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PROJECT INQUIRIES!                                       November 30, 2001

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 October Project Inquiries                       October Trade Inquiries

Sellers: Subscription Scheme to Contact all of the below inquiries at only $ 10 per month. 


Buyers - do give your city, state and country.



e 2132 USA: I need 35 square feet of: Giallo Veneciano. Nov 30 Contact

e 2131 USA: 18ft of granite contertops installes in San Francisco, please advise on rates. Nov 30. Contact


e 2125 USA: I am looking for a custom cut slab of slate or marble in an L - shape approx. 1" thick, 6' long, and 3' wide, good polish. Can I have a price estimate on this cut?  I cannot find a suitable local seller. Looking for most competitive value (ratio of quality of stone to cost) and/or price. I would like a marble slab - dark (green, blue, or red) with light veins. It will be used as the counter top for a small corner bar in my home. I am in Durham, North Carolina and ability to deliver soon is also a factor. Nov 29. Contact 


e 2119 USA: We are interested in the black galaxy slabs and tiles and we were wondering how much we have to buy to get the price quoted on your web site. $3.50 per tile and $12.50 and $13.50 per slab 20 and 30mm thick. We live in VT, USA. Nov 29. Contact


e 2115 USA: I am looking for a manufacture or supplier that has AutoCad stone anchoring details on cdrom. Nov 28. Contact


e 2109 USA: I am looking for a slab of honed moss green marble. A remnant would even work because I just need enough for a bath vanity approx 22X60 inches. Anyone preferably around California can supply this (to keep shipping cost down). Nov 28. 


e 2105 USA: I want afyon yellow and mulga sugar marble from Turkey. Nov 27. Contact

e 2104 USA: I am sculptor and I am interested in hand tools and stone blocks in other words large pieces of stone which can be carved in to sculpture. Nov 26. Contact


e 2102 USA: I'm interested in buying 150 sq ft of Santa Cecilia granite slabs. Please contact me so that we can set up shipping, price, method of payment. I am in Detroit, Michigan. Nov 26. Contact 


e 2101 UK: Looking for a supplier in UK or Europe for a marble oval sink to sit on a bathroom work surface. Nov 26. 


e 2098 USA: I like verde abyss. Nov 26. Contact


e 2096 USA: I want Brazilian Blue granite for my kitchen counter tops. I wouldn't mind Blue pegaso or Amaredo Bangu or Azul Bahia.  Nov 26. Contact


e 2094 India: I am looking for white color sand stone about 2000 sq ft. I want samples of mint sandstone about 100 sq ft. Nov 26. Contact


e 2092 USA: I want Canadian marble for carving. Are they suitable for carving? I've enjoyed carving limestone and am looking for suppliers of stone and their prices. Nov 26. Contact


e 2089 USA: We are interested in 3-4 Slabs of Tibetan Blue. 2CM or 3CM is fine. Nov 24. Contact


e 2088 USA: Where in the US can I purchase Eaoped Bordeaux from Turkey? Nov 24. Contact


e 2086 USA: I want a granite fruit basket, which is  3 feet high and with a width of 3 feet. This basket will have details design of various types of fruits etc. Nov 23. Contact

e 2083 USA: I am looking for a marble cooking slab app 3' X 4' X 1" thick. Fondants cannot be made on polished slab so I also need a slab that is finely honed - but not polished. Please advise on shipping and prices. Nov 22. Contact


e 2081 USA: Good morning, I am interested in 2 slabs of Emerald Pearl Granite about 45 sq. ft each. Include shipping costs in your quotation. Nov 22. Contact


e 2074 USA: Quote for A0007 from the artistic section of FindStone.com. Nov 20. Contact 


e 2072 USA: I want brazilian gray slate slabs for countertop use. Nov 20. Contact


e 2065 USA: I am building a pond. I need pavers and rocks. I am not looking for anything specific other than it looking natural. I do not need any specific size, patterns, shapes or color. If available quantities are small I can even mix and match. Price is the main consideration. I found step stone slabs for about $5 a piece. My budget is around $2. I will probably need 100 of those if not more. I am open to alternatives if the price is right. I live in the City of Cerritos in Southern California. I want somebody local so I can just go to their location, weigh my options and buy on the spot.  Liquidation stocks are fine by me. Nov 20. Contact

e 2061 Australia: I am interested in very, very small qty's of soap stone, labrodite, quartz crystals and crystal samples in general. Nov 19. Contact


e 2060 UK: I am a Mineralogist / Geologist interested in purchasing or trading mineral specimens of good to very good quality. Nov 19. Contact


e 2059 USA: I want horse pedestals to make a table. Nov 19. Contact


e 2058 USA: I am interested in info on Marble, granite or other stone suitable for bases for bronze sculpture. Must be ready to use. Nov 19. Contact


e 2056 USA: Quote for Virginia Black granite. Does it come in vanity tops also? I am a contractor and need some for a bath along with Blue Pearl slabs and 12*12 tiles. Nov 19. Contact


e 2055 USA: I want Rojo Alicante in the following size: Hexagon 6x6, 4x4, 6x6, and 1x8. This is a small retail owner. I am a home owner who has 3 weeks to finish a mother-in-law apartment and love the look of the Rojo Alicante. Nov 19. Contact


e 2044 USA: Looking for a supplier having Italian limestones and travertines in Houston, Texas, who carry most if not all the samples shown on Images of Natural Stones from Italy. If they have show rooms, I would like that even better. Nov 16. Contact 


e 2039 USA: Interested in a granite called Blue Logoa. Please quote. Nov 16. Contact


e 2038 USA: Email me relevant information for fireplaces, kitchen counter tops, entry flooring and wall board in Tennessee sandstone for an upcoming project. Nov 16. Contact


e 2021 USA: Please quote for Colombo Juprana - 8 pieces of 1 cm x 12" x 24". Nov 13. Contact


e 2015 USA: Could you please help me locate a source for Puddingstone, aka Roxbury conglomerate? It's found in Roxbury, MA. One beautiful specimen is at the Boston Science Museum. Nov 12. Contact


e 2013 USA: I like Azul Imperial, Azul Macauba, and Seafoam Green Brazilian Slate. Could you please give me the cost of these per sq ft? I am looking for the right stone for a fireplace mantle, surround, and hearth in a new home being built in the Tampa Bay area. Is there a show room in the Tampa Bay Area that I could see these in person. Nov 12. Contact


e 2011 USA: I am looking for someone who could supply and cut very exactly and polish (all sides and top) a 27" square 3/4" thick Calacatta or other fine marble? Do you have just a ballpark figure of what that might cost? I live in San Francisco. Nov 10. Closed


e 2002 UK: I need 30cm x 30 cm tiles in 8-10 mm thickness and one side calibrated one side riven / natural. I am going to purchase several other things in India with a friend so can probably get a contact in India to arrange shipping. I need to find prices including shipping to the UK for 30 sq m of "silver shine" slate or "ostrich gray" slate and 30 sq m of "icy white slate". Nov 10. Contact


e 1986 USA: We are interested in your best price for mystic mauve granite tiles, 12x12, or preferably 16x16 if possible.  It will be for residential flooring, high traffic areas. I live in Davis, CA, USA. Nov 7. Contact


e 1984 USA: I am a mosaic artist and I am trying to locate antique labrador granite. Nov 7. Contact


e 1983 USA: I am doing a home project, a retaining wall, instead of using the normal timbers and small stones I am looking for larger blocks in the area of 3 ft tall and 6-8 ft long and 1-2 ft in thickness. Nov 7. Closed


e 1982 USA: I want to locate a supplier for boulders to use as a retainer wall. Please quote. Nov 7. Contact


e 1980 USA: We are researching granite for kitchen countertops. The black galaxy is very nice. Quote me for this. We live in Georgia (45 miles west of Atlanta). Nov 6. Contact

e 1978 USA: I am building my house and would need about 3300 sq ft of Crema Malaga. What is your price on this? Nov 6. Contact


e 1975 Germany: I like Estremoz Rosa Aurora I. Quantity is 100 m2 2 cm slabs. Transported to Burgstädt. Nov 6. Contact


e 1973 USA: Need 2'x 2'x 4'  Guatemala Green marble block for carving, in Phoenix AZ, USA. Nov 5, Contact


e 1972 USA: I'm looking to acquire a piece of granite or marble that we can use for my grandmother's headstone. We would do all of the engraving necessary. Nov 2. Contact

 Subscription Scheme for Sellers for Project Inquiries


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