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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                             May 31, 2000         
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 Today's Offers                                             April Inquiries 

e 655 Germany: From monument factories in Brazil, we want to import into Europe. May 30.
e 650 UK: We want limestone we believe to be called  Beumeniere. May 24.
e 649 USA: We want absolute black granite slabs - for base board - of the following dimensions, c&F Susan, Korea:
1) 100mm X 1,000mm X 10mm
2) 120mm X 1,200mm X 10mm
3) 150mm X 1,500mm X 10mm
4) 300mm X 1,500mm X 10mm
5) 420mm X 1,800mm X 10mm
6) 600mm X 1,800mm X 10mm
You may base your quote on any combination of the above sizes filling up a container.  Please note that this will not be a one time deal only but to be on a continuous basis with current estimated consumption of least 1 - 2 containers(s) a month. May 24.
e 648 USA:  I have a showroom and stone yard in Los Angeles, California. I would like to stock some of the following material (or similar): Verde Malachite, Azzurro Acquamarina, Soraya  - Travertino Rosso, Azul Cielo, Azul Macaubas, Azul Bahia. May 23.
e 647 USA: We are looking for Swedish black granite. New York. May 22.
e 646 India: I am based in Bangalore and am interested in taking up an agency for supply of granite blocks from India. May 22.
e 645 India: We have a showroom in heart of Aurangabad and are interested in increasing the variety of marble and granites that we are offering. May 21.
e 643 Germany: I need Naturstein Bieriese, Vulkangestein. May 20.
e 642 UAE: We are a leading turnkey flooring contractor in Dubai, U.A.E. dealing mainly in construction materials viz., ceramic tiles, granites, marbles, false ceiling, bathroom accessories, etc.  For a project, there is a requirement of 2,100 SQM of Rosa Porrino 1st Choice Granite in the size of 996 x 996 mm. May 20.
e 641 Israel: I want to import slabs and tiles. May 19.
e 637 Italy: We are large fabricators of stone, marble and granite projects worlwide. We want 2 cm thick, polished random slabs of belicik pure beige. May 18.
e 635 China: I want raw granite blocks -- SPI (Portugal), AGE (American), France blue. May 18.
e 634 USA: I often need bases for my sculpture and much of the time I produce my own, which is time consuming for a non-creative process. This inquiry relates to a small statuette which I have produced each year in a quantity of five or six.  At the present time the base is part of the bronze casting, but I want to change to granite. Can you produce a Black granite base with the dimensions 80mm wide x 50mm deep x 35mm high?  What would the cost be for 10, 20, 40 bases? Sausalito, California. May 18.
e 633 USA: I am interested in the "peacock", "pistachio", or "golden" slates from India as shown in the Stone Album. I would like Random Irregular sizes and I would only need about 300 sq. ft. May 17.
e 631 India: We need ANDHI PISTA & BABAMUL PINK Indian Marbles for export. It should be well polished and We need Clear one color type ( i.e. not much black designs on it) May 17.
e 627 USA: We require 1) price, 2) availability 3) styles for casement window surrounds and palladium window sills. May 16.
e 625 Hawaii: I am a project manager for an interior design firm in Honolulu HI.  We are looking for a source for French limestone e.g. as noted on your web site.  "Farges", "Hauteville", "Roc Agent", "Montalieu Villebois". May 16.
e 624 UK: We are a company importing pre-cut granite slabs for the manufacture of custom made granite worktops. Could you therefore send us price and product details for your most popular lines prepared as follows: 30mm granite slabs cut 650mm wide, polished on top and 4 edges? Notts. May 15.
e 623 Austria: We are interested in buying indian granite:of list 17-23 the beige granite below ruby red -
tiles 40x40x1/2cm. Vienna. May 15.

e 622 USA: I want stones that I can paint on to be used as decorative stones for flower and rock gardens. May 15.

PER MONTH. May 15.
e 620 USA: .  The Limestone Wall Veneer I have in mind is laminated with (probably cement) a colored material  in shades of dark to light grey. It is used as a decorative veneer on homes.  May 15.
e 619 USA: I want powdered marble - not slabs, not tiles, not statuary - just powdered or fine crushed - green and yellow in color (two separate colors). Other minerals considered. My initial order will be for approx 200lbs of each color.Carmel Valley, CA May 14.
e 618 Saudi Arabia: We want the following marble blocks from France - Francia Rosso, Languedoc Red, Rouge Antique, Rouge Incarnat. May 13.
e 614 UK: We are a Global Trading Company and are keen to establish business relations with exporters/ manufacturers dealing in pavement stones, white marble, other types of building material and granite in Asia Pacific regions. May 13.
e 613 USA: We are looking for 33 square metres of a natural stone flagstone tile for use in a 250 year old farmhouse kitchen - the only one we have seen is called harrogate stone - there must be more. May 12.
e 611 Malaysia: We would like Kamila White and Cashmere White granite quotation as follows:- 
    1.  Random size ( 1.2m x 2.4m ) and strip size ( 1.8m x 0.6m ) 
    2. Rate in US dollar. 
    3. Quantity  : 5000 meter square 
    4. Price quoted base on Freight On Board ( FOB ) via Port Klang, Malaysia. May 12.
e 610 USA: In need of Beige D1May 12.
e 608 Dubai: I want Indian Green marble 60 x 60 x 2 cm - Quantity - 1500 sqm, and also Mokalsar Green Granite 60 x 60 x 2 cm - Quantity - 300 sqm. May 11.
e 607 USA: I want a granite from India that is called Diana Green. It looks a lot like the one called Yak in the granite album. May 11.
e 605 USA: I want usa granite- dakota mahogany. May 10.
e 604 USA: I want marble from germany- langensalsa. May 10.
e 603 Canada: I want soapstone in different colors and size for European market (for sculptors clients)
first order 10 to 20000 pounds +- and Green clay. Montreal. May 10.
e 602 USA: I'm looking for the coloring you put in the concrete when mixing your own? may 9.
e 599 USA:  I want 33 tons of "Canadian Chocolate" flagstone that is in the Green/Gray/Brown color tones. The area to be covered is approximately 2600 square feet, not allowing for overages and/or breakage. Use: Residential flatwork for own use. Delivery by when: June/July. City: Portola Valley, California (South of San Francisco near Palo Alto). May 9.
e 597 USA: I want blue bahia - 3 cm slabs. May 7.
e 595 Malaysia: We want  600x600mm bush hammer surface G682 and  G682 of natural split surface. may 6.
e USA:   I am looking for a good source of soapstone for making molten metal molds. I live in Billings Montana and would like to find the closest supplier possible. I am looking for pieces no smaller than 4 inches square and no larger than 1 foot square. May 6.
e 592 USA: We're looking for a small quantity of Yarrabee sandstone (color is rainbow). I believe it only comes in 12x12 but we'll consider other sizes. May 5.
e 591 Switzerland: We are interested in the two kinds of granites originating from Venezuela you show in your database. May 5.
e 587 USA: I am interested in slate from Brazil and the name of the color is Azul Macauba. May 3.
e 586 Finland: I want Azul Platina:

    1.   Thickness 20mm, first grade polished, size 300x300 or 400x400, quantity about 500 m2.

    2.   Thickness 30 mm, first grade polished, size 300x300 or 400x400, quantity about 25 m2.

    3.   Thickness 10 mm, for skirting, surfaces above and front are polished, height 70 mm, about 250 m1.

May 3.
e 585 USA: We are a dlealer/distributor of natural stone products and want all types of slates. Portsmouth, Va. May 3.
e 584 USA: I love your site.  I'm looking for a stone that could be used in a curtain wall application that would be translucent.  I want to back light it to imply a "light from within".  (Designing a church...).  I think Mexican
is possibly appropriate...but I don't see it here.  Someone else said onyx? Chapel Hill, NC. May 3.
e 583 USA: Fieldstone is the topic of interest, I live in MN, and I'm thinking of starting my own business. I've been interested in stone for many years and would like to become a distributor in my area. May 3.

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                        www.findstone.com