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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                      September 30, 2001

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e 1898 India: I want Tibetan Blue Granite in FCL. Sept 25. Contact


Any: e 1897 USA: We need 5000 sq ft in 12/12 cuts of Diablo travertine. Please forward pricing, availability and selling arrangements. Sept 24. Contact

IN: e 1896 Poland: I am very interested in Indian granite blocks: Kashmir White, Multicolor Red, Vizag Blue, Juparanas, Ivory Silk, Paradiso, Galaxy. Pls send me your best quotations and free samples by courier. 
Sept 24. Contact

NO: e 1895 USA: I want several 3-4 " Blue Pearl Norway Granite polished spheres. Sept 24, Contact

UA: e 1894 Australia: Hello. We are a stone importing company based in Australia. We are interested in importing stones from Ukraine. Sept 24, Contact

e 1893 USA: I want to find a distributor of basalt stones in Los Angeles either wholesale or retail. Sept 21, Contact

e 1891 USA: I am a small fabricator and installer in Michigan, who’s looking to complete a few projects. While browsing your website, I found some attractive stone, at affordable prices. These prices were located on Price List # 33 Marble and Granite, USA (www.findstone.com/pl/33.htm). I am interested in purchasing one of the items listed below, as soon as available, for delivery in Detriot.
  Item # 5 Marble – 2 cm Crema Marfil select – 700 sq. ft.

  Item # 6 Marble  - 2 cm slab Emperador Light – 700 sq. ft.

  Item # 8 Marble - 2 cm slab Negro Marquina – 700 sq. ft.
  Item # 32 Travertine – 2 cm Sl. Toscano Country Rustic R/c – 700 sq.ft.
  Item # 33 Travertine – 2 cm Romano Classico C/C
  Item # 15 Marble – 3 cm slab Breccia Oniciate – 50 sq. ft.

  Item # 21 Granite 2 cm slab Red Marinace – 100 sq. ft. for kitchen counter
  Item # 20 Granite 1 cm tile Juprana Classico – 56 sq.ft. Sept 20. Contact


UY: e 1889 China: Monuments: We are looking for Uruguay Black Stone for manufacturing monuments.  Minimum size should be 1.2 & up x 0.6 & up, delivered to Xiamen, China. If it is liked to our customers, we will import it regularly every month. Sept 19. Contact

GR: e 1885 USA: We're interested to buy Greek marbles (tiles 300x600,  300x300, slabs and blocks) Could you please send us a price with costs and samples (pictures) of marbles which you produce, also the terms and conditions of supply. Sept 19. Contact

IN: e 1884 South Africa: Our company has been in existence for 36 years. We are a retailer and wholesaler of ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles in South Africa.  We are situated in the center of South Africa in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We currently have three branches in the province of Gauteng. We also have an association with a company In Cape town, They are also wholesalers and retailers. 

Please quote for: 

Dusty way 30x30, 40x40, 60x60 

Mint           30x30, 40x40, 60x60 

Fossil        30x30, 40x40, 60x60. Sept 19. Contact

IN: e 1881 India: Please quote CIF on Dubai, U.A.E., against 90 days L/C's, mentioning packing arrangements and firm delivery schedule preferably immediately either by return e-mail or fax :-
  1. 90,000 pcs; of 2ft X 2ft X 20 mm granite slabs with mirror finish.
  2. 1,20,000 pcs; of 2ft X 2ft X 20 mm marble slabs with mirror finish. Sept 18. Contact

e 1880 Turkey: I am interested in Kanfanar limestone. Send me details. Sept 17. Contact

FR, IN, US: e 1876 India:  I need of  Dakota Mohgany, Indian granite for a project in Africa. Send me a sample and an indication of price for 300 x 300 x 10mm tiles and random slabs in 20 mm. I also need a material called Chhassgne limestone. Quote for that too. Sept 17. Contact.

IN: e 1875 France: Artifacts: I have recently been making turned marble sculpture in India in a small workshop in Delhi. They are in gray polished stone as you can see in the image attached and are roughly 70 cm high. I would like to contact a company that would be able to make turned pieces like these only on a larger scale, up to 1 meter 80 high and 1 meter wide if possible using different colored stones, each piece would be a one-off job. Quantity required: 10 pieces, delivered to France, Le Harve or Saint Malo.  The purchase date of the product would be around March 30, 2002. This is for use in exhibitions of contemporary art. I would provide a computer-generated scale drawing to work from. If the site were near a quarry then I could come to choose the stone, this would be the most convenient solution for me. I would like to know of companies that have to capacity to make pieces of this size, if not, what is the maximum dimension you could work to. Do they have horizontal and vertical lathes? Could you also give me information about the stones you work and the prices if possible per cubic meter? I shall be in India at the end of this year or the beginning of next year to set the project up, first in Delhi, then traveling to different sites around India. Sept 17, Contact

IR, PK, TR: e 1873 China: We are interested in the following items. Please quote best price CIF Xiamen China:
  1. Pakistani Onyx rough blocks & 2cm thick polished slabs ref: Brown and Green Onyx.
  2. Iran marble rough blocks and polished 2cm thick slabs ref: Dehbid, and Jekmar Cream
  3. Turkey marble rough block and polished 2cm slabs ref: Rosso Levanto, Salome, and Grey Supreme.

  Sept 15. Contact

US: e 1871 India: We are Indian based importers of Granite and are interested in importing BETHEL WHITE in Blocks (Small Size) 150 x 60 cm and up (Max to 240 Cm Length and  80/ 85  Cm Height). We need absolute Best Quality and can import a quantity of 50 CBM every 45 Days or so. Please send in your quote with possibly a photo attachment of your sample. Sept 14. Contact.

All: e 1870 UK: We are a U.K based import company. We are currently importing cut and polished pieces of marble and granite from China. We are using the stone as table tops on tables of our own designs. We are always looking for stone with unusual variations i.e. fossils. We therefore noticed with interest a marble with brown ammonite fossils mentioned in your pricelist, Pricelist 68 Marble Ecuador (www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm). Sept 14. Contact.

CN: e 1867 UAE: We would like to know the main suppliers for Chinese marble. Sept 14. Contact.

e 1866 Germany:
I want to get in touch with Rosal cd producers and manufacturers. Sept 13. Contact

ALL: e 1865 Poland: I am an owner of stone factory in Poland. I need granite blocks all over the world to Poland. I am looking for quarry owners mostly from India, Brazil, South Africa, Scandinavian countries, etc. Quantity 1000 m3, payment by LC. Material will be self-inspected. Delivery period is 10 weeks. Sept 13. Contact.

EG: P 737 Tunisia:  We want to import marble and granite slabs from Egypt. We need to have reliable suppliers to import large quantity on regular basis. Payment will be by L/C. Sept 12. Contact

e 1862 USA: We are interested in purchasing Labrador Black 2cm thick. Sept 11. Contact

GR: e 1861 USA:
In the stones from Greece in your stone album we found Hermes Dark  -  need pricing and availability information. Sept 10. Contact

All: e 1860 UK:
Please let me know the cost, including freight, to UK, London, for 200 sq meters of black granite blocks. Each block about 250 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm deep. Sept 9. Contact.

All: e 1859 USA:
I am looking for cut, hammered, sawn granite, sandstone and other. I am searching for the best pricing available and would like to develop a rep relationship with international groups working to market their product on the east coast of the United States. I do not have "exact" requirements or full architectural drawings at this point.  I am looking for sources of split-faced block for residential and commercial buildings.  As I am dealing with multiple buildings, I am looking for sources that may provide various stones and block dimensions. Please advise as to the most efficient method to reach your Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) users. Sept 9. Contact

All: e 1857 USA:
Please quote for polished black granite:  

1, Price per square feet (slabs as well as tiles) ex- quarry

2, Taxes & levies etc

3, grade if any. Sept 8. Contact

e 1855 USA: Where can we purchase Aurisina Granitello tiles in the Chicago area.  Sept 8. Contact

e 1854 USA:
I would like to buy Labrador Black 2cm. Sept 7. Contact

All: e 1852 Saudi Arabia: We are a Saudi Arabian company and want to do business deals by importing stones. Please let me know about quality of the goods, which your company has to offer, especially the quantity of the goods and price. We would also like to know whether your company has an ISO certificate about the quality of goods from the government. The head office of our company is situated in Hail. It would be very easy for both of us to deal with each other if you have a catalogue of your products sent to us. Then please send us that catalogue and photographs by courier as soon as possible. Mr. Ahmad is our representative and in charge of Import & Export section and expert of English, Russian and Urdu languages. Please do write in your emails reference # 981. Sept 6 Contact

All: e 1851 USA: Landscape:
I am looking for some Mexican beach stone and Sun Burst pebbles? I need them in bulk. Sept 6. Contact

IN: e 1850 India: We want to purchase Black Galaxy slabs and blocks. Sept 6. Contact.

All: e 1848
Czech Republic: Artifacts: We are an importer of natural stones. We would like to get in touch with companies that are interested in exporting natural stones and artistic items to Czech Republic. Sept. 5. Contact

All: e 1846 USA:
I am from Michigan, USA. I am looking forward to start a business in the field of granite import to USA from India. Sept 4. Contact

IN: e 1845 India: We want to purchase WATER sawn strips, of Viyara Gold, Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, Paradiso Classic, Yellow Juprana Giblee, and Imp. White. Sizes: 12.5" x 26" 11 mm thick (to make 12" X 12" final size), 19" x 20" 13 mm thick (to make 18"X18" final size), and 17"x18" 11mm thick (to make 16"X16" final size). Note: Two sides edge cut for Rajasthan. Sept 4. Contact





For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                           www.findstone.com