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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   January 31, 2008
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124 inquiries in January

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 24388: Looking for a company in China which it has machines or production line for block (big brick) for construction industry? We are going to run a production line for perlite block. Jan 31 Contact
e 24387: How much are 36x24x18 inch white granite blocks? Can you give me a price per block?  tel: 314-41.....Jan 31 Contact
e 24386: I would like to make a purchase of the following:
Prices FOB Brazil
Green Ubatuba 2 cm Polished Slabs US$ 3.80 Sq / Ft.  Jan 31 Contact
e 24385: I am looking for granite to purchase. I believe you do carry some in stock for sale. I will appreciate if you can email me back with the pick up price on . size 12x12 black galaxy 3/8 thickness granite. I will appreciate if you e mail me back with the total pick up prices on 550 pieces .and also i will like to know when can the order be ready? I will like to know the term of payment that you accept.  Jan 31 Contact
e 24384: I am interested in buying the granite cutting machine. Jan 31 Contact
e 24383: Our company is interested in a second hand gangsaw and other stone processing machinery. Tel: +92 333 54.....Jan 31 Contact
e 24382 : We are interested in limestone tile. Can we take a look at it? Jan 31 Contact
e 24381: Send me your price list please and more info if possible. Jan 31 Contact
e 24380: Looking for 1,000 m2 of royal sahara gold in 2 cm slab honed. immediate purchase. slabs must be 2.50 x 1.65 at least. Jan 31 Contact
e 24379: I would like to purchase the Cat 14G. My phone # is 571-23.....Jan 31 Contact
e 24378: I am to find a piece of marble 20x15x10 in Carrara Italy suitable to be made into a cornerstone. I do not know the first thing about marble, or where to buy such a thing while I am in Carrara, I was wondering if you had any advice. The main stipulation I was given is that the piece be purchased while I am in Italy. Do you know how much something like this would weigh? And cost? Jan 31 Contact
e 24377 USA: I am a site/demolition contractor looking for some granite blocks for a small retaining wall in Massachusetts. Please contact me if you have any. Jan 30 Contact
e 24376 Canada: I am looking for a machine for granite and marble cutting and polishing, for a pre finished countertop to cut the sink hole, cut and join and make a faucet hole according to the customer 's measurements. Please advise me which machine is suitable for me. Tel:
61324.....Jan 30 Contact
e 24375 USA: I am now interested in importing pavers for a project I am currently building. Can you please advise me on the best way to proceed with getting samples and pricing? Telephone: 631 42..... Jan 29 Contact
e 24374 Russia: Price List Granite FOB India, slab 60-80x180-230x2cm, 60-80x180-230x3cm,plita 60x30x17-2cm polished:
Black Galaxy, Imperial Red, Mahogany, Kashmir Gold, Imperial White Butterfly Green (Blue), Tan Brown, etc. Jan 29 Contact
e 24373 Russia: I am interested in Sodalite blue as an alternative of Azul Bahia. Please inform me if this material is supplied i slabs or in tiles only? What is the price per sqm? Please send me more pictures of it. We are interested in about 500 sqm of Indian slate of brown, grey, black or green colour. 2 cm thickness, natural finish. Tel: 007 495 78.....Jan 29 Contact
e 24372 India: retail: I am looking for italian marble for my penthouse area for which is 4889 sq.ft. Telephone: +91 93133..... Jan 29 Contact
e 24371: I am looking for 1.44 x 15 brescia roman tiles, not sure of quantity yet. Jan 29 Contact
e 24370: I would like to know the price per meter for the CALCATTA white with grey vains. I need 500 meters. please do let me know the price. Tel: 009715028.....Jan 29 Contact
e 24369: I will like to know if you have Paver Block Splitters, and I will like you to email me with the types and sizes of the rotary boad that you have as well as the cost of the items and the form of payment you accept pls advise. Jan 29 Contact
e 24368 Iran: We are interested in your products. You are kindly requested to send us a complete set of your catalogues and price list by DHL courier, soon.  Jan 28 Contact
e 24367 USA: I am Looking for some granite tiles. I need Baltic Brown 12" x 12" 26 sq ft worth. I live in IN. Jan 28 Contact
e 24366 USA: Retail: WE ARE LOOKING FOR MULTICOLOR ONYX FOR A 60" X 21" VANITY BLACK MARNACE FOR A 60"X21" VANITY. BOTH ARE FOR A double sink top. Telephone: 203 43.....Jan 28 Contact
e 24365 UAE: We are a group company into Trading & Real estates situated in Dubai and having offices in Europe and India. We have been associated with reputed developers and leading construction companies in the U.A.E. We are in the final stages of negotiations with these companies for Supply of Granites in huge quantities. We would appreciate if you could sent us your list of availabilities and the detailed price list. Tel: 00971 05 45.....Jan 27 Contact
e 24364 Sudan: Please inform us about the colors at your disposal from each type and dimensions. And how much a 20ft. container can hold besides coast of freight of the container from your harbour to our port in Port Sudan and total of expenses including transportation required.

Please send coloured photos bearing name of colours because we are intending to import four containers 20ft- of slabs, so it is important to inform us about prices, of slabs and dimensions to give us a wide margin of choice. MOBILE: +2499 123.....Jan 27 Contact
e 24363 Iran: I am in need of 2 x CR-100 KATO mobil-crane (2nd hand but in good condition better to be of models 1990-94). Telephone: +98/21-887..... Jan 27 Contact
e 24362 Canada: We are starting a granite business in Calgary. I am canvassing tools/machines to use for fabrication and installing granite.
Pls e-mail me what tools you have and I am interested to check out those machines that would increase productivity still maintaining its quality. Jan 27 Contact
e 24361 USA: I am seeking Black Martini Marble tiles with dark brown ammonite fossils. I am ready for immediate shipment by 20ft container. I will arrive in Guayaquil, Ecuador February 14, 2008 in search of stone tile products. Also interested in green marble tiles and planks. Tel: (858) 77.....Jan 27 Contact
e 24360 Finland: Please quote for black stone. Jan 26 Contact
e 24359: Need Slabs for Bathroom Vanity:
Two @ 24"
1 @36"
2@ 60"

Need full kitchen.
Looking for Crema Viejo or Bordeaux
Please email location of slabs
Mobile: 562-52..... Jan 26 Contact
e 24358 Canada: I would like price lists from suppliers selling slabs in these three types of granite Brown Suede, Antique Brown and Delicatus. Jan 26 Contact
e 24357 Croatia: We would like to have some samples and price list for your stone, if you are not connected with some agent in Croatia or Serbian market. Jan 26 Contact
e 24356: I am interested in an old fashioned tub. How much sent to Seattle? Tel: 206 85.....Jan 26 Contact
e 24355: Looking to purchase small amount of Turkish marble Efes Black for a showcase bathroom. Jan 26 Contact
e 24354: We are always interested in different kind of products can you email the colors and pricing. Sante Cecilia crosscut, Tan Brown, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Sante Cecilia, Black Galaxy, Black Andes or Absolute Black, UBA Tuba. We are importer of solid surface and granite for fabrication and distribution. We are looking to start 2 or 3 containers. Based on pricing we would look at 3 to 4 container per month. Mobile # 816-50..... Please send pricing on slabs ranging from 55 to 75" in height and 110 to 130" in lengths. Jan 26 Contact
e 24353 USA: retail: Please quote for approximately 50 sq. ft. Blue Eyes/Blue Ice. Ready for immediate installation. Tel: 201-33.....Jan 25 Contact
e 24352 USA: Looking for Weathered Granite vaneer. Tel: 770 75.....Jan 25 Contact
e 24351 USA: I am looking for natural edged stalactite or boulder malachite slabs 8" to 12"in diameter by3/8" to1/2" thick. Telephone: 808-39.....Jan 25 Contact
e 24350: I am interested in buying a 3 cm thick slab of granite in Timber Brown. Could you advise me on the procedure for purchase and the procedure and costs for shipping to Canada. Jan 25 Contact
e 24349 USA: Please quote for botticino semi classico 60 x60 x 2cm. Jan 25 Contact
e 24348 USA: Want to buy 2cm slabs $8 per sq ft or less any color. Will buy slabs in mutiples of two's. I'm located in North houston. Granite slabs are for counter tops I do not care what country they are from but one side must be polished. Most slabs I buy are around 45 to 55 sq ft of material. I can pick-up material in the Houston and surrounding areas. Need stone as soon as possible. I have a large builder that I'm working with and I need to meet or beat they're pricing requirements. Tel: 936-69.....Jan 25 Contact
e 24347 Qatar: We are requesting price quotation for 100 Tons of CREMA MARFIL BLOCKS. Could you kindly provide us your best price (F.O.B.) and the fastest delivery time. Tel: + 974 43.....Jan 25 Contact
e 24346: We need a good Supplier for polished Slabs in Nero Impala and Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe in 2cm and 3cm Thickness. Jan 25 Contact
e 24345 Pakistan: I want to purchase blue pearl and emerald pearl in gangsaw slab in quantity 20 feet container. Please send me rate of this order. Telephone: +924274..... Jan 25 Contact
e 24344: We need a good Supplier for polished Slabs in Kashmir white, Galaxy black and the other Indian Granite in 2cm and 3cm Thickness. Jan 25 Contact
e 24343 Germany: We need a good Supplier for polished Slabs in Galala, Selvia, Sunny in 2cm and 3cm Thickness. Jan 25 Contact
e 24342 Australia: We are importers of luxury products from around the world. These include items such as saunas from Germany and tiles from Turkey, just to name a few. We are interested in expanding our business to include marble tiles (Bianco Carrara Venato, Bianco Carrara, Amadora, Crema Marfil) for use in the Australian market. If you stock the required products please reply with the photos attached.
In the meantime, I was hoping to obtain a product list from you, with import prices, so we can see what other items you can offer. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact me on +61 3 95......Jan 24 Contact
e 24341: We are looking for "texas grit" for our kids large sandbox. Do you carry this product? Jan 24 Contact
e 24340: We are in Dominican Republic. We are interested to contact a factory of marble & granite machines located in Taiwan. Tel: 1-809-72.....Jan 24 Contact
e 24339 USA: Retail: WANTED Daltile Jet Mist granite (G603) slab remnant. I am a homeowner looking for a remnant 1-1/4" thick slab for a small bathroom vanity (approximately 21"x36").
We need the slab in the next month. No rush. But I am willing to buy it and pick it up right away if it is available now. Will also consider having the fabrication done by the Seller. I can provide a 1/4" plywood template for the drop-in sink. Tel: 610-54.....Jan 24 Contact
e 24338 USA: We are looking for a free standing honey onyx bath tub. We are a wholesaler and a retail store. We are very interested in honey onyx sinks. What is the price for these two items? Do you have an estimated cost for shipping the bathtub? Telephone: 423-82.....Jan 24 Contact
e 24337: LOOKING FOR GRANITE SLABS. Jan 24 Contact
e 24336 New Zealand: I would to get some quotes on some SLAB sizes, and also get some pre fab Countertops. I am looking for a supplier to NEW ZEALAND. Can u help me with that? SLAB COLOURS:
Size of SLAB is 3.1mm * 2.700mm can u give me a square metre rate for each of the colours please.
Can u give me a price on these COUNTER TOPS:
1 -- 2.900mm * 650mm *30mm for all colours. 4* polished sides with sqaure edge detail.
2 --2.900mm * 1200mm * 30mm for all colours. 4* polished sides with square edge detail.
3-- 2.900mm * 900mm * 30mm for all colours. 4* polish sides with square edge detail.
Can I have a quote on 1, 2, 3, per square metre rate or a per counter top in each of the above colours?
Can I have some bowl samples or even send me some information on what type of bowls you supply? Jan 23 Contact
e 24335: I need marble or granite slabs to so a house in Friday Harbor the san Juan islands off seattle. Any ideas?  Jan 23 Contact
e 24334: We are looking for a second hand CAT grader of model 140 or 120G. Fax: +256412.....Jan 21 Contact
e 24333: Please quote for a CAT 950B Excavator. Jan 21 Contact
e 24332 South Africa: We are new in the marmor and granite business und have a need of relevant tools. Jan 21 Contact
e 24331 Turkey: We are a leading marble company in Turkey. We have been importing granite from China, India, Spain, Ukraine for over 7 years. We need Chinese granite with competitive prices. Please find granites we need below:
Sanbao red, g-562, g-623, g-687, menggu black, xili red, g-635, g-664, g-640, g-603,
size: 240up x 60 slab
30*60 tile
thickness: 1,7-2 cm slab
1,5 cm tile
uncut edges
%80 polished, FOB Xiamen. Telephone: 9021637..... Jan 20 Contact
e 24330: I will like you to get me the total cost of 150 Sq. Ft. of the Granite Countertops, Baltic Brown 3cm or 2cm Thickness. Includes Bullnose Edges and 4?Back Splashes. Includes a hole for the cooktop and for the sink and my Sink is drop in . And i like all the edges to be Full Round , So Kindly get back to me with the Total cost , ... And i have a Good News For You , My wife give birth to a new born baby just 5 days ago !!! , And she stays at Uk , London. So i want to do this Order fast and go and see my New Born baby , and i will like to do my Full payment today.

Kitchen Countertop
kitchen counter top - 170" × 25"
kitchen counter top - 25" × 28"
Kitchen Side Splashes
side splashes - 170" × 15" , 25" × 15" , 28" × 15"
1-Undermount Sink Cut Out

Island Top - 85" × 32"
1 - Cooktop Cut Out

second island
second Island - 112" × 42"

Kitchen countertop edge
Edge - 155" , 28" , 25" , 25"

Island top 1 edge
island top 1 edge - 85" , 85" , 32" , 32"

Island Top 2
island top 2 - 42" , 42" , 112" , 112"
1 - 64.59" Edge Full Bullnose
window sill - 12" × 42"
1-112.68 Sq. ft. Granite Countertop 3cm Baltic Brown. Jan 20 Contact
e 24329 USA: Rubin Red slab for flat grave marker required: 30" x 40" x 4" thick. Tel: 281-35.....Jan 20 Contact
e 24328: I am interested in purchasing Vyara gold granite. Contact #: 973-47.....Jan 20 Contact
e 24327: We would like to buy a white marble plats but before we would like to know the dimension of these plates and prices FOB Lome-Togo. Telephone: 002189262.....Jan 19 Contact
e 24326: I am looking for Caterpillar 235, 325, 229, 231 and 996C. Phone Number 407-24.....Jan 19 Contact
e 24325: We are interested in finding a supplier of Aragon Gold Limestone and Luxor Gold. Phone: 704-92......Jan 19 Contact
e 24324 Ghana: I want to no about the prices of
40x40 porcelaine tiles polished
40x40 porcelaine tiles unpolished
40x40 ceramics design

30x60 porcelaine tiles polished
30x60 porcelaine tiles unpolished

30x30 porcelaine tiles polished
30x30 porcelaine tiles unpolished

33x33 ceramics design
45x45 ceramics design

20x30 wall tiles
25x40 wall tiles

I want to get grade (A+B) and low prices .
i we send the container to Bourkina faso transit Ghana.
I want to no the prices of W.C & W.B white. Jan 19 Contact
e 24323: Our requirement for Botticino Classico 300 mmx 300 mm-12 mm thick is 3000m2. Please send quotation. Jan 18 Contact
e 24322 India: Please Send your Specific Offer .
Preferred Size (as We Understand) Say 10 Feet Long x 2 Feet Wide x Say 1.5 to 2Inch Thick.
Initial Quantity - One Full Truck Load - Please Specify
Preferred Prices - Delivered at our Factory Site in HOWRAH, Near Kolkata, India.
Telephone :- 91-33-224......Jan 18 Contact
e 24321: I am looking to import tiles from China. Jan 18 Contact
e 24320: Please quote for a fully automatic polishing machine. Jan 18 Contact
e 24319 Canada: retail: Would you please send me information, costs, store/distribution location for granite tiles for counter top use in a new kitchen. Jan 18 Contact
e 24318 UAE: Please send prices of granite & marble slabs as well types and colours available in Dubai, Jebel Ali free zone urgently. Jan 17 Contact
e 24317: I am very much interested and need pictures of 950B wheel loads. Jan 17 Contact
e 24316 Ukraine: We are looking for travertine tiles 10x305x305 mm, polished, unfilled, VEIN CUT, different colors, such as light beige, yellow, brown and red. We need structural stone with natural vein and hole. We’d like to take full 20’ container. If you can offer such material, please, let us know the lowest and competitive prices in USD/SQ.M. on terms FOB port in Turkey. Tel: +38 0642 5.....Jan 17 Contact
e 24315 Pakistan: We are interested in Cat 950E & 950B, kindly send us pictures and more details. Jan 16 Contact
e 24314 Australia: Looking to buy first quality granite:
Item Type Style Instructions Qty
Granite Top Shandong Black 1900 x 860mm Bullnose all 4 sides         4
Granite Top   1835 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end 14RH + 14LH 28
Granite Top   2435 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end  11RH + 11LH 22
Granite Top   3035 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 2 Ends   2
Granite Top Butterfly Green 1900 x 860mm Bullnose all 4 sides         4
Granite Top   1835 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end 14RH + 14LH 28
Granite Top   2435 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end  12RH + 12LH 22
Granite Top   2835 x 625 Bullnose 1 long side + 2 ends   2
Granite Top Xili 1900 x 860mm Bullnose all 4 sides         4
Granite Top   1835 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end 14RH + 14LH 28
Granite Top   2435 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + one end  12RH + 12LH 22
Granite Top   2835 x 625 Bullnose 1 long side + 2 ends   2
Granite Top ZH-G012b 1900 x 860mm Bullnose all 4 sides         4
Granite Top   1835 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end 14RH + 14LH 28
Granite Top   2435 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + one end  12RH + 12LH 22
Granite Top   2835 x 625 Bullnose 1 long side + 2 ends   2
Granite Top G654 1900 x 860mm Bullnose all 4 sides         4
Granite Top   1835 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + 1 end 14RH + 14LH 28
Granite Top   2435 x 625mm Bullnose 1 long side + one end  12RH + 12LH 22
Granite Top   2835 x 625 Bullnose 1 long side + 2 ends   2

Granite Specification: First Quality 20mm thick High polished finish top and 40mm full bullnose edge - No visible joint line on face edge of bullnose
TERM OF SHIPMENT: TT 20% Deposit on order - Balance TT on sight of faxed copy of BL
Delivery: FOB Main Port China - 20 Days manufacture time
PACKAGE: New Plywood Crate with foam divider sheets between granite - 4 pcs each crate.
SPECIAL NOTE: All granite sizes are now measured from top side of granite.  Jan 16 Contact

e 24313: I want to no about the tiles & prices of porcelaine tiles 30x60, 40x40, 30x30. Telephone: 00234177.....Jan 16 Contact
e 24311: Could you email information on 400mm diamond blades with 50mm arbor and 8.4mm diamond beads if available for cutting of sandstone possible large quantity if test ok. Jan 15 Contact
e 24310 Malta: I am interested in a waterjet machine. Jan 15 Contact
e 24309 India: We have an urgent enquiry for one FCL 20' container of Indian Black Galaxy Slabs of 3 cm thickness. Contact : +9198118.....Jan 15 Contact
e 24308 Canada: I want to Order:
Size in Pallet :
Mohave Thin 3/4" - 1 1/2 20 PALLETS
Chocolate Gray 3/4" - 1 1/2 20 PALLETS
Let me Know the Grand Total and the Types of Charged Cards You Accepts. Also i Already Have someone who will Install the Stone for me. The Stone are for a Church Parish Construction in Canada. Jan 15 Contact
e 24307 USA: I am looking for Baltic brown granite for a 12'2" counter and an island of the same length. Is it possible to find a slab that size in the South Eastern PA area? The seam on the counter is not too much of a problem (probably would be right at the sink). But any seam on the island would be long and unattractive, and would extend on to the overhang where our stools will be placed. One place we visited told us that they would look for a 13 foot slab, but I have heard others say that it is impossible to find and even more difficult for someone to install. Phone: 215-76.....Jan 15 Contact
e 24306 Poland: We are company from Poland, we import marble from Greece and Italy, now we are sending you interesting us marbles form Spain in slabs 2 and 3 cm: CREMA MARFIL, EMPERADOR DARK, ALICANTE. It's import and to send me 2 qualities of Crema Marfil: commercial and standard. Please send me the photos of these materials as well. Tel/fax: 0048 12 26.....Jan 14 Contact
e 24305 USA: I have a client in need of the Breccia Damascatta Oniciata 24” x 24” x 5/8” Tiles for one full container. This is the material with a little bit more rose tones to it. Please supply your BEST price on this material as I need to be as competitive as possible to retain this project. Also, if you could let me know the lead time as well. Phone (800) 50......Jan 14 Contact
e 24304: Need stone Diamond powder in grit size 60 or 100 (micron range 150 to 200) also in the 325 to 360 grit range (micron range 35-50)
Qty. 200 carats or greater per grit size. Phone number 303-65.....Jan 13 Contact
e 24303: We are an Belgian importer.
We buy 60 X 60X 1.1 CM tiles in China.
Can you quote prices for Lola and Marco Polo products.
We need 500 containers a year. Jan 13 Contact
e 24302: I wish to buy some yellow granite in blocks. Jan 13 Contact
e 24301 Morocco: Nous sommes intereses par votre CAT 950B veuillez bien nous donnez un prix CNF CASABLANCA. Telephone: 00212617.....Jan 12 Contact
e 24300 Iran: We are interested in your products. You are kindly requested to send us a complete set of your catalogues and price list by TNT or DHL courier, soon. (do not send by post). Jan 12 Contact
e 24299: Please quote for Galeski sink cut out machine. Jan 12 Contact
e 24298 USA: Please send quote for this Pelegrini wire saw. Jan 11 Contact
e 24297 Canada: Please send info on granite tiles that can be supplied. We are ok with one container upto 100 containers. We have an annual requirement of 750-800 containers per month, but don't mind buying from several different sellers, so even 1 container is ok, if price is good for surplus, but 10 or more is preferable. Jan 10 Contact
e 24296: Please quote for ceramic tiles as per pricelist 1238. Jan 10 Contact
e 24295: Looking for 2, 3 cm honed calacatta gold delicato slabs. Telephone: 301.98.....Jan 10 Contact
e 24294: Retail: Need to replace and match 22 black granite tiles 16 x 16" approximately 40 sq ft. do you have any? how much and how much shipping or location in Florida where I can pick it up. Jan 9 Contact
e 24293: We like to inform that we want suppliers to offer the following items:
- ca. 110 m2 Crema Nuova marble floor tiles, 400 mm wide, with free lengths. Thickness ca. 15 mm. Not polished.
- ca. 57 meter plinth Crema Nuova. Thickness ca. 10 mm. Not polished. (please indicate dimensions)
- ca. 3m2 Crema Nuova wall tiles 50 mm x 100 mm mosaic. Thickness ca. 10 mm.
Crema Nuova is a cream marble, with beige/brown grains (not red/rose grains).
We like to import this ourselves from Turkey to The Netherlands.
Please make your offer based on FOB Izmir, including suitable export packing.
We like to have a photograph of the marble you can supply.
Tel: +31 (0)7034.....Jan 9 Contact
e 24292: I have heard Tropical Fashion given other names. Do you know what they are and can I find 18 X 18 tiles in it? Jan 9 Contact
e 24291: I am interested in CAT Hydraulic Excavator units, can you send me the pictures and I would like to know if you can give me a CIF price to Chile. Cell: +591 727.....Jan 9 Contact
e 24290 UK: Enquiry for three crates hones filled 40 x 40 cm travertine. Shipping costs to UK? Jan 9 Contact
e 24289 Pakistan: We are only interested in floor and wall tiles the size is 300*300,400*400,500*500,600*600 and 200*300 and the body like ceramic or porcelain tiles. My quantity is almost ten containers but your price should be sharp. My telephone no.0092322-24......Jan 9 Contact
e 24288 USA: retail: I am looking for Palatium Stone Color Bianco Antico 4X.   Jan 8 Contact
e 24287: Please quote for Italian marble.  Jan 8 Contact
e 24286: Do you have any 1.5" - 2" thick granite slab measuring 92" x 24" available? Also 1" thick slab, measuring 90" x 6" and 1" thick slab, measuring 92" x 7". Jan 8 Contact
e 24285 Iran: Please send me Price list of Diamond segments for hard granite cutting. Telephone: 009821220.....Jan 8 Contact
e 24284 India:  Please quote for second hand granite gangsaw. Tel: 097405..... Jan 8 Contact
e 24283 Italy: We would be interested in desktops of Indian Classic Black Granite (Granito Nero Classico from Warrangal, Andhra Pradesh, India) (big quantity!!!) with following technical specification...
Technical Specification:
Compressive Strength 3011/kg cm2
After Freezing 2636/kg cm2
Ultimate Tensile Strength 280/kg cm2
Water Absorption 0.00001
Volumetric Weight 2989 kg/m3
Size > 120x60x2cm
Please calculate the price (FOB India) ASAP, please. Tel.: +39 0445.3......Jan 7 Contact
e 24282 Armenia: We are a stone processing and producing company in Armenia. For our production we need in heavy equipments, particularly in:
1. Excavator R 450 LC-7
2. Buldozer KOMATSU 375
3. Caterpillar D9.
If these products are available at your company, please send me your best prices for further cooperation. Tel: +37410 4..... Jan 7 Contact
e 24281 Uzbekistan: We are interested in your products, especially in marble and granite blocks. Sp pls give us price on all your marble blocks. tel.: (+998 90) 18.....Jan 7 Contact
e 24280 USA: Need Dark Emperador / Light Emperador. Looking for tiles for a dining room table top:
160 tile minimum (20 sq ft) 3x6 tiles Dark Emperador Polished Marble and 30 tile minimum (4 sq ft) 3x6 Light Emperador Polished Marble. Alternative:
60"x42" (if slab) of Dark Emperador Polished Marble. Tel: 847-49.....Marble Tile (preferred) or Slab (alternative). Willing to buy from anywhere in US. Ready to purchase. Need stone by 1st Feb. Jan 6 Contact
e 24279: We are looking for the following:1) two used crane 100-120 ton. 2) four tipping truck 25-30 ton. Telephone: +971 50 83.....Jan 6 Contact
e 24278: We are looking for second hand Granite Block cutting machine /Gang saw machine which we can cut multiple pieces with the processing of epoxi resin & polishing. Please find some Italian make & send the details as early as possible. Tel +973 177......Jan 5 Contact
e 24277 USA: I am with a leading US national wholesaler. I am in need of a full container of the Breccia Damascatta 24” x 24” x ¾” tile. Please quote me your BEST rate on this asap FOB your factory, and with the lead time. Phone: (800) 50.....Jan 5 Contact
e 24276: May you please give us a quote for 130m2 of the following:
Color: Tint Mint Sandstone (mixed shades)
Finish: Both sides natural finish
Edges: All 4 edges hand cut
Sizes: 30 x 30cm
Thickness: 25-35mm
Delivery: To Gibraltar 
Mobile: + (00350) 540.....Jan 5 Contact
e 24275 Lebanon: We would like to request samples of different pebbles (various colors and sizes) and gravel that you supply, along with price list. tel: +961 4 8.....Jan 4 Contact
e 24274: Retail: how much would a cost of Rosso Verona marble the size of 41.5" x 22"x 1" thick. Jan 4 Contact
e 24273: I want to get some tiles manufactured by your company. I would be travelling down to china if all info are giving to me by your company. I want to send a sample of what I need to your company, so you are to tell me the address to send the samples to, if recieved, when can I get the goods, because i would want the goods by march 2008.  Jan 4 Contact
e 24272 : I need 2200 sf. of 18x18 white, rustic, cleft natural Marabella tile shipped to St. Barths ASAP. Please give me your price including delivery.  Jan 4 Contact
e 24271 Canada: Need cost of 50, 12/12 tropical brown tiles plus shipping and handling. Telephone: 519-86..... Jan 3 Contact
e 24270 UK: I am interested in 600 mm x 400 mm Limra Limestone floor tiles for our kitchen and possibly also 400 mm x 400 mm floor tiles for our bathroom. Do you sell these and if so what is the price per square metre? Tel: +44 20 783......Jan 3 Contact
e 24269: Please send full details and photos of all of the Komatsu D155A you have available. tel: (402) 33.....Jan 2 Contact
e 24268 USA: I have a bowl that I would like to have fabricated and the measurement is as followed: 18"L x 4-5/8"H x 3/8" Thick. Telephone: 718-62.....Jan 2 Contact
e 24267 USA: I am looking for approximately 3000-5000 sq ft. of reclaimed 4”X4”X4” granite cobblestone in black or gray (salt and pepper), delivered to San Luis Obispo, CA. They are actually two projects, the first needing 1000 ft, and the second needing 2000-4000 ft. My guess is that 1000 ft is roughly one full container, so I am interested in pricing for one, three and five containers, delivered to my job site. Product does not need to be bagged or palletized. I understand that I may need to arrange importation, but I would appreciate any information you might have on cost of ocean freight for these types of containers. If you do not have reclaimed cobbles in this size, what do you have that is newly quarried? If possible, please send photographs. What stock do you have on hand, and what is your price, leadtime, and delivery charges? Jan 2 Contact
e 24266: Please advise location and best price for Crane Telescopic Truck. Jan 1 Contact
e 24265 USA: retail: We need approximately 50 square feet of Blue Luise Granite. Tel: 231 52...... We would like to purchase this within the next 6 months. Jan 1 Contact
e 24264 Pakistan: Need WaterJet Cutting Machine (New or Used) for Stone & Marble. Jan 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.