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Zero Risk, Zero Trouble, Assured Success for Buyers and Suppliers
The FindStone system works through a free dialog leading to a buyer-seller contact:
1.      Buyer's inquiry is displayed free - generally at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm
2.      Supplier's response is sent to the buyer.
3.      Buyer's reply is sent to the supplier.
4.      This continues until the supplier is relatively sure that the buyer is interested in what the supplier is offering and so wants to contact the buyer (or vice versa).
5.      Supplier pays us $ 100 (or the amount stated at the end of inquiry) to contact the buyer and agrees to give 5% commission.
6.      Buyer pays us $ 100 confirming his interest in that supplier.
7.      We put the buyer and the supplier in contact with each other.
8.      If buyer does not buy from a particular supplier, that supplier gets back 80% of the payment made by him. (We will keep a minimum of $ 5.)
9.      If buyer does not buy from any supplier, buyer gets back his $ 80.
10. If buyer buys from any supplier, buyer deducts the $ 100 paid to us from the payment that the buyer makes to the supplier.
11. If buyer buys from a supplier, supplier pays us the commission.
So there is no risk for either the buyer or the supplier. Also buyers and suppliers do not waste each other's time.
Sellers: Do note that your payment will not be refunded if:
a)      you can not offer what the buyer wants
b)      if you are not willing to match price and terms of buyer’s final supplier (buyer to give proof)
So we recommend that suppliers should do the following before sending payment to us.
a)      If the inquiry is incomplete, ask specific questions that are needed to quote and / or give suggestions to the buyer including images.
b)      Send a quotation with stone image and all points as in a normal pro-forma invoice for buyer’s approval
We remain a neutral marketplace i.e. we will not negotiate on behalf of any supplier.
Buyers: Do note that your money will not be refunded if:
a)      supplier matches offer (price, quality, terms) and you do not buy from the supplier
b)      you do not buy from anyone – even from non-FindStone suppliers
This is the general scheme. We are willing to discuss with individual suppliers and buyers if they would like to work on a different basis.
Payment options are at www.findstone.com/payment.htm which also has a Pay Pal link and through www.westernunion.com .
Do note that modifications, if any, would be at www.findstone.com/supplierfaqs.htm