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TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                                            August 31, 2001
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Project Inquiries                                        July Inquiries  

AU, FR: e 1835 Indonesia: We want granite from Australia, they are: ARIAH PARLE GOLD; from France: JAUNE AURORA. Aug 31. Contact

All: e 1833 China: We are coming up with a huge project in China. Parties interested in quoting may send us an email for the stones they deal in. We would appreciate FOB rates. Aug 31. Contact

All: e 1831 Australia: We are manufacturers of memorials in Australia and market memorials direct to the public for the largest cemetery in Australia. We have 100% contact with our market that makes our potential enormous. Please find following details of memorial for your tendering. We are endeavoring to provide a granite memorial to compete with the cheaper concrete memorials being offered to the public by monumental masons to those people with a limited budget. We are looking for any suggestions, which may assist us in keeping the price to a minimum (i.e. material, finish sizes, etc.) I anticipate possibly a gray memorial with a black headstone. We will probably order a combination of 6 at a time. Please quote the following in parts as requested by * as we will need the breakdown to quote our clients as required. 

Single Memorial      
1 F Kerb  910 300 150
2 Side Kerb 2130 300 150
1 B Kerb 910 400 150*
1 Cover Slab 2150 655 50*
Single Memorial (as above only wider)
1 F Kerb  1065 300 150
2 Side Kerb 2130 300 150
1 B Kerb 1065 400 150*
2 Cover Slab 2150 850 50*
1 Head stone 700 500 70*
Double memorial      
1 F Kerb  1825 300 150
2 Side Kerb 2130 300 150
1 B Kerb 1825 400 150*
2 Cover Slab 2150 725 50*
1 C Cap 2150 150 50*
Double memorial (as above only wider)
1 F Kerb  2130 300 150
2 Side Kerb 2130 300 150
1 B Kerb 2130 400 150*
2 Cover Slab 2150 880 50
1 C Cap 2150 150 50*
1 Headstone 1400 760 70*

All: e 1829 USA: Landscape: Would love to get some black stone to use in my landscaping business. Does not matter what type it is. Anything from crushed #57 size and up. When it comes to Decorative Crushed Stone, I am interested in any beautiful color other than typical white or pink white. For something that's real sharp, I should be able to send an 18 wheeler a pretty decent distance. We could move a bunch of it 9 to 10 months per year. Over the last 20 years we have delivered something or other to over 17,000 homes in the NO. VA, MD and DC areas. Aug 30. Contact  

All: e 1826 India: We are one of the leading Marble and Granites wholesalers in India having huge yearly sales. As our thrust to expand our sales and services, we want Marbles, Granites, Tiles from various reputed companies. We would like to have your price lists and product lists with photos. Aug 27. Contact

IN: e 1825 USA: We want 3000 sq. m. Indian Verde Guatemala (Green Marble). Size: 30.5 x 30.5 cm Thickness: 2.7 cm, Location: Istanbul / TURKEY, Delivery time: end of September. Aug 27. Contact

e 1824 Hong Kong: Want to buy Golden Diamond and would also like to know more about the property of this material. Aug 27. Contact

IN: P 722: We are traders and are interested in Indian Forest green marble blocks from south India. The blocks should well cut edges and be around 4-6 cubic meters. Quantity: 3000 ton. Payment by: bank transfer. Delivery time 8 weeks. Inspection by: Agent. Aug 27. Contact

US: e 1815 USA: I am interested in getting in touch with suppliers of natural stones in South Carolina. I've got a few upcoming projects and need the information! Aug 25. Contact

BR, IN, IT: e 1814 USA: We are a building materials supply company. We supply materials such as bricks, pipes conduit fittings, cement, labor, etc to our Customers. Our customer base includes Builders, Contractors, Architects, Showroom owners etc. In the previous years we would source granites and marbles from local importers for our customers, but lately our business volume in granites and marbles have increased considerably. Moreover our customers do not want to deal with multiple suppliers so we are in the process of evaluating granite and marble vendors from Brazil, Italy and India. If you are interested in supplying to us then please send us samples and sizes the stones would be available in. Type and color of the sample can be as per your convenience. Please bear in mind these sample are for the US and Canadian markets. Aug 25. Contact

US: e 1812 UK: We want to import Indiana limestone into the UK. Provide quote for shipping 150 tons from Bloomington, Indiana to Portland Docks, Dorset UK. Please include for all duties and taxes. Aug 24. Contact

IN: e 1810 India: Our regular buyers want Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Orissa Gold, Orissa Green. Slab Size: 4.5' x 8' x 20 mm (Minimum). Tile Size: 1' x 1' x 10 mm & 1' 6" x 1' 6" x 12.25 mm. Please quote FOB Chennai in USD & Indian Rupees, along with your stock details. Aug 24. Contact

All: e 1808 Canada: Monument: I am interested in black granite. Please send me a sample and quotes ASAP. We are importing a large amount of black granite for the monument industry. Aug 23. Contact

All: e 1807 USA: I am looking for slabs of white onyx. Can anyone assist? Aug 23. Contact

DE: e 1805 USA: We are interested in sourcing a direct supplier of German limestone for projects and stock consideration.  We are interested in Solnhofen (golden), Green Stone, and Jura Beige.  Please send us immediately any information available, as we are presently sourcing for a project here in Hawaii. We need prices, availability, and payment terms. Aug 21. Contact

ZA: e 1804 China: Our customer needs some South Africa stone blocks. They are Impala Blue, Crystal Brown and Belfast, Verde Fontain. Quote CIF or CNF Xiamen port, each type of stone for 5-8 containers. Payment: L/C 60 days Aug 21. Contact

All: e 1803 Pakistan: We want to purchase 15000 sq. ft. Marble and Granite in any design or size. 
Aug 20. Contact

IN: e 1802 China: Our customer wants India Black (Kunnam-E, YKD). Quote CIF or CNF Xiamen port with samples. Will require 5-8 containers. Payment: L/C 60 days Aug 20. Contact

e 1801 HongKong: We are tendering a project, which requires a large quantity (4000 sq. m or more) of a granite called "Verde Paloral". We are not too familiar with this stone, and are unable to find a supplier at the moment. For our project, we need "Verde "Paloral" in different sizes and thickness. E. g. 300 x 300 x 15mm, 300 x 300 x 12mm, and also some 10 mm and 20 mm thick. We need to know more about this stone, and its FOB/CNF price to Hong Kong port. Aug 20. Contact

e 1800 USA: I am looking for 2 or 3 cm Villebois Gris slabs. I do not know what it looks like (specified in by an architect). Aug 20. Contact

All: e 1797 UK: I want approx 1400 sq. m. granite tiles 300 x 300 x 10 polished chamfered also some honed. Aug 19. Contact

IN: e 1796 India: Want to purchase best variety pink limestone. We require 10000 sq m. in cut to the size of 30 x 30 cm, and thickness of 30 mm. These will be exported to Bahrain. Aug 18. Contact

ES, FR: e 1786 USA: Hello, I need a list of block sources of marble in France and Spain. I am looking for French marbles 'Rouge Griotte' and 'Noir Saint Laurant' in blocks only. I am looking for Spanish marble Brocatel di Spagna in blocks only. Aug 13. Contact

IN: e 1785 Ukraine: I am an Indian medical student studying in Ukraine (east Europe) I am interested for the import of marble & granite from India as there is a lots of demand for these products here. Aug 11. Contact  

ES: e 1783 UAE: Please quote for Rosa Porino / Pink Porino 60 X 30 X 2 and 60 X 30 X 3 cm - 900 M2, C&F Dubai. Thanks. Aug 11. Contact

e 1782 USA: I want Juparana Fantastico. Aug 8, contact

IN: e 1781 India: I need Sindhoori granite from South India. Send me your quotation
1) the area is @ 1,00,000 sft for the most prestigious project in Mumbai
2) rate sould be all inclusive landed cost in Mumbai.
3) pls indicate the slab sizes available.
4) also the quantity available now. We will purchase more quantity at a later date. Aug 7 contact

All: e 1780 Taiwan: We want the best quality dark green marble with white veins. We do not want Forest Green. We can buy blocks, slabs, tiles. Send us all details. Aug 7 contact  

All: e 1779 Taiwan: Dholpur or any other white sandstone blocks, slabs, and tiles of different sizes wanted. These would be added to our product offering in Taiwan for regular sales to architects and builders. Aug 7 contact

All: e 1778 Taiwan: We are interested in a pale green marble with white veins. It is probably of Chinese origin. We want to promote this stone in Taiwan and elsewhere. Please quote for blocks, slabs, tiles. Aug 7 contact

All: e 1777 Taiwan: We are always interested in introducing new material and new designs in the Taiwanese Market. We can buy marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, onyx. We can buy blocks, slabs, tiles. Aug 7 contact

US: e 1775 USA: I am interested in getting some marble and granite stones for the construction of my home. I am looking for marble floors, granite floors and granite counter tops. The area is 5000 sq ft. The minimum size for tiles would be 12X12 inches. The delivery location is Harrisburg, PA, USA and the expected date is around May - June of next year. Aug 6. Contact

BE: e 1774 USA: I would like to purchase travertines from Belgium. Black.....block (price in tons)...and 1' x 1' tiles. Nero Belgio....block (price in tons)...and 1' x 1' tiles. Aug 5. Contact

US: e 1772 USA: I wish to purchase 75,000 SF SALISBURY PINK 12X21X3/8. Aug 3, Contact


IT: e 1764 USA: We are looking for Italian Rose. Can you tell us the quarry or supplier who is cutting slabs of this material? Aug 1. Contact

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                           www.findstone.com