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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   January 31, 2006
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263 inquiries in January 2006. 
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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 19608 Egypt : We Are interested in CAT 966C excavator. Cell phone : ++2 01014......Jan 31 Contact 
e 19607 Canada: I am interested to buy 950 B excavator. Phone number is 416.74..... Can you send me picture and price at karachi port (Pakistan). Jan 31 Contact 
e 19606 USA: We are interested in 1200 sq. ft. of Amazon Star 12x12 Pol Tile. We need the more brown variety rather than the real red variety. Please provide price and availability. Tel: 320-25.....Jan 31 Contact 
e 19605 USA: I am looking for a 60 round table top in the timber brown granite. Jan 31 Contact 
e 19604 USA: I would like to get information about Argentine Dolomite Marble, Heliodoro and France De Bourgogne.  Please mention cost and availability. Tel: 415 81.....Jan 30 Contact
e 19603 Cyprus: I need 10-000 m2 size slab 120cm x120cm. I need price for Thassos snow white Marble or other pure white color. Tel: 00336154.....Jan 30 Contact
e 19602 USA: Please quote for a Granite Table Saw as displayed in ready stock 267.  Tel: 708-84..... Jan 30 Contact
e 19601 USA: Retail: I wonder if you could give me a price quote on a countertop slab, 3/4 in. or 1 in. thick, 55 in. x 20 in. dimensions. Also if you have an estimate on shipping to Wisconsin.  Jan 30 Contact
e 19599: Could you give me a price on large quarried limestone blocks.  Jan 30 Contact
e 19598 USA: We are landscape architects and need boulders and large flat boulder/slabs for a landscape project in the Los Angeles area. 
We are in CA. Tel: 310.39.....Need: Boulders to place in garden: 3 - 18" x 18" x 18" minimum up to 24 x 24 x 24 plus or minus; 2 to place in fountain - 30" x 24" x 24" approx. All five boulders should be weathered, gray to dark gray, lumpy and mishapen better.
Need: Irregular and thick stone slabs to use as large garden platforms - not for countertops - more like flattish boulders: 1 - 60" x 42" x 
12" approx. Tops should be somewhat flat-ish, but dips and hollows okay; 1 (or combination) - to make threshold into garden; area to cover 
is 8'0" x 7'0" approx.; slab(s) should be flattish (no trippers) and from 6" to 12" thick to allow for burial in soil and gravel base. Both slabs should be weathered, gray to dark gray. 
We would like to buy in southern California if possible, but could travel to western states if nec. We are finalizing specifications and contractor is ready to order. I am required to find possible sources by February 4, 2006. I will need to see photos and specs, and then visit the stone in person before I finalize the purchase. We must install the stones between now and September, 2006. Jan 30 Contact
e 19597 UAE: Wish to purchase Earthmoving Equipment as displayed in ready stock 575. Cell: +971 50 48.....Jan 29 Contact
e 19596 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy a counter tops for two midsized kitchens, as well as floor and wall tile and 2 vanities made from Gouverneur marble. Also known as Whitney Marble, St. Lawrence Marble, it has a rich, dark-blue color, is finely mottled, and by reason of its marked crystalline structure presents, when finished as a building material, an unusually clean and sparkling appearance. I’m renovating a house in San Francisco, CA, and hope to use Gouverneur Marble wherever possible. We are at the end of the design stage, and having trouble finding the stone. I’d like to place an order in April or May at the latest. Tel: 415.2.....Jan 29 Contact
e 19595 USA: Retail: I am looking for a minimum of 1-2 slabs of midnight blue granite. At least 48” wide. I believe it is imported from China. I am located in San Jose, California. The granite is black with gray- tan swirls and blotches. Tel: 408-59..... Jan 29 Contact
e 19594 Belgium: Is it possible to give us a FOB-price for basalt cobblestones in 20x15x12 cm. How many are there in one 20 ft. container? How many are there in one square metre? Tel 00324...... Jan 28 Contact
e 19593 India: Kindly inform us Supplier of PERLITE ORE.  We would like to inform the supplier that our monthly requirement is 100 Mt. per month. We are looking for good quality foundry grade perlite ore with accurate size 0.8 to 2.5mm. OUR TELEPHONE NOS. 009180233..... Jan 28 Contact 
e 19592: Please let me know if you are dealing in Marble Tiles and Slabs. If you do then please send me the F.O.B Prices for all the varieties that you deal in (Processed). The Sizes are 300X200X10, 300X300X10, 400X300X10, 300X600X10, 600X600X10 and in 20mm also, Slabs Polished and processed.   Jan 28 Contact
e 19591 India: Requirement of EOT Crane
1) MAKE OF THE CRANE - any make
2) MODEL NUMBER - 1992 to 2000
3) TONS CAPACITY - 40 to 50 ton. Jan 28 Contact
e 19590 USA: Retail: I am from Buffalo and I'm looking for African Rich Autumn (or similar)12X12 tile for my master bath. I would like about 130 square feet. Zip 14031. Please let me know if you have this/ price/delivery.  Jan 28 Contact
e 19589 USA: I am looking for some marble. I purchased some from a USA retailer about 3 years ago (May 2003) and they say they cannot find it anymore. I wish to buy M741 Empress Green, 12 x 12 Polished tiles. I would like to provide a digital picture to see if you can match this up? I only need about 20 square feet or 20 (12x12) marble pieces. I would like to purchase from a US distributor. Tel: 210-47.....Jan 27 Contact
e 19588: Do you carry smooth basalt lava stones? We need stones ranging from 1" -5". Our telephone number is 416-71.....we are looking to order around 1000 lbs on a monthly basis. Jan 27 Contact
e 19587 ARGENTINA: I am looking to find a supplier of granite and marble in slabs from Russia. I am representing a firm in Argentina that dedicate to import and distribute marble and granite over 70 years. I'd like to know the measures you handle, thickness we use 20 mm, long and wide the largest you can. Granite: 2.40-3.00 x 1.40-1.50 x 2 cm. Marble: 2.40-3.00 x 1.20-1.50 x 2 cm. Please let me know F.O.B prices and if you can also C.I.F. prices , and sale conditions. TEL/FAX: 0054-223-47.....Jan 27 Contact
e 19586: Please quote for Travertine tiles as displayed in pricelist 1189. Jan 27 Contact
e 19585 USA: I am looking to buy 3 boulders of tufa material (lightweight rock-like material) for a sculpture. Each boulder can be of an arbitrary shape around 1 to 1.5 meter cubed volume. I need these boulders shipped to me in Israel. Tel +1-650-61.....Jan 27 Contact
e 19584: We are looking for Italian supplier for about 500sqm "Travertine Navona" material 3cm vein cut rough thickness slabs. Tel. +381 34 7.....Jan 27 Contact
e 19583 Russia: We need your price list for slabs and tiles. Jan 27 Contact
e 19582 Trinidad and Tobago: We are interested in BULLDOZER : CAT D6H LGP. We want to know the condition of the undercarriage , where the machine is located and some photos etc. The cost CIF to Port-of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago , West Indies?  Jan 27 Contact
e 19581 : Please give me price for komatsu D155A1. tel:+4917034......Jan 27 Contact
e 19580 India: We are an Indian company engaged in importing of European, African and Asean marbles.  Kindly email me relevant information for resourcing cheap and best marbles for the Indian market. Jan 27 Contact
e 19579 India: We are interested in buying Granite for building purpose, in bulk, in slabs as well as Tiles size. If possible please arrange for 2"x2" samples (2-each) with best offer. Tel: 0268 25......Jan 27 Contact
e 19578 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase 13 pieces of Lady Dream tile (18" x 18"). I live in the NY area in USA. Jan 26 Contact
e 19577 UK: We are a stone importer based in Surrey England looking for producers of the following products: 
Italian Limestone: Rosa di Assisi, Rosso Verona, Grigio Carnico, 
French Limestone: St. Marcru Banne, Pompignan, Paloma
German Limestone: Burenbruch

At this stage we need a contact with a supplier in each relevant country, prices and lead times. This is for a prestigious commercial development in Central London and will be container quantities. Tel: +441883 7......Jan 26 Contact
e 19576 Hungary: We are looking exceptionally for Bulgarian manufacturerers of limestone, gneiss and sandstone tiles. We are waiting to receive an indicative price-list with sales conditions for the above mentioned stones. Tel: (+361) 26.....Jan 26 Contact
- TILES POLISHED 40*40* & 30*60*2
- STEPS POLISHED 120-160*33*3
MOB. 00218913.......Jan 26 Contact
e 19574 Italy: We need BLOCKS or , in alternative, SLABS CM.2 and TILES CM.40X40X2 unpolished in BLANCO CALIZA PALOMA.  PH.0039 338 14......Jan 26 Contact
e 19573 Turkey: Please send gangsaw price list. Tel: +90 248 53.....  Jan 26 Contact
e 19572 USA: I am a builder. After looking for several months I finally found the perfect granite for two kitchens in my next two projects -- Black Beauty (also called Exotic Black) from Norway. I ordered slabs but they came w/ many unusable fissures so I am looking for another source to buy from . My tel. no. is 301-32.....Need 4-6 slabs depending on condition and placement of fissures, if any I would like to see the slabs in Maryland or Virginia or other nearby states. I am ready to buy ASAP. Jan 26 Contact
e 19571 USA: I am in need of 18x18" granite tiles, dark colors like Black Galaxy or flat black or Brownish tiles. Please contact me ASAP. Tel: 908-20.....Jan 26 Contact
e 19570 USA: Retail: Please email Prices for travertine and Granite. Jan 26 Contact
e 19569 USA: I am looking for a price for 300,000 square feet of Breccia Oniciata tile. 12 x 12 (1cm).  Jan 25 Contact
e 19568 USA: Retail: I am looking at the Uba Tuba granite for my kitchen countertops. Jan 25 Contact
e 19567 Turkey: Please  inform us the price of Crema Marfil polished 3 cm slabs . 1500 sqm. Also we need 2 cm slabs polished 700 sqm and 40*40*2 polished tiles unbeveled 2000 sqm. FOB Spain (Valencia). Cremo Marfil select A (first selection). Tel + 90 216 33.....Jan 25 Contact
e 19566 Italy: I would like to begin a partnership with you to import the best quality Sivec and Tassos Marble from Greece to Italy. My project consists on importing marble in order to provide cemeteries. I am looking for the best offer to buy this product. If your offer will be interesting we are going to visit you. Characteristics: Length: 240 cm x Height: 180 cm x Thickness: 2 cm. Colour: absolute white (no darkness). I would like to know the prices in €/mq without delivery. I am going to pay you for cash when I will sign the contract in your office. Jan 25 Contact
e 19564 Macedonia: Send as please your products of granite and marble, something like dimensions 30X30, 60X60, 1 (specially), 2 and prices, and tables 2.3.5, 2X3 dimensions. Telephone: 00 389 31 4.....  Jan 25 Contact
e 19563 USA: I am looking for 40+ Tons a week of bulk, loose, or palletized Tennessee or similar field stone breaker rock that can be broken into squares at our breaker in Pikesville, TN. Telephone: 423-23...... Jan 24 Contact
e 19562 Singapore: Please quote us your best price CIF to for Travertine Noche for an approx. 600 to 800m2. Tel : 65-636.....Jan 24 Contact
e 19561 USA: I would be interested in importing 2 containers of clean ornamental, or buying domestically. My tel. no. is 678-75.....Slab Size for countertops approximately 114" X 72, Brazilian material. Need ASAP. Need a picture of the material & a sample if possible. No dark veins. 
Please provide pricing on 1 container or 2. Polished material. 1st grade, Preferred non resined. Jan 24 Contact
e 19560 USA: We need more info for Volakas tiles several sizes. Phone 310-70..... Jan 24 Contact
e 19559 USA: Retail: Need 40+ sq. feet of Silestone "White Zeus" for her kitchen countertop. Job: do template, supply stone, fabricate stone, install countertop. Time frame: needed in 60 days. Location: Long Island, New York. Must have references. Phone number: (212) 33.....Jan 23 Contact
e 19558 Egypt: We are a company which work in trading of pumice stone here in Egypt. We want your best offer about the pumice stone 3-5 cm for the container 40 feet, please send us your FOB & CIF prices. Telephone: 002-010-24.....Jan 23 Contact
e 19557 UK: Looking for a slab of Rosso Damasco to finish a project in the UK. Tel number 01432 3......Jan 23 Contact
e 19556 USA: Please contact me about the 980c excavator. Tel: 214-90.....Jan 23 Contact
e 19555 USA: I would like to know about your counter tops and tiles and shipping cost and terms of payment. Tel: 001-214-92..... Jan 23 Contact
e 19554 USA: I am looking for 180 square feet of TILE Bianco Romano. The dimension of the tile do not matter, I have seen it in 12x12.
I saw a price of 5.35 (Commercial). Whatever kind you may have, please call me ASAP. I am ready to install the tile. Please contact me at 469-20..... Jan 23 Contact
e 19553 USA: We are building a large stone house near NC. We need a supplier/installer of natural fitted stone for a Tuscan type house. It can have a rubble look or a fitted block look. Looking for a supplier/builder in the Asheville, NC area. Tel: 843.42..... We intend to build in Spring of
2006.  Jan 23 Contact
e 19552 USA: Retail: Looking for 12 x 12 Granite Tiles: "PARADISO BASH" for $4.50 per sq. foot. I am interested in purchasing 90 to 100 square feet and would like to know how, if, and when can I set this order up. I live in Long Island, NY 11793, if you can tell me a shipping quote or is it possible to drive to pick up? Let me know as I am very interested. I also need 200 sq. feet of granite for another project that I might consider purchasing from you as well if this can be done. My contact info is 516-69.....Jan 23 Contact 
e 19551 USA: I am looking to purchase green nephrite jade tiles 200mm x 200mm x 7mm thick unpolished from Russia /Canada/ or Alaska for craft purposes so quality is important. I will pay using paypal for stone and shipping subject to conditions. Jan 22 Contact 
e 19550 USA: I am interested in 350 sq ft of Burma Teak Marble. Can you give the prices please? I live in New York. Tel: 212.83.....Jan 22 Contact 
e 19549 Lebanon: We would like if you can send us your best quotation for the supply of dark colored slates dimensions 60x60, 60x40, 60x30, 40x40. Tel & Fax: 00961 1 7.....Jan 22 Contact 
e 19548 Algeria: We are interested in new and second-hand Quarrying machines for marble. Please make us and offer. Tel: 00 213 615.....Jan 22 Contact 
e 19547 Iran: We are in Iran and interested in buying Shanxi black grad A with small flower. Size: 1800x600x40 four sides sawn and top surface polished and size: 1700mmX400mmX20mm(fixed size), Phone : +98 91233.....Jan 21 Contact 
e 19546 South Africa: Need info on where to find serpentine raw stone in South Africa for sculpting. Jan 21 Contact 
e 19545 USA: Interested in sources of pumice by truck loads to south Oregon. Jan 21 Contact 
e 19544 Canada: Please quote for a granite / marble gangsaw. Tel: 1 778 89.....Jan 21 Contact 
e 19543 India: Below is our requirement of Various imported stones / marble. Please quote your best FOB / CIF Price up to New Delhi (India) also indicating delivery period.  
Stone Code Name of Stone Specifications Qty (Nos / Sqm / Mt) UOM Thickness (mm) Delivery 
1.1 MOCHA CREAM / LIMESTONE Uncut Slabs Honed 895.83 Sq.m 20  
1.1     107.5 Sq.m 20  
1.1     45.63 Sq.m 50  
1.1     0.083 Cum    
4 UBA TUBA GRANITE Uncut Slabs Polished 7.32 Sq.ft 20  
5.1 TRAVERTINE Uncut Slabs 50.14 Sq.ft 20  
    Cement Filled & Polished        
6 (A) BERCCIA DAMASCATT Uncut Slabs 52.83 Sq.ft 20  
      15.39 Sq.ft 30  
6 (B) ROSE AURORA Uncut Slabs 52.83 Sq.ft 20  
      15.39 Sq.ft 30  
8.1 BEAUMANIERE   11.97 Sq.m 20  
12 CREAMA MARFIL Uncut Slabs 373.4 Sq.ft 20  
CT-1     0.73 Nos    
CT-2     6 Nos    
CT-3     40 Nos    
CT-5     25 Nos    
2 ONYX Honey Onyx        
    Tiger Onyx        

Telephone (D) : +91 11 413.....Jan 21 Contact 

e 19542 USA: I am looking for several containers of clean ornamental with very little veins in it. Cell: 678-75.....Jan 21 Contact 
e 19541 India: I am supplying granite diamond tools since 4 years. What are the rates of segments. I can buy 400 sets in a month
1m, 1.35m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m. Contact no cell  0984866..... Jan 21 Contact 
e 19540 : I am inquiring about slate and its use's slate is natural stone which is native to your country. the proper name for this stone is supposed to be inexpensive to buy. i am a specialist to sale this stone myself and I would like to apply natural stone or include slate in some of up market jobs. I know very little about slate. so if you have any information in regards to slate i would be very pleased to have it. I would like know if there area any other native natural stone in your country which might be used for construction purposes. PLS. QUOTE THE PRICE PER SQUARE METER OF THE FOLLOWING:
1)10X20 T-RED 18-25 THICK
2)10X20 T-YELLOW 18-25 THICK 
4)10X20 M-GREEN 18-25 THICK
5)30X30 CM Vijay gold 18-25 thick 
e 19539 USA: We need used Hitachi EX100WD, CAT 950B & E, CAT 966, F & E Low prices only. Tel: 773 73..... Jan 21 Contact 
e 19538 USA: Retail: I see Oasis Blue slabs listed on your website at http://www.findstone.com/sl/rs529.htm. Could you please e-mail me a picture? Is it oasis blue Marble, or some other stone? Also, approximately how much would shipping be to San Francisco, CA, and how soon could that be sent. The quantity I need is one 4x6 slab. Jan 21 Contact 
e 19537 USA: I am looking for container loads of Jura stone, Jura beige tile and flagstones. Jan 20 Contact 
e 19536 INDONESIA: I am a natural stone consultant and would like to know more about Omanian marbles. Would you be so kind as to provide me with adresses of Omanian quarriers/producers of these two materials: Royal Beige and Opa Pink Light. Tel. : 62-21-56.....Jan 20 Contact 
e 19535 Malaysia: Looking for a supplier of Giallo Veneciano slabs. Jan 20 Contact 
e 19534 Vietnam: We are looking for used terrazzo tiles machines with small capacity. It's better they are semi-automatic with two stations. Tel: +84-4-76.....Jan 20 Contact 
e 19533 USA: I am interested in a large number of matching slabs from same block(s) of "Dragon Jade" marmol for condominium projects in Cancun, Mexico. My cell phone in Mexico is 001-210 86.....Please send via email several photo images showing color range of variability of this type of marmol. Jan 20 Contact 
e 19532 Singapore: Is there still supply of Santoni Limestone in either acid wash or flamed finish? If there is may I have the name of these suppliers for a condominium we are doing in. Tel: +65.622.....Jan 20 Contact 
e 19530 USA: Do you have a slab of granite 5 ft tall x 5 ft wide x 10 inch thick in pink, and a slab 1ft thick and 6ft long 6 ft wide. If so what are the price. Also do you ship it, it would be going to to SE 29 Oklahoma City Okla. Jan 20 Contact 
e 19529 USA: We are currently looking for a french limestone by the name of fontanae clair or maybe it is called something different. If you can get this material please let me know. Tel: 510- 75.....Jan 20 Contact 
e 19528 USA: Please quote for for Calacatta Gold Marble. Tel: (201) 20.....Jan 20 Contact 
e 19527 : I am currently searching for a 312 excavator and a 320 excavator to purchase.  Jan 20 Contact 
e 19526 USA: We are designing a Condo Tower in New Jersey, and the client wants to use a Brazilian granite called Van Gogh green. How can I get two samples of this product? Do you have a rep. in the East coast of USA? Phone number: (703)-77.....Jan 19 Contact 
e 19525 USA: I would like to buy tumbled and polished pebbles of all colors. Please quote. Jan 19 Contact 
e 19524 USA: I am interested in importing white carrara marble for my bathrooms. I have three developments. Tel: (925) 28.....Jan 19 Contact 
e 19523 USA: I am a sculptor interested in pink marble. How do I get more information: images, size availability, prices? Tel: 505-46.....Jan 19 Contact 
e 19522 USA: Looking for suppliers of Flagstone/steppers/edger blocks (such as Belgian Blocks, etc.) Tel: (561) 27......Jan 19 Contact 
e 19521 UK: We are a UK based natural stone retailer and wholesaler, currently looking to expand our range, and we are therefore looking for new suppliers. Particularly interested in: netted mosaic tiles, travertine, marble and limestone tiles, and all stone basins. Looking for a mixed 20’ container every six weeks. Tel: 01273 8.....Jan 19 Contact 
e 19520 India: We are regular importer of Marble Blocks from Turkey & other country. We are interested in White Marble Blocks. We require Bress Cut Gangsaw size blocks. We do not require Drill cut. The Bress cut blocks should be of Gangsaw size & it should has small white & granule looks. Also note that we require white Marble only in Blocks and not in Slabs. Also inform what other marble blocks do you have in your factory. Kindly quote us the tentative FOB/CIF prices of Mumbai/Nhava Sheva (India) port. We would request you to email us the information about your company, address, phone No., contact person & other related products. Tel.: 0091 22 234......Jan 19 Contact 
e 19519 Hungary: Please quote for a waterjet machine with picture and other details. My phone number:+36-20-42...Jan 19 Contact 
e 19518 Turkey: Please quote for marble gang-saw. Tel: 0090 248 53......Jan 19 Contact 
e 19517 USA: Looking for Laura Ashley Ceramic tiles. Color, cascade beige. We order by the pallet, so if you carry this tile, we would purchase several pallets....depending on price....can you e-mail me colors of the Entire Series...We would need around 2 pallets. Jan 19 Contact 
e 19516 Fiji Islands: Email me relevant information on ceramic tiles, stone/marble both tabs, onyx, nature stone slabs from Indonesia. I am looking for white & black marble floor tiles for at least 100m2 or more, depending on the price. My contact is 679-33.....Jan 19 Contact 
e 19515 India: We are a company based in Bombay dealing in the trading of Marble for the last 20 years. We are Importing Marble from China and Blocks from Egypt, Turkey and Italy. We shall be interested to source White Marble Blocks from Vietnam. Kindly advise the Best price for White Marble Block. Both FOB and CIF west coast India. Tel : + 91 22 550.....Jan 19 Contact 
e 19514 Canada; I am looking for Emerald Green Marble with Black or Crystaline traces. One side must be polished and laser/sand blast etching ready. It is for monument plaques 9 inches x 12 inches (23 cm x 30,5 cm) polished finished product. Looking for minimum shade variation. I will accept commercial quality or rejects but an accurate digital photo must be submitted for approval. I am looking to start with 10 pieces to start providing samples over here in Canada. Please send one quote of product as pre-cut, polished, ready to ship with insurance and  shipping charges. Please send a second quote of product as not pre-cut (what dimensions), polished, ready to ship with insurance and shipping charges. Mobile: +1 514-91.....Jan 19  Contact
e 19513 Korea: I need Indonesian Marble. Jan 19  Contact
e 19512 USA: Retail: I need a big-base stone boulder to place on my parkway to prevent cars from cutting across from the alley onto the street. It should be around 30" high and 24" wide. Also, I would prefer it come from the Midwest. I am in Chicago. I need it delivered and set in place. Tel: 312-95.....Jan 19  Contact
e 19511 USA: Retail: Need Silestone, Green River approx 112 sq feet, 63 linear ft edge, sink cutout, local supplier or fabricator/supplier ready to buy, cabinetry will be in early Feb 06.  tel: 760-74.....Jan 19  Contact
e 19510 Australia: We need a lot of marble to build our home. Can you send us your prices and some samples and how much it will cost us per square. Telephone: 951.....Jan 19  Contact
e 19509 USA: I am the owner of a pebble and glass mosaic company in Alabama, USA. I am looking for a supplier of tumbled and polished pebbles of all colors, particularly reds, greens, and blues of all tones and shades. The closest port to my business would be Mobile, Alabama. I need to know if you carry the stone that I need, in what quantities they would be available, if it would be possible to deliver to the Mobile port and the cost of delivery, etc. (256)65.....Jan 19  Contact
e 19508 USA: Retail: We are looking for two 3 cm slabs of Wild West Green granite (about 80 sq. ft.) for a new home we are building. We have a fabricator and the cabinets will be installed in the next couple of weeks. Could you please give us photos, a price quote, and how much it would be to ship to Byron, Georgia (zip 31008)? Jan 18  Contact
e 19507 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying immediately 360 sq feet of 12x12 Black Galaxy granite tiles that are completed finished and beveled. Tel: (410) 53.....Jan 18  Contact
e 19506 USA: We are looking to expand our selection of stone that we can offer to our customers. We would like to know if you sell your materials wholesale? If you do could you please send us information including pricing and minimum order on what you have to offer?  Tel: 770-48.....Jan 18  Contact
e 19505: I am looking for a Belgium Black Marble. I would describe it as totally black, vein, gloss marble. The size necessary is 87" x 22". Jan 18  Contact
e 19504 India: We require 2 carvers to work on cement architectural products. Our contact nos. are 557.......Jan 18  Contact
e 19503 USA: I am looking for a set of rippers for a d6h. I have a D-6-H that had a winch on it I need Rippers. If you can provide a quoteJan 18  Contact
e 19502 USA: I am interested in knowing the price for one (1) of Single Kitchen Sink as displayed in Code:   049 - 0001
Material: Granite
Color: China Green (CG)
Size: 25"x19"x9", Phone: (626) 22.....Jan 18  Contact
e 19500 Croatia: We want to import granite tiles & slabs to Croatia. Please write your conditions for us. We are looking for good quality and very good prices. Tel 00385-98 96.....Jan 17  Contact
e 19499 UK: Retail: Do you stock Pallansandro classico Marble? If yes I need about 35 sq meters of 600x400 by 2cm thickness. 0044 1923 8.....Jan 17  Contact
e 19498: Please quote for Granite slabs from China.  See stock 527. Jan 17  Contact
e 19497 India: We have some on going project in Mumbai and out of Mumbai. We require some sculpt ore and the carver for doing the work in cement, making master pcs in FRP, carving in EPS. Tel: 022-557.....Jan 17  Contact
e 19496 Australia: I am seeking a good quality white granite floor tiles both for both internal and external use. Specifically I am after a 60 x 60 x 1.5 or 61 x 61 x 1.5. I am prepared to purchase a pallet, but would prefer to only buy 350 square metres. I would like to buy in the next week or so, for delivery in a couple of months. I have no budget but am seeking quality and a good price. The tiles will be adhered to concrete. The tile needs to be predominately white (the whiter the better).  Tel: 61 407 3......Jan 17  Contact
e 19495 Russia: Looking for Thassoa A1-A2, polished slabs, 450m2.    Jan 17  Contact
e 19494 USA:  We need granite cube (cobbles) price. We are a Class A contractor in Virginia, USA, and need 124 M.tons of your 4"x4"x4" grey granite cobblestones. You quote a price of US$80/M.ton. What is the shipping cost to Virginia? What port do you use? We are 50 miles from the Port of Norfolk, Virginia. How is the material packed--is it in containers? What is the transit time? (804) 64.....   Jan 17  Contact
e 19493: Our interest is to purchase marble and granite slabs establishing good cooperation with Suppliers from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech R, India and China.  Jan 17  Contact
e 19492: I am looking for 4 slabs of Verde Laponia or Verde Maritaka granite slabs. Tel: 410-35......Jan 17  Contact
e 19491 USA: I need three Granite Seat Pads (blocks) 2.5 feet wide and long by 16 inches tall. Color to be Sierra White, Top to be wire cut and fire tempered. Phone 925-93.....Jan 17  Contact
e 19490 USA: I am in search of 35,000 sf of Thassos in size 6x12 with a polished finish. The lead time is 3.5 to 4.5 months. Looking for suppliers in USA, Greece and China. tel: 312.67.....Jan 16  Contact
e 19489 USA: Please quote for a CAT 966C excavator as displayed in ready stock 443. Tel. 214-61.....Jan 16  Contact
e 19488: I would like to have pics of all the type of granite you have. If you can email it to me ASAP. Then also if you can tell me what the shipping cost would be on a container full of South African Granite To Chicago. You can contact me on 091 319 3.......Jan 16  Contact
e 19487 USA: We are looking to source crema marfil, travertines (all cuts, all shades), emperadors (light), and various shades of blue stone. We’ll need slab, tile (12x12, 24x24, 18x18), and block pricing, and are not geographically bound for the sourcing. We are located in Weston, Florida, but will ship throughout the US and world. We will need samples and will pay for any unusually large sample freighting, but normally expect for the source to pay for chip samples. We are interested in commercial grade, 1st quality, select and semi-select (we will need to see a range and have pricing for all). The most important right now is obtaining pricing on a 24x24 crema marfil, commercial quality, in both a honed and polished finish, and would need pricing rather quickly, looking at initially 4000 sf of material. Jan 16  Contact
e 19486: Please quote for a crane. Jan 16  Contact
e 19485 USA: We own a wholesale company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. We are interested in your products. Phone: 505 26.....Jan 16 Contact
e 19484 India: We are Agents located In Dubai, UAE, for supply of various Building Materials to Prestigious Building Projects in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and in Doha, Qatar. In the past, our excellent performance has earned us a very good reputation as one of the most reliable Suppliers. Presently, we have Enquiries for Indian granites: Black Absoluto, Yellow Juparana, Multicolour Red, Lavender Blue, Kashmere White, Madurai Gold. Sizes required:1. 2300mm x 1300mm in 20mm and 30mm thickness. Random slabs. 
2. 2000mm x 600mm in 20mm thickness. Sides sawn to size. & 2300mm x 800mm in 20mm thickness. Random slabs. 
Quantity : Bulk supply required to be sourced from Granite Dealers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or Ras Al Khaima. TEL91-33-228......Jan 16 Contact
e 19483 Israel: We are interested in new suppliers of Pumice stones in bulk. The Quantity we need is about 7000TON/Month minimum. Please send us your best FOB Quotation. Mobile: 00-972-50-79.....Jan 15 Contact
e 19482 Australia: I have been looking for granite tiles (no marble tiles) or man made granite tiles. I am from Brisbane, Australia. I am looking for man made granite tiles for my new house. Tiles for floor and wall. I prefer natural colours. I prefer antislip, heat, scratch and stain resistance. I prefer not to use marble as they are soft and scratch easily. 
I wish to import please provide samples and quotation:-
polished tiles for floor 400mm x 400mm - 195 sq. metres
polished tiles for wall 400mm x 200mm - 200 sq. metres
flamed tiles for exterior floor 400mm x 400mm - 100 sq. metres
Total sq. metres = 495. My tel no. 07 337......Jan 15 Contact
e 19481 Canada: I am from Calgary (Alberta). I would like to get some info on bridge saw. I am available at (403) 68.....Jan 15 Contact
e 19480 Canada: I am located in Québec and wish to buy Absolute Black Granite. I need them in 12 inch x 12 inch tiles, 3/8 inch. Quantities can range from 200 to 1000 depending on price breaks. I need it polished with smooth edges (honed?). Basically in the same condition as purchasing from a store for use on floors or walls. I want the best price whether that’s imported or local. I am ready to order once a price is given. It must be this identical tile, I need absolute black with no to minimum visible grain. I will pay for samples if different from what is displayed on web site. Bureau (450) 66.....Jan 15 Contact
e 19479 Pakistan: Kindly provide us list of importers for diamond cutting saw blades for marbles, granite and stones of Pakistan. Jan 15 Contact
e 19478 Qatar: We are the one of the leading Trading and contracting company in Qatar. We undertake major contracts in Construction and Oil and Gas sector in Qatar. We are in need of considerable quantity of stone and marble cutting products for our own projects and we can market the same through our Trading division. We request you to send your complete product details to enable our marketing team to evaluate and make the feasibility report to sell in our territory. If it is viable and mutually beneficial we can plan for the long term business relationship. TEL: 00 974 46.....Jan 15 Contact
e 19477 Canada: We are in the process of opening a new store in Victoria BC, Canada and are interested in obtaining a price list. Business Telephone: 250 47..... Jan 15 Contact
e 19476 Canada: Want 4 containers of Brazilian mixed color slabs of 2cm and 3 cm. Please quote FOB your port and cif Vancouver for the subject. Ph: 778 37..... Jan 15 Contact
e 19475 USA: I am looking for stone tile 12x24. Do you have anything and what is the pricing for approx. 2100sq ft. I am located in Denver. Jan 15 Contact
e 19474 Saudi Arabia: Very interested to buy the kamatso bulldozer unit details: d155a. Telephone: + 966 5058.....Jan 14 Contact
e 19473 Australia: I want to enquire about the terzago bridge saw. My phone no (08)92.....Jan 14 Contact
e 19472 France: I would like to buy at the best price a large quantity of micron-size (or coarser) synthetic diamond powder (Ib type). Could you tell me where I could find that? Tel: + 33 6 78 6......Jan 14 Contact
e 19471 USA: We are in the process of building a custom home in California, and are interested in pricing out the cost of Durango stone. We would greatly appreciate hearing back from your suppliers. Below are our requested responses to the questions on the Findstone website. Phone number: (805) 65.....Durango stone (not sure if tumbled?) would like pricing for both 16x24 size and "versaille" pattern. will need to cover  approximately 1025 square feet. Jan 14 Contact
e 19470 Myanmar: Interested in Concrete Roofing tiles plant. Telephone: 0095 9 50...... Jan 14 Contact
e 19469: Do you know anyone who has about 150 sq. ft. of an old lot of Rosa Aurora P2? I put some in my kitchen in 2001 from a private, family-owned quarry in Portugal. Jan 14 Contact
e 19468 USA: We are in need of Galala Egyptian Marble Tiles in 16" X 16" X 3/8" size. We need 3200 tiles immediately. Let us know if a US supplier can provide the same quick. We need the best price quote for the same. We will place the order immediately. We need them delivered below to our warehouse in St. Louis. Tel: 314 42.....Jan 14 Contact
e 19467 USA: How much is the chopped Granbury stone per ton? Jan 14 Contact
e 19466 USA: Where can I find  Saint Laurent with the large white veining? Also need New Saint Laurent, Port Saint Laurent. Phone: 276-63......Jan 13 Contact
e 19465 USA: Where in San Diego do I purchase wholesale fireplace surrounds from China? Tel: 619 80.....Jan 13 Contact
e 19464 UK: Please quote for stone handicrafts. Jan 13 Contact
e 19463 USA: We are using 2 containers per month of window sills. Pease give price quote. Tel: 561-57..... Jan 13 Contact
e 19462 USA: Retail: I need to replace a marble slab 25" x 45" with 1" thickness. Preference for the Antico D'Italia Rosso. Please price for me. Tel: 703-53...... Jan 13 Contact
e 19461 India: We are interested in purchasing around 100 CBM of Mudugal Grey Blocks size 80 x 120 mm & less as mentioned in pricelist 111. Requirement is urgent. My contact nos. are +9122569.....Jan 13 Contact
e 19460 USA: Retail: I have a kitchen floor that I want to cover with something that looks very much like random flagstone. My desire would be to use quarried stone, but I can’t live with the 1” – 2” thickness increase to my concrete slab. Does anyone sell a textured tile or flagstone veneer (odd sizes 6 – 14” in width), durable enough for a kitchen floor, that is non-rectangular but still cut in a mathematical shape where the edges can lined up in some pattern that is not quickly noticeable by an untrained eye? I would also like the same material to cover my upstairs bathroom. The sub-floor is 2x12” beams with ¾” plywood; load bearing wall on a 12’ square directly below the bathroom. Jan 13 Contact
e 19459 We are a granite/marble slab manufacturer located in UK. We would be interested in buying some granite and marble blocks. Can you please email me your price list? Tel: 004417538..... Quantity: 2000 tons ongoing. Preferred country of purchase Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Africa, Scandinavia, India, China (FOB local port to you). Stone names Nero Impala, Nero Assoluto, Amarelo Gre, Vermelho Balmoral, Crema Marfil, Azul Macaubas, Verde Guatemala, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Star Galaxy, Bianco Sardo, Rosa Porrinho, Carrara 'C', Travertine Classico, Botticino Classico, Perlato Sicilia, Molianos (or equivalent local types to aforementioned), etc. Minimum size: 3m x 1.4m x 1m. Acceptable shape types: rectangular and reasonably squared off as dimensions above. Unacceptable defects: holes, cracks, etc. Jan 13 Contact
e 19458 : Retail: I am am looking just too buy a small slab of good alabaster. Not one in bad, condition; I've worked with alabaster so I know how to tell a good one from a bad one. This is just to test my skills upon the rock. Jan 13 Contact
e 19457 USA: Retail: I am just starting to search for a 3' x 7' polished granite table top. Can a thick top be supported at 1 end by a ledger board and then just an "end upright" say 2' from the end? What kinds of costs are we looking at? my counters are granite tiles, I love them. most any color would be ok for the table. Tel: 319-39.....Jan 13 Contact
e 19456: Retail: I am looking for a small quantity of Indian - Absolute Black granite (slab) for a countertop. Need a 120.5 inches length and 30 inch width. Jan 13 Contact
e 19455 USA: Retail: We are looking for some Norwegian Rose marble tile. Would you have any? Probably around 60 sq ft. Maybe more if we have to re-do more than originally planned. It's for a shower and steam room. Tel: 303-73.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19454 USA: I am in Houston Texas and I am going to need 4 granite balls, 3 @ about 24 inch in diameter and one at about 18 inch in diameter with holes cored down the center for a fountain. Jan 12 Contact
e 19453 Denmark: Can you help with a European supplier of blocks of Kuppam Green (India) as close as possible to Denmark - alternatively able to produce 80 sqm of tiles in 10 cm thickness. Tlf.: +45 32 4.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19452 USA: Please quote for granite slabs as displayed in price list 1018. Jan 12 Contact
e 19451 Slovenia: We are an importer of granite and respected machinery we are interested in importing cutting segments for granite cutting. Tel No: + 386 1 78......Jan 12 Contact
e 19450 UK: Please would you look at the attachment and let us know if you can source this tile or tell us who can. We believe it is quartzite and is 10ml thick. The colour shown is close to the real thing. Tel: 44 1477 5.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19449: We are interested in purchasing a used but relatively new CNC machine, preferably a Benton and a Water Jet cutter. Jan 12 Contact
e 19448 USA: Retail: Please quote for Baltic Brown granite. Phone number is 301-43.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19447 Malaysia: Kindly quote us verde fountaine & blue pearl gangsaw size blocks. Qty app 500 cbm.  Jan 12 Contact
e 19446 India: We have a requirement for Diamond Powder for Industrial use of 1-3 micron size. Kindly let us know of your specifications and rates for the different grades of the same. Ph # 033 222.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19445 USA: Looking for a granite distributor in Sacramento, CA. Jan 12 Contact
e 19444: We are building a house and was thinking about using Chinese granite could you supply us with a brochure or give us details over the phone? Tel: 07795 2......Jan 12 Contact
e 19443 Portugal: We are to request list of prices unitary for rock Caliza Capri with 3 cm of thickness. Tel: +351 218 4......Jan 12 Contact
e 19442 We are urgently looking for long term supplier of natural Pumice in various sizes. Kindly confirm price and production time based on the qty below :  
1. Egg Shaped Lava Rock Pumice with Cord - 7.6cmLx 4.3cm W x 3cm H (in centre) +/- 4mm tolerance
Qty : 10k,25K,50K,100K 
2. Oval shaped pumice with cotton twill tape (we will supply you the twill tape) 10 cm L x 5 cm W x 2cm thickness
Qty : 10k,20K,30K
Tel : (852) 291.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19441 Vietnam: Please quote for secondhand gangsaws. Tel:+ 84-8-89.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19439: Looking for a supplier of Vietnamese marble & granite slabs and tiles. Jan 12 Contact
e 19438 USA: Retail: I am looking for a shell stone slab for a shower entry of approximately  1'x7'. The thickness can be anything between 1" and 4", whatever is standard. I am ready to buy this slab now - I don't have an exact time  deadline, but I'm ready to install it now and would like to have a working shower :). The shower is already tiled in shell stone tile which has a great deal of variation, so I'm hoping that it won't be too difficult to find a pleasing (doesn't need to be perfect) match or complement. I can supply a sample of the shower tile and a template for 
the exact size. I am willing to buy from any location as long as the price including shipping is competitive. I don't have a specific budget as I'm not sure what's reasonable for a slab of this material and dimension. I'd get it locally but this material isn't used much in the North East - it seems mostly used in the South, particularly Florida. Tel: 973-96.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19437 UK: We are interested in some of your products which are listed below: diamond circular saw blade carbide 14 inches......50 QTY Get back to me with the total cost including the shipping and handling via Fedex or dhl worldwide service. Advice the type of card you accept, Master. Euro card, Visa card or Discover. Telephone 4470319.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19436 Iran: We are interested in purchasing 1250 sqm of China Sichuan Red, size 150x90, 3thick ,and 1500sqm of China Pink, size 170x70 ,3 thick tiles. Please can you contact us with your best price per square meter and also include a further price for shipping FOB to Iran. Also please provide me with a quote for these two requests. Please inform me of the exact quantity in a container. If you have shipping costs available, it would be highly appreciated. At least I need the price to FOB at the port in Iran. I am looking to complete the purchase within 3 months. Tel: 009821886.....Jan 12 Contact
e 19435 USA: Retail: I am looking for approximately 50-100 SF of ROSA Valencia (not Crema) in 12 x 12 inch polished format. Please provide company name, price, location, and availability. Tel: 757 44.....  Jan 11 Contact
e 19434 Italy: We are interested in importing tiles in marble beige called DESERT BEIGE type D 1 size 12"x12"x3/8" qty abt 3/4 containers. pls let us have a quotation f.o.b.  Jan 11 Contact
e 19433 Malaysia: Currently we are sourcing for the above materials in gangsaw size blocks. Appr quantities verde fountein - 500 cubic, blue pearl 80 cubic. Please quote best prices.  Tel +603 214..... Jan 11 Contact
e 19432 USA: Looking for bridge saws.  Jan 11 Contact
e 19431 USA: Email us relevant information Ipanema Beige granite from Brazil. We are a hotel company interested in using this granite for our guestroom renovation in one of our hotels. Please send me information and if possible a sample of the granite. Tel: 415-39.....Jan 11 Contact 
e 19430 USA: I am a project manager for a large General Contractor in the United States. We have been contracted to building a large restaurant and I am looking for Zimbabwe Black Granite Stone, for flooring. Do you have any information on how I go about purchasing this, what the delivery time is and a cost per square foot?  Phone: 617-62.....Jan 11 Contact 
e 19429 Switzerland: I am decorator in Geneva and Paris and I am looking for a site in Geneva. 
1-Pierre de Café, (probably from spain) tiles 40x40cm thickness 2cm, qty. 28m2
2-Marble Carrare (Italy) tiles 40x40cm thickness 1cm, qty.  10m2
3-Schyste Titane tiles 40x40cm thickness 1cm or 2cm, qty.  100m2
4- Basaltin Layé tiles 40x40cm thickness 3cm or 4cm, qty.  43m2
Fax +41 22 34......Jan 10 Contact 
e 19428 Belgium: We are looking for a supplier of granite green rose. Jan 10 Contact 
e 19427: I am keen to buy 600 x 600 x 20 mm polished Oman desert Beige marble. I need first choice and dry-lay inspection grade. My quantity is 6000 sqm. Please advise FOB Muscat Price. Jan 10 Contact 
e 19426: We are interested for Hitach Ex-100 WD. Please send us photographs with reasonable price & CIF Cost Dubai and CIF Karachi Pakistan. Jan 10 Contact 
e 19425 USA: We are interested in a bullnosing machine and equipment for ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite. Tel. 843-23.....Jan 10 Contact 
e 19424 Austria: I am very interested to import Egyptian marble. We are importing stones especially from Italy, Bulgaria and Greece. I am very interested to import Egyptian marble, please if you can send me a Marble price lists maybe we can make business with you this year, before the season in Kosovo begin.  I am very interested to visit your Company. Our plan are to import approximately, 15 Containers 20' in Thesalonikki Harbour. Tel: (+) 43 699 117.....Jan 10 Contact 
e 19423 Iran: We are a company that we work in the field of stone business. We saw the stones from India. We want price list of these stones with these size: 
1. Dark black granite 180 X 60 X 3 thick cm or 180 X 60 X 4 thick cm
2. jet black 180 X 60 X 3 thick cm
3. absolute black 180 X 60 X 3 thick cm
and these stone with these size 280 up X 40 X 2 thick cm 
ruby red, red multicolor, bahama blue, camel cream, marigold, jhansi red, imperial red, kopal brown, tan brown, english brown. Tel: 009891331..... Jan 9 Contact 
e 19422 USA: I am interested in the 980C excavator. Could you please send me a little more information about the machine, hours, history, and overhauled parts, etc. Feel free to contact me @ 503-93.....Jan 9 Contact 
e 19421: I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a quotation for 1500 sqft of Perlato Di Sicilia. Is it possible to supply 2ft by 1ft pieces and its thickness? Telephone No- 00940112...... Jan 9 Contact 
e 19420 Germany: I am looking for manufacturers of granite grave stones and other products from granite in Indonesia. Jan 9 Contact  
e 19419 South Africa: Please furnish me with additional information on the "Madura Gold" granite from India. Specifically looking for flamed. Sizes, prices and availability please. Telephone: 27 11 99..... Jan 9 Contact  
e 19418 USA: Retail: I am looking for California Gold Slate in slabs. Can you tell me who handle this product? I need between 20-30 SF of California Gold Slate in Slabs. Slab size is also very important please let me know if you have any information on this. Also, I am looking for a slab of Rojo Alicante Marble either in 3/4" or 1-1/4". Slab size must be at least 97" x 53". Tel: 515-24.....Jan 9 Contact  
e 19417 Australia: I am currently specifying/sourcing the architectural finishes for a hotel development I am working on and am interested in using some of the stones in your product range. Could you please advise me how I can get samples of the stones. Tel: 61 2 933.....Jan 9 Contact  
e 19416 USA: I am a stone mason in Clarkesville, GA. in need of suppliers of stone. Jan 9 Contact  
e 19415 France: Our company is looking for a new granite supplier. We can win a lot of time, if you can send us an idea of your prices/quality/thickness. FOB OR C&F. for 20’ container. We have a China’s trip in project. Jan 9 Contact  
e 19414: I am interested in cats eye red for two separate purposes: First, I am in the process of building a kitchen. I need approx. 3 slabs (3cm) polished on one side. Secondly, and more importantly, I have Contacts in the granite industry, (a monument retailer, a granite fabricator, and a whleosaler. ALL the cats eye in this area of the country is used exclusively for monuments. It comes from India. Not One of the whleosaler who carry granite for counter tops had ever heard of Cats eye. I would like to have the opportunity to sell Cats eye to these places in the Northeast United states. The fabricator also has expressed interest in being the first to carry this type of granite. Because All of this is new to me I would like to know what my options are as far as Investment( buying a container full) , consignment, or maybe some type of sales rep. (commission only of course) . My phone number is 203 98......Jan 8 Contact  
e 19413 USA: Retail: I need VERDE BUTTERFLY - 3cm, Height: 69" Length: 116", to be used for kitchen countertops. Ready to buy now.
Please send photo of the two slabs; up close, partial slab (so that slab quality and grain can be viewed), and full slab photo. I am ready to place an order as soon as quality can be viewed. Call me and we can discuss shipping costs to Little Rock, Arkansas where I will can pick
up at the shipping terminal. Jan 8 Contact  
e 19412 USA: Retail: I need a replacement piece of Azul Bahia approximately 25 1/4 " x 45". If anybody knows where this can be obtained please let me know. Jan 7 Contact  
e 19411 Bangladesh: We want to import tiles from China. We would like to see your product catalogs with price. Also you shipment delivery process, company info. Tel: 01896..... Jan 7 Contact  
e 19410 Canada: Please give me more info on grader Caterpillar 14G. Tel: 514-99.....Jan 7 Contact  
e 19409 USA: Do you have any Tumbled Onyx? Tel: 866-47.....Jan 7 Contact  
e 19408 Germany: We are interested for your CREMA BELLO - LIME STONE AND WHITE MUGLA MARBLE BLOCK. See ready stock list 533. Send me please more Information, the Sizes from the Blocks and Photos. Jan 7 Contact  
e 19407 USA: We are urgently looking for a slab of Cappuccino Onyx. Tel: 562.79.....Jan 7 Contact  
e 19406 USA: I am a contractor in Wisconsin looking for information about purchasing thin veneer real stone (not cultured) in Hawaii. I will be doing a job there in a few months and I need to know where it could be purchased and possibly a time line of how long it would take if it needed to be ordered. Jan 6 Contact  
e 19405 India: We require tandoor stone, please send best prices or call me my no. is 098110...., Jan 6 Contact  
e 19404 Canada: I am interested in buying engineering tiles in Green Butterfly Granite FLAMED FINISH in the following sizes: 
60 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm
60 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm
60 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm
45 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm
I require a few containers. Please send your quote along with delivery time. If you have any questions please call me at 001 647 89......Jan 6 Contact  
e 19403 Ghana: Please give me quotation and catalogue on GRIDDLE STONE. CONTACT:233243.....Jan 6 Contact  
e 19402 Ireland: We are currently sourcing 10,000sqm of 24" x 24" White Marble Tiles, Finish to be Polished. Jan 6 Contact  
e 19401 Australia: I am trying to locate a supplier here in Perth Western Australia of White riverstone pebbles. All the companies I have  
found only supply bagged pebbles; however I am looking for companies that supply (to the public) trailer quantities. Any help to find such companies would be GREATLY appreciated. My mobile is 0415 3..... or (08)940.....Jan 6 Contact  
e 19400 USA: Retail: I am looking for pink portugal or rosa portugal or rosa portogallo marble slabs. Tel: 301 46....Jan 6 Contact  
e 19399 Italy: I am searching for the furniture of Royal Blue Sodalite. I am architect in Milan. Jan 6 Contact  
e 19398 USA: I need about 20 tons of Connecticut Field Stone, please call me @ 203 25.....Jan 6 Contact  
e 19397 USA: I am looking to buy 2 containers of Crema Marfil 16X16. Phone # 619.81..... Jan 6 Contact  
e 19396 Egypt: Earthmoving Machine: We are an Egyptian constructions, import and export company; we would like to import the following: 
Crawler excavators: caterpillar 225 D LC or B LC, Caterpillar 229 and Caterpillar 215, Wheel loader: caterpillar 950c and 963. 
Please send us:
Detailed specifications, detailed length, width, height and weight of the equipment?
Exact condition with recent pictures, prices, Payment method, And shipping costs FOB and SIF to Alexandria sea port EGYPT, if you have freight services. Tel: 002 02 76.....Jan 6 Contact  
e 19395 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for excavator 120G OR 140 G. CELL : 92-300-22.....Jan 6 Contact  
e 19394 Norway: I am a Norwegian distributor (also involved directly in architectural projects) looking for quotes for container loads (700-800 sqm) of: Black Brazilian slate
- Cleft calibrated
- 30x30cm / 60x30cm 
- 1cm thick
Please provide me with a quote for these two requests. Please inform me of the exact quantity in a container. If you have shipping costs available, it would be highly appreciated. At least I need the price to FOB at the port in Rio. I am looking to complete the purchase within 3 months. I would need samples sent before I can finalize anything. Please send to the address below. I know what I am looking for, so two samples of 30x30cm will be sufficient. I am looking for a potential business partner for the future as well. If the product and price is right and the supplier is a serious, AND has a wide products range, I wish to discuss further business cooperation. Phone: +47 930......Jan 6 Contact  
e 19393 Ukraine: We are importers of Indian Marble and Granite. Our current requirements are as follows: 
Imperial Red Indian Granite. 
Slab: one side mirror polished 30mm and 20mm 
Tiles: One side mirror polished, size as follows: 305x305x10mm / 300x600x20mm / 300x600x40mm / 600x600x20mm / 300x1000-1500x20mm  polished / 300x1000-1500x40mm polished. Quantity: Monthly requirement one 20’ container. 
Delivery period: 
Price FOB Mumbai or Pipava Port. 
Jhansi Red Indian Granite. 
Slab: one side mirror polished 30mm and 20mm 
Tiles: One side mirror polished, size as follows: 305x305x10mm / 300x600x20mm / 300x600x40mm / 600x600x20mm / 300x1000-1500x20mm polished / 300x1000-1500x40mm polished 
Quantity: Monthly requirement one 20’ container. 
Delivery period: 
Price FOB Mumbai or Pipava Port. 
Black Galaxy or Absolute Black or other black granite 
All six side must be mirror polished, size as below 
Quantity: 20’ container, if good price requirement about 4-5 container per month. 
Delivery period: Price FOB Chennai port. 
We are expecting your competitive offer in INR or USD for long term business relation. Tel/Fax: 8(04495)......Jan 6 Contact  
e 19392 Greece: We are based in Athens, Greece. Since our creation (1973), we are dealing with industrial representations, against an agent commission of 5%, of various items. For a customer of ours we have an inquiry for Bulgaria stone (gneiss), with irregular shape. If you can supply this material to us please give us your best prices including our 5% agent commission. We prefer prices to be CIF Piraeus port, Greece. Our normal way of payment is L/C. If you have to propose any other way of payment, which secures, as well, both parties we are going to follow you. Please also let us know the delivery way and time. Tel. No:(0030 210) 88.......Jan 5 Contact  
e 19391: I am looking for terrazzo manufacturing machine company preferably in Italy. Jan 5 Contact  
e 19390 UK: I am interested in buying stone floor tiles for a cottage I own in the Czech Republic (near the Austrian border). Could you please send me a catalogue and some information about delivery charges?  Phone: +44 20 742.....Jan 5 Contact  
e 19389 Malawi: Looking for an automatic terrazzo tile manufacturing plant, new or used machinery, from Far east, India, china, taiwan, to cost up to $1.5million. Please provide the details and cost to Malawi. Telephone: +265 1 7.....Jan 4 Contact  
e 19388 Taiwan: WE LOOKING FOR THE RED GRANITE POLISHED 60x90cm x 15mmThickness,mirror face, for 2-4 containers, price target USD6.5/M2 CNF TAIWAN. If interested suppliers/factory pls send sample for approval. Tel: 886 22 75.....Jan 4 Contact  
e 19387 USA: Retail: I am looking for quartzite by the name of Stella Brown. Please let me know if you carry it and where you are located so I may take a look. I may be reached at 703-86..... Jan 4 Contact  
e 19386 USA: The attached drawing is a piece to sculpt with black marble, black absolute or similar granite or marble. We are wondering this is the kind work that you could do, if so, please submit your price. Phone number is 770-73.....Jan 4 Contact  
e 19385 USA: We need small or medium-sized, black, polished stones for our property. The area that needs filling in is approximately 891 s. f., (which includes the additional 10% for any inaccuracies.) The cement curves bordering the fountain are being prepared for pouring as we speak, so the need for the stones will be relatively soon. There was a company that had these stones from supplier 40, of the U.S., located in Naples, Fl. The image was 0040-0004. The idea of incurring more cost because of it being an oversees shipment, is not so appealing. Tel: (561) 58.....Jan 4 Contact  
e 19384 Turkey: We are interesting in products Blanco Cristal, Mondariz Pink, Villar Pink, Tezal, Rosa Villar, Azubel, Negro Ochavo, Negro Galicia, Negro Fino, Negro Intenso, Negro Esmeralda, Berrocal. We would like to get the best prices of FOB Spain, which names are given below. The measures about 30*60*1 cm. Tel. No: (0392) 22...... Jan 4 Contact 
e 19383 Canada: We are a granite slab manufacturer located in Canada. We would be interested in buying some granite blocks. Can you please email me your price list of your inventory? Tel. No. 1-819-87..... Jan 4 Contact 
e 19382 UAE: We would like to inquire regarding dark Emperador. Can you provide us prices Ex works and colour sample (scanned)? Jan 4 Contact 
e 19381: Where can I find a granite slab called Chocolate Beach? Qty. 1 slab. Tel: 239 64.....Jan 4 Contact 
e 19380 Nigeria: Due to high demand for kitchen, room and bath floor and wall tiles in my country, Nigeria; Africa, I humbly wish to ask for the privilege of being your distributor and sales representative here in Nigeria. Tel: 234-8054......Jan 4 Contact 
e 19379 Argentina: Send me information and price block Black Zimbabwe by m3. Tel / fax 0054-351-47......Jan 4 Contact 
e 19378 UK: I am looking to make contact in the UK with people who are selling waterjet cutting machines. Tel 0506 .....Jan 4 Contact 
e 19377 China: Our customer needs the stone materials of St. LAURANT and NOIR St. Laurant. Would you please send me their pictures and prices? Tel: 86-592-22.....Jan 4 Contact 
e 19376 USA: Retail: Would like to know if the price for Sapphire Blue is $3.50 per square foot (see pricelist 977). Also is 24 in. x 24 in.x 20 mm slabs available in sapphire blue. If so is the cost more per sq. ft.? Could you e-mail me a picture of the sapphire blue you have? tel. no. 1-606-24.....Jan 4 Contact 
e 19375: I am emailing in regards to your D8R excavator. Jan 3 Contact
e 19374 USA: I am looking for some travertine pavers, 3 cm, 24 inches by 24 inches, honed finish, square edges. Caramel Walnut, or similar. Going to Arizona. About 3000 square feet. Need it by March 2006. Tel: 650-96.....Jan 3 Contact
e 19373 Germany: Can you also offer CAT 988G excavator upto 5000 hours? Phone:+49/4176/9.....Jan 3 Contact
e 19372 USA: Request pricing and resale/distributorship information and shipping costs/info for stone kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtubs and pedestal sinks as outlined in your product offering. Tel: 505-24.....Jan 3 Contact
e 19371 USA: We would like to order some Saw Blades. Please give us your mode of Payment and also if you do ship to Lagos Nigeria. Jan 3 Contact
e 19370 Egypt: I want know your prices about all these type of marble blocks and slabs . 
A- from albania .1- rosso carpazi.. B-argentine . 1-blue sky 2- puelen 3-exstra 4- limay mahuida 5-marble dolomite 6-cielo azul 7- dolomite..... C-france. 1-francia rosso 2-rouge griotte 3-breccia novella 4-bereche de benou... D-guatemala 1-verde mare 2-verde quetzel 3-verde saltan... E-greece- 1-pteleos pink 2-carnis beize 3-vergina red 4-coral pink F-INDIA 1-fancy browen 2-red 3-fancy forest 4- garnet rush 5- green sky 6-marble001 7-rosa volcano 8-rosadeer 9-multicolor waves... G-IRAN 1-orange onyx 2-sirdjan green 3-naghadeh pink...... H-ITALY 1-perlato sicilia 2-perlato de sicilia 3-arabescato orobicorosso 4-pericia pernice 5-rosso verona 6-calacatta fantasia 7-calacatta vagli rosata 8-dove 9-bianco carrara c 10-bericia aurora 11-bericia dorada 12-rosso rubino 13-calacatta 14-bordu griso...... I-MAXICO 1-rosa salmon dark 2-negro 3-orange jade.......J-PORTUGAL 1-rosa aurora 2-rosa portugal 1. 3-rosa portugal 2. 4-rosa portugal 3. 5-estremoz rosa 6-trigaxes claro 7-rosa pardais...... K-SPAIN 1-emperador chiaro 2-imperator 3-duquesa rosada 4-anasol macael 5-rojo quipar.... L-TURKEY 1-afyon 2-sfyon yellow 3-aegean browen 4-afyon sugar . Tel: 002 01050...... Jan 3 Contact
e 19369 Syria: We are interested in your products of Granite, so please send us your best quotation for all your colors and kinds of granite you have to C+F Lattakia port - Syria for 2 containers 20 f. + Load + the containers 20 f. capacity for this item in cubic meter and to send us a sample for the product. Tel. + 963 31 2......Jan 3 Contact
e 19367 Iraq: How much the price of the crane 50 tons? Tel: 0096477026.....Jan 3 Contact
e 19366 USA: Please quote for Black Color, White Color, ivory - Bianco, Brown Color, Red Maple, Blue pearl, Green granite slabs and countertops as per attached document. Tel: T: 678-37.....Jan 3 Contact
e 19365 : Please can you send any info on limestone suppliers. Jan 3 Contact
e 19364 Canada: We are looking for granites. What kind of payments are acceptable? Is there a minimum purchase order size? Do you have high quality pictures of the various stones? Jan 3 Contact
e 19363 USA: We are a Granite countertop fab & install company going into our 4rth year of business, our phone/fax # is 336-29...... We are located in NC. We would like to begin importing our own slabs. The initial colors We would like to stock are as follows: Absolute Black, Saphire Blue, Santa-Cicilia, Tropical Brown, and Ubatuba. We are in the inquiry stage now but hope to buy in April 06 if pricing and logistics can be worked out. Jan 3 Contact
e 19362 Australia: Could you please advise of price CIF of Kato NK500 to Melbourne Australia. Phone 613527.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19361 Turkey: Please send us more information for about polishing machine 18 head. We interested polishing machine for tile up to 70 cm belt (wide). Gsm :+90-532 24.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19360 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for the following used roller. Please quote us yours best price with the detail, specification and photographs C&F Karachi port price. Jan 2 Contact
e 19359 Germany: Please be advised that we have an request from one of our customers in Africa who are interested to buy a Mobile Crane Kato NK500-BV, with the following specs.: 
- Model: KATO NK500-BV
- Year : 2000 or 2001
- Capacity: 50 tone
- Specs: 40M Boom, 5 Section Boom, 15m Jib, Right Hand Driver Mitsubishi carrier.
So kindly quote us your best price for the delivery of the above mentioned crane, the delivery country will be confirmed to you upon the confirmation of our customer for the offer. Payment to be by Irrevocable Letter of Credit issued by German bank. Jan 2 Contact
e 19358 Malaysia: Please send a quote base on the following stones (C & F Port Klang): 
A) Natural Marble:
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -White Thasos - Quantity: 120m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Travertine Nove - Quantity: 100m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Travertine Vanilla - Quantity: 800m2 
600mm x600mm x 25mm polished -Travertine Vanilla - Quantity: 500m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Light Emperado - Quantity: 300m2 
600mm x600mm x 20mm polished -Dark emperado - Quantity: 100m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Travertine Nuvalato Gold - Quantity: 5,000 m2
B) Compressed Marble :- Manaufacturer is Antiquarex 
600mm x600mm x 12mm polished -Rosa Tabiya - Quantity: 100m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Atlantid Gold - Quantity: 300 m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Stick Aqumarina - Quantity: 100 m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished - Giada Cream - Quantity: 100 m2
C) Compressed Marble :- Manaufacturer is Trends 
600mm x600mm x 10mm polished -Becagli Light - Quantity: 300m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Becagli Medium - Quantity: 300 m2 
300mm x300mm x 10mm polished -Cloudy Tuscan- Quantity: 300 m2
Please quote best C & F Port Klang price, Malaysia. Tel: +603 625.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19357 USA: I am in need of 300,000 sq ft of yellow limestone going into a hotel project in Mexico. Phone number is 619.81.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19356 USA: I am looking to purchase a Small Serpentine Green Stone Memorial and base. All Polished Sides. Size should be approximately: 7-8" thick 36" Long 16-18" High. Also: Base: 42" Long 12" wide. Please advise price. Telephone 1-717-44..... Jan 2 Contact
e 19355 Pakistan: Please kindly send me further information ( pictures, prices etc) on Indian sandstones. Jan 2 Contact
e 19354 Sri Lanka: We are a company specialized in importing marble to the local market, from various parts of the world. We have an initial inquiry for 65m2 of Azul Ceilo Marble from Argentina. Tele: +941125.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19353 USA: Retail: I am looking for a thick piece of slate approximately 3 inches that is approximately 2 feet by four feet. It is for a memorial stone and I need to find the best price I can. If the stone is smaller, that is ok too. Tel: 23969.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19352 USA: Retail: Looking for some Calcutta Gold for a huge master bathroom. I finally measured the floors, shower walls and wainscoting. 400 sq. ft. 8x8, 12x12, 16x16, 18x18, 24x24 all acceptable. Tel: 253-31.....Please prices delivered to Tacoma. Jan 2 Contact
e 19351 USA: We are a growing company specialized in fabrication and installation of granite countertops, so we need to buy certain quantities of granite slabs (a container or more depending on the price), we need to know the prices of all the granite slabs (calculated by feet) to do the best choice in this market.  We need your help and we appreciated to much if you send us a list of the granite price by type, including the cost of delivery to our workshop. Telephone: 786-54.....Jan 2 Contact
e 19349 Panama: I am looking for some 100 and up to 200 M2 of granite, clear color, with pearl bristle, cut in sizes 60 x 60 or other with some 60 linear meters of frieze. I want to combine rough surface with glass surface areas to avoid sliding with wet. I would like to have CIF price to Panama in US$. Cellular (507) 6 61.....Jan 1 Contact
e 19348: I am looking for a stone called African Blue (polished & matte). Also looking for Azul Natural (matte and polished). I can be reached at (303-28.....) Jan 1 Contact
e 19347 USA: What type of gift items does your company manufacture? Do you manufacture gift items in empress green marble promotional or gift items like Marble vases, bookends, marble picture frames etc. ? Jan 1 Contact
e 19346 USA: Retail: I am interest in Collection of buying left over, any small pieces, mix pieces of Natural of Granite Stone, of which just big enough that can be use for Desk top, End Table, or Small Sections of kitchen counter. My phone is 703-32.....Jan 1 Contact
e 19345 Ukraine: Our company is located in Ukraine. We've been working with a sandstone, marble, granite for quite a while too. We've been co-working with Egypt, China, Italy but we are interested in your products as well. Our telephone number is: 380 4324..... Jan 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.