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PROJECT INQUIRIES!                                        October 31, 2001

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 September Project Inquiries                       September Trade Inquiries

We have started a new subscription scheme at $ 10 per month for contact details of all of the below inquiries



e 1968 USA: I want to know where in Florida we can find Rubin Red granite. Oct 31. Contact


e 1965 UK: I would like to buy marble or granite for a worktop. Can you help. I live in Central Scotland UK. Oct 30. Contact 


e 1963 USA: I like do you have azul imperial - imperial blue - Brazilian granite? Oct. 30 Contact

e 1962 USA: I like Blue Antico Italian limestone tiles 16x16 inch. Advise on price. Oct 30. Contact


e 1960 USA: I am a custom home builder in Texas. I would like to import calibrated slate tiles in 50 m2 and 100 m2 lots to finish my homes. If larger lots are required, I would be willing to negotiate an arrangement of that sort. Contact


e 1957 USA: I like Azul Marble. How much for 200 S.F. delivered to San Diego or I can pickup in Los Angeles?? Contact


e 1956 USA: I am looking for information about a "tintable" limestone patch / repair kit. I have a project that is replacing custom limestone units and trying to repair others in different locations on the estate. The patch kit for the new units does not match well with the existing stone. ( time and elements have taken their toll ) thank you for any help you may be able to provide. please email me relevant information. Bill, USA, Oct 30. Contact


e 1953 Slovakia: I have orders for the following Granites: 


Marble: GOHRA 



e 1952 USA: We would like to find 3 to 4 slabs of Tibetan Blue granite. Does anyone know of its availability? We are in the San Francisco bay area, USA. Oct 19. Contact


e 1951 Australia: I like stone above "Colonial Dream 1". The stone is second from left on top row (www.findstone.com/SRIgran1.htm). How much does this cost? Oct 18. Contact


e 1950 USA: I am building a new home and looking for a kitchen counter top to go with red lacquer cabinets. I would like a 'salt and pepper' look like Cardoba Gray (Argentina). I want a granite with the whitest white and blackest black with no tan. Oct 18. Contact


e 1949 USA: I am looking for a quarry close to New Mexico that will sell me 4 blocks that are 4'6" X 6'3". The four blocks will fill a space 9' tall X 12'6" wide. I am looking for a fairly close grained granite that can be sculpted as a Bas Relief. I am looking for a "yellowish", "Ochre" or "Cream" colored Granite - if possible. Oct 18. Contact


e 1948 USA: I need Giallo Dorato in a fast way please let me know the fastest way to get 42"x42"x3cm and special sizes in 8cm What would be the lead time to south Florida.  I am ready to do business. Oct 18. Contact 


e 1937 UK: The tiles I like are from Italy. Would it be possible to order them over the net and they will deliver here to me in the UK if I tell you the size and the colour I want? Would that be possible? Oct 13. Contact


e 1936 USA: I have recently seen a granite sold with the name Amazonia Flower. It is supposedly quarried in Brazil and new to the U.S. It has large reddish-brown spots ringed with white and separated by veins of blue and black. It seems very hard and the portions in the veins somewhat brittle once separated. Does anyone know of this stone by another name? Oct 12, Contact


e 1935: Hello, I live in London. I am buying tiles for my mom in the Carribean, but I am so confused because all the tiles are so pretty. I was wondering if u could help me. She wants tile for her front room, kitchen, bathroom & bedroom. Do you use the same tiles for every thing? Can I use different tiles for the kitchen and bathroom? Can you tell me how they sell tiles? Are they really expensive or are they affordable? I was also wondering if you could help me choose a counter top for the kitchen and the floor also? Oct 12, Contact


e 1930 USA: I would like to find a 12 x 12 or smaller granite tile in some dark color, like absolute black, or in a gold color.  I need 100 sq. ft. It would be used in my personal residence in Glenwood Springs.
I have a few questions:
What size tiles are available?
Specifically, which black granites are available?
Can I get them honed?
How do I get them delivered to Colorado?
Does the price include shipping? Oct 12. Contact


e 1929 USA: I like Amarelo Bangu. Quote for the same. Contact

e 1928 USA: Need to find a slab of fossilized dead sea mud reds and browns with small and medium fossils slab 24 sq ft x 11/2 the slab would be 6ft x 4ft. Contact

e 1927 India: The Indian granite samples in the Stone Album named New Rubin red, New Imperial, Adoni Chocolate are very attractive. Could you please provide me more details on the retail cost and where can I buy them from. Contact

e 1924 USA: I am looking for the Red Sandstone (morning glory) within the United States. I am in need of replacing pieces of the sandstone in our century old home.

e 1923 USA: I manufacture counter tops and table tops, for which I need Rosa Raisa, Giallo Antico, Giallo Dantees, Juparana V, and Cashmere White. I would also like to see samples of these materials, if possible the samples should be 1/2" - 3/4" thickness slabs. Please let me know what your shipping methods are and what type of insurance you have to cover any breaking or cracking during shipping. Contact

e 1922 USA: I have a German client for a home in northern California, and he would like to have his driveway
paved with Pophyr, which he is familiar with in Europe.  I will need enough to cover about 3,000 sf.  Is it available as a cobble? Contact

e 1920 USA: I am needing a fireplace surround like A004 that is 48" wide 35-43" tall inside measurement. Oct 6. Contact

e 1919 USA: I am looking for some information on nero black granite for a home in Phoenix Arizona. We need approx 75 sq. ft. of 1.5" to 2" thick slabs for countertop surfaces. Any information on availability, pricing, and samples will be appreciated. Oct 5. Contact

e 1912 USA: I am interested in installing Blue Bahia granite as a Kitchen countertops. How long will it will take for delivery from day of order? Also can you send me a catalog if possible on Brazilian granite and Indian granite, marble, and limestone? Oct 3, Contact

e 1911 Belgium: I am a sculptor living in Belgium. For an assignment I need a block marble with these dimensions: 2,1m x 2,1m x 3,3m. In France they have beautiful marble but how do I get the addresses, prices and capabilities of the companies? Oct 3. Contact

e 1910 China: Looking for manufacturer in Southern China (Guangdong area) for small cast stone sculptures.
Oct 3. Contact


 Subscription Scheme for Sellers for Project Inquiries


Section:        Project Inquiries (this one) www.findstone.com/projects.htm


Cost:            US $ 10 per month, minimum 2 consecutive months.

                   Or US $ 100 for 12 months


Currency:      In any convertible currency or in Indian Rupees


Payment:       By credit card online at www.findstone.com/cc.htm

                   By draft / transfer at www.findstone.com/payment.htm


Start date:    Any month of your choice.


Scheme:        You can receive contact details of all inquiries in this section

free of charge for the months for which you have a subscription.


Non-members:          Cost of each inquiry is US $ 10.