me to find a way to import this stone to Switzerland? Jun 19.
e 710 Ghana: I want various granites of the following measurements: 30 x 60 x 1 cm. Our requirement is for a 20 foot container and the cost should be cif accra ghana. Jun 19.
e 709 Ghana: We are a company in accra , ghana, west africa and shall be grateful if you could send us pro-forma invoice for black granite tiles measuring 30cmx60cmx1cm. we require one twenty foot container and the cost should be cif accra ghana. Jun 19.
e 708 India : We want to source grey, red hand dressed cubes sandstone, pebble stone,cobble stone and feldspar, quartz for export - all sizes Gandhidham Kutch. Jun 18.
e 707 India: My Singapore counterpart is holding two LC Covering the following products for Europe. Please refer and call us immediately If you are interested:
1. RED MULTI - 490 US $ A- Grade M3 KANAKAPURA
30 CBM Port Hamburh
2. K. WHITE - 600 US $ A- Grade M3 MELUR 30 CBM
For Korea/ Pusan Port C/F - Material - Absolute Black
100 mm x 1000 mm x 10mm
120 mm x 1200 mm x 10mm
150 mm x 1500 mm x 10mm
300 mm x 1500 mm x 10mm
420 mm x 1800 mm x 10mm
600 mm x 1800 mm x 10mm
Each one container (6 container totally)
2.For Dubai /UAE for floor contractor Rose Porrino Granite 2100 M2 Size 996 x 996 x 10mm
3. Cashmere White Random Size (1.2m x 2.4m) and strip size (1.8m x 0.6m) 5000 m2 FOB Indian Port Thickness 20mm
4.Red Multi for Korea (South)
305 x 305 x 10mm
610 x 610 x 20mm
8’ x 4’ x 20mm
Total 4000 m2 polished
No groove /Calibration needed This is for a project
We are mediators and commission agents. We work on Commission basis.
Kindly contact us immediately to finalize the deal. Jun 17.
e 702 USA: I am with a retail store located in Clearwater Florida and have a client looking for a dining set with a greystone top. I have not been able to find anyone who knows what this stone is or where it can be purchased. Jun 16.
e 700 India: We are a builder at bombay india & we are in a need of 50000 sq.ft. of italian marble. Jun 15.
e 699 USA: We want Bordu Griso 12x12 tiles and also Vedre Antiqua, Breche Du Benou, Calacatta Siena. Jun 15.
e 697 USA: I want marble from Pakistan and Taiwan. Jun 14.

e 694 Australia: We would like to import marble blocks - a loose selection of afyon and salome - from turkey. The size of block would range 25 to 50 kilograms each ( for sculptural carving). We are looking for 3 tonnes. Jun 11.

e 693 USA: We are a niche sculpting concern, specializing in unusual stone carvings. Right now, we are looking for the following stone: Butter Jade, Howlite, Turquoise, Selenite, Charoite, Alabaster. We are in need of either cut blocks or rough chunks suitable for carving. Jun 11.

e 692 USA: We own a fabrication company of marble and granite and are opening a wholesale business of marble, granite & limestone and would like more products. Please quote CIF to Long Beach, California. June 10.
e 691 USA: We want Napoleon Red, Mahogany, Barap (leu), Bohas Grau1, Bohas Grau2, Bohas Rot and Bovall Strand. California.  June 10.
e 689 USA: We are a catalog based company that caters primarily to the health spa industry.  One of the newest treatments our clients offer is "hot stone therapy" where polished stones of varying sizes are heated and used in massage therapy. Although we currently have a supplier for basalt stones, we have been unable to find a supplier for marble stones, which have been a popular request from our customers. We want polished marble stones in various sizes to sell via our health spa supply catalog These are for use in hot stone massage therapy. We need a company which can supply (or make) relatively small rounded polished marble stones of various colors. If we can locate a supplier, we are likely to purchase a large quantity of stones. Virginia. June 10.
e 688 South Africa: I am interested in importing ceramic tiles, marble, granite, porcelain and sandstone tiles from India, etc. We have 21 franchise outlets nationally. June 9.
e 687 USA:   We have aligned our self with a network of distributors and agents and have to provide products on a continuous basis to clients thru our exclusive agreements that we obtain for products. We intend to focus on tumbled stone, tumbled marble, travertine. We are in need of primarily light color, preferably beige tone.  We are size and selection oriented and require. 12X12, 16X16, 18X18, 24X24, and even 36x36 in. Continuity of color per shipments is a must. Also medallions, accents, borders. FL. June 9.
e 686 Middle East: We are very interested to start a mutual business relationship with natural products suppliers and manufacturers to distribute these products. June 9.
e 685 USA: I work for a company that markets and distributes sculptures.  I am
looking for a new vendor to supply solid jet black marble and white marble bases for tabletop limited edition bronze sculptures.  I am having a difficult time finding solid jet black marble with no veining. The sizes of the black marble I require are as follows:
    7 1/4" x 6" x 8"    would need to be drilled/polished.  Template will be provided.
    10" x 4" x 2"        polished.
    9" x 6" x 8"          drilled/polished.  Template will be provided.
    14" x 5" x 2"        polished
    11" x 7" x 2" (elliptical) polished.  Template will be provided for shape.
    9" x 6" x 2"           polished.
Double Decker base:    Bottom: 6" round x 1" tall
                                        Top:  5" round x 3/4" tall
                                        Glued together. polished.
We usually order 10 to 12 of each of these at a time.  In addition to quotes for the marble/drilling, etc.  I also would like to know approximately what shipping charges would be including any taxes/duties/custom fees - if necessary.

I do not have the dimensions yet of the bases I require for the white marble, but I would love to get a catalog to see what kinds of marble you offer or can provide.  If you can get the black marble, please provide me with quotes based on the specifics above.  New York Jun 9.
e 684 Mexico: I'm a supplier in the mexican market, of marble, stone, limestone and other
stones. We make contracts with construction companies and we supply and I have people to place the stones according to the project. When the project is more than 400 sq m, I make the import directly. When it's a small project, I buy the imported stones here from big importers.
Now I need about 500 sq m in a limestone named ARRIA, that they told me is from Spain, but in your catalogue I didn't find it. The sizes are 1.56x72x2cm for most of them.
I also want products from Brazil, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Guatemala. Jun 8.
e 683 Germany: We want to import monuments from Taiwan to Europe. Jun 8.
e 682 China: We want Arabascato Vagli, Bianco Carrara C and Dehbid blocks from 1.2-1.4m in height, 2.4m >in length and 1m wide. Jun 8.
e 681 China: We want large quantities of Giallo California, Giallo Veneziano Fiorito and Cafe Imperial blocks (commercial choice)  from 60-1.4m in height, 2.4m>in length and 1m wide blocks. Jun 8.
e 680 USA: I am opening a retail variety store in late summer and will have a pet supply section, including pet memorials.  I have a laser engraver and only need the markers to engrave on.  I have been having difficulty locating a supplier who has what I need at a reasonable price.  MARBLE: White, Verde Mare, Green. GRANITE: Black, Tan, Green. PA. Jun 8.
e 679 USA: I want flamed granite "Hot Stick". Jun 8.
e 678 Canada: I work with a cleaning maintenance company, and we have trouble finding  effective products and techniques to remove stains from marble and granite. Jun 7.
e 677 Romania: We are an import -export company and we intend to buy wholesale quanitities of floor tiles, wall tiles, slates, marble, granite. Jun 7.
e 675 Greece: We are one of the leading companies dealing with marble in Greece. We are interested in making business with chinese companies. We want to import marble blocks and granite slabs of any color in Greece. The granite slabs should not be expensive, 15 - 20 $ / m2, FOB China. Jun 6.
e 672 USA: I want slate for pool tables that I will be building regularly but I can not find the slate. Jun 5.
e 671 China: We import and export all kinds of stone products. We are searching for a kind of block named "Gold Leaf" all the time. Jun 5.
e 669 Italy: We work with middle east and Africa, we are interested to import marbles from Greece to Middle East and Africa. We are in Rome. We are intrested to have a price list of all dimension and colors of your marbles for slabs, blocks, etc. Jun 5.
e 668 USA: We engrave landscape stones. I want a Cable Saw - new or used - to saw sandstone. Jun 5.
e 667 USA: We engrave Landscape Stones In Sandstone and Flagstone. We bought an Anagraph Plotter to cut sandblast resist with design art. We want to get into Pet Headstones and need a source of granite. We have been at it for two years and are always looking for sandstone sources to buy from.  Jun 5.
e 665 Australia: We are large importers of natural stone in Australia. We are very interested in Croatian Limestone and Marble. Jun 2.

For any clarification, send email to info@findstone.com                                              www.findstone.com