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BUYERS INQUIRIES!   February 28, 2006
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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998.
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www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 

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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 19903 India: We are interested in Galaxy Slabs. Please email details. Feb 28 Contact
e 19902 CYPRUS: Please let us have detail specification of desert cream granite and photo if available. TEL. 00357 227.....Feb 28 Contact 
e 19901 Australia: I am from Australia, building my own home. I would like to find Antique tumbled stone with yellow/red tones in multi-size. Feb 28 Contact 
e 19900 USA: Need lava stone slab 3cm x 24 inch x 48 inches, immediately. Feb 28 Contact 
e 19899 USA: I expect to build 50 new homes this year and I am trying to get the best prices on Granite Countertops for the Kitchens and Bathroom Vanities. How can I get Wholesale prices for Granite Slabs or pre-made Granite Countertops? Feb 28 Contact 
e 19898 Japan: We are established in Brazil, and Tokyo-Japan, My direct phone number is (81) 080-366..... we are a trading company developing business between Brazil and Japan, we are looking for suppliers of stone to be partners for deal in commission base to develop your business here in Japan. We do all research of Japanese market , contact and negotiation with the clients. Feb 27 Contact 
e 19896 USA: Retail: I need 70 SQF White Thasos Mosaic. Please forward sizes available and availability – please contact David 203-41.....Feb 27 Contact 
e 19895 USA: I am interested in black marble bases for mounting sculptures. I am looking for both square and round bases fully polished except for the bottom. The sides need to be slightly beveled to avoid sharp edges. Preferably, I would like one hole ¼" in diameter drilled right through the stone exactly in the middle. Acceptable thicknesses are from 2 inches to 3 ½ inches. Acceptable dimensions of the squares are from 4 inches by 4 inches up to 10 inches by 10 inches. Round bases can have an acceptable diameter for 3 ½ inches up to 10 inches. I really need a variety but will consider purchase of a small quantity of single items. I need regular purchases of these of about 100 pieces each time. Tel: (617)26......Feb 27 Contact 
e 19894 USA: I am a General Contractor working for the City of Hidalgo, Texas. The project involves a large landscaping area that is dotted with large boulders along the walk, I am needing approximately 35 large boulders that measure 36" X 48" X 36" on the average, in addition, I will need a large order of 3" to 5" size "River Rock". Let me know if you can locate this product for me. Tel: 956-64..... Feb 27 Contact 
e 19893 Ireland:  I need the quotation / sqm for Gray granite ( rustic ) for windows and paving, 60x60x4cm, Quantity: 500 sqm. contact: 003538631.....Feb 26 Contact 
e 19892: I am interested in some limestone from Israel. Is it possible to get some samples of stone. Also, I am looking for a stone to look like a bowl that I have. If I emailed a picture of the bowl could you find the stone that looks like it? Feb 26 Contact 
e 19891 UK: We would like to buy black basalt tiles, approximately 400mm square and 50mm deep. The stone is to be used as a cooking surface. We are willing to buy from any area dependent on price. We are currently researching appropriate materials and supplier options.
To finalise a supplier we need to get a sample and arrange a final quantity price. We expect to make our order by May 2006. As we are planning to buy tiles, we would be willing to opt for close standard sizes, however we need to have at least 50mm of depth. Tel: (+44) 77067.....Feb 26 Contact 
e 19890 Vietnam: Please send us all the photos and best price at CIF Hai Phong port of following machines: 
3) KATO KR25H3L 1990 model (2041/hours). 
4) KATO KR45HV 1992 model (16480/hours).
The photos of all units are available.  Feb 26 Contact 
e 19889: I am a sculptor looking for obsidian sand in different meshes. I have heard it is used as an abrasive medium for blasting. Feb 26 Contact 
e 19888: I am a stonemason looking for stone quinnes, sills coppings, building stone in different colors plus cobble stones.  Feb 26 Contact 
e 19887 Egypt: There are very good demand for absolute black and other granites. Our requirement is blocks and slabs, the size shall be cutter and gangsaw, approximate measurement 325x200 or 250x160 besides, you can also quote whatever the available measurement. Slab should be 2 cm thick will be measured in sq. mtr. and the block will be measured either in cubic mtr. or ton. Please quote your prices in US dollors FOB indian port. Feb 26 Contact 
e 19886 USA: Retail: I need a supplier of 1cm absolute black granite tiles. 60cm x 60cm x  1cm ( 24"x24"x 3/8"). I am in need right now of 100 of the above tiles. I can take tiles up to 1/2" thick but no thicker as the final product needs to be lightweight. I also need a source of absolute black granite slabs 1/2" thick or less. Tel: 845 38.....Feb 26 Contact 
e 19885 Vietnam: We have Zeolite market in Vietnam. Please offer us your products with competitive price. Feb 26 Contact 
e 19884 USA: Could you please provide a quote for 25 square feet of Giallo Santa Cecilia? I am in  IN 47885. Feb 26 Contact 
e 19883: Please email us with the price of your travertina marble in sizes of 60 x 40 and 40 x 40 1st quality. Tel 01253 8.....Feb 26 Contact 
e 19882 UAE: I want the prices and pictures of Tadano, kato, p&h and Samsung truck cranes. Tel: 0097105026..... Feb 26 Contact 
e 19881: I need the price details for Star Galaxy, Imperial White and Lebrado Scari. Tel: +973 363.....Feb 25 Contact 
e 19880 USA: Retail: Need one piece of a 3cm thick slab of lava stone, dark color, 61 cm wide by 122 cm long. Please quote with delivery to 93965, phone 805 57..... Feb 25 Contact 
e 19879 Australia: We require 2000 sq m of Premium Crema Marfil tile 600 mm x 300 mm x 20 mm. We require 700 sq m of Premium Crema Marfil tile 305 mm x 305 mm x 20 mm. A sample would be required and FOB nearest port price of $20.50 and 24.50 USD would be acceptable. mob +614197..... Feb 25 Contact 
e 19878 USA: I need 200m2 of crema marfil select 40 x 40. Feb 25 Contact 
e 19877 USA: I am with a Granite and Marble fabrication shop in the United States. The company I work for is seeking an over seas fabricator for a larger projects. Currently we need a Crema Marfil Supplier. We are in need of 1200 Sq.Ft. of 2cm. Slab material. If you are interested, or can supply needed Stone please phone # 301-39.....Feb 25 Contact 
e 19876 USA: Granite – grey to beige suitable for office foyer floor – need samples urgently. Feb 24 Contact 
e 19875 USA: I live in the bay area in Northern California. I am looking to purchase approx. 100 sq. ft. of Verde Marince in 12x12 tiles or larger. I would be interested in a slab as well, but looking for the best price. Feb 24 Contact 
e 19874: I am located in Texas and am looking for stone blocks. I am currently building an Italian stile home and need an exterior stone to fit my customer’s design need. Feb 24 Contact 
e 19873 USA: Retail: I am writing to see if you have 50-60 square feet of Volga Blue 12 x 12 tiles currently in stock. What price per square ft.? And what price to ship it to Phoenix, AZ? Feb 24 Contact 
e 19872 USA: I am in search of Perlato Royale design in 16X 16 size. Pls. call me on 301-39.....Feb 24 Contact 
e 19871 USA: I am looking for Texas Grit pebbles. Can you please let me know where I can find it? Tel: 941-49.....Feb 24 Contact 
e 19870 USA: I am interested in marble or granite tiles… primarily 12x12. Please respond with necessary info… minimum quantities.. payment, shipping, etc. Cell - 203-67.....Feb 24 Contact 
e 19869: Would you please send data about the CAT 950 B excavator. Feb 24 Contact 
e 19868 USA: I am looking for Rosalya or Rosalia marble tiles from Turkey. Any available for small quantity. Phone - 908-65.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19867 Croatia: We are looking for a dark stone (not Croatian limestone) for use in a swimming pool. It has to be locally available (cheap) and specifically good for swimming pools. Something like slate. Feb 23 Contact 
e 19866 UK: Please send the quotation for the following colours: 
1. Black Galaxy Cut-to-sizes (300 x 70 x 3cm)
2. Jet Black cut-to-size (300 x 70 x 3 cm)
3. for both of the above slabs availability and quantity. Tel: 004420890..... Feb 23 Contact 
e 19865 India: Required granite for an upcoming restaurant in Mumbai. Sellers from India contact. Tel: 022 557.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19864 Pakistan: We need few used Rough Terrain Cranes for our company. So can u give us the quotation of Tadano cranes of particular models, which is given below: 
1:- 5 Tons TR Tadano
2:- 16 Tons TR Tadano
3:- 20 Tons TR Tadano
We need these cranes on urgent bases, so if is it possible then soon us the quotation as soon as possible. Tel: 009233336.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19863 Saudi Arabia: Please quote us the price for Basalt Tile (1000mmx600mmx30mm)=45m2, the price should be quoted c&F Dammam. Telephone: +966-1-40..... Feb 23 Contact 
e 19862 USA: We are a remodeling company, we just got into installing marble and granite and we need some samples to show to our clients. If you can send us the most popular Italian and Brazilian samples will be good for further business together. Telephone: 703-88.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19861 USA: I am interested in Komatsu. Tel: 313-30......Feb 23 Contact 
e 19860 Egypt: I want to know about the Stone processing machinery as displayed in Ready stock 351. Telephone: +20 01225.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19859 India: PLEASE SEND YOUR QUOTATION FOR 15 mm BLACK GALAXY AND ABSOLUTE BLACK 1M X 1M polished SLABS FOB BOMBAY. Telephone: +9198685...... Feb 23 Contact 
e 19858 USA: I am interested to hear from suppliers of either marble or granite balustrade systems. My need is immediate.. I provide the following:
1) Nearest port is New York;
2) Balustrade system with top and bottom rails must be at least 36" in height;
3) Balusters must be placed closely together such that a 4" sphere (ball) can't be passed through the widest space between two balusters (local code requirement);
4) Interested in white marble or granite. Grey is second color.
5) Interested in larger balusters for end posts;
6) Need to enclose a three-sided area of dimension 9'x20'x9';
7) Need instructions on how balustrade assembles (balusters to rails) and how to attach the balustrades to a cement pad.
8) Application is second-story of a residential property;
9) Require approximate weight per linear foot. 
I am in Connecticut, USA. tel: (203) 94.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19857 Canada: We need Milk-white marble
1. Vanity top: 52 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch, with one sink opening, 229 pcs 
2. Backsplash: 50.5 inch x 4 inch, 229 pcs: 24 inch x 4 inch, 458 pcs 
3. Countertop 32 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch, 229 pcs 
We are willing to buy from anywhere in the world. Maybe South America is the first choice. We are in the final stage to finalize a supplier. The price, quality, payment terms, shipping method, shipping time need to be settled down, before finalizing a supplier. We are expecting to place an order within one month. Phone number 1-416-80.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19856 USA: Please email me picture and specs of the stones you produce. Please include prices. We are in the process of establishing a  distributor/fabricator site in Florida. Feb 23 Contact 
e 19855: I am looking for used granite for curbing on a parking lot at our office for about 300 feet. I can reached at 508 86.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19854 USA: Retail: We are purchasing a new home and my wife loves the look of Travertine for the Kitchen & Bath countertops. Feb 23 Contact 
e 19853 USA: I am looking to purchase travertine tile and matching bullnosed pool coping with the following specifications: 
Approx. 2600 sq. ft. tile. Unfilled and tumbled -- suitable for a swimming pool deck. 1/2" -- 5/8" thickness. Light beige or creme in color. Reference Durango Stone Ancient Viejo for color and texture. Prefer French pattern, but would also be interested in 24" X 24" or 18" X 18" as acceptable alternatives. Also need approx: 140 linear feet of pool coping, to be 12" X 12", bullnosed edge, 1 1/2" -- 2" thick and match the deck tiles in color and texture. The pool is in the ground, so I am prepared to purchase the stone immediately! The location is Temecula, California (between Los Angeles and San Diego). I would require delivery to the job site, which is a residential location. Phone: (951) 58.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19852 USA: I need 60 sq. ft. of Jasper Rose marble from Mexico. I am looking for Tepeaca Rose, also known as Jasper Rose, marble from Mexico. I need 12 x 12 tiles and am also looking for a slab. Tel: 913 38..... Feb 23 Contact 
e 19851 USA: Need Shalta Slate tiles, color copper quartzite Approx. Amt. 100 sq. Ft, Time frame now. Phone number 360-64.....Feb 23 Contact 
e 19850 USA: Need engineered quartz slabs and to learn more about what is available. Please let me know if it is current and if so, approximate range of colors that are available. We are looking for 120"x55" or 120"x60" slabs of engineered quartz. Tel: 512-38.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19848 : I am looking for 12 x 12 tiles of Butterfly gold (or Yellow Butterfly?). I need only 20 or so for a fireplace surround. I would consider Santa Cecelia if it is as similar to Butterfly Gold as it appears to be in your pictures. The fireplace is in a room visible from the kitchen (which has butterfly gold) but not immediately next to it. Feb 22 Contact 
e 19847 USA: Email me relevant information on nephrite jade. Feb 22 Contact
e 19846 Australia: I am looking for an urgent purchase of CREMA MARFIL marble from Spain. I need to see sample at your cost. I need this tiles within 4 weeks. 
Polished 400mm x 400mm - 195 square metres
Horned 400mm x 400mm - 100 square metres
Polished 400 mm x 200mm - 200 square metres.
Telephone no. 617 337.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19845 USA: Retail: I am an interior decorator who needs ONE stone slab of about 3X5 feet or 2X4ft approx. How do I find something like that? The type of stone must by very raw and unfinished in look for a 'natural' themed coffeee table top. Colours can be reddish, blueish, greenish but not black or white. Feb 22 Contact 
e 19844 USA: I am in the process of building a house in Milford, CT and need to find a distributor of travertine tile and/or tumbled marble. Please contact me if you can help me. Tel: 203-85.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19843 USA: Please send all the details about your material price list along with freight charges, etc. Feb 22 Contact 
e 19842 USA: Need 12000 sqft. STAR GALAXY GRANITE TILE, Polished, Grade A (Black Galaxy accepted, specify in quote) 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" COUNTRY OF ORIGIN INDIA ONLY (CHINA NOT ACCEPTED!). Tel: 954-47.....*** and/or ***
760 sqft. STAR GALAXY GRANITE TILE, Polished Grade A (Black Galaxy accepted, specify in quote) 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" COUNTRY OF ORIGIN INDIA ONLY (CHINA NOT ACCEPTED!). Purchase from any geographical area, quote price FOB destination ZIP code. Immediate purchase possible. Prefer to purchase smaller qty. (760 sqft) for Florida showroom first to gain experience with provider. Steps necessary: Provide written quote including freight to appropriate ZIP code. Provide payment modalities. Accept 50/50 if payment other than AMEX. Date to finalize: 06/30/2006 or earlier. Target Price: $3.45 sqft incl. freight. Feb 22 Contact 
e 19841 Indonesia: We are interested in Sintering machine VS 120/3 (second hand). Please inform me how to buy it. Tel. +62274-43.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19840 China: We need Limestone, Ugur Bej, Sirmersan Beige, Travertine Light, Travertine Cream, A Grade and Big Block in large Quantity. Please send your Offer (Quantity and Price), if you can supply. Feb 22 Contact 
e 19839 USA: I am trying to locate white granite (no salt & pepper look)..12" x 12" squares, 3/4" or 1" thickness for an outside deck..also black, thermaled. Telephone: 336-64.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19838 Egypt: We need your best prices for black galaxy and absolute black slabs. Tel: +205022..... Feb 22 Contact 
e 19835 UAE: I would like to buy wholesale ceramic in Dubai. Tel: 00971 50 28..... Feb 22 Contact 
e 19834 Canada: Kindly give the rates for absolute black tiles. Tel: 905-61..... Feb 22 Contact 
e 19833 USA: Please quote for black galaxy and absolute black slabs. Tel: 941-36.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19832 India: We want 1 container black galaxy.  Telephone: 0091-94404......Feb 22 Contact 
e 19831 Ireland: I am a builder/developer. Can you email me with details of stone in the UK or Ireland. My tel. no. is 077142.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19830 USA:  I am interested in the sandstone. Do you have pieces that are less thick than 12 inches - around 8 inches? What is the finish on the stone. I am ideally looking for something that approximates used sandstone curbing to be used for steps. Approximately, how much does each piece weigh? Telephone: 440-23.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 19829 USA: I am interested in purchasing slabs of absolute black granite for my 12 kitchen cabinets. I would like the slabs delivered fabricated with the polished cutouts. Please let me know a price per sq ft for the granite. I will purchasing about 600 sq ft. for this project and about 1200 sq ft for the next. Tel: 310-78.....  Feb 22 Contact 
e 19828 UK: Please send further information and pricing for granite tile imports. Tel: 0044 1530 2......Feb 22 Contact 
e 19827 Egypt: We need to know all your production and your best prices for marble and granite. Tel: 0039 33958.....Feb 21 Contact 
e 19826 USA: Please quote for Black Galaxy, Tel: 760.60..... Feb 21 Contact 
e 19825 USA: I need to known if you have the real Black ABSOLUTE SLABS. AND HOW MUCH COST, SLABS SIZE? Tel: 818-60.....Feb 21 Contact 
e 19824 USA: I am interested in receiving additional info about black galaxy and absolute black slabs and tiles. Tel: 203-41.....Feb 21 Contact 
e 19822 Canada: Please inform us the price of black absolute/black galaxy blocks gangsaw and block cutter. We are also have possibilities to market your slabs to potential buyers. Telephone: 1-416-38......  Feb 21 Contact 
e 19821 USA: Please quote for black absolute/black galaxy slabs and tiles. Feb 21 Contact 
e 19820 Thailand: Kindly quote us your prices for unpolished slabs and polished tiles of granite for USA market. Telephone: +661-87.....Feb 21 Contact 
e 19819 Algeria: Please send us offers and prices with list of products or catalog. Telephone: 00 213 65 2.... Feb 21 Contact 
e 19818: Need around 150 to 200m2 of 600x600x20 of African brown marble also called as chocolate limestone. Feb 21 Contact 
e 19817 USA: retail: I am looking for red granite samples. Do you ship samples to the USA or have locations in the USA that do? Telephone: 949-37.....Feb 21 Contact 
e 19816 India: We presently have an inquiry received from my customer in USA for import of Marble and Granite. The requirement is quite large and varied. The qty. is around 5-6 containers per month. Since I have a list from the customer of sizes and tolerances with a colour sheet, I could send it to you by courier. We can work out the modalities of working together once the customer agrees on our pricing and delivery. Tel:(91-11) 265..... Feb 21 Contact 
e 19815 USA: We are looking for black slate - 30 cm x 30 cm - approx 1/2" thickness, 120 to 150 sq ft. Need as soon as possible. Tel: 863-68..... Feb 21 Contact 
e 19814 USA: Retail: Do you sell slabs that are large enough to be dining tables? We are looking at Red Onyx/Multi Onyx slabs from Pakistan. We were wondering if a slab large enough. The size should be approximately 85x40 inches in length/width. We do not know how thick it should be to accommodate a slab this size. It would be for 1 dining table seating approximately 8 people, so a piece  about 85 inches long and 40 inches wide would be sufficient. Ideally, it should be a Red Onyx or Mulit Onyx colored stone. Tel: 703-98..... I live on the East Coast of the United states, so if you could also estimate the total cost from the cost of the stone to delivery. Feb 21 Contact 
e 19813 USA: Retail: We are building a house and need Travertine tiles for our master bath flooring, shower and a slab for our bathroom vanity. We would need approximately 330 square feet in 16X16 tiles and a slab approximately 7ft. X 2 ft. It would be shipping to Charlotte, NC 28203. Can you please send me a quote for the Navona Travertine in these dimensions with approx. shipping too?  Feb 21 Contact 
e 19812: Retail: I am looking for White tiger granite. I was told that it's discontinued due to insufficiency...is this true? Feb 21 Contact 
e 19811: I would like the price of Costa Esmeralda granite slab. Size 3cm, 75”x130”. Feb 21 Contact 
e 19810: I am looking for information on travertine. Feb 21 Contact 
e 19809 USA: We are a bulk landscaping supply business in PA. We are looking for a supplier of lava rock in the SE part of PA. Please reply to me at 570-73.....Feb 21 Contact 
e 19808 : Interested in your marbles and granites and we want to know the different prices and transportation from your company to my country IVORY COAST. Tel: (972) 5478..... Feb 20 Contact 
e 19807 Pakistan: We are interested 2x20' full container load Abrasives Polishing wheels, pads Universal Frankfurt polishing type5 EXTRA D-N-T-TT.  Cell: 0092-321-40..... Feb 20 Contact 
e 19806: We would like to place some items through email (Mail Order). Here are the items will needed unit prices on below: Diamond Cut Blade 12"x 10mm (Any Brand) Laser Segmented Blade 14"x 10mm (Any Brand) Aluminium Circular Saw Blades 12in (300mm), 100 teeth (Any Brand). Will want you to let us have ship to our client in Africa - lagos nigeria via DHL 2- 5 days air delivered. Account for payment is via our credit card account and let us know types of credit card you do accept.   Feb 20 Contact 
e 19805 UK: I am looking for block saws and hydraulic splitters. My quarries are located in UK. Telephone 079744.....Feb 20 Contact 
e 19804 Canada: Retail: I am interested in Travertine from Israel. I just need about 200 sq ft for one bathroom. Could you suggest a supplier in my area? Telephone: (519) 32..... Feb 20 Contact 
e 19803 USA: Retail: We are searching for Queen onyx. I need twin vessel sinks, 5' counter and two shelves and possibly step for tub.
Feb 20 Contact 
e 19802 Canada: Looking for Caterpiller 950B Wheel Loader. Tel: 905-46.....Feb 20 Contact 
e 19800 Ukraine: We work in the field of import natural stones (marble and granite) in Ukraine, Georgia and in Russia. We have business contacts with many foreign companies like from India, Greece, Turkey, Belgium. But the main our suppliers are companies from Italy and China. And now we need in expansion of market of suppliers. We need in tiles black color (another name it’s Labradors ) like – Absolute Black, Shanxi Black and African Black. I know these kinds of granite are quiet expensive, please offer us something like them but not so expensive. Please inform me about prices for the tiles in following sizes with all sides polished. All tiles should be with right angles and sides, but in different size. Besides it we routinely buy tiles and Slabs. 
So, please inform us about Prices for following granites more: 
G 603 (color light grey) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol;
Tiger Skin (color bright yellow only!!!) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol;
Chinese Green (color green) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol;
Pearl white (color white) Tiles 600x600x20pol, Slabs 30mm and 20mm pol; 
Feb 20 Contact 
e 19799 USA: We need for a project the following materials and quantities: 
Polished slabs 3/4" 
1) Bianco Calaccata 3,500 sqft
2) Errika Red 10,000 sqft
3) Giallo Veneziano 3,850 sqft
4) Blue Pearl GT 4,500 sqft 
Please quote FOB. Tel:+1(630) 59..... Feb 20 Contact 
e 19798 Pakistan: I want to buy auto polisher and monoblock cutters. Send me prices of new and old machines. Tel: 922182..... Feb 20 Contact 
e 19797 UAE: I am an interior designer and would like brochures about stones available. Feb 20 Contact 
e 19796: I am interested in Blue Bahia slabs. How many bundles do you have available and what is your quote? Are there any cracks? Feb 20 Contact 
e 19795 Jordan: We are interested in the 950B units and in the 920 excavators. Kindly send us best prices FOB Port with full details and pics. tel: 009627964..... Feb 19 Contact 
e 19794 Jordan: Please quote for CAT 980C excavator as displayed in ready stock 560. Feb 19 Contact 
e 19793 Pakistan: Interested in used gangsaw and block cutter for marble. Telephone: 92 21 63.....Feb 19 Contact 
e 19792 Australia: I would like some prices on Philippine Marble of which you have 12 different types on www.findstone.com site. The sizes I am looking for is 40x40inch (400x400mm), polished and calibrated. Please price in sqm. I will buy by container load. I have a couple of major projects coming up and I need some polished marble and thought I should try a new contact. I have been to the Philippines a few times and have a very good knowledge of the marbles. I have had a few different quotes from different countries and I look forward to seeing yours. Tel no.: 61 4320.....Feb 19 Contact 
e 19791 South Africa: Would like to purchase large quantities of travertine from Turkey or from where ever we can get good quality tiles at very competitive rates. We also are in need of samples of which we will pay for. Feb 19 Contact 
e 19790 Russia: We want to buy marble tiles "Crema Marfil" 30.5x30.5x1cm, polished 500m2. Tel: +7-495-72.....Feb 19 Contact 
e 19789 UK: Retail: Need 3.5m2 of 1cm random brick effect verona carrara white wall tiles. Phone number 01324 8.....Feb 18 Contact 
e 19788 NIGERIA: WE WANT TO PURCHASE (115mm (22mm Bore) Diamond Cutting Disc, QUANTITIES OF 300PCS. PLEASE LET US HAVE THE QUOTE OF THE GOODS PLUS SHIPPING COST (AIR FREIGHT). Phone:(978)74......Feb 18 Contact 
e 19787 Canada: Do you also have smaller, 3-5 inches stones that can be used for massage therapy? Tel: 416-48.....Feb 18 Contact 
e 19786 USA: I am looking to import marble and granite almost 80000 sqft for flooring in Michigan. Tel: 248-35.....Feb 17 Contact 
e 19785 Bangladesh: I want to Buy pumice stone, Five 40 ft container in a month. Now I am consuming 5000-6000 bags. Please send price including CIF Chittagong port. Telephone: 8801543.....Feb 17 Contact 
e 19784 Bahrain: Please send your fob rate for all types of river pebbles. We look for 1'' , polished black & white polished pebbles 2'' to 3'' and 3'' to 5'' river pebbles black, white color, requirement is 24 ton. TEL. +973 17 2.....Feb 17 Contact 
e 19783 India: We need approximately 8000 sqm of 20mm thick Crystal White Statuario in New Delhi. Tel: +9198714..... Feb 17 Contact 
e 19781 USA: I was looking for some 3” stone eggs in various bright colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, purple. I wanted to know what I could do to purchase some. Could you please send me some information regarding eggs and the process of how to purchase? Cell: 714-27.....Feb 17 Contact 
e 19780 USA: I am an interior designer. Email me relevant information on Antique Massangis Jaune and Cancun Granite. We would need 9 slabs of the Cancun Granite. Tel: 480-99.....Feb 17 Contact 
e 19779 USA: I am interested in buying 1 container of Imperial Coffee 3 cm, how long would it take for me to receive in Tampa Florida US? 
Call me at (813) 23......Feb 17 Contact 
e 19778 USA: I am looking for pyrite for a mosaic project that I am doing. Feb 16 Contact 
e 19777 South Africa: Please forward price lists for sandstone and granite tiles. Tel: +27 31-76.....Feb 16 Contact 
e 19775 Italy: Please quote for bridge cutter as displayed in ready stock 353. The machine will be installed in the USA or in South AFRICA. Tel: +39-0444-6..... Feb 16 Contact 
e 19774 USA: Please quote for Beaumaniere limestone. Feb 16 Contact 
e 19773 Australia: Please quote for galala marble to Australia, i need the price CIF. NO c & f. Feb 16 Contact 
e 19772 USA: I am seeking granite, onyx commercial and exotic. I am also seeking limestone for roads and infrastructure. Tel: 851-21.....Feb 16 Contact 
e 19771 Senegal: Please could you give me the price CAT 966C  and what about the price to send it to Dakar's harbour (SENEGAL)? Tel: 
00 221 65.....Feb 16 Contact 
e 19770 USA: I am looking for 6500 sq. ft. of classic Beaumaniere limestone 18" x 18". Feb 16 Contact 
e 19769 USA: I am in search of a supplier for bull nose coping stone for swimming pool use. Please contact me 615-48.....Feb 16 Contact  
e 19768 USA: Please quote for Lavras Green tile 12" x 12" x 10mm / Lavras Green slabs 20 mm (3/4") slabs. Is Lavras Green the same as Verde Lavras? I need enough to fill one container with both slabs and tile. I am in Texas. Tel: (956)63.....Feb 16 Contact  
e 19767: please quote for Terzago Machines as displayed in ready stock 383. Tel: +44 2392 6.....Feb 15 Contact  
e 19766 UK: Please quote for Galeski 3000 machine. Tel: +44 2392 6.....Feb 15 Contact  
e 19765 Italy: Please send us your best offer for sand stone Beige or light yellow colour. We need hand dressed blocks size cm 40x40x40
quantity about 400 sqm. Please give price by pcs quantity per fcl. Phone/fax 0039 011 78.3....Feb 15 Contact  
e 19763 USA: Retail: I want to buy some Azul Aran granite 2cm slab and 3cm slab, Azul Platino granite 2cm slab and 3cm slabs. Phone number 425-82.....Quantity estimate is 2-3 granite slab,  size 100 in x 56 in. Feb 15 Contact  
e 19762 USA: I would like to find out how much it will cost per slab of Valenzano Granite and for Santa Cecillia Granite. Do you have this in stock? What is the cost of delivery to LA? Call me (951) 75.....Feb 15 Contact  
e 19761 UK: Please provide your best price and delivery for Kashimir white Tiles 400x400 , verde butterfly and any other exotic colours you have. Quantity is 1000 sqm monthly consignment for a long term supply. If you are interested then send priced quotation with some photographs. Mobile:+4478627.....Feb 15 Contact  
e 19760 USA: I am looking for a finished pedestal base and stone table top, and other finished products delivered to job site in California. Need is immediate. Material type is open. Cell 818 64.....Feb 15 Contact  
e 19759 Portugal: Looking for a supplier of Crema Luna, bulk stone about 30 mm to 120 mm for grinding. May need about 150-200 tons monthly. Feb 14 Contact
e 19758 USA: Retail: Looking for arbour stone puma skin slabs. Feb 14 Contact
e 19757 USA: Interested in seeing some pictures of boulders you have as well as sizes available. Phone 630.79.....Feb 14 Contact
e 19756 USA: Retail: I need 2-3 slabs of 3cm Blue Cobalt granite. Ph: 704-33.....Feb 14 Contact
e 19755 USA: Retail: I am looking at a granite called Seaweed Green sometimes referred to as Pocono Grre. telephone 626 44.....Feb 14 Contact
e 19754 USA: I am looking for natural stone tile for a picture mosaic. Any type of natural stone tile, in any size or finish is acceptable. Chipped or broken tiles are acceptable, color is my primary concern. I would like 1 to 3 square feet of each of these colors, (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and black). Tel: 763-85.....Feb 14 Contact
e 19753 UK: I am trying to source French stone roofing tiles. I am looking for approx 40 tonne which should be 40 pallets, and the colour is cream / orange. Feb 14 Contact
e 19752 Indonesia: I would like to inquire for 7000 m2 tumble stone, 100mmx 100mm , Banswara white - tumble stone from India for our commercial project. Please quote to us CNF Jakarta - Indonesia. Please call my direct line : 62 21 25.....Feb 14 Contact
e 19751 USA: Retail: Do you know where I could get slabs of "Silver Quartzite" within the USA, preferably. It would be approximately 4 to 5 slabs. I would like great quality silver quartzite, without the speckles and bad veins. It is for a contemporary kitchen counter top and service area. Feb 14 Contact
e 19750 USA: I was wondering if you could send me what type of granite slabs you have and the price and color of them. Tel: 315-43.....Feb 14 Contact
e 19749 USA: Please quote for a waterjet machine as displayed in ready stock 373. Feb 13 Contact
e 19748 PORTUGAL: Need supplier for white thassos granulates about 1mm -2mm. Quantities may be about 100 tons monthly. Feb 13 Contact 
e 19747 Germany: Please quote for Rosa Portugal Salmone, 30 ea. sawed natural stone elements in the masses need: 20 x 20 x 30 cm. Further we need a sample. Tel: +49 30 308......Feb 13 Contact  
e 19746 Saudi Arabia: We are a contracting comp. located in Jeddah, KSA and we have a project in hand where Saudi bianco granite is specified by the consultant. The quantity needed is: 
size 40*40*2 (cm) 15,000m2
125*33*3 (cm) 800 l.m.
125*12*2 (cm) 400 l.m.Fe
Kindly do your best prices to quote your best prices for this item or equivalent for both class A and class B types. TEL:0099266.....Feb 13 Contact  
e 19745: We are interested in getting prices for Slate stones of various types e.g. copper, turquoise etc. colors. Tel: +92 300 85.....Feb 13 Contact  
e 19743 USA: I am interested in buying cobble stones for use in the car parking area and garden. Please let me know what my options are with prices. I would prefer a catalogue or a description by email. Please also let me know where your office is so that I can make a personal visit too. Tel: 939 20..... Feb 13 Contact
e 19742 Sri Lanka: We are one of the leading apartment builders in the capital of Sri Lanka decided to use the famous Italian tiles for our apartments. Please forward the available tiles details. Feb 13 Contact
e 19741 USA: I am looking for 130 squares of roofing slate. Looking for multi-colored pieces. The amount of roofing slate is 130 squares. The color is called multi-color. Contact # 678-46..... Feb 13 Contact
e 19740 Vietnam: We want to buy a secondhand bridge cutting machine from the USA, Italy or Germany. Please sent us picture and quotation. Tel : 84-8-40.....Feb 13 Contact
e 19739 New Zealand: Flooring slate 16” x 16”, required 80m2, Not chamfered, Colour: rusty red or copper or gold, Shipping: FOB Chennai. 
Stage in buying process: ready to buy after on-site inspection, Date to finalize purchase: 17 March in Chennai. Please send a quote for above 
colours available and pictures if possible, shipping cost Chennai to Nelson (or Lyttleton), New Zealand. Phone: 64 3 54......Feb 13 Contact
e 19738: I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW MUCH CARARRA or THASSOS 305 x 305 COST?  Feb 13 Contact
e 19737 USA: Looking for stencils for headstones and pet grave markers. Tele. 918 63.....Feb 13 Contact
e 19736: I am very interested about the machine CAT 966C model 1971. Tel. 004670734......Feb 12 Contact
e 19735 Qatar: Can you give your best prices for white thassos 2 cm slabs. Our qty is 850 m2 and how many days take for delivery. Tel:(0974) 44.....Feb 12 Contact
e 19734 USA: I need about 500 pieces of pink-granite cobblestone… please respond with product details and FOB (Richmond, VA). Tel: 804-83.....Feb 12 Contact
e 19733 USA: Please quote for granite slabs and marble as displayed in pricelist 435. Feb 12 Contact
e 19732 USA Retail: I have selected and plan to purchase 3 slabs of granite. I had a sample honed and definitely want the slabs honed for the effect achieved. Where can I get it done in California and what should I expect to pay? You may reach me at 559-22.....Feb 12 Contact
e 19731 Fiji: I have a project coming up in Fiji which requires wet sand to be moved around. Can you tell me the width of the tracks on the Cat. D5HLGP excavator? Do you approx. shipping costs to Fiji, Suva? Do you have other info on this piece of equipment. Units weight? etc. May require further depending what happens with project. My phone is 905-85.....Feb 12 Contact
e 19730: Please quote for a bridge cutting machine for marble. Feb 12 Contact
e 19729: Please provide more details and pricing on your Breton CNC as per stock 302. Feb 12 Contact
e 19728 UK: We are investigating the import of granite slabs to further enhance an expanding side of the business in kitchen counter tops. We are now collating all quotations and terms from prospective suppliers for a specific request of quantity and colour of granite. We feel that the colours listed below would best suit our immediate requirements and would therefore request a quotation for the following size and quantities:
'Absolute Black' 30 pieces of 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 5 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Black Galaxy' 30 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 5 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Black Pearl' 12 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 2 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Blue Pearl' 12 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 2 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
'Kashmir White' 21 " 2.5 x 640 x 30mm 
" 4 " 2.5 x 640 x 20mm 
" 1 " 2.5 x 800 x 30mm * special customer requirement*
Total order 124 pieces
** All pieces to have one surface polished and all edges sawn**
Please quote price for above to include CIF PORT UK 
Requested UK PORT to be either SOUTHAMPTON or BRISTOL in that order.
Please quote price in Sq.meters and 'per piece'
Please list your 'Terms and Conditions,' quality guarantee and payment requirements
Tel: 0044 7970 5......Feb 12 Contact
e 19727 Canada: Please quote for a bridge cutter as displayed in stock 353.  Ph: (613) 83.....Feb 11 Contact
e 19726 Indonesia: We are interesting in sintering machine. Tel. +62274-43.....Feb 11 Contact
e 19725 USA: I need to find a supplier of custom sandstone blocks in the Eastern US. P - 617 26.....Feb 11 Contact
e 19724 Tunisia: We are searching for diamond tool manufacturers for cutting marble. Feb 11 Contact
e 19723 Iraq: We are a trading co. specialized in granite and marble in Iraq would like you to give us your price list of the following granite and marble : 
1- flooring 30 x 30 x 2 cm. polished white and other colours
2- steps 30 cm width , 1.2 m length bevelled and polished with 3 cm. thick
3- rizers 10 cm height ,2 cm. thick
4- skirtings 7 cm height ,1.6 or 2 cm. thick 
Note the above items for both worked granite and marble and also for real granite and marble. Tel. no. + 964 770 17.....Feb 11 Contact
e 19722: USA: Retail: I am looking for a stone called sunset beach. Feb 11 Contact
e 19721 USA: Retail: I am looking for 50 ft2 of 15cm x 15cm x 2cm honed marble tile for a bathroom floor. I would like the marble to have "movement" in it such as the various so-called cloudy types as Volos Cloudy Pink or San Marina Cloudy or Pillion Pink but want to see other tiles as well that would go well with Blue Bahia granite tile. I am located in Minneapolis Minnesota. My telephone number is 612 37..... I am prepared to buy right away from whatever source. Feb 11 Contact
* Wheel Loader Kawasaki KLD70-II, KLD80-II & KLD85-II
* Excavator Hitachi EX-200-I
* Crane KATO / TADANO 35, 40, 45 & 50 TONS
* Rough Terrain / Truck Type 
e 19719 USA: We require about 1000 sqm of a light colored, durable marble to be installed in guest bathrooms (from ceiling to floor) with approximately 200 sq meters of colored material for master bath suites and accents. Order to be placed within the next 60 days. We will require a small sample of each material selected with delivery information to the port of Bordeaux, France. Please quote in euros/delivered. Phone 305 8......Feb 10 Contact
e 19718 USA: I found Supplier sp0926-us on your web site as the only one listing burlwood sandstone. I have an immediate need for slabs of this for a small kitchen counter top. I will need slabs sufficient to cover: the following counter tops, including a butterflied 8" back splash: 
5' x 3'
5' x 3' 6"
7' 6" x 3'
7' x 3'
7' x 3' 6"
2' x 8"
dimensions approximate. Feb 10 Contact
e 19717 Canada: We are looking at a project to replace stair treads in a building in Toronto. The best match I have seen so far is Brazilian Slate in a burgundy colour. The treads are in two sizes: 101 " x 13" x 1.5" 30 pcs /  76" x 13" x 1.5" 18 pcs. There is a bull nose on three edges, natural cleft tread. My understanding is that the 101" long tread will have to be supplied in two pieces. We are in the final development stage of the project with the client who wishes to begin this spring. My phone number is: 416-46.....Feb 10 Contact
e 19716 Ireland: Please quote for ANTIQUE STONE MOULDING AS DISPLAYED IN PRICELIST 1134. Feb 10 Contact
e 19715 South Africa: I am very interested in all the porcelaine products as well as travertine. Tel: +278255.....Feb 10 Contact
e 19714 Iran: We are interested in purchasing 1250 sqm of Indian Jhansi Red , size 150x90, 3thick tiles. Please can you contact us with your best price per square meter and also include a further price for shipping FOB to Iran habour. Also please provide me with a quote for these two requests. Please inform me of the exact quantity in a container. If you have shipping costs available, it would be highly appreciated. At least I need the price to FOB at the port in Iran habour. I am looking to complete the purchase within 3 months. tel: 009821880.....Feb 10 Contact 
e 19713 Lebanon: You are kindly asked to quote your best competitive prices on C&F Doha-Qatar for the Indian Juparana Granite picture for 80*80*2.5cm or 80*100*2.5cm / Polished. (Quantity needed approx. 8,000 M2). Tel:+961-1-3.....Feb 10 Contact 
e 19712 India: We required PRICE LIST of Indian granite, Indian marble slabs & tiles, Indian slate and Indian sand stone. Telephone: +91 9829..... Feb 10 Contact 
e 19711 USA: I need to find and buy 12x12 polished Gauguin granite tiles. (The green/verde version) I need approx. 30 sq.ft.. I need them ASAP. Where can I buy them? Tel: 510-86.....  Feb 10 Contact 
e 19710 UK: Please could you forward me information and availability with regard to your Chain Saw Cutting Machine. Telephone: 01969 6..... Feb 10 Contact 
e 19709 New Zealand: Need urgently granite information of  silestone. The quantity approx 350sqm. Mob: 021 6.....Feb 10 Contact 
e 19708 Morocco: I want to import of the cream marble crema in squares and polished sections of  rough granite. Telephone: 212 61 4..... Feb 10 Contact 
e 19707 Morocco: Looking for suppliers of Portuguese granites. Tel: 00 212 61 1.....Feb 10 Contact 
e 19706 USA: I am looking for a supplier in the USA that sells this loose black pebbles around 1-1.5 cm. We need it within the next 1 1/2. Tel; 916-98.....Feb 10 Contact 
e 19705 USA: Retail: I am very interested in using Ammerello for my fireplace. It is under Brazil Granites in findstone.com. Its orange and yellow with a lot of movement in it. I need 2 slabs. Tel: 917-47.....Feb 10 Contact 
e 19704 Russia: Our company is interesting to buy the jerusalem stone. We are interesting on FOB prices on different kinds of jerusalem stone which we can use outside with winter temperatures till - 27 degrees. Feb 10 Contact 
e 19703 UK: We are a Luxury Holiday Home manufacturer based in the UK and are looking for a company to act in supplying us large quantities of Granite for Kitchen Worktops and for Kitchen and Bathroom floor tiles. Our contact number is 0044 7875 0..... Feb 10 Contact 
e 19702 USA: We are trying to local a supplier who has 20-30 silica sand in orlando fl. We need 500 to 600 50 lbs bags. You can reach me at 407-48..... Feb 9 Contact 
e 19701 USA: I am an architect looking for a honed or flamed Granite green-black, close to a Burlington-slate stone in color. I would like to know how to get more information about samples and pricing. One of the projects we like to use the dark green-black stone is a Plaza remodel and we are thinking of using it in outdoor planters (approx. 2500 ~ 3000 sf). This particular project is moving along very fast and we need to make a decision fast. Please let me know if you can provide more information and samples. We would need know the availability of the stones as thin-set and architectural stone. Direct 310.55.....Feb 9 Contact 
e 19700 USA Retail: Email me relevant information for backyard use of flagstones….area is approx. 20 x 30 ft. Feb 9 Contact
e 19699 Italy: Please send your best offer for roofing Roofing slate “Rust”
- Size : cm 52x42 and cm 52x27
- Thickness: 8/12 mm (or similar)
- Quantity : one container 20’
Please let us know how many sq.meter in one FCL 20’, Delivery time, Payment Terms. tel. : +39 - 011 - 195......Feb 9 Contact
e 19698 USA: We are looking for solid black marble with no veins. Do you have it?  Feb 9 Contact
e 19697 Russia: We asks you to consider an opportunity of manufacturing and delivery to Moscow:
1. Granite "Imperial White", the size 800х800х20 mm. In quantity of 9000 m.
2. Granite "Absolute Black", the size 1000х600х30 mm. In quantity of 1000 m.
Specify, please, the prices and term of delivery up to Moscow. Tel: +7(495) 10..... Feb 9 Contact
e 19696 UK: Please can you contact me regarding  CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE as displayed in readystock 392. We are interested in purchasing it. Tel + 44 1969 6.....Feb 9 Contact
e 19695: I am trying to find out where I can purchase polished basalt in a 19x17x2” pieces for anti vibration for sensitive equipment? Feb 9 Contact
e 19694 Macedonia: We are interested in black granite. WE ARE INTERESTED IN THE GRANITE SHANXI BLACK AND OTHER GRANITES IN THE
220x30x2 one side polished - G012 40pcs
96x30x2 one side polished - G012 40pcs
224x14x3 one side polished - G012 20pcs
76x14x3 one side polished - G012 20pcs
100x30x3 one side polished - G012 20pcs
76x14x2 one side polished - G012 20pcs
224x14x2 one side polished - G012 20pcs
185x85x3 one side polished - G012 10pcs
194x104x3 one side polished - G012 10pcs
104x30x3 one side polished - G012 20pcs
70x12x10 four sides polished - G012 20pcs
100x70x6 two sides polished - G012 10pcs
90x60x6 two sides polished - G012 10pcs
100x30x3 one side polished - G012 10pcs 
200x60x2 one side polished - G503 90pcs
230x70x2 one side polished - G503 50pcs
30,5x30,5x1 one side polished - G503 750pcs
200x60x2 one side polished - G562 30pcs
200x60x2 one side polished - G646 30pcs
200x60x2 one side polished - Rosy Cloud 30pcs
30,5x30,5x1 one side polished - Leopard Skin 250pcs
200x60x2 one side polished - G603 30pcs
200x60x2 one side polished - G682 30pcs
200x60x2 one side polished - Tianshan Red 30pcs
Tel: 00389472..... Feb 9 Contact
e 19693 USA: Retail: I am in Dallas Tx and wish to do my kitchen counter tops in the iguana green granite 3cm and cannot find any supplier that has it. Feb 9 Contact
e 19692 USA: Please send me information on how much your rockwell white granite would cost. I would also like to know if you have any other contacting methods beside e-mail. Please contact me at 610-20.....Feb 9 Contact
e 19690 USA retail: I am looking for Crema Bordeaux. I like the lighter version with the pink/cream/grayish colors in the stone. I live about an hour from Sacramento so I could easily drive there if it would mean I could find the color of granite that I really want. phone 925-84.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19689: I want know more about the marble block cutter. Feb 8 Contact
e 19688 Costa Rica: We are looking for floor tiles of Thasos White and Calacata Arni, 60 x 60 x 2 cm or 50 x 50 x 2 cm. What’s the price Port FOB? And time for dispatch? Conditions of payment? I need 450sqr Meters on tiles and 100 Sqr Meters on Slabs of Thasos White or Calacata Arni. I need pictures of the product too. By the way I need material from Pakistan named Indus gold on slabs polished (200 Sqr Meters Aprox), could you help me with this too? My Telephone number is (506) 23.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19687: We are developing an inhabited island on the Caribbean region. The construction will start next year but in the mean time we are going to decide for the various suppliers. We require lots of stone, including marble, granite, alabaster, basalt, slate and travertine. Tel: +1 646 41.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19686 SAUDI ARABIA: Please offer us the the price for 14 GO motor grader and 950 and 920 wheel loader . TEL: +9661 24.....
Feb 8 Contact
e 19685 Australia: Could you please send me some details on the wire saw as displayed in Ready Stock 395. Feb 8 Contact
e 19684 Turkey: Our Company is in Europe continent and make its activities at Turkey, exporting much than 300 containers every year from Spain, Brazil, India and China. Because of our European clients requests, we enjoy the marketing of porcelain, granite and ceramics with our 15 years experience in import-export and marketing. Our target is to sell much than 1.000.000 m2 of Porcelain Tiles products per a year. Our company policy which is to present our customers the best quality to the best price, make us successful in our sector. To make our success continue in Porcelain Tiles sector we would like to have a meeting with you in 7 days. Please send us your product prices that listed below:  
POLISHED AND UNPOLISHED PORCELAIN TILE for: colors: WHITE, DIRTY WHITE, BEIGE, OPEN Beige, grey, Open grey in sizes: 300x300, 400 x 400, 500 x 500, 600 x 600, 800 x 800, 1000 x 1000. Tel:+90(324) 32.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19683: We are looking for a refurbished granite gangsaw & multi head polisher for granite & sintering machine. mobile 0091 98290.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19682 Malaysia: I would like to have Jura Beige stone from Germany in the following specification: 
400x400x15mm - 1,800m2
600x600x20mm - 1,000m2 
20mm thich CTS - 950m2
All are the Honed finishes. Please let us know the Price (FOB of CIF Japan), Delivery time etc. Feb 8 Contact
e 19681 ITALY: WOULD YOU KINDLY GIVE US YOUR UNIT PRICE FOR ROUGH SURFACE GRANITE, bright grey, 300x300x30 mm to be used for outdoor paving of an Hospital in Libya. A sample is required, but at first pls send a picture by e-mail. TEL +39-011-57......Feb 8 Contact
e 19680 Germany: Please quote for Crema Marfil as per readystock 432. Tel: 0049-170-90.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19679 Ireland: Please quote for a waterjet machine as displayed in readystock 373. Phone: 0506 .....Feb 8 Contact
e 19678 Bangladesh: We are manufacturer, exporter, importer and indentor. We are member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of standing committee of this Chamber. We are interested to import Edessa Multicolour Marble (multicolour marble) from your company. If you agree send us price list immediate. Tel : 88-02-95.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19677: Email me relevant information for Azul King, and Crystal black granite. Feb 8 Contact
e 19676 USA: Retail: Interested in purchasing 35 Sq.ft. of Sodalite blue granite for counter top. Polish and edges finished. Do you have this product in supply? tel. no. is 914-26......Feb 8 Contact
e 19675 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Travertine Alexandria. Qty. is 4500 sq. ft. Tel: 702-28.....Feb 8 Contact
e 19674 USA: I am a general contractor. I will be completing a plaza restoration project. I have an elevated plaza that is 30,000-40,000 square feet. We will be removing the existing Red Carmen Granite and replacing it. Cell: 714-71.....Feb 7 Contact
e 19673 UK: Could you please quote me for the cost to purchase and ship 'Light Grey' granite slabs to fit an area of 12 feet x 10 feet. Feb 7 Contact
e 19672 USA: Please advise price shipping etc. on ready stock #267. This granite table saw would be used in our shop for cutting ceramics.  Phone 708-84.....Feb 7 Contact
e 19671 South Africa: Please send prices on beige travertine tiles and how many fit in 20 foot container FOB? Feb 7 Contact
e 19670 Pakistan: We are interested in Hitachi EX-100-WD. Ph 0092 81 24.....Feb 7 Contact
e 19669 USA: Looking for some old architectural granite. Tel: 207-96.....Feb 7 Contact 
e 19668 USA: Do you have any rainforest brown? I am in Amarillo, TX. Feb 7 Contact 
e 19667 Albania: We are the biggest importers of marbles in Albania and are interested in collaborate with your Company if you can send us competitive offer price and your last trade catalogue in our address. Please indicate too, terms of payment and minimum quantity order. Terms price: EXW or CF Brindisi (Port of Italy) or CF Durres (Port of Albania). Tel: +355 69 22.....Feb 6 Contact 
e 19666 Canada: We are building a new house near Vancouver BC. Looking for a supplier/installer of limestone facades in our area. We are building a house that is approx. 4300 square feet. So, I am not sure how much limestone would be needed for a limestone facade--a fair amount, I would think. Tel # 604-85.....Feb 6 Contact 
e 19665 France: I require 100m2 of Beige Limestone flags any size for a living room and kitchen. I would like to receive information on price and delivery and samples of the stone or where I can see it. If possible a pic by email would be a good starting point. Tel: 00 33 (0)553 3......Feb 6 Contact 
e 19664 UAE: We request you to kindly quote your best supply price for the following material at the earliest with delivery time. 
Crema marfil 400 x 400 x 20mm 1st choice- 18000m2
Crema Marfil 2cm slab 1st choice - 5000m2
Emperador light 2cm Slab -11000m2
Emperador dark 2cm slab - 1500m2
Rosa Verona 2cm slab - 300m2
PH NO +971434.....Feb 6 Contact 
e 19663 Australia: I am looking for river stones to cover an area of around 100 sqm. Can you estimate what square metre coverage one 25kg bag of your 20-33 mm pebbles would achieve? Do you have a picture of the pebbles? What would delivery costs be? I am in Albany in WA. Mobile: +61 439 9.....Feb 6 Contact 
e 19662 USA: Retail: Need 250 sq feet of forest green marble in 12x12 or 18x18 inch tiles. Feb 6 Contact 
e 19661 USA: Retail: I am searching for 2 slabs for my fireplace project. I specifically like a color I saw on findstone.com. The color is called Amerello, it is under Brazil, Granites. It looks like flames from a hot rod with movement. I have tried to locate this specific color with no luck. I would like to purchase and start my project as soon as possible. Tel: 718-94.....Feb 6 Contact 
e 19660 Canada: Please quote for earthmoving machines as displayed in ready stock 575. Tel: 905-46.....Feb 5 Contact 
e 19659 South Africa: We are developing eight luxury homes in Johannesburg, South Africa. The houses are to have slate roves (green). The total quantity is about 6000m². Could you please supply us with a price per m² (FOB to Durban Harbour South Africa) for Green Roof Slates (with the different size and styles). The following Information: 
How many tiles in one m² 
How many m² in a standard shipping container 
Your payment terms.  Feb 5 Contact 
e 19658 Italy: We are interested in buying wholesale lots of interesting stonework artifacts. These can be of good reproduction quality....eg, amphoras, lions, bas relief etc. Medium to large stonework in terracotta / marble / etc.  Mobile 34964.....Feb 5 Contact 
e 19657 Jordan: Please quote for a GRADER 14G. tel: 009627964.....Feb 5 Contact 
e 19656 Iran: We are looking for to buy a rough terrain mobile crane for one our projects appropriate for loading/unloading of our equipment at site. The largest dimension of our loads is diameter=5500 mm and height=1675 mm. The heaviest load is 47 ton. The crane shall be in good condition and not very old. Tel: +98 21 888.....Feb 5 Contact 
e 19655 Canada: I am looking for a single, 1/2 ton block of fine, white, Egyptian limestone and a single 2-ton block of red, Aswan granite. Please quote price delivered to address in Canada. Telephone: 416-81.....Feb 5 Contact 
e 19654 USA: I am builder and developer in Michigan USA. I am looking to buy marble tiles and granite counter tops in cut, finished and polished. Please send me info regarding prices, sizes available and time frame to delivery in Michigan. Feb 5 Contact 
e 19653 Russia: We are interested to by different machines to processing of granite. Please, send us yours catalogs and price lists for your production. Tel: 7 351 77.....Feb 5 Contact 
e 19652 USA: I am interested in to buy 2 slabs of black galaxy granite of 3cm, and 1 of 2cm same color for the same price on the list, and in Miami, Fl. Feb 4 Contact
e 19651 Palestine: We saw your products of Granite. Kindly send us the list of prices and all description about in as soon as possible. Mobile: 05992.....Feb 4 Contact
e 19650 UAE: We are interested in ROUGH TERRAIN KATO KR25H3L / KATO KR45HV-S CRANE.  Feb 4 Contact
e 19649 Bahrain: We are looking for a material from Brazil. The name of the materials is veniatino gold. Medium shade with brown and yellow in it. Kindly send us the slabs images of 2cm slabs. Once the material is ok as per image we will send you enquiry officially, tentative the quantity is 6,000 m2 of 2cm slabs.  Feb 4 Contact
e 19648 Philippines: Looking for a supplier of Bakuhanseki and Taichoseki stones. We want to use these stones in water filters to energize the water for health. Bakuhanseki and Taichoseki stones in the natural colors as long as they do the job of energizing water. The quantities is around 200 - 300 kilos a month initially, increasing when our product is well accepted. tel # 632-88.....Feb 4 Contact
e 19647 Turkey: I need Spanish granites. Please quote for slabs. Tel: 009032243..... Feb 4 Contact
e 19646 USA: I would be interested in black granite for a job in North Carolina. I need samples of flame finish. Telephone 252 93.....Feb 4 Contact
e 19645 USA: As per the attached picture, do you have access to soloman pink granite? Our telephone # is 415-45......We just want 1 die and 1 base or pieces to make them. Feb 3 Contact
e 19644  USA: We are looking for 3 x 25 ton used cranes, please advise if you have access to this equipment. Tel: 770 95.....Feb 3 Contact
e 19643 USA: I am interested in pricing slab size granite counter tops for shipment to the U.S.A. All types of stone that can be used for counter tops in 2 foot by 8 foot lengths. Feb 3 Contact
e 19642 USA: I am a wholeseller located in Jersey City, NJ looking for 5000 sq feet of Summer Yellow/ Ivory Brown. please contact us if in stock. Phone number: 201-48.....Feb 3 Contact
e 19641 USA: We are coming to India next month and are interested in 30 containers of granite slabs. We are not looking for perfect, we want to come to some quarries and get there "seconds". Cell 404-79..... Feb 3 Contact
e 19640 France: Looking for earthmoving machines like CATERPILLAR 325, CATERPILLAR D7H, CATERPILLAR 973, JOHN DEERE 670. Tel: 00.33 (0)3 23 0.....Feb 3 Contact
e 19638: Please quote for Waterjet M/C. Direct Tel. 01745 5.....Feb 3 Contact
e 19637: Please send price for marble polishing line + bridge miling machine. Feb 3 Contact
e 19636 USA: Retail: I need to insert accent pieces of Santa Cecelia, 2” x 2”. (100 count), Kitchen floor.  Feb 3 Contact
e 19635 UK: Looking for a chain saw as displayed in ready stock 392.  Feb 3 Contact
e 19634 USA: Retail: I am looking for a thassos white glass countertop slab at least 96 x 66. It appears to be thassos white natural stone but it's actually man made glass. You can contact me at 213 89.....Feb 3 Contact
e 19633 USA: I am looking to purchase a Small Serpentine Green Stone Memorial and base. All Polished Sides. Size should be approximately:
7-8" thick 36" Long 16-18" High. Also: Base 42" Long 12" wide. Telephone 1-717-44.....Feb 2 Contact
e 19632 France: I am interested in buying One unit used Komatsu D155A-1, EROPS Cabin, Straight Blade and 4 piston single shank ripper. U/C 98% in very good working condition. Feb 2 Contact
e 19631: Please quote for Kirkstone green. I need 24” square 3” thick with 18” square recess cut to a depth of 5mm in middle of face. An alternative stone could be used. My client has asked for “green stone” or “chert” neither of which I have ever heard of, or worked with. I am there for searching for a non-granite fairly durable stone with a green tinge to it. Tel: 07736 1.....Feb 2 Contact
e 19630 Australia: Require availability of all granite and marble products from India. Also need prices. I am entering the Australian market. Telephone: mobile 04132.....Feb 2 Contact
e 19629 Macedonia: We are interesting in buying granite slabs of 1, 2, 3 cm with dimensions example 3m x 2m etc. We also need 1cm 30,5 x 30,5, 60 x 40, 60 x 30 cm. You can to contact with me on phone 00389314.....Feb 2 Contact
e 19628 Pakistan: We need Pure White Onyx in the slab size 600x600x20mm on urgent basis. Can you supply us? We will be needing it by by Iran Pakistan Border and we need the samples to look at. Tel: 0092-42-75..... Feb 2 Contact
e 19627 SAUDI Arabia: We will start on the construction of a new branch, as soon as we can have a supply of Ivory brown Granite for it's flooring, the same materials we used in our shops. Please send price quotations ASAP. Tel: +9661 22 .....  Feb 2 Contact
e 19626 Ukraine: I would like to know further information about your products. Our company is interested in buying marble / granite slabs and tiles with thickness 2-3 cm. Please could you send us photos and conditions of delivery to Ukraine. Our tel./fax: (06232).....Feb 2 Contact 
e 19625 USA: Retail:  I need 1 slab 3cm thick blue eyes granite polished for bathroom countertop and trim. Seller should state size of available slab. Largest dimension of countertop is 73 x 27 inches, so I might be able to use partial slabs that would make this and other pieces. I will travel within about 100 miles of Boston to pick up the slab. A am ready to buy, would like to have stone within one month. I am going to fabricate locally with a small shop. Tel: 781-25.....Feb 2 Contact 
e 19624 USA: We are a granite fabrication company in WY. We are looking into buying a new bridge saw. Feb 2 Contact 
e 19623 USA: I am interested in 3"x3"x2" black marble bases, holes drilled also. Tel: 770-39.....Feb 2 Contact 
e 19622: Need roughly 1800 sf of Turkish Travertine at low price. Feb 2 Contact 
e 19621 USA: Wish to purchase 2550 sq ft of granite cobblestone, approximately 8x4x4 for installation in driveway early May to mid-May. Prefer tan but will consider grey. Provide price delivered to Washington, D. C. Tel: 202-36.....Feb 2 Contact 
e 19620 USA: I am needing pricing on your slate (silver grey) in a 4'x4' piece or if you have any slabs available. Also, could you give me the lead time for this item. 2 weeks lead time. Feb 2 Contact 
e 19619 Turkey: I am trader. I want granite samples and brochures to show them to prospective customers. I am interested in Chinese Products. Products has to be polished and at slap size (3 m or 2.8 m X 150cm or 75cm ) 20mm or 30mm .Also ı know , The factories have their own size . This size could be accordingly to factory standard size. The quantity would be around 5000 sqm. Tel:+ 90 232 36......Feb 2 Contact 
e 19618 USA: I am a Landscape Architect on Long Island in New York USA. Please send the following information for Antique travertine pavers shown in the image attached with square edge, honed and unfilled: 
40 sqm in varied sizes: 20.32 x 20.32 x 3.81cm / 20.32 x 40.64 x 3.81cm / 40.64 x 60.96 x 3.81cm / 60.96 x 60.96 x 3.81cm. 
(21) 35.56cm x 121.92cm x 3.81cm - step treads w/eased edge (square)
(17) 30.48cm x 121.92cm x 3.81cm - step treads w/eased edge (square)
(67) 60.96cm x 60.96cm x 3.81cm – pavers 
I approve and pay for the order and am ready to purchase this material now. I would like to import from Turkey, Iran, or Italy (any country matching the above image and specifications). Application is for exterior terrace. Would need this delivered to the jobsite in New York by no later than March 15, 2006. Will pay for postage cost of samples. CIF to New York port. Payment method: letter of credit. I would very much like to see samples of your travertine and marbles. I also would like to see pictures of any mosaics you carry (I have a project that requires (2) 91.44cm x 91.44cm mosaics in mostly blue colors). Could have the samples sent to my address? Also, could you send me your most recent price list for your travertines, marble, limestones, and mosaics (if you carry them) and CIF shipping to New York? All the material I'm interested in is 3.17cm - 4cm thickness. Office: 631-90.....Feb 1 Contact 
e 19617 UAE: We need the wheel loaders WA-470, WA500, so if you do have stock at present please let us know.  Feb 1 Contact 
e 19616: Our Company does both cutting rocks into blocks and finally to granite / marbles. We require machines to do the same. Our company is based in Nigeria, so the best option will be from Africa/Europe or Asia. Feb 1 Contact 
e 19615 USA: Email me relevant information on buying wholesale material for home construction.  My tel. is (909)95.....Feb 1 Contact 
e 19614: Email me relevant information pertaining to purchasing wholesale basalt massage stones. I need basalt massage stones that are round, smooth and relatively flat so they will lay on the body without rolling off. 
I need hundreds of small stones ranging from 1/2 inch diameter to 1 1/2 inch diameter and less than 1/4 inch thick. (these are for use between the toes), Then I need hundreds of larger stones ranging from 2-4 inches diameter and under 1/2 inch thick, I also am interested in a small order of stones that exceed 4 inches diameter. I may need to pay a little more for good quality basalt stones that don't have any rough or jagged edges. I prefer black basalt stones although I have seen some pretty nice basalt stones that appear greenish or blueish in color. Hawiian or Polynesian seem to be good stones. Last year alone we purchased over 240 of the 5 pound containers. I might be looking at purchasing 1000 to 1500 stones per month. My number is 319-96..... Feb 1 Contact 
e 19613 USA: I am a contractor who is looking for a granite / marble slab source. As respects quantity and color - color right now is to be determined (and is flexible). Quantity; probably 6 8' slabs for a project that we will be doing (have booked) in the next 30 to 60 days. One project is is Ocean County, NJ and the other is in Middlesex County, NJ. We are a NJ Contracting company and do remodeling and renovation work. We do kitchen and bath remodels that we do annually is 20 to 24.  Tel: (732) 26..... Feb 1 Contact 
e 19612 USA: Need White wuartz for flooring. The quantity would be around 2,200 sq. ft. Feb 1 Contact 
e 19611 USA: Retail: Need 60 ft New Venetian Gold 12x12, 16 ft OG Molding, 11Ft Cigaro, 1 corner. Phone: 559-25.....Feb 1 Contact 
e 19609 Bermuda: I am trying to source a product I was told is from the Philippines. All I know is that it is called Magellan and it is supposed to be a Limestone. P: 441 29.....Feb 1 Contact 

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.