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Pricelist 690 Monument business establishment training    USA   www.findstone.com    pricelists@findstone.com

Yes.  We can provide you with all of the information and cost range for all the equipment you would need for opening your own monument business.  In addition, we can train you in all the areas of running a monument business.  Cost will vary greatly depending upon what you want to do.

We are a very successful monument business.  We specialize in custom monuments and have a large selection of designs.

The cost for a dust collector, blasting equipment, proper computer programs,  compressor, and all tools and supplies needed to open a small retail business would run $70,000.

The price would go up depending upon the size of the business, how many people you want producing and whether you retail or wholesale.

Training costs:  at our shop in CA  USA

All training costs are per person, per week.

One week training in computer monument designs and graphics --  $6,000.

One week training in customer relations and making sales -- $6,000. 

One week training in stone prep, stencil work, and sand blasting -- $6,000.

One week training in stone-carving, shape-carving, and stone-cutting -- $6,000.

One week training in monument setting, installation, learning cemetery rules, regulations, how to deal with public and private Cemetery sectors -- $6,000.

One week training in office management: purchasing, ordering supplies; quarry language, etc. -- $6,000.

Additional purchase items include:  On-going support, and a full line of custom copyrighted monument designs.

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