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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   July 31, 2006
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200 inquiries in July 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 21148 USA: I live in the Los Angeles area, I saw some Australian sandstone in a showroom about a year ago but have not been able to find it since, do you know any suppliers of this sandstone in Los Angeles. July 31 Contact
e 21147 Kenya: Please quote for stone excavating machines from quarries as displayed in ready stock 557. Tel: +254 41 22.....July 31 Contact
e 21146 UAE: Please quote for CAT 345B L  Excavator  as displayed in ready stock 517.  July 31 Contact
e 21145 USA: Immediate need for Marble slabs in Michigan. Need for immediate delivery: Bianco Statuario or Statuario Marble Slabs:
a) one (1)- 127 inch x 59 inch, 2 or 3 cm
b) three (3) -62 inch x 32 inch, 2 cm
c) two (2)- 98 inch x 32 inch, 2 cm
d) two (2)- 36 inch x 32 inch, 2 cm
Use: countertops
Desirable characteristics: White without gold. Large veining patterns. Samples and photos will be requested. Tel: 248 84.....July 31 Contact
e 21144 USA: If possible, we would like to have a printed catalog of all granite, marble and limestone available for use with our high-end residential clients. I am in AK. Phone (907) 34.....July 29 Contact
e 21143 : I would like to purchase diamond segment for granite stone. Size: 24.4 x (8.1-7.3) x 13.3 mm 84 pcs each set. Granite hardness: between 82 to 92. Cutting sqm: about 200 sqm in 35 or 40 days. Payment term: 20% cash in advance and the balance should be open an irrevocable letter of credit at sight and confirmed by bank. July 29 Contact
e 21142 USA: Please extend this request to all sellers in the following countries: Qatar, Oman, U.A.E. and Other Middle East countries. We are specifying architect for a project in Doha, Qatar and the firm is seeking to ascertain the proximate local availability, as well as samples, of the following natural stones:
1) Rosso Quipar Marble
2) Verde Issorie Marble
3) Blue Sodalite Marble
4) Rosso Verona Marble
5) Stoney Creek Granite
6) Vietnamese Gold Granite
7) Olympia or Samba Granite
8) Goldstone Granite
Please communicate results and replies to all parties in cc line above. Any available samples should be addressed to our office in USA. Tel: 202 -65.....July 29 Contact
e 21141 USA: I am in the market for a granite kitchen countertop. I found a tropical brown I liked. Does this granite have to be sealed? is it very porous?  July 29 Contact
e 21140 USA: Is it possible to purchase soapstone from you as a homeowner? I am very interested in using soapstone for my kitchen countertops. Can you give me some information on the cost?  July 29 Contact
e 21139: We are in need of Himachal White stone of various sizes i.e. 6 x 12" x 12 " x 12" etc. Tel: 98914......July 28 Contact
e 21138 Pakistan: We are extending our marble processing plant and thus need gangsaw. We are looking for 1 Unit of used Gang Saw for marble of 80 blades. Kindly let us know the details if you got some thing. Ph: 92-21-25.....July 28 Contact
e 21137 USA: I would like all available information about the wire saw listed as item #395. July 28 Contact
e 21136 USA: I am a countertop fabricator in NC. I am in need a pricelist for granite and marble countertop slabs and tiles as I want to become a distributor. Tel: 919 24.....July 28 Contact
e 21135 UAE: We are a company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, specialise in constructions and we have a project that we need your product MARBLE ONYX-IMPERIAL-ROUGE DE ROI. We were wondering if we send you the design and the measurement for it can you do all the cutting and send it to us, and this materials dose it needs special cutting machine or the normal marble cutter?  Cell phone : 009715062.....July 28 Contact
e 21134 USA: Looking for Black Obsidian (or some other glossy black stone), about 1/2" - 3/4" long. I need to get the stones by Monday or Tuesday! I'm located in San Francisco, CA but I'd be willing to drive almost anywhere in the Bay Area - of course delivery would be awesome but I don't have much money to spend. In fact, I need to spend less than $80 total. I can't seem to find any supplier in the Bay Area who carries small black glossy stones in bulk! I'm using them for a decorative project (centerpieces for tables at an event), and I think I need 5-7 bags of rocks (a small pile on each of 14 tables). Tel: 415.84.....July 28 Contact
e 21133 USA: I am interested in having approx 6 (varying in size) boulders delivered to my back yard in Orange county. I want them situated to my liking for landscaping (rock garden) purposes as a well as a trials motorcycle obstacle course. I will need a quote for all aspects of the job, 1 boulders themselves, 2 delivery and 3 arrangement once their delivered. I will need to have an idea of the differences in price for different types of rocks as well (granite, limestone etc). Size wise were talking about a foot, to three feet high and as big as practical at those heights. I will need to measure my gate way access width. July 28 Contact
e 21132 USA: For a project we have been following up via our US operations management, there is an urgent situation. We need Indian Red Sandstone to submit for a project (which we are supplying already the travertine tiles) in NJ and we do not have much time left. Do you know anybody that can have the material in New Jersey US? Please note that we do not know anything about the stone. So your preview about the material would highly be appreciated. July 26 Contact

e 21131 India: Please quote for tiles of quartz and travertine for:
a. 300X300X10mm cal in polished/non-polished and without cal
b. 300X600X12mm cal in polished/non-polished and without cal
c. Do you have travertine in tiles, sinks and bath tubs etc?
d. Do you have quartz cobbles? If so, please provide options, pictures and prices {ex-factory & FOB (nearest port)} Mobile - +91-94251.....July 26 Contact

e 21130 Pakistan: Please quote C&F Karachi Port Price with photos and other details for CATERPILLAR 950B WHEEL LOADER. Cell: 0092-300-28.....July 26 Contact
e 21129 India: I am looking for ex-stock slabs or rejects gangsaw size slabs in Indian Juparana, Black Galaxy, Hassan Gree, Lady Dream, Tan Brown, Rosewood, & New Imperial Red. Suppliers having stocks, please contact with price. July 26 Contact
e 21128 Afghanistan: We want to implement a Marble factory in Kabul. New machinery required. I want to know if it possible to buy from China, Pakistan, India, Iran and Italy also some other European country but mainly from neighbouring countries. Need automatic not manual machine. Budget for factory: Max. USD 1000000. We will cut mainly white marble slabs, cutting, polishing and many other colors too but not granites. July 26 Contact
e 21127 USA: We need a price quote on Bridgesaw ZDCQ 400. Please provide us with competitive pricing on these products to include cost of shipping KS 66214. July 26 Contact
e 21126 UK: Please send prices fob Chinese port 5000 off granite blocks each about 15" x 15" x 12". July 26 Contact
e 21125 USA: Retail: We are using white Sivec marble (16 x 16) tiles for all our projects and our client wants to know the source. Could you please send us your Catalog with source where it is available thru out the world. Tel: (212) 28.....July 26 Contact
e 21124 USA: Retail: I want enough to make a 12x12 patio using Canadian Sunset flagstone. My phone no. is 72484...... I live in Beaver Falls PA.  July 26 Contact
e 21123 Pakistan: We are interested in HITACHI, CATERPILLAR and KOMATSU. Please send us the picture and price of the following model.
(1) excavator 966C model 1971
(2) two Cat Excavators 330 A + B
(4) Motor Graders & Rollers
(5) Hitachi EX200 excavator
(6) Caterpillar Motor Grader Model # 140G
(7) Komatsu Motor Grader Model # 605-3
Contact # 0092- 21 56......July 25 Contact
e 21122 Egypt: I am interested in buying a second hand equipment for marble slab polishing. My requirements are:
- working width: 2000 mm
- working length: 3500 mm
- No. of heads: 3
Kindly send me your offers for available equipment that meet my requirements, in addition to a list of spare parts supplied, availability of support during installation & status of warranty. Tel: +201239.....July 25 Contact
e 21121 Germany: Please quote for CAT 950B excavator. Tel: +49176-251......July 25 Contact
e 21120 Bangladesh: A huge quantity of Pumice Stone needs for Garment wash in Bangladesh Garment industry. Please send company profile & Unit price rate. Telephone: +88-01523.....July 25 Contact
e 21119 USA: retail: I am looking for lapidius in tile form? July 25 Contact
e 21118 USA: Require slate 12x12 and 16x16 gauged underside a must. We are willing to buy from anywhere. We are looking to expand our product line immediately. We need good pricing and we are ready to purchase. We can order within 2-4 weeks. Tel: 605-36.....July 25 Contact
e 21117 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing a piece of polished green Connemara Marble for the top of an antique oak hat dresser that once stood in my great grandfather's home near Skibbereen, Co., Cork, Ireland. I would like the marble to be polished on the top surface and the edges should be lightly rounded and polished as well. The size of the marble sheet needed would be 19 1/2" x 37". That is the size of the oak top of the hat dresser. I could also envision a sheet 3/4" of an inch thick extending out beyond the top and that additional 3/4" might look nice. In that case the top would need to be 21 1/4" x 38 1/2". Your suggestion on size choice and thickness choice would be appreciated. I imagine that the marble sheet can be sawn to different thickness and I would follow your recommendations regarding that size, weight, strength selection. I would like to know how much it would cost to purchase, cut, polish, package and ship a piece of marble cut to one of those dimension to my home in Boulder, Colorado 80304. Could a sheet that size qualify as a sample? As an alternative solution, I could see the marble being cut in 2, 3 or 4 pieces. Though not as good a solution, would the cost be significantly lower for one of those options? July 25 Contact
e 21115 USA: I will need one full pallet of Bateig Bleu in 16x16's. July 25 Contact
e 21114 China: I want to find a supplier of Ming Green Marble about:
(1) 700 CBM,
(2) the size is 305*305*10mm.
(3) I am in Qingdao, China. July 25 Contact
e 21113: We would like to deal with your company to import marble and granite blocks, my partner will be at Istanbul on 18/8/2006 for one week we hope to meet you and collect your companys samples. I get around 140 ton / year and would like to deal with your company so what I need is your specs and quotation FOB price for 1st class Turkish Carrara Mugla White very white surface with little grey structures blocks. If your price and quality is good I'll start with test order and I hope you can catch my partner during his visit so we can get samples. Tel/Fax +202 76.....July 25 Contact
e 21111 Russia: We are looking for stone-cutting equipment, with specific dimensions:
Diameter of Disc: 650mm
Revolutions per minute: 1400 rpm
Power: 4 kW; 400Wolt
Cutting depth: 250 mm (10 inch)
Dimensions: 19550х 800х 870 mm (770 x 315 x 343 inch)
Weight: 190 kg (418lb). Phone/fax: +7-812-71.....July 24 Contact
e 21110 Malaysia: Please furnish us your current price list for Palimanan Yellow/White, Green Sukabumi materials. Tel: +60 3 214.....July 24 Contact
e 21109 Hong Kong: We are the Management Contractor for a luxurious project in Hong Kong, and are currently looking for a suitable material for the garden deck as follows:
Green quartzite - approx Qty 200 sqm
Random pattern in water jetted finish, 40 to 70mm thick and size to be varied to suit design layout but maximum size is about 1200mm x 800mm.
Black slate approx. Qty 70 sqm.
Honed finish, about 30mm thick, size varied and mostly in rectangular pattern, maximum size about 1000mm x 600mm.
We could buy a one-off block in order to cut the stone according to our designed size. We would require the stone in 2 months time, please advise the availability.
Tel: (852) 286.....July 24 Contact
e 21108 USA: Retail: I noticed a posting on findstone.com about Versaille patterned Travertine for a home. I am looking for well-priced Travertine in a Versaille pattern. Tel:
480-59.....July 24 Contact
e 21107 USA: Retail: I saw the Canadian Sunset flagstone on a TV show. I live just north of Pittsburgh PA.. I had 6 landscapers and stone companies call me and none of them have heard of this flagstone.. Where can I get it in my area?? I like the design where its webbed underneath and its already fitted together.. Please tell me its sold for the PA area....July 24 Contact
e 21106: I would like to get the price list of Paladiana (both broken and Tile) and polished stones. July 22 Contact
e 21105 Hong Kong: I have been searching the internet for a pebble importer/or company existing in Hong Kong to provide small white/grey pebbles. I am looking for a supplier who is reasonable in price. July 22 Contact
e 21104 USA: Retail: I am looking for a true, black granite such as the one from Zimbabwe to use as a table top for a wrought iron base. The measurements are 41 W x 59 L. I was wondering if you could also tell me how much a piece of granite of this size might weigh. If I could please get a price quote on such a piece it would be appreciated. I realize that I have not specified a finish or edge. The piece is to be delivered to a residence in Brooklyn, New York. I might also need to order some countertops in the same stone. Tel: 212.87.....July 22 Contact
e 21103 Portugal: Could you please email me the photos for the used marble gangsaw machinery. Telefone - + 351 252 4.....July 22 Contact
e 21102: We are looking for a bluish or greenish granite kitchen countertops with less maintenance and sealing issues over the item. We liked Uba Tuba and blue pearl so far. July 21 Contact
e 21101 India: Please quote with condition for a Granite gangsaw Italian brand (Gaspari) for sale. Also send tech. details.  July 21 Contact
e 21100 Ukraine: Kindly ask you to give the commercial offer on the following specification: 1) Milas White polished 600 * 300 * 20 mm - 229 sqm. Telephone: +3806767......  July 21 Contact
e 21099 Turkey: I am from Turkey. I have a marble factory. I want to buy granite stone. Size: width : 0,70 metre, length: 2,00 metre and thickness: 0,03 metre. What is this granite stone price? July 21 Contact
e 21098 Japan: We are a building company in Japan. We want to buy the blocks of Rustenburg from South Africa. Please quote price per ton. The color must be constant. I cut the size in 500x1000 so I think it is good in case of the size based on it. TEL 81 6 655.....July 21 Contact
e 21097 UK:  Trying to source Alabaster. July 21 Contact
e 21096 USA: Retail: I am in Miami and need saturnia. Telephone: (305) 37..... July 21 Contact
e 21095 USA: Retail: looking at "granite" called "Tan Brown" for kitchen counters & backsplash; 10' x 10' kitchen is galley-style (2 long rows of cabinetry) and an additional 10' or so will be on other side of kitchen half-wall, extending into dining area to form breakfast bar. July 21 Contact
e 21094 USA: I am looking for some granite steps 6'l x 13"w x 7"h & 1 granite landing 6'l x 18"w x 7" h. Do you have any? What color/type? how much? How available are
truckers to haul? Tel: 617-86.....July 20 Contact
e 21093: I am searching for the following used machinery and can purchase as many, provided with good condition and minimal price from the market.
Ex 100-1 wd Hitachi
Ex 200-1 Hitachi
Dynapack vibrate roller CA 251 should be a Belgium made or Japanese.
Cranes: Kato & Tadano 25t upto 40 t.
motor grader 605 Komatsu.
Wheel loader D66 f CAT and many more. July 20 Contact
e 21092 India:  We needs 50 monuments. Please give rate of tan brown. Tel: +91 98295.....July 20 Contact
e 21091 Palestine:  I am interested in Turkish and other granite and marble. Can you send me some information of companies in Turkey sell these Marbles (Polished Slab 2cm & 3cm, Tiles 30X60X2cm and Stairs 3 X 33 X100 to 140)
1- Burdur Red
3-Rosa Levanto
4- Bursa Beige
5-Burdur Pink
6-Harmonkoy Beige1
7-Kervansaray Beige
and some another Beige Marble from Turkey. MOBILE: 00970 599 6......July 20 Contact
e 21090 Russia: Please give us the price for LANVINGE STONE and VILLEBOIS STONE. We have a project (Resident House) near Moscow-Russia. Tel. +7 495 96.....July 20 Contact
e 21089 Bangladesh: We are interested for 40x80x3 cm polished marble. Please quote us your best C&F Chittagong, Bangladesh. July 20 Contact
e 21088 USA: I am seeking granite cobblestones. Prefer pink/red colored. Prefer 8x4x4 inch but will look at other sizes. Using for driveway in the Los Angeles area. Need 13,000 square feet. Please provide information on pricing, availability, and shipping. I am located near the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. Tel: (310)27.....July 20 Contact
e 21087 Canada: Retail: I am looking for Golden Art Brown stone. I am located in Toronto. My phone number is 001 416 85...... July 20 Contact
e 21086 USA: Retail: Please quote for jania cream. Dimension 14 x 15 room. 16 x 16 or 18x 18. pls advise. telephone 503-20......  July 19 Contact
e 21085 USA: retail: I am a Custom Home Builder in Betehsda, Maryland and Im looking for a slab of Giallo Monte Carlo for a client for a countertop. Im having a hard time locating one Of course it would need to be in the Washington DC or Baltimore Metro Area. Tel: 301-65.....July 19 Contact
e 21084 USA: retail: I am in need of approximately 2 large slabs of 3 cm Dunas White. We are located in Chicago. Telephone (773) 58......July 19 Contact
e 21083 USA: I am an individual from Chicago, IL looking for any way to purchase blue or purple colored granite to be used for ground level tombstones. The only colors available for grave markers it seems are greys and other muted colors, and I am determined to change that. The cemetery has no objection to me pursuing this. I have spoken with various local stone carvers who would be willing to work with a piece of special ordered granite. I am looking for anything from blue to purple that is uniform in color to be able to make two 24 x
12 x 4 inch blocks. From what I have seen online, the blue granites I'm interested in are from Brazil. The carvers have warned me that some granites are more difficult to carve, so I'd choose the colorful granite that is most similar in structure to the granites traditionally used for tombstones. Of course if anyone has ever made this request before, I'd go with what worked for them. My questions are: has anyone made this request before, and is it possible for me to order this? Tel: (847) 53.....July 19 Contact
e 21082 USA: I want to purchase a stone splitter. July 19 Contact
e 21081 Bangladesh: We are interested to buy as below Units from Japan:
==== EXCAVATOR ====
1) SUMITOMO LS5800FJ2 S/N.580F2-5265, 1991 model (3562/hours), 1.8m3 Bucket at US$49,000.- FOB YOKOHAMA, JAPAN.
==== BULLDOZER ====
2) CAT.D3B S/N.27Y03833, 1986 model (4248/hours), PAT-Blade YOKOHAMA, JAPAN.
3) KATO KR25H3L S/N.2431823, 1990 model (2041/hours), 25t YOKOHAMA, JAPAN.
4) KATO KR45HV-S S/N.051748, 1992 model (16480/hours), 45t YOKOHAMA, JAPAN.
Please give us your good price for C&D Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Tel: 880-31-7.....July 19 Contact
e 21080 Qatar: We want to enquire if you have any CAT 320C Model 2005 / 2006. If yes, please send us the complete details and alongwith the final price CIF Doha-Qatar. Can you please let us have the complete details ASAP. Tel : (+974) 43......July 19 Contact
e 21079 Seychelles: I am an Interior Designer and am very much interested in your natural stones range. I would be grateful if you could please send me your brochures, price lists and samples of the different natural stones you offer. July 19 Contact
e 21078 Greece: We are a large importing company in Greece , and we are interested in buying ceramic tiles at low prices in 40x40 cm. We are mostly interested in mat surface in beige marble looking colors. Pls, send us photos. Our target price is 2.00 usd/m2. Tel :0030 27220......July 19 Contact
e 21077 USA: retail: Looking for a product called compact stone for four vanities in my spec home. I've used this product before, but have no records of the Mfg. besides the color Emprador. I have a complete spec list of hole patterns & sink colors that will need to be verified upon order. please let me know ASAP, I will be make a purchase by weeks end. July 19 Contact
e 21076 USA: Email me relevant information on Amarillo Purvis in 3 cm slabs & tiles in : 5/8 inches X 12 inches X 12 inches
16 inches X 16 inches 
18 inches X 18 inches 
3/4 inches X 24 inches X 24 inches
36 inches X 36 inches
3,000 square feet of tiles
200 square feet of slabs. We are located in North Bay Village, Florida and will seek shipment in Miami, Florida. July 19 Contact
e 21075 Canada: Retail: I live in Toronto Canada. I am building a new kitchen for our family. I am NOT a builder or contractor. I do not intend to build other kitchens, just this one kitchen for ourselves. How can I order a Granite counter from this supplier in India? Tel: 416-95..... July 19 Contact
e 21074 USA: Retail: We are looking for someone to lay a flagstone patio, ideally who isn't really expensive. July 19 Contact
e 21072 USA: Considering Granite, Marble and Travertine Sheets no thicker than 5/8" thick as large as possible. Sizes ranging from 30" x 82" and larger. July 18 Contact
e 21071 USA: retail: Do you have 2 x 3 x 2 slabs of bluestone for a 225sqft project? If so, how much, going to NJ. July 18 Contact
e 21070 Kuwait: I need to find a best quotation for the following inquiry:
type: Polished Italian CARRARA
Size: Tiles 40x40x3 cm
Qty.: 2200 sq.m
Size: Tiles 40x80x3 cm
Qty.: 250 sq.m
price to be F.O.B to: Kuwait
Phone: 00965 61......July 18 Contact
e 21069 USA: Please quote for CT Field Stone. July 18 Contact
e 21068 USA: I would like to purchase 300 sq ft of honed forest green 12x12 tile. If interested, please let me know the total cost including shipping to the US (Los Angeles). July 18 Contact
e 21067 France: We are interested in black pebbles. Please quote with specs. July 18 Contact
e 21066 USA: I am interested in having granite cut to sizes for a project in the US. There will be approx. 30 different cuts to be made in possibly 6-8 different colors. These products will be ordered in a 60 to 80 ton order to start... with other orders to follow. Please feel free to contact me and tell me of your services and what they will cost. I will be back in Brasil in mid-August through the first week in Sept. July 18 Contact
e 21065 USA: I am looking for a few 36" granite balls. July 18 Contact
e 21064 USA: I am looking for Baltic Brown single slab from FOB Houston. We are a wholesale distributor of natural stones and we need a single slab for our location here. Phone: 602-27.....July 18 Contact
e 21063 India: please let us know the rate for  synthetic diamond powder #230/270. July 17 Contact
e 21062 USA: My father is a contractor and is restoring and old house.  He wants to use used granite for steps to enter the house, he needs them approx 8 x 12. He has the equipment to cut them if need be.  Tel: (336) 24.....July 17 Contact
e 21061 Yemen: We need Indian black galaxy slabs, Kindly please furnish us with full information in this regards:
A-200 up x 6 x 2 cm
B-200 up x6 x 3 cm
C-200 up x 90 x 2 & 3 cm
Could you please quote us accordingly? 
Tel: 00967-1-2......July 17 Contact
e 21060 USA: I am looking for landscape grade slate aggregate (1-2" rough pieces.), grey or grey-blue-black in color. I need 20-25 tons and I would prefer to purchase directly from a quarry or quarry supplier to reduce cost. I used to be employed by a mining company and I am aware that the dominate cost for aggregate is the transportation cost. Therefore I would like to purchase from vendors in the South-East United States (North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania or Tenn.) who can ship direct. I will pay for direct shipping to the jobsite in Upstate South Carolina and I have a flexible timeline. Please contact me by Phone 864.27......July 17 Contact
e 21059 USA: I am looking to lay flooring for a 6,500 square foot home using either, Creama Marfil, Red Onyx, Jerusalem stone, or other granite or marble. If there is any way to come and visit the warehouse to make an immediate selection and purchase, please feel free to call me at (608) 21......since I will be in Miami tomorrow morning until Tuesday evening. July 16 Contact
e 21058 Australia: Please send me more info on the wire saw and its condition and the state it is located. Photos would be appreciated.  July 16 Contact
e 21057: Please can you send me quotation for water jet machine and spare parts, all information about this machine.  July 16 Contact 
e 21056 Oman. I am building a villa (2.5 floors) about 8.5 meters tall and total outside surface area about 800 sq. meters. I want to use Sandstone Cladding on the outside, preferably 60cm X 30cm but the thin ones (about 15mm thick) and rough cut (perhaps what some call the natural cleft type both surfaces).
My questions to you are:
1) Can I get that installed with just mortar of cement, sand & glue etc. and avoid the expenses of nails, dowelling or mechanical anchoring?
2) If not, will just a nail under every few of the tiles/slabs suffice or not adequate?
3) If mortar only is used, what is the life span before they start to dropping off, if ever?
4) Would using a smaller size slabs be better and safer?
5) If so, what size tiles/slabs would you advise to avoid mechanical fixing? (skilled labour is relaatively costly here in Oman)
6) Can you supply me that quantity in Muscat and how fast can it be delivered?
7) What would be the cost for 600sq m. or 800 sq m. delivered in Muscat, Oman?
Tel: +968-992.....July 16 Contact 
e 21055 Sweden: Can you be so kind and advise me where I could find images and buy limestone named 'arria' a beige sandstone origin from Spain, White Sivec marble from former Yugoslavia and American Bluestone. I need around 200-250 sqm. Telephone: +467067..... July 15 Contact 
e 21054 China: We need the block of Gascoigne Blue, please give us the best price of it. If you don't have the block, please quote the price of slabs in the thickness of 40mm. Tel:+86-21-689183.....July 15 Contact 
e 21053 USA: We are interested in purchasing granite cobblestones and were wondering if you had any idea of the freight cost from India to Chicago? Telephone: 63088.....July 15 Contact 
e 21052 Pakistan: We require marble polishing pads, size 4" & 5" and marble polishing material polishing powder. Handy:009233323.....July 15 Contact 
e 21051 USA: We are interested in purchasing a machine for max. 1" letters & numbers to inscribe 1'x 1'x " marble slabs.  Telephone: 52 (645) 33......July 15 Contact 
e 21050 UK: We are based in UK. I am interested in buying sandstones. July 15 Contact 
e 21049 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a unique kitchen countertop. My kitchen is a cross between Tuscan and Mexican. I'm looking for something different and easy to take care of. I have 4 kids. I was thinking about slate tiles or travertine. I am going to be doing this myself with 12x12 tiles. What would you suggest? July 15 Contact 
e 21048 Kuwait: I am planning to get over 200 m2 of basaltina as tiles and I am located in Kuwait. I will bare the cost of shipping. But could your kindly provide me with the prices for the Basaltina for the following sizes: 60 x 60, 80 x 80, 100 x 100. July 15 Contact 
e 21047 USA: Retail: Need Mexican Black Pebble stone used for landscaping, quantity estimate : 20 cu ft (approx 2600 lbs), price range or budget : $125- $175. Needed by when : 1-2 weeks. Tel: 310-64.....July 15 Contact 
e 21046 USA: I need to find a direct supplier for dove gray, emerald green, and chocolate gray stone by the truckloads (probably 2 trucks@ 24 pallets each, per season ?) Tel: (207) 45.....July 14 Contact 
e 21045 Spain: I need prices for 15000 m2 of Italian tiles 30*30*1 cm polished/calibrado/biselado and 3000 m2 of tiles 30*30*2 cm honed. Please see pricelist 651. The process of buying will start in September of 2006 and we expect to finalize in October of 2007. TLF.00349233......July 14 Contact 
e 21044 USA: Retail: I am interested in upgrading my kitchen countertops, would you please provide me with you phone number. I live in Northern Virginia (Lorton) and can be contacted at (703) 72...... I am very interested in price quotes for marble for countertop and flooring for my kitchen. July 14 Contact 
e 21043 Cyprus: We wish to purchase 20MT (1 x 20 container ) river stones. Please provide us with Best Quotation FOB China Port. Please advise earliest delivery date and terms of payment. Direct Tel: +357 22 4.....July 14 Contact 
e 21042 Poland: Do You have any free catalogue of granites and marbles? if so, could You please send me one? Tel: +48 604 5...... July 14 Contact  
e 21041 USA: I am looking for a sandstone commonly called cinnamin swirl in the United States. I can email you a picture if necessary. Please advise where i can purchase. Tel: 001. 248. 85..... July 14 Contact  
e 21040 USA: I am interested in buying granite for countertops, granite tile for commercial/residential installation. Point of origin of the stone is limited only by economical barriers. We are currently in the "shopping around" stage of buying (6-10 months before first purchase). 
We will review all pricelists/offers from potential suppliers. Tel: (985)77......July 14 Contact  
e 21039: I am searching for either Carara or Pietra Cardosa stone for the purpose of building a new restaurant. I am hopeful that your organization will be able to lead me or lead the best suppliers in my direction. my phone # is 917 53.....July 14 Contact  
e 21038 Bangladesh: A huge quantity of Pumice Stone needs for Garment wash in Bangladesh Garment industry. Please send company profile & Unit price rate. Telephone: +88-01523.....July 13 Contact  
e 21037 Kazakhstan: Please quote for granite tiles as displayed in ready stock 216. Phone: +7 3272 5.....July 13 Contact  
e 21036 Vietnam: We are interested in the used terrazzo tile machines with small capacities (from 65 to 150 sqm/8hours). Tel: (84-4)76.....July 13 Contact  
e 21035 Yemen: We need Indian black galaxy slabs. Kindly please furnish us with full information about 
Our size is as following:
A-200 up x 6 x 2 cm
B-200 up x6 x 3 cm
C-200 up x 90 x 2&3 cm. Tel: 00967-1-2.....July 13 Contact  
e 21034 USA: I am looking for a place to purchase Silestone in Santa Cruz, Calif. I am particularly interested in the new Leather Black Tebas, Stellar Night, Stellar Marine. Please advise. I will need it installed in September 2006. July 13 Contact  
e 21033 Australia: I would like some samples of Chinese granite for large Australian stone import company. Samples are Laoshan Gray, Bamboo leaf green, golden diamond, wave white, full river red, ocean green, afg64 and go21. Mobile 0448 8.....July 13 Contact  
e 21032 USA: We own a fabrication shop for granite, marble fabrication and installation, any information pertaining to our business would be much appreciated. July 13 Contact
e 21031 India: Please send me the address where bush hammering job is done at Chennai so we can give lot of job. Telephone: 044-264.....July 13 Contact
e 21030 South Africa: Can you please direct me to possible Sandstone Cladding suppliers in Indonesia particularly the Yellow Palliman Cladding. Tel / +27 (0)21 55.....July 13 Contact
e 21029 USA: I am looking for 1 piece of pumice stone to be shaped with the proper  dimensions etc. color does not matter. I am looking to market a new product incorporating pumice stone. I can be reached at 609-87.....July 13 Contact
e 21028 : We are a French manufacturer of small appliances and are currently looking for a new supplier of Basalt Stone. 
1. ''Surface Polie'': polished surface
2. ''Bords et chanfreins non polis'': Non-polished edges and chamfers
Technical features : ref. AE0322
1. Basalt stone
2. Shiny polishing on the top side
3. no cutting line on the polished side
Could you please advise about :
- feasibility?
- quotation for this item?
Feel free to contact me if you require further information: I remain at your disposal. July 12 Contact
e 21027: We are looking for lathes for manufacturing columns and vases from stones and marble. July 12 Contact
e 21026 Belarus: We have our own manufacture of marble/granite units such as table-tops, vanity-tops, stairs, window-sills, fire-place surrounds... We import stone, transport and pass through the custom by ourselves from many countries, so we have partners in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Italy, San-Marino, Spain, Greece, Turkey, India, China, Canada...
e 21025 USA: Are you familiar with a marble called Tienshan Jade? We are a granite and marble wholesale business in New Orleans and I have a customer inquiring about this particular stone. July 12 Contact
e 21024 USA: Retail: I need to purchase 300 square feet of crab orchard stone to complete my house. We are in loisianna and will drive to pick the stone up. Tel: 225 77......July 11 Contact
e 21023 UK: We are looking for Onyx handicraft supplier. July 11 Contact
e 21022 USA: I am interested in purchasing some cobbles I saw in you web site for a Client in Canada. I need to know if the item of interest is still available and how long it can be stored until we need it. Plus an idea of shipping costs. Telephone: 907-49......July 11 Contact
e 21021: We are looking for a source for dark brown onyx stone for use in faucet handles and other smaller applications. July 11 Contact
e 21020 : l am interested with stone cutting machine which is on stock 557. July 11 Contact
e 21019 Saudi Arabia: Kindly send us the quotations of the different sizes of Black Galaxy Granite blocks. July 11 Contact
e 21018 Turkey: We are very interested in knowing more about your marble and granite goods. Especially polished 2 cm thick slabs. Could you please send us detailed information concerning the current price-lists and product features? Tel: +90 216 38.....July 11 Contact
e 21017 India: Could you please send the details of sand stone block cutters/ laterite block cutter include the image of machine and prices Delivery in Delhi. July 11 Contact
also for 2nd grade

also 2nd grade 
Tel: 98292.....July 11 Contact
e 21014 USA: Retail: My husband and I live in a Romanesque revival townhouse in the historic landmark section of park slope, brooklyn, new york and have just start a major re-pointing project that includes the repair of the stoop steps, which are made of euclid stone. Any idea where we can find that today or what its modern equivalent is, if any? Telephone: 917-58.....July 11 Contact
e 21013 USA: I own a marble and granite company and I would like to get some samples please contact me as soon as possible. I am really interested in buying containers of granite. Telephone: 504-36.....July 11 Contact
e 21012 USA: We are importers and wish to make contact with exporters of granite/marble. I am in Atlanta. July 11 Contact
e 21011: Please quote for black absolute and galaxy (slab). July 11 Contact
e 21010 UK: I need around 10 containers a month the colors are raj green and autumn brown, size are: 550 * 275, 550 * 412.5, 550 * 550, 550 * 687.5, 550 * 825, 550 * 1100.  my phone no is 0044-77387.....July 10 Contact
e 21009: Need travertine Trav. Gold Sienna, Pol. July 10 Contact
e 21008 USA: I am looking for a quarry direct source for the importing of random granite slabs. Telephone: 1-801-37......  July 10 Contact
e 21007 Ireland: Please quote for Crema marfil tiles. July 10 Contact
e 21006: Please quote for black galaxy and absolute black granite tiles. We are interested in visiting your factory! July 10 Contact
e 21005: I need to find out if you have a tile name Calcutta oro it is white with a little grey and where can I find it I am presently living in the carribbean. Tel: +1 (246) 42.....July 10 Contact
e 21004 UK: Please quote for Cobbles, cubes, pebbles, chips, tumbled pebbles, boulders and tumbled blocks as displayed in pricelist 720. Tel: 01205 3......COBBLE STONES 8-9" X 4" X 4" FOR DRIVES AND COURT YARDS. FULL CONTAINERS 2 CONTAINERS FOR FIRST ORDER, 1 CONTAINER PER WEEK SALES VOLUME, IF QUALITY IS GOOD UPTO 4++ CONTAINERS A WEEK. July 10 Contact
e 21003 USA: Please quote for Basalt Cobble stone. July 10 Contact
e 21002 India: I am looking for Marble Slab/Tiles price list. How can I get them from Rajasthan to Bangalore? July 10 Contact
e 21001 USA: I wish to buy 3-d stone and marble sculptures engraving machinery. What do you recommend? Tel: 961-3-7.....July 10 Contact
e 21000 Jordan: Please quote for pumice stone, size : 3-5cm. July 10 Contact
e 20999 China: Please quote us the best price at Onyx of Iran in name Sirdjan Green and send us photo (large than your post at web site) a.s.a.p. Size: 900x900x20mm (polish), Qty.: 2,500sqm, Destination: Hong Kong. TEL.: 852-213.....July 10 Contact
e 20998 Korea: Please quote for Ebony black from Sweden. Phone Number : 82-2-97.....July 10 Contact
e 20997: Looking for Hydraulic rock splitter. Tel: 970-67.....July 10 Contact
e 20996 USA: Retail: Can't find locally a specific sized piece of Field Stone. Have had one on order for 2 months and can't get one in! I'm planning a trip to North Carolina and thought I would try to locate quarries or suppliers that ship here and pick one out if possible. Would have it shipped or take it back myself. 
Looking for a piece of Tennessee Field Stone or a match as close to it as possible (Haven't seen the Smoky Mountain Field Stone). It is for the top of a waterfall. It needs to be about 5ft. long b y 30-36" wide and as thin as possible (hoping for 2"-4" thick). Please advise if you would be a source or any others you would recommend be visited. July 10 Contact
e 20995 India: I have good requirement for 8" Tuck point blades for Dry cutting granite. We need this for Use in Granite Monument making. July 9 Contact
e 20994 Italy: Please send details of Golden Jerusalem Stone. July 9 Contact
e 20993 USA: I am looking for reddish or chocolate fieldstone. I would like the pieces to be no larger than 2'x4' and can be as small as 1'x6". I want them to be no thicker than 2". I want them in as natural of a sate as possible (quarry cut not polished). I need 6 pallets. I am in Louisiana. I would like to keep shipping costs down so the closer the better. I am ready to buy now and have it shipped within two months. I would like a picture emailed after price and shipping has been negotiated. Tel: 504-72.....July 9 Contact 
e 20992: Please quote for blocks excavating machines. July 9 Contact 
e 20991 China: We are interested in gray slate for a building which is in the construction. Tel: 86 021 513.....July 9 Contact 
e 20990 USA: Looking for sandstone blocks as displayed in ready stock 38. tel: 417-54..... July 9 Contact 
e 20989 South Africa: We are currently seeking alternate suppliers of porcelain and ceramic tiles for the various housing projects we are developing at the moment. Please could you send me a catalogue with pricing as well as a company profile. Please note that these products are to be exported to South Africa by ship. Tel: +27 11 88.....July 9 Contact 
e 20988 USA: Please contact me with the necessary information on how to acquire block granite from your samples, these would be shipped to either Thailand or China and processed there unless local processing could be offered. Color and quantity willl depend upon pricing, We will need to have some sort of basic idea as to cost in order to make those decisions. Telephone number here is 1-808-96.....July 8 Contact  
e 20987 USA: Need French Limestone 2200 Sq Ft, Massangis Jaune Clair or similar, biege in color. Flooring application approximate size 20" x 30" tiles. Looking to purchase now. Need to see a sample. Finalize in 2-3 weeks. July 8 Contact  
e 20986 USA: I am interested in buying one machine for 3-dimensional engraving of stone sculptures and statues. What machine do you recommend? What corresponding 3-d software does it work with? What is the cost of such machine? Tel: 961-3-7.....July 8 Contact  
e 20985 USA: We are looking for regular supply (100 cbm/month) of Tropic Brown granite rough blocks from Saudi Arabia. We have a factory in India and looking for Gangsaw size blocks. Phone : USA 734-56.....July 8 Contact  
e 20984 China: We are very interested in your Chocalate Granite for an important project. Please check if you can supply. If so, please give us the price for the 1st class blocks C&F China. Tel:(86)539-71.....July 8 Contact  
e 20983 USA: Please send a sample of Desert Brown granite to my Hawaii office. Sample size needs to be a minimum of 4" x 4". July 8 Contact 
e 20982 USA: Retail: Looking for verde aqua marina granite or marble. tel 323-85..... July 8 Contact  
e 20981 USA: We are in need of Cherokee granite pavers 3000 sf 18x18 or 24x24 x 1 1/4" honed and 200 lf pool coping 18" wide x 2" thick with bullnose edge. Tel: 718 85.....July 8 Contact  
e 20980 Spain: Please quote for full container loads of G684 Chinese granite Tiles 40x40x1cm Polished, Calibrated & Bevelled Tiles along with delivery time. We will only consider quotations from quarry owners, companies based in Xiamen no need to quote. tel: +34 986 6.....July 8 Contact  
e 20979 USA: Looking for a source for Shirakawa Sand (or similar material) for a zen garden (40 feet x 15 feet, 5 inches deep)? July 7 Contact  
e 20978 USA: Looking for Tibetan blue 2cm granite f.o.b. san Antonio, TX. Tel: (210) 82.....July 7 Contact
e 20977 USA: I am interested in a granite table saw. What is the price you are asking? What is the estimated weight for shipping costs?
We are a refractory shape producer and we cut allot of silicon carbide slabs. We need a heavy saw such as in your photograph. Phone 708-84.....July 7 Contact
e 20976 Iran: We are a stone company in Iran and we need green marble tiles and slabs-four sides sawn and polished from India. size :green marble from India 160x40x2 cm, 40x40x2cm, 60x60x2cm. The prices must be C&F Bandar Abbas and competitive and we have too much inquiry from India. The quality and price and honestly are most important also all of our payments are L/C at sight with inspection in destination. July 7 Contact
e 20975 India: I am an importer based in INDIA and I am in need of white transparent alabaster in the sizes above 100 kg with upper crust cleaned. I am ready to order as soon I am able to get the quotations. My requirement is about 12 to 15 containers per annum. I require material from ITALY and SPAIN. If any seller can send me the sample I am prepared to pay the cost of courier. Telephone: 009156222..... July 6 Contact
e 20974 China: We are looking for a kind of marble in Philippines. Today I have found one marble named Rosa Mistic, which is just what we want. Could you give me offer of the block? Or send me one pieces of small sample 100x100x10mm polished finish? Tel:0086-755-287.....July 6 Contact
e 20973: Interested in sabbiosso granite.  July 6 Contact
e 20972 India: We require 5 Containers of Unexpanded Perlite Ore per month. July 6 Contact
e 20971 Australia: I am looking for small (maximum dimension 40mm) Red Japser and Green Aventurine they must be very smooth and highly polished. Initially I need only around 100KG. Ph : 1300 7.....July 5 Contact
e 20970 India: We are a consultancy firm Based in Mumbai (India). We have a network of offices all over the major cities of India where each office specializes in particular products. Our current plan is to supply Turkish and Indian marble and granite to the GCC countries directly from the source. Hence cutting costs and making it price competitive for our potential clients. Our representatives will visit GCC in the near future. Please let us know if we can mutually benefit from the same. TEL: +91-22-267.....July 5 Contact
e 20969 Saudi Arabia: Our company based in Saudi Arabia & we need now the attached marble quantities to one of our going on projects in Riyadh city. Tel 00966 1 46...... July 5 Contact
e 20968 USA: Retail: Need about 300 - 500 sq ft of travertine. French (Versaille) pattern consisting of 24x16, 16x16, 16x8, 8x8 tiles. tiles should be around 1 inch thick. This is for the outdoor patio. Please quote by per square feet, also provide shipping cost. California, United States, zip code; 94539. If it's local (San Francisco Bay Area) vendor, might just pick up. July 5 Contact
e 20967 TAIWAN: We are looking for the red granite polished, size 60cm x 90cm x 15mm, price idea USD9/M2 CNF TAIWAN PORT, for 2-4 containers each shipment., packing in wooden export carton, delivery within 30 days. FAX 886 22 75.....July 5 Contact
e 20966 UK: Could you please send us some samples of your wall and floor tiles? Mobile: 079717......July 5 Contact
e 20965 Australia: I am interested in purchasing stone splitter. Telephone +61-402-1......July 4 Contact
e 20964: We are contractors based in Doha, Qatar. We are working on a project where we need to cover an area of 70,000 m2 of basalt cobblestone. Size of the pieces can be about 10 x 10 cm x 5 h. Straight from 4 sides and rough from 2 sides (Up and Down). Delivery time over 4 months period. Kindly quote us a price either Ex-factory or FOB Turkey. Mobile: +974.58.....July 4 Contact
e 20963 USA: I want a quotation for a 45" container of 2 -3 pumice stone, for our laundry in Honduras. Tel (504) 55.....July 4 Contact
e 20962 Iran: We need green marble in tile with size 60x60x2 cm. TEL: +98 (21) 333.....July 3 Contact
e 20961 Kuwait: Please inform me whether you have any system to make stone partition wall for interiors, Do you have any light weight stone. Telephone: 00965 47..... July 3 Contact
e 20960 Lebanon: Our company deals with importing granite and ceramic to Lebanon and Qatar. I would like to get price list some ceramic items. I need a quantity of 65000 sqm as a start. tel: 009617...... July 3 Contact
e 20959: We need  approx 1000 sqm Omani Marble tiles Oman for a project that commences in Aug. Tel: +968245.....July 3 Contact
e 20957 Taiwan: We are a marble company in Taiwan and looking for St. Cecilia and Ciallo Veneziano original stone (Height:150-180cm, Length:300-350cm, Width: 100-200cm). Please give us your quotation about these two kinds of stone (FOB and CIF price). Tel: 886-38-4.....July 3 Contact
e 20956 USA: Is the azul marble available in 12 x 12" tiles? Price? July 3 Contact
e 20955 Pakistan: We require marble polishing pad size 4" & 5" c/f Karachi. Contact 00923332......July 3 Contact
e 20954 USA: Retail: We are looking for Moroccan black fossil stone. I am looking for it and am in San Diego area. July 3 Contact
e 20953 USA: We are a company located in the United States, we sell marble and granite. We are looking for a white lime stone (the name we have for this stone is: 'Cremo Bello' it can also have a different name. the point is that it is plain and simple white lime stone). A Picture is attached. The sizes that we are interested of are: 12"x24", 6"x18", 6"x12"- the thickness is 3/8" or 1/2". Most of the tile we need in a honed finish and some of the tiles we need in polished finish. We also need a price on ogee border from the same material, a picture is 
attached. The quantity is around the 20,0000 sq. ft. Please let us know if you have the stone, and if you do please send us the price per sq ft delivered to new york with a custom release, or door to doer (to the job site). We need the price As Soon As Possible. We need the stone delivered to NY in about 5 to 6 weeks. Phone -1-201-94.....July 2 Contact
e 20952 USA: I am interested in a reliable exporter of granite to supply me granite slabs for kitchen counter tops. Please email me your price list and catalogue of products. Then we can talk of business in the next 2-3 weeks. July 2 Contact
e 20951 : I am interested on your equipment that is on sale 438 CAT 14G. Please send me the manufacturing year and more information. Give me the last price if it is possible. My phone number is 01-647-89.....July 1 Contact
e 20950 USA: I am looking for 2 slabs of Giallo Natalia. July 1 Contact
e 20949 Turkey: We would like to get contact with the supplier of the Bonacord Granite from South Africa. Tel: +90 312 40.....July 1  Contact
e 20948 China: We need the samaha marble, please contact us 0086-592-66.....July 1  Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.