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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   May 31, 2006

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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 

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255 inquiries so far in May 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 20719 USA: I am a builder looking for 3000 sqft of 24 x24 5/8 travertine tile. Very Light beige in color For residential use good quality. Price needs to be under $3:50 psf delivery included to a whse. In Neptune NJ. Tel: 732-49...... material is needed around September 06. Can take sooner if available. Sample will be needed. May 31 Contact 
e 20718 Mexico: Email me relevant information on used equipment for cutting stone (marble, sandstone etc.) I am located in Merida Yucatan, Mexico the stones from the area are Macedonia also called Yucatecan marble, Ticul which is a softer stone and Conchuela which is the softest and has sea shells fossilized. I am starting to venture in this new business. If you can guide me and send me information with the type of equipment I need to cut this type of stone it will be greatly appreciate it. Tel./Fax:+52(999)91......May 31 Contact 
e 20717: Please Quote : 
Cat's Eye Tiles Sizes-60mmx60mmx20mm
Kashmir Gold Tiles Sizes - 60mmx60mmx20
Qty. Reqd. : 5000 m2 FOB Indian Port. Tel. : 0294-24.....May 31 Contact 
e 20716 USA: I need the siena natural tile in 16x16, what is your price? can you send a sample? May 31 Contact 
e 20715 Iran: We are a Co. in IRAN / Tehran, we have a request for buy a kind of stone with the following: 
Stone Name: imperial green marble stone
1 container 20 feet 
Dim: 180*40*1.8 cm and 160*40*1.8 cm
Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stone. Tel: +9821 4414.....May 31. Contact 
e 20714: Can you please provide some quotes and any additional information on marble? Preferably on 1 by 1sq meter basis? May 31. Contact 
e 20713 USA: Please send me any information about Bateig Blue and beige from Spain. I have a significant project in need of custom dimensional in Bateig Blue as well as gauged flat stock tiles in Bateig Beige. I am leaving for Alicante Spain June 10. The project is a 9 story mixed use commercial residential with bateig beige and bateig blue on every floor. Columns, door surrounds, window surrounds, wainscot, and two large archway entries surrounds. The successful manufacturer will fabricate in phases for delivery over a 4 to 5 month period. Tel 011-1-619-64.....May 31. Contact 
e 20712 USA: We are interested in a slab of black slate with dimensions 17 inches x 79 inches by 2 inches. We would like the edges to be rough cut (natural). May 30. Contact 
e 20711 France: can you give me information to reach yellow or orange onyx in blocks. I am stone carver in France. I look for 2-5 m3 - blocks for sculpture-carving depending on transport or i can pick up until 1 ton myself. 1 block or smaller. May 30. Contact 
e 20710 Bahrain: We are one of the leading earthmoving contractors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are looking for some D6RLGPP could you please send us the particulars of the said machine CIF Bahrain. Tel.: +973-176.....May 30. Contact 
e 20709 India: I wish to procure alabaster. I have a capacity of buying 15 containers 20feet per year. Mobile 00919837......May 30. Contact 
e 20708 Dominican Republic: I live in Dominican Republic and i want to put a company to sale you’re products, i want to know what prices you have for me, but i do not what the install price, because i will install it here in Dominican Republic. I want to buy big shipments each month. Please send me too the size of all the plates that you have for sale. May 30 Contact 
e 20707 Australia: I am currently looking to buy one container of Bali Rock. The stone is Black to Dark Grey in colour is almost a basalt as rough in finish. The same stone the Balinese use to make columns and Friezes in there Temples. Please send info regarding the different prices for different sizes. Tel: 0418 9.....May 30 Contact 
e 20706 Australia: I am looking to purchase INDONESIAN SANDSTONE from the Yogjakarta area. The stone is very light in colour almost white, with some variation of light grey green. Please send me more info on size of Slabs & Tile form available. Tel: 0418 9.....May 30 Contact 
e 20705 Canada: I am looking to import wholesale quantities of marble and onyx from Pakistan. May 30 Contact 
e 20704: Need Beige Travertine and marble tiles. May 30 Contact
e 20703 Sri Lanka: Need granite gang saw & polishing machine from Italy. May 29 Contact
e 20702 CROATIA: I NEED SLABS OF BLACK GRANITE 310 X180 X 10 & 310 X 180 X 8 NERO ASOLUTO, ZIMBABVE, ETC. Telephone: 0038512...... May 29 Contact
e 20701 South Africa: I am looking for 1 full container of 600x600 Botticino Fiorito Light from Italy. Telephone: +27 21 42.....  May 29 Contact
e 20700 Iran: we are looking for granite and marble stones
If you are interesting to cooperate with our company please inform me about your:
1. Website address.
2. Tel/Fax No.
3. Address of company 
4. Any necessary information about your company and your products 
Tel/fax: +98-0711-23.....May 29 Contact
e 20699 Pakistan: We are interested in 1984 CATERPILLAR 950B WHEEL LOADER. You are requested to please provide us the following details: Detailed photos of the machine showing all major components. 
S/N & working hours of the machine. 
Condition of the engine, transmission & hydraulic system. 
Inspection report (If available) 
C&F Karachi price. Tel: +92.51.55.....
May 29 Contact
e 20698: I am interested in buying raw crystals size 1kgs up lumps therefore please advise your lowest best fob main india port prices. May 29 Contact
e 20697 Thailand: We are looking for marble water basins for tabletop fountains, diameter 30 cm. We have price from 32 USD from Hong Kong and 62 USD from Thailand price must be lower than this. May 29 Contact
e 20696 Sri Lanka: Please send the prices of your product range. We are going to by 2 containers per month initially. Tel: +94(0)1144.....May 29 Contact
e 20695 USA: Looking for marble slabs Argentina & Jerusalem Limestone. May 29 Contact
e 20694 USA: I am planning to import marble from Pakistan to USA. Could you please send me the prices plus shipping cost plus import duty? My contact no. is 1-561-40.....May 29 Contact
e 20693 Uruguay: We are looking for Hydraulic Truck Cranes. Capacity 35 ton. Year upper 1992. Please send me your offer with complete information, pictures and FOB price. Tel: 00598 2 40.....May 29 Contact
e 20692 USA: Please provide us with bottom line container prizes on your products. May 28 Contact
e 20691 Bangaldesh: We are leading Import and indenting company in our country. Now we are very much interested to import your Calcium carbonate powder/lime stone powder for feed grade. Our port is I.C.D (Kamlapur Railway Station). We need CNF price and Specifications. Telephone: 880-2-88.....May 28 Contact
e 20690 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase approx. 200 sq. ft. of slate. The size is 12”x12”x 3/4”-1” or 200 12”x12” x ¾”-1” tiles. This will be used for an outdoor sidewalk which is why I want the thickness specified. I am located in Lynchburg, Va. May 28 Contact
e 20689 Spain: We are interested in buying marble and granites from your company. I just need some picture about marble and in different design. We need a cheap kind of prices. We will buy a big quantity from you. First give us a quality and prices. We looking for full container prices. Let us know how much you will charge us for meter and which quality and how much for a full container include cutting and polish. We already are working with China and Pakistan. PHONE:- 0034-9611.....May 28 Contact
e 20688 : We have had inquiries for polished Belgian bluestone slabs, purportedly "all the rage" in Europe. I know Belgian bluestone is different than what we in the States use (usually for outdoor applications). Any info on this would be appreciated. PH: 732-21.....May 28 Contact
e 20687 USA retail: Want Venetian Blue around 77sq ft. of granite needed for kitchen island and two accent counters. 3cm stone, and 1cm backsplash. Willing to buy from any geographical area. Ready to buy. Expect to finalize if/when find Venetian Blue granite. Tel: 813-74.....May 28 Contact
e 20686 USA: Immediate need of red marble slabs like Rouge Agadir, Rosso Incarnat or Languedoc Red. 300+ sq/ft preferably in the USA already. Ready to purchase. Call me at 203-74.....May 28 Contact
e 20685: We are looking for 2cm thick rojo cehegin. We have a sample here from another company. I would assume that all rojo are the same colour. please could you give me a price delivery time and method of paying.  May 28 Contact
e 20684 India: Our client overseas interested in buying granites, so if could send us shade card. Telephone: +91 44 266.....May 27 Contact
e 20683 Saudi Arabia: I am interested in dozer d155A1. Telephone: 009665544.....  May 27 Contact
e 20682 : I am looking for how to establish the best prices for granite slabs coming out of China, I don't want to pay to much for my product. I understand that the market is very competitive and don't want to pay to much. Also I would consider other countries if their pricing was as competitive as China's. I am looking for one or two suppliers with pricing that is very competitive, enabling me to be the most competitive granite slab supplier on the upper West Coast of America. Competitive pricing would result in a potential usage of 40,000- 70,000 2M of 3CM slab products. We are also looking to stock between 30-60 colors from all over the world. Tel: 001 206 95.....May 27 Contact
e 20681 USA: Please send a copy of your products/pricelist. We are family owned business located in gettysburg. We take a lot of orders for bluestone, and are always looking for suppliers and cut shops. Telephone: 717-33.....May 27 Contact
e 20680 UK: I'm looking for suitable stone for a 'natural' look pond and also some stone for a slow moving stream - ideally the stone could be quarried within 100 miles of Evesham, UK. May 27 Contact  
e 20679 USA: We have a high end project in British Virgin Islands – phase 1 of several phases. Please find attached sample photos of the stone to be used on our project – are you able to provide this type of product? 
We also have a large quantity of cast limestone products required (column caps, cills, copings etc). Please let me know if you are interested in receiving a full tender enquiry. Tel. Office : 321-20.....
May 26 Contact  
e 20678 ROMANIA: I NEED URGENT THE PRICE AND TIME DELIVERY FOR: MADURA GOLD POLISHED FIRST QUALITY 60 X 30 X 2CM - 30 X 30 X  2CM - 40 X 40 X 2CM QUANTITY 750 SQ, 120 X 35 X 2 AND 3CM 100 SQ. GREEN PARADISE POLISHED 30 X 30 X 2CM - 40 X 40 X 2CM - 60 X 60 X 2CM QUANTITY 190 SQ. After the price send me same photo with the material's and after the samples 30x30x1cm by DHL and at the Invoice we deduct the value for cost DHL. Telephone: 00402168.....May 26 Contact  
e 20677 USA: Retail: I recently saw a 48 inch round of petrified wood table top that was beautiful and would like to make a kitchen table top out of this material.  May 26 Contact  
e 20676 Bangladesh: We are the leading garment producer in Bangladesh. We need marble for our new factory. Please provide us with outstanding color of marbles. First we need scanned copy of the colors. May 26 Contact   
e 20675 UK: I am trying to find some black granite or limestone in either cream , light brown or green. 70cm by 15 cm depth and it will need a central drill hole. it would be great if it was from zurich as that is where it needs to go. May 26 Contact   
e 20674 Pakistan: We need porcelain / ceramic tiles size 500x500 in different design so send the rate of tiles with complete details. Tel: 0092-42-63.....May 26 Contact   
e 20673 USA: I was wondering if I could purchase Unpolished Tigers Eye stone in bags? Tel: (914) 76..... May 26 Contact 
e 20672 USA: I would welcome any help in finding these terrazo tiles (image 1, image 2). I need about 1000 feet each. Tel: 818-71.....May 26 Contact 
e 20671 South Africa: We would like a pricelist as we are new in the granite business as well all information you've got about granite equipment that we could buy. Cell: 08244.....May 26 Contact 
e 20670 USA: We are looking for Volga Blue to manufacture a bench. Tel: 229.24.....May 26 Contact 
e 20669 USA: Do you have any "Amazon Flower" slabs in stock? Mobile: 818.38..... May 26 Contact 
e 20668 USA: Retail: Looking for greenish granite kitchen block countertops in Miami area
~14'x 2' foot w/ sink
~1.4' x2' connected behind stove to 2.2
~3.5'x5' island
4" backsplash
1'x3' pass-though
~$2k to 3k budget installed
Would like it ASAP, but definitely w/in 1 mo or I'll have to put in tile. Tel: 305-33......
May 26 Contact 
e 20667 Jordan: Can we get an updated price list for Italian MarbleMay 25 Contact 
e 20666 USA: I am looking for a homogenous grey slate (12"x12") for a commercial interior application (reception, lab, bathroom in dental office). which are budget options if the job address is in gilroy california 95020? May 25 Contact 
e 20665 USA: I am interested in purchasing Brazilian Quartzite for pool coping and decking in white and/or yellow...any info you might have on durability and where I can purchase this stone? I can be reached on my cell phone at 203 - 98.....May 25 Contact 
e 20663: Would you please send details of suppliers of Rosa Aurora Claro (P1) and Rosa Portugal 2. I am particularly interested in Rosa Aurora Claro (P1) in 30x30x1cm. tiles, initial quantity will be 16 sq. mts. My telephone number is +44(0)19928.....May 24 Contact 
e 20661 USA: retail: Looking to buy Cielo Azule slab from Argentina.  May 24 Contact 
e 20660 USA: Looking for texas grit needed for our sand box. May 24 Contact 
e 20659 China: We a Chinese stone co are looking the onyx produced in Mexico like the dragon jade, we would like to buy blocks 500 tons per month. Please check the attachment for the photo for your ref.  We need to buy 500 tons of blocks per month. But for sure this onyx is produced in Mexico not in India. My mobile 008613825......May 24 Contact 
e 20658 India: Please quote for thassos marble. Telephone: +91 0260 26..... May 24 Contact 
e 20657 India: We require Second Hand/Used Rock Splitters of capacity 220 Ton, 120 Ton and 50 Ton respectively. We also require Motorized Conveyors of size 4000 MM x 1000 MM and 3000MM x 1000MM. Telephone: +91 172 46.....May 24 Contact 
e 20656 USA: I wish to install a granite cobblestone driveway. The area of the driveway is 5,500 sq ft. I prefer granite in either the 4x4x4" or 4x8x4" size (depending on cost) and the color pink. The site location is on the North Shore of Kauai near Princeville, Hawaii. The timing is "as soon as material is available". I would appreciate a quote and expected delivery date.  Telephone: 808 82.....May 24 Contact 
e 20655 USA: Retail: I am looking for either black galaxy granite tiles or stellar night silestone tiles. Telephone: 773-66.....May 24 Contact 
e 20654 USA: We are interested in buying a CAT 950B loader. Tel: 1-416-83.....May 24 Contact 
e 20653 UK: I am interested of units stock 560 cat 980C excavators. please advice. Tel: 004477102.....May 24 Contact 
e 20652 India: PLEASE SEND YOUR SAMPLE OF SYNTHETIC DIAMOND POWDER. Tel: +91-261-24..... May 24 Contact 
e 20650 Canada: Kindly advise us of the (1) Availability and (2) FOB Price for about
17,000 ft2 - Emperador Brown 12”x12” x1cm HONED and
17,000 ft2 - Emperador Brown 12”x12” x1cm POLISHED
Full size SAMPLES must be sent for our consideration. 
Phone: (416) 51.....May 24 Contact 
e 20649 USA: I need to buy Charcoal black marble and Granite blocks for sculpture bases at good prices, right now I need 3 blocks 3 foot by 2 foot by 2 feet and polished on 4 sides and 3 blocks 2 by 2 by 2 feet polished as well. Must be sound but need not be perfect. Please call me at 530-97......May 24 Contact 
e 20648: Please let me now what do I need to do to get price and all information about Second hand marble gangsaw. Tel: 52 ( 442 ) 190.....May 23 Contact 
e 20647 Do you have information about natural stones of Ethiopia and Eritrea? Tel: 0031 10 44.....May 23 Contact 
e 20646 USA: Looking for oklahoma flagstone in my area San Antonio Texas. at the best price. zip code 78070. May 23 Contact 
e 20645 Russia:  I need the price list for the granite stone. size is 30cm x 60cm. granite tiles. I need 700 sq. meters. size is 30cm x 60cm x 1cm colour is grey and red..grey is 500 sq. meters and red is 200 sq. meters. plz tell me the price for 700 metre square (in general). Tel: 8-906-25.....May 23 Contact 
e 20644 Turkey: We are interested in all kinds of granite slabs 2cm and 3cm. Please be advise me about prices. We would like to buy large quantity. Telephone: 00903522......May 23 Contact 
e 20643 India: Please give me the prices for the following marble slabs and also the sizes available for the listed slabs: 
Andhi White, Pink Marble, Milky Opal, Mansoon Pearl, Makrana Kumari.
May 22 Contact 
e 20642 USA: I am looking for Lapis to be used for statuary bases. Tel: 586-46.....May 22 Contact 
e 20641 USA: retail: Several years ago, I purchased several boxes of 12 inch x 12 inch marble tile from a local store. This store no longer carries the tile I bought, so I am looking for a close match for my tile. The name of the tile I bought was "Philippine Fawn Tan". I have looked at
the photos on the web site, and it appears that the Philippine "Carmi Florito" is close in color and texture. Can I obtain a small sample to compare your tile with my tile?  I will likely buy 2 or 3 boxes of 10 tiles (must be EXACTLY 12 inch x 12 inch). BUT, it is important for me to acquire a sample of the tile so I can assure that it matches the tile I have now. Phone: 636-79.....
May 22 Contact 
e 20640 USA: I am currently looking for a large quantity of travertine, details are listed below : We are budgeted at $9.75 per square foot. Is this reasonable, as I need to stay within budget? Also, the original sample our client liked was called Latte Travertine. It was a veined  travertine with purple and pink accents. At this point, I would like to find a travertine within budget. Quantities are listed below: 
3,300 sq. ft. 2’ x 2’ x 1-1/4” tiles for patios
140 linear feet of same material as above but with eased or bull nose edge for pool coping
300 linear feet 1’ x 6’ x 1-1/4” slabs with eased or bull nose edge for step treads
300 linear feet 6” x 6’ x 1-1/4” slabs for step risers 
I look forward to a quote, if you could please include cost of shipping and tax and also include lead time. Tel: (212) 96.....
May 22 Contact 
e 20639 USA: I am a wholesale buyer. Email me relevant information on GRANITE AND MARBLE SLABS from ALL OVER THE WORLD. TEL: 248-30..... May 22 Contact 
e 20638 USA: Need 1300 Sq Ft of Flagstone from Tennessee, Crab Orchard or any brown/tan colored medium thickness, irregular stone delivered for a residential patio, in Roswell, GA 30075. Please provide quotes for stone and shipping costs. Phone: 201-65.....May 22 Contact 
e 20637 India: We are looking for diamond router bits for Granite stone / slab cuttings and shaping. The drawings are attached (img 1, img 2). At beginning, we would request you to quote us for 12 (twelve) pieces of each tool as per attached drawing. Please also inform us Packing, shipping and handling cost, if any, of all 24 pieces to below noted address. Phone: 91 265 23.....May 22 Contact 
e 20636 USA: I would like pricing for the Marrom Bahia, 1000 square feet delivered to PA. Phone 610.26.....May 22 Contact 
e 20635 USA: Wanted Granite Slab saw to cut slabs up to 10 feet. Routers for cutting edges or any good edge machine, Polishing tools, Slab handling equipment, Large Air Compressor to run above tools. Above Equipment can be new or used if good condition. Total Budget for equipment of $30,000. Equipment wanted within next 3 months. Tel: 724 77.....May 22 Contact 
e 20634 : We are willing to buy from France only Rosso Francia Blocks. May 21 Contact 
e 20633 USA: I am interested to buy one or two container with mix granite slabs a quality (tan brown, santa cecilia, uba tuba, saphire blue, caledonia, black absolute, black galaxy, peacock green, travertine, crema marfil, dark emperador) all 1 1/4 . I need price for all. Tel: 77326......May 21 Contact 
e 20632 UK: We are a property developer currently under taking schemes across Europe where significant quantities of natural stone will be required over a five year period. Tel: 0044 207 51.....May 21 Contact 
e 20631: I need to buy Crema Heuscar marble (check enclosed photo). Could you help me find factory in China? May 21 Contact 
e 20630 URUGUAY: We are looking for Hydraulic Truck Crane, all Terrain Crane and Rough Terrain Cranes, capacity 25 Ton. Year 1991 to 1994. Please send me your offer with complete information, pictures and FOB price. Tel: 00598 2 40.....May 21 Contact 
e 20629 USA: We are a retail store for selling marble, granite, tile, slate, travertine, etc. We are new in this market, though we are a company of installers, we have a 3600 s/f warehouse and showroom so we are looking for wholesale suppliers. Telephone: 504 46..... May 21 Contact 
e 20628 USA: Retail: My husband and I are interested in purchasing 10-15 bags of large white or dark gray Mexican pebbles, (2" - 4"). What would be the cost would be to ship it to SC, zip code 29681? May 21 Contact 
e 20627 Bangladesh: We have need the followings. Please arrange immediately & send quotation and price. 
1. Hydraulic track crane (model-KR 25H-111) Capacity-25 ton...........2nos
2. Hydraulic track crane (GROVE) Capacity-50 ton .....................1no
3. Bulldozer................................................................................1 no. tel: 088 031 6......May 21 Contact 
e 20626: Please send us price and information about a fully automatic terrazzo tiles plant. tel: 009871162.....May 21 Contact 
e 20625 Iran: We have a request for buy a kind of stone with the following: 
Stone Name: Black Galaxy
1 container 20 feet 
Dim: 120*60*2 cm and 120*80*2 cm 

Stone Name: Absolutely Black
1 container 20 feet
Dim:180*60*4 cm
Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stone. Tel: +9821 441.....
May 21 Contact  
e 20624 Belgium: Please quote with pictures for black granite boulders from Australia. May 21 Contact  
e 20623 USA: I would like to know more about a Granite Table Saw. May 21 Contact  
e 20622 USA: We recently purchased a house which we are in process of extending and making it bigger. Currently, our kitchen and breakfast room floor was built using Granite Slabs from your Quarry called "Lillette". We have found a supplier in New Jersey called "instile". They do have tiles but not Slabs. We wanted to know if you had any other suppliers in US that may have carried "Lillette" Granite Slabs. Cell: 732 26.....May 21 Contact  
e 20621 UK: Please provide competitive quotations on your products. My contact number is 00353 87 9...... and I would like quotations for offers you may have we build apartments and one off houses in south dublin. May 20 Contact  
e 20620 USA: I’m a granite fabricator in the market for a gantry saw. A hydraulic lift table is preferred. Please send any pictures of equipment and asking price. May 20 Contact  
e 20619 Canada: Would like to purchase a gangsaw in used condition in Canada. May 20 Contact  
e 20618 Libya: My business importing marble and granite tiles and slabs of thickness [3 cm and 2 cm] 60 x 60 and 60 x 30 and 40 x 40. We want the prices of all types. May 20 Contact  
e 20617 Kuwait: Kindly quote your best Prices CIF, Kuwait Port for the following: 
1- Limestone fines of Granite Gobble 45 MT
2- Hydrated Lime 1000 MT
3- Iranian Marble Chips 3/8” to ½” 1500 MT
4- White Dolomite Sand 2500 MT
Preferable source, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Turkey & India. Direct Line: + 00971 2 61.....
May 19 Contact  
e 20616 Iran: Please quote for Maple Red (G562) 1 container 20 feet, Dim: 60 x 60 x 2. Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stone. Tel: +9821 441.....May 19 Contact  
e 20615 USA: I am interested in importing stone (mostly granite) from India. However, I realize that its required to have sufficient knowledge about the process and the scope of the industry before getting into it. Your guidance related to importing to USA would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at 614-26.....I have not yet decided on the quantity and the color as it would depend on the contract that I would be receiving here. However, I would like to gather as much information as needed regarding the importing of the product and intricacies involved.  May 19 Contact  
e 20614 USA: We would like samples of Sierra Madre, Rosa Poro Galo Salmone, Da Laguna Verde. Can you please send them to us as soon as possible? We would like 3 small samples each for a project we are working on. Tel: 808-52......May 19 Contact  
e 20613 Pakistan: I need quote of 900mm and 400 mm blades with high fast cutting of marbles. Telephone: 00929236......May 19 Contact  
e 20611 Australia: Our company is an importer of Indian stone products to Australia. We specialise in sourcing stone for large multi level commercial and residential developments. I shall be visiting India to make new contacts with stone exporters and wish to meet with you and view your products. Apart from marble and granite tiles, my particular interest this trip is stone for exterior landscaping (sandstone, kota, limestone) and granite and marble tops for kitchens and bathrooms with cut outs for basins and taps, carved baths and basins. 
I shall be returning in November for 2 months. 2 weeks will be spent in Rajasthan and the balance in southern India investigating granite stone. Phone/Fax 61 7 547.....
May 19 Contact  
e 20610 USA: Retail: I am specifically looking for a local supplier of Maine Cobblestones (Belgian Blocks) for my property in Blue Hill Maine. Approximately 2200-2500 sq.ft. All local supplier seem to have imported cobblestones from India or China. Phone: 908-57.....The materials would be required in August, 2006. I expect the origin of the Belgian Blocks are of harvested Maine granite. Of course I would like to inspect the material for sale in the very near future and pricing would be a important consideration. May 19 Contact  
e 20609 USA: Retail: I have fallen in love with a slab of Colonial Gold Crosscut Granite. I need three slabs. May 19 Contact  
e 20608 USA: Need 1400 sft flagstone : Crab Orchard, brown/tan from Tennessee or GA. Phoen: 77058......May 19 Contact  
e 20607 USA: We are looking for a source for soapstone firebrick. We operate a masonry supply business. Tel: 208-7.....May 18 Contact  
e 20606 : We are looking for first quality Golden Diamond granite from China. May 18 Contact  
e 20605 Egypt: We want get information and offer about granite polishing and cutting used machines especially which has 16, 18 and 20 heads. We specialized in processing marble and granite in Egypt along time ago. Phone number: 20270.....May 18 Contact  
e 20604 South Africa: Please quote for stone paving. Tel : +27 12 .......May 18 Contact  
e 20603 UK: Please quote for 90 Sqm Carrara 600x400x15mm ASAP to be delivered to Surrey. Tel: 0044 7956 2.....May 18 Contact  
May 18 Contact
e 20601 India: I would be interested to buy tiles from China and sell in India, right now i am having diff business but importing and selling will be the first time, so it will be great if i will get to know the exact procedure for the same, like, import duty on tiles, if i have to get the delivery in Karnataka, India, supplier will export from his end, but what are the procedures to import it, complete formalities of import and import duty + any hidden cost for the same? Tel:+91-836-42..... May 18 Contact
e 20600 Australia: Retail: I am trying to find 3 boxes of tilestar mayorka bone floor tiles in Australia, preferebly in Melbourne.  May 18 Contact
e 20599 France: Our company looks for new stone suppliers in Egypt. We seek especially for tiles, about beige, yellow, black marbles...We look for rustic ( antic) stones in Egypt : sunny beige and other rustic stones. The tiles must be about 2 cm thickness and opus sizes ( 30X60; 30X30; 60X60 and so on) Tél : 0033 8 72 4.....May 18 Contact
e 20598 Croatia: We are manufacturers of ceramic products for fireplace stoves, and we are also producing fireplaces. We are very interested for natural stone, granite, marble - tiles. At this moment we are interested in catalogues and price lists that you might sent where we could find out more information about what kind of product you can offer us. Tel: 00385 49 2.....May 18 Contact
e 20597 Italy: I need to buy as soon as possible some Italian marble "Mondragone" (Italian marble n. 84 on www.findstone.com) in slabs of at least 132x66x3 cm. or bigger, half polished or raw. Please let me know quote and availability. Tel +39 338 76.....May 18 Contact
HEIGHT -- 15MM, 20MM , 25MM

2.2 METER , 2.3 METER, 2.5 METER
Telephone No. +91-22-238......
May 18 Contact
e 20595 USA: Where can I buy blocks of Tiger Skin from Philippines. May 18 Contact
e 20594 USA: I need Moss Boulders, flagstones. I will need approx. 60 tons. Tel: 303-98.....May 18 Contact
e 20593 USA: Looking for 20 ton or so of field stone for dry retaining walls. Must be small enough to handle by two old men. Also interested in bulk price delivered/not delivered. Tel: 860-37.....May 17 Contact
e 20592 Iran: We have a request for buy a kind of stone with the following: 
Stone Name: Blue Pearl stone
1 container 20 feet 
Dim: 40*40*2 or 2*80*1.6 
Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stone. Tel: +9821 441.....May 17 Contact
e 20591 : I am looking for a pricelist for Rustenburg dark grey and Impala blue granite blocks. May 17 Contact
e 20590 Italy: We are an Italian factory of Marble. Please give us a price an if is possible also some photos of Gran Perla blocks. May 17 Contact
e 20589: We would like to import the UNPOLISHED GRANITE SLABS BLACK COLOUR. We need the price of the slabs A-grade the length above 180 to 240 cm. the height is 60cm. and the thickness about 1.8-2.0cm. Because we have our own factory to cut and polish it by ourselves, mostly we produce the table top which need long length and the rest of it we cut to size 60x60cm. How many kind of black granite you have? (We need pure black or super black) Would you please to quote the FOB price per m2 both RMB or USD are ok for us. You can contact me directly to my phone 661-93.....May 17 Contact
e 20588 USA: I am interested in item 503 - Bavelloni egar cnc. How do I get info on it? Tel: 440 78.....May 17 Contact
e 20587 USA: I am working on a project that specified Rosalia Classic (12X12 & 18X18) Marble Tile. I am trying to find if you can provide me with this tile or if you have a distributor I can talk with who may carry this tile, how much you might have, the lead time to get this (any possibility to expedite this material will be appreciated), and if I can get some samples. Tel: (512) 23.....May 17 Contact
e 20586 Italy: Please quote for 10000 sqm Selvia Cream 30 x 60. May 17 Contact
e 20585 USA: I am looking to see what your prices are on granite tile as well as granite slabs. I also need to know the colors available. Tel: 660.82.....May 16 Contact
e 20584 Australia: I am looking for Volokas White Marble or similar in white with grey colouring. Sizes are 400mm x 400mm in a honed finish. Quantity will be 1 container for first order, either 20ft or 40ft. I am happy to buy from anywhere but would prefer Asia region. Am looking at purchasing in June/July this year with a delivery date around August/September. Will prefer samples but will settle for photos prior to purchasing. Tel: 61 0417 2.....May 16 Contact
e 20583 India: I am interested in purchasing bulk quantities of alabaster from a supplier from Spain. Kindly let me know the terms and conditions of the purchase. Mobile 009198372.....May 16 Contact
e 20582 China: I am interested in the sodalite blue Nuvolata. Please quote FOB price. We need approx 5000 sqm. Tel: 86 10 586.....May 16 Contact
e 20581 China: We want to fly to Turkey to buy Limestone Blocks directly. It is our first time to quarry to buy Limesotne. Tel: 86-135099.....May 16 Contact
e 20580 Australia: We are currently undertaking a 135 apartment project which has just commenced construction and would like to source a composite stone or ceramic material for kitchen and bathroom bench tops. We are specifically looking for a material that looks like calcutta or carrara marble. May 16 Contact
e 20579 USA: Retail: I am looking for about 900 square feet of Sivri Beige tile in an 18 inch honed. May 16 Contact
e 20578 USA: Please quote for 1-3 Lapis slabs (currently, but may need ongoing supply) in size range 6"x8"x1.5" (1" acceptable) in square, round or oval pieces, preferably but not necessarily finished. Application Sculptural plinths/bases. Phone number - (586) 46.....May 16 Contact
e 20577 USA: Please quote for Granite blocks. May 15 Contact
e 20576: I need 1500 sf of flagstone. call me at 602 74.....May 15 Contact
e 20575 : We are looking to buy granite slabs, 3cm thick, 1st grade only. Phone 847-95.....May 15 Contact
e 20574 Peru: I am interested to buy ONE USED ONYX-TRAVERTINE GANGSAW MACHINE and one POLISHER LINE with 18-21 heads. Which would be 5-7 year OLD. Telephone: 511-998....May 15 Contact
e 20573 USA: Retail: Need 60 sq ft of 18" x 18" Blue Pearl Granite Tiles. Also Need: Bull nose Edging for counter Top Application (26 Linear Feet). Budget: $8.50 - 11.00 per SF plus bull nose ($20 per liniar FT). Needed By: ASAP. Phone #: (630) 41.....May 15 Contact
e 20572 Canada: Retail: Looking for a source of Perlato Botticino. I am looking for about 20- 12X12 tiles. Tel: 604-66.....May 15 Contact
e 20571 UK: Retail: I am interested in 95 sqm of Carrara dark Tiles 600x400x15 (or 18mm max). Based in London. May 15 Contact
e 20570 USA: I am interested in this santa cecilia granite. How much per square foot? Tel: 803-29..... May 15 Contact
e 20569 USA: Retail: Please quote for 3 sheets of delicato granite. I can be reached at 860 84..... I am located in CT. May 15 Contact
e 20568 Lebanon: Please confirm us if you have the Light Emperador tumbled. Sizes: 8X16CM, 10X10CM, 15X15CM, 30X30CM. If so, please send us your best prices. May 15 Contact
e 20567 Lithuania: We want to buy limestone Jura Polarblau (Jura Grijsblauw): 
Tel.:+370 682.....May 15 Contact
e 20566 USA: We need 3000 square feet of limestone for exterior veneer and interior fireplace hearth and veneer. The lighter the color (white would be great), the better. I don’t know enough about limestone itself to give you stone name or type. I am ready to finalize and make an order by May 31, 2006. I am the builder, the homeowner’s budget is flexible so please just give me the price per square foot for the material (delivered). However, they would like to go this route as their first choice. The jobsite is in Jasper, Georgia, USA. We don’t care what geographical area the stone comes from as it is the color we are looking for and meets budget requirements. Tel: 678 99.....May 15 Contact
e 20565 Greece: We would like information about stone crushing – aggregate producing machines mainly for small mountain road projects. Its capabilities should be the following: 
1. Rock feeding of 400 X 400 mm stones
2. Soft rocks (mostly limestone).
3. Maximum diameter of producing material 3mm.
4. Aggregate producing only for road subgrade (NOT FOR CONCRETE PRODUCING AGGREGATES).
5. Easy portability (because of mountain projects) or on crawlers.
6. Self powered (not external generator)
7. Producing up to 120 m3 / h of aggregates.
8. Second hand or new with price between 100.000 – 200.000 Euros. May 15 Contact
e 20564 Egypt: Please quote for Red Agadir First Quality CIF (per ton). Tel: 002 03 38..... May 15 Contact
e 20563 South Korea: We are looking for following marbles. Please let me know the price and other information, photo. 
We have noticed in detail as following: 
Name of stone: V-Gray
Amounts: 2 containers
Size : 2㎝ polished SLAB 
Name of stone: Garnaan Beige
Amounts: 2 containers
Size : 2㎝ polished SLAB 
Name of stone: Aspen brown
Amounts: 2 containers
Size : 2㎝ polished SLAB 
Name of stone: Sanded gray
Amounts: 2 containers
Size : 2㎝ polished SLAB 
Telephone: +82-2-22...... May 15 Contact
e 20562 Iran: Please quote for absolute black granite from India. Quantity: 250m2. Telephone: +9821 883.....May 15 Contact
e 20561 USA: Retail: I need some bianco catalina. Lowes has it for $3.50 ' , but I know it can be had for $2.00. May 15 Contact
e 20560: Please quote for granite slabs from China. May 15 Contact
e 20559 USA: Retail: I live in the Houston, Texas area and I am looking for a granite supplier who stocks Delicatus White. Tel: 281-35.....May 14 Contact
e 20558 THAILAND: I would like to buy Serpeggiante Z-type and F-type, size 60x60cm. the thickness 2.00cm. Would you please to give me FOB price/m2?  Telephone: 66-1-93..... May 14 Contact
e 20557 Greece: I am looking for a bag of black smooth pebbles. My contact 0030 210 81...May 14 Contact
e 20556 Australia: Retail: Could you please let me know what bluestone you have available to replace sleepers around a driveway - size and price? May 14 Contact
e 20555 USA: Retail: I'm looking for sources for Typhoon Green Granite for kitchen countertops and as tiles on the wall behind the countertop and around the fireplace. Could you please send me contacts for suppliers and installers? May 14 Contact
e 20554 Switzerland: We are looking for a supplier of black pumice stone of Iran, for cosmetic use. Tel +41 76 39.....May 13 Contact
e 20552: Please quote FOB Prices for Granite Tiles from China. May 13 Contact
e 20551 : I am interested in 950B and 950E excavator. If you have please send me the pictures and your best price. Tel: +971-50-72.....
May 13 Contact
e 20550 Finland: Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. Tel: +358 400 4......May 12 Contact
e 20549 USA: Retail: Looking for a granite slab called Golden Persa. I am planning a kitchen remodel and will be needing 2 slabs of Golden Persa---kitchen counters with 18" backsplash, breakfast island, Bar counter. I live in Chatsworth, CA. May 12 Contact
e 20548 USA: Please send me info on basalt stone sets for stone massage. May 12 Contact
e 20547: Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. May 12 Contact
e 20546 USA: I am looking for golden gate quartzite, do you have any? I am A designer looking to put in bathrooms. 12x12 or 16x16. May 12 Contact
e 20545 : Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. May 12 Contact
e 20544: Looking for a supplier of iranian travertine. May 12 Contact
e 20543 USA: I am looking for Sodalite blue. I am in the San Francisco Bay area of northern California. May 12 Contact
e 20542 USA: I am looking to purchase immediately 7000 SF of rainbow sandstone but need it to be available in the united states, as I cannot wait for shipping time (I might be able to wait for half the order) from India. I am looking for random rectangular sizes and will need to inspect the materials before purchase. My company is located in Washington DC and I prefer to be contacted via email but my office line is 703.55.....May 12 Contact
e 20541 USA: I need 18 tons of quartzite flagstone, please inform if you this amount available and the price. tele#949-93.....May 11 Contact
e 20540 USA: I am interested in Azul Bahia and Cobalt Blue. May 11 Contact   
e 20539 USA: I am a sculptor looking for a sources of pumice in the state of Maine. May 11 Contact    
e 20538 Dominican Republic: Please quote for crema marfil tiles as displayed in ready stock 432. I also need to find a very very low cost and low quality beige marble, what options do you have to offer? Tel: (809) 95...... May 11 Contact 
e 20537 India: Please quote your FOB price for the following: 
1. FLOOR TILES 300x300MM
2. FLOOR TILES 600x600MM
TEL : 080-252.....May 11 Contact 
e 20536 USA: Retail: I will need 3 sheets of Dolcite granite. I can be reached at 860 84..... I am located in CT. May 11 Contact 
e 20535 USA: I would like to get a price for gallala marble, golden cream marble, hashma marble, mayolla marble, all Egyptian marble, per sqm. Telephone: 1 925 99.....May 11 Contact 
e 20534 China: We want to purchase big quantity semi-precious stone such as rose quartz, green aventurine, tiger eyes. Tel:86-592-58.....May 11 Contact 
e 20533 : We are interested in importing Iranian Marble & natural stone. Please send us your best price offer for finalization of the deal. Tel: 8802-98.....May 11 Contact 
e 20531 USA: Looking for pricing on Granite blanks. Tel 649 94.....May 11 Contact 
e 20530 Turkey: Please quote for FOB Istanbul in Turkey for:  
Khahale Limestone (Yellow) External Cladding  30mm 60 x 70, 90 x 70, 120 x 70, 160 x 70 Bush Hammered m2 3750
Yellow Dorato Granite External Cladding  30mm 60 x 120 Polished m2 1500
Testa Limestone (Beige Colour) External Cladding  30mm 60 x 70, 90 x 70, 100 x 70, 120 x 70 Smoothed  m2 8000
Nero African Granite External Paving  30mm 60 x20 to 100 x 20 Bush Hammered m2 260
Imperior Red Granite External Paving  30mm 20 x 40 Polished m2 120
Paradiso Bash Granite Fountain 30mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 460
Rossa Portugallo Internal Flooring 20mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 3700
Rossa Lepanto Internal Flooring 20mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 1900
Rosso Carpazi Internal Flooring 20mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 800
Rossa Aurora Internal Flooring 20mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 400
Rossa Portugallo Internal Cladding 30mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 2500
Rossa Lepanto Internal Cladding 30mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 1250
Rosso Carpazi Internal Cladding 30mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 400
Rossa Aurora Internal Cladding 30mm 30 x 60 Polished m2 300
Perlato Marble Internal Stair landing 20mm 30x60 Polished m2 900
Perlato Marble stair riser 20mm 120x19 Polished m 2500
Perlato Marble stair tread 20mm 120x30 Polished m 2200
Perlato Marble Skirting 20mm 10cm high Polished m 275
Perlato Marble Stair Skirting 20mm 10cm high Polished m 1500

May 11 Contact 

e 20529 USA:  I am looking for a buff colored limestone that would come cut for mortar joints (1/2 inch) in a four size pattern. If it cannot be found, then sizes for sand joints would be acceptable. All I know about the product is that its called Turkish Buff here, and that the company that has been getting it in the area is getting it out of Chicago, IL. and they are selling it in the $6.50 to 7.00 range to the contractor. this is a 700 - 1000 square foot project, that would start as soon as we can put our hands on the stone!  Tel 314-96.....May 10 Contact 
e 20528 USA: Looking for enclosed containers (46 slabs) - SIZE: 3CM, starting at 65 x 110 EA. 

USE: For kitchen, bathroom counter tops. I am willing to buy always from locations nearby, because of the fast shipment, but I think anywhere on the East Coast will do it. I can finalize/place an order whenever a supplier contacts me. Of course, it will depend on the price. PH: 704-82.....May 10 Contact 
e 20527 Italy: We are interested to be in contact with supplier for Crema Huescar tiles cm. 30,5x30,5x1 for m2 2000. Tel. 0039 0585 8.....May 10 Contact 
e 20526 Canada: Please quote for champion 760 grader. Tel: 51934.....May 10 Contact 
e 20525 USA: We are a distributor to the terrazzo industry in the US. We have a US customer looking for a small quantity of crushed Belgium Black (1500 lbs). He is also looking for dimensional stone as well in the Belgium Black. Tel: (281) 49.....May 10 Contact 
e 20524 UAE: Please quote for used crane Tadano, JCV, CATERPILLAR. Telephone: 00971578..... May 10 Contact 
e 20523 USA: Please quote for Chinese granite and marble slabs and tiles as displayed in pricelist 1118. Tel: 407-94.....May 10 Contact 
e 20521 South Africa: Please send me a catalogue on your stones & pebbles. Tel: 031- 20.....May 10 Contact 
e 20520 China: Need Sodalite Blue Nuvolata tile: (1)thickness:32mm+/-2mm (2) technical data (3) CIF Guangzhou price for 1400mm*900mm for 4473sqm (4)samples couriered us for 300mm*300*30mm (5)testing reports. Tel: 86-10-586.....May 10 Contact 
e 20519 USA: I am a Contractor/Counter installer. I need to know how to order granite slabs for countertops, how much shipping would cost to PEI, the cost per foot for the granite, and if you can supply it already cut as per clients request? I want black or close to solid black, for my next job coming up I will need about 3 pieces each 96", 74" and 72", I can join them when I receive them. how much would this size cost with a bullnose edge and a back splash? also how much is shipping? May 10 Contact 
e 20517 USA: I need 180pcs honey onyx polished chair rail (ogee1 or ogee2) and 170 pcs. pencil or bullnose. Also I need 170 sqft. 1x1 honey onyx polished tile. My phone number 201 88.....May 10 Contact 
e 20516 USA: I am interested in the Komatsu D155A dozer posted as number 465. Also, do you have other Komatsu D155A machines of the similar age or slightly newer available in stock? Tel: 925-38..... May 10 Contact 
e 20515 USA: I am looking for either Absolute Black Granite (small or no flakes) or Black Marble to do Laser Etching on in 12x12 pieces. 
I would need to have a sample to see. May 9 Contact 
e 20514 USA: I am looking to do a semi retaining wall but more for aesthetics. The wall is to be 2'-4' in height and about 40'-60' in length, curved around a tree. I am looking for bluish type stone. Do you have any suggestions for what kind of boulders I can use? Also, size kind of matters cause the only equipment I have to move the stone is a bobcat bucket loader. Est. 700 sq.ft. of boulders. I don't mind stacking both boulders 2 high. Also, do you deliver to Albany, New York area? And an estimated cost? Tel: 518 58.....May 9 Contact 
e 20513 USA: Would like to purchase granite cobble stones, tumbled preferred. Please price for full truck loads or container. Sizes 4x4,6x6, 6x9 or any similar size. I am ready to pay for postage cost of samples. Phone 33432.....May 9 Contact 
e 20512 USA: I am with a wholesale and retail import company in the U.S. We import from Spain and Italy mostly ceramic and porcelain tile. Now we are interested in finding a good supplier on durango marble all different sizes and trim pieces in truck load quantities. Please contact me at 706-65..... May 9 Contact 
e 20511 USA: Retail: I am having trouble finding Pietra Cardosa that is consistent. I am looking for a grey kitchen counter top. Phone 617 44.....May 9 Contact 
e 20510 Saudi Arabia: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Traders of imported used Earthmover Equipment Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1976. We are engaged in contracting field. Now we are working with more than 10 major projects in different parts of the Kingdom. We have a well-established showroom for used earthmover equipment. We are searching for used earthmover equipment. If your price would be competitive, we certain that we would be able to bring substantial business to you on a continuous basis from our end. If you have any units from the following, requesting you to send us the detailed picture and quote your rock-bottom price for CIF-Dammam (Our Port of Discharge is Dammam, Saudi Arabia). 
Bulldozer-D155A-1-2 Series, Bulldozer-D375A-1-2-3 Series, WheelLoader-CAT 910-966C,E & F Series, WheelLoader-Bobcat,JCB, Case Back-Hoe Loader-580, Barber Green  - BG 245, Caterpillar Motor Grader-14G, Asphalt Paving/Concrete Equipment  - Wirtgen 2100. Mobile: 009665-041..... May 9 Contact 
e 20509 India: This is very urgent inquiry for granite cobbles stones chisel cut 10cm by 10cm by 10cm. Colors Grey and red need is about 1000m2. Also we have need of grey granite 120cm by 22cm by 27cm chisel cut need is about 1000pc. Mobile +91-98157.....May 9 Contact 
e 20508 USA: I need 18 tons of Black Mexican Beach Pebbles (6 tons ½ to ¾) and 12 tons of 2-3 inch. This needs to be delivered to Northridge, CA (USA) asap. Tel: 818-23.....May 9 Contact 
e 20507: I am looking for equipment to start up a dimension stone production operation. Stone is 8,000 to 20 K psi, coral impregnated nearly pure CaCO3. Quarry located in area with very low cost labor pool. I need assistance in equip selection for extraction, cutting and finishing. May 9 Contact 
e 20506 USA: Retail: I would like to know if you have stone that is good for carving. Tel: 419 88......May 9 Contact 
e 20505 USA: I am interested in learning more about the types of flagstone veneer you carry. Please send me a brochure and a few samples of the types of stone you carry. phone: 415.93.....May 9 Contact 
e 20504 USA: Retail: I need a 63.5 x 38 piece of granite for the island in my kitchen. Verde Butterfly is the granite that I am interested in. Tel: 404-37....May 9 Contact 
e 20503: We would like to make an inquiry for a polishing machine able to polish our hand rims having outer diameter 545 mm. Diameter pipe: 18 mm, Capacity of Machines: at least 100 Pieces / hour. Tel: +98 511 37.....May 9 Contact 
e 20502 USA: Need Florence Porcelain, Colorado Stones Collection, Desert View Color. I need 12x12 and 18x18 or similar size I found it at Home Depot 3 year ago, cannot locate any for new installation. I need about 400sq ft. Tel: 415-92.....May 9 Contact 
e 20501: Please quote for Indian stones. May 9 Contact 
e 20499 France: We would like to import granite slabs in the following colours: 
Red himalayan blue, Dark himalayan blue, Red multi colour, Paradiso, Orion blue, Visag blue, Moss blue, Rose pearl, White galaxy, Kashmir white, Indian Aurora, Rainbow, Indian Juparana, Colombo Juparana, Andhra brown, Black galaxy, Absolute black, Shivakasi Gold. Please confirm your prices DDU (delivered duty unpaid to our warehouse). Please also send us samples and your catalogue. 
Slab sizes are 1) your standard gang saw sizes, 2) 2.50 x 0.75 ( one side along the length with half bull nose ). Slab thickness - 2 cm and 3 cm.
Tel : 33.(0) 5 59 6.....May 9 Contact  
e 20498 Australia: Please quote for G640 granite slabs. Qty. is a 20 ft container. Phone no 04175..... Size 900-1000 wide // 650 wide x slab lenghts 2400 long or lomger would be ok Can you supply sizes and amounts on the stock 463? May 8 Contact  
e 20497 UK: I am trying to find a supplier of soapstone for sculpture in the UK. May 8 Contact
e 20496 USA: Needed stationary wire diamond wire cutter for 12in x 12in  x 48in autoclaved concrete. Tel: 40787..... May 8 Contact
e 20495 USA: Need to find 400sf of flamed giallo venezaino in the usa. I also have a job which I need 8000 sf of 1 1/2" turkish travertine  honed & un-filled. Telephone: 561-44..... May 8 Contact
e 20494 India: Please quote for marble blocks as displayed in pricelist 574. Tel: +91-562-22..... May 8 Contact
e 20493 Australia: I intend renovating my kitchen in a flat in India (Chennai - Kilpauk) I live in Australia and the project will be managed by good contractors and relatives. I am thinking of replacing a long cudappah slab with granite providing 19mm (or less ) thick Jet Black / Tan Brown granite top for the Size: 15'0"x2'0"
I would also need separately for additional table top size 3.5 " x 2 ". I would also be interested in Granite tiles to cover a column support roughly 10 by 8 inches and 4 feet tall. 
I would look at local suppliers who can deliver to site in Kilpauk, Chennai. The project is most likely to start June 1, 2006. I am also updating my floor tiles in living and bath areas and other fixtures. We already have a quote for granite slab. I am looking for better deals. If you can initiate a contact and provide show room / phone or other details. Phone: Australia (612) 0407.....May 8 Contact
e 20492 Vietnam: Please send us the price for unpolished slabs (Butterfly- Green of Brazil) in 1 container 20'. May 8 Contact 
e 20491 USA: Need 150 linear feet of Carrara, white marble window sills window sills, fine quality white, standard glossy 4" wide X 1/2" thick, must be at least 54" long to 96" long. Ship to 94107. Must arrive by May 29. Sample and approval by myself. Cell: 415-213.....May 8 Contact 
e 20490 USA: I am looking for about 110 squares of 1” thick , 24" x 24" golden white desert quartz for a pool surround. I am in the New England area. May 8 Contact 
e 20489 USA: Looking to find pricing Huge Sandstone Boulders and Veins, Moss Covered Rocks as well and find out quality of product. Possible annual contract request for min of 4000 tons a year shipped to San Antonio. Phone 805-52..... May 7 Contact 
e 20488: I am looking for the Lapidus Light 3 cm. Price per sq.t or meter, and shipping information.  May 7 Contact 
e 20487 Bangladesh: We are interested to import marble chips from Pakistan. Our requirement is white marble chips and onyx colored chips in 50 kg bag. Please quote the CIF Chittagong price with minimum quantity. TEL:8802-88..... May 7 Contact
e 20486 USA: I am looking for 11 slabs of Blue Bahia granite. My telephone# is 330-32.....May 7 Contact
e 20485 Germany: We are the largest granite, marble and ceramic dealer and fabricator in Cologne, Germany and we looking for new supplier for our ceramic tiles showroom. If you are interested in an cooperation please be so kind and send us your product information, prices and delivery terms (payment and delivery time). Tel: +49-2203.....May 7 Contact
e 20484 Yemen: We are pleasure to introduce ourself as one of the reputable contracting and commercial companies in Yemen, and we are specialist in supply Saws (cutting machine) and Diamond Segments for our projects and for our customers. We are looking forward to deal with your esteemed company to supply your products for us and for our customers, so we hereby attach below our trial order in order to be the beginning of our common cooperation. 
Diamond Segments:
(40x6x15)=2300PCs. (50 Sets) for Marble
(40x6x20)=2300PCs. (50 Sets) for Stone
So please arrange to send me your best prices and clarify the delivery period and payment terms along with your offer, and be noted that there are a lot of orders here in Yemen for your products, and this order just for trial and if we found that your products are high quality and your prices are competitive then will place a lot of orders for your company and you will be our regular supplier for those products. Tel:+967-4-2.....May 6 Contact
e 20483 Iran: We have an urgent requirement which is as below: 
3M 466 LA Emery (Abrasive) with following details: 
Part number: 51111 61637, Discs 500
Brand name: 3M 466LA Finesse – It Trizact film scalp.
Grade number: A5MIC
Size : 1 3/8 in NH x 500 in (34.925mm X NH X 12700mm)
Run: MC 1-4
Qty: 200'000 pcs.
Tel : +98-21-883......May 6 Contact
e 20482 USA: Do you have the granite blocks? May 6 Contact
e 20481 USA: Looking for multicolored bluestone tumbled pavers. 12x12 and 6x6, 1 1/2" or 2" thick. 600 sqft total. Tel: 413-55.....May 6 Contact
e 20480 UK: We are planning to buy 20-30 no. container load Chinese granite slabs in 6 months. Thickness: 20mm and 30mm, Surface: High polished, Size:1400x2700-3200mm. Please send your best FOB price. Tel:+44(0)2070 9......May 6 Contact
e 20479 USA: I am looking for 110 sq. ft. of granite tile. Live in south Florida. Any of your dealers in this area willing to work with me on a small order which could turn into much larger orders? Tel: 954-29.....May 6 Contact
e 20478 USA: Need 400 sf 12" flamed giallo veneziano.  Tel: 561-44..... May 6 Contact
e 20477 UK: Do you have an office in London that holds stock of around 200m2 lime stone, travertine. for an urgent delivery to a London project??? I need to view on Monday to place order. Tel: 07766 5..... May 6 Contact
e 20476 USA: I am looking for a specific type of onyx tile. It is light in color (almost white) with a small amount of yellow-ish/amber-ish color. I believe it used to be called "honey onyx" and now it is called "opal onyx". Telephone: 703-55.....May 6 Contact
e 20475 Netherlands: We are looking for a supplier for 20 ft containers table tops in natural stone, spec. Basalt en Blue stone fossil, with the following measurements 180x90x3 cm & 240x100x3 cm. We would like to receive prices for bush and pin hammering of table boards and surface per m2. tel: 0416 2.....May 5 Contact
e 20474 India: I am constructing a house. We need white ceramic tiles for flooring the area of the house is 1256 sq. feet. Telephone: 0422-25.....May 5 Contact
e 20473 Canada: We manufacture and sell granite top here in Calgary. I would like to get some info about your 3cm granite slabs. Please call me at my cell (403) 68.....May 5 Contact
e 20472 Australia: Looking for the following machinery for processing small sandstone blocks into paving and walling stone. 
1. Stone Block saw 1600mm to 2000mm diameter, programmable cuts
2. Hydraulic Splitter maximum opening 300mm, minimum width 700mm 
Prefer new but would consider secondhand if in good condition. I am in Tasmania, Ph 03 624.....May 5 Contact
e 20471 USA: I am interested in purchasing 18X18 granite tile in TAN BROWN roughly 250 Sq ft delivered to chicago, IL.  May 5 Contact
e 20470 USA: Can you tell me where in San Bernardino County, Southern California I can find samples of the following granites: 1) Charcoal Black, 2) Cold Spring Black, 3) Jet Mist, 4) Academy Black, 5) Ice Coffee. Phone: (626) 56......May 5 Contact
e 20469 Portugal: We are a Portuguese company looking for the soapstone to produce fireplaces and countertops. We would like to know if you sell soapstone and if yes which are you prices. 
1. Quantity of soapstone- grey colour: At this moment we need 1 full container 40´dv. 
Half of 933 x 224 x 60 mm and half of 550 x 224 x 90 mm 
2. Soapstone needs to be cut and calibrated: Dimensions are 933 x 224 x 60 mm and 550 x 224 x 90 mm 
3. Port of Delivery: Lisboa
4. When container(s) is/are needed: As soon as possible
We need mainly to produce fireplaces and/or kitchen countertops. 
If it is possible I would like you to send us one sample of your soapstone that we could check in our laboratory. We would like to see a quality of the real soapstone. Mobil: +3519166....May 4 Contact
e 20468 Canada: I am interested in buying fully automatic polishing machine. Telephone: 60458..... May 1 Contact
e 20467 Thailand: I would like to buy the block of Serpeggiante Z-type or F-type. Size height=70cm. length=190cm. and the thickness is about 80-100cm. Please give me the FOB price per block and others condition terms. Telephone: 66-1-93.....May 1 Contact
e 20466 USA: Looking to buy 2 granite slabs (90-100 square feet) of Verde Borgogna for a kitchen countertop. My phone number 310 54.....
I am located in the south bay area of Los Angeles. Needed within the next month or so but I'm somewhat flexible on that. Have been searching dealers in the South Cal. area but so far no luck. Please see the attached picture since it seems that many people are confused about the stone. Will consider any reasonable offer.  May 1 Contact
e 20465: I would like three pre-cut slabs of Egeo Conglomerate from the US. One cut 4 foot by 2 foot, and two more both cut 2 foot by 2 foot. I'm located in Texas and I'm interested in pricing. May 1 Contact
e 20464 Saudi Arabia: Would you kindly quote us for "Saudi Bianco" or same like and please mail photos for each kind and size. We need your prices on CIF Port Sudan, including our office commission. Tel.: + 966 4 83.....May 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.