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BUYERS INQUIRIES!   March 31, 2006
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308 inquiries in March. To view latest inquiries, click here

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 20212 COLOMBIA: Please to send the prices of Polished porcelain of all the colors of 500X500 mm/sqm 800X800 mm/sqm; beige and double load. Phone: 1-25......March 31 Contact 
e 20211: For now can you give me some description of the granite--grey, dark/light etc. is it aged or freshly cut, Where are you located?
Looking specifically for smooth slabs for patio applications, at least 4-8 sqr ft pieces. March 31 Contact
e 20209 Lesotho: I am looking for a price list for natural building stones construction machinery. Actually I want to start a small business of building stones construction. My telephone number is : (+266) 588......March 31 Contact
e 20208 Thailand: We are building material import in Thailand. We looking for import white sandstone, good colour, no colour variation size 30 x 60 x 2 cm. about 20,000-30,000 m2 for supply to our client in Thailand. Telephone: +66-76-2..... March 31 Contact
e 20207 Switzerland: I would like to import best quality Sodalite stones (>40 lbs) to Switzerland. Do you have any addresses from where I can buy, best would be direct from quarries. Phone: 031 53.....March 31 Contact
e 20205 Hong Kong: Retail: We are looking for a marble worktop of CARRARA WHITE 50mm thick, 3380mm x 1350mm. Polished surface. 4 edges slightly rounded. The work top can be equally cut into 3 pieces for delivery. Please quote CIF Hong Kong price and best delivery schedule. Telephone : (852) 619..... March 31 Contact
e 20204 UK: I am trying to track down Rosa Aurora Pink (picture enclosed). I will need around 10 - 15 tiles. Mobile: 077673.....March 31 Contact
e 20203 India: Please send me a price list for stone crushers. March 31 Contact
e 20202 USA: Looking for Indian Ivory and Indian Juperana slabs for a customer. Tel: 610-63.....March 31 Contact
e 20201 USA: retail: I am looking for granite called JUPARANA CASA BLANCA. March 31 Contact
e 20200 USA: retail: I am looking for a 5"x 36" Nero Marguina door saddle or a piece to fabricate one. I am in Florida 33605. Tel. 813-24.....March 31 Contact
e 20199 USA: retail: Please locate granite slab in Santa Ynez color. March 30 Contact
e 20198 USA: retail: I am interested in purchasing a slab of Calcutta Vagli. I need a smaller slab for a butler's pantry (5ft x 2ft). Tel: (404) 76......March 30 Contact
e 20197 Jordan: Please note that we need to quote us your best price for the following items and quantity:
1- Granite Tropic Brown polished 60 X 60 X 2cm 2000 SQM
2- Granite Tropic Brown polished Slabs 2 cm 1000 SQM
3- Granite Beanco polished 60 X 60 X 2 cm 4000 SQM
4- Granite Beanco polished Slabs 2 cm 1000 SQM
5- Granite Rania Green polished Slabs 2 cm 1000 SQM
6- Granite Absolute black polished Slabs 2 cm 1500 SQM
Please note that we need your answer as soon as possible. Tell. 00962 6 41......March 30 Contact
e 20196 USA: We are searching for marble called Anasol Macael in size of random slabs, polished, 20mm thick. Quantity will be approx. 2,000m2 and polished finish. Tel : 852-283.....March 30 Contact
e 20195 USA: We are searching for Brazilian marble called "Bambu" in size of random slabs, polished, 20mm thick. Tel : 852-283.....March 30 Contact
e 20194 Croatia: We are looking for Supreme White marble. Fax: + 385 1 46 .....March 30 Contact
e 20193 USA: Looking for a KOMATSU D155A. March 30 Contact
e 20192 USA: Please send me more information on CAT D8R excavator. Office: (303)-35..... March 30 Contact
e 20191 USA: We are looking for Jerusalem tumbled stone in gray, gray gold, 24 inch tiles and 18 inch tiles. Do you have this product available right away? Tel: (800) 88....March 30 Contact
e 20190 USA: I am interested in purchasing a container of 3 cm granite slabs. I currently import containers from Brazil, and came across your information. Please email me your company profile, slabs ready for shipment, prices and terms. Please see ready stock 498. March 30 Contact
e 20188: Do you have tumbled Marble, travertine tiles for sale in the colour of Sandstone. I live near Bergerac. My phone number is for France 05 53 2.....March 30 Contact
e 20187: We are interested to buy the following second hand excavators:
-Caterpillar bulldozer 966 
-D7G Bulldozer
-977 Bulldozer
The quantity to be defined later upon price. Mobile number is +961709.....March 30 Contact
e 20186 Greece: I don't know the quantities yet, but i need the best quality of lava stone for ceramization.I mean,i want plaques round,rectangular,square, in different sizes, for table top, ready( in smooth surface) in order to decorate it with ceramic colors and afterwards, to glaze it and finally to fire it at about 1000 C". At first i need some small pieces - samples- to test them.The first order at the beginning will be at least one container. TEL.0030 2610 4..... March 29 Contact
e 20185 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for the price of gantry crane given with 100 meters bus bars, pandant control, 20 meters cross travel cables on CIF Jeddah Saudi Arabia Basis. Ph:+966 4 32.......March 29 Contact
e 20184 India: Can you please quote me rates for slabs of 18mm thickness Italian marbles
1. Statuario Venato 1st and 2nd quality
2. Calacatta Delicato
3. Bianco Venato Jioia
4. Arabescato
5. Statuario Venetino
6. Botticino
7. Perlato Sicilia
8. Perlato Svevo
9. Filetto Rosso
10. Botticino Fioritto
11. Perlato Royal
The prices are for CIF Kolkata (Calcutta), India. 
The buyer may purchase a mix to any of the above materials adding to 30000 sqm. Please consider this as urgent as we would like to come to Italy to inspect and place orders. Looking for quotations from Italy only.  March 29 Contact
e 20183 Lithuania: We are interested in buying stone from you. We are looking for Ukranian granite and would like to buy about 10 cubes. We are also interested to see the range of stones you have. We are looking for brown, grey, red and green sizes 2,40x120x120 about 3 to 4 cubes. If you have the goods that we need could you please advise us what's the price and how we would need to make a payment. Call us on +370 676.....March 29 Contact
e 20182 USA: I am looking for a container of 3cm tropical brown first choice. Tel: 818-76..... March 29 Contact
e 20181 USA:  I am in need of 22 each 3" black granite balls. Polishing of these are not important. It's difficult to say if we will be regular purchaser. We use a lot of decorative stone. I would have to see everything that you have to offer. These would be shipped to Atlanta Georgia. Tel. no. 404-40......March 29 Contact
e 20180 USA: Need crema marfil look alike porcelain tiles. I need close to 225 sq.ft. Ph. 407086.....407-86.....March 29 Contact
e 20179 We are looking for truck loads of moss rock boulders and flagstone. Tel: 713-54.....March 29 Contact
e 20178 USA: I am looking for a set of canterra columns 8-12 inches in circumference, 8 feet tall including the capitals. They will be used for a house interior. I would need a photo or color sample. Send link or photo ASAP with prices without & then with shipping plus availability. I would need the set with 45 days. Looking a local supplier either in Kerrville, Boerne or San Antonio, Texas or a price with FOB or drop shipping? Tel: (830) 89.....March 29 Contact
e 20176 USA: Please quote for Four (3 cm) Tibetan Blue granite slabs (with blue present in slabs) for commercial bank counter use, approx. 12 additional slabs needed over the next 6 - 12 months. Supplier can be located anywhere in USA or Canada. Our client is willing to pay for shipping the located slabs to south-central Texas. The first 4 Tibetan Blue slabs are needed immediately. Construction on bank branch will start within 30 days. Tel: 210-82.....March 29 Contact
e 20175 USA: I am looking for a source for stone bases for sculpture. I will need several sizes, ranging from approximately 8"High x 8"Wide x 8"Deep, to 4"H x 4"W x 3"D. Larger sizes may be requested later. I will also need one hole drilled in the top of each stone, ranging from 1/4" to 1/2" depending on size of sculpture. I am specifically interested in a polished black stone. Can you supply such pieces?  March 29 Contact
e 20174 Australia: What is a container of your basalt cobble stone worth shipped to Brisbane, Australia. Also some pictures available? March 28 Contact
e 20173 Australia: What is a container of your granite cobble stone worth shipped to Brisbane, Australia. Also some pictures available? March 28 Contact
e 20172 India: We are leading Real Estate Developers from Mumbai, India since 1956. We are engaged in construction of Malls, Retail Shop, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings. Our average turnover in terms of constructed area for last three years is approximately 2.5 Million Square Feet per year, which is poised for manifold increase due to the surge in construction activities in India. Hence we are looking out for alternative Natural Stones, Tiles & Paver Blocks which can replace the conventional one to help us in reducing the cost without sacrificing quality. You being one of the pioneers in the field, we are writing to you to know more about the Materials & Products, so that we can explore the possibility of entering into business alliance for same on mutually agreed terms. March 28 Contact
e 20171 Korea: We are looking for the following marbles: 
Bottichino, qty. 300 sqm, Size : 400 X 400 X 12T. 
Bianco, qty: 1,400 sqm, size : 400 X 400 X 12T
Please inform us quickly by today. We are waiting for your quick response. March 28 Contact
e 20170 USA: Interested in 2 slabs of Exotic Yellow. Tel: 216.89..... March 28 Contact
e 20169 THAILAND: We are granite and marble manufacturer in Thailand for more than 15 years. We are interested Cream Mafil and Black Zimbawa. Both in block size for gang saw, block cutter and unpolished slab in a quantity of 1 container each. Please send us details of your product specifications and price terms for shipment to the port of Bangkok, Thailand. Telephone: 00661 40.....March 28 Contact
e 20168 Australia: Could you please send me the brochure on white marble. Telephone: 0061-4028.....  March 28 Contact
e 20167 Russia: We are interested in the following granites:
Kerala White, Madhuhugri White, Lillet, Sivakasi Gold, Madura Gold, Vyara, Ivory Chiffon. The sizes 400*400*20. We will be very grateful to you if you reply very soon as the order is extremely urgent. Telephone: +7 8312 3..... March 28 Contact
e 20166 USA: We are looking for “Blue Pearl” and “Dakota Mahogany”…..quantities are unknown at this time. Phone 240-27.....March 28 Contact
e 20165 Iraq: Please advise your best price for 100 Ton Mobile U.S. crane, with full Documents and spec. Fax. +971-2-66.....March 28 Contact
e 20164 UAE: Please quote CIF Dubai for Komatsu D155A-1. Mob: +971-50-77.....March 28 Contact
e 20163 USA: I am looking for a good used wiresaw. Please send me all info. Tel: 214-52.....March 28 Contact
e 20162: I want to buy necessary machines for making pebble stones and pebble tiles. Mobile: +98 912 32..... March 28 Contact
e 20161 USA: Retail: I am interested in the Cobalto Blue Granite - I am located in Chicago and am looking for good quality 3cm (around 3-4 slabs). CELL: 773-79.....  March 28 Contact
e 20160 USA: I am looking for 7 – inch dia silicon carbide disks ( # 80 ( 2 ); 120, 240, 400, 600 - 6 each) for stone polishing, Velcro backing. Telephone: (212) 98......March 28 Contact
e 20159: Looking for ceramic tiles in 16" and 18" in black and in white. March 27 Contact
e 20158: Please quote for Omani marble slabs and tiles as displayed in pricelist 1167. March 27 Contact
e 20157 USA: Please quote for tiles made of Himalayan salt, wholesale zeolite and peppermint tiles. Voice: 540-33.....March 27 Contact
e 20156 Malaysia: Please quote for French Limestone raw blocks that can cut into 1400mmx 575mmx 30mm thick , please quote best C& F Port Klang price in USD/m3. Quantity : 15,000m2. Requirement : 3 to 6 months. Tel: +603 625.....March 27 Contact
e 20155: We have a furniture factory and are looking for a supplier of a product like Belgium Bluestone. Tel: 1-336-88.....March 27 Contact
e 20154: We want to import Australian white marble. TEL No : 0091-11-235.....March 27 Contact
e 20153 UK: We are interested in purchasing white marble slabs and tiles as displayed in ready stock 502 and black marble slabs and tiles as displayed in ready stock 550.  March 27 Contact
e 20152 UAE: We are looking for the flat granite slab. Tel: 00971 4 88..... March 27 Contact
e 20151: Looking to buy a bridge saw.  March 27 Contact
e 20150 USA: Retail: Where can I buy individual rose rocks? Say 50 to 100 assorted sizes. March 27 Contact
e 20149 USA: Retail: I am looking for 7 - 24" granite balls to be used as seats. The top surface to be cut 5" down to create a flat plane and the bottom to be drilled for mounting. Can you estimate a cost for the balls not modified and with modifications. Phone: 617 49.....March 27 Contact
e 20148 USA: I am interested in your Galeski 3000. Email me pictures and let me know if it is still available. Tel 630-81.....March 27 Contact
e 20147 USA: I am looking a used or new CNC machine for Granite counter top in USA OR CANADA. Please send me whole info about the machine. Phone: 1-647-99..... March 26 Contact
e 20146 UK: Retail: I am trying to track down Rosa Aurora Pink. I need around 10 tiles for a bathroom which is in this colour and cannot find the marble in the UK anywhere. March 26 Contact
e 20145 Kenya: We have seen your Cat 936 Wheel Loader. Pleas send complete details with Photo of the same. We need the Price C & F Mombassa Port, Kenya with all the details of the machine and payment terms. March 26 Contact
e 20144: Will you please provide me the details of available marble types, in your unit. Infact we are in need of some specific kind of Marbles like Jungle Green, Jungle Brown, Udaipur green Jhansi Red, etc. Please let me know about the same ASAP. Tel: +91 093513.....March 25 Contact
e 20143: I need price list of Indian granite slabs specially in black and red colours. Tel: 00407226.....March 25 Contact
e 20142 USA: Retail: We are looking for honed perlino bianco antico marble tiles for our bathroom floor. We reside in New York. March 25 Contact
e 20141: Interested on trophy marble bases. March 25 Contact
e 20140 USA: I am an artist in Houston TX and I have been looking for marble powders. I want to prepare a version of venetion style plaster for a large job. I want to change some of the characteristics of the material to achieve a different finish. March 25 Contact
e 20139 Iran: We are looking for a second hand gantry crane for our new dry dock in north of Iran. Generally, our dock is 40 * 250 * 10m and therefore we are searching for a crane with: 
Height of 50m or more 
Span of at least 50m but prefer to have more than 65m to be able to load from side.
As much as possible lifting capacity from 250 tones up to 1200 tones, depending on price.
We are also intend to investigate about a tower crane with lifting capacity of more than 250 tones in 40m. March 25 Contact
e 20138: Please quote for all kind of granites, black, red, gray, etc. for stairs, kitchen, tombstones etc. We plan to come over there also and make a visit to your company. Tel: 00377442.....March 24 Contact
e 20137: I am looking to find a slab of granite (NOT the 12x12 tile) of giardini quartz granite. I cannot find anybody that has sheets of this granite. March 24 Contact
e 20136 Greece: Could you please inform me about KATO 500 Crane and especially about the model and the price of the machine, etc. March 24 Contact
e 20135 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Granite for my Kitchen. Looking for 2 - 2x8 sheets and one 3x8 sheet. I am located in Sacramento. March 24 Contact
e 20134 Germany: I would like to receive sellers offers of Onyx & slate. Phone number 0049160962......March 23 Contact
e 20133 Kenya: We are interested to buy Tadano Crane Up to 50 tons Cap. Please send your price for C & F Mombasa Port Kenya. Please send your complete detail of the machine along with the photos. Tel: +256 43 1......March 23 Contact
e 20132 USA:  I am am searching for mortarless retaining wall block price list also block could have minor defects. Tel: 33073.....March 23 Contact
e 20131 USA: Retail: I am looking for large granite blocks to build a wall 250' X3' and also to veneer a possibly 3 walls of a house. This is for shipment to Milbridge. I am looking for what you may have available for the projects and costs. Telephone number is 845-47.....March 23 Contact
e 20130 Canada: I am looking for decorative Italian travertine tiles with grapes on them. Would you know where I can find them? Telephone: (403) 29.....March 23 Contact
e 20129 UAE: Please quote for a CNC 3-D ENGRAVING AND MILLING. Our work relates to cutting & designing SS plates, wood, granite & marbles etc. Pls send us quote CIF Dubai UAE along with related brochures & catalogues. Kindly let us know your payment terms & delivery schedule. Tel: +971 6 55.....March 23 Contact
e 20128 Singapore: We are a natural stones supplier in Singapore. We are presently in need of pebble stones from Indonesia. Size are 70 to 120mm in diameter. We can buy in full container load 20'. Please quote your best quote in C&F Singapore Port. Mobile +65-938.....Shipment if confirmed is 1 x 20' Container C&F Singapore Port. March 23 Contact
e 20127 Lithuania: Our company works with natural stone already for 10 years. We constantly buy different kinds of granite, marble, travertine, sandstone and etc. We are looking for new partners from foreign countries to buy natural stone and conglomerates. Telephone: +370 682.....March 23 Contact
e 20126 Egypt: We are interested in artificial marble and granite. March 23 Contact
e 20125 Iran: Please send us prices of diamond segments 1200 qty 24000 pieces. Tel: 009891239.....March 23 Contact
e 20124: Do you have 14g CAT? March 23 Contact
e 20123 Canada: Please send me the price list of all granite and marble that you can supply, tile 12 x 12 and 16 x 16 and 18 x 18 inches and slabs of the same colour. Tel: 519- 25.....March 23 Contact
e 20122 Canada: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel:- (905) 56.....March 22 Contact
e 20121: Looking for Milsap 30% color stone? If so can you email me a picture of the chopped version and the random version of it? March 22 Contact
e 20120 Canada: I am looking for Saint Richards Limestone. Telephone: 416 65......March 22 Contact
e 20119 Canada: We are interested in seeing stock of granite slabs, etc. located in Canada.  March 22 Contact
e 20118 India: We need approximate 6000 Sq. M. of Makrana White and other Indian white marble at our project in Imphal, Manipur. Please send us price and others technical details. March 22 Contact
e 20117: I am looking for white Onyx tile 12x12x3/8 fob USA, need 500 s/f. Also looking for white Onyx 3/4x3/4 Mosaic ..need 150 s/f. March 22 Contact
e 20116: We are the company that deals with contracts in different fields in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf. I have seen your website and we are interested to purchase some of Marbles, Lime Stones, Sand Stones and Granites. In this regards, please send us a price list, Catalogues of the availability of your products you may have and what your offer. Tel. # +9661-46.....March 22 Contact
e 20115 USA: retail: I need good price on lots of stone veneer river rock. March 22 Contact
e 20113 USA: retail: Need 120-150 sq/ft 3cm (3 slabs) of New Ubatuba or Ubatuba "I" - ANY Ubatuba. Will drive within 450 miles to pickup. 
Plan to buy before the end of April. Need samples or High Quality Pictures of samples. Tel: 704-96.....March 22 Contact
e 20112 USA: retail: I am looking for approximately four slabs of dark green granite. I believe it's an Italian granite called Jade. We need at least 4 slabs of dark green granite. Do you have a source for it? It's relatively uniform with some quartz in it for a little sparkle. My contact information is 602-58.....March 22 Contact
e 20111 USA: retail: I would like to purchase a small quantity of marble the color beige the finish polished and the name of marble is called Perlato Suevo. I live in CA, my number is 90963.....March 22 Contact
e 20110 USA: retail: I am currently looking for a boulder that is around 6ft in height. Tel (203)-37.....March 22 Contact
e 20109 USA: I am looking for 1st choice of Ouro Brazil (New Venetian Gold) 3cm slabs. Phone: 770-45.....March 22 Contact
e 20108: We are looking for a supplier of 2cm and 3cm Spring Green slab granite from China. March 22 Contact
e 20107: Please quote with images for onyx tiles. Phone: 00 90 536 72..... March 21 Contact
e 20106 USA: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel: 760.60.....March 21 Contact
e 20105 USA: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel (781) 93.....March 21 Contact
e 20104 USA: Please provide price for Dark Green Onyx Slabs & Multi Red Onyx Slabs. Tel: 631-29.....March 21 Contact
e 20103 PALESTINE: Please quote for Beige Marble & Red Marble. TEL: 00970 8 28.....March 21 Contact
e 20102 Finland: Please quote for 
COBBLE STONES grey - 3000m2, 140x80x250mm 
COBBLE STONES grey and dark red - 1000m2, 140x140x250 
COBBLE STONES grey - 500m2 80/100 
Granite, marble, slate slabs and table tops. Tel: +358 19 37.....March 21 Contact
e 20100 USA: Need top quality granite Multiple Colors (slabs, tiles) with exact or minimum dimensions and surface / edge finish 3CM factory finish/polish.  Minimum order quantity is 1 Container. Need prices for popular colors out of Brazil. Tel: 360-38.....March 21 Contact
e 20099 Ireland: Please forward your best prices per metre for 
200x300 ceramic wall tiles, various colours ;
200x400 ceramic wall tiles 150x150 ceramic wall tiles:
300x300 ceramic floor tiles;
450x450 ceramic floor tiles: 
450x450 polished porcelain floor tiles:
600x300 polished porcelain floor tiles :
600x600 polished porcelain floor tiles:
various borders to suit wall and floor tiles.
Please specify terms and conditions and availability. 
We require 20000meters sq per consignment 
This would consist of 14000 meters of wall tiles and 6000 meters of floor tiles.
Our requirement in colours varies. Neutral colours for the wall tiles and rustic colours for the floor tiles. We also require a wide variety of wall borders in various sizes, 5000 linier meters. We would require pallet sizes and box sizes and if the product is available ex-stock. Phone 00353454.....March 21 Contact
e 20098 USA: I am interested in the polished black Mexican pebbles. I am a designer in St. Augustine, Fl. This will be for around a pool. Tel: 
904 81..... March 21 Contact
e 20097 USA: We're doing a project with Durazno peach travertine 12x12 stone tiles from Mexico and we've run short. We're trying to locate a match as close as possible to what we have so we can order more. The tile we have is tumbled and has a pillowed (beveled edge). March 21 Contact
e 20096 USA: Retail: Need 200 - 300 sq. ft. granite slabs- juparana gold or similiar in color, needed immediately. Phone 406-54..... March 20 Contact
e 20095 Pakistan: We are interested in buying hydraulic mobile cranes. Please send us the description, price and other terms and conditions applicable in the would be transaction as soon as possible. March 20 Contact
e 20094 UK: Where I can purchase white copping stones in the North London Area? Call me on 07753 39.....March 20 Contact
e 20093 Sri Lanka: Please send me more information regarding gangsaw machine as displayed in ready stock 365. March 20 Contact
e 20092 SENEGAL: Please quote with images for excavator 966C model 1971. Tel: 00221 65.....March 20 Contact
e 20091 Malaysia: We are looking for EX60-1, EX120-1. Kindly let us know about its availability with you. Since our person is in Japan now. We can tell them to come and meet you. Tel/Fax: 006-03-512.....March 20 Contact
e 20090 USA: I am looking to buy 2-3 containers per month of 12x12, 16x16 and 18x18 tiles of Turkish travertine, crosscut, filled and honed in the price range of $9-$12/m2. Standard quality is OK. Materials should be standard quality only due to having larger fill or wide color range and cannot have chipped edges, saw marks or calibration or size problems. Tel: 001 503 23.....March 20 Contact
e 20089 China: We are located in Beijing, China. We import slabs/tiles from basically most of the natural stone countries. We are always looking for new stone (Granite, marble and travertine) and reliable suppliers. We would like to hear from you about your products and price. Office line: 8610815.....March 19 Contact
e 20088 USA: Please quote for gantry bridge saw as displayed in ready stock 523. Tel: 303-98.....March 19 Contact
e 20087 USA: Looking for some old limestone blocks as displayed in ready stock 490. Tel: 704-92.....March 19 Contact
e 20086 USA: Retail: I might be interested in your onyx and granite tile, but I live in Southern California. What are your prices? This is for three small bedrooms...only about 400 square feet each. Tel: (909) 89..... March 19 Contact
e 20085 USA: Retail: I am looking for Aquamarine Azzuro from Italy. I need approximately 25 linear feet for kitchen counters. March 18 Contact
e 20084 Egypt: Please quote for bra bridge cutting machine. TELEFAX: +2050 22.....March 18 Contact
e 20083 India: Searching for transparent alabaster suppliers from Spain and Italy. Mobile 0091 98372.....March 18 Contact
e 20082 Germany: Please quote for 60sqm free length (30 x 1,5 x free) Madura Gold. March 18 Contact
e 20081 Saudi Arabia: We are interested in buying new mobile crane of 50 TON, 70 Ton and 90 Ton capacity one each . Please send your price CIF Jeddah and delivery time urgently along with specification sheet. Telephone: 00966269.....  March 18 Contact
e 20080 Qatar: We would like you to quote to us the following kind of Granite as it is 
1-Amarillo Real yellow 500 square meters cut 1000*1000mm
2-Panna Fragola 100 square meter cut 1000*1000 mm 
3-Trani fiorito 1500 square meter in different sizes 
4- Jura Marble (French) 1000 square meter in different sizes
5- Amarelo mackael 1000 square meter in different sizes
6- Palissandro Bronzo 5000 square meter cut to size
Price to be F.O.B and C.N.F Doha Qatar.  March 18 Contact
e 20079 USA: Interested in purchase if granite and marble. Tel: 717-69.....  March 18 Contact
e 20078 USA: Retail: I am looking for a thin veneer slate for a wall. I don't want it rough be fairly smooth and uniform. March 18 Contact 
e 20077 USA: I was looking to order 5 slabs (3cm) of Crema Marfil Select. What would be the prices (per sq/ft) delivered to CA? Also, what would be the price if I went with 18x18 instead. Tel: 718-78.....We are redoing a fireplace wall. We want to create a grey slate wall. The slate we are looking for seems to be described as stacked slate veneer or strips. We want them to have a uniform look, and each peice should have a thickness of about 1 1/2 inches by about 16 inches in length. We need approximately 80-100 square ft. If you could help us find a distributor of such stone or a company that can cut this to our requirements. The style seems to be typically produced in China and I've seen it referred to as "Chinese Wall Slate". March 18 Contact 
e 20076: Interested in Sodalite. Tel: 917-81.....March 18 Contact 
e 20075 Pakistan: We are interested to buy Champion 760, 1979 Motor Grader. Please Reply us Pictures, Blade Size, Detail specification inclusive of Installed engine detail, Machine Condition and C&F price Karachi port. Tel: +92-21-27.....March 18 Contact 
e 20073: How thick are your cobblestones and where are they located? You may reach me at 417-58.....I am looking for 4"x 4" porphorphry 1"up to 2 1/4" in thickness. The color is not as important as the size but I prefer reds, browns, golds mixture. March 17 Contact 
e 20072 UK: I only require 1 slab of each of Kashmir White, Kashmir Gold, Rosa Beta, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, St Johns Red, Baltic Brown, Bon Accord, Star Galaxy, Black Galaxy, Nero Impala, Nero Galaxy, Blue Eyes, African Black, Verdi Fontein, Verdi Tropica, Verdi Bahier.  Size needs to be 2 Metres by Metres. Tel: +44 7800 8......March 17 Contact 
e 20071 USA: Retail: I am looking for Kota Honey (mixed) Limestone in Miami, FL.  March 17 Contact 
e 20070 USA: Retail: I have an old house and the walls are thick. My kitchen floors laminate leading into a tumbled marble bathroom. I need a marble threshold that is 7X30 or I will have to tile halfway into the doorframe, which I would suspect would not look as good. Does anyone sell extra deep thresholds?  March 16 Contact 
e 20069 USA: I would like a quote for Samoa Light - 2cm. Slab. P: (305) 94.....March 16 Contact 
e 20068 USA: Retail: We are building a new kitchen. I want a granite island about 8-9 ft but the builder says they can only come to up to 6-7 ft or else there would be a seam. We are choosing Jura beige/ Indian Ivory Gold/or the Verde. Is this true and would it really be a disadvantage to have a seam in the island? Our island will also have the sink, dish washer and trash disposal and the front side will be for seating for informal meals. March 16 Contact
e 20067: Can you please give me a price for the following products. 
Colour of marble White floor and wall tiles tiles Size Quantity required
White floor tiles 450mm x 450mm x 20mm 450 sq m = 2222 tiles
Black floor tiles 75mm x 450 mm x 20 mm 70 tiles
Red floor tiles 75mm x 450 mm x 20 mm 70 tiles
White wall tiles 200mm x 200mm x 10mm 40 sq m 1000 tiles
The floor and wall tiles are to be the same white marble 
Could you please quote on these items separately I need the price to also include :
- Packing tiles in wooden crates (No bark - must comply with Australian Quarantine)
- Load into Shipping container (FOB)
- And transport to port
- Please quote price in $US
If quotation is accepted please include payment details and the time required to make and load the shipment of items
What is the weight of 10 marble tiles 450mmx450mmx20mm. Our telephone number in Australia is 61 7 496.....March 16 Contact
e 20066 Pakistan: I need following machines: 
· Crawler (track) excavators: HITACHI 
· Wheel loader: caterpillar 
· 910: year from 1976:1991 c&f karachi 
· 950 : year from 1976:1986 c&f karachi 
· 950E : year from 1988:1991 c&f karachi 
· 966E :year from 1988:1991 c&f karachi 
· 966D year from 1988 ; 1997 c&f karachi 
· 966F-1,-2 // // // // // // // c&f karachi 
· 950B AS ABOVE c&f karachi
· Wheel excavator: HITACHI & KOBELCO 
· EX100WD,WS HITACHI c&f karachi 
· WHO4 HITACHI c&f karachi 
· SKO4 KOBELCO c&f karachi............... 
Please send us detail whit pictures and C@F Karachi price. Tel No: 02146..... March 16 Contact
e 20065 USA: Would like to purchase 20ft container consisting of 5 bundle flamed 2cm Golden Sea (or similar) plus 2 bundle 3cm honed Golden Sea (or Similar). Similar product should have golden/yellow with cream and black large grain with movement is desired. Phone: 831 45..... March 16 Contact
e 20064 Canada: Wanted naturally tumbled massage stones. we need a continuous supply of smooth, naturally tumbled massage stones, initial purchase 1000-2000 pieces in sizes from 0.5"-9", mostly 3-6". Interested in Peruvian stones, but open to suggestions and willing to buy ASAP. Please a-mail picture of the samples, estimated shipping cost (usually packed in 40 pounds boxes). We pay for shipping.  Tel: 416-87.....March 16 Contact
e 20063 Canada: Please contact me concerning your D9H excavator. Tel: 514 99.....March 15 Contact
e 20062 Jordan: We are a Jordanian company located in Amman. We want to purchase 8 ton crane, 2006 or 2007, famous brand-name (kato,tanado,grove...etc), Qty : 4 cranes. Please advise county of location, delivery period, Payment method. We need your best price to be C+F aqaba port Jordan. Tel: 009627955.....March 15 Contact
e 20061: We are looking for containers of granite slabs from brazil please advise. Tel. 828-49.....March 15 Contact
e 20060 USA: I would like to see the colors for peru marble and granite. March 15 Contact
e 20059 USA: I am looking for flat round rocks, the kind that can be stacked on top of one another to build a small tower. That is not the purpose I need them for but to give you an idea of the kind. They should be light grey or off white - any light range will do - nothing black or too dark. They need to be about 4" in diameter. 
We want to pay about $ 1.00 - $ 2.00 per rock. Looking to order within the month and need a qty of 3-4 hundred. Would rather they were in US or Canada but if need to go overseas need to know how they ship and cost of shipping.
My client has to approve order and can do so with photo - I do not think I need sample but will know more once I hear from you. Will be used to print on - like a stamp and sent to people as an invitation - so flat surface should be somewhat smooth. Would prefer if naturally smooth but would consider machine smoothed. Need estimate on cost and timeframe ASAP. T: 917-37....March 15 Contact
e 20058 USA: We are a interior design firm looking for a client kitchen granite countertop needs: they want van gogh or louise blue or luis blue product ...need wholesale supplier. March 15 Contact
e 20057 Denmark: We are interested in polished black granite pebble stone size 40/60 mm. Packing in 12,5kg, Full container 28 ton. 
Please provide with prices and lead time. Tel (45) 47 7.....March 15 Contact
e 20056: I need your phone number so I can call you and find out pricing on two Cat Excavators 330 A + B. Phone: +574 41.....March 15 Contact
e 20055 USA: I am looking for CARMEL ROSE granite 1 or 2 slabs for counter top. Tel: 586-29......March 15 Contact
e 20054 Uruguay: Our company is dedicated to the production and sale of marbles, silestone, granites and natural stones. We are interested in knowing prices-list in slabs and tiles of yours materials for the import to the Uruguay. Phone: +598 42 2.....March 15 Contact
e 20053 : Please quote the prices of onyx tiles each category per sq.ft. March 15 Contact
e 20052 UK: Please send me information on a marble cutting machine. Phone 01323 7.....March 15 Contact
e 20051 Bulgaria: We require the following marbles and quadrature required by us: 
Duquesa Media Slabs – 2 cm 75 sqm 
Duquesa Scura Slabs – 2 cm 40 sqm
Gris Balear Tiles: 40 x 40 x 2 cm 62 sqm
Beiserpiente Tiles: 40 x 40 x 2 cm 15 sqm
Negro Pinta Slabs ……. x 2 cm 35 sqm
Rojo Alicante Slabs – 2 cm 125 sqm
We prefer Spanish origin because of EUR1 Certificate. Awaiting confirmation with best price quotations. We need one 20F FCL FCA Spanish storage place. We need the same colours or very close to them. Tel:+359 52 6......March 15 Contact
e 20050 India: I am Looking for buying about 6000 SFT of White Marble, and about 2000 SFT of Green/Yellow Marble. I am based out of Bangalore and I am looking out for a retail Outlet where I can get the best quality & of course a better price. You can reach me on 98458.....March 15 Contact
e 20049 Pakistan: Please send us the quote for the following items: 
01. 3mx 1.5 250mm grade A,O-ledge, Granite surface plate qty=01. PHONE: 0092-4254.....March 15 Contact
e 20048 USA: I am looking for 2,700 s.f. of Turkish Travertine for exterior use in the Midwest. It can be tumbled and rough as well. I would need with in 45 to 60 days. What does your product look like? O 402.59......March 15 Contact
e 20047 UAE: I am looking for CAT 140G and 14G, 1988-1995. 140H excavator is good as well. With rear ripper, in original colors. I am also looking for CAT machines, mainly 950, 966 and 980. Phone/Fax: +971-2-64.....March 14 Contact
e 20046 UK: I am shopping around for 42m sq for a client: they want black granite so maybe Star Galaxy, Absolute Black or Black Pearl...? It's for outdoor terracing so a flamed/non-slip finish is needed. What are your best trade prices please plus delivery? any other offers or recommendations for outdoor use? March 14 Contact
e 20045 Portugal: I am interested in buying slabs 2 cm honed, tiles and cut to size tiles of Moca Cream Limestone. March 14 Contact
e 20044 Tunisia: I am an importer, exporter. We want price and information about , travertine , marble , Onyx, granite , all sorts tiles, 30*30*2 ; 40*40*2; 30*60*2, 30*30*1.5 ; 40*40*1.5; 30*60*1.5. Phone number: +216 71 8.....March 14 Contact
e 20043: I am looking for a supplier or producer of Limestone which has an appearance of Wenge/Wengue wood. Tel. +31(0)172 4.....March 14 Contact
e 20042 Ukraine: We are interested in onyx of different colours, so please give us all the variety of colours of your onyx and quote your best prices. We need tiles of 305x305x10 mm and 300x600x20 mm and slabs of 2150x1400x20 and 30 mm, 2400x1500x20 and 30 mm. And especially at the moment we are interested in the polished tiles of Honey (Gold) onyx with 1 mm thickness. If it is available, then please let us know the price for m2, and the quantity and the size you have. Tel: +380642 5.....March 14 Contact
e 20040 USA: Interested in buying granite and marble slabs. Tel: 505-76..... March 14 Contact
e 20038 India: I am an exporter of granite stones. I have an order of 4 container of granite. Mentioned are the particulars details about granite below: 
1. mocalsar green 30mm 12 slab
2. merry gold 30mm 12 slab
3. black devgut 30mm 12 slab
4 green plum 30mm 12 slab
5. steel grey 30mm 12 slab
6. black galaxy 30mm 12 slab
7. green galaxy 30mm 12 slab
8. Tan brawn 30mm 12 slab
9. china white 30.. 12 slab
10. Absolute bkack 30mm 12 slab
Please give me the rates SOON with F.O.B CHICAGO. Tel: 098196..... March 14 Contact
e 20037 UK: Retail: Where can we find Pietra Cardoza stone for a kitchen worktop and splash back (about 3m long?) Tel. 0207 72.....March 14 Contact
e 20036 Russia: We would like to make an order of your marble and granite boards for our building projects. We would be grateful, if your  representative, skilled in English or Russian, will contact with us by phone: +7 4232 2.....Could you please, send a catalogue of you production?  March 14 Contact
e 20035: I am interested in purchasing pumice stones by the the weight. March 14 Contact
e 20033: I am looking for 12x12 mosaic floor tile with jerusalem gold and moss green pattern. March 14 Contact
e 20032: You are kindly requested to provide us with net price for Crane Type: Telescopic Truck. March 13 Contact
e 20031 Kuwait: We are pricing this project and will be grateful to provide us with a price quotation for the required color granite as following: 
1-absuloto black 3cm thick ( polish )       30x30           100 sqm
 absuloto black 3cm thick ( unpolish )       30x30           450 sqm
 absuloto black 3cm thick ( unpolish )    stairtreads        100 sqm

2-kashmir gold / white 3cm thick ( polish )   30x30          1000 sqm
kashmir gold / white 3cm thick ( unpolish )   30x30          4800 sqm
kashmir gold / white 1cm thick (unpolish )    30x30            50 sqm
kashmir gold / white 3cm thick ( flamed )     30x30          1600 sqm
kashmir gold / white 3cm thick ( flamed )   100x50/100x150cm  4100 sqm
kashmir gold / white 3cm thick ( unpolish )   stairtreads      200 sqm

3-red ruby / New Imperial Red 3cm thick ( flamed ) 30x30       1500 sqm
 red ruby / New Imperial Red 3cm thick ( flamed )100x50/100x150 4000 sqm 
 MOB: 00965-66......March 13 Contact
e 20030 Canada: I am looking for mesh backing for the manufacturing of field stone tiles in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are looking at making 1’ x 1’, 4” x 4” and 2’ x 2’ tiles and are looking for a supplier of mesh backing for gluing the cut rock pieces to. I would like to get dimensions of mesh sheets available along with the prices. The quantity will be low to start as we are just setting up the operation-probably 500 square feet to start. My telephone number is 866-51.....March 13 Contact
e 20029: I am looking for 4 slabs of  azul macauba granite. March 13 Contact
e 20028 Belgium: Could you please give us price for Granite Black smooth finish, 100 sqm 60cm x 60 cm x 3 cm. March 13 Contact
e 20027 Korea:  I am looking for TURKISH MARBLE. NAME OF PODOUCT: BORDO, SALOM, EFESBLACK, AGENT BROWN, LYMRA, AFYON  WHITE, CRYSTAL ROSE, HARMONKOY BEIGE, TEKNONIX, CREMO SUGAR. We can import 12million us$/year. Please inform us your sample of  MARBLE (FOB PUSAN PORT), price of ton.  Tel: 82-2-344.....March 13 Contact
e 20026 USA: Retail; I need 56 (fifty-six) 24”x24” one and a half inch thick flagstone pavers to be delivered to the Charlestown, WV area this week. Can I receive a quote? Telephone #: 703-72.....March 13 Contact
e 20025 China: Please quote for Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks. March 13 Contact
e 20024 USA: please quote for Italian marbles. We would also like the samples of the same. Tel: 972-24.....March 13 Contact
e 20023: I am looking for granite polishing machine, Please send us photo and all information of this machine. March 12 Contact
e 20022 Pakistan: Please send us pictures of Hitachi EX-100 WD-1 ALL around including inside Cabin and serial number. Also pls give us your best CNF price for Karachi. Tel : 9221-68.....March 12 Contact
e 20021: Please quote for 300sq mts Lymra Marble from Turkey.  March 12 Contact
e 20019 UK: Do you sell massage basalt stone sets? Tel: 01698 3..... March 12 Contact
e 20018 USA: Please quote for Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks. March 12 Contact
e 20017 USA: I need is Pure Black Marble. I do laser engraving. It has to be polished deep to allow engraving. If it is right need large supply. March 12 Contact
e 20016 UK: Please quote for Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks. March 11 Contact
e 20015 USA: We are indeed interested in Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks.  Please send information as soon as possible. You may contact me by telephone @ 206 76......March 11 Contact
e 20014 USA: Looking for Granite and marble pricelists for import as a sole proprietor. Please supply variety container prices for 3cm for staple colors. Cell 732-54.....March 11 Contact
e 20013 Italy: We work with the marble and limestone. We have a factory in the north of Italy. Is it possible for you to send me pictures and prices of different kind of your Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks.  Fax +39 04649.....March 11 Contact
e 20012 India: Please send details for Italian marble. We may require about 3-4 lakh sq ft for a project. Tel: + 9140233..... March 11 Contact
e 20011 Poland: Please send to us an offer for granite tiles Kashmir Gold in sizes: 
1. 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 
2. 30 x 30 x 2 (all parametres in cm)
Quantity of purchase: 1200 sqr metres. Please name incoterms and realization time of order. March 11 Contact
e 20009 Portugal: Can you inform us your best FOB price for 3000 m2 of absolute black granite slabs with 65cm x 180 - 250cm x 3cm, polished the surface. Send also information concerning the delivery time (we only need 600 m2 per month), terms and conditions. My phone number: +3519381.....March 11 Contact
e 20008 Jordan: You are kindly requested to provide us with a quotation for Kato Crane, telescopic truck, 50T capacity, 1990 model. Please advise county of location, delivery period, we need your best price to be C+F aqaba port Jordan. Tel: 009627955.....March 11 Contact
e 20007 USA: We are looking to buy the following from BRAZIL & ITALY. Direct container shipments on approval of price and sample. 
BRAZIL: Santa Cecelia...3cm, New Venetian..3cm, Uba Tuba...3cm, Giallo Veneziano..3cm
ITALY: Tropic Brown...3cm, Giallo Veneziano..3m 

Please offer your best fob or cif USA port prices? Tel: 713.66.....March 10 Contact
e 20006 USA: I am interested in the drilled basalt columns and basalt benches. You can call me at (419) 92......March 10 Contact
e 20005 USA: Retail: I am looking for a 120" by 76" slab of white carrara marble with nice grey veins, not little flecks of grey. I would like to find a piece 2" thick, but will settle for less thickness, if I can find a piece that big (120" by 76"). It cannot have any big chips off of the corners - I need the whole piece for my island. If you have a slab like that, can you tell me where it is located so I can go look at it first, before I purchase it? If I buy it from you, can I have my fabricator cut it? How do I get it to my fabricator? Can they pick it up? Where is your warehouse? Tel: 908-81.....March 10 Contact
e 20004 USA: Tel: (954) 55.....Consistent supply of 12"x12" x3/8" Giallo Siena marble (tile only) in the USA only. Los Angeles preferred. Monthly purchases for specialty projects. Need to check stock, quality and price. March 10 Contact
e 20003 Australia: I would like to know the price of the sandstone crazy pavers of 40 or 50mm thick. I live in Sydney. Tel: 0414 6.....March 10 Contact
e 20002 Qatar: We are a marble company with many branches in the Middle East. Would like to cooperate with you in marble and Granite trade. We would be grateful if you send to us the price list of cut marble and granite such as : 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and bigger sizes. We would like you to quote to us the following kind of Granite as it is 
1-Amarillo Real 500 square meters cut 1000*1000mm
2-Panna Fragola 100 square meter cut 1000*1000 mm
3-Trani fiorito 4000 square meter in defrent sizes 
4- Jura Marble (French) 2000 square meter in different sizes
Price to be F.O.B and S.N.F Doha Qatar
Tel:+97444.....March 10 Contact
e 20001 USA: Could you give me a rough estimate based on the information below to have granite Kitchen counter tops installed. 
Bar area: 61" x 24.5"
Work Desk: 58.5" x 22"
Island 94" x 36"
Extra counter 173" x 42"
I was looking to see what was standard finishes, and also the thickness of the granite that is installed. Back splash would also be needed (rough estimate of about 3 - 8ft long pieces around 3 1/2" high. Please provide a rough estimate with installation and removal of old counters. Island had a cooktop, and the main area has a sink. If you could give me an estimate on the following: Black Galaxy, Black/blue/pearl, and absolute black. March 10 Contact
e 20000 USA: I am interested in buying samples of different marbles especially portoro. I live in NJ. Can you tell me how many different samples are available and send me a price list.  March 10 Contact
e 19999 USA: I would like to purchase 2 containers 18 x18 travertine filled and honed. tel # 916-38.....March 10 Contact
e 19998 USA: Retail: I am looking for a shellstone mantle for my house in Kansas City. March 10 Contact
e 19997 Canada: Please quote for bridge cutter as per ready stock 353. Send me specs and photo. Tel: 514-32.....March 10 Contact
e 19996 Canada: I am looking for suppliers for artisanal natural stones and rocks in the Ottawa region. Tel: (819) 45......March 9 Contact
e 19995: PLEASE GIVE ME PRICE FOR 30 TON CRANE. March 9 Contact 
e 19994 Tunisia: We are a distributor company of marble based in Tunisia and we are interested by the GANGSAW MACHINE. We would like to obtain information about supplier's water pump and auxiliary equipments for this machine. We request to have more information about the price of the blades holder frame could be mounted a hydraulic turnbuckle which will ensure a uniform and constant tension of the diamond blades. Also send us picture and all the necessary information concerning the price, weight of engine and delivery time. My tel No : +216 20 5.....March 9 Contact 
e 19993: Please could you tell me where I can import some South African granite from. The first one I want is Blue Pearl. I also need some figures which I am able to understand please. Could you tell me where I could find out how much for a 2 meter by 3 meter slab of both 20 mm and 30 mm? March 9 Contact 
e 19992 Jordan: You are kindly requested to provide us with a quotation for Manufacturer: Kato crane, capacity (t): 50. Tel: 009627955......March 9 Contact 
Tel: +90(212) 44.....March 8 Contact 
e 19989 USA: I am looking for 2,000 sq ft of Italian golden sienna polished 12x12 tile. I am also looking for 2,000 sq ft of tumbled white or golden travertine 12x12, 4x4, 6x6. Delivered to Cincinnati. March 8 Contact 
e 19988 USA: I am looking to find someone that can sell me 2 door saddles for bathrooms. I need 1 thassos white saddle. Standard 4" width and 3/4 height to match the hardwood on the outside. Width is 32". I need another in a honed absolute black or a black slate. length 24". Delivery to zip code 10901. Tel: 845.36.....March 8 Contact 
e 19987 USA: I want to buy the diamond blade (for concrete coring) - 60pcs. I am based in Miami. March 8 Contact 
e 19986: Please send me information in equipment I need for monument engraving. March 8 Contact 
e 19985 USA: I am looking for 2500 Sq. ft. of 16 x 16 Verde Andeer. Please get back to me with price and availability. Please call me on 203-41....March 8 Contact 
e 19984 Nigeria: Please quote for Motor Graders & Rollers as displayed in ready stock 574. Phone:+234-84-5.....March 8 Contact 
e 19983 USA: Retail: I live in San Jose, CA and am looking for 2 to 3 slabs of "Matrix Motion". Do you know who have them in stock? March 7 Contact 
e 19982 USA: I am looking for Italian Rose Marble in 12 x 12 tiles. Do you sell this? Tel: 212 43.....March 7 Contact 
e 19981 : Please quote for Hitachi EX200 excavator along with manufacture year. March 7 Contact 
e 19980 Kenya: I would like to inquire for the price of a HYDRAULIC MACHINE FOR CUTTING TUFA AND SANDSTONE as was shown in your catalog of READY STOCK 557. My phone: +254 020 38.....March 7 Contact 
e 19979: Retail: Email me relevant information on limestone to be used in the bathroom on walls around the shower and bath and sink size 600 x 600 x 25. Should they be impregnated with a clear sealer and if so how many layers. March 7 Contact 
e 19978: I am considering Travertine Classic (cross cut) for my entire house and would like advise on this material. Are there travertines better than others? I love the look of the material, but my husband is worried about the filled holes, which he thinks might fall off or turned very dirty with use since they are filled with cement. The seller is recommending a sealant for durability and stain resistant. Also, would appreciate your recommendation on how to install it, 45 degrees of else? March 7 Contact 
e 19977: Can you tell me where i would look to find used hydraulic stone splitters? I need one or two with the capacity to produce 24 tons per day of 1-2" flag stone. My number is 724-51.....March 7 Contact 
e 19976 USA: We are looking to purchase bundles of Black galaxy, Black Absolute, Volga Blue, Ivory Chiffon, Uba Tuba, Verde peacock, Juperana Berdoux (dark), Ghibli, Shivakashi. The size of the slabs should be at least 72"x116"+. Our timing is immediate. We are looking for warehouses that are ready to ship within the USA and also bundles shipped. Cell - 203-25..... March 7 Contact 
e 19974 USA: We plan to begin setting up a new fabrication facility in Gainesville, FL, within 60 days and are interested to buy equipment. March 7 Contact 
e 19973 UAE: We have an immediate requirement for African Red Granite blocks/slabs 2cm thick for 10,000m˛. Kindly arrange to send your best rates, availability and lead time for delivery. Tel: 009714 88..... March 7 Contact 
e 19972 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase 2 to 3 rose rocks from 1 inch up to 3 inches in size.  March 7 Contact 
e 19971 USA: Retail: Just wondering if you could tell me the ball park cost and availability of a piece of stone that could be used as a counter top and or flooring pieces, Also do you have any photos? March 7 Contact 
e 19970 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a supplier in New Mexico for pink sandstone, that I can pick it up myself and select it. The type of sandstone that I am referring to is sort of pink, white and with black or dark layers throughout it . I wish it to be natural stone, no cut slabs or polished slabs . I bought a couple pieces from an artist that was somewhere in north west New Mexico, but I can no longer locate him. Attached is an example of it (image 1, image 2).  March 7 Contact 
e 19969 USA: Retail: Need 24 inch x 28 inch by 1/2 to 3/4 inch slab. Purpose is for laser etched plaque in display garden. Material is Toiedo Nero Black marble from Spain. Will purchase immediately. Only price is needed to decide supplier. March 7 Contact 
e 19968 USA: retail: Need 245 square feet of Greece Santa Helena marble. Need to beat $13.43 (I have picture proof from a local store). 
Ready to order immediately. Looking for a better price then local retail. Tel: 914-96.....March 7 Contact 
e 19967 Spain: For a building of a new dock in Spain, near Bilbao´s harbour, several cantities of calcareus stones are needed in his final destination. Arranged by weight those are the necessities: 
Blocks minimun weight 45 tn. 100.000 tn
Blocks 25<W<45 tn. 100.000 tn
Blocks 1<W<3 tn 100.000 tn
Todouno 0-200 kg 400.000 tn
Density over 2.70 tn/m3. 
We would like to know the possibilities of this supply and the prices of the complete provision in a ship send to the destiny. Telephone: +0034 609.4.....March 7 Contact 
e 19966 MACEDONIA: We are interested in receiving price for granite slabs 2cm & 3cm with thickness and standard dimension 1cm. Telephone: 00389755..... March 7 Contact 
e 19965 USA: Need approx. 700 ft sq of beige/cream/light brown travertine for flooring. A variety of tones within the lot and/or individual tiles is preferred. Filled and honed, highest quality with a minimum of fill, square cut edges, Versailles Pattern (1 pc of 16x24x1/2, 2 pcs of 16x16x1/2, 1 pc of 8x16x1/2, 2 pcs of 8x8x1/2) This flooring will be a central component of the design, so it is imperative that it is of very high quality. Installation scheduled for approx. 14 week from now. Will place an order depending on availability, likely within 2 weeks. Phone number 925-99.....March 7 Contact 
e 19964 USA: Retail: Can I get a sample of granite: Rosa Lucira from Angola? Also do you sell granite in small quantity: for a counter 16' by 18" . Telephone: 214-86..... March 6 Contact 
e 19963 India: We want to import 1000 ton Veitnam white marble blocks. Please send details. Tel: +91 141 22.....March 6 Contact 
e 19962 Portugal: Email me relevant information on Marble Cutting and Finishing Plants complete like: Gang Saw, Monalama, Vertical Cutter, Polishing Plant, Curing Plant. My Cell # 00351 9149...... March 6 Contact 
e 19961 USA: I am in the market for buying a container of GRANITE TILES: TROPIC BROWN, SANTA CECILIA, BLUE PEARL, UBA TUBA, GIALO VENEZIANO, CARIOCA GOLD AND BALTIC BROWN, VIOLETTA, GIOLO FIORITO. I can purchase immediately if the prices are right. Tel: 916 50..... March 6 Contact 
e 19960 USA: Please send me info for availability of a Brazilian stone in 3cm slab material the name is Santa Barbara or French Brown. I am also looking for 3cm slab Durango or Caesar travertine. Tel: 501-76.....March 6 Contact 
e 19959 USA: I am interested to purchase your White 3 cm 60 X 120 Mugla White Mermer, onyx, sandstone pillars, etc. I am located in Memphis, TN- First Quality tiles. Tel: 662-56.....March 5 Contact 
e 19958 Australia: I would appreciate if you can provide me with your price list. I am interested in yellow travertine, in Blocks, slabs and tiles of different sizes. Filled and not filled. March 5 Contact 
e 19957 Pakistan: We require Gangsaw Marble Cutting Machine with blades 70~80 or more, frame heights 7~8', frame length 10’, frame width 6’, please quote us very your rock bottom CFC Karachi price with compete details of other Technical Specification & information’s of your machine, our required Slab cutting size is min. 20mm which please note. Cell 0092-321-40......March 5 Contact 
e 19956 UAE: We are looking for Aleppo sandstone. I require total 847 sqm in the following sizes: 
20 x 10 x 5cm 560 M2
10 x 20 x 5cm 252 M2
20 x 40 x 5cm 6 M2
25 x 25 x 5cm 15 M2
20 x 17.5 x 5cm 14 M2
Kindly give your best price and delivery period for the same at the earliest as we require one of the project in Dubai. 
Tel: 00971 4 33..... March 5 Contact 
e 19955 USA: Retail: What pricing for 3 slabs of Verde Butterfly granite and 1 slab of Giallo Antico marble, shipped to Phoenix, AZ? 800-36...... March 5 Contact 
e 19954 UAE: Please send prices 80 sq m wanted in Dubai beige Omani marble. March 5 Contact 
e 19953 USA: I am inquiring about obtaining a Red Jade Marble tile. I can be reached via email or at the following numbers: 
Business Line: (202) 54......
Cell: (202) 39.....
I am looking to acquire 7 cases. Please respond back with the tile dimensions as well as a picture of the tile. March 5 Contact 
e 19952 India: We want to import alabaster rough blocks. March 5 Contact 
e 19951 Kuwait: We would like to ask your accessibility and possibility to supply the following material cut to size at competitive price for a project in Kuwait: 
1. Kashmir Gold
2. Jansi red (or Ruby red which one you can supply cheap)
3. Absolute black ( or Black Galaxy which one you can supply cheap)
Above material is for a big project which need material No.1 about 10000M2, No.2 about 4000M2 and No.3 about 500M2. 
Some material need special fabrication like Radial cutting, Groove, bullnose fascia etc. You must have ample factory and manpower facility to execute big project works. The work will be executed as per tendering procedures. March 4 Contact 
e 19950 India: For one of my customers in South Asian country, I have to set up plant to make glazed ceramic tiles. We are looking for 6" x 6" to 12" x 12" tiles. Production capacity not a consideration as it will depend more on the availability of the plant. Cell: 98690......March 4 Contact 
e 19949 China: Please quote for Turkish pumice. Tel: (86)(020)827......March 4 Contact 
e 19948 USA: How would I go about finding polished marble stones for Hot Stone Massage Therapy. I am looking for mostly white ranging in size from 1" to 2". Maybe a smaller quantity to start with about 100 pounds. I would prefer a Canadian supplier. My telephone is 416-84.....March 4 Contact 
e 19947 USA: I am looking for a creamy colored flagstone also. I would need approximately 5,000 square feet. Tel: (425) 45.....March 4 Contact 
e 19946 USA: I am searching for two slabs of Azul Aran. One of the slabs needs to be at least 122 inches long. I am located in San Diego, Ca. March 3 Contact 
e 19945 USA: We need 1 container Seafoam Green granite, 3 cm & 1 container Epidus Green granite, 2 cm. Both of first quality. 
Please send us quote and pictures ASAP. Phone (305) 94......March 3 Contact
e 19944 Pakistan: Our customer interested import of Gangsaw slab cutting machine 70~80/85-Slabs cutting, if you have no sole agency in Pakistan market please quote us your very rock bottom CFC Karachi prices with complete technical specifications information, require slab cutting thickness size 20mm, 2nd hand machine in good condition is also acceptable. Tel:- 02+244.....March 3 Contact
e 19943 Greece: I am interested for quantity from 70 until 150 sqm. in colour I would prefer white, beige, yellow portuguese stones. March 3 Contact
e 19942 Kenya: Please send us a quotation for a stone cutting machines urgently as per attached. Tel: +254 (0)20 3......March 3 Contact 
e 19941 Malaysia: We are a Hong Kong based trading firm in industrial minerals. Please let us have your offer of Unexpanded Perlite Ore 0.15-0.60 mm @ C&F KE LANG Port, Malaysia at the expected quantity of 10X20'FCL per month. March 3 Contact 
e 19940 Korea: We need 30T cut-to-size 3000m2 of Jerusalem gold. If you want detail information, give me a call or send me a message at 
+82-018-23......March 3 Contact
e 19939 Fiji: Can you please advise me more on ex60 model, am looking for 2 excavators with 3500hours, please send me details and pictures. March 3 Contact
e 19938 Iran: We strongly need granite slab with reasonable price cause Iran's market want this stone too much, specially now we want 
BLACK GRANITE SLAB (ABSOLUTE BLACK) FOR THE SIZES 180X60X 4CM AND 170X40X2CM. Orange granite slab MORE THE SIZES WITH 2CM AND 3 CM THICKNESS. We preparing stone for large commercials and residential projects, so we want just the best prices, and now we need these two stone immediately. March 2 Contact
e 19937 Italy: We are looking for Peruvian travertine, colour gold, for shelves in our stores. We need approx. 3.600 sqm. (thickness 15 to 20 mms). Tel. +39 06 334.....March 2 Contact
e 19936 Pakistan: We require Gangsaw Marble Cutting Machine with blades 70~80 or more, frame heights 7~8', frame length 10’, frame width 6’, please quote us very your rock bottom CFC Karachi price with compete details of other Technical Specification & information’s of your machine, our required Slab cutting size is min. 20mm which please note. Cell 92+300+21.....March 2 Contact
e 19935 UK: I am interested in prices for creama marfil tiles. Please can you contact me urgently either by email or on my mobile number 0044(0)79096..... March 2 Contact 
e 19934 Vietnam: We are opening the new natural stone processing plant with a capacity of 10,000 m2 per month. We need to buy Gantry crane / Bridge crane / Diamond Gang saw for marble / Block cutter (multidiscs) / Polishing machine for marble /  Bridge cutter /  Excavator / Wire saw machine.  All machines both in brand - new and used. Tel: 84 4 64.....March 2 Contact 
e 19933: I am interested in CAT 966C excavator. CELL 214-61.....March 2 Contact 
e 19932 USA: I am looking for approximately 4 slabs of uncracked 1 1/4" cobalt blue, or blue pegasus (pegaso) granite. I also would consider something similar as long as it were reasonably priced. I am looking for it for the mid to end of March 2006. I currently have a fabricator. I am looking in the Northern Illinois area - preferably near Chicago. Tel: 773-79.....March 2 Contact 
e 19931 Canada: I want to find is a sample of Chinese Tiger Skin Yellow granite to see what it looks like in real life. We are building a large custom home in Calgary and will require kitchen and vanity countertops plus lots of floor tiles. Tel: 403 28.....March 2 Contact 
e 19930 Australia: I require 720 m2 of Albastrino Rustic Travertine 610 x 405 13mm honed ansd unfilled . CAN YOU ADVISE PRICE POINT AND DELIVERY TIME.Immediate order for the right price. FOB Izmir or nearest port. March 2 Contact 
e 19929 USA: Retail: I am looking for Juane Du Roi in approx 1/2" tumbled square marble (1.5 cm). Any suggestions? I need approx 7 sheets of approx 11 1/2" x 11 1/2". March 2 Contact 
e 19928 USA: Do you have in stock Travertine 24" square 2000sqft in stock in Florida we can look at to buy? March 1 Contact 
e 19927 Burma: I would like to buy homogenous / ceramic tiles from Indonesia. March 1 Contact 
e 19926 Australia: I am living here in Australia but I'm a Filipino and I am building a house for my parents & they like a marble's flooring etc.... I'd like to know how much per piece in any sizes & different kinds. Please give me a quote. March 1 Contact 
e 19925 Italy: We are interesting of nero zimbabwe and red africa stock slabs 2cm, Blocks big sizes. mobile 00393395......March 1 Contact 
e 19924 Turkey: Could you please send an information about the marble emprador dark? Tel : 90 212 24.....March 1 Contact 
e 19923 USA: Retail: I am very interested in your Santa Cecilia slab pricing. I am in need of 99 sq ft of slab granite and would like to know what your price is. Please include a line item for shipping and how quickly I can get the granite. Tel: 360.88.....March 1 Contact 
e 19922 USA: I am currently looking for boulder 25-200lbs. Field stone flat rock for steppers 18-24" Dia. 3-4" thick and large steppers 24"x36" 5-6" thick. I also need info on delivery to Cincinnati. My phone number is 513-61.....I am starting my project in two weeks so I need pricing and info ASAP. March 1 Contact 
e 19921 Turkey: We are a Turkish trading company. We are searching for ceramic tiles for one of our customer. Could you please send your best price and inform us about packaging details? How many packages could be loaded in a 20FT container? What is the HS code? Delivery time? March 1 Contact 
e 19920 USA: I am interested in the CAT 950B, 920, and D6D so please if you could tell me more about these units, I need to know over all conditions. Please call me back or email me back with the info. Tel: 425-32.....March 1 Contact 
e 19919 Uruguay: We need CATERPILLAR 320C + year 2000, CATERPILLAR 988F, CATERPILLAR 988G. Please send me your offer with complete information. Tel: 00598 2 40......March 1 Contact 
e 19918 Czech Republic: We have interest with India companies to supply granites, marbles and sandstone slabs and finished work. TEL:493 6.....March 1 Contact 
e 19916 USA: We are in the market for marble tiles. Please email to us your price list and catalogue also. Please inform if you have small swatch samples in order that our company may view your onyx and marble tile quality. March 1 Contact
e 19915 USA: I am looking for 485 sq ft of blue bahia granite. Approx 11 slabs in 2 or 3 cm. I am using it for counter tops for my home. I am in Ohio. My phone # is 330-32......March 1 Contact
e 19914 USA: I am looking for black marble. I have an heirloom clock with broken marble. I need two pieces with these dimensions. 4 3/4 inches x 3 inches x 3/16 thick. Also a piece 1inch x 4 3/16 x 9/16. I am willing to pay more than normal pricing. March 1 Contact
e 19913 USA: Email me relevant information on tumbled travertine and travertine for bathrooms and showers. March 1 Contact
e 19912 USA: Please forward contact information about the 1989 KRUPP wheel excavator. Office Phone: 406-58.....March 1 Contact
e 19911 Russia: I are a group of Russian investors who are investigating an opportunity to open a new natural stone trading business in Moscow, Russian Federation. Our investors have an experience in wholesale and retail business in Russia for more then 10 years and now are looking for the new markets. We are looking at the natural stone market for a reason that it is dynamic and growing quite fast. 
First of all, we would like to learn about your prices and logistic terms. The list of items, we are interested in is attached
Let me also inform you about our expected buying patterns. We are interested in annual sale of 100000 square meters of slabs and tiles as minimum. We expect that split between slabs and tiles would be 40% / 60%. We also expect that we will buy granite tile in May-June, while the rest of the product line uniformly over a year. We prefer cargo to be delivered to Moscow by tracks. 
If you think that we could be a proper partner for you in this business would you, please, provide us with an information on your prices on goods at stock, cost and terms of delivery to Moscow, and possible terms of payment. March 1 Contact
e 19910 Romania: Our Company is executing two residential buildings in Ashgabad/Turkmenistan for which is provided to supply from Turkey the following materials: 
1) white marble "Kemal Pasha" of first class : 7,178 sqm tiles of 40 x 80 x 3 cm
2) red granite "Afrikan Red": 451,20 sqm tiles of 40 x 80 x 2 cm -230 sqm steps (for stairs) of 100 x 30 x 3 cm / 230 sqm steps (for stairs) of 100 x 15 x 3 cm
And separately: 737,28 sqm tiles of 40 x 80 x 2 cm. Please be so kind to send us by e-mail your best commercial offer for the delivery of the above materials-under C.I.P. Ashgabad/Turkmenistan terms and shortest possible delivery time. Our Fax number : 0040.21.31......March 1 Contact
e 19909 Belgium: We are interested to purchase Rojo Alicante in blocks, for further processing. Is it the same 55 EURO/Ton price quotation? We are also interested to purchase other varieties (see attachment: packing list last purchase). It would be good to receive some sample pictures. Mobile +324855.....March 1 Contact
e 19908 Italy: We are looking for red jasper, rose quartz and malachite
Quantity : one container each material
Status : rough irregular boulders (pebbles)
Dimension : minimum 3 cm
Delivery port : any Northern Italian seaport
Delivery time : shortest possible
Inspection : indicate site for inspection prior to shipment
Payment : indicate payment conditions 
Evidence : Attach to the offer images showing the materials and the available stock 
Tel +39 050 9.....March 1 Contact
e 19907 Australia: We are serious buyers for serious projects in Australia and NZ. We are also in the market for approx 5000sqm of Omani marble called Chocolate light or Chocolate Dark. Phone 07 559.....March 1 Contact
e 19906 USA: We are interested in the price of the Komatsu Dozer, located in the USA. Tel: 313-65..... March 1 Contact
e 19905 USA: I am inquiring on Indian companies that carry Kota Blue stone tiles. I am looking for container pricing FOB India. The sizes would vary from 12" x 12" to 36" x 36" in 3/4" to 1 1/2" thickness. Tel: 586-73.....March 1 Contact
e 19904 Costa Rica: We are a wholesaler in Costa Rica. We use granite from Brasil and India. Colors green, black, yellows, blue, and exotics.
Based on full container loads. Phone 506-48.....March 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.