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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 23993 USA: I have an inquiry for granite or any other material that weights the same or more. The usage is for the counterweights in file cabinets  It should weigh 24lbs, not polished and 3/4" thick. How much weight can we place in a container or how many tiles?
Tel: 408.60.....Specifically looking for Chinese granite rough cut 3/4 inch 14" for the width and 23.5 for the length (change is acceptable) looking for 24lb piece. Please include shipping in your quote:  
Looking for: g655, g636, g664, g614, g640, g611, g687, g634, g681, g682, g633, g603, g617, g635, abso black, couco red, mum yellow , tiger rust , maple red, leopard skin, tigher yellow, Jiangxi green, Tropical Brown, Blue Pearl, Tiger Red. Oct 30 Contact
e 23992 USA: Interested to buy:
- fabricated granite countertops
- brasilian or chinese
- need square foot price
- need freight charges to Dallas, Texas. Need minimum order size.  Oct 30 Contact
e 23991: We are preparing a cost estimate for a hotel project (5 stars). This item has not yet been quantified, but I can ensure that we are talking about large quantities. So, we would like to see alternative options of stone walling of type “Batu Candi” as this is not commonly used in Mauritius. I am interested mainly on the prices thereof with sketches or pictures. Oct 30 Contact
e 23990: I will like to make an enquiries of Chain Saw machines if you have this product in stock. Please kindly email me with the unit price of each with the modes or methods of payment you accept, for me to go farther with my purchase. Oct 30 Contact
e 23989 Africa: We deal in imports of ceramic wall & floor Tiles, porcelain unpolished tiles of the following sizes.
We want about three 20ft container loads, we would be happy if you can send some pictures and your prices for our study. Besides that, we need 120 days credit by bank wire transfer into your accounts at the due-date, if you accept in doing business with our company kindly notify us to start our cooperation. The quantity is 3 container load tiles but the colours could be selected after you have attached your product colors and select the best of our interest. the sizes could be 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 45 x 45 x 1.2 cm. We would be needed samples as well, after the supplier accept our payment terms what we need from the supplier is to send samples of its tiles or attached photos of its tiles to select the best of our interest to quickly place orders immediate. The product we need is tiles but we cannot pay for freight charges for samples. The surface of the tiles should be polish. Tel. 2332446......Oct 30 Contact
e 23988 UAE: We are looking for:
- Pre-cast concrete bands 300mm wide x 80mm thick,
- Rough finished sandstone pavers,
- Mat finishes marble pavers,
- Flammed granite pavers,
- Semi polished granite pavers,
- Rough finished cobble stone pavers,
- Stamped pattern concrete pavers,
for one of our prestigious project in Abu-Dhabi. Could you please provide us with different style, color, specification and samples for said items?
T: +971 2 62.....Oct 30 Contact
e 23987 Australia: We are looking to purchase (ongoing) sandstone pavers in following sizes 600x400x30mm, 450x450x30mm, 400x400x30mm, 300x300x30mm, 450x300x40mm, 600x300x30mm. We would envisage order sizes of 2000-3000 s/m per month. We are also looking for travertine marble in the above sizes (mainly the 400x400x30mm). Please email me prices per container FOB and also freight to Sydney Australia. Ph: 0415 2.....Oct 30 Contact
e 23986 Israel: I am interesting of baying 360 m of (C.23 Crema Marfil Select) Best quality to Israel. This quantity will be repeated in case the process is regular. Oct 29 Contact
e 23985 USA: I am looking for some granite slabs in the baton rouge la area. Oct 29 Contact
e 23984 GUATEMALA: We need information technical and physical for basalt and natural granite, which is the difference both and which is more recommended for sidewalk and truckway. Oct 29 Contact
e 23983 USA: I am looking for Pillion Pink tile. I need 120 sq ft. 12x12 and/or 16x16. Please send a sample. Tel: 818-72.....Oct 29 Contact
e 23982: canada: retail: I am looking for a certain turkish 12"x12" marble tile with the names that could be izmer green, verdi alpi, teos green, verde guatemala or verde classico. I also need 2" x 2" in same colour and 1" x 1". All of the above in honed finish. Quantities required are 12" x 12" 350 square feet, 106 square feet of 1" x 1" and 53 square feet of 2" x 2". I am located in victoria b.c. canada and would like to purchase within a reasonable distant from home. my phone is 250-47.....Oct 28 Contact
e 23981: Looking for a 60" round stone table top. We are located in Phoenix area and wondered if you have any suggestions. Oct 28 Contact
e 23980: We have a keen interest now with your stock and require enough for:
Polished surface:
750 x 750 x 18 mm = 6500 m2
750 x 375 x 18 mm = 6500 m2
Crema Marfil.
Accordingly, can you send by our DHL A/C no. 967460800, 4 pcs polished samples, size : 200 x 200 mm to :
Tel: (351) 2135.....
If this will match up with existing samples in our office and we also will be able to co-ordinate with you in terms of quarry inspection also.
Please requote to us CNF Xiamen Port on the basis of above quality = sufficient block. Oct 28 Contact
e 23979: Looking for 6" thick - 8" thick 6' diameter table top slab ( Flagstone, Granite, etc). Phone (760) 62.....Oct 28 Contact
e 23978: We are interested in a secondhand gangsaw. Oct 27 Contact  
e 23977 USA: I am looking for some slabs of granite. Do you have a site where I can see all the samples that you carry? Also where can I pick this up at? What size does these slabs come in? I live in La. 70785. Oct 27 Contact  
e 23976 Greece: I am from Greece and I am looking for SUNNY EGYPTIAN 90x90x2 cm Quantity: ~350m2 and PERLATO EGYPTIAN 60x60x2 Quantity ~300m2. Could you please send me a quotation for the above marbles as soon as possible?  Oct 27 Contact
e 23975: Interested in buying Marron Imperial marble for quite small bathroom - 81 by 83 inches. Oct 27 Contact
e 23974: Please Qoute for the JCB 214 III CNF Dubai. Oct 27 Contact
e 23973 Austria: We would be interested in importing to Austria 300m² of Portoro Marble in 45 x 90 x 2cm as well as 35 Pcs of slabs in 55 x 200 x 2cm. Please quote us for this quantity and send us the payment terms and delivery times. Telephone: 004367638.....Oct 27 Contact
e 23972: Please quote for a telescopic crane truck. Oct 26 Contact
e 23971: Looking for edge polishing machine. Oct 26 Contact
e 23970 USA: Retail: I want a type of stone that looks better with more use. I was wondering if using larger 24 x 24 or 18 x12 black pieces in a diagonal w/ much smaller white or different coloured 4" pieces like a "checkerboard" would make the hall seem wider and "practical yet elegant"?
What do you recomend stone wise Granite, Marble, Slate, Soapstone, Basalt ? (Plus how to clean and do you oIl some of these ?) and size and pattern wise ? Because it's small sq. footage something more "Precious " is not daunting cost wise but something inexpensive might look priceless. Oct 26 Contact
e 23969 USA: Need app. 350 sq. ft. of stone similar to Mexican Beach pebbles. We would like a blacker stone. Oct 26 Contact
e 23968 India; Looking for sellers of monuments. Oct 26 Contact
e 23967: Our company is interested in exporting tiles and slabs made of marble, onyx, granite and travertine from Pakistan and Iran. My phone number 375 29 12...... At the time being we are interested only in marble, onyx, travertine, granite (tiles and slabs) of Pakistan and Iran production. Oct 26 Contact
e 23966: Please advice if you have a G14 available, as I am looking for this type of machine. Please send me full specification, photos C&F UAE price. Oct 25 Contact
e 23965 : I am looking to buy a reconditioned D-10 tractor to be used for mining. The age range anywhere between 1980 -1995. I have no preference in terms of the country I wish to buy. Please give me your range of prices. I want to buy the equipment as soon as. Tel: 876 32.....Oct 25 Contact
e 23963 USA: I am looking for 200-300 sq. feet of travertine 3x6 split face color gold. for a project to deliver in Dallas, TX. Also, interested in 2500 sq ft of french pattern of straight edge noce or walnut. also, need 500-550 sq ft of light travertine 18x18 or 24x24 prefer 24. contact at 239-27.....Oct 25 Contact
e 23961: If you have CAT 950B and CAT 950E in you Stock list or upcoming Stock, so kindly inform and send me their Complete Photo's. Oct 25 Contact
e 23960 Cyprus: For a prospective client we look for one mobile harbour crane which will lift in 20-25 meters approx. 40 tons.
Similar crane is LIMA model 1250. If you have something in very good condition please give your offer. 
Tel: +357 22 8.....Oct 25 Contact
e 23959 Muscat: I am interested in a chain saw. Tel: 00356790.....Oct 24 Contact
e 23958 MALTA: We would like to ask to give us your best FOB prices, let us know closest port, for:
Namibia Rose Marble 2cm & 3cm
Galata Polished Marble 2cm & 3cm
Tel: +356 214.....Oct 24 Contact
e 23957 USA: Looking for a granite slab 9'x6' 3/4" Juparana Columbo Gold. How much will this cost me and how long for delivery. I am looking to purchase within 30 days.  Telephone: 62648..... Oct 24 Contact
e 23956 Germany: I own an emerging handicrafts & Gift company here in Germany. I am interested in your wooden, marble products. So if it’s possible than deliver me sample of your product with price. If your company have catalog than it will be better to deliver me catalog with your price list. Oct 24 Contact
e 23955 USA: Retail: I’m looking for a small quantity (from one to six) of 12-inch granite tiles in a pattern called “Magpie” – it’s apparently a discontinued Canadian product. To be sure, I’m not positive this is the pattern, but it looks to be very close. My mobile number is 503-86.......Oct 24 Contact
e 23954: We are a new company for the sale of marble and granites in Portugal, and would like to know prices of granite and marbles to tiles and slabs M2. tel: 93 93.....Oct 23 Contact
e 23953 Poland: We are interested in marble and granite 2 , 3 cm . I am requesting prices slabs to surfaces polished , we are interested in amounts 200 - 300 m2. Tel/Fax +48 52 38.....Oct 23 Contact
e 23952: As an export/import firm we would like to get in touch with the supplier of basalt tiles for importing them to Holland and Belgium. Tel: 00317036.....Oct 23 Contact
e 23951 Serbia: Please quote for Granite Slabs and tiles from China. Oct 23 Contact
e 23950: I need 4000 sq ft of 4x4x4 gray cobble. Oct 23 Contact
e 23949 UAE: Please give your best price for reconstituted stone moldings including fixing for the project. Total quantity is 800 LM. (Width of the Moldings 10 cm). Tel: +971 2 44.....Oct 23 Contact
e 23948: I am looking for a slab of 3/4"X47"X22" piece of new venetian gold. I will need this shipped to Texas and can purchase immediately. Oct 23 Contact
e 23947: Looking for contractor to reset our granite steps in front of church. Telephone: 203-74..... Oct 23 Contact
e 23946: Interested in FOMA (Italy) gantry bridge saw. Tel: (905) 94.....Oct 22 Contact
e 23945: we are interested in importing marble slabs and tiles from Turkey to Republic of Moldova. Right now we are looking for a company to start working with. We are interested in your proposals and prices. Would you please send us your price list for slabs and tiles with including: dimensions, polished/unpolished, color, type of delivery? Oct 22 Contact
e 23944: We are looking for mobile cranes 150 M.T to 400 M.T. and year of manufacture would be between 1985 - 1990. If you have the same than kindly forward your technical specification along with latest model, photographs and best possible. Prices along with location of equipments. Oct 22 Contact
e 23943: We are a trading company in Vietnam deal with industrial products. Could you please quote your best price of pumice stone (wash stone) 2-3cm, origin Turkey (CIF Ho Chi Minh) city? The quantity is about 50MT. Oct 22 Contact
e 23942 USA: Retail: Can you tell me how much Venetian Gold granite mosaic would be per square foot? Tel: 702-65..... Oct 22 Contact
e 23941: Phone number 214-872-1219. Looking for Breccia (Breche) Meduse, marble, one small piece/slab 2cm, ~18 sqf, minimum length 48", minimum width 48". Oct 22 Contact
e 23940: I want to purchase the pure or mono green onyx blocks. Please provide dark green medium green onyx sample. With picture, quoted price and minimum order.  Oct 22 Contact
e 23939: I come from Taiwan, I want to purchase the Siberia green jade A grade,size:23cmX23cnX27cm, six saws the plane. Please provide green jade A the grade sample. with picture, quoted price and minimum order. Oct 22 Contact
e 23938: I am looking to buy Belgium black marble blocks. I am a stone sculptor. Tel: 1.415.38.....Oct 22 Contact
e 23937: I would like to buy slabs by container and would like to connect with another company for types and prices. Oct 21 Contact
e 23936: looking for 200 sq ft. louise blue brazillian granite. Tel: 781-72.....Oct 21 Contact
e 23935: Please send us your offer for peach red stone. Oct 21 Contact
e 23934: I am interested in your commercial price list for: ARACRUZ BLACK, BRAGANÇA RED, cystral beige, PIRACEMA WHITE, VAN GOGH GREEN, VENTURA GREEN, marinace green, lage green, miranda yellow, medina yellow, orange fiorito, ouro majestic, ouro mel, samoa light, venetian green. Oct 21 Contact
e 23933: we are interested in kato NK500 1990. We would like to see more picture and give us C.I.F price to Kuwait. Oct 21 Contact
e 23932 Ukraine: Could you please give us information as for the following points:
Crema Mare marble polished 300mm x 600mm x 20mm - 139 sq.m.
Crema Mare marble polished 300mm x 600mm x 30mm - 76 sq.m.
Crema Mare marble balusters 900mm x 150mm - 384
Terms and conditions of delivery
Prices (initial cost and including delivery)
Tel: +3805066.....Oct 21 Contact
e 23931 USA: I have a client has a blanco romano granite countertop and is looking for a checkerboard back-splash preferably 2x2 black and white polished marble. Tel: 720-40.....Oct 21 Contact
e 23930: Interested in Crema Marfil tiles as per ready stock 432. Oct 21 Contact
e 23929 India: We need River Pebbles. Tel: 9198292.....Oct 21 Contact
e 23928: Please send Iran travertine price list. Oct 21 Contact
e 23927 USA: I am looking for English flag stone for a project that I am working on in Palm Beach, I am wanting to use perhaps odd sizes to give real English look with pale Grey tones. Please ring me or email on 917 33.....Oct 20 Contact
e 23926: I am interested in purchasing medallions. Would you please give me a price on medallion in 72” diameter? Oct 20 Contact
e 23924 Singapore: Kindly forward your proforma Invoice for one 40ft container pumice stone consisting of 200 bags (50kg) of 5 - 7cm size and 800 bags (50kg) of 2-3cm size. Quote C & F to Singapore Port. Please advise on mode of payment and delivery time. Fax: 65-656......Oct 20 Contact
e 23923: I import Granite Slabs from India, Brazil and China. Telephone: 02721 63.....Oct 19  Contact
e 23922: Please send Photographs of following Crane:
Capacity : Tadano 25 Ton Roughter Crane
Overall Conditions: Very Good. Oct 19 Contact
e 23921 USA: For immediate purchase: I am looking for 2500 sq ft of Belgium Granite Pavers.
Ongoing: I am also interested in distributing this material in my region.
I am a landscape material wholesale and retail supply company in Denver.
I am also interested in: Distributing Diamond Blades and Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone. Oct 19 Contact
e 23920 USA: I am looking for American distributors of textured Basalt tiles and stair blocks for a current Commercial Project. Phone: (203) 22..... Oct 18 Contact
e 23919 USA: I am interested in Belgium block's to cover driveway. prefer larger cut possible in grey traditional color. Please send me a quote. we need approximately 6000 pieces. Oct 18 Contact
e 23918 USA: retail: How much would it cost me for a 4'x4' slab with rounded edges of the Australia Black Ice? I need a top for a desk that I am building.  Oct 18 Contact
e 23917: retail: I'm looking for a slab (52 sq') of Absolute Black Honed Granite. Can you help and what price would this be. Oct 18 Contact
e 23916: Interested in a waterjet machine. Oct 17 Contact
e 23915: I am looking for a full container of any yellow material like santa Cecilia, savannah gold, new Venetian gold, Gialo ornamental etc with a price under USD40 per square meter. I don’t mind commercial grade materials as long as no cracks. Also the container can be made up of more than one colour maybe half of one colour and half of another. Oct 17 Contact
e 23914: I am interested in the Verdi Ubatuba and Butterfly slabs. What are the quantities and sizes. How do I place an order. I am currently importing from Brazil, china and India. Tel: +27 21 63.....Oct 17 Contact
e 23913: Please quote for CAT 14G. Please send details and photos. Oct 17 Contact
e 23912: I need 220sq feet of cielo 12x12. Tel: 61753..... Oct 17 Contact
e 23911 USA: retail: I need 60 sq ft of grade 1 Blue stone in either 6x 6 or 12 x12. I live 40 miles from nyc. Can you help me out? Oct 17 Contact
e 23910 USA: retail: I am looking to buy 3 cent. thick Kinawa in Flower Mound Texas for my new kitchen. tel: 972 53.....Oct 17 Contact
e 23909 USA: Looking for a vendor of Brazilian granite slabs and tiles as per pricelist 1526. Tel: 1-703-9.....
I am also interested in the following Indian materials: Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Sapphire Blue, Absolute Black
Not Indian but typically processed in India: Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl GT, Volga Blue, Oct 16 Contact
e 23908 USA: retail: Am interested in 6 trio love knots in USA-Florida. Please contact me 954-47.....Oct 16 Contact
e 23907 Lebanon: I am interested to know if you produce full body (or double face) ceramic tiles, not polished. I need big quantities to the middle east. you can even contact me to my mobile: 0096139......Oct 16 Contact
e 23906: I am looking to buy Star Galaxy tiles 60 x 30 0r 40 x 40 by 20mm.Polished.
Could you give me
1) a minimum m2 purchase
2) Price per m2
Tel:- 00 34 956 6.....Oct 16 Contact
e 23905: I have a stone company in Ireland and I have a client looking for some Bianco Carrara C tiles the sizes are 600x300x15mm floor and 305x610x10mm wall if you can help me can you the price per metre. Oct 16 Contact
e 23904: We are interested on your chain saw machine for marble. Can you give us specifications and price for a portable chain saw. Oct 15 Contact
e 23903 Germany: We need further information about this product. We need an offer for:
900sqm tiles, Vratza limestone, 67,5 x 67,5 x 2cm, all sides sawn, top chiseled - free delivery to Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Tel: +4930-24....Oct 15 Contact
e 23902: Please advise if motor grader caterpillar is still available. Tel: (888) 98.....Oct 15 Contact
e 23901 Finland: We are looking for Longyear drills and drill equipments specially second hand and used drills for buying and transferring them to North Iraq and Iran. I would like to have information about your possible store and drills' prices. Tel: +3584149.....Oct 14 Contact
e 23900 USA: We are buyers from the USA and are interested in Granite Slabs from Brazil. tel: 770-37.....Oct 14 Contact
e 23898 Germany: We are interested in several material especially in granite slabs and tiles “China”. How can we start business with the company? Please let us know how to get on with some more information. Germany. Oct 14 Contact
e 23897 UAE: Please find your best competitive offer for the following Marble:
Perlato Sicilia -33Cm wide 3Cm Thick Treads with 15Cm High 2Cm Thick Risers
Length: 110Cm
Qty: 1,050 Rm.
Perlato Sicilia Tiles Polished
Qty: 1000 M2
Your Offer Shall Include The following:
Rates in Euro
Duration required for delivery of materials
Terms of payment
For any further information you may require, please contact the undersigned on mobile: 00971 50 64.....Oct 14 Contact
e 23896 China: I am the sourcing director for a furniture company based in the US-UK and Asia. I am looking for a granite supplier who can produce finished products such as vanity tops, coffee table tops, and night stand tops. Currently I have a large order for the following:
Verde Ventura, Brown Suede, Colonial Gold. I am also looking for Sea Grass Limestone as well as Pewter Limestone. Tel: (86) 136819.....Oct 13 Contact
e 23895 Ireland: I am a stonemason. I live and work in Ireland. I would be interested in a rock splitter. Would you send on some pictures and more information?  Oct 13 Contact
e 23894 USA: retail: Please quote a price for 500 square feet of indoor bluestone pavers -random size. my cell is 508 93.....Oct 13 Contact
e 23893 : We are Saudi Arabian est. We deal with natural stones for flooring and garden decoration, slate, limestone, etc. We are looking for a long term supplier with who we can do whole sale business in Riyadh. We can work as an agent or partnership. Tel: 00966 5054.....Oct 13 Contact
e 23892 China: We want to order the India variety color marble 6000t for this time. Tel.no. is 86-29-8539......Oct 12 Contact
e 23891 : We are a construction company. Our company is based in Macedonia. My phone number is +38970......We are in need of a large amount of Nero Zimbabwe granite tiles. We would require 840 tiles size 1200mm x 1200mm x 30mm measured in millimeters. We need the granite by mid-November. The date of delivery is flexible. We would like the companies to offer us a prize FRANCO with our vehicles at their factory. If this is not possible they should offer us a cost delivery included. Oct 12 Contact
e 23890 USA: I am looking for a container of 6” x 12” Polished Emperador Light Chinese x 3/8”. I am a wholesaler in the US. Please let me know your BEST price for this item. Oct 12 Contact
e 23889 USA: retail: Need 200 sq feet honey onyx 12x12. Needed asap. Looking to spend about $5 per square foot. phone(302) 47.....Oct 12 Contact
e 23888 Qatar: Require prices of all types of Saudi Granites. Telephone: +974 43.....Oct 11 Contact
e 23887 USA: I was wondering if you have brochures/information you can send me about the different natural stones you offer. We have a remodeling business here is Oregon and have had quite a few customers wishing to be well informed on natural stones and we would like other places to buy it from besides Lowes and Home Depot! Oct 11 Contact
e 23886 USA: I need a price for container quantites in slabs for 3cm thickness fob US and fob Brazil on the following colors first grade and commercial grade ready to buy minimum of 6 containers if the price is right on the following colors bahia green, butterfly green, yellow fioreto, giallo napolone, giallo veneciano, peacock green, santa ceclia, ubatuba green, yellow ornamental. fob port of victoria of any other port in Brazil or fob Tampa, Florida. Tel: 352 30.....Oct 11 Contact
e 23885: We are very interested in this Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine. Can you please send us some pictures by e-mail? Tel.:+354-69.....Oct 11 Contact
e 23884 : We are looking for a very high quality Verde Guatamalan within 50 miles of Oakland California. Will come out to see the slabs - probably need 3 slabs - private party, for kitchen and bath lavtop. No fabricator selected yet. Oct 11 Contact
e 23883: I would like to inquire if you've got Botticino Fiorito's in 48x48 or if you've got them in Slabs and how much would it be per square feet? Please call me at (909) 47.....Oct 10 Contact
e 23882 USA: Do you stock Blue Pearl? Looking for 3800 sq ft. Phone (800) 50.....Oct 10 Contact
e 23881 USA: retail: I am looking for a slab of the semi precious stone Labrodite. Do you have this material? If so in slabs? I am not looking for Labrodite Bianca Granite. I am looking for the ACTUAL labrodite semi precious stone. Tel: 1 972 24.....Oct 10 Contact
e 23880 USA:  DO HAVE A LINE ON ANY SAW TABLES WITH A HYDRAULIC TILT? Cell: 303-88.....Oct 9 Contact
e 23879: We are interested to buy a machine for producing artificial marble (please send us details for all available types). Please contact us about the price and terms of payment. Oct 9 Contact
e 23878 China: Could you send me the photo of BOTTICINO FIORITO and give me the price of 48'' x 48'' x 2cm honed. Oct 9 Contact
e 23877 India: retail: I am constructing 5200 sft house (G+1). My Budget is Rs 500,000 for marble + tiles + wall tiles in bathrooms including laying charges. At present I am in west Africa, Reaching home (Hyderabad) by 2nd Nov 07. my residence number is 040-240......Oct 9 Contact
e 23876 USA: I am in need of a price list for the Giallo Florito light slab ( 3 CM). If possible I would also like a general price list of all material. Off: (813) 87.....Oct 9 Contact
e 23875 USA: retail: We are looking for about 40 sq ft of verde quertzal marble - the soft cool green marble. Please let me know ASAP if you have any. Telephone: 601.35.....Oct 9 Contact
e 23874 USA: Do you have the cobblestone? If so, do you have pictures? I am interested in cobblestone for a driveway and a patio. Also, can you estimate the square footage that a ton would cover? And what about shipping. I am in Larchmont, New York. Oct 9 Contact
e 23873 Canada: I am looking for suppliers of natural marble, light coloured granite or similar materials in Victoria, B.C. Do your have any retailers in this area on your list? Oct 9 Contact
e 23872 Canada: retail: I am searching for rundle veneer for attaching to the outside of my house. My telephone number is (403) 28.....The stone has to be black or black/brown, and I prefer veneer which is less chunky than other stone types. We require approximately 500 sq ft. It is for cladding 10 veranda pillars. We do not want any kind of tiles, only masonry type stone. Oct 9 Contact
e 23870 ALGERIA: What is your best FOB price for Mugla white polished tiles in size of 40x40x1.5cm? We like to know your packing way and size and thickness tolerance. Also, what is your polishing degree? Tel : 213613.....Oct 8 Contact
e 23869 South Africa: Can you please email me a price list of all your granite & marble tiles, also indicating any specials you currently have in stock? tel: 083 65.....Oct 8 Contact
e 23868 USA: We have a huge project which could require a lettuce green granite. Please arrange for us to receive samples of the lettuce green granite. We need 150mm x 150mm samples (6 pieces) any thickness, honed finish. The link to where we found this is www.findstone.com/IRAgran1.htm. Tel. + 1.323.46.....Oct 8 Contact (findstone has spoken to the buyer)
e 23867 Ireland: I am a stonemason. I live and work in Ireland. Could you send me a sample off your limestone? I have a business cutting heads sills quions plus other things. As well I would be interested in blocks like 600 x 200, 2.5 meters full container plus 300 x 300 2.5 meters a gain full container and then repeat business. Could you give me a price on that delivered to Belfast port. My number 077033......Oct 7 Contact
e 23866 USA: retail: I am looking for a large slab of White Diamond granite with a white background (not pink or with a lot of yellow in it). I need at least 117 inches wide. And I need it ASAP. Oct 7 Contact
e 23865 China: We are interested in all variety colors and types of granite and marble. Totally to order 5000-6000t,please send us the list of quotation, size, types of your products, which is useful for us. tel. no. is 86-29-8539.....Oct 7 Contact
e 23864 USA: I am looking for granite slab providers and granite prefabricated blanks as well. Tel: 435 22.....Wanting Tropic Brown for around $8.00 SF for 3cm. Quantity of order will depend on pricing, material, etc. Would be willing to buy domestic or import. Interested in Granite and Mexican Noce Travertine slabs and blanks, no tiles. Oct 6 Contact
e 23863 Iran: Interested in importing synthetic diamond powder from India.  Telephone: +98 913 30..... Oct 6 Contact
e 23862 USA: I am looking for tarvertine or saturnia 24" approximately 3000 square feet. Oct 6 Contact
e 23861 USA: retail: Would like 3-4 consecutive slabs of: BIANCO CARRARA - 2cm and delivery for use in my own residence in Oakland, California. Am looking to receive delivery of material sometime mid- November. Oct 6 Contact
e 23860: Please quote for Granite and marble slabs as displayed in ready stock 294. Tel: (210)44.....Oct 6 Contact
e 23859: I was interested in alabaster for a bar top. Tel: 773 21.....Oct 6 Contact
e 23858 USA: retail: Do you still have the sodalite? I need two remnant size pieces -very concentrated in blues. Approx. sizes are 8" x 58" and
5" x 28". Tel: 800.88.....Oct 5 Contact
e 23857 China: We want to buy cream marfil in Slabs (2cm & 3cm) and blocks from Spain. Oct 5 Contact
e 23856: We are suppliers and educators in Stone Massage and are looking for a wholesale supplier of Mexican beach pebbles/stones. Our phone is 1-877-58.....Quantity is subject to the price. Color we would like black (grey when dry) We are only interested in Mexican Beach stones (basalt) Oct 5 Contact
e 23855: I am interested in black marble tiles China for the totality of the 6 containers. Oct 5 Contact
e 23854: I am interested in the PANTERA 1500. Please can you let me know if it is still available? Tel: +44 (0) 1446 7.....Oct 4 Contact
e 23853 Kenya: Please suffice us with a quotation for a crusher with a capacity to produce 50 tons per hour. We intend to produce 0/5 concrete materials for building and road construction. The cost should include importation charges to Embakasi Deport and any other duties charges. Oct 4 Contact
e 23852: I am looking for Cat 14G used in condition for East Africa. Tel: 1-416-37.....Oct 4 Contact
e 23851 USA: Need 100 ton of slabs of north east stone that is 8 to 18 inches thick, uncut edges , no seams, solid , 2 to 3 feet wide to 5 to 7 feet wide. Tel: 585-26.....Oct 4 Contact
e 23850: Please quote for Iranian granite. Oct 4 Contact
e 23849 India: There is a requirement of lime (approx. - 30 tons/month) for Waste Water Treatment Plant. So, can u pls. quote us for the same alongwith flwg. details:-
1) available form/purity
2) tech. specs/MSDS
3) available package sizes
4) delivery period
5) Does the composition of this lime anyway different than the one which a water treatment plant with drinking usage might require? If yes, then pls. give details of the same. Oct 4 Contact
e 23848 Algeria: Can you give us your best offer for green marble tiles of size 40x40x1.5cm on FOB basis? We are also interested in Indian granites tiles with sizes 40x40x1cm and countertops with size 200x65x2cm. Tel : 00213613.....Oct 4 Contact
e 23847: I need to buy stone crushing machine. Please give price. Oct 3 Contact
e 23846: Please quote with images CAT 325. Oct 3 Contact
e 23845: We are interested in buying all the necessary equipments needed in operating quarry business and costs of each equipments. Oct 3 Contact
e 23844: Give us more details about 30x30cm and 40x40cm granite and marble slabs and tiles. Oct 3 Contact
e 23843: Please quote for CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE. Mob: +356 79 2.....Oct 3 Contact
e 23842: Please quote for crema bello limestone. Kindly send over photos of the Crema Bello and all technical data of the material. Oct 3 Contact
e 23841 USA: Retail: Does anyone have used or salvaged limestone block available in either 8" or 10" width? If so what is your pricing per square foot or per ton? Tel: 919 47......Oct 3 Contact
e 23840: We are looking for blue granite for a customer. There are a few on your website that look promising. Do you actually sell the granite? If so we are looking for 450 sf of 12 x12 tiles. We are very interested in Sodalite Blue from Namibia.
Blue Crystal from Australia
Blue Pegaso, Amarelo Bangu, Blue Barracuda, Jupranan Sunset from Brazil
Verde Marina from ?
We would need this material (only one of the above listed granites) in Australia for the end of November, if this is possible could you please let us know the colours available, along with the price per square foot and where it would be shipped from.  Oct 3 Contact
e 23839: I am trying to match the current Mondariz tile to the backsplash that I have. Phone number: 646.53........NEED ABOUT 6-9 (12'X12) MONDARIZ GRANITE TILES.  Oct 3 Contact
e 23838: would like to check with you how much is the m3 of the blue bahia granite, since you mention the cost per ton. Oct 3 Contact
e 23837: Please, give prices for all granite blocks with following sizes - length - 3,2 m, height - 1,8 m, width - 1,1 m, and length - 1,6 m, height - 1,6 m, width - 1,8 m. We are also interested in unpolished slabs - 400 mm (width), 1500 mm (length), 10-20 mm (thickness). tel.: (371) 39.....Oct 3 Contact
e 23836: I am looking for granite blocks to be used for steps in old house in Massachusetts.. What do you have. Give measurements and describe color. Oct 3 Contact
e 23835: I am looking for prefabricated granite countertops in the Houston, Texas area.....I am looking for them in 8 or 10 ft slabs with left or right corners and a bullnose in the front. I am also looking for a good quality kitchen cabinets. Oct 3 Contact
e 23833: Please could u send me price of GIALLO CALIFORNIA COMMERCIAL SLABS POLISHED FOB 2cm. PLEASE i need the price in US$ IN M2 instead of FT. Oct 2 Contact
e 23832: Please quote for crema bello limestone and white mugla blocks. We have interest in your marbles but we cant make payments by L/C if you would agree you give us 120 days credit by bank wire transfer into your accounts, if you accept kindly let me know. Oct 2 Contact
e 23831 USA: We need to get 1000 feet or more of tile in 18 x 18 honed Madura Gold. We need it in the next several weeks. Oct 2 Contact
e 23830 USA: Retail: Quantity estimate: one slab - 144inches buy 25 inches. Stone name Any one of the following three: Impala Black (india), Silver pearl granite (india), or Labrador black (Ukraine). I need it as soon as possible. I will proceed with project as soon as I purchase a piece.
My budget is around $15 per square foot. Phone number: 612-72.....Oct 2 Contact
e 23829 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Hasmi stone cladding. Qty. is approx 9200 sqm. Oct 1 Contact
e 23828 USA: retail: I desperately need a small piece -- a scrap -- of Luis Blue granite to complete a renovation project: ~ 12" X 30". Oct 1 Contact
e 23827: I will build a new house next year and I would like to have Travertine floors. What is the best type of finish for travertine floors in Kitchen, Laundry room and bathrooms? Or should I forget travertine and use a different stone flooring? Oct 1 Contact
e 23826: We are interested in the white marble block and white lime stone block from Turkey. Oct 1 Contact
e 23825: please supply full spec & info on the galeski 3000 together with photos. Oct 1 Contact
e 23824: I am sourcing some Imperial Brown (black shade) in Australia for bench top bathroom renovations. It does not appear to be available in Darwin, NT, so am looking further afield. I don’t need a lot (maybe two 1x2m slabs). Oct 1 Contact
e 23823 Spain: Please quote for crema bello limestone and white mugla blocks. Tel: + 34 965 6.....Oct 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.