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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   November 30, 2007
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154 inquiries in November, 171 inquiries in October

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 24147: I am searching with URGENTLY one CAT 350 L. Nov 30 Contact
e 24146 Syria: We are looking for a used gang saw for granite as well as a polishing line for granite slabs for our company. By searching the internet we found your company selling one or both of these items. Kindly send us technical details on your available machine, cutting/polishing sizes, working speed, etc. as well as details on the price, shipping fees, installation and start-up of the machine. Some pictures for reference will be helpful also. What kind of payment method do you prefer? Is payment in several installations possible, for example? Phone: +963 11 47.....Nov 30 Contact
e 24145: I want to buy the Annaba marble in blocks. Nov 30 Contact
e 24144: Interested in a terazzo tile plant. Nov 30 Contact
e 24143: Need granite slabs, 20’ container to start and get into 6 container per month, granite slabs for kitchen countertops, rough edges, most common colors (green ubatuba, black San Gabriel...) phone number +57 4 37.....Nov 30 Contact
e 24142: Could you please forward what you can offer in the following categories:
- RT 100ton, 1995 / 5,000hrs range, certified good runner
- RT 50ton, brand name, 500-1000 hours
- Hydraulic 300-350ton, 1995 vintage, certified good runner. Nov 30 Contact
e 24141: We required used Wheel Excavator Hitachi or Caterpillar Model above 2000. with bucket and hammer. Nov 29 Contact
e 24140 USA: We would like to request a quote for onyx. We are requesting that the product be free of any fill. We will need natural stone. Please quote per piece and arrange samples for the following size 101mm x 101mm x 6mm in the following:
1) White onyx
2) Yellow onyx
3) Green onyx
4) Red onyx
5) Pink onyx
6) Golden blue onyx
7) Orange onyx
8) Black onyx
We will order in the following quantities 200, 1000, 1500, or 2000 each type onyx. Tel: 949.72.....Nov 29 Contact
e 24139: I am looking for a very light 24 inch travertine. Snow White or something that light. I live in Southern California. Nov 29 Contact
e 24138: We are looking for a pre-owned bridge saw for one of our customers.
Specifications as follows:
Approx. capacity: 3,300mm (10'-12') X 1,800mm (5'-6')
Blade capacity: 400mm (15"-16")
Travel axis: 210mm (8"-10")
Head rotation: 0-90 deg.
Head mitering: 0-45 deg.
Main motor: 10 HP approx.
- Digital readout preferred
- Positioner
- Manual turntable
- Variable cutting speed
Please forward pictures and asking price if you have this equipment available. Nov 29 Contact
e 24137 USA: I am looking for marble, dark chocolate color, I need 18” x 18” ½ thick, about 400 square feet. Phone 520.28.....Nov 28 Contact
e 24136: WE REQUIRED HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANE - CAPACITY 120 - 2000 TONNES MAKE - KATO / TADANO. Telephone: 971 50 56.....Nov 28 Contact
e 24135: We're a construction company based out of Northeastern United States (PA) and are looking for a mix of 50% beige, 30% dark brown, 10% red, 10% black 3/8th to 1/2 inch pebbles for use in exposed aggregate concrete. 25-30 tons. Please respond via email or call us at (215)52...... Nov 28 Contact
e 24134: Looking for a Dynapac CC-501C with lower hours, very clean. Do you have a unit? Nov 28 Contact
e 24133: I would like a quote on 88 sq ft of Golden Musk 1 1/4" thick on my kitchen counters and 7 sq ft of backsplash. Nov 28 Contact
e 24132: we need to purchase 9x9 ceramic glazed tiles. Nov 28 Contact
e 24131: I need 600m2 of yellow star stone. Nov 27 Contact
e 24130 Iceland: I am looking for granite tiles. The tile should preferably be white in general with black dots or waves inside. I specially like the granite tile White Halayeb from Egypt.
Phone number +354-55.....
Quantity: is 230 m2
Size: 398 mm x 398 mm x 10 mm
Chamfered: 1 mm
Surface: Polished
Quality: First
Cost of samples: 4 tiles paid by the buyer.
Application: The tiles will be used as a outside cladding (facade) for a house and have to witstand frost/snow and rain conditions. The tiles will be clued onto to a vertical aluminum profile. Nov 27 Contact
e 24129 USA: I am seeking 2 boxes of 12" tile of Inca Gold and 2 boxes of 12" tile of Tiberias Gold. I am trying to find what other sources for there are for these. Inca Gold is a creamy to darker yellow and Tiberias gold is a golden brown. Phone number 520-29.....Nov 27 Contact
e 24128: Looking to get grey granite cobblestones from this supplier in containers. Need pricing and availability. FOB Chennai Port.
Size: 8"x4"x4". Tel: 201 61.....Nov 27 Contact
e 24127: I am Interested to Buy Caterpillar Wheel loader 950B & 950E. Please Kindly send me Photos, serial no, Years, Engine & Transmission Condition and your Best Price For these Units.  Nov 27 Contact
e 24126: Looking for a slab of Black Saphire Granite for a residential project.
I have three different areas to cover:
Buffet Dimensions: 97” (L) x 24” (w) 3” back splash required
Island Dimensions: 42” x 66”
Counter Dimensions: 24” (w) x 170” (L) 3” back splash required. Nov 27 Contact
e 24125: I am interested in salvaged limestone blocks. Do you have any photos for color? What condition do you expect them to be when removed? I would be interested in at least a couple thousand if not all of them (assuming they meet my color and quality requirements). Can they be seen somewhere? tel: 217-67.....Nov 26 Contact
e 24124: Do you know where I can purchase or find some limestone boulders? I need some for some stream improvement purposes on my ranch in Colorado. Tel: 865-20.....Nov 26 Contact
e 24123: I'm will like to enquiry for Stones can you respond back if my order can be taken care of, so that i can quickly respond back to you with, types needed for quotes. also you can go ahead and email me with the types of stones you have available in stock today. Quantity will depend on the kind of pricing i get from you and also what type of major credit card's you accept for payment.  Nov 26 Contact
e 24122: Please advise us with your best prices for: 
hydraulic excavator
komatsu pc 120 -5
pc 150 - 5
and number of working hours. Tel/Fax : +2-0339.....Nov 26 Contact
e 24121: Could you please send a photo for “Calacata macchia oro- Calacata Gold” and advise the availability and C&F price of polished slabs of about 700 m2. Nov 26 Contact
e 24120 India: We are looking out for Granite slabs .Should be Absolutely Black 180 x 60 x 2 cm and 3 cm thick slabs. There should not be any speckles of any kind. When shown in sunlight they should not show any brown or green or any other shade in it. If you can supply such absolute black Granite slabs - kindly send us a sample of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 mm.  Please note we have regular requirement for the same. Phone 91 44 222...... Nov 26 Contact
e 24118 :  I am interested in your Travertine Tiles. Could I possibly see photo's of the 2 colors (Warm and Dark Walnut) I will need approx 2000 sq feet. Cell: 530 62.....Nov 25 Contact
e 24117: I am mostly interested in the bianco carrara. Can you kindly send me more information on the product. Tel: 00356 994......Nov 25 Contact
e 24116 UK: I am very keen to purchase cnc machine for my setup in the UK. Mob: 079587.....Nov 25 Contact
e 24115: Please quote for Rosa Beta Granite. Nov 25 Contact
e 24113 India: Requirement for EX120 Machine. send PHOTO, and Prices.  Nov 24 Contact
e 24112 USA: I am looking for a source of soapstone for carving--mostly small pieces; no larger than fist size. I teach hon design and carving and I am looking for some small soapstone pieces for my students to practice with before they sculpt something on the handle of their hons. Is it possible to buy directly from you and pick up at your Seattle location? If so, what is the min weight and what is the cost? Phone: 206.63.....
Nov 24 Contact
e 24111 Egypt: We need to import alicante, roza and emperador blocks and we need to know if there are enough blocks ready to shipped and plz send us the prices and pictures. Telephone: 00201053..... Nov 24 Contact
e 24110 China: I am very interested in buying Iran granites: Absolute black and forest green. Telephone: + 86 - 592 - 56.....Nov 24 Contact
e 24109: Please let me have pricelists of your Baikal Siberian Jade. Do you have Boulders of natural form in the 1Kg to 12 Kg size also large uncut pebbles or cobbles. Any Photos would be much appreciate along with shipping prices to UK. However I have a growing number of collectors who wish to purchase good display examples of Natural boulders and there is a lot of interest in Baikal Nephrite. Nov 24 Contact
e 24108 : I am looking for discontinued tiles 18" x 18" Porcelain Ceramic Tile. Unicom- Key Stone Noce from Italy UN 5024 Beige in color. Nov 24 Contact
e 24107 Iran: We are interested in your products. You are kindly requested to send us catalogue and price list. Tel: 0098 935 42.....Nov 24 Contact
e 24106 USA: We are interested in purchasing granite black galaxy. What will be the delivered price to Indianapolis for above? If we choose other tiles that you have from other countries, how long does it usually take it to get to us here? tel: 317.63.....Nov 24 Contact
e 24105 USA: I am looking for marbles, the cheaper the better, neutral colors and whites. We are a developer company in Key Biscayne, Florida. We import our floors from all over. Phone: 305.36.....Nov 24 Contact
e 24104 Saudi Arabia: Please can you provide a quote for the following and indicate lead times
Type: Nero Absoluto granite
Sizes: A: 60 x 30 x 2 (all cms) polished tiles
B: 60 x 60 x 2 polished tiles
C: 2.8 X 2.2 (metres) x 2 cms polished slabs
(Length and Width could vary slightly)
Quantity: 2 containers of type C @ 400 sq metres per container.
1 container each of types A and B @ 400 sq metres per container.
Delivered to Jeddah. Nov 23 Contact
e 24103 USA: retail: Looking for 2-3 pieces 1/2" x 12" x 12" of Black Granite. Phone: 919.73.....Nov 23 Contact
e 24102 South Africa: Looking suppliers for pumice stone & powder. Telephone: 0027 21 98.....Nov 23 Contact
e 24101: I want to know more information about Hydraulic stone splitter. Also, I want to know stone splitter price and detail specification. If you have catalog about splitter, send me it, please. Tel: +82-51-36.....Nov 23 Contact
e 24100: I want to make an order of Granite Square shape with 12 x 12 of color Black Galaxy and I need 226 pieces of them now. Email me with the total price What form of payment do you accept? Nov 23 Contact
e 24099: We are interesting in your production (pumice stone size:2-3 & 3-5cm).  The usage is very big in our factory. And we always order 20*40 container one time. Telephone: 00855 23 4.....Nov 22 Contact
e 24098: Do you have a list of suppliers of Iranian Orange Onyx for Canada or U.S? I'm just looking for a small order. Tel: 905-74.....Nov 22 Contact
e 24097 Ireland: We are looking for 20ft containers of
Black limestone Sizes 60x90,60x60,60x30cm Thickness:25-30mm:
Sandstone mint Sizes 60x90,60x60,60x30cm Thickness:25-35mm
2m to 4m circles with and without corner kits
10x10x10cm granite cubes
Some crates of samples
Delivered to Dublin Port and how long Shipping time. We have cash ready to go, will buy anywhere in Asia or elsewhere, price landed in Dublin and how long are that matters. Tel: 00353868......Nov 22 Contact
e 24096 USA: retail: I am looking for 18 sf of Blue Macauba Granite. tel: 305-66.....Nov 22 Contact
e 24095 UK: I am working at the north east of England, fitting kitchens and I am looking for a supplier for granite worktops. Nov 22 Contact
e 24094 Kuwait: Kindly quote to provide:
CAT asphalt finisher 1050B low work hours
CAT asphalt finisher BG 245C low work hours
Please provide equipments details ( photos—sn –Work hours – control system)
Tel :00965-22.....Nov 21 Contact
e 24093 Israel: We are interested in diamond tools for granite, ceramic tiles, concrete and reinforced concrete. We manufacture, import and export diamond tools. We need to know all about your saw blades and if you can manufacture them by special request according to the market demands.
do you have also diam. 800mm for stone? if you have a complete catalogue we would appreciate if you send us. please calculate all your prices on c&f Israel airport basis. Telephone: 972-3-93..... Nov 21 Contact
e 24092 Netherlands: We need polishing pads like the picture. Nov 21 Contact
e 24091 Spain: We are looking for white marble with the measures of 60x40. Telephone: +34 91 67.....Nov 21 Contact
e 24090 USA: I would like to get some quotes on Travertine tiles. Please post this ad to purchase/buy material.
Phone 972-36......
1200 sq ft, 16”x16” or 18”x18”
Honed and Filled Travertine, prefer light color premium with consistent color – no black
Using for flooring
Local Pick up in or around Dallas & Fort Worth
Looking for around $2 sqft. Nov 20 Contact
e 24089 USA: I need competitive rates from India & China for Grey Granite cobble stones as detailed below:
Size - 8" X 4" X 4"
Color - Light grey
Qty- Container loads
Order can be confirmed as soon as sample and price is confirmed.
Price to be both FOB origin country port and CNF US East Coast Port
Tel: 201 20.....Nov 20 Contact
e 24087 Australia: I am trying to source some BARAP slabs for delivery to Australia. Tel: +61 413 5.....approx 1500mm x 3000mm slabs, slightly smaller is ok. Expect to place an order as soon as a supplier is found. Nov 20 Contact
e 24086: Spain:
I need prices for:
4000 m2 80*40*8 cm in granite grey flamed and Bush hammer dressed (image1)
20000 m2 80*40*8 cm in granite black flamed and Bush hammer dressed (image2)
12000 m2 80*40*4 cm in granite black flamed and Bush hammer dressed (image2)
3000 m2 100*50*5 cm in granite grey flamed and Bush hammer dressed (image3)
700 m2 50*10*4 cm in granite grey flamed and Bush hammer dressed (image3)
I do expect to finalise the order in ten months. Tel: +346079.....Nov 19 Contact
e 24085: i am interested in this CAT 966C. Nov 19 Contact
e 24084 USA: I need two blocks of stone to display outdoor sculpture as follows:
1) square pedestal 45” x 45” x 12” tall (dark black-green)
matte finish
top, bottom and four corner edges to have 1/8” round
2) square pedestal 24” x 24” x 30” tall (dark gray-black)
matte finish
top, bottom and four corner edges to have 1/8” round
Need quote ASAP! Tel: (410) 32.....Nov 19 Contact
e 24083: We are looking for Texas Grit or something similar to use as a substrate in a Love bird aviary so the bottom is somewhat siftable.
Phone: 757-44.....Nov 19 Contact
e 24082: I would like to inquire about the prices of your derrick crane specifically 10 ton derrick crane. I am from the Philippines.
Telephone: 063-72.....Nov 18 Contact
e 24081: I am looking for the same slabs of hijau danau 10x10 cm and need a quote and contacts. The project is located in Samui Thailand. Nov 18 Contact
e 24080 Saudi Arabia: Could u send us some images of yr used CAT-966C {S/N 76J5096 Yr-1971} loader + last price ie., CIF price port to be delivered at Dammam-KSA. TEL: +9661 24.....Nov 18 Contact
e 24079 Argentina: Telephone: 54 11 481.....: We have interest in the following items, please send us your best quotation based 2000 sqm.
Red Onyx, White Onyx, Travertino. Nov 18 Contact
e 24078 Canada: I am looking for granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) polished by the containers door to door. Telephone: 61329...... Nov 18 Contact
e 24077 USA: I am interested in 550 SF of Jamaican _*Serge Island Green* _marble or from Turkey the _*SUPREN*_ marble. I need a price and delivery charges to Venice, Florida.  Nov 17 Contact
e 24076 Iran: I find you as good supplier for Diamond bead for granite and marble. I would like to buy 30000 pieces by first time for testing and if your price is good, I will buy 20000 pieces per month. Kindly please send me your price as soon as possible. Telephone: 0098935 38...... Nov 17 Contact
e 24075 Saudi Arabia: COULD YOU PL. SEND SOME IMAGES + LAST PRICE OF USED MITSUBISHI EXCAVATOR MODEL: MS180-8 S/N 6981 YR-1986. TEL: +9661 24.....Nov 17 Contact
e 24074 India: We are interested to purchase different size of Kharal & Batta (pastal & Mortar)made of hard granite stone, for fitting in our make automatic motorized To & FRO kharal machine
1. Kharal size length 16.5” X Width 10” X depth 5 or 6” dully polished
2. Small kharal & Batta made of hard granite semax stone (for hand use) for grinding 150/200 grams material dully polished.
Kindly send your quotation immediately through Email or Fax mentioning your Terms & condition, etc. Phone: 0542-22.....Nov 17 Contact
e 24073 China: Would you please send me some technical data about Pietra del Cardoso? Phone No. (0852) 240.....
Color: Black
Qty.: 500M2
For Hong Kong Project
Nov 17 Contact
e 24072 USA: My telephone number is 614-56....... We are interested in Granite from Brazilian companies for Brazilian stone. We have a need for anywhere from 1-4 containers per month depending on the price and availability. Nov 17 Contact
e 24071 LEBANON: I import granite from india & brazil but i want 2000 m2 stone slabs crema marfile. My ph NO :0096135..... Nov 16 Contact
e 24070 USA: We are a public sculpture park in southern Maryland, USA. We need two blocks of granite to display outdoor sculpture in the following sizes…
Square pedestal – 24” x 24” x 24” square in dark grayish black stone
Square pedestal – 45” x 45” x 12” tall in a grayish green stone
Would be interested in several quotes. We are tax exempt and will provide certificate if sale is made.
Need info ASAP. Nov 16 Contact
e 24069 India: Pls send us the best quote for kammam black 30 mm thk. The requirement is 2000 sft. Mobile: +91-98843.....Nov 16 Contact
e 24068 Pakistan: We are interested in your motor grader cat 14G please send me its picture inside the cabin and engine and will you dissemble this machine into the container. Tel. +922154.....Nov 16 Contact
e 24067 USA: We are interested in very large quantities of antique used cobblestone street pavers. Tel: (319) 63.....Nov 16 Contact
e 24066: Please send me more information on granite blocks. I am interested in purchasing blocks and shipping them to Xiamen China. Phone (250) 92..... Nov 16 Contact
e 24065 Cyprus: We are interesting about 20000 sqm granite cubes g654 10 x 10 x 10 the surface flamed reply us very very quickly. Telephone: 00357228......  Nov 15 Contact
e 24064 UAE: Actually for one of our project in MOROCCO we need the swimming pool edge curved stone. Enclosed is the picture. In this picture you can find a blue color stone in pool edges & we are looking for this item. This is for project tendering purpose. At present we haven’t any idea about this stone because we didn’t get any kind of specification from them. Because of this we are not looking for the original or a particular brand, so if you are dealing these kind of stone or any idea about these things please let me know about it.
Tel. 00971 04 22.....Nov 15 Contact
e 24063 India: Please give your best quote for Kammam granite 30 mm flamed for an area of 2000 sft. The requirement is very urg. The site is in Chennai. Mob: 99406 .....Nov 15 Contact
e 24062 Turkey: We want to import light travertine. please send to us your offer for 1 container load light travertine with dimensions 60x40x1.2 cm cif istanbul. please try to send also pictures of your products to my email. tel: +90 212 54.....Nov 15 Contact
e 24061 Lebanon: I need slabs 2 cm crema marfil polished. Nov 15 Contact
e 24060:  We are the importer of Marble and Granites. Our Requirement is mentioned below:
Name: Blue Pearl, Gem Red
Thickness: 20MM
Size Quote rates in random slabs and cut to size 24” x 24” & 24” x 48”
Quantity 50,000 sqft Blue Pearl, 50,000 sqft Gem Red.
Mobile 0092-300-41.....
Kindly also send us mode of payment and mode of Delivery. PREFERRED : QUALITY, QUANTITY, COMPETITIVE RATES, COMMITMENT & CREDIT.
Also send us the other granite and marble rates. Nov 15 Contact
e 24059 : Please provide me with a few good marble and granite factories in Thailand. Telephone: 00668436.....Nov 15 Contact
e 24058 USA: We are a landscape design/build firm in the Ellsworth area. We are looking for contact information on supplier. Nov 15 Contact
e 24057 Italy: Could you please quote the following:
Material: Antique Brown 2cm thick slabs (particular interest in the material from Angola or South Africa also known as Cape Autumn/)
Quantity: 4000 m²
Finish: polished
Delivery: Ex-factory, Free on Truck, wherever that is located
Packing: Solid Wood Bundles of 10 slabs each for container shipments
Time of delivery: 2 containers per month until completed (total of 12 containers)
Please let us have your best price, terms of payment and delivery times and send us a digital picture of the material.
Mobile: +39 348-44.....Nov 14 Contact
e 24056: We are interested in your blocks of Tea Rose and other varieties of colors such beige range of colors. Tel.no.043-98.....Nov 14 Contact
e 24055: Can you please let me know if krupp bucket wheel excavator available. Nov 14 Contact
e 24054 USA: Retail: Searching for Brazillian Granite 'Branco Desiree' 18" large project. Telephone: 714-28..... Nov 14 Contact
e 24053 USA: I am interested in your granite steps and wall stone. A small 2"chip would be plenty for a sample. If color matches, I would be very interested in visiting. Would you please let me know if this is possible. Nov 14 Contact
e 24052 USA: retail: As a homeowner, can I purchase these slabs for my own use? I need approximately 90 sq ft of granite material 1-1/4". Telephone: 203 77.....Nov 13 Contact
e 24051: Could you please send me prices for white marble. I am looking for a piece of good quality white marble 1.8 x .6 x.6mt [ie .648m3] suitable for sculpture work. Mobile: 082 878.....Nov 13 Contact
e 24050 China: We want to buy or import the blocks of Cream Marfil and Galala Beige from your company. We want to know the shipping time to Tianjin port, China. Can you give us a price list (CIF, Tianjin port, China) about Cream Marfil and Galala Beige? Nov 13 Contact
e 24049: We need large Quantities of floor Tiles for our big Projects. Where we are looking big supplier who are provided us best FOB price with details Specification and picture. Nov 13 Contact
e 24048 : Quote for polish 2 & 3 cm Granite slabs. Telephone No. 613-9.....  Nov 12 Contact
e 24047 USA: We are looking for Supplier of Serpentine slabs suitable for counter tops. We are in Northern California. I'm looking for enough to do the counter tops in kitchen and bath of a remodel. I would like green , but I understand it also comes in a brown, which I have never seen. Is there a supplier in the Bay area where we can go see and purchase serpentine? Or do you do small orders?
530 27.....Nov 12 Contact
e 24045 Turkey: I need 400 pcs. vanity tops in black granite (shanxi black or absolute black) size-1. 20 x 470 x 830 mm 200 pcs.
size-2. 20 x 470 x 1050mm 200 pcs. please offer your best price fob china or indian port. Nov 12 Contact
e 24044 USA: Retail: Could you please give me a quote on a slab of jade? I will need it to be 7ft x 3ft, countertop thickness. Nov 11 Contact
e 24043 Russia: We urgently need to buy honed slabs of Gascogne Blue (portugese limestone) in Italy. Quantity- 225 sqm. Thickness: 2 cm. Tel./Fax: 007 495 7......Nov 11 Contact
e 24042 China: We currently have an order for exporting, and now are in need of seeking for a cooperated company. We now e-mail you the specification, and the cooperation intention. If you want to cooperate with our company , you can check the unit price clearly and e-mail it to us so as to for our final decision
1. granite AB levels of blackness. 50,000 pieces. Specifications as to the illustration
2. Unit price of the product is FOB. Procedure for applying such as exporting ,commodities inspection, apply to customs is charged of required said or entrust seller to manage on behalf of another
3. Check before acceptance: when the contract is signed, seller should complete the sample of the product. The required should confirm the sample, we will check on delivery goods as the standard of the sample and the qualified rate should above of 98%.
4. Time limit should be calculated from the date when you receive our product front money and confirm the producing sample; and lasts for 10 months. The seller must deliver 35,000 pieces per month.
5. After the contract is signed, the required side should pay 30% of totally payments in advance as product front money. The other 70% of payments should be paid though the sight L/C.
6. The unaccomplished matter should be discussed in detail by face-to-face communication. Nov 11 Contact
e 24041 USA: Retail: I am looking for Blue Louis granite slabs 3cm. I need 100 sq feet probably 2 slabs in southern New Jersey USA. Nov 10 Contact
e 24040 Malaysia: I would like more information pertaining to fully automatic polishing machine. I would also like to know if I can view the machine and where its location is. Nov 10 Contact
e 24039: I am interested in your granite steps and wall stone. A small 2" chip would be plenty for a sample. If color matches, I would like to visit. Nov 10 Contact
e 24038: would like 2 full slab of White Springs. Nov 9 Contact
e 24037 USA: I am interested in Absolute black and Black galaxy tiles stock readily available. Tel # 201 32.....Nov 9 Contact
e 24036 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: We need reasonable prices, from a trusted supplier with good recommendations. We will fly to Turkey the first week of December to close the deal. We would need samples and send FEDEX acct. to send them collect.
All material below from TURKEY

100 cm = x 100 cm = 800.00
77.5 cm = x 102.5 cm = 520.00
50 cm = x 50 cm = 400.00
30 cm = x 30 cm = 200.00
60 cm = x 60 cm = 510.00
110 cm = x 90 cm = 470.00
40 cm = x 40 cm = 50.00
10 cm = x 40 cm = 90.00
70 cm = x 30 cm = 110.00
77.5 cm = x 102.5 cm = 50.00
70 cm = x 30 cm = 2,700.00
70 cm = x 30 cm = 25.00
50 cm = x 17.5cm = 540.00
120 cm = x 75 cm = 1,600.00
50 cm = x17.5 cm = 160.00

All material below from TURKEY
40 cm = x 40 cm = 600.00. Tel: 809-53......Nov 9 Contact
e 24035 USA: I’m looking to fill an order for 6000’ of light travertine (Coliseum) but in looking for this order I am seeing a lot of beautiful travertine from Peru and would very much like to expand my product line. Tel: 714-48.....Nov 9 Contact
e 24034 China: We have one project of Jerusalem Gold. So we are urgent to get the price: 60*60*2cm, 9,000m2, polished. By the way, we also want to get the delivery, if we order, how long time can u finished 9,000m2? TEL:86-592-52.....Nov 9 Contact
e 24033: I am in the planning stages of building a 33 foot long by 3 foot high by 2 foot wide stone fence. I want it to be of common Connecticut fieldstone. I need to know how much stone I need and what it would cost me. My phone # is 860 36..... Nov 8 Contact
e 24032: Please confirm us with better prices.
TILES: 20*30*1.20CM OFF WHITE COLOUR MATT 1000000M2.
TILES 40*40*1.20CM OFF WHITE COLOUR MATT 2000000M2. TEL:0096116..... Nov 8 Contact
e 24031 Russia: I am looking for supplier of Spanish granite with commercial name «Bianco Crystal”. We have the big order approximately 4000 – 5000 cubic meters or that might be tiles about 80000 m2. We are planning to buy the entire portion in 6 – 7 month. My phone +7 92191..... Nov 8 Contact
e 24030: We wish to buy crane Komatsu LW250. Tel/ 8-914-71.....Nov 8 Contact
e 24029: I would like to have an detailed quotation about the water jet cutting machine, am in the tile business and its a part of my new project. Tel: 0023480731.....Nov 7 Contact
e 24028 Cyprus: We are interested in importing to Cyprus marble fireplaces and other marble structures. Please inform of you products range, and al technical and commercial information on your products. I shall soon be in Cairo for starting off this particular business. However prior to my visit I would like to have your price list and hard copies of your products as well as all technical and commercial information on the products. Tel +357 99 6.....Nov 7 Contact
e 24027 Ukraine: We have a new order for Botticcino Classico tiles (600*600, 600*300) and slabs (2 cm, 3 cm). Please kindly advise us on prices for those materials. Also please provide photos as well. Tel: +38 0532 5.....Nov 7 Contact
e 24026: We are looking for about 2000 sq ft Perlino Rosato for a toronto project. Immediately availability preferred. Please call me at 416-32..... Nov 7 Contact
e 24025: Looking for polished slabs & granite/ marble tiles.  Nov 7 Contact
e 24024: I am looking for a 65 ton crane Kato, or Tadano. Please send me some information. Nov 6 Contact
e 24023 USA: Require 3 cm 28 slabs of Rosa Porrino or Mondariz Pink (Spain). Tel: 720 29..... Nov 6 Contact
e 24022: I have a large office park I am renovating and need three large basalt columns 7’ 8’6” and 10’ with the 10’ drilled to be a fountain (the three will be grouped together to be a fountain, so cut bottoms on all three), about 12 basalt/granite tables with stools, four of the 5’ basalt or granite straight benches and three of the 48” curved granite benches. Additionally, if available, some of the basalt waste stone showing the browns and blacks in approximately Ύ” size. Tel: 916-83.....Nov 6 Contact
e 24021 USA: I m looking for 1000sq2 of travertine $3.00-$3.50 sq2 18x18 (light beige) select or#1 FOB Kansas City. KS. Nov 6 Contact
e 24020: I would like to request a price package including shipping to el paso texas for bathroom vanity tops for a hotel that we would be doing i have attached  the files (image 1, image 2, image 3) material to be 2 cm black galaxy or emerald pearl granite. Tel: (915) 61.....Nov 6 Contact
Granite Pattern: Color is Grey
12 x 12, 12 x 18, 12 x 24, 18 x 18, 18 x 24, 24 x 24,12 x 36, 24 x36
Granite Treads: Color is Grey. Rock Faced 3 Sides.
2” x 12” From 3 Ft. to 8 Ft. Long
Granite Fillers:
7" x 12", 17", 23", 35", 47" & 59"
Color is Gray, Rock Faced
Granite Platforms:
7" x 24"
7" x 36"
7" x 48"
Granite Steps:
7” X 13” From 3 Ft. to 8 Ft. Long
Granite Slabs: Grey, Black and Rose in colour 2" Thick, Approximately 5'x9'
Granite Pavers 3" Thick
Granite Benches:
48" Straight Bench - Pink or Gray
40" Straight Bench - Pink or Gray
Circular shaped - Gray
Kidney shaped - Gray
Serpentine shaped - Gray
Granite Curbing:
4" x 8" x 4' Long Canadian, 4" x 7" x4' Long Domestic
e 24018 Turkey: Please send me a price:
First Quality 2cm X 65cm up X 270cm up
No length 210-200-190-180-230 cm and no 58-60-62-64 width (consignor) and 1,8-1,7,1,5 cm no thickness Attention 2cm X 65cm up X 270cm up and First Quality
- Nero Zimbabwe 150m2
- Black galaxi   140m2
- Rosy Pink      150m2
- Chima pink 110m2
- bala Flower 110m2
- royal cream 110 m2
- Mary gold 110 m2
Please send us your price list and shipment terms. Delivery term etc....FOB India port. Mobil:00 90 544 33.....Nov 5 Contact
e 24017 UK: Can you please give me the price for 15 number 320mm x 320mm square travetine blocks. In a light coloured travetine
delivered to the UK. Mob: 078503......Nov 5 Contact
e 24016: I am interested in CAT 966C. Please call me at 352-81......Nov 5 Contact
e 24015: I am looking for "Granites" to purchase and i believe you do carry some instock for sale. I will appreciate if you can email me back with the pick up price on . size 12x12 black galaxy 3/4 thickness granite. I will appreciate if you e mail me back with the total pick up prices on 450 pieces .and also i will like to know when can the order be ready? I will like to know the term of payment that you accept .or you can you e mail me with once that you have instock. Nov 5 Contact
e 24014: I want to buy 950E loader.  Nov 4 Contact
e 24013: We urgently need a contract for GRANITE STONE for a long period to be exported to Porto De Leixoes, Portugal. Mobile : 0041 76 29.....Nov 4 Contact
e 24012 TANZANIA: Kindly send me quotation of used building stone cutting machine quarrying machine. I want to purchase block. Telephone: +255 754 8......Nov 4 Contact
e 24011 UK: I too am looking for some 30 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm terracotta floor tiles but for a house in BULGARIA - so a supplier in Turkey or somewhere else near to Turkey would be useful. Tel.: +44(0)1869-2.....Nov 4 Contact
e 24010 Ghana: We deals in imports of Tiles and we are therefore want to do business with your company, we however want to know if you can give us 120 days credit to make payments into your accounts at the due-date. Tel. 2332446.....Nov 3 Contact
e 24009 Canada: Please provide me the Granite slab prices from your suppliers around the world. We will also appreciate the container prices as well. Telephone: 613-29.....Nov 3 Contact
e 24008 USA: Could you please send me pictures of the botticino. Who pays shipping? Tel: 502-24.....Nov 3 Contact
e 24007 USA: I am looking for USA distributors of prefabricated 3cm granite countertops. Our company provides solid surface and granite countertops for our region and we are looking for a more cost effective granite program to replace our solid surface offerings. Please email any information you have including available sizes, colors and pricing. Phone (704) 88.....Nov 3 Contact
e 24006 UK: I am looking to purchase one container load of Indian Buff colour Sandstone as a starting order. If any Indian suppliers/manufacturers reading this email please let me have your prices for one container including shipping cost to UK Felixstone. Please forward this to potential suppliers/manufacturers. Nov 3 Contact
e 24005 China: We now need to purchase a large number of wall tiles and flooring tiles made of quartzite. At the sight of the letter, please send us your pictures, quotation FOB in EURO of your products. Tel: 0086-10-867.....Nov 3 Contact
e 24004 CYPRUS: Please also send me price list for the granite and marbles for the 5000 sqm quantity. Telephone: 00357995..... Nov 3 Contact
e 24003 CYPRUS: I would like you to send me price list for all the tiles you produce because we are willing to place an order for floor tiles over than 5000 square meters and over 5000 square meters for wall tiles. Please have in mind that this would be only for the 1st phase of our order. Please send me the price list as soon as possible. There is an option to visit CHINA if prices are good to settle the order. Telephone: 00357995..... Nov 2 Contact
e 24002 USA: I am looking for prices on a variey of stone and marble: yellow travertine, honed, negro marquina honed and polished, calcatta honed, white carrera polished marble, oasis green mable polished, new mariance green polished, bardigilo honed. Phone: 305.27.....Nov 2 Contact
e 24001 USA: 300 square feet of 18"x18"x1/2" Venatino tile, commercial interior flooring project, please include shipping cost and timeframe to Mobile, AL 36606. Need quote to pass onto buyer, if approved by our buyer, will order immediately. Tel: (251) 47.....Nov 2 Contact
e 24000 USA: I am looking for 1" thick quartzite in a tile. Do you have any suppliers in the states that can meet my request? Telephone: 312-67..... Nov 2 Contact
e 23999: Our company is one of the pioneer companies in ornated master pieces productions and exports those which can be used in mosques, churches, villas and palaces. We import raw, sawn, processed marble, granite, travertine and dimensional stone from Italy and Turkey. And export objects d'art, sculptures, and funerary art to the neighboring country. We are one of the largest companies in Syria considering our work volume, products, quality.
As our company is expanding , growing and integrating new markets we are in need for installing anew system in our daily manufacturing system ,this is where the water jet products takes place in order to make our production easier and more feasible. We are kindly asking you to provide us with all details related to the water jet products. i.e. (price, descriptions and features). Nov 2 Contact
e 23998: As we are one of the international construction companies, based in Kuwait, and we have many branches in the middle east countries overall, we would like to place an inquiry for our project in Morocco on your website. The details are as follows:
Machine Specifications:
We are looking to buy a basic stone crusher machine, with a vibrating screen and conveyor. Separate offers for each of the screen & conveyor would be preferable.
* Output Size: 5 mm to 20 mm
* Input Size: Up to 250 mm
* Productivity: 200 tonnes/hour
* Type of stone to be used: Black Stone & Wadi Stone.
* We are looking for a used machine in good condition, preferably from the European region.
* Time to finalize the deal and place an order: Immediately.
Phone Number: +212 24 3.....Nov 2 Contact
e 23997 Russia: Our company is specialized in wholesale trade for ritual business and building in Moscow market (Russia). We would like to get acquainted with the preliminary FOB prices for the following items: Tile from granite Absolute Black with polished facet (2mm) of the size:
300 x 300 x 10 mm
600 x 400 x 20 mm
800 x 400 x 30 mm
Tomb stones of the size:
800 x 400 x 50 mm
900 x 460 x 50 mm
1000 x 500 x 50 mm
1000 x 500 x 70 mm
1000 x 500 x 80 mm
1100 x 550 x 80 mm
1200 x 600 x 100 mm
1300 x 600 x 100 mm
1400 x 700 x 120 mm
Pedestal with polished facet 2-3 sides (2 mm) of the size:
500 x 200 x 150 mm
600 x 200 x 150 mm
700 x 200 x 200 mm
flower bed of the size:
1000 x 100 x 50 mm
1000 x 100 x 80 mm
Our telephone number is 7 495 18......
Nov 1 Contact
e 23996: I am trying to locate Vallelunga Sanstone "Peacock" 17X17 tile. Tel: 480-35.....Nov 1 Contact
e 23995 USA: I need to get granite blanks cut, polished and beveled...can you give me a price and turn around time?
Product - Absolute Black Granite
size: 5.5" x 11" x 1"
Polished on front and all sides
Quantity 500, 1000, & 2000
Size and composition is very important as we will use these markers for miniature cemetery headstones.
Please let me know cost and turn around time and what is need to get the process moving. Tel: (317) 82.....Nov 1 Contact
e 23994 USA: We have now two 62 storey towers in Dubai under design. We are looking for both Limestone and travertine to clad the exterior wall and to be used for the interior walls and floors. We would like to get information and samples of both limestone and Travertine.
Beige Classic
Persian red
snake skin
azarghahr red
Hadji Abad Beige Cream
Mahllat lemon
tekab-ream white
Makoo yellow

Lime Stone: Cream to golden
Royal cream
Cream limestone
Persia Botticino

Could you tell use what other limestones and travertines that are availlable in the Dubai area, As well as those that can be used for exterior high rise cladding. Telephone: 312-67.....Nov 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.