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Pricelist 822     Stone Sawing Equipment       Canada     www.findstone.com    pricelists@findstone.com 

“Custom Engineered & Fabricated” – Stone Sawing Equipment
BK- 11˝ ft. Stone Saw (Gantry)
28 foot Gantry Width
75 HP Blade Motor
Steel Beam Construction
Frequency Drive on Gantry
Precision Bearings
Allen Bradley Controller
OSHA Compliant Guarding
Additional Engineered Options
BK- 10 ft. Stone Saw (Gantry)

BK- 9 ft. Stone Saw (Gantry)

BK- 8 ft. Stone Saw (Gantry)

BK- 7 ft. Stone Saw (Gantry)

BK- 6 ft. Stone Saw (Gantry) 


BK- 48 to 60 in. Stone Saw (Gantry)
Carbon/Stainless Steel Materials
Encoded Gantry Movement
Bevel Cutting Head
Turn Table MS- 8 ft. X 8 ft. X 360 Degrees With Indicator & Locking Stops 

Block Turners
15 Ton 
20 Ton 
25 Ton 
30 Ton 
Installation Available!! Let us engineer a saw for you!!

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